Big Brother 18: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 4

Later today in the Big Brother 18 house the Houseguests will gather in the main room and discover the official decisions for this week’s Power of Veto events with the PoV ceremony.

Corey, Da'Vonne, Paulie, & Paul talk options

We’ve identified the winner spoilers this week which makes the next steps obvious, but now we get to see the pieces come together and wait for the fallout ahead of Thursday’s eviction and an ongoing debate over who needs to go this week.

Corey is definitely using it and should be using it on himself. Earlier in the week Corey suggested he’d save Natalie with the Veto if he won, but now that he’s seen what’s going on with potential vote shifts he has no interest in staying up there any longer. This was part of his talk last night with Nicole. There’s just no room for that kind of risk and Corey won’t take that chance.

Corey was the Roadkill nom so when he comes down the renom choice will not belong to Paulie. Instead we’ll see Tiffany’s renom choice made at the meeting though it’ll be anonymously revealed.

Just a few days ago Tiffany was trusting Da’Vonne and passing along information with her Roadkill nomination plans, but that’s all gone now. Once Tiffany learned more about Da’Vonne’s actions that led to much of her game downfall there was no chance of mercy. Tiffany will name Da’Vonne as the RK renom and she’ll be the third nominee this week sitting next to Natalie and Tiffany.

From there we’ll have to see how these votes go but currently things are stacked against Tiffany even with the wavering support from Corey and Nicole to help vote out Da’Vonne. Paulie is steadfast in his stance against Tiffany staying. He somewhat believes some of the truth she’s sharing with him, but feels he’s got all the info he needs from Tiffany. We may see Paulie act like he’s working with Frank, but it’s all been a show in recent days and there won’t be any support from him to get Da’Vonne out. Of course without a vote this week Paulie will need to rely on his allies to stick together.

We’ll have the Veto spoilers as soon as the meeting is over. If you want to get an alert when we have the formal results then grab our Big Brother App and stay connected to find out what’s happening throughout the week right when it happens. You can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.


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  1. No spoiler here, we all know who she will put up. I first thought her only chance to stay was to put up Nicole. A: DAY get’s to vote and possibly break up a showmance. B: DAY could convince Michelle to vote out Nicole and tell her Corey would be her’s. C: Nicole kind of blew Jame’s away by not wanting to be with him. Now I am not quite so sure but it will be interesting none the less. D: Paul is just itching to vote out a Vet.

  2. Hmmm – I could be way off base but I still think it could go either way betw a Tiff and Day eviction this week given that Day is the likely RK renom.
    At the very least we’re going to see some aggressive game play from both and things will get very entertaining betw now and Thurs.
    looks like we have a pretty good season after all!

    • I literally think Day can sleep all the way till Thusday and still be safe. Tiffany and Frank sort of laid some groundwork yesterday but way too much would still need to happen for them to threaten Day’s safety.

    • yea. Tiff obviously won’t go down without a fight. I don’t expect Day will either. Speeches should be good!!!

  3. Aww… Zakiyah is in love an Nicole could have kissed Corey. Lovely game play by these 2.

  4. According to Jokers Paul says he can’t wait til Tiff is gone. James hims
    and haws but then says he’s a lover of all people. I am proud of James.

  5. I doubt Da’s going home this week, the numbers are in her favor. Way more people want Tiffany out over her. However, if Frank’s team wins again then she might be on her way out next week.

  6. Michelle to Corey- When someone treats me like that (Tiffany), I dont want anything to do with them #BB18 (from BB Updates)

    What exactly did Tiff do to Michelle to have her so freaked out? Is it real?

    • Big Meech was actually crying about betraying Tiff and she was the one who orchestrated the final flip to save her. So she’s upset Tiff didn’t appreciate that.
      On the other hand, she has been saying pretty awful things about Tiff, she dislikes her sister and also one of the people who “shuns” her so yeah. Pot calls kettle black.

      • How can she know Michelle saved her if she doesn’t talk to tiff and tell her? She’s not a mind reader. Nicole made sure Tiff knew!

    • Frank told her face look like a Patty mayo, she is not shunning Frank, she just wants to be mean for no reason!

  7. As Paul aka PP (Perpetual Pawn) has worked his way into “The Brotherhood”, he as become creepier & creepier. His loud voice & inability to keep his mouth shut SHOULD eventually out him to all.
    I only hope it’s on the feeds.

  8. If they really want Day to be evicted, then Corey should use the veto to save Tiff, making Paulie has no choice but to put Day up.
    Between Day and Corey … Day is toast.

    • I don’t see Paulie putting up DAY. I would see him throwing James or Paul on the block to ensure that Tiffany goes home. Now with both James and Natalie, he is unsure where they are but to replace GNat with James would ensure a vote for Corey to go home. Frank and Bridgette will follow in her footstep’s and with a showmance OTB, DAY could very well flip and vote Corey off too.

      • Yeah and had to just reread it. Even if Corey used the veto to save Tiff, that would put the target on him then even if DAY went up, she would be safe. Well that is if Paulie would have put her up to begin with. My bad that I somehow got confused when I wrote my earlier statement.

      • Paulie did say before if Tiff won the veto, he would put up Day.
        Anyway now Day is up haha.

      • It should be really simple for Paulie this week. Let everyone who is voting know that he would be good with which ever one goes this week. Whether it be Gnat, Tiff or DAY. Just tell them to vote out who they think should go and he won’t worry about it unless there is a tie. Of course he isn’t that smart to begin with LOL.

  9. When Day goes up she should act broken and defeated for the next couple of days. Test the waters on Wednesday to see where everyone head is at in voting to determine her next step.

  10. There’s a 50% chance that we’re gonna have a rewind week anyways, which doesn’t bode well at all for Paulie’s game.

    Also, with so many showmances in the house, how are none of them targets to anyone but Tiff?

    • Because Tiff is pretty much an easy way out. Yeah it’s stupid, but to be fair none of these people are that bright

      • I’m so confused why everyone tells everyone else everything they know, including the vets…I mean, do they know where they are?

      • And everyone trust everyone, Im like really bcz there is only going to be one winner

      • I ask myself this same question every year.
        I want a player who will run with the crowd, but keep their real game to themselves. Also who will cast unpopular eviction votes, just to keep everyone guessing. I few have cast independent votes, but then they have to run to “their bestie” right away to tell them it was them.

    • You think that there is going to be a rewind week this week? This is Battleback week coming up.

      • Yes, which means there’s a 50% chance that the last evicted HG re-enters the game… basically a rewind.

      • I see where your going with that but if there is a rewind week, it won’t be this week.

      • If Tiff gets back in the house, it’ll be like this week never happened. That’s why I’m saying we could have a rewind scenario without the actual rewind twist.

      • There is no guarantee that Tiff (or who ever wins) will be back this week.

      • You do realize that there is a difference between a rewind week and a player coming back don’t you? Player coming back means the game goes forward once the player returns AFTER being evicted. A rewind is the week is rewound back to the HOH comp and everything that happens that week is null and void BEFORE the eviction.

      • I understand the difference very well, and the difference is beside my point.

      • My original point has nothing to do with the exact intricacies of the rewind twist.

      • Yes, Friday we will see the Battle Back and the end result’s. What I don’t know is if the person will return this week or next week to compete in the HOH comp.

      • I think not sure but they go straight back into the house, they will hv immunity I hope!

      • Here is what I am thinking. Since someone has to go this Thursday, my first reaction was to see the final Battle Back on the live show so the winner can compete in the HOH comp. Since then, I think they will let the person who leaves this week actually leave and show us the viewer’s the complete Battle Back between everyone on Friday and have the winner return to compete in the next HOH comp the following week. Much like the rest of us, I have no idea now on how they will do it because it would be pointless to let the winner of the Battle Back into the house after the next HOH has won.

    • DAY is also targeting the two showmance’s along with both Frank and Tiff.

  11. So even when Paulie knows what’s finally happening he still wants Tiff gone.

    Paulie, you’re an idiot. If Tiff goes, people will gun for you since you’re pretty much a cross of your brothet, Frankie, Frank and Jozea. Getting Day out would be a good move since she is an actual threat

  12. Things are really heating up in the house, even with this stupid team twist. I’m loving it.

    • The HG that use the twist to their advantage are the ones that go far. James.. knew to throw the comp so that Victor could be nominated. I still have faith that he will go far this season.. then there’s Frank. Frank’s team continues to win so he continues to be safe. He picked a good team and has tried to work with all his players. You have to adjust to this game as twists are thrown at you. Frank does this repeatedly. Plus I feel like Frank plays old school big brother…& Is it just me or is he Danieling the crap out of Bridgette. As in he’s the Dan to Bridgette’s Daniel?? Afterall… that was his season.

      • You can’t hate the man for getting a good team. If Paulie was smart, he would encourage the whole team including Frank to win. That way they are safe for as long as this twist is in the game. Once this twist goes away, anyone of them four can voted out.

  13. I think the phrase All female alliance should be added to the Oxymoron List.

  14. I can’t wait for someone to re-enter the house. I hope its Tiff.. assuming she is evicted on Thursday

    • Esp’ly if Frank gets his girl back and he’ll know who all voted her out if he and Bridgette are the only 2 votes she gets to stay. Woo-weee!

  15. So … Nicole hasn’t been kissed yet … but already enjoyed fish fingers? It’s all over twitter.

  16. Michelle is just worried about tiff because she’s afraid she might share stuff about her!

    • So far this year the twist have been good. I am a big fan of the team immunity thing over the BOB.

      • I want it to be like before with the coup, cash prizes, julie announcing a game changer when someone on the block, remember when jesse use to appear

  17. da’gone is acting real childish. No one put her in this predicament but herself. The jabs she’s thrown at tiffany are uncalled for. I hope odds a unanimous vote to get her out. All that task about “I’m raising a daughter” **cry cry whine whine** then you turn around and call tiffany a bitch & swing those tree branches I mean braids at her. Yup that’s the mature mother image you wanted to display for your lil tot.

    • What little respect I had left for her was wiped out when she & Z laughed at T’s distress. Talk about “mean girls.”
      Gee, I wonder how she will react when her daughter comes home telling her how she was bullied in school.

      • It goes beyond childish for sure. All she does is whine, I want to teach my daughter this, I want to teach her that…as has been said before, all she is teaching her is to be a bully. She is showing her that is ok to laugh when people hurt, that its ok to ignore people if they tee you off, she is telling her lying is ok as long as you don’t get caught. Z she is just flowing through behind Paulie…she wins nothing, brings nothing to the house and if they don’t get her out as well, she will go farther. #norespectformamadorz

  18. I have to admit I was not A Tiff fan at first not sure I am now (because of Van) but I hope Day gets the boot. IMO Tiff never really got a chance. They almost never talked game with her, they shunned her and wonder why she is emotional THINK about it. How would feel. That is just my opinion.

  19. I’m voting Vanessa for Americas favorite player (afp), Paulie talk about her so much his nerves is on edge and she is not even playing the game. Vanessa for AFP!!!

    • Ugly is such a harsh word. And furthermore, I don’t see Tiffany winning any beauty contest anytime soon!

      • Well she need to stop calling her names like b’s and h’s to her face. Now she juat flipped her braids and called her a b, so it is what it is! Those are harsh words she is using

      • Don’t take it personal. Agree 100 percent calling someone a bitch or whore is harsh too whether to their face or not. I believe Tiffany referred to Day as a bitch to Nicole or Bridgette (forget which one) when she was talking about Day last night. It’s neither here or there…wish they would stop with the name calling on all sides.

      • Who are we kidding they’re all a bag of no good b!tches… THERE that settles it lol so since da’gone is virtually kaput, I’d like to place an order for nicole to be next. Thanks in advance

    • tiff is a bitch and frank called da a slut. tiff melts down over the slightest provocation, da is tougher than that.

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