Big Brother 18: Frank Calls A House Meeting, Da’Vonne Crashes The Party

Frank Eudy had been working hard all Sunday to call a good ol’ Big Brother house meeting when he finally managed to make it happen deep in to the night, but it didn’t take but another moment before Da’Vonne Rogers found her way in as well and put a wrench in his plans.

Big Brother 18 House Meeting courtesy of Frank

Hoping for a chance to convince his fellow HGs or at least get everyone on the same page Frank brought everyone up to the HoH room, but when James shouted over the railing “House Meeting!” Da’Vonne was sure to join in. By the end of the stalled talk the group’s plans were revealed.

Flashback to 3:01 AM BBT 7/25 on your Live Feeds as everyone files in to the room.

The entire house shows up but now that’s the problem and no one will talk with Day in the room. James tries to get Paul to start things off but nothing. So not even the HoH wants to take the leader role on this one. Da’Vonne repeatedly asks what’s going on and why everyone is up here. No answers.

Finally Day takes over and asks why everyone was called up to the HoH room. Frank says not everyone was supposed to be here. She correctly identifies herself and Zakiyah as the two that he must not have wanted. Paul suggests they stop playing stupid and just discuss this.

Finally, at 3:12 AM BBT Frank announces, “I want the Power of Veto used and I want Da’Vonne to go up in my place.”

Day says the Veto won’t be used. Frank asks how she can know that’s true. Michelle calls for a verbal vote and there is silence. Frank says no one would admit to wanting Day out with Day there in the room.

Da’Vonne suggests it’s time to get the truth out so they can move on and just enjoy Monday. Frank says that’s not what the game is about and not what people at home want to see. He expects her to know that and she says she does.

Knowing that Frank is coming after her, Da’Vonne says she respects what he’s trying to do, even at her expense, and if he had just rolled over and died that’d be bad. Frank replies, “no s**t!”

Da’Vonne jokes that she knows what he’s been trying to do all day and has been crashing his attempts all day too. Frank asks if she’s 100% sure that the Veto won’t be used then why does she feel the need to keep blocking his talks.

Frank offers that he’ll stop campaigning right now if it’s making everyone uncomfortable like Day suggests it is. Silence. Day says no one will admit to that with him in the room. That’s his point too about them wanting her out, Frank exclaims.

Frank points out both he and her think there’s a truth here, but there can’t be two so which is right? Day says either everyone is playing stupid to her or they’re playing it to him.

Paulie finally stops hiding in the bathroom, which HGs later note was shady, and comes out to tell Frank that he doesn’t like how this was handled and wanted it done privately.

Paulie tells Frank so he could “stop making yourself look like an idiot.” He tells Frank it’s not going to happen. Frank takes issue with being told campaigning makes him look like an idiot. Paulie says that was the wrong word to use.

Paulie again confirms: “it will come to no avail” if Frank continues his efforts.

Michelle finally speaks up and says that no one is voting out Day even if she goes up as a renom. She says Bridgette would go home if Frank isn’t up there. (Isn’t that what Michelle would prefer?)

Frank says the Houseguests here don’t have a backbone. He thanks Paulie and he thanks Da’Vonne for having a backbone.

The meeting ends at that point (3:21 AM BBT) and a few HGs start to filter out including Paulie, Victor, Zakiyah, and Frank. They all head downstairs.

Back in the HoH room Michelle expresses frustration that people are telling Frank they will vote out Da’Vonne if they won’t. She says she told Frank the truth and wonders why they can’t too.

Downstairs Frank asks Paulie who is going home. “They want me?” Paulie confirms it to Frank.

We’ve known Frank was the target for weeks, but he’s continued to believe he had support around the house as HGs continued to deceive him over their true intentions. Now it’s out there and he’ll have to decide whether or not to campaign against Bridgette or roll over and die. What do you think he’ll do?


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      • I think they should have Julie tell the whole house that there is a secrite room with a secrete power and there are clues around the house to help you locate and enter it.

      • I find it curious as to out of all of those people in the house the one person who needs power the most is now searching for the BB room. Coincidence? I think not.

      • They were all talking last night about what Julie said. More secrets revealed. So maybe he’s just trying to find something that will help him stay.

      • I agree. I can’t see them blatantly giving him alone a clue and not mention anything to the whole house.

      • it’s rumored that production gives Frank a clue to the secret room while he is in the DR because they want Frank to stay in the house

      • it’s cheating and wrong if they actually do that, just because Frank screwed up royally and about to meet his maker in the house, doesn’t give production the right to interfere with the game

      • If I were a betting person I’d place a large bet that Frank will find that room first.

      • If I wanted to watch a skillfully scripted show, I’d watch NCIS reruns. BB is supposed to be unscripted, the real reactions and strategies of real people thrown together in a house, competing for real prizes.

        Maybe it’s time to stop pretending and install teleprompters for the houseguests, so they’ll say and do whatever the producers think might boost ratings. And hire better writers.

  1. Well last time I checked Da’vonne is a member of the house so it’s only fitting that she should be included in the house meeting. Who died and deemed Frank the head of Big Brother 18? Methinks he has a swollen ego from being popular in his season. He needs a reality check.

    Hope he’s voted out, can’t stand his holier than thou attitude and farts and belches.

    • Not sure how you can be mad at Frank for complaining to get someone else out…
      And obviously if he’s pitching to get Da out he’s not going to invite her or her ally in to discuss it. I fail to see how that makes him he “head of big brother”. He’s trying to toss up a Hail Mary but you can’t blame him for trying.

      • It’s the way he tried. How lame and lazy to have a household meeting to discuss each other. That’s not how the game is played and he’s just running scared and coming up with idiotic ideas to save himself.

      • I find nothing wrong with the way he tried. Everyone that he’s talked to individually says they’re doing what the house wants. So he figured he’d get the house together and get a straight answer.

      • That’s thing everyone is playing to win BB, Frank can try but he’s not in any means entitled to receive an answer as to why or how they’re voting nor should they have to listen to his constant attacks on Day or who he thinks should be put up in his place. He’s not even hoh this week!

      • I don’t understand how you can take Dayvonne’s side. She is a liar and a trouble maker. She is the one who turned on Frank and tried to get the alliance against him, long before the “slap-gate” incident. She is the one who lied to create tension between Frank and Tiffany (among others). She is the one that promised him to drop if Frank told her who gave her name and she lied. This is a common theme with Dayvonne, she is a compulsive liar and a trouble maker.

      • i don’t like Day. I think she’s spiteful too. But as a human being I have some sympathy for her because;

        1. I believe that no matter how friendly a guy is with a girl or how nice she is to him he doesn’t have a right to slap her on the butt and to call her dirty names even if she laughed it off. I feel like Day has gotten in trouble for speaking up and reporting Frank and I also feel like though she accepted Frank’s apology, that Frank wasn’t sincere about it. (And now he wants revenge) I feel this is true because he told other people after “slap gate” that it was how he was raised. (Which is a pretty weird excuse even if it is true.)

        2. Everyone was campaigning against Tiff and Frank (it’s a game not life or death (but try telling them that! ;-)) Tiff spilled the beans about the spy girls alliance to the 8 pack (after she told Bridgette she didn’t) and she and Frank had an argument during an 8-pack meeting. They each said they disliked each other way before Day’vonne ever said anything. Frank also had been taking complete control of their alliance and he was dictating to people who should go home and how they should vote.

        Frank has been playing his hand way too soon for a vet.

      • So do you also want to make mention that before Frank calls Davonne a sl*t, literally right before, she calls him a douche? Or do you want to conveniently ignore that? Somebody else called Frank a douche and Frank turned straight-faced and said “Don’t call me that, I’m not that” and Davonne, sitting beside him, responds with “Fraaaank’s a douche!” and in an equally ‘joking tone’ Frank then says “And Day’s a sl*t”

        Then Davonne cries about it and plays the victim card.

        But let’s just all keep forgetting about that part of the story.

      • Day is a shrewd and cunning one. The sister is poker, chess and drama rolled into one deadly combination. (I only wish she wouldn’t shake so much. Oi!)
        She knows how to set useful scenarios in motion and how to shut stuff down that may spell trouble for her. She is keenly observant and may use compassion, deception, even reconciliation to either bring someone closer to her side or keep them from being absolutely opposed to her.
        Is she a liar? Psssh! Okay, she spins some deceit – a common enough strategy on this game. There’s a difference between being a liar (as a character trait) and artfully crafting lies as part of your game-play. Love her or hate her, my girl can play.
        Da’Vonne and Paul share that Janus factor – masterfully two-faced and irresistibly watchable, which is why I want them both to persist into the final handful. They are like Q on Star Trek!

      • OMG ty I love Da also, she brings her A game, idk why people are upset about so called lies etc..they all are lying but so what it’s a game lol for half a million. We all lie or have lied a lot less lol. Cheating on taxes, yeah that’s a lie, telling your kids Santa is real or your parents telling you that…huge f’ing lie lol so hush. Telling people how cute their babies are, lies lies lol, no sweetheart you don’t look fat another big lie…so inside the house and outside the house we all lie. It’s just amazing to see how people respond to the lies, it seems it’s ok for some to lie etc and not for others

      • You can’t blame Day for that one. Frank have up bridge, to save boss butt he lies too

      • He didn’t have to keep it from DA. Just put it all out there and let the chips fall. Deal or no deal! ? sorry I couldn’t resist that. ?

      • So please tell us your strategy on this and how you will try to get someone on the block while trying to get off the block at the same time.

      • Sure let him campaign but he can’t expect people to not want to campaign to save themselves too. Da’vonne has just as much right to campaign, be in that house meeting and want to stay just as Frank does.

      • It’s not that he’s campaigning, it’s how he’s doing it. He’s pretty much banging his head against the wall trying to find an opening.

      • I dunno be more subtle? But that’s Frank’s problem- subtlety isn’t his middle name

      • How can you possibly pull off a house meeting with everyone and keep it from”one” person? You can’t! I really didn’t see what that was going to accomplish for Frank.

    • Not everyone has to be included in everything, they use the term “house meeting” fairly loosely. And if Day is the one he is trying to get nominated, why should he want her to be there?

      • Similarly if Dav’vonne wants to go to the house meeting she can and she can also campaign to save herself just like Frank. The man acts like no one else is allowed to make moves beneficial for their own game but him.

      • Day hasn’t been allowing Frank to talk game or campaign to anyone though. She goes and follows him around the house and stops all conversations. She could easily just let him have his conversation and then go talk to the people afterward.

      • Following people around he house and crashing conversations sounds a lot like someone else in the house: FRANK!

        As the young people say on Twitter: your fav is problematic .

      • Frank doesn’t purposely follow people around to make sure they’re not talking game. He goes to everyone to try and talk game.

      • Denial is not just a river in Egypt you know? ;) Frank does purposely follow people around and he literally hassles them for votes and he trash talks to people about others, and now people are sick of it and him. He also literally tells Bridgette to go break up conversations and to make sure that people are not in large groups talking.

      • Do you actually have any proof of Frank telling Bridgette to disrupt large groups from game talking? Because I have not seen that happen yet whereas day has come and told everybody that she following Frank to stop him from talking to anyone.

      • What would be the point in that approach? Of course one could allow an opponent to hold private or secret discussions, but that’s not exactly self-preservation is it?
        Day is playing a smart game by shadowing Frank. Why be overly confident and allow herself to be put up instead of him? We’ve seen before how hotshots who presume themselves “safe” on the block get washed out to sea as the tide turns.
        Never allow yourself to be isolated. Don’t give other HGs too much time to get comfortable with the idea of you being gone. At the same time, don’t get too desperate or paranoid, because nothing drives people away faster.

      • Every houseguest deserves a chance to talk to the veto holder and HOH about their current situations. I’m not against the fact that she went into the “house meeting” that was being held because she knew that she was going to be the topic of it but interupting his conversation with Meech was unnecessary

      • I never said she couldn’t go, I just said Frank has every right to talk to people without some people being there. And since he was told that if he gets the votes for Day the veto will be used, he is trying to put that plan into motion, even though they are lying to him. He’s playing the game.

      • Like Justine pointed out, “House Meeting” is a loose term. It’s not like they are taking a roll call. There is no House Meeting attendance sheet. A lot of big brother is timing. Having the exact right group of people in the same room at the right time. Frank
        was just trying to arrange for such a circumstance to happen. I don’t blame Da for crashing it, she’s just trying to protect herself but anyone suggesting that Frank was somehow playing dirty for arranging a
        majority meeting minus Da and Z are crazy. All is fair in love, war and BB.

    • I don’t think he was very popular in his first season either. They just made it more public that they wanted him out, he just kept winning HoHs and PoVs (3 of each I believe).

  2. Not informing them that the room exists is like if the producers on survivor season 11 had said to the viewers. “Now that the tribes have merged there is a hidden item in the forest. The first contestants to find it will get a special power” then never give them a clue.

    How do you expect them to find it if they don’t know anything is in play

    • They did give Frank (only Frank) a clue. Out of nowhere, Frank starts investigating items around the house.

      • Wow! Yet another rigged season of BB? What a surprise (not!) thanks for telling Nicky, I’m about sick of the BB rigging.

        I’m making a predication that when Frank gets to the secret room it will unlock some sort of special veto where he can take himself off the block as well as Bridgette.

      • Frank will be safe on Thursday unless Day beats him to it. Day noticed the plane while she was eating Yesterday. She was staring at it, but without any clues or production saying anything to the house, she doesn’t know what it is there for.

      • I am okay with that. Keep some competition in the house. The way things are it is so one sided and boring.

      • Right on Elaine. It’s a game and purely entertainment to me. No matter who wins, I’m not getting any money from it.

      • Lol yeah maybe I ought to a top watching, I mean it obviously caters to a certain type of person.

      • What clue was it that they only gave Frank? I did think that during the battle back reveal, Julie also added that there was a secret to discover … maybe I heard wrong, but maybe that is why they are looking around.

      • No one was looking around but Frank. The house-guests haven’t been told anything as yet.

      • During the Battle Back reveal Julie did say there are other twists and secrets to discover. As for Frank it makes sense, because he knows how BB is and he is the most desperate for a game changing power. They may have given him a nudge but its plausible he’s just desperate too and trying anything and everything to save himself.

      • I agree, everyone else is comfortable so why search? They all think it is pandoras box which has historically been in a hidden room. Frank needs this so he has means and motive to look for it.

      • They tried to give him a sign when there was a noise that only he, Vic and Bridgette could hear in the kitchen in the early morning hours. It was aggravating Frank and left him wondering where the noise was coming from and hoped it would just stop. He didn’t catch on to it being a secret twist to look for.

      • From what I heard on the feeds I think he’s just trying to find something that will help him based on Julie saying secrets revealed. Everyone has been talking about that.

      • Probably because he’s been looking for something, and of course the ONLY explanation for that is Production interfering.

      • I like him because he has been an honest player. I like him because he is willing to think for himself and not follow the crowd. I like him because he treated Tiffany with respect when everyone else treated her like a disease. I like him because he makes the house interesting. With him gone it will be the Paulie show… no competition, just people being picked off one by one with little resistance just like BB16 and Derrick (BORING!).

      • Honesty in the BB house is a relative idea and ideal.

        I happen to think Derrick is one of the best players ever.

      • He was, but he was also the most boring player ever because the whole house never went against him even once and he coasted through while controlling all HOH’s and picking off his allies one-by-one with no resistance or push-back. I don’t fault him but I don’t want another snorefest of a season.

      • I am a fan of Frank. But I agree that Derrick is one the best. Watching him skillfully pick off each other houseguests without it blowing up in his face was entertaining to watch and I would not compare Paulies current status to Derricks.

      • Lol honest players don’t make final 2 deals with everyone, which is what Frank has done. Plus he’s a massive obnoxious douche.

      • Who hasn’t been in the house? Frank keeps it interesting. When he is gone let the snooze fest begin.

    • What he should be doing is saying. Veto Bridget and let me go toe to toe with Day.

      • I don’t have one.

        It’s like my political vies; it’s not that I particularly like one party, it’s that I absolutely despise the other because they are counter to dang near 100% of what I believe.

      • Dear God you made this political. Let me guess… feminist, liberal, environmentalist, and vegan?

      • I agree and I think #bb18 is taking this game much too personally and seirously. I mean, Politics really?

      • Thank you I have to agree, this isn’t the first time this person has gotten defensive.

      • I didn’t make it political. I made no claims to liberal, middle-of-the-road, conservative, republican, libertarian, or democrat. I was making a simply analogy.

        YOU made it political.

        I will say you’re wrong on at least one of your guesses. You may be wrong on two. You might even be wrong on three. Possibly all four.


      • You shouldn’t take things so personal. I mean no ill will toward you. Besides, we don’t know each other, so my opinion of you means nothing. Also, I like that you are passionate about the game, it makes it fun to debate with you.

      • You use “ad hominem” a lot. I bet you also use “I digress” a lot too.

      • I use “ad hominem” when appropriate. I don’t believe I’ve ever used “I digress in any way.

        I mostly use “I” statements instead of “you” statements — care to comment on that? Or would you rather start another post with “You”?

        Let’s not get obsessive now…

      • “I” do not care to comment. “You” is not me, you is you. I is also you. Apparently the whole universe revolves around you, congrats ;-)

      • Obviously you did care to comment. That post was as ridiculous as ending a statement with “no offense” or “I’m just saying”.

  3. Maybe he should plan a funeral lol. He can’t be obvious about it as people will see through it if they liken it to Dan but when the veto isn’t used if he just plays it cool that he won’t campaign against B there is a chance a Michelle or someone who doesn’t like Bridgette will flip some votes if he’s “accepted” his fate and just trying to “enjoy” the time he has left. I don’t think he’s gonna win through campaigning so other than finding the room I think it’s his only shot

  4. I appreciate Frank’s campaigning attempts but he was a lost cause to begin with. Da’Vonne’s target seems relatively the same but it looks like Paulie lost some trust with the house during that meeting. I can only hope that Da’Vonne can pull through much longer because it would be terrible to see the two most entertaining houseguests be evicted back to back. Oh well, James is likable too, and I’ve grown rather fond of Paul and Zakiyah, but the other houseguests are very bland/unlikable for my tastes.

    • I hate that side of the house… how can you like those people? They are all liars and backstabbers. Paul is a creep and Zakiyah is a “mean girl,” and James is a two year liar and backstabber. That side reminds me of the Kardashians.

  5. Frank gave Day an ear full. He played Tiffany’s game and blew up EVERYONE, especially Nicole.

      • Day and Frank had a one on one convo last night and he let her know he had a final 2 deal with Nicole after he threw her under the bus during HOH comp. He told Meech that also plus he mentioned the additional stipend the vets are receiving. Meech was mad because Nicole didn’t tell her about it. Day had another long talk with Bridgette at 6ish BBT and she confirmed most of it. After three house meeting, Frank was pissed

  6. Why would he campaign against Bridgette? It would be a futile effort. Paulie basically told him he’s going home and to stop making himself look like an idiot.

  7. I think Frank made a bigger mistake than needed. He pretty much blew up everyone’s game. Not bad, but now nobody trusts him. He continues to dig his own grave. Not saying the other people are any better, but Frank is overdoing things as usual. Freaking idiot.

  8. If Frank is going to blow up people’s game, why not Paulie’s?? The all boys alliance??? If he wants to save himself try that. Tell the girls the guys are only using them to get to the end. There are more girls than guys voting. So, to the very end, the idiot still believes in Paulie.

  9. If Frank does find the secret power, and is able to dethrone the HOH and name two new nominees, he needs to nominate Da’Vonne and Natalie. Natalie is the one person in the house people won’t vote out over Da’Vonne

    • Right now his anger is towards Nicole and Corey. He already hashed out things with Day. If he finds the power and used it….maybe Nicole or Corey will be in trouble.

  10. Paulie runs the house, and people like James and Day don’t realize that after Frank goes (who everyone knows has little support) the target will next turn on them, the low people on the totem pole. Not smart players. Why worry SOOOO much about a doomed player? James made a really poor move, just trying to appease the house. When does appeasement ever work?

    • Oh, and James’ word is crap. Turned his back on his word in competitions TWICE in two seasons? Bad form, even in this game of lies. It wasn’t like it was a promise James made WEEKS ago — he just made it, then didn’t honor it!

  11. I stayed up late and watch this on the feeds and it was absolutely hilarious. It definitely shows that most of the house are incredibly spineless and shouldn’t even be playing this game. I would implore production to try a little bit harder next time when casting. It was very obvious and pretty much everyone was outed as omeone who should not be in the Big Brother house in the first place.

    That being said, Paulie is the one that really showed his true colors. Any respect I might have had for him was lost when at first he was hiding in the bathroom like a complete puss and then when it is safe he comes out and tries to act like a takeover gorilla that runs the house. It was hilarious to watch because all he did was embarrass himself. And I’m not even going to talk about his hair.

    Natalie is dumber than a box of rocks. Victor has no actual idea how to play this game. James is actually a wimp when it comes down to it. Nicole is a neurotic freak. Michelle is actually impressing me and knew when to keep her mouth shut. Paul is actually playing the game and has no fear but he also doesn’t know when to quit and it’s probably going to come back to haunt him. But right now I think he has the best chance of winning the game. Frank showed what an idiot he is as well. Bridgette shows so many faces that none of them can possibly be true and everyone knows it. Day is this season’s bully. Zakayah is neurotic as well and is insanely high on herself. Cory was nowhere to be found in any of this because he hung back which was probably smart. And I think that’s everyone.

  12. Watching the house meeting on flashback is totally hilarious. I am in stitches. Crickets!!! Oh through fish woke up. LMAO

  13. So some of you would rather production “cheat” and help Frank stay….then have a game is played honestly… wow…that’s a shame……

  14. What wrong with some of you….its “Big Brother”….f**k .. being nice…being loyal…making friends….for a half million….backstabbing….lying…cheating…stealing…it par for the course….what the hell you people talking about….you don’t like someone because their playing the game

    • They cry and whine about lying and backstabbing unless their fav is the one doing it.

  15. Oh boy I am hoping production adds this house meeting into Wednesday night’s episode! I can’t wait to see this all unfold ^_^

  16. Does anyone else think Big Brother producers and behind the scenes people tell the house guests to put on a show because it would really ruin their show if everyone got along just fine with no drama or fights.

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