‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Friday Highlights

It was an emotional day in the Big Brother 18 house as the HoH named his nominees for eviction and one of them went off the deep end. Oh, and America made its second Care Package choice. Read on to get all the details and drama.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 5, 2016:

10:30 AM BBT – Nicole is awake. She’s chatting with Bridgette as they get ready for the day.

11:00 AM BBT – Just Nicole around as she camtalks about life in general.

11:30 AM BBT – Nicole still chatting with the camera and now discussing Corey and finding another guy on Big Brother.

12:30 PM BBT – Still just Nicole as she wanders the house while everyone else is sleeping.

1:00 PM BBT – Corey is awake and talking with Nicole. She’s telling him about her dream of being kidnapped and chased.

1:05 PM BBT – Nicole asks what Corey had listed as his occupation. He says bartender, but production made him change that. Nicole explains they don’t want bartenders or waitresses listed. We get Fish as she discusses this.

1:50 PM BBT – Natalie has been in the bathroom getting ready while Nicole and Corey talk in the Lounge. Nicole is nervous about Natalie and wants her gone. Nicole finally admits that she wants Natalie gone because she thinks Natalie has a crush on Corey and is concerned that Natalie is or was in love with him. (Nicole, go ahead on home now.)

2:22 PM BBT – Care Package falls in to the backyard and the winner is… James! He gets to nullify two votes at the next eviction.

2:30 PM BBT – Victor is practicing his nomination speech for Michelle and Zakiyah. He’ll blame Michelle’s on something she said and upsetting him so close to winning HoH. Zakiyah was about him thinking she doesn’t like him. He’s going to take Mardi Gras beads out of his hat and toss them to each of the ladies at the end.

2:35 PM BBT – James is already planning how to waste his special power by nullifying his allies votes strategically. He consults with Paulie.

2:40 PM BBT – Michelle worrying to Zakiyah that they’re in danger. Zakiyah is disappointed in herself from dropping in the comp.

2:45 PM BBT – Nicole is sure America hates her because she didn’t get the package and James did.

2:55 PM BBT – James worries if there’s something he’s missing because he thought him and Victor were good now but then America sent him this power after Victor got HoH. James doesn’t know the voting was going on all week.

3:10 PM BBT – Michelle talking with Paul and worried about being nominated.

3:20 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey and James that Victor wants to keep Bridgette but the guys want to keep their ladies instead. Paulie wants Bridgette out during a DE. They all three agree that Michelle needs to go this week.

3:25 PM BBT – Corey warns Paulie and James that Natalie would never nominate a girl or go after one. He says Natalie really wants a girl to win.

3:30 PM BBT – James told Paulie and Corey that if they want Natalie to be the first of their ladies to go then he’ll let them do that. James wonders if Nicole would put him up, but Corey promises James that Nicole wouldn’t put up any of the guys.

3:40 PM BBT – Paulie says they need to target Victor when there are at least 3 girls still there so they have back up plans in case Victor wins Veto or HoH. He tells Corey and James that they’ve made it to Jury and now need to work on their plan to get them three to F3.

3:45 PM BBT – Nicole shows up and the game talk ends. She’s worried that Corey might not like the color of the shirt she’s wearing but he likes it. These are the things that drive Nicole’s game focus.

3:55 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey alone when Nicole says she’s willing to go after Victor, but she doesn’t want him to know it’s coming.

4:05 PM BBT – Nicole asks Paulie who should go, Michelle or Zakiyah. Paulie says he’s cool with either going then he proceeds to explain in detail why it needs to be Michelle.

4:10 PM BBT – Corey goes in to great detail how he was cast just days before the season. He says Robyn Kass told him he was lucky because he got to skip months of scrutiny and interviews that other applicants have to endure. Amazingly we don’t get Fish as he discusses this even when James says “you’re not allowed to discuss production!”

4:25 PM BBT – Paul is talking with Victor about keeping Michelle. Paulie arrives and Paul pushes back on targeting Michelle this week. Paulie suddenly agrees that Zakiyah can go. This is a trick. He’s using Derrick’s method of agreeing to something he doesn’t want but only temporarily. Later he’ll return to the confrontation and win it over. Paulie was advised by Derrick in preseason so this method isn’t surprising.

5:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the nominations.

Read on for the rest of Friday’s highlights as tears and hysteria made a big return to the house when the nominations ceremony was over and one of the noms did not like how she was treated in the process.


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    • That would be great, but Paul has already proven that he is vulnerable to Paulie’s manipulation tactics. I’m not expecting much out of the “divide”. Since Paulie realizes James having the CP is the nail in the coffin of whoever he(Paulie) chooses to be evicted, James, not Paul is Paulie’s stooge this week.

      • So James is considered Paulie’s stooge this week but if Paul and Victor can talk some sense into James, maybe James will be their stooge this instead. They would have to do some serious talking to have James see it heir way but can they do it is the bigger question. If they succeed in doing so, James can cancel out Nicole and Corey’s vote then and maybe then Paulie can see Julie on Thursday night. Well a person can dream right.

      • I do too. They’re a couple of hypocrites. Last night talking about how Nicole is playing dirty and lying. What a friggin joke. What the hell are they doing. James and Natalie knew Day was going and lied to Meech and Z. James and Natalie knew Meech and Z were getting nominated and lied about that. Natalie saying all Nicole did was hook up with a guy and have him drag her along. WTH. Natalie who are you sleeping with every night? You’re so far up James butt you can see what he ate for dinner. Hypocrites!

      • I was going to say she could see his tonsil’s but I guess she isn’t that far up in him just yet.

      • So with the round trip ticket still in play, a Double eviction this week as well, does Paulie not think his plans could be well for a lack of words “Girl Interrupted”.

      • Nice, WW. I always thought B. Murphy was a really good actress.
        Gottifiore has a few hits scheduled. Let’s hope his plans get gambinoed.

      • If they evict Michelle I hope she has the round trip ticket. She will destroy that house lol!! She holds grudges remember. Oh that would be so awesome. Z needs to go!

      • Plus, if Paulie was evicted in the DE next week, we would know he wasn’t coming back in the house by way of the RT ticket. That would be fine with me.

    • Lets hope Paul stands back and does a recap of his and Paulies conversations and how adamant Paulie has been about getting Zakiyah evicted…now Paulie does a turn around and wants to keep her…If Paul thinks about it (lets hope he does) he will realize that Paulie has been playing him along with everybody else…We can hope…Paul has went to Victor and said that he would like for Zakiyah to be the one evicted…maybe we can find out how Paul feels about Paulies change of mind in the DR’s this week.. Hopefully the seeds of doubt have been planted by Paulie..

    • I don’t see Paul accomplishing his end goal as long as Paulie is calling the shots too. Paulie will brainwash Paul into seeing the big picture…well Paulie’s big picture.

      • You know, I tend to see it things different. Remember what his Mom said last week about Paul. She said how smart he really was but then again that could be just a Mother bragging on her Son. Also, did she remind anyone else of that Character from MAD TV a few years ago called Mrs. Swan LOL

      • OMG…I never thought of Paul’s mother resembling Mrs. Swan, but you’re right. She did remind me of her! Too funny. I can only hope Paul can sway Paulie into voting out Z before M, but you also have to think about who all side with Paulie compared to who sides with Paul…Paulie seems to have more allies than Paul does. I hope they can come to a compromise. I don’t see either M or Z becoming much of a great threat, but I think Paul wants to keep Michelle so he has a greater chance of taking Paulie down in the DE. Keeping Z would not benefit Paul whatsoever. And Paul has a feeling Paulie doesn’t want to take Paul to the end at all, but rather Corey instead. Paul’s dead set on not letting Paulie get his wish on that score. That’s why I said I don’t see Paul accomplishing his end goal with Paulie still in the house. Paul needs to eliminate him, but needs allies to do that. He’ll need Bridgette, Vic and Michelle to make that happen.

  1. I’m not really sure how I feel about this season anymore.
    I really like Paul, but seeing Paulie pull his strings is a little disheartening. And now Victor. Since he has come back into the house he has been much more delightful…but again being twirled around the dance floor by Paulie.
    I don’t remember disliking Derrick as much as I do Paulie. I’m not sure what it is. Derrick was fun to watch whereas Paulie kind of makes me sick. Hmph.

    • Paulie’s tactics are crude, especially with Z. He is also too obvious at times, imo. He’s lucky that he is working with such doofuses. Derrick was one smooth dude and used finesse, masterly and cleverly. He would have been able to manipulate Paulie, but Paulie would never have been able to manipulate Derrick. Even when Derrick was shaking them down he made them feel good about it. I do remember once when he was a little too stern, for my liking, to Victoria, but hey, he had to keep her close. That crow could have been waiting in the wings to carry her off.

      • I think Derrick was lucky because he was trained to get what he wants as a cop smooth talking criminals. He also had a bunch of idiots, except Donny who had Derrick’s number. Too bad people didn’t listen to him

      • Exactly and that is one reason why Donny wasn’t around very long. Derrick knew Donny had him figured out and needed to make sure there was no chance people could listen to him. We need more Donny’s on BB.

      • I love it every time you say dunderheads. haha
        There are many who still think Donny was a dunderhead. All they saw was a laid back dumb country hick. Aggravating. :(

      • Lolol I’m glad you get a laugh. I think dunderheads is perfect for this bunch. They just fall in line with Paulie, waiting to be picked off. I guess they think their number won’t come up

      • BMC also thought Amber secretly loved him, lol. If I remember correctly, one reason that BMC thought Donny was some kind of a high ranking navy seal(j/k) had something to do with the way Donny tied his shoes.
        I hated to see BMC leave Survivor.

      • No he was a combat trained, secret military ops kind of guy under the guise as a grounds keeper.

      • It that what it was or are you BSing me? It was something really specialized and secretive, though, I think.

      • LOL, no that was what Beast Mode was thinking and even had Devin (I have a Daughter), Derprick and Frankie believing too.

      • Which as I stated before, why hasn’t Nicole caught on to this game yet? Derrick had her evicted not only twice but even secured her vote in jury to boot.

    • My fantasy outcome is Victor and Paul as the final too. That would be bomb! Just a fantasy tho lol… Not likely

    • It’s like watching guys sizing each other up in a battle to head a “no girls allowed” clubhouse. Only one of them is predicting a “loose cannon” to bringing it all tumbling down – Michelle.

  2. I was absolutely hoping Paul was just playing Paulies game to gain his trust. Paul needs to send Zak out the door for him and Victor to have a chance.

    I hope they (Paul & Victor) catch on that the house will vote Mich out, and instead of putting things off and laying low, BD Paulie, it could be their only opportunity left. If they can Zak out, they can keep playing the long con.

    I was really hoping Paul wasn’t as stupid as he was acting with Paulie, he might actually be a player.

  3. It would be a nice change to see Paulie not getting his way…but, as it currently stands (and we know things can change), I don’t see Z going this week. If M & Z are the final noms, the vote would be
    Paulie, James, Nicole, Corey voting to evict M
    Paul voting to evict Z
    I’m not sure about Nat, but it really wouldn’t matter. Even if Nicole and Corey voted to evict Z, James would cancel out two of the votes to evict Z and M would be evicted.

      • Between the two, I honestly could care less. Whichever one of the final noms that Paulie wants to stay, I hope is the one that goes.

      • I don’t think Michelle is stable. Z is like watching paint dry. I agree it would be nice to see Paulie not get to pick which one and the others fall in line

      • I could see Michele having to have therapy after the show, if she isn’t already doing so in real life.

      • She’s a loose cannon, who has everyone figured out…just later than she should have is all.

      • I know!! As much as I dislike Victor, i hate Paulie even more. Why are these people letting him dictate EVERYTHING?!?

    • I don’t know. I think Nat could talk James into voting Z out since Michelle has no one to lean on like Z does and use the 2 elimination votes on Nicole and Corey. That is if Michelle doesn’t win veto. Nat’s waiting until after the veto is played to press him if Michelle remains on the block.

      • I’ve been paying a little more attention to Nat hoping she would make a move. Although she seems to be all for a girl to win, like Da, she has a hard on for Nicole. I’m not sure what Nat would do if she really had some power. I think she might feel overwhelmed and revert to James help to make a decision and we all know who is in James’s head. But Nat does currently deserve some attention.

      • I’m not sure that she will ever get the chance. Most of their targets change with the tide but she has fairly consistently used Nics name.

  4. Oh, don’t worry James. It doesn’t seem like the majority of voters are giving these care packages away with a strategy in plan. Just to the HG they like. :)

    I didn’t want Bridgett with it bcuz I thought she would just do what Paulie wants her to do, but it’s doesn’t really matter. It might end up going to waste anyway. James went to Paulie. I expect the others would’ve done the same. CO-HOH will probably do what Paulie tells them.

  5. I read the updates every day on here. Every day I see the same bias against Nicole. Why not show how catty the other girls are. Such as Natalie? JMHO

    • Natalie was so catty yesterday attacking Corey. Perhaps there’s a truth of what Nicole said about her, that she might be in love with him and was hurt she got rejected.
      Natalie doesn’t take rejection well, she’s going on and on about Victor for weeks.
      And of course it wasn’t reported in here for Heaven forbids Nicole could be right. Hehe.

      • Not sure. She called Corey a lot of bad things I don’t want to repeat it here haha.
        She actually apologized to James since she realized he finally saw her bad side.

    • What bias? I read comments each day and have seen no bias against Nicole. Personally, I wish they would get her out. Is that biased?

      • I don’t really mind Nicole now, she’s less flip-floppy.
        And the fact that only she and James have never been nominated so far says something about her, whether you like it or not hehe.

    • Nichole as a vet should be playing smarter.. Her stupidity (need for a man) is ruling which makes any possible smart game play zero…

  6. The veto hasn’t been played … yet they ping-pong on who should be evicted. Calm your lil nipples, guys.

    • What’s the deal with BB not wanting them to say they’re a bartender or waitress? That seems shady

      • I am not sure as well. Also why Vic keeps telling that “they” don’t allow him to shave his beard but he can trim it, yet Paulie shave off his beard.

      • Corey is a full time bartender. He does coach 3 baseball teams tho, so he doesn’t actually lie.
        Same thing with Paulie, he says he owns sport thing or something during his intro package but listed as a DJ.

      • Thanks – I didn’t even know he’s a bartender. He’s so slow, I can’t imagine it’s a busy bar

      • Haha so you missed his story about a married woman wanted to have sex with him, huh? Waiting in the restroom at his bar for him but he politely declined … or so he said.

      • He has ADD & supposedly won’t take his Adderall while on the show. Idk why. Anyway, that’s why he often looks like a space cadet.

      • He’s a co-owner of a fitness gym and DJ’s on the side. He didn’t want other players to know he’d be a physical beast in comps right off the bat until he felt comfortable around other athletic beasts! :-) Those types usually become a big target right out of the gate.

  7. I hope Zakiyah goes…Even OTB she is oozing “self entitlement ” ( as in there is no way I am gonna be evicted) I cannot handle her superior attitude.. even tho she thinks Paulie had a hand in her being OTB (shes right) she is still all about a “relationship” with him…When push comes to shove he is not gonna protect her..She is pathetic…at 3:22 am she goes to the yard where P&P are playing pool…She has on a pink bikini with pink socks and a hoodie + a scarf.. She prances around the yard using the scarf to play jump rope (so stupid) Her aim was to get Paulies attention so he would go to bed with her..He showed very little interest…I would not let millions of viewers know that I was that dam needy for male companionship/attention…My biggest pet peeve is “stupidity” and her actions have been nothing but stupid….Keep pushing Paul and get her out…Please..

    • I was so happy this AM when I read Jokers and there was no talk of the ZP bedtime action, although NC had a little undercover movement going on. For some reason that doesn’t disgust me as much.

      • I don’t watch BB for showmances…I watch BB for game play and comps…I could care less who is having sex (or not) or make out sessions…Even Jokers goes into detail with whos touching who.. whos bedding who.. and who is trying to steal my man.. I don’t care to read that dribble.. it has nothing to do with the game..

      • I love and very much appreciate Jokers. I’ve found it to be very reliable. BBN and Jokers are my go to for info. I don’t have feeds and don’t watch BBAD, although I DVR it just in case I read about something real interesting that happened during that time frame.

      • I like Jokers…I read the updates daily as I do here…BUT I do not like the details of the sexcapades .. I have no interest in who is bedding who ..its not game play

      • As distasteful as I find the showmances and wish they were against house rules, they do very much affect game play and are used as strategy at times, albeit I hate it when that happens.

    • AMEN!! And…Z doesn’t really “walk” towards Paulie..she “waddles” towards Paulie…it really is so sad to watch her demean herself over and over for this egomaniac.

    • I mean yes, whatever happened to modesty???
      By your above account Zak was behaving like a strumpet doing everything in her power to entice Paulie into the sex act. I’m so embarrassed for her.
      For some reason Zak seems to think what she’s doing is sexy and doesn’t realize she’s coming across as slutty.
      Day tried to tell Zak that she was fast approaching the hoochie stage even if it fell on deaf ears.

  8. I have never seen such weak female players on a season. These girls are pathetic! Nicole and Z obsessing over their men 24/7…Michelle crying all the time…Natalie thinking she’s away at cheer camp…Bridgette is just way out of her league with these guys she’s up against…Showmances ruin the game, IMO…this season has been so disappointing for me…I think James has been the biggest disappointment for me…now, he says he is going to consult with the house to see how he should use his two eviction votes..the other day he said to Paulie over a nom..that he wanted to get Paulie’s blessing…I will continue to watch because as a superfan, that is what I do..but, man..what a disappointment season 18 has been so far!

      • Me too! Thanks alot, Day..for getting two of the biggest gameplayers out of the house..Tiff may have been emotional..but, most of that was caused by Day’s actions.

    • And for Zakiyah to compare herself to Rachel Riley was (like Rachel or not) was an insult to Rachel.. (ready for the backlash on this comment)

      • I about died laughing over that. Looked good on paper in her mind, but for her to actually apply that persona, I was like, get real girl! You’ve yet to prove what your purpose in the game is, other than Paulie’s pet, let alone the strong woman you keep saying you are. Where’s the substance to back that up with?

    • I don’t follow the feeds anymore because my mind goes numb when I read the highlights.

      If I were to be HOH this week I would stick Paul and Paulie on the block and tell every person sitting at the table that whoever gets the closest to those 2 this week, if a veto is used to save one of them that person is going up. I would make it a threat too, so it would make people scared of continuing to follow the influence of PP. Only in my dreams though.

  9. Oh wow.the picture..What happen to Mitch?..she looks like a professional mourner you hire in Chinese funerals. ha!..didn’t need to read the highlights,…any change?

    • She’s moved on and just waiting to tackle the veto now. She wasn’t nearly as emotional as she tried to make others think or she’d have outted everyone like Tiffany did. No tears, no puffy eyes, or red cheeks. She would have thrown a lot more under the bus too, which she didn’t do either. So I think she staged her little scene as part of a strategic move.

      • I get the impression that M is most likely a brat in real life and use to getting her way and making a scene if she doesn’t; kinda’ akin to a two year old throwing a tantrum.

      • If so at least Michelle finally decided to play the game and there sure aren’t a lot of options at this point for her to choose from so cry away :D

    • I don’t think it would have mattered who got this particular package since bigger targets weren’t put on the block.

      • I would have loved to see Michelle get the care package so it would force z out and paulie wouldn’t have a day or be able to take it back

    • Agreed! James wont use it in the best way :(. Who are you thinking of for the next ACP?

      V & B are the targets next week for PP and Meech & Z. I’d love to mess with their game so vote them for the next 2 ACP.

      ACP3 Super Safety: Victor- may need it for DBL eviction.
      ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette- after DE
      ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey or Paul. (TBD too far away yet).

      * you can vote 20 times a day
      ** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically

      • I think that if they send z home this week then hopefully Paul or v will get the next care package so paulie cant go after them and he will be left vulnerable

  10. It has been my experience that young gals like Z have always relied on their outer beauty but have real problems with self-esteem. I also think a couple of the other gals have the same issue. They don’t know how to stand on their own feet without depending on a man to lean on. I’m sure being in that house magnifies the situation 10 fold. That makes me sad because I wish all women were independent and confident in their own abilities. If you’ve gone through your whole life hearing ‘yes’ and suddenly start hearing no or negative responses it can be overwhelming.

    • All of the remaining girls are like that! The exceptions were Bronte, Tiffany, and Da’vonne but they’re gone now.

  11. James telling Natalie that if she wins HOH to do what the house wants is the stupidest crap I’ve every heard this late in the game. He’s setting her up for failure and she don’t even know it. Please don’t vote this idiot AFP again, he’s worse than the girls. I’m so sick of him and I’m betting she is too. He don’t want her to think for herself or she’ll see what a loser he is.

      • Me too! Maybe the house would want her to get him out, that would be hilarious.

      • It would indeed be extremely amusing with a touch of irony for Nat to be the one who is credited for James’s eviction.

    • This is the guy who spent a few years in prison with big men yelling at him, this guy has no balls and he’s clueless. Same thing as last year, he’s gonna be in the Top 8 with Natalie and a huge alliance against him just like with Meg.

  12. Ugh! I’m so aggravated that no one is trying to make a big move this week. The opportunity is there. I’m kind of happy to see Paul and Paulie at odds this week. Hopefully it leads Paul back to teaming up with Victor in order to take out Paulie *crosses fingers*. It would be nice to see a change of things.

    • If Z leaves it will weaken Paulie’s vote by one without a direct attack on Paulie. Still dreaming of BD with Paulie & Z on the block.

  13. I guess Derrick’s advice to James wasn’t very helpful. Derrick is a great winner who played a stellar game but what doesn’t put him on the level of Will, Dan and Dick is he never faced adversity. The greatest players overcame their reputation, being targets and being bold and daring. Derrick never had an adversary. Looking at his game as it stands, it is rendered flawless but his journey was no different than Andy. The best players played the game hard when they didn’t have to when they could’ve coasted. James took the advice of never being the target and avoiding becoming a threat to anyone. James is a social guy, but doesn’t have a social game. He is unaware of when to take his shots and hasn’t even considered once in this game who he is gunning for to benefit himself.

    • He’ll volunteer himself for eviction as soon as Natile goes. I hope he goes first and never ever comes back.

  14. Wouldn’t it be funny if Michelle or Z had the round trip? Lol I don’t think anyone would be happy about that.

  15. My favourite BB player rankings:

    1. Will
    2. Dan
    3. Dick
    4. Danielle R
    5. Mike Boogie
    6. Vanessa
    7. Janelle
    8. Derrick
    9. Jun
    10. Jason G

  16. They should be able to see by now that promises made in HOH comps mean nothing. If you make it to the end, you just as well try your hardest to win. It’s pretty silly to believe that you will be safe if you throw it, at this point in the game. Unless the girls can start winning comps, they will keep dropping like flies.

  17. Seeing victors nomination speech was aweful to see. He took this way to far and degraded those women to no end. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I’d tell Victor where to shove those beads and he treated Z like she was some call girl jealous thst she gave Paulie attention and not him. Dude!! This ain’t a Brothel, it’s Big brother!!!! I’ve watched every season and episode and this was absolute disgust. It makes me not want to be a big brother fan. No respect at all. Very offensive.

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