‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: HGs Call Out Paulie To Rattle His Game

Houseguests are making their moves against Paulie Calafiore this week on Big Brother 18 and now that he’s in the danger zone they want to keep him rattled. Taking a page out of Paulie’s own playbook the HGs went on the offensive with a takedown on the Live Feed.

Paulie gets rattled on Big Brother 18

Earlier this morning James, Paul, Victor, and Michelle gathered around Paulie in the kitchen intent on getting his mind off the pending Veto battle and focused instead of the drama in the house. You might remember this from when Paulie went after Tiffany to shake her before the comp. Did it work on Paulie?

Flashback to 9:35 PM BBT on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now to watch along.

The plan was devised just before the Veto players were picked to make sure Paulie was rattled so this was all a coordinated effort among them. The group is going after everything they can with Paulie by calling out his multiple deals, proposed backdoors, and sneaky game moves.

Michelle gets the ball rolling talking about how Paulie pushed to get Da’Vonne out despite her not being bad for so many HGs including Paul who didn’t want her out but let Paulie have it. Paul knows Paulie was going around saying Paul couldn’t be trusted even after he did that for Paulie.

Michelle digs in saying everyone trusted him and she did too until he went back on her. Paulie counters that he wasn’t sincere to her deal but was with the guys because that’s what he really wanted. She points out he can easily start saying that now since it’s all blown up.

Paul continues, accusing Paulie of having pitted him against James and says it was working. Paulie questions what he ever said and Paul assures him there was plenty. Paulie tries to defend saying Paul was in on the planning to go after James but Paul denies it all. Paul is using this to say he can’t trust Paulie anymore.

None of the HGs were really trying to get down to the truth, they just want to work over Paulie here.

James jumps in with the comments Paulie said to Natalie about kissing, but Paulie says that was just a joke. Michelle points out that Paulie never made those kind of jokes with her.

Michelle is relishing the opportunity to put the digs in on Paulie. Jump forward to 9:55 AM BBT. He’s upset and accusing her of personal attacks but she reminds him it was just blowing up his game and that wasn’t personl. As Paulie repeatedly tries to go back to examples of Derrick and Cody she finally cuts him off and tells Paulie “you’re never going to be Cody or Derrick.” Ouch!

The arguing continues as Paul calls Paulie out for saying James needed to go after what happened with Zakiyah. Paulie denies but Paul gets very specific on details and Paulie yields but says he was just upset by James’s betrayal.

Victor now gets involved and tells Paulie he was making too many deals too early. Paulie says Victor wouldn’t know because he wasn’t there. “I know, you voted me out!” Victor replies.

James is getting back in the arguing again. Jump to 10:15 AM BBT. He calls out Paulie for tossing his name around as a target when he was never doing the same to Paulie. Victor talks about how Paulie had convinced him the 3-person alliance was a real thing so they needed to target James and Corey.

This talk has gone on for nearly an hour when it starts to simmer down. There was so much to this we’d have pages upon pages to transcribe it all. You’ll really need to go back and watch it on the Feeds rewind. If you don’t have the Live Feeds yet there is a one-week free trial period.

As things start to calm down Paulie asks Victor and Paul to please not shun him if he’s on the Block after Monday. He wants things to be comfortable. They fist bump and bro hug it out.

Paul leaves and heads back to the London bedroom. Michelle is there and says she wishes things had gotten more intense, but Paul assures her the damage was done and they got what they needed with shaking Paulie up before the comp. Paul says Paulie now knows that if he doesn’t win this Veto that he’s going home. Yep.

So what do you think of the group’s plan to go after Paulie? Will this only add fuel to his fire or do you think it’ll discourage his efforts even more? Last night Paulie was in tears so the emotional weight of a pending end to his game is definitely getting to him. His opponents may take any advantage they can get when Paulie has a Veto record like he does.

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  1. Very ugly behavior by so many. The only HG to survive as a compassionate Human Being is Victor. I hope he wins.

  2. Ok, I know he’s been a d!ck, but I kinda felt bad for him being ganged up on, even though he’s basically reaping what he has sown.

  3. Matthew is there a reason why I keep getting booted to a different screen? It only happens when I try to comment on someones post.

    • We’ve missed you this summer BB! Sounds like you are finally having a show – not the Paulie show

  4. I won’t be happy until someone besides Paulie wins that veto and Julie says he has a one way ticket.

  5. The beauty of the show is that nearly everyone of these snarky dimwits will get their lyin’ asses bounced out the door….thats satisfaction enough and you KNOW it’s bound to happen.

  6. Natalie is all about the camera time, and nothing else, the whole James thing get’s her the attention she needs, she always knows when the camera is on her, and she definitely knows where everyone of them are located from day one.

    • She thinks way to much of her self. When James and camera girl leave I then don’t care who wins

  7. I have a feeling he has the round trip so don’t be surprised. Production knows where all their envelopes are so they could easily make sure he got it. They are always locking them outside to “fix” something in the house. They can’t make them vote in the end for who they want but they can be sure they get pretty far in the game.

    • I hope if this is the case, they rethink this. This guy is nuts-o-la-la.

      CBS, I began you, please do not return paulie to the house. He’s making me I’ll and I’m not in the house.

  8. i know it will make for good tv but i really HOPE paulie doesnt have the roundtrip ticket

  9. Aw jeez, I’m totally conflicted. I CAN NOT stand ‘Paulie The House ‘(aka, Paulie the Dick; aka, Dick Face; aka, The Misogynistic-Egomaniacal-rick-Pay). I HATE his behavior. HATE IT. I think he should have been GONE the night he was talking about having his cousins and other family members beat up Natalie or Michelle or whoever it was. His behavior, and everyone else cow-towing to him was making me so negative, it was affecting me personally.
    Unlike Paulie, I have empathy. And as much as he makes me sick, I was beginning to get too much glee seeing him get what he deserves…especially hearing that he cried like a little girl. I don’t think I can watch until he’s gone, and that really bums me out because I look forward to this every year. As much as I’d love to see him and every other bully in the world ‘get theirs’—I can’t. Lol..I know some of you out there aren’t going to believe this is coming from ME. I believe good always wins over evil—just as Steve beat Vanessa last year…so hopefully I’ll be back soon!

    • How many evictees did he hurt and make cry. Remember the infamous Tiffany argument…I’m bred for this!!

  10. Okay as mean as this sounds, Paulie kinda had it coming with his douchey personality. I’m laughing on the inside right now. So sorry….


    • You are perfectly fine with stating “the obvious! ”

      Paulie is trying to beg, borrow steal, lie his way off the block. He’s a fool.

      He’s making me I’ll with all the begging. Meech better not change her vote or she’s outta there.

  11. I do not think this was a good idea. Now he knows he is the target. And he will try his hardest to win POV now. Instead they should have lied to him and told him to throw the POV comp and told him that Corey was their target. This way they could ensure that Paulie goes home. Rattling Paulie up instead ended up revealing he is the target. Not a smart idea. I think Corey, Nicole, and Victor are playing the best.

  12. I don’t like the way Paulie treated Z and things he’s said but about him controlling the house he was at least playing the game. And if you want to go at someone one on one fine. But to have 4 people going at him all at once is not the kind of game I like to watch. Then Michelle has the nerve to say after it wasn’t intense enough for her. I guess I should expect that since she’s been a mean girl all season. Wonder what she would do if 4 people ganged up on her. She’d be in a corner bawling that’s what.

  13. What deal did Paulie & Michellle have? He had a F4 with the showmances & F3 with James and Corey

    • They talked and made up last night. He asked her to join his side for final 4 if he stayed. He went back to Nicole and Corey and told them he now has Michelle on their side.

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