‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final noms of the week and we now have this week’s Big Brother spoilers for the latest Power of Veto events.

Big Brother Veto medallion back in the box

We’ve got another tense stand off in the house this week for who should be heading home and this week’s Veto decision is going to be more pressure on that decision. Read on to find out what happened this afternoon in the Big Brother 18 house.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 4:

  • Corey used the Veto on himself.
  • Da’Vonne was named as the RK renom by Tiffany.

No surprises here as Corey knew he needed to get to safety and be part of the voting decision makers this week. He’s been talking with Nicole about joining Frank and Bridgette to look for a way to get Da’Vonne out this week, but will they pursue that goal against the outspoken wishes of Paulie?

Da’Vonne says she flung her hair at Tiffany when she sat down, but isn’t going to blow up like Frank is expecting. I think we’ll get some drama soon given Day’s current mood. Tiffany told Frank she wanted to go to DR to complain about Day trying to hit her with her hair. Yikes. Is it Thursday night yet?

We should have a few good days of Feeds here as Tiffany has promised she’s got nothing to lose and will continue to aggressively pursue staying in the game.

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  1. Day or Tiff ? Hummmm ….. Frankly, I think if Tiff survive this eviction, she has a better chance of making it near the end than Day.

    • If Tiff goes and wins the battle back – depending on who the new HoH is, could be BIG trouble – ha ha. Paulie can’t be HoH next week – but Frank can. And – guessing the team twist will be finito so Paulie may not be safe even if Frank wins HoH.

      Paulie is playing a different game from Nic/Corey, James and them. Frank is a beast and when Frank is HoH, Paulie is safe. When Paulie wins, he is safe and he doesn’t have to be the one to put up Frank. That will change soon (I think).

      • I don’t think we will know this thursday who will be coming back, because the special show is on friday, and I doubt they would spoil who is coming back. So if they enter the house after the friday show (let say saturday), then the HoH comp would already be done along with the nominations. Then maybe the one that return would be safe for one week. OR they would send the returning HG in the house only thursday next week after the eviction (on the live show).

      • Yeah I have that before and it makes more sense for the winner to come back after the eviction Thursday the 28th of July. If they come back with no immunity, they can wind up being the renom.

      • I didn’t think we’d know who the returnee is til Fridays show.

        Is Friday a live show? I thought the evictee was returning Friday???

        If Frank is the new HOH, Tiff would have nothing to worry about this week.

      • The friday show cannot be live for the 1st three battles, it could be live for the last one. Friday night or Saturday morning, it’s the same thing, HoH comp is done and nominations also since they usually happen on friday (during the day).

      • Probably is the following week when they enter to play the next HoH comp! Probably will just show who will be playing this week’s evictee!

      • Julie said “each week the evictee’s will battle it out for who gets to return” so each week someone leaves and someone stays to battle the next person, so they are all taped except for the last one.

      • I thought for sure it said the Battle Back would be sending the winner back in on Friday after HoH has already been inducted.

      • Frank a,beast, please, he’s super paranoid big time. He’s afraid of Day because he sees who truly is the beast. He putted Day to save his neck because he knew she’d be gunning for him.

      • And unfortunately she stayed & Tiff was evicted & of course Da had to gloat to Tiff about beating her. She’s just down right MEAN ! Gloat now Da cause u’ll be gone next week ! Karma’s a biotch ?

      • I hope they stop with the teams next week, but keep the RK going! This last one was the best comp of all…poor Bridgette practically gagged to the point of throwing up! haha

    • I hope Tiff gets to stay and out goes Day, but that depends on how well Frank can convince Paulie of that. He’s so dead set on finally getting Tiff out, he’s lost all perspective of anything else.

      • He is so obsessed with her, he needs to put that to bed and just worry about the current players in the game.

      • No more than Nicole not wanting to play with Paulie cuz Cody (his bro) ended voting her out!
        She mentions that on day uno…. That’s day one!
        So really if he was just another guy….. She may have been open to actually play with him.


      • He is smart to get her out, she is a strong competitor and with Frank they could easily get him out. Day isn’t hurting game yet…

  2. YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the greatest DAY Ive ever known…. HAHAHA

  3. Good gracious, we’re having hair wars. It seems Da thinks that longer/volume is a sign of beauty. I hate to break it to her, but that simply isn’t the case. Her hair is nothing to be proud of, imo. Not making fun of her, but her hair is like a rat’s nest. Paul could get lost in that. His beard would get swallowed up like it never existed.

    • All those weaves Davonne has and piles on her head do not belong on an HG in the BB house… I got nothing against weaves in a persons hair but on a reality show and having to do muddy wet dirty comps is actually dumb…I hope she goes and takes the weaves with her..

      • It’s forever needing attended to. Who’s got time for that? Evidently Day makes time for it, and missing out on what she needs to be tuned in to. Even better I say! :-)

      • Granted I could understand why you would think that. As a black woman you wouldn’t understand our hair type given you’re bashing her wearing weave. Zakiyah is also wearing a weave but you failed to speak in disgust of her weave. I myself have braids right now as a profective style for my hair. And if you don’t know or understand what a protective style is you utilize Google to find out :)

      • You have a point!
        But I do hear mud does wonders for the structure of the Sebaceous gland that is the fundamental beginning for stronger hair!

    • I agree! Her weave has GOT to go. She looked better last year I think with her hair straightened.

      • I actually think it looked nice when the season started and she just kept it down but now she keeps adding to it and piling it on her head and it’s not attractive…

      • At the beginning her braids were thin & tight, obviously professionally done. They keep getting thicker, and very uneven. Not a good look, IMO.
        Plus the BB powers that be should warn her about using them as a deadly weapon. LOL

      • they should also warn her that in some of the comps those braids could get wrapped/caught in a comp prop or device…

      • Now, That Would Be Funny!
        Can you see her crawling under an fence or something , having her whole body jerked back, and then needing to spend 1-2 minutes getting herself free?
        (Okay, sign me up to the “mean girl list! LOL)

      • You’re not being mean…you’re realistic. Funny to us viewers, not so much for the victim! It’s downright dangerous and preventable!

      • I’m afraid they might do her in during OTEV, if she’s around that long and it gets caught on a log’s notch, which could possibly strangle her. Geesh! Maybe she’ll begin to do away with some of them before then. Who knows!

      • I have no idea what a weave is – true story – she looked better last year…… I’ll drink to that.

      • I have no idea what a weave is – true story – she looked better last year…… I’ll drink to that.

      • She had a weave last year…y’all sound dumb. Please don’t speak to what you don’t know.

      • How could you not know what a weave is?? White girls get them too youknow??

      • I live on the west coast of BC Canada…. Seriously. I’ve never seen a weave & have an idea of what they are but don’t know a thing about them. True story.
        im not ignorant but I’ve never seen one, don’t know how they work – obviously something is weaved in..- but none never seen one….

    • It’s way too much hair! It overpowers her face, and all I see is her fooling with it, and a mess

      • Why do you care? Meanwhile Nicole’s hair looks like a rats nest she might have lice.

      • Soon, everyone will be nit-picky. (picking out nits, lice egg sacs, get it? – original meaning of the phrase) :-)

    • Not a fan of ‘Da’s hair…..not a fan of beards, period!
      And beards are ‘in’ for guys! Bleeeecck!
      Thanking the Gods my husband doesn’t follow trends…..EVER!!! Ugh!
      He certainly could use a make-over….
      Opera????? ELLEN??? Did you hear this!!??? Helppppp meeeeee! Lol

      • It’s all the tacky tattoos that get to me these days.
        I went to a wedding recently where the bridesmaids & bride wore sleeveless dresses Most of them, including the bride had one type of tattoo or another.. I was disgusted.
        I asked one of the girls what her funky symbol stood for … She babbled on about zen & peace, but I got the impression that she wasn’t exactly sure herself. I asked her what she would do if she found out it was a disrespectful insult.
        She laughed & said she would wear short sleeves more ofter …. Good Answer! LOL

      • You didn’t come right out and ask her if it was a tramp stamp? I would have! hahaha

      • Nah, but I know her quite well, and she really is a good kid.
        I did remark about the woman I saw at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. I am guessing she was in her sixty’s and what was probably a butterfly at the top of her boob when she got it, looked more like a discolored bat in crash mode that day.

    • Whoa does her hair have to do with anything? She just played her hand too quickly with Frank.Tiffany needs to go she is annoying af.

    • Sounds like you’re making fun of her to me! I thought she wore the braids bcuz it would be easier for her to maintain bcuz of all the comps they do that are gross.

  4. Honestly, it is in the best interest of the entire house to evict Da’Vonne…there are only three people in the house that would benefit from Da’Vonne staying and that would be Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da herself…Now, I actually like all three of them but, as far as I can tell, she is ready to throw everybody under the bus except for herself and Zakiyah, so if Frank, Bridgette, James, Nicole, Corey, and Paul want to make it to jury (or further) then Da needs to go this week! I didn’t mention the noms or Michelle because the noms can’t vote and Michelle has Da’s back even if Da does not have her back…

    • It’s also nice to have a player in the game everyone dislikes, i.e. Vanessa I mean Tiffany. You can always get that player out next week. I don’t think anyone likes her for any reason other than her vote.

    • Think of how much quieter the house will be once Day leaves. Last season, things got so quiet after her departure it seemed like it dragged on at a snail’s pace! LOL

  5. 2 emotional players. It should be a good week for viewers. Best of luck to both of them.

  6. Why would I want to keep Tiffy unless I’m working with Frank. It doesn’t make much sense!!! Tiffy would be gunning for their side!!! I still can’t understand why would be mad at Day except for Tiff and Frank. Everything else that Day did they have done too. The lies, the forming of alliances, playing both sides. They are total hypocrites!!!! Tiff practically blew up their game and some of them thinking of keeping her??? Just plain stupid!!! She’ll do anything to stay!!! They sure as hell can;t talk game with her…so why keep her????

    • Day has played all sides making deals with just about everyone.
      Really what deals has Tiff really made? (compared to Da)

      • Who hasn’t though? And her deals are with people in her alliance. Tiff blew up their game to their main target. Why would I keep her over an alliance member?

      • Said “Alliance Member” lied to & about her repeatedly. I would blow the beetch up too!
        Right now it’s 50/50 on who’s going home. I hope it’s Day, but could be Tiff.

      • Still think it’s stupid to keep someone working to destroy your alliance as opposed to someone still in your alliance.

      • But wasn’t it Day that started blowing her original alliance game? Why would you keep that loose cannon or one you know you can get out next week.

      • If the HG’s knew about the buy back Friday they would probably vote out Day next since she doesn’t have much of a chance to win HOH – while Tiff does.
        Both of them need to go ASAP, they’re nothing but trouble.

      • So you think its smarter to keep the loose cannon that told you she’s coming after your alliance over the person who can’t win a comp to save her life and whose mouth already sunk her game?

      • Can’t change what was said but you can’t trust your alliance either. Tough call but I would go with the one that can’t keep their mouth shut. Might as well go ahead and take her out to do damage control for the remainder of the game.. The other can go next week or the week after.

      • Which one? Remember there’s 8pack- which no one is loyal to, then there’s fatal 5 which again no one is loyal to because Nicole wanted to get rid of Da, Da wanted to get rid of Tiff and Tiff was trying to form another all girl alliance. So just let me know which one you are talking about.

      • Well Nicole has been jumping back and forth, why does she get a pass?? Alot of hypocrites on this thread

      • Yep, it is the name of the game, you play your hand at each turn and that includes lying, jumping around doing what you have to do to win the game. I

      • Davonne made the mistake of not taking Nicole out over her personal offense towards Frank. That was small stuff. Once she learned Nicole was targeting her, she should have gone foe the gusto. She has not played well in looking for connection, instead she allowed cray cray to dictate her game.

      • I would do the same as Tiff. She didn’t rollover and just sit there. It’s the game! Save yourself

      • And….tiff makes bad feeds imo. I don’t like the emotional, immature gameplay that she uses, it is tiring and annoying.

      • Da needs to be gone. She has started way more stuff then Tiff. Look at what they have done to her. Yes they saved her but for one reason only. Now even before she went to talk game with Frank they turned against her. She caught on and did what anyone would do. Let’s talk about Michelle look who is being paranoid now and the reason she is so scared of Tiff is because she talked crap about the showmances to Tiff and now is scared she will blow her out of the water. But IMO Paulie is worse then Frank ever thought of being.

      • How can they ever trust Tiff again after what she’s done? I don’t think I could.

      • That’s because no one liked her off the bat. They’d be bat crazy to align with Tiff, who’s always in a tiff! Excuse the pun.!

  7. The eviction poll is really close between them two of who should be evicted.

  8. I sadly think Tiff will be going home.

    Paul, James, Michelle, and Z will vote to evict Tiff
    Bridgette, Frank, Corey, and Nicole will evict Da’ (if Nicole doesn’t flip-flop)

    Paulie will be the tiebreaker sending Tiff home.

      • You think so? I haven’t been watching the feeds, but I thought he had Da’s back. James is usually loyal to his allies.

      • I think last week he was receptive to the idea of targetting Day and even this week he is wary of her

      • James is on the outside looking in. Seriously, if I was him, I would be looking to destroy the alliances. That is the only chance of me winning! Why take sides when Davonne and Frank are going at it? Then, there is Paulie vs Frank too! Let them fight it out and pick up the pieces later!

      • Yes, He is but, he has to make a choice which one brings him the best opportunity to last till the end?
        More conflict and drama benefits his game.

      • But if he saves Tiffany, it won’t affect him much because Paulie will be more mad at Corey and Nicole and someone will always be targetting Tiff and Frank and Bridgette so then he buys himself a few more weeks

      • He said he was there to just get his name out, good PR for him. So he isn’t really playing the game. He is enjoying his paid vacay and showmance.

      • He is focused on his showmance with Natalie for now but, he might be more interested if he lasts deep in the game. Then, he will see dollar signs!

    • I still think that Paul would flip for no other reason than to get a Vet out.

  9. We can honestly say that Day at least learnt from her first time in BB and kept her mouth and attitude toned down…this time she isn’t out within a few weeks, but inevitably the true Day comes through.

  10. They need to make a decision and stick to it. This underhanded crap will blow up and who you thought was your friend will vote to evict you. Get rid of Tiffessa now, Day will get hers soon enough.

  11. Hope Tiff goes!!! I’m just tired of her awkwardness, and I have to admit I don’t mind Da’s drama…it’s kind of amusing to me LOL!

    • I agree…Da will be more entertaining as the the numbers get smaller…she doesn’t back down from confrontation.

    • Only problem I see with that is that DAY would even more over the top once Tiff goes.

    • But depending on the battle back, she might return.
      But then that would be drama, too – lol

    • I’m the same, I prefer Da over tiff. Da’s drama is much more interesting than tiffs 13 years old meltdowns and tantrums, had enough of that with Crynessa.

  12. If Frank is really a good player, perhaps he can pull off a “consensus trick vote” like last week and get a 5/3 with Day gone and leave Paulie to wonder who voted who. He could get Bridgette, Nicole, Corey, James and of course himself all voting for Day to go and then Paul and Michelle to vote Tiffany and all leaving Paulie and Z (already voting her man’s way) to believe all are voting Tiff out. Who knows, these flip-flops might really find it attractive and they could continue with their deny and lie routine and it would really serve to screw the whole house up … as if they need help. My mind wanders strange places.

    • Tit for tat. As much as I never want to give Gigglette anything to giggle about, that would be good TV.

    • I believe Frank is trying to play Dan’s game but the problem is, is that Frank has no idea who he’s dealing with in Tiffany. She’s going to treat him just like she did Austin.

    • Frank is a douchey good ole boy that believes everything he says is law and no one should question him. He is the one that needs to go, can’t wait to see him on the block and voted out.

      • You did not see Derrick in his season? He commanded everyone not to speak to Donny or Nicole and shun them and not talk to them! That is even worst! Frank is abrasive and high handed but, not anymore so, look at Paulie brushing off all things brought to him. That is arrogance!

      • Yes, I did she Derrick, he was playing with a bunch of nincompoops that were easily manipulated. Derrick finessed his way through, he had skills and worked them well, Frank, not so much.

      • Good for drama nonetheless! The past couple of seasons of Big Brother was boring as hell! This season has been good so far! I just hope the drama continues and leaving Tiffany in with Frank for the time being would be very good for drama!

      • I agree about the last few seasons being duds, this one is much better than the last 3 seasons imo.

  13. Day needs to go. More annoying than Tiff. Shouldn’t have even returned anyway. Only lasted two weeks last year. C’mon now.

  14. Very disappointed in Da’Vonne. She entered as my favorite, but she has been mean to people and a bad liar. I know in BB that you lie, but how you go about it means something.

  15. Some of these comments about Day are pretty disgusting and vile. From her skin tone to her hairstyle.

    • I could be wrong but I feel like there’s a racial undertone in reference to Day’s weave.

      • Au Contraire … I made fun of Tiffany’s ratty braid job a couple of weeks ago.
        Why try to make trouble when there is no reason?

      • It’s not just about the weave. Others are commenting on her skin tone as well.

      • Well, I guess I missed that one, and if I had seen it, I would have remarked on it. It is uncalled for, but TX, bad hair is just bad hair.

      • Agree completely. Da and Paul have both made unattractive hair a part of their own story.

      • I’m here to comment and give my opinion same as you. I didn’t address you in my comment and I certainly don’t waste my time causing trouble. But thank you for your input.

      • You’re very welcome, but throwing around charges of racism does not usually lead to a happy environment.

      • What charge of racism? I said I feel like. Please don’t play the race card.

      • Me?
        Christina T. – “I could be wrong but I feel like there’s a racial undertone in reference to Day’s weave.”
        Get Real

      • What part of “I could be wrong but I feel like” didn’t you get? You talked about charges of racism: you brought up the race card while I was simply responding to the initial post which talked about skin tone and weaves. But for some reason you harped on my comment and not TXSunshine. Odd.

      • If it makes you feel better, I think TX is wrong, too.
        You certainly have a right to your opinion, but keep in mind when you put it out there, “even if you could be wrong” it is open to comment.

      • Ya’ll have no idea how difficult it is to maintain braids, which is evident by statements made about when she first arrived. They were probably professionally done.

        Maintenance is difficult which is why a profess is needed.

      • No bad weave is bad weave. I have worked and played with many that wore weaves & braids. They are beautiful when done well. Day’s mouth got her in trouble last time and it is this time too.

      • I seriously don’t really know what a weave is.
        Are they like extensions? Hi how I get they make the hair longer but I haven’t ever seen them.

    • I see her so different this season. I couldn’t stand her last year, but have really come to like her this season. She is sassy, no holds barred entertainment, and she gives the best DR’s this year. Don’t want to see her go, she keeps things real and lively in the house imo.

    • I can talk about her hair – it’s a mess and overwhelms her. She is way too thin to have all that hair. I haven’t seen one comment about her skin tone

      • You’re absolutely right, you can talk about her hair. Just like I can say what I said about the hairstyle and skin tone comments. Keep searching you’ll find the skin tone comments. Look for the poster who called her crusty.

      • Okay, I don’t get what that means other than something like “a crusty old fart.” Does it have a different meaning when applied to a person of color?
        A friend of mine sometimes says – “She feels ashy” because her skin is dry, it is something like that?

      • I learned and believe and have taught that commenting negatively on a womans appearance is reserved for the classless. With that reminder, may we please refrain from being bullies-in-absentia?

      • NO WAY JOSE’!!
        If these people wanted privacy they should have stayed off BB. I for one will be commenting & pointing fingers for the duration.

  16. On one hand, nobody should be as mean as Da and she should be voted out on principle. On the other, Da and her weave staying in the house is a big win for us!

    • True! Not sure who I want to leave really. Leaning towards Tiff since I was a Da’Vonne fan.

    • Both Tiff and Day are drama queens – although Tiff is way more over-emotional. I think Day is definitely the bigger threat to the others though, so she might just be going this week.
      Can’t wait to see who wins the Battle Back. Hopefully the stupid team immunity thing ends with the return of the Battle Back winner.

  17. Will be interesting Friday night:
    – Not only will an evictee return, but –
    – guessing the team twist will end…
    That means that Paulie will be playing a different game after that.

    For now, Paulie is safe when Frank is HoH and when he (Paulie) is HoH.
    Plus when Paulie’s HOH, he doesn’t have to worry about putting up Frank.

    If the team twist ends this week, Paulie won’t benefit from Frank winning HoH any longer and will be just as vulnerable as everyone else.

    Up to then, he’s playing a different game from Nic, Corey, James, Paul & them. They have to worry when Frank wins HoH – a lot more than Paulie does. IF the team twist ends, Paulie becomes just like them and can’t be so cocky with Frank.

    • Yep because she won’t put her gilr Z up or Z’s man Paulie. I can see this with a BD option for Frank or Bridgette.

    • Maybe, she will be out on Thursday? If not, Frank could just easily win HOH and put Day back on the block with Paulie! That would strip that side of two votes right from the get go! And if Frank wins Roadkill? Add Zakiyah for good measure! Frank will try to win HOH the hardest because he knows they are after him!

      • Or, Tiffany is out & then comes back & wins Hoh, putting Day & Paulie on the block.
        Then Frank wins RK and goes for Z!
        Ha- I wish I were a Game Maker like in Hunger Games!

  18. Day wants to get rid of the showmances meaning Corey and Nicole and Paulie and Zakiyah. That is one reason to get her out! She has pitted Frank against Tiffany and it worked for a time but, the jig is up and she has been exposed! You cannot turn your back on Davonne! More people benefit from evicting Davonne! It will be a free for all after the Davonne is gone which is a good thing! Keeping my fingers crossed that she gets evicted!

    • I agree that they’re all better off evicting Day than Tiff this week. Tiff’s actually pretty harmless – an over-emotional Drama Queen whom everyone avoids. Day, on the other hand, has proven to be completely untrustworthy.

      • Even though she did it will be hard to penalize her when nothing was done to Frank and several complained.

      • Frank was playing around with no malicious intent. Day defiantly did it maliciously.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Won’t know for sure till he gets asked that outside the house.

      • Doesn’t matter, you don’t call women sluts. People need to quit defending Frank and it was “all in fun”. I would have been pissed regardless of the intent or content of the convo. I don’t want to be called a slut. And yes it was in response to Z calling Frank a douche, well Frank is a douche, but we don’t know if Da and Z are sluts, coupled with the repeated butt slapping, he is the one who has crossed the line, repeatedly.

      • After what they let happen in both bb8 and bb15 there is no way he gets penalized for what he said/did.

      • And when he said it he was angry at her for calling him douche he had malicious intent.

      • I really hope she gets 1 penalty vote and that ends up sending her home. But I would love it even more if she was not told about it until after the vote LOL

      • A penalty vote for what? She should have come clean about telling Frank about Tiffany coming after him. Cause she was was caught

      • To be fair, Jokers did post @ 12:01 that “Tiffany did try to do it back apparently but did not hit her”
        I didn’t see it, just reading.

      • We await a possible ruling on Da using her braids to slap the mess out of Tiff across her face. Did Day move into Tiffs space before did her braided weave flip?

    • Hopefully if she gets one Frank will get one too when he’s on the block.

      • Too bad he deserves it – but one of the posters on here said he’s friends with one of the BB producers.

    • LOL! I find spankgate to be legit. I wouldn’t want Frank touching me with a 10 ft pole, much less slapping me on the a**. Both of them are lucky Da kept her composure and kept it moving. I wouldn’t have been so composed as Da.

      • Right, that was bad, and he did stopped when he got called out. Apparently, everybody is pinching and slapping everybody’s a*s in his house. His nana loves pinching a*s. He learned it from nana. lol

  19. I think at one time Da said she had a son, and she does bring up her daughter but she should be ashamed of herself the way she acts.

  20. Did you guys catch Nicole’s comment to Corey on BBAD last night, that Michelle reminds her of her old buddy from her first season Christine? And because of that, she finds it hard to really trust her.

    • I was starting to enjoy watching Michelle, I hope Nicole isn’t right.
      Michelle still isn’t convinced that Day was spreading lies and rumors either.

      • Michelle is a creeper, I called it when I watched her initial interview with Jeff. But I like her for now, she is still entertaining, that might change down the line.

      • I’ve just watched her on BBAD and she seemed charming to me with her infectious laughter.
        I’ll need more time to figure her out since I haven’t seen much of her so far.

      • She knows a lot of info, because she is quiet and watches people, but last night she was freaking out. Saw a little more of what she was really like.

      • I didn’t watch BBAD last night – what did Michelle do? For some reason she seems to believe all Day’s lies.

      • She was stressing because Nicole and Corey were flipping. Honestly I was having a hard time following why she was freaking out, didn’t make sense to me. But Nicole and Corey kept telling her to calm down, she was kind of losing it. Not tiff losing it, but you could tell she was rattled. Didn’t seem like she should have been so stressed about it, it is only Sunday, they flip all week long, lots of time to process and discuss game play.

      • The game is getting to her it seems. I read on Jokers that she’s afraid Tiff will put her up if T. wins HOH so naturally M. wants her gone.

      • Thing is Tiff has no beef with Michelle at all. Just that someone told Michelle that she’d said Michelle was evil…never happened.

      • From what I’ve read or seen at other sites Michelle strongly dislikes Tiff and thinks T. is crazy. Those 2 were getting close to each other in the beginning but after Tiff has her first meltdown M. started distancing herself from her. This has hurt T.’s feelings and there seems to be bad blood between them.

      • Because Day was filling Michelle’s head with nothing but lies. You’d have to check out some of the feeds in the first couple weeks. Michelle thinks, well Day would know better than she about how Tiff acts only because she’s Van’s sister. It escalated from then on. M chose D over T! LOL

      • I’m glad you cleared that up by watching the feeds. I was a little confused about what was going on. I’ll be glad when Michelle opens her eyes to Day’s lies. I don’t want to believe she’s another Christine yet.

      • Michelle is jealous that Frank is spending so much time with Bridgette and now that Tiff’s joined him too, all she has is Day left who happens to be on the block, so she’s getting a bit paranoid of possibly not having anyone other than Z who doesn’t win comps to be left with. She totally staged her little meltdown to see who would come to her aid whom she might be able to trust to fall back on once Day is gone, just not Tiff. Corey and Nic did just that, something she hoped would happen. It was over about as fast as it started, not hours later…minutes! LOL

      • Michelle is in a bad place right now. Frank preferred Bridgette over her and she’s about to lose her good friend Day by the look of things.
        Teaming up with Corey and Nicole is a good idea I think.

      • So why put on a show? Oh yeh, she suspects Nic doesn’t like her much because she doesn’t talk game with her much! haha

      • Over at jokers Michelle has started a fight with James after he called her mean when she told him to shun Tiff and he refused.

      • What is going on with this girl? I don’t know what she has to be so paranoid about smh.

      • At this rate Michelle might even get a little TV time on the next episode lol.

      • It was all staged Devin! She cheered up shortly after that…way faster than T had during her latest meltdown.

      • He isn’t as bad as he was in the beginning, but he doesn’t shut up…..

      • He is and so is frank. On the feeds last night you could literally hear Paul in every convo he was so loud and obnoxious.

      • If feel the same about Paul, except that I call him creepy, and I don’t find him entertaining at all.

      • I guess I’m around mostly guys longer than I should I guess. I find some of the things he says totally off the wall, and others funny as heck. Depends on the time of day too! He can be darn right rude, but I’m used to that kind of stuff and just let it slide off my shoulders as “guys will be guys”!

      • Me too, I called it too on Paul. I thought he was going to be a huge jerk, and he has come through with flying colors.

    • And as we post, Nicole just gave Michelle props for helping her with her home sickness, missing family. lol

      • I’m not so crazy about Michelle. I didn’t care much for her at the beginning and then I started liking her and now I feel that she could be a mean girl in real life.

      • She did once tell Tiff that she didn’t have a lot of friends back home. Hmmmm…I wonder why? I liked her contribution to some of the “group” settings, but when she’d be with just Day and Z, she spoke mean things about others to them only. Last night she pulled a Tiff once she found out what Nic and Corey’s plans were of putting Day up if either won HoH next week. Not overly concerned about Day being evicted, but about her becoming a target if Day were to be sent home this week. WOW, she was all about herself than her fellow alliance member.

      • Yes, I’ve been watching that one. It’s not just one thing, it’s a lot of little things adding up that speaks negatively about her, imo.

      • I felt sorry for Michelle when she said she had lost contact with her college friends – but you’re right that there might be a good reason for that.

    • Yep, I caught that. Too funny of a comparison. She’s kept her distance from Michelle this season! hahaha

      • Not so much this season as she was in hers. She’s just naturally cautious this season, as she should be! She plays a good social game. I’m liking her much more now than I had then!

      • She has no real loyalty but to herself. She’s using corey, lies about her involment, who can trust her.

    • I was trying to think who Michelle reminded me of and I think Nicole’s right…nasty Christine.

  21. You know what I would love. For BBUS to have a season where physical violence was not off limits like in the Russian version lol. That would be so entertaining

  22. Interesting to see Day on the block. Let’s see how it all plays out. It seems like a toss up

    • It’s gonna be neck and neck! Fun…I’m going to miss the end result..darnit! No cable t.v. or laptop where I’m headed this Thurs.

      • Believe it or not, we’re not going camping…just to my daughter’s house to watch the baby. They only have Netflix and are taking their laptops with them on their trip! But no way would I choose girly pink…yuk! :-)

      • I don’t know why I thought you were going camping. I thought I remembered you saying something about a trip coming up earlier in season. My short term memory stinks! Enjoy your grandbaby. :)

      • Awwwweeee! Have fun! I can hardly wait to have grand babies!
        Right now i’ll have to stick to my grand-puppy Bernese Mountain dog! Now he’s cute & just over a year old! Huge feller tho!

      • Nothing as fantastic as that’ll be for you! K thinks I’m heading to the clinker though! hahaha

      • You have to rent to own there, but there is a place that will let me rent a laptop per day called Rent-Ex. I may just do that. Depends on what they charge, (you have to request a quote on the type you want) as to whether it’s worth it.

      • I’ll have wi-fi, just can’t get CBS all access on our smartphone or Kindle Fire (don’t ask)…no lap top and no cable. Pissssed!

      • Let’s hope a good neighbor will invite you over. Enjoy that little one. They grow so fast.

  23. Watching feeds, Michelle was having a meltdown in the safari room and taking it out on James, not digging her at all!

    • She just showing her true self, bat sh*t crazy! She got mad bcz he called her mean and he is talking to Tiff! James told her like it was he is not going to treat her that way and Michelle stormed off! She needs to go and hide for the rest of the season!

  24. I’m ready to see Tiffany leave simply because her back will be against the wall the entire game because of Day’s lies. Day needs to be exposed for what she really is….and that’s a complete liar. I want to see who becomes the next guinea pig to be the reason for all their poor game play (Day, Michelle, James, Nicole, Corey, and Zakiyah) They have blamed Tiffany for everything in the house. Who will be their new target to single out for all their misfortune? Poor Paulie can’t keep everyone in the house safe! When will Paul realize he was just a stool pigeon? I so wished Paulie, Paul, Zakiyah, and Michelle could feel the heat from nominations and watch them start cutting each others throat! It would be sooooooo great to see Frank, Brigette, and Tiffany take control for a while. I’m praying the Puppet Master has a few tricks still left in his bag! They need a miracle this week with James, Natalie, Corey, and Nicole to keep Tiffany and hopefully shift the power in the house!!!! I’m rooting for the Misfit Toys to pull an upset!!!

    • Not Natalie. She’s on the block. If Frank can convince James, Corey, and Nicole to flip with him and Brigette, Tiffany could stay in game. I believe Corey would be in if he knew for sure Nicole would do it. That leaves James. If Brigette would pull Natalie aside and get her to help flip james it would work. And, James is so in love with Natalie he would do anything she wants!!!!

      • News Flash, they all lie
        It’s the game. Why does everyone want to demonize Day. Are ya all cray cray to follow cray cray?. At least Day is PLAYING THE GAME

      • Your right. They all lie. But I don’t like her game play nor michelle. I don’t care for anyone who laughs at someone whose crying while they know they are the reason. Didn’t like her last year and I don’t like her this year. Michelle is her new mini me. I’m ready for her to take a hike!!!

  25. All I know is, if they keep Tiff, it will be her sisters game. They kept putting off getting out Van last season and she made it all the way to Third place, the same will happen if they keep Tiff over Da, Tiff will win more than just that RK after this if they keep her around. Paulie is the only one who sees this IMO.

  26. I like them both… so I hope whoever gets evicted can win BattleBack. *fingers crossed

  27. No drama from Da’vonne this week? Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  28. I am annoyed with Tiffany. She actually fell for Nicole’s whiny apology and excuse for ignoring her this whole entire game so far. Please be gone on Thursday and once Da’vonne is (hopefully) saved she could try to win something. I think not winning HOH or Veto next week will send her straight to Jury.

  29. Welp goodbye Day. It’s been a terrible run for you if I must say so myself but at least you made it passed the dreaded 2nd eviction!? Give yourself a pat on the back at that! :)

      • I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing either go but as of now Da looks to be in a pretty bad spot since everyone is catching on to her lies. I mean yes this whole entire game is based on lying and deceiving but there’s a point where you have to realize that there are also consequences. Unfortunately this is Da’s week to face those consequences and hopefully learn from them if she isn’t evicted come Thursday. But knowing how Da plays the latter seems unlikely.

  30. Bridgette is Frank’s minion, Zakiyah is Paulie’s minion, Corey is Nicole’s minon, Michelle is Da’Vonne’s minion, Natalie is James’s minion. Paul is also Pualie’s minion and Tiffany is a free agent. Wow, this season is crazy.

    • If Day behaves, probably Tiffany. But, let’s hope she goes off on a tear, and then she can go off on a vote!

  31. Can anyone blame Day for lying? Look at what she’s dealing with. Everyone on the boards have deemed the house players lack luster. Day is very bright and probably felt like with the caliber of players, this is probably what she deduced would be effective for her game. She made mistakes in whom she should target.

  32. I really want Tiffany to go home. Plus school is about to start and she needs to get ready..lol. I think Day will last another week because she has more votes than tiff. DAY has Z, James, Paul, Nicole, Corey and Michelle. Tiff only had Frank (thats iffy) , Bridgette (maybe whatever&Frank says) when Nicole and Corey finds out Tiff was the BBRK winner then they will def keep Day. I need James or Corey to win and put up Frank and Bridgette and hopefully Paulie win RK and put up Nat or Paul…

      • So do you think they will with Frank or Paulie? They have more loyalty to Paulie I think. Frank runs ard talking too much.

      • They were talking last night, and both said they would rather see Da go, but you know Nicole, she wouldn’t agree unless she was positive they had the votes.
        Plus, even if she did say yes …. she would probably change that mousetrap she calls a brain 20 times between now & the actual vote.

  33. For Tiff, it is like being in High School and everyone is in the one and only clique but her. I’ve never seen such a group of people that treat someone so bad. They go talk with frank/bridge/or tiff and run to all the others and tell every-single-word frank/bridge or tiff said over and over and over. That’s the extent of their conversations. Stupid people.

  34. PLEASE TELL ME there is a big chance Day Will go home??? Please please please! I like watching Tiffany play because like she said, she has nothing to lose!
    & isn’t Day or I mean shouldn’t Day be a bigger target to get out of the game then Tiffany???
    sure Tiffany is a ticking time bomb only because she doesn’t have anything to lose, she doesn’t have a solid alliance! However, if she was to have a solid alliance she would play a lot more solid and I think she would play a lot more differently then the first few weeks when she thought she was a part of the eight pack. I think she will grow stronger, more competitive and be a lot of entertainment!
    & Day can leave on Thursday and then just come back on Friday LOL or I guess vice versa! Personally that’s what I would like to see happen. Whoever leaves on Thursday, that be the person that comes right back in the house. More dramatic!
    how many people does Tiffany need to stay safe? And how many does she have? And how many does she sort of have? And how many does she definitely not have? LOL

  35. after next eviction teams are kaput , the returnee comes back and everything is reset. frank needs to win every comp he can from now on cause he is target #1

  36. I can’t figure out if I like this season or not LOL I can’t seem to wrap my head around real is in a real alliance and who is in a fake one and who can be trusted and who cannot be. aside from the obvious LOL
    The freakin Showmances are not even showmances!!
    Nicole and Corey are what exactly?
    Paulie & Z?? anything?
    James & Natalie?? I just big flirts!
    & then there is Frank and cabbage patch girl. Are they just close as in friends? Or is she really have a crush on him?? He’s totally using her right?? Frank doesn’t really have feelings for Bridget right?
    nothing makes sense of the season! Even nicole who always seems, well seemed during her season to be somewhat just having fun, this season she seems to be all over the map! & paranoid! Where do they get these clowns from? They need a better casting crew! Seriously! Like this Cory talk? LOL do these people do anything ever? Big brother Canada I was way more entertaining!!
    they were always playing fun games and having a lot of fun! Made the most of it! This season it’s all business and no play! Although there is some good drama.

  37. I would think the teams have to be gone when the returning evictee is back otherwise what team do they return to? Their old team maybe?

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