‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Comp Plans In Week 7 – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto will be up for grabs later today in the Big Brother 18 house as this week’s nominees prepare to fight for their safety while the power players around them maneuver for control of the situation.

Update: Veto comp began at 11:23 AM BBT. Spoilers are in, nearly eight hours later.

Zakiyah & Michelle plan for Veto comp on BB18

Paulie wants to keep calling the shots but Paul may finally find himself at odds and is turning to Victor for support to push forward with their target this week. The Veto could disrupt a lot of these plans.

Michelle and Zakiyah are both up on the Block and the support for both is dividing between Paulie and James to get out Michelle while Victor and Paul want Zakiyah gone. Unless this Veto changes up the final noms then one of these sets will be disappointed in how things go.

Zakiyah is planning to draw for Paulie which should be interesting. Paulie worked to get Zakiyah up on the Block, but she doesn’t know that. So if Paulie plays will he really want to win the comp? Well the poor guy was burdened with the great responsibility of being “bred for this” so he’ll feel obligated to try and win it then I imagine he’ll convince Zakiyah the best thing for her game is to stay on the Block and face the vote on Thursday. If Paulie used the Veto then he’d have to save Zakiyah and someone going up could jeopardize getting out Michelle, his target.

Meanwhile Michelle has received promises from both Nicole and Natalie that if she were to pick either of them that they’d be her champion and play to win and save her. I don’t think Nicole would do that at all and would be sure to try and throw it to avoid having to do anything but watching Corey walk around the house. Nicole has said even if she won it she wouldn’t use it with the excuse that it’d put Corey at risk of being the renom. He wouldn’t be, but that’d be her excuse.

Natalie, on the other hand, just might actually try and help Michelle here. If nothing else Natalie might be easier to beat and Michelle has won a Veto before so this seems like her best choice since Nicole might willingly lose to one of the other players but Natalie could be helping knock out the competition.

Victor could also end up with a chance to pick a player and I think he would go with Paul. He’s aware there’s a conflict over who could be going and since Victor has sided with Paul in targeting Zakiyah he’ll want to use his pick for someone fighting for the same cause.

As for what sort of competition the HGs could face it may either end up being something very late tonight or a really simple set up. As of 4:15 AM BBT this morning the backyard was still open instead of being shut down for comp construction which is typically a lengthy process. Michelle suggested that could indicate a crap shoot luxury challenge. Could be.

If either Zakiyah or Michelle wins it then we’ll obviously see the Veto put in to play, but the unknown situation is who else would truly consider using it. Would Paul be willing to upset Paulie and use it to save Michelle? With James’s power of eliminating votes this week he could be the renom and use his votes to protect himself. Hmm. Paul isn’t much of a James fan these days so he might be able to get in Victor’s ear and convince him that it’s worth the risk of putting James in jeopardy this week to secure Zakiyah’s eviction. Now that’d be an interesting way for things to play out!

We’ll watch for the players to be drawn probably mid day but if it happens much later then that’ll indicate a late night comp since there’s usually a good time gap between the two.

Who do you want to see drawn to play in today’s Veto comp and who are you hoping will win the chance to change up this week’s game?

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Update: Players were picked. James, Nicole, and Paulie were selected to play and Paul is hosting. Michelle is sulking in the Lounge that she’ll be playing for herself today and I’d say she’s right. James won’t do anything and Nicole has already commented that she wouldn’t help her even though she did say she would. Then obviously Paulie isn’t going to help Michelle either (or Zakiyah most likely).

Update 2: Guess who is going to throw it? Add it to the list with Nicole’s name.

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James to Natalie: I'm really happy I get to play [Veto] today… I'm going to throw it.
Natalie: I know.#BB18 pic.twitter.com/SXgEV6utCS

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) August 6, 2016


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  1. I love the scenario of Michele being taken off the block and James being the renom. He would have to use his CP to block any possible votes for him and Z would definitely be going home. Then again, they all could see an opportune time to get James out and he wouldn’t be able to cancel enough votes to keep him in the house. That really, really could get interesting.

    • I agree…better than watching Paulie pluck everyone off one by one on his checklist! I really don’t want to watch another week of Z petting him. It’s time for her to go. But she is not just on him, but also onto him. She asked him twice last night if he’s who suggested to Vic to put her up next to Meech. He would change the subject each time. Hahaha He could have just said, yes, but only as a pawn. But he basically denied any involvement at all.

      • She should have insisted that until he answered she wouldn’t be licking his douche flavored lollipop.

      • she might just as well get sucking on that lolli…..I doubt he’ll ‘blow’ his cover & take credit for her being on the block!

      • What is wrong with Z? She could easily start a new showmance with Victor or Paul if she tried lol.

      • Grrrr…stop picking on ‘my boy’ James….. He’s there for a bit longer… Just sit back and watch….. :/@

      • He ‘might’ be playing like an idiot to you but you do not ‘know’ the houseguests so hard fo say that he’s an actual idiot.

        So agreed, playing like an idiot to you…..NOT ME!

      • I think it was the pigtails for the “Go” comp. It was definitely a fashion don’t!

      • Sloppy seconds! And for the whole nation plus to see…… She’s stupid enuff to that!

      • She was trying to make Paulie jealous a couple weeks ago and asked Victor if she could sleep next to him that night. Vic went straight to Paulie and told him. Got Paulie worked up and that’s when Paulie told the guys that he’s finished with her. I was like, seeing is believing. Every night since, he was right there next to her…just what she wanted.

      • You got that right although she does seem ripe enough to be easy pickings :D
        She’s started acting like my female cat when she’s in season, hollering and screaming wanting out of the house and all. Somebody put this girl out of her misery already.

      • She misses Day a lot, so maybe she might self-destruct any time soon now and save everyone the trouble from fighting to keep her.

      • It had to be a big shock to Zak and Meech when Day left. Up till then they could sit around and do nothing but gossip and make fun of people and then BOOM! they realize they’re in deep trouble.
        So you think Zak is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.
        I do not enjoy watching her make a fool of herself on national TV and for her own good I want her gone before she does self destruct.

      • I do remember from watching BBAD that Nat and Bronte decided to convince everyone they were harmless and only wanted to make it to jury for the money but I don’t think they really meant it at all. I know Bronte absolutely did want to win it all.

      • I hope not Joni, especially after I read her Nicole rant to james over at Jokers. Very mean spirited imo.

      • I do think Nat was serious about it at first. That’s jmo, but I also think as the game progressed that she got more comfortable in the house and more confident as she gained knowledge, which I mostly credit James with, and changed her mind.

      • Natalie really needs the money since she has a $80,000 college loan she needs to pay off so she probably was trying to just make it to jury at first. James has boosted her confidence a lot.
        I’m almost afraid that James will sacrifice his game to save Nat and then she’ll ignore him after the show is over.
        Just read at Jokers that Paulie wants to get rid of James during the DE instead of Victor.
        Time to wake up James!

      • James will never wake or grow up. He is probably a great dad but a sucky husband. I think he respects women, but my impression is he has a difficult time behaving, like going out to bars and having fun type of behaving, maybe a little more often than a good responsible husband should. I admittedly could be totally wrong. :)

      • I know what you’re talking about Karen and agree that james might be a honky tonk man as well as overly fond of beer. Maybe this is the only way he has of meeting women? James really doesn’t have a lot to offer a woman in terms of marriage right now. This thing with Nat is probably going to hurt him out of the BB house and I hate that.

    • If that happens, then I hope James goes home. He was one of my favorites since last season, but I thought there will be a point where he would start playing the game. This is the time to do so and he is throwing comps. Him leaving will give Natalie the motivation to play her own game.

      • There is a picture above of James and Natalie and he is telling her he will throw it. She says she knows. If Nat knows, then why doesn’t she try to make alliances with others. I think that even though he is trying to save her, at the same time he is ruining her game.

      • Natalie seems to be slowly, but surely, figuring things out. I think James has helped her some ways and hindered her other ways. Hopefully, very soon, she’ll be telling James how to play. Someone needs to think for the bozo.

      • He can’t cuz then one of the brat pack will come off. He better go for it & like SamsaraJello said, ‘ he better start playing!’

        I think he’s going to start this week! But before that I’m sure it was strategy to lay low low low!

      • That just doesn’t make sense to me. If everyone throws it then one of the girls will come off & he might very likely be the re-NOM!

        James James James! Thunk!! Thunk!! (Hitting on head like he could’ve had a V8 but instead a POV!!)

      • He thinks he has enough votes to keep him over either of the two girls, though with the power he has in his hands.

    • I can’t believe what I’m hearing…are you this disappointed with James this season that you want to see him OTB? I’m surprised the HG’s don’t want both him and Nat out of the game since they won the prizes.
      I haven’t caught up at Jokers but I read last night that James and Nat were plotting to throw Nicole UTB if a renom is needed so Nat won’t go OTB.
      I want to see Zak leave this week for her own good and dignity. By the time Paulie arrives to the jury house (fingers crossed!) she’ll be through with him hopefully.

      • Z has no dignity left. I’m beginning to wonder if she ever had any. I’m also wondering if she will have a job when she returns to wherever in NY. Parents will probably revolt against her teaching their children! I might if I had kids in her preschool class.

      • This is really all so sad – I can’t help but feel sorry for Zak and her raging hormones.

      • Lol, personally, I still like the guy, but I’m ready to see some lemmings so over the cliff, I really don’t care who is first. :D

      • Once Nat leaves James might find a little motivation to play BB or beg to be evicted so he can join her at the jury house.

      • I can understand why too, but since Nat blames Nicole for all her troubles and wants her evicted I can’t root for Nat right now. I don’t understand why she feels so threatened by Nicole when she should be threatened by the guys that are really the root of all her BB problems.
        Otherwise I would be a Nat fan too.

      • I’m not sure Nat blames her for all of her troubles, I think she’s just picked up on Nicole’s game play and doesn’t like it. (btw..Nicole has always been one of my least favorite players so maybe I’m a bit biased.)

      • I don’t get all the Nicole hate but I don’t have the feeds so I’m probably missing something here. I just find her charming even though she talks through her nose.

      • Just watching Jokers gives me a lot of info about Nic. she is very sneaky (which is good in this game) but cocky like Paulie, imo. She is just a female version of him.

      • I don’t understand why Nicole is hated for just trying to play the game of BB in her own sneaky fashion. Since all the females left in the house are not playing BB very well at all why would she want to ‘work with them’? I certainly wouldn’t. In fact Nat and Bridgette have both said they’re gunning for Nicole so naturally Nic needs to get rid of them before they get rid of her.
        Day managed to turn the girls against Nic in her effort to evict Nic. and I’m not sure she can repair all the damage done.

      • I don’t hate Nic, I just don’t like her cockiness. It reminds me of Paulie, and I don’t like his cockiness either.

      • To be honest, Nicole seems to be one of the more humble females in the house to me and I’m not seeing any cockiness at all. Isn’t this her 2nd return? Maybe you’re just seeing confidence from Nicole that she can play the game much better than the remaining girls.
        Now Day was extremely cocky as I recall and I’m just not seeing Nicole as being anywhere near her in that area.

      • Day was extremely cocky, Nicole hides it well, which I guess it what you are supposed to do on BB. Like I said, I don’t hate her, but I just don’t like her.

      • Have you noticed that Nicole is unable to tell a lie and everyone can tell when she’s lying?
        This indicates to me she’s an honest person in real life who is not an experienced liar and has difficulty telling lies even when needed.

      • Difficulty, yes, I see it. Remorse on the other hand…I don’t see too much of that.

      • You are correct in that aspect. Her facial expression alters to a very guilty one. I’ve noticed it many times. She’s much better when she has had a few drinks, though. lol

      • Hopefully you’ll become a Nicole convert soon, if she survives that is.
        I know I’m voting for her to win the next prize pkg since she has jealous females coming after her :D

      • I wasted my votes last time. According to how this veto comp plays out, I might wait until after the HOH comp to vote this time.

      • Since a lot of people’s votes were wasted as I can see now if they voted for Day I think I’ll wait too.
        Since Nat and James have already received their pkgs I suppose Bridgette will win next – just going by the Jokers poll. I’m not a Bridgette fan at all so I don’t see myself voting for her.

      • I for one have picked up on her tell. My tell is I tend to smirk / half-smile when lying. I’m real bad at lying.

      • I’m glad to hear you’re not a very good liar either Mr. Rogers :D
        I’ll have to give it to Day though, I’ve never seen anybody lie this good in my life. Too bad her memory wasn’t as good lol.

      • If you read India..the ones hating on Nic are only getting their updates from the sites online. They are not watching the feeds. They are being fed misinformation. The guys are the ones posting that Nat is so sweet and innocent and she isn’t!

      • Good info to know since I just recently seriously started paying attention to Nat and I don’t have the feeds. Thanks. :)

      • Most of the people that are hating on Nicole are not feeders. They just read the updates and such. Nicole hasn’t done anything for all the hate. She is playing the game. Nat goes around cussing like a sailor so she fits in with the guys. She is not all sunshine and lollipops as they portray her on here.

      • I try to watch BBAD when I can because I can get a better view of the cast by seeing their expressions and comments with my own eyes. So all I’m seeing is a sweet, humble, intelligent and beautiful young woman who’s just trying to play BB even though she feels bad hurting people’s feelings and telling lies.
        What am I missing?

      • I know the ‘internet’ sources are edited and biased. I know the show itself is edited and biased, so maybe it’s me who is missing something the all important piece of Nic. I just haven’t seen any remorse from Nic about lying and hurting people’s feelings. She “seems” to only act like she cares when there’s a possibility she will go OTB next.

      • I’ve watched Nicole for 2 seasons now and she’s always felt bad about what she has to do to win the game. She doesn’t enjoy being mean to people and tries to play from a completely strategic mindset – even though she’s often not able to do this. But that’s what I like about her and I think I’d be the same way if I were on a RS; I would feel so guilty telling lies and hurting people even though I knew I had to do so in order to win. So I’m able to relate to Nicole’s predicament playing BB.
        I wish you would give her a 2nd chance.

      • I can give her a second chance..A lot of players get a second chance from me. I will try to keep more of an open mind, just for you, II. :)

      • I’m glad to hear that RSA, especially since the Nicole fan club here only has 3 members lol.

      • Nic had a panic attack last night. She hates it that Michelle and Z are both on the block. She did consider them both as friends. But what the updates don’t tell you is how they have talked about Nic and treated her. Notice when the put something down that Nic has said or done that they are doing it in a bad way. If they want to report the updates..then put it out there the way it is. Not just what puts one person in a bad light.

      • I read the feeds but don’t like how cut throat nice has been. She hasn’t been loyal at all to anyone but the guys. She’s hiding behind all of them.

        To me she’s a super floater.

      • I just don’t like her tears over the thought of being nominated. She whines about it every time. I know you aren’t supposed to want to be nominated, but when she isn’t she’s so smug about other’s paranoia.

      • Well if that’s the only fault you can find with Nicole she’s doing pretty good I would say :D
        It doesn’t really bother me when the girls cry as much as it seems to bother a lot of people.

      • She just irritates me in general, but there are others that I dislike more. She’s in the middle of my dislike the least list (because I don’t think there is anyone to root for this season) by default.

      • There’s been HG’s that got on my nerves so bad I couldn’t wait for them to leave either.
        There really aren’t too many HG’s that I like or want to root for at this stage of the game either.
        I want to like James and Nat but they seem to be playing the BB game very badly so far that I can’t warm up to them. Nat is new and it’s understandable that she’d make mistakes but James has no excuse this time around.

      • That’s another thing about Nicole, she saw what happened to Christine in her season, knows what happened to Britney in 12, and still aligns with the guys. She should know better, too.

        I really wish Nat had not aligned with James, he is dragging her down. She has a good read on the house, has been doing well in comps, but James keeps throwing her under the bus. Nat and Brid are the only two I can tolerate right now.

      • From the beginning Nicole wanted to work with the girls this season, just as she wanted to work with Christine during her previous season but she was betrayed both times by the girls and has no choice but to align with the guys and help them pick off her former girlfriends.
        Case in point, NIcole was very happy at the beginning to be working with Day and Zak and the future looked great for them.
        Nicole wisely stopped trusting Day a few days in after catching Day lying repeatedly and even using Nicole’s name in confirming said lies, while Nicole wasn’t even present in the room.
        Nicole considered working with Frank and Bridgette but Frank betrayed her countless times because he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut and repeated everything Nicole told him in confidence.
        Day suddenly realizes that Nicole is dangerous to her game and has to go next once she achieves Frank’s eviction.
        If not for the guys Nicole could’ve been Day’s next victim.
        Sadly, Day had been stirring up trouble with the remaining girls telling lies about Nicole and trying to turn them against Nicole.
        Day’s lies were successful and suddenly the remaining women are afraid Nicole is now a scheming mastermind not to be trusted. It’s almost laughable. Meanwhile they continue to assist Paulie’s dictatorship just so they can get rid of Nicole smh.
        So it’s not so much Nicole only wanted to work with the guys, she has no other choice now thanks to Day and Frank.

      • I think she wanted to work with the girls for a little bit but then got really close to Corey. I know she and Day were targeting one another, but she still could have worked with Meech and Zak after Day’s elimination. But Nicole gave Day reasons not to trust her because of her continuously wanting to work with Frank. Michelle even caught her in a lie a couple of weeks ago. Zak said she started distrusting Nicole because they would often see her huddled up talking game with the guys. She was ratting out the girls for at least two weeks.

      • I agree about Nat and James. What I want to see happen is that Nat and Nicole form an alliance and work together instead of against each other. All the girls need to clear the toxic air left by Day’s attempts to turn them against each other.

      • I wish that would happen, but both have talked about targeting each other, so I don’t see it happening.

      • She’s harmless. She’s only getting her info from Bridgette…so who knows why she all of a sudden has a distaste for her.

      • Both Nat and Bridgette have said lately that if they win HOH they will put up Nicole. I’ve said elsewhere I wish they’d bury the hatchet and start trusting each other.

      • I sooo agree, especially since Nicole has played this game and how girls can get an advantage over the guys if they play their cards right and closer to the vest.

      • I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a fan, but she has my attention. I have asked myself that question about Nat and Nicole for a while now. Obviously something happened that I didn’t hear about because for the life of me I can’t pinpoint the cause of Nat’s hard on for Nicole. Maybe it’s simply a personality clash. idk

      • That’s right Karen and I don’t know the cause of the rupture either but sometimes women don’t need a reason to dislike each other hehehe :D
        It could very well be the issue of jealously since Corey chose Nic over Natalie even though Nat flirted outrageously with him before the beginning of the live feeds.
        Nat was in Jozea’s original group and he made up extravagant lies about Nicole after she put him on the block. So for some reason Nat and Bridgette consider Nicole the source of all their problems and needs to leave.
        Then Day tried to turn all the girls against Nicole in her effort to get rid of Nic. I don’t even remember what caused the rupture between Day and Nic either for that matter.

      • I heard that she told Nicole that she liked Corey or something to that effect early in the season before C & N struck up a showmance. But I didn’t realize it was outrageously flirty. Wasn’t Nat and V in a little mance of their own before the feeds started? Wow, Nat has been a busy little gal, huh?

      • That’s what I’m hearing about Nat too. She wanted Corey in the beginning who for some reason seems to be a heart throb for the girls this season and might’ve tried to warn Nicole off from him.
        That didn’t work so she then went for Victor and according to Jokers they had a red hot relationship of a few days before the live feeds started.
        Victor broke it off before the live feeds began for whatever reasons. Naturally Nat doesn’t like Victor anymore.
        Meanwhile, James is available and wasn’t she part of his original team?
        So yeah, I agree with you that Nat is one busy little beaver :D

      • Nat had big crush on Corey. Corey wouldn’t give her the time of day. Corey and Nic are together and so Nat is obsessed with dogging Nic!

      • So everything you have seen on the feed leads you to believe it all stems from jealousy. OK, I knew that I had missed something.

      • I watch feeds constantly. What shows on BBAD and what they post on the updates and sites are too biased. They don’t tell the true story. Nat showed just last night to James how hateful she can be. She was going after Corey to James. He just sat there and stared at her. Corey had not done anything to her. This is just one small example. Nat is not a nice person. She plays it up to the cams and talking to America with James..so she can get time on tv.

      • I’ll definitely keep that in mind when I am watching her or “hearing” her words on Jokers.

      • Nat is so jealous of Nic it isn’t even funny anymore. Nat got mad at Nic too because Victor showed attention to Nicole. Nat wants to be the center of attention. Just like how she does the *America* watch me on tv thing. James has taught her well.

      • I’ve read other posters saying she plays to/loves the cameras. There must be something to it.

      • Dawn, that’s the way I’m seeing the situation too – Nat has more reasons to be jealous of Nicole than the other way around.

      • Natalie was flirting with Corey and I think dufus told Nicole about it. Natalie is pretty and outgoing so of course girls will be jealous of her. Nicole wants the girls out more than the guys do. She wants all of the boys attention focused on her. Nicole also has been playing with James and would love Natalie out of the way. I can’t stand Nicole and want her and Paulie out of the game.

      • Very good read on the situation, Samsara. That is exactly how I see it, but wasn’t sure how to phrase it.

      • All the girls are coming after Nicole for several different reasons so of course Nicole wants them gone. Jealously might also be a factor since Nicole seems to be getting most of the guys attention and Corey preferred Nicole over Nat even though Nat had been flirting with him before the live feeds began. So I agree, you have to consider the jealousy factor between the girls too.

      • The only one who may be jealous of Nicole would be insecure MIchelle. D and Tiffany had no reason, Z has Paulie and doesn’t care about Nic, and Natalie flirts with all the boys or at least before she got “serious” with James and is a lot prettier than NIc. Nicole was afraid of D and knows Paulie will choose Z over her and James will choose Nat. She has corey, but needs a second and Brigitte is getting close to Paulie so Nicole will do everything to get rid of her pretty soon. Nicole is the second best player this season, she’s just not in your face like Paulie is.

      • Of course the ‘who is prettier’ opinion is pretty subjective you know? :D
        I find Natalie merely cute while Nicole’s more delicate beauty is pleasing to my eyes.
        It’s lucky that Nicole’s targets are also the guys targets as this helps her game tremendously.
        Day did do a lot of harm to Nicole’s game by turning the other girls against her.

      • You are correct. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m a female so the way I see other girls beauty would be different than a guys view. I find all of the girls pretty, and think Nicole and Natalie are attractive in different ways since one is brunette and the other is blond, but the way the girls may see themselves has nothing to do with how their outer appearance. I don’t think that Michelle who is attractive sees herself that way, and Nicole may be comfortable with the way she looks, but possibly sees Natalie as more attractive than she is. A lot of the unnecessary jealousy has a lot to do with finding other females a threat when it comes to a guy. I think from what I have seen Zakhya and Nicole don’t like Natalie around their boy toys.

      • Hey I’m a female too and if I had to choose between brown or blonde hair I’m going with blonde. :D
        What exactly do you think is making Nicole jealous of Nat?
        I just don’t see any reason for Nicole to be jealous while I can see that Nat has a reason to be jealous of Nicole’s beauty and intelligence.
        I don’t doubt for a minute that jealousy could be playing into the girls relationships with each other so I hope they realize this is only hurting their chances to win.
        Wouldn’t it be nice for them to work together and not against each other?
        I don’t get it about Michelle either as there’s nothing wrong with her looks that I’ve seen. I’m hoping she’ll outgrow this tendency for her own sake. Poor girl needs constant confirmation.

      • I don’t watch the feeds, but Nicole has been wanting Natalie out and what reasons she may have other than jealousy. Natalie is horrible at comps and I do know that Nicole had been talking a lot with James. Why does she want the girls out instead of keeping the alliance they had?

      • Nicole wants Natalie out because Natalie wants Nicole out. Remember, Nicole is in a much better position to obtain info since she’s in good with paulie and Corey, while Nat only has James.
        Nicole received info that Nat was after her so of course she wants Nat out now.
        Perhaps Nat wants to be the center of attention instead of Nicole?
        Part of this problem goes back to Day trying to turn the girls against each other so Day would be in control of all situations with the women. As long as Day had them fighting each other the safer Day would be. That didn’t work out too well for Day and now the women distrust each other.

      • Nicole is far prettier than Nat. When someone is ugly on the inside..it shows on the outside! Nic has nothing to be jealous of with Nat at all! Nic is beautiful inside and out!

      • Interesting perspective. IMO, Nicole is not showing much beauty this season. She’s embarrassing herself big time.

    • So he can use that CP anytime? Or just this vote? If you know please advise. Thankzzzz! ?

  2. I agree the bred 4 this guy will want to be picked and win it, so he can control everything.
    It would be great if both Pee Pee are chosen to play and they go head to head trying to win it while the two nominees do nothing but lose.

  3. Victor is going to take off one of the girls and backdoor Paulie who will then be voted out because the rest of the house suddenly realizes he’s a major threat. The vote is unanimous. Victor becomes a legend. The season becomes interesting. (Hey, I can dream can’t I?)

  4. If Z had any brains she would pick up that paulie was the one to push for her to go on the block! And then she’d steer clear of him once and for all and at least gain some sort of self respect and not look so pathetic by calling his ass out!

    • She and Michelle have discussed that Paulie did have a hand in Zakiyah being OTB….She simply does not want to admit that Pauie has been using her…

      • This ‘thing’ Paulie and Z have is absolutely disgusting (and has been for a while)

      • It’s the most horrifying fauxmance I’ve ever seen on a reality show. I’ve never seen a male treat a woman with such disrespect when he really doesn’t need to. Why can’t he just be nice to the girl instead of making her cry? It wouldn’t kill him.
        Remember the All Star season when Mike Boogie had a fauxmance with poor Erica? Everyone thought that was hilarious but I didn’t find it funny at all.

      • No…it’s just sad on both of their parts. Makes you wonder about their upbringing.

      • It does reflect poorly on both their parents I have to agree.
        Where did Paulie learn to treat women in this fashion???
        Why didn’t Zak’s mama tell her guys love the thrill of the hunt and she should play hard to get?
        Y! Y! Y!!!

      • Difference is/was that Brendon did care about Rachel and vice versa…Brendon did not use Rachel to further his game

  5. It’s so disturbing to me that every week these HG’s are throwing comps. I can see it happening once in a while, but come on people…play the frigging game.

    • It’s getting so bad I think BB should give a cash prize to anyone that wins either HOH or VETO comp. I bet that would prick up their ears and make them try to win.

      • Better yet give them punishments when they throw a comp.(EXAMPLE make them wear some damn leotard or chain 3 hgs together)
        Why reward them for doing what they should it would just make future BB worse.

      • I’m all for that too Elaine but it might be difficult to prove someone threw a comp since some of them can be very convincing when trying to throw it.
        I thought cash incentives would motivate them to start winning stuff. Most of these young people need the money to pay off their college loans so even if they don’t make it to the finale they could win money to pay off a few bills once they return home.

      • I get your point, but they are already getting more a week than a lot of people make working their buts off.

  6. I do believe that this is one comp that I would assuredly throw….Victor needs to win this veto so the noms do stay the same..

    • James could practically be running the house this week. If he would just team up with Vic, play the comp and try to win it, and use his CPkg…That way James couldn’t go up as a renom, he could have a back door plan with Vic, get rid of the votes he can’t count on, and shake this damn house up…I don’t even care in which direction it gets shaken…just shake it up.

  7. Any player who throws comps should immediately get eliminated. That should be a rule. Throwing comps means you are too confident and feel safe, and no one, but Paulie should at this point.
    If Paulie plays he will probably throw it as well, since he does
    not want the boys to know he wants Z safe for his own benefit of course and she will be against him if he doesn’t use it on her. She will still be up his… even if he doesn’t use it and she gets eliminated. She’ll be in the Jury house telling D all about their future babies and what they would look like.

  8. That is really dumb on James part because if he throws it and it is clear that he has, Natalie or he could be put up. I love James but do not likes is strategy right now.

    • Especially since Nat could very well be the renom if Zak or Meech win the POV.
      I guess he hasn’t had time to think of that yet :D

      • I’d like to see Mich evicted with the return ticket, run back in win the HOH, and toss Paulie on the block..just me dreaming that at some point this might turn back into a game:(

      • I just want something shaken up! Stir the pot up a bit. At this point, I don’t care who wins or loses :P

      • Bunch of dang robots they are. Yes, master P…Yes, master P… So much plotting and back stabbing could be going on and only a few actually doing it. They wonder why they’re bored??

      • All right, sounds good to me :D I want to see big Meech give the guys he!! when she returns too.
        It would be funny if Zak returns to the game after Paulie left her a cruel good bye message. I’m sure he’s capable to doing just that.

  9. It makes no sense for James to throw the competition. Who would do this at this point of the game. If he wins and chooses not to use the veto, it’s no big deal. He gives both sides of his men alliance what they want by leaving no such the same, then makes his final decision with his anerica’s choice prize. It’s just stupid at this point. Let Paulie win for Z if he really wants to keep her. WAKE UP James or just take your butt to Jury. The men are divided and V and Paul don’t trust you. Frustrating. He could have all the power for the first eviction.

    • For certain he lacks much confidence. Totally confused by his game play. Should not be America favorite.

  10. James you f*cking coward.

    His game strategy he’s using is usually reserved for materialistic bimbos. What a stooge.

  11. Just a thought – ASAP send James and Nicole to jury house to realize they are on BB for the same reason, to find their soul mate (definitely not to win the money). Let them fall in lust and never return to BB!

  12. Maybe the way BB is going season 19 should be all men and season 20 a woman. Chance of showmances decrease. Then maybe be we can see the men get just as catty, I know it won’t work but something has to change. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • I love this season. Paulie is playing at a level that no one in the house seems to understand. This guy is all game and all the time and Competitive 100%. Told not to get taken down by a showmance by Dad and Bro 100%. Z is casualty because shes playing 35% the rest she is just pure beautiful !!! I think hes trained to go for Gold!! Post BB he will see what we all know… The Diamond hes passed over…. Poor Paulie…

  13. James is crazy as he*ll. What the he*ll. He’s thrown most of his game. What the he*ll. Shut my mouth.

  14. We know you’ll throw this competition James just like all the others you fool. You need to go back to work a the prison where they can treat you like the little punk you are. He needs to see if he can have a ball transplant because he obviously doesn’t have any. I’m sure Nat has figured out by now that she’s involved with a no balls loser.

  15. He is not my favorite either, but I hope Paul knocks Paulie off his wanna-be Godfather pedestal. Victors issue is Natalie rejected him. This excuse of her disrespecting him in her speech for his mother to hear it bull.the way all three of these douche’s talk and treat women the world to see is disgusting. James, stop playing last years game and step up the game not only for yourself, but your princess, the money and the win.

  16. Even if Natalie would of played she would of thrown it right along with Jamesy. She does whatever Jamesy says. He told her last night if you win HOH do what the house wants. They’re both a couple of spineless jellyfish.

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