Big Brother 18: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 2

We may have finally arrived at our Veto meeting day after Sunday came and went without the ceremony being held. Mondays are our typical day for these events, but with today being the Fourth of July it seemed possible there’d be a shift in the Big Brother 18 schedule. That didn’t happen.

All the same, Big Brother Houseguests are now expecting the Power of Veto meeting today and the Veto holder will have to announce a choice to change up the game.

Paulie Calafiore & Victor Arroyo play chess on BB18

We’ve got details on what the Veto holder plans to do and what this week’s target thinks is actually going on. Hint: these two things do not overlap.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 10:06 PM BBT 7/3 (get the Free Trial now).

Victor and Paul are outside playing pool. To set the stage, we know that Paul is aware of what’s about to go down, but he’s playing dumb because he’s just glad he’s not the active target.

Paul tells Victor that he doesn’t trust anyone right now and isn’t sure what’s going on. Victor says that anything is possible and he could even end up being on the Block. Paul says he’d expect Bronte to come down if anyone does. Again, Paul is lying. Paulie has already promised Paul that he will be coming down and Victor will be going up.

Victor believes Bronte will be staying on the Block because that is who he perceives to be Paulie’s target. Paul again counters that he thinks Paulie would rather have him and Victor together on the Block, but Victor says that doesn’t make sense since Bronte was talking a lot of trash. Victor says if anyone goes back up it’d be Natalie. Paul asks Victor just how good he feels about this. “I’m pretty f**king sure,” says Victor.

Now here’s something interesting. Victor hasn’t named a renom yet. If Paulie used the Veto on Tiffany then RK winner (Victor this week) would have had to already made this decision so BB could announce the result of the renom during the meeting. Victor says he doesn’t even know who he’d name as renom and I doubt he’s lying to Paul right here.

Victor is really clueless on this week’s upcoming events. He says Paulie won’t Veto Victor’s nom because that’d just upset him and make Paulie a target for Victor next week if he wins HoH. Yes, Victor has considered the possibility of going up as a renom, but I’d wager it’s low on his expectations.

Initially Paulie had planned to tell Victor in advance but he later changed his mind on this and will instead surprise him at the ceremony with this decision.

When Paulie announces at today’s Veto meeting that he’s taking Paul down and putting up Victor it’s going to be a serious shock to Victor. He’s not even entertaining this possibility right now. HGs are anticipating Victor won’t take it well which he might not at first, but I doubt we’re going to see anything explosive. Never know though. I’ll definitely be watching the Feeds this afternoon for the potential fallout in case he does though!

What do you think of Paulie’s plans? Should he put the medallion back in the box or is this a good move to get Victor out this week?


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  1. Is it too late to BD Frank? I know it’s not going to happen, but Frank is rapidly climbing on my next to evict list. Did he really take the liberty to smack Z on the butt? She told Nicole she wasn’t happy about it, and she should have smacked his face. It also seems he feels entitled to control things, possibly because he is an experienced vet who appears to think he is smarter than the rest. There are some newbies who are very ignorant about BB, but Frank is pushing it, imo. Da’s after him, and it would be fun to have some fireworks in the house on this glorious 4th of July. Frank’s temper and Da’s mouth is a combination for a disaster waiting to happen, although I don’t think we will get to see the explosion on this holiday.

    • Frank is getting too full of himself. He needs to be slapped down a notch or two. Maybe sitting on the block for a week would do that.

    • I read about Frank losing it over James and Nicole taking a pizza out before he said it was ok. If he keeps it up, he’s going to be blindsided.

    • Frank has gotten way too comfortable in the house and he’s seriously underestimating the other house guests. He doesn’t realize it but right now he’s quickly moving up on everyone’s hit list and he needs to do some serious damage control.

      • Frank seems to have throw caution to the wind I’m afraid.
        If only he had someone in the house to set him straight or at least warn him that he’s becoming overly confident.
        Frank is having so much fun in the house; having the time of his life without a care so at least he’s entertaining to watch.

      • Frank is becoming so confident I don’t think he would listen to anyone.

      • He seems much more confident in who he is as a person this go round and I agree, he is literally just loving being there again!

      • I’m glad he’s so confident too just a little worried about him. I’m hoping one of the girls will rat Tiff out to him as he’s going to need one of the girls spying for him. But yes, it’s so much fun seeing Frank enjoy himself and have a good time.

      • Bridge and Day both are taking care ratting her out. Of course since Day has ran her own mouth about Frank she’s happy to place the blame solely on Tiff.

      • We’ll see if Tiff confides to Paulie who then tells Frank the truth about Day’s lies and blaming everything on Tiff.

      • I just see this coming back to haunt Day… Corey even told Nicole to trust Frank over Day which honestly at this point I agree with! Day is being too much of a lose cannon and over playing too soon.

      • Currently at jokers, Day is lying with ease to several people – I’ve never seen anything like it. Obviously she’s been doing this for a long time and is an excellent liar. The thing is, Day thinks she’s smarter than everyone else and they won’t figure out what she’s up to. I predict by tomorrow everyone will know what’s she’s up to.
        I’m with Corey on this one, stay with Frank for now and get rid of both Day and Tiff ASAP. They’re both causing too many problems. Day is entirely too untrustworthy to tell anything to at this point.

      • You don’t even have to TELL anything to Day at this point — she will make up whatever she needs to fit her agenda and SAY you said it!

      • Day has probably been able to get away all her life with telling malicious lies about other people but the BB house is going to be a lot different I’m afraid. These people have nothing to do but TALK to each other everyday and in that environment it’s going to be impossible to tell such outrageous lies day in and day out without being discovered.
        Can’t wait for that to happen.

    • Frank is making me so nervous with his over-confidence; slapping Zak on the butt is a big no-no or any woman for that matter and should be penalized somehow – make him a have not or something.

      • If she doesn’t complain to production, they must have no problem with it, although, if she did complain, I have no idea if there would be any type of repercussion for it. There should be, imo. My 16 year old granddaughter would instantly kick or slap the he!! out of a boy if he did something like that.

      • I wonder if Frank had been imbibing before becoming overly familiar with Zak…if so the DR should give him a warning this time with stricter measures taken if he does it again.
        I was just reading at Jokers that Vic drank all the booze last night after being told to save it for other people. He must know there’s no hope now that he will be staying in the house.

      • There were booze left over from last night, or did I misunderstand, since Victor just found out today that he is nom’d? It being the 4th, maybe they got some today. We have actually had a couple of very needed little showers today that I have used as an excuse to put off mulching my flower bed. I need to go back to Jokers and catch up.

      • This happened around 8 or 9 Sunday night – was that after the veto ceremony? I still have 3 pages at Jokers to catch up on. I changed channels on BBAD since the first 30 minutes was Bronte talking.
        Corey tells Frank that he’s not interested in Nicole and wouldn’t date her, hmmm.

      • The veto ceremony was today, but Victor has stated a few times that he saw it coming. I don’t know; maybe he did. I decided not to watch AD this season, so I definitely depend on BBN and Jokers to keep me informed. It’s still so easy to get behind, though.

      • I was watching BBAD just to get a read on the HG’s which is sometimes difficult to do by just reading recaps. I like to see them in action and get to know them before forming opinions. I’ve seen enough to know who I’m rooting for at least. Too many commercials though lol.

      • I agree completely. It does help tremendously to be able to watch it. I had to choose between sleep and AD. It might have something to do with turning 60. You are forewarned. LOL

      • HA! Now I really can’t wait to turn 60 :( I’ve always tended to be a night owl though so I’m always thankful when I can fall asleep early. There might be BB clips on youtube that you could watch – might help you form opinions.

      • I worked so many years of swing shift that I’m just happy to get in bed on a regular schedule. Thanks for the info, India. I appreciate the thought.

      • Happy Belated Birthday! It doesn’t have anything with turning 60! Hubby and I went out last night to a neighbor’s house around 9:30 p.m. and at 1:00 a.m. our other neighbors next door to her were still partying heavily so the three of us decided to crash it! LOLOL Son joined us, a dart game ensued and we didn’t leave until 3:00 a.m. When I got back home, I watched Big Brother I’d DVRed instead of BBAD which I also DVRed..LOL

      • Thanks, Joni. I didn’t want to attribute it to my hard work ethic, although I was up around 5AM , in the garden before 6AM, had enough corn picked, shucked, cut off the cob,and ready to fill 18 quart bags to freeze by 10. And then went out and demolished a few ant hills with my non-eco friendly spray. Thank goodness for a few little rain showers today. You, my dear are a freakazoid, and that is a compliment; you go girl! Wish I had that energy.:D

      • Yeh, I’ve recovered. But then my 14 yr old long-haired dachshund went missing and has yet to return. She’s been microchipped, wears a collar with her name and a phone number on it, posters have been placed around and still nothing. My greatest fear is that she fell off the edge of a ravine that has a steep drop below that’s on the farm behind us. We could only go so far back there without falling ourselves. We yelled for her, but she’s hard of hearing and partially blind too. Plus add the 90 degree heat to the situation, makes it all the more harder for her to make it back home on her own without suffering from extreme hydration. That’s only one big thing we’re dealing with! Our A/C went on the fritz too yesterday on the hottest day ever which cost a pretty penny to get fixed. Not a great last 24 hours, let me tell you!

      • I like the vets, sans Day. I haven’t become a fan of any of the newbies yet but it’s too soon I guess and I need to get to know them better.

      • Paulie definitely has the Califori charm, it’s difficult not to like him.
        Paul is growing on me too. Poor guy, he’s trying so hard and can’t do anything right.

      • HAHAHA! Someone needs to hold Paul down and let Frank shave that thing off.

      • Good! I like Nicole but it’s a game not a dating service! I think hooking up shouldn’t be allowed. Penalized by being a ‘special have-not!’ By themselves with a box of condoms & kale smoothies! Lol

      • K what kind would you do? Ummmmm slop smoothies!? With durian for energy? Lol yucko! Durian is that smelly stuff that chefs cook with but is kaka raw! !!

      • Not to be too stern here but I think they should just have a good old fashioned medieval dungeon with chains on the walls, iron maidens, the rack and other such tried and true methods of changing undesirable behavior :D Once Frank is castrated he won’t be wanting to slap Zak on the butt anymore I guarantee !!

      • Funny! But I still like the idea of a hanging slab of wood without any kind of cushions. Plastic blankets in a hot room! But healthy hot, not have to quit the game hot!

      • I kind of like Frank for now…… I am camping & don’t get the live feeds for now….. When I’m home they’ve been boring…..this cast (other than James) are too serious to let their guard down to ‘play’ a bit!
        Have some fun kids! Once or twice in a life time event!

      • Camping sounds great and well worth missing out on the feeds. You know you can access Jokers Updates for minute to minute coverage of the BB house?
        I was liking Frank but he’s really messing up right now from what I’m reading at Jokers. He’s made final deals with just about everyone in the house and it’s coming to light. He’s bossing everyone around in a very undiplomatic manner.
        Watch out for those ticks!

      • Right after I typed the message I remembered Jokers Updates. Read a bit of stuff but i’ll have to keep my eye open to form an opinion for Frank. I can’t remember him from his season. Well, I can remember him but not his game….

      • He’s fun to watch when he’s riled up; quite a comp beast in his last season too.

    • I totally agree with you. In the beginning I really liked him but lately some kind of power is getting to his head.

    • Couldn’t have BD Frank this week because he’s safe, been of category 4 who won HoH.

      • Yeah, I know. I’m just a little aggravated with him today. Capt, what does a good guy like you think about Frank this season?

      • I don’t have the feeds, so I read some of that stuff here but haven’t saw it. Looking for a video of that butt slapping. I’m surprise that he became so cocky.

      • Me either. I just read about it. I haven’t heard anyone on the threads that have the feeds say they saw it, so I don’t know if a video of it exists. Good luck.

  2. Victor is clueless. Can’t wait to see his reaction. Will be interesting to see if Frank rallies votes to get Tiffany out instead.

    • While he wants Tiff out, unless something drastic happens I don’t see Frank doing that this week. Vic is too much of a comp beast to keep around.

  3. Well I keep saying this but the feeds have been very boring so I hope Victor causes some drama. Nothing like fireworks in the house on the 4th of July. ????

  4. Can hardly wait for the feeds to return so we can see what Vic’s reaction is going to be. I want him gone too but I’m starting to wonder (with all the girl power talk in the house) if the boys aren’t about to burn a potential loyal comp beast that could get them far in the game…

    • I do think he is a loyal guy so if this girls movement gains more steam could be the guys regret this eviction. Another interesting thought though is lets say Vic goes this week and then 2 girls from Bronte, Bridget, Natalie, Tiffany go next 2 weeks as they seem to be higher on the list. Odds are good Victor would win the comps to get back in which at that point would make it 6 guys and 6 girls. Also if the girls evicted get to spend time with him similar to redemption island they could blow up the girls alliance.

      • I see Vic & Paul as potential loyal Newbies! They came out of the gate completely sloppy but I bet if someone (Paulie & James) reeled them in & explained the game I think they’d calm down. Paul has already found out it’s good to just be a happy go-along type of guy. Paul’s gotta calm down more but he’s keeping his noes clean. Vic could do the same given the chance! I think…..

  5. I’d like to see Paulie, James & Nicole align it up…..TO THE END!!! Trusting each other & bring frickin’ adult about a true alliance! I’d love to be in an alliance with those 3….. If I ever played! But CBS better hurry. I’m getting older & senile very fast……

    …….Of course if any of you were playing I’d align with some of you too….. Mary & India Ink possibly Lavendergirl…. Cyril…. And a few more but names escape me!
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