Big Brother 18: Nicole & Corey Want Da’Vonne Gone Now Or Maybe Later, Whatever

Nicole and Corey have become surprising allies in Frank’s pursuit of getting Da’Vonne evicted this week, but as we saw again last night they’re going to be about as reliable as, um, as Nicole when it comes to sticking to any one plan.

Nicole & Corey plan who they want to evict

After working last week to save Tiffany from eviction Nicole was soon fast aboard the evict-Tiffany train especially after the Roadkill nomination sent Corey to the Block and put him in danger this week. Now the pair seem convinced they need to keep her in the game, but are they willing to go against the house and even work with Frank for it to happen?

Flashback to 10:58 PM BBT 7/17 Cams 3/4 to find Nicole, Corey, and Michelle discussing the idea of keeping Tiffany and why Da’Vonne can’t be trusted.

Nicole relays to Michelle that Tiffany explained her Roadkill nom of Corey because Day had promised her the votes to get him out. Michelle pleads ignorance and acts confused as she often does. (I swear that has to be her gimmick/strategy because she often acts confused by basic ideas even Big Brother concepts.) Nicole asks Michelle not to repeat that back to anyone, especially not Da’Vonne.

Michelle says she’s fine with getting rid of her (presumably Day) or even putting her up, but she says she can’t stand Tiffany and wants her gone. At this point Michelle wanders off leaving Nicole and Corey questioning why Michelle trusts Da’Vonne so much. Corey suspects Michelle must have some secrets of her own.

Nicole says she wants to send Da’Vonne home “so frickin’ bad. I want to make it happen.” Corey replies, “I told you! I’m game.” Both agree that they need to get Da’Vonne out. They count up their votes. Corey, Nicole, Frank, and Bridgette, but then they’d need to get one more. Corey actually suggests Zakiyah. The woman who spends her nights literally wrapped around Paulie. That’s who Corey thinks they can flip? Ehhh, probably not. The easier option would be James, but it doesn’t matter by the end of this talk.

Nicole thinks they are very lucky that Corey won the Veto not just for his safety but because they got a chance to observe Da’Vonne’s reaction to the situation. They saw Da’Vonne crying and Nicole says “it all clicked right then.” Corey knew then that he wanted to use the Veto on himself to get Da’Vonne on the Block.

Corey suggests it’d be good for their game if they could get Tiffany to stay, but Nicole says they need to have everyone on board to make this flip. That’s not going to happen. They’d have to be willing to settle for a majority of the votes then force their opinion on to the others to at least be okay with it.

After five minutes of debating Nicole starts to worry that Tiffany might throw a comp and since they’re all on the same team she’s worried about those consequences. Corey then worries “what if [Tiffany] tries to get us out next week??” Nicole agrees and the whole thing folds.

“Lets just get her out, but our sights are on Day,” says Nicole. Corey immediately agrees before their talk turns to how much of a threat they (Nicole & Corey) are in the game, Paulie talks too much, and so on.

Such a capricious pair of players here. They are going strong for five minutes about wanting Da’Vonne going then from one breath to the next they’re agreeing to let her slide this week. Maybe it’s better for their game in the long run, but they sure are all over the place here.

Corey mentioned he expects things to get messy after Monday’s Veto meeting and I’d say he’s right. With Da’Vonne officially on the Block we should see some maneuvering from both her and Frank & Tiffany. Day spent a lot of time yesterday keeping a low profile in the back bedroom but she’ll need to be out and active in campaign mode soon. Should be an interesting few days.

Where do you think Nicole and Corey will end up? I won’t be surprised to see them continue to toy with the idea of targeting Day this week especially if Frank offers them a solid five votes with their help. Would they be willing to go against Paulie or will that shut everything down?


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  1. Can Nicole EVER make a decision and just stick to it! This girl drives me nuts! All of this waffling back and forth and the constant whiny voice of hers.

    • I am kind of disappointed. In season 16 I thought she wasn’t a good player because she wasn’t in a powerful position… turns out she just isn’t a good player at all.
      Maybe we need to get Corey evicted for her to start being a good player.

      • It’s like the one thing she had to do was stay out of a showmance, but she just proved herself too immature and blinded by boys to be a big girl. She deserves to win as much as Bridgette does. Literally the one thing was to not get distracted by boys. And her nasal whining is so annoying. I would vote her out just to not hear it anymore.

    • It’s called discussing your options and what is best for this week. You can’t get everyone out in one night. They bounce ideas off each other. I do it also in the real world.

  2. I’m about sick of Nicole and her shenanigans. The whiny voice, the flip-flopping, the constant Corey “this and that.” Ugh, girl he’s not even that into you. Da is onto her and I hope she catches Nicole first.

    • For a BB fan like Nicole, I thought she would know better than to go out of control and fall for a showmance. Oh well. If you happen to want Nicole’s ass on fire, a lot of people are onto her right now. Even if Da were to be evicted this week, Tiffany and Frank would not want to work with Nicole long term. We have plenty of weeks to witness Nicole’s downfall.

      • I don’t agree. She’s playing one of the best games in the house. She talks through things and her and Corey bounce ideas off of each other. Like I said when you have more then one target you have to choose the best one for that week. You can’t get both Day and Tiffany out together. She wants Day and has been feeling people out but knows she can’t get the votes so why go against her alliance when she also wants Tiffany gone. And she has so many people before her that are bigger targets. The entire house knows Frank and Day are snakes and everyone wants them gone. Bridgette is another one that everyone wants gone. The only one she talks to is Frank and Tiffany now. Nicole is playing smart.

    • Yep, and when Nicole cried Saturday because Corey didn’t look at her and turned around to go into the DR, I wanted to climb through the computer screen and shake her. Boy, is she in for a rude awakening once the season is over.

      • I don’t get that either. Nicole reeks of desperation and insecurity. I don’t think Corey’s that great of a catch but to each his own.

      • You’ll have to admit that Nicorey has a much better ring to it than Haycole. Anyone know what Hayden is doing now?

  3. It doesn’t appear that anyone is universally liked this season, which I kinda liked. It probably doesn’t help ratings because you don’t have anyone you want to win, but I’m loving this season. I love how (unnecessarily) scandalous Day is and I love her DRs. I love how Nicole is leaning on someone who doesn’t even understand the game that much in Corey…yet has a F2 with someone completely different. I love how Z is the epitome of a floater. I love Frank’s supposed misogyny, Bridgette’s is a lap dog, Natalie just wants everyone to like her and Paul is a two-timing spy. Paulie is a bully, Nicole whines all day, James doesn’t do anything any more, Corey doesn’t do anything ever and Tiffany is a batshit crazy trainwreck.

    It’s glorious!!

    • Sigh… at the end of the day I do prefer someone that I can truly root for all season long. I mean, who are we going to choose for the $25000 AFP prize this year?

    • Natalie is pretty much universally liked this season. She appears to have no enemies whatsoever. It could be because she’s appearing too weak to be a threat to anyone, or it could be very shrewd under-the-radar gameplay. Still too early to know. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a guy that finds her very attractive physically.

      • She has a sweet heart too it seems and that is just as attractive. It’s why she would consider hooking up with a scrub like James.

    • You nailed it. Jame’s game is stay on the periphery. Does he have any idea how to get in the mix and make things happen. That was his downfall last time. He has not learned.
      I felt bad for the treatment of Nicole last time but now I can hardly stand her. I use to follow her facebook but I have now blocked that. She is worthless in this game.

    • You have low standards for entertainment. This season is a trainwreck, and not in a good way. But glad all you lifers who sit on the feeds all summer all day and night have talked yourself into finding it entertaining.

  4. I really like Day, but those lies are gonna hurt her. She is entertaining, but I don’t think she has the ability to win Big Brother. She is not a comp threat and her social game is weak. Would love if she could get it together and side with Frank (no one would see that coming). She is on everyone’s radar at this point and the best thing to do if she survives is to just keep her mouth shut and go into hiding for a while.

    I liked Nicole on her last season, but now she is just down right annoying and Corey is as dumb as a rock.

      • Day was actually my winner’s pick last year. Didn’t take long for me to regret that pick. She is the type of player that even if you were to give her 100 shots at this game she would still never win.

  5. What’s up with Corey’s eyes???? They’re strange!! He always has the deer in a headlights look. Freaky!!!!

  6. I hope they get Momma Day this week…..she can’t win comps and I don’t think she’d win Battle Back either. She’s more of a threat than Tiffany!

    • But Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister! And anybody with Rousso genes should be considered a evil presence!

      Yeah, in all seriousness, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Day evicted.

  7. I always wonder why when everyone in the house talks about breaking up the “couples” they never consider James and Natalie a couple? Seems like the two of them are slipping quietly in to the background. They are not on anybody’s radar. Might work out well for James.

    • James can be taken out at the end and doesn’t have the strategy to take himself or an alliance deep into the game. Natalie can be brought along for the ride but the only way she’d win is if there was a hardcore villian against her or a butthurt jury ala Survivor like last season.

  8. Just the fact that Nicole and Corey are already considering Day is a good sign for Frank and Tiffany. I’m not sure Day is capable of staying under the radar once she is officially nominated. Frank and Tiffany have a lot of work do to but Day could unintentionally give them a helping hand if she loses her cool and starts rubbing people the wrong way.

  9. One thing this year that has been consistant is Nicole’s flip flopping ways.

  10. If Paurey falls for Frank’s bs, they might see themselves on the block once Frank gets a chance. He could be an a hole when he’s in charge, but this is where he shines. The scrappy Frank loves to fight for every angle that can make him the underdog hero.

    • He IS Underdog…and I’m his Polly Purebred.

      Seriously though, that’s why I love watching Frank. Paurey are too stoopid to catch on to Underdog…uuunnddUNDER UNDERDOG!!!

      • Christmas Corey HAHAHAHA…I remember him talking about his love for Christmas on AD and i laughed so hard.

      • He’s dead to me. Just like those dead, Great White Shark eyes stuck in his stupid Lurch head…he is DEAD to me. Oh, I’m sorry Gino, was any of that post too idiotic for you? Let me know, and I’ll see what I won’t do about it. PAUREY. smfh.

      • Oh, stfu. If you can’t stand the term, don’t read my post. Go do a shot of Tequila and chill.

      • I’m chilll… Just sounds like a dumb nickname is all. Surely the shippers of the show can come up with a better one.

      • My best bud came up with that term, so I’m a little defensive when it comes to any denigrating.

      • You’re a douche, you know that? If you don’t, everyone around you DOES. #IdiotiicMisogynisticTool

      • You know what Gino? I apologize for my remarks. This is a time when we should be kind to each other; not degrade each other. So, in all sincerity, I apologize. Take care.

      • No no but for real I apologize if I got you upset when I insulted your friend’s nickname. I honestly didn’t want to start a back and forth but calling me misogynist just got my back up even more. Anyhow thanks and I hope we can put behind this pointless thing altogether and again, I’m sorry that I got your back up and I am sorry I didn’t value your passion for the show! Cheers!

    • That’s his plan. They are stupid if they think they can go after Frank and miss and he continues like nothing happened.

    • I can’t wait to get this Day/Tiffany business out the way and the teams end to see Paulie and Frank go at it.

    • Frank reminds me of Dr Will/Boogie. Using the same or similar manipulation tactics to get his way. However, he falls when he gets too cocky. He’s been lucky that the game has saved him…or maybe production is keeping him in to get him to be the winner…???

    • I want Frank to stop telling everything to bat sh*t crazy Michelle and that funky Paul

  11. Nicole always been a flopper. The only reason shes lasted so long on BB16 was because she was winning a lot of the HOH’s. She’s good at comps, but that’s it.

  12. These two are the biggest flip floppers in the game!!! Duh!!! Nicole is truly a “Fruit Loop Dingas”!!!! She can’t make up her mind about anything!

    I can’t stand Da but at least she’s playing the game…. Get both of these idiots out of that house!

  13. Nicole talks like she has a clothes pin on her nose… Enough with the Corey..he is playing her big time. Get Da out, she’s a floater, she feels entitled to win because? I like Tiffany, I would go crazy too with all those annoying people, either their conceeded or cry babies. Z, please.. Put some clothes on, you look sleezy. Get her out soon….

  14. They are not all over the place. They just discuss the best options and try to figure out what the best move is. They know they can’t trust Day or Tiffany but can’t get them both out so since they know they won’t have the votes to get Day out they go with the next target that is already on the block. I say that’s playing smart. Why vote against half of your alliance once again just to please Frank. The whole house doesn’t trust Day so they take a shot at her next week.

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