‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today despite Monday’s holiday and the Houseguests were ready to go and now we have this week’s Big Brother spoilers for the latest Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

One Houseguest holds the power to change up this week’s three nominees and put a bigger plan in to its final stages for this week’s elimination. Ready to find out what happened today inside the Big Brother house?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 2:

  • Paulie used the Veto & removed Paul from the Block.
  • Victor was named as the renom.
  • Victor is now the target for eviction.

No fireworks from Victor when the Feeds came back but he could just be shocked for the moment. He told Paul he knew this was coming, despite saying otherwise earlier. Paul offered to help him execute a plan if he had one, but was soon outside thanking Paulie for taking him down as planned. Right now Victor says his plan is to gather votes against Tiffany, but this will be a hard sell for most of the house even though a lot of HGs want her out.

This Backdoor plan against Victor has been in place for days now and unless we get a shocking shift in the game I’d expect Victor to be heading out the door on Thursday night.

Paulie had previously declared he would tell Victor in advance but has since retreated on the plan deciding to instead blindside the newbie. Paulie’s plan is to convince Victor this was all his doing to keep the entire house from feeling awkward over the next few days as they don’t expect Victor to take the news kindly.

Of course this doesn’t mean Victor is done and gone as he could still return with the Battle Back comp. Now that’d be some good drama with such a threat back in the game.

Want to watch the meeting fallout and next moves made by the rookies and the Vets? Grab the Live FeedsFree Trial and start watching what’s going on inside the house right now!



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  1. Since some of the girls wants Frank/Paulie gone, it would be smarter to keep Victor in the game. Victor would hardcore go after Paulie and Frank and they can use that to their advantage.

    • If Victor somehow learns of Tiffany’s efforts to start an all girl alliance and decides to inform Frank and Paulie he might be able to last another week at least. I think Paul and Victor are so far out of the loop they wouldn’t have any idea of what’s going on in the house though. Victor’s plan to turn the focus and votes onto Tiff is a good one and could work.

      • Probably not Joni and Tiffy is very slippery too. Since Bronte and Natalie have separated themselves from V and P I don’t see anyway Vic would even find out about the girl alliance. Maybe Day will inform him just to get rid of Tiffy next lol.

      • I can see why Day would try and use this opportunity to get Tiff out. We shall soon see!

      • He was smart enough to win roadkill with math he has no common sense and is full of himself

  2. While I would rather see either Bronte or Tiffany go home the bright side to Victor going is that he would have the best odds of beating Jozea and Glenn in Battle Back. Don’t want to see Jozea come back into the house.

  3. Paulie, Frank, Victor, and Paul would make an insane all guys alliance, and it’s clear that Victor is with Frank and Paulie and trusts them.. You remove Paul off the block, and put up Victor and now Paul is a vote for Victor. If Victor stays, he’s now no longer on your side. Paulie fucked up I think, lool.

  4. Can’t stand TIFF and Bront. Would love to get a 8pack out of the house early too.

  5. Tiffany has the best chance to win the game of any female since s13 when the last female won. She is a less emotional Vanessa

    • First, she’s a nominee, and she’s on a hit list by several players. Do you think her chances of winning has increased?

      • Yes because she is smart enough to make a working all female alliance and has not been directly nominated by an hoh yet so she will only be put on the block as roadkill for until the final 8 atleast

    • I feel like so far the females with the best chances are Nicole, Day(provided she doesnt explode) Natalie, and maybe Michelle or Bridgette. Tiffany is too emotional and untrusted, Nicole and Day dislike Bronte, and I think Zakiyah would lose to the other females unless it were Michelle or Bridgette. Its still too early to tell because pretty much every female excluding Tiffany/Bronte are in good spots and playing good games

    • 1. because of her voice
      2. because of her voice
      and 3 because of her voice

    • She’s a scandalous whore. Plain and simple. Her is voice is deafening and blood curdling. I don’t know why production picks these numbskulls ::confused::

    • A lot of people pick on her for petty crap (her voice, her looks, whatever). I ignore those. But if you watch her on the feeds, she is kind of a conniving b-word. She just comes across as mean and arrogant. I wouldn’t mind seeing her hit the road, but only because she’s just unlikeable on the show.

      • She seems to pick up things that happening in the game a lot quicker than Victor or Paul. And she stands up for herself. Everyone on the show cannot be eye candy. Although I get you did not make the comment about her being ugly.

    • I find her obnoxious. The voice, the little girl act and clothes, also how she was plotting with Jozea and saying horrible things about people without even knowing them. She didn’t even speak to most of the girls. Now she is all up in their behinds.

  6. Where the hell did casting find these people? 3/4 of the cast act like they’ve barely watched one season! I just watched Frank on BB after dark explain to Corey how the final 3 comp works. Dingbat Corey…. Oh oh ok I..I..I thought you meant it’s embarrassing. Paul thinks he some f-cking genius and the newbie girls SMH. CBS did an awful job casting, so lazy.

    • I agree although I also think becuz they don’t know the game production cab have the returning players be the main guys!! Having all newbies or all players that have seen the show & know it would put everyone on the same playing field!
      That’s my opinion on that matter…. So ya!

    • I read that only two members of this year’s group were applicants – the others were all recruited or brought back as vets.

    • I think aside from the vets. The only one who has actually watched the shows, and blogged about it is Michelle. I think Tiffany only watched her sister’s season. Jozea had no clue since he only watched Frankie.

  7. I can say one good thing, we are seeing players who are recuits being targeted and sent home for not properly knowing how to play.

    • If they don’t know the game the better giddy-up fast!
      This year is starting to be dragging with the new twist of ‘Road-kill!’
      Not 100% sure I like it!

      • I like the road kill comps. It’s making bb18 more fun to watch. Interesting twist. More comps more fun!

  8. I would loooooove to see all the guys gone before the girls. That would be the first eh?

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