‘Big Brother 18’: Paulie & Paul Continue To Struggle For Target Control

Paulie Calafiore and Paul Abrahamian have been working together closely for weeks now on Big Brother 18 but apparently Paul isn’t quite as ready to yield the game to Paulie as everyone else appears ready to do. The noms have been set but both of these guys have a vested interest in keeping their own pet project alive in the game.

Paul and Paulie debate next targets on BB18

Unless this week’s Power of Veto comp changes things up ahead of Thursday’s vote then one of these guys isn’t going to get his way and neither is willing to let that happen just yet.

Overnight Paul and Paulie renewed their debate for whether or not it’d be best for their games to keep Michelle or Zakiyah, this week’s pair of nominees. We’ve got the obvious connections with Paulie to Zakiyah and Paul to Michelle, though the latter may not be as obvious. Paul has recently been working more on building trust with Michelle though it’s mostly built on a foundation of lies and deception.

Flashback to 3:35 AM BBT 8/6 to hear Paul and Paulie discuss the issue with Corey watching and providing the occasional input.

Paul is again making his argument that Michelle is too emotional of a player and will continue to be weakened as long as she is sent to the Block and verbally beaten along the way. Obviously that’s been true so far this week as she has spent a good bit of time in hysterics and tears for being a target and Victor’s rhyming speech attack. But while Michelle has been shaken they’ve watched Zakiyah remain strong and determined which worries Paul.

Paulie notes that if he wins Veto he wouldn’t use it but then says “if I don’t use it” that Zakiyah would need to go. Considering Paulie is competing for the Veto he may face this choice. I’d assume he’d find a way to convince Zakiyah it’d somehow be bad for her game if he used it then still focus on getting out Michelle instead. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Corey chimes in that Zakiyah would put up Victor and Bridgette, supporting Paulie’s suggestion to keep her. Paul counters that Michelle would make the same nominations and he’s sure he could get in her ear to make it happen if she swayed from those choices.

Neither guy is giving in. Paul says Zakiyah is more worrisome down the road. Paulie says Michelle is more likely to spread rumors and relay secrets. It’s a back and forth that just keeps going as we’ve been hearing for the past day.

Finally Paul says he’d be happy with either going… but he’s more worried about what would happen should Zakiyah win a competition. Nothing is decided and Corey leaves. Paul tells Paulie he made a few good arguments but neither appears ready to give in on this.

During the discussion Paulie suggested they wait for the Veto Ceremony to be over before worrying about this too much and they’ll come together to make a decision on it then. I imagine we’ll hear plenty more talks on this between now and then and again before Thursday. The Veto comp is going on right now and that could make things very clear or leave them just as complicated.

Aside from each of these guys wanting their respective female counterpart to stay we’ve seen some wavering among the other guys. Corey was going back and forth on who he’d like to see stay so he’ll probably do whatever. James was convinced earlier by Paulie that Michelle needed to go and he’s got those vote-nullifications waiting in the wings for Paulie’s command. Paul does have Victor on his side of this, but Victor can’t vote unless James manages a tie through the use of his Care Package power.

If Paul pulls off going against Paulie then I’ll be impressed and it could mark a turning point in the game where HGs realize that maybe they don’t have to give Paulie what he wants when he asks for it. Or maybe not and they’ll all just keep laying down to build a human ladder for Paulie to climb up and grab that check. What do you think will happen this week?



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      • Yes, but they use their personalities as part of their game strategy. The HGs like or dislike of a HG plays a huge part in their stay. It’s only fair that we, as fans take their personalities into consideration when we are discuss game play.

      • No. The personalities the houseguests see is NOT the same thing that we see. We see everything. We see their true colors.

      • Maybe what you see is not the same thing I see and the color blue is green to me. See?

      • What??? “the color blue is green to me”?

        The color blue is blue. The rods and cones in your eye either interpret it or they don’t. It doesn’t pull a switcharoo like that. I’m all for subjectivity but one may have backfired on you…

        Now back to the actual discussion at hand- I say the houseguests aren’t seeing the true colors of their opponants. In fact, I think that’s the entire premise of the show. You apparently disagree. No biggie.

      • For example, what color was the hat that Vanessa wore last year? Some people say it was blue, some say green. It’s in the eye of the beholder and so is the choice of deciding whether what we see as far as personality is real or fake. It might seem fake to you, but seem real to someone else. Do you look at things subjectively or objectively? Are you a pessimist or an optimist? All of those make a different in the way each of us perceive people. JMO and we do agree that it is no biggie. We all need to lighten up, JoeJoe :D

      • There have been comps that have lasted this long before but we’re getting close, gotta be.

      • I see what you’re saying. I just think, as I’ve said before, people on this site’s judgment on the game has been clouded based on whether they personally like the houseguest’s personality or not.

      • What you see as clouded might be brightly lit to some one else. You might be looking through rose colored glasses and they might be wearing those fashion glasses with no color. Get it? That would make a huge difference in the way you both see things. Personalities are the same they change according to the person watching and what might cloud your view would open up doors of impossibilities for someone else. It’s all subjective, Joe. I might like you and you might not like me but I still like you. That’s deep. That’s personalities. We all got em. We all use them to judge others whether in a game or real life. Just the way the ole ball bounces. Ever heard the song, “You’ve Got Personality”?

      • I think you’re absolutely right in other aspects of life, but unfortunately with this specific scenario about just some reality show I don’t think it’s that deep.

        I think people like hating the houseguests and simply refuse to acknowledge good gameplay simply because it’s ‘cool’ here to hate on them instead.

      • Well, I was going to bed, JoeJoe, does it bother you if I call you that. I use to know a JoeJoe, well, that’s a long story and I do need to get to bed. Before we were so rudely interrupted, hehe, I was going to tell you something but I lost my train of thought so we’ll go with the flow and that seems to be hating on HGs. I love a new topic. Really, you see it as hating? See, I don’t because there isn’t one of those people I hate. I might hate their personalities, the fact that some seem lazy and entitled, their gross habits. For instance,like seriously Joe, one of the girls took her pad(you know what pad I mean), you know feminine pad, sorry, and she took that thing out of her pants while others were standing there looking at her. THEN, you’ve not heard anything,JoeJoe, she changed it, didn’t wash her hands and went straight to eating chips and dip. Now that is part of her habits and shows some personality when she did not wash her hands before touching food that others were going to eat. I have issues with that and I would want to get her out of that house because what other food is she touching and double-dipping in that I don’t know of. It’s gross. Her bad habits are part of her personality. I don’t want to have to deal with that so I say, evict her. Not because of gameplay, but because she is a nasty, disgusting girl.So people do use habits, personalities, and lots of other reasons that do not include gameplay to decide on who will be evicted. Whacha think?

      • No, it’s over on the other laptop where I left it momentarily. I’ll throw it away when I go get my snack.

      • I say take it even further and call me Joejoe Joejoe.

        As for the situation you just outlined, I still don’t see that as a reason to strongly dislike that person. Big Brother is literally a show where every single move these people make is recorded and broadcast to the world. It’s why we watch it. There isn’t one person who isn’t being constantly made fun of on this site. They pick on everybody, albeit, they focus on the people actually playing the game and choose to vehemently dislike them for having control, as if having control in a game like Big Brother is a bad thing. I read about so many comments complaining about how terrible this season is and how much they hate every single houseguest and I’m wondering why they’re still watching.

        What I keep getting on my soapbox for and will continue to do so for is telling people to 1) stop being so incessantly negative and 2) put your personal feelings aside and acknowledge good gameplay for what it is. You can disagree with a houseguest’s personality while still holding an open mind about their gameplay.

      • Why not just say what you want to say, and not admonish others for the way they state their opinions? The soapbox really does get old. You always sound like your way is the only right way, always fussing and complaining about what others are saying. No need for that. We all get aggravated every now and then and say things we might regret. Still most of us are adults whether we act like it or not. Just learn to have fun with the interaction, life is short.

      • This is the comments section of a site dedicated to the Big Brother live feeds. This is the appropriate forum to discuss opinions on the Big Brother live feeds.

        Anyone posting here understands that what they say is subject to opinion. We’re all adults here. If they can’t handle someone disagreeing with them about something as trivial as this then they’ve got bigger problems.

        I have always remained respectful and I will continue to be respectful. I don’t believe my way is always right and I will not apologize for sharing my opinions of the Big Brother live feeds in a forum dedicated to the Big Brother live feeds.

        I’m not really sure what made you go on the offensive with me just now. I was very respectful of your post. Is it simply because I disagree with you?

      • I really wasn’t being mean. I was actually trying to be nice, Joe. The fact that you think I was mean in my last post should clue you in on how other people might fell about how you come across always admonishing people about their opinions. I was just asking you to state your opinion but don’t tell others how to state their’s. If that is mean, then your posts are nasty. I don’t think your posts are nasty and mine was not meant to be mean. :)

      • I don’t think your posts are mean at all. I just don’t see why you feel I need to be lightened up. I may disagree with people, but this is the appropriate forum to discuss Big Brother. I won’t apologize for that.

        If anything, I’m the one trying to get people to not be so negative all the time. The mob mentality around here has gotten out of control and the ease with which people say such nasty things is pretty alarming.

      • If people were directing nasty comments at me all the time, I’d probably be upset. I have been guilty of being defensive because of comments made by other people but not to me personally; not often, but I’m human. What you feel is a mob mentality is just people having a free discussion. The HGs are real people but they are putting their habits, personalities, and opinions out there for all to see and they are going to be talked about. It would be different if all that we saw was the shows that aired on TV, but it isn’t. We see and hear almost everything and it is all going to be discussed and everyone has an opinion and opinions are like, well you know. That’s why if you go on a site where they are posting about watching people 24 hrs a day, this is what you get. If you went on a site where all people saw was the shows that are aired, you’d have a whole different discussion with ill-informed posters.

      • And, JoeJoe, I sincerely apologize for my ramblings last night. I was trying to get you to lighten up and probably went too far. You were very nice about it. :)

      • See, that’s the thing. There’s no reason to apologize simply for sharing a different opinion! This is the appropriate place to discuss Big Brother. No one is in the wrong as long as people are respectful about it.

        I don’t need you to lighten me up. All day long these comment sections are turned into public bash sessions of all the houseguests and they rip them to shreds for playing the game too hard, playing the game too little, their looks, their voice, their jobs, who they’re related to, their personal lives, and anything else they can get their hands on. And then it all starts again the next day. Why am I the one who needs to be lightened up when I’m seemingly the only person here who actually finds the good in the show and the people in it?

      • You’re hanging with the wrong posters then…the regular posters see things similarly to you if you just know where to look! haha

      • Are you sure because according to subjective vs objective perspective, there is always a possibility of it being objective? But as JoeJoe says, it is no biggee. I like that word, biggee. I might use that more often.

      • Everyone of us goes through a venting stage in BB. It’s how you choose to act and react…so it’s subjective. There are those of us that offer our perspective that differs from the minority and help the ventee see things from an objective view point! haha

      • Seeing things from an objective viewpoint simply means no personal opinion is involved so if you are using your personal opinion to help me see things, I tend to think that would be subjective. But, LMBO, as other people always say, we can agree to disagree. hehe
        It’s 9:00, I said I would stay up until then. I guess it will be tomorrow before I find out what happened with the veto. Night all. You too, JoeJoe.

      • I can’t believe I hit that one out of the ball park from what you predicted earlier! LOLOL Nite…see you tomorrow!

  1. Eventually it had to come down to these two locking horns, and this may be the time, especially with James’s two votes and the DE in play. But we’ve had these high hopes before, and they’ve routinely been dashed. I hope by this time next week we’ll have seen *something* eventful take place,

  2. If it came down to it, Paulie could easily nip the Paul/Michele pairing in the bud by telling her that Paul was all in on the Da eviction scheme. There is nothing that Paul could tell Z that would split Z/P. She believes what she chooses to about Paulie and she chooses to let all of the bad stuff go in one ear and out the other. If the noms don’t change, the person evicted will be whomever Paulie decides will go. Who knows which one that will be come Thursday; today it is M.

  3. Its a dumb argument. They both have to go so let Victor decide who goes this ween then the other goes with the next eviction.

    I would get rid of Michele. I think she is more likely to win a comp but Z has to go right behind her. Its a perfect week since its a DE. Send Michele home then Z later that hour.

    • Although the way they are presenting their argument is dumb, it in itself is not a dumb argument. Paulie sees Z as a vote for him. He says she will do what he says. Paul is counting on Michele trusting him more than she trusts Paulie and hopes that she would be a vote for him, because he knows Z would not be. Paulie is looking out for Paulie and Paul is looking out for Paul. Although it is unsaid, they both know what is going on.

      • It might even be a good idea for Paulie to give way in this situation since the natives seem to be getting restless although I doubt this will happen.

      • So far Paul, Victor, and Bridgette all support Z going this week. I feel Corey/Nicole, and James/Natalie don’t really care so if those 3 keep pushing Paulie may finally give way since he’s trying to play it off like he doesn’t really care.

      • OH but he will care. If Z goes then you can rest assure that Paul won’t be too far behind her.

      • You mean Paulie! Great to see Paulie on the block! If he does not win veto he is off to jury as I doubt he has 2 way ticket. Either way he is done! Also thanks for that awesome story about Shirley and the forklift! Was it true story or dream? I was trying to find that comment so I can reread again! Did you ever watch the Doobie Brother episode on What’s happening? The bad guys forced Rerun to record their show with that big portable cassete recorder! Talk about old technology! The bad guy was also the gangsta pimp Big Daddy in Good times! Another favorite episode was when Rerun worshipped a head of lettuce. Too funny! I can still picture Dwayne bouncing the basketball down the street in the opening theme song and credits!

      • OH yeah, I saw that episode too. Rerun was dancing up and down and the recorder fell out LOL. As for the story about the girl who looked Shirley Hemple, yes, that was a true story. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved watching the lady on that show. In a way she reminded me of my one Sister that has passed away. Between Rerun, Dwayne and Shirley, they made that show.

      • I saw the whole series! I did not realize both shows were 3 seasons. I may have all 3 seasons of each as What’s happening now seasons were probably 12 episodes so you can put that 1 dvd. There are 3 discs so I bet I have all 3 seasons. 76-79 and 85-88 as I googled it early this morning and read Rerun died at 52 in 03. He had 4 different wives and married two of them twice. He had 2-3 kids? I agree Rerun Dwayne and Shirley made the show. Shirley and Mabel King died in 99! Both Shirley and Rerun were 52.5 when they passed. Weird. They also including Mabel had serious weight issues but were really funny. I loved them. When Mable King played mother nature was another one of my favorite episodes when Rerun was being conned again worshipping an actual head of lettuce! Too funny.You hit the nail on the head about that recorder. Sorry about your sis! When I came home from school I would watch it on FOX or 61 or 59. I am going to pull it out and start watching each episode from the 1st to the last again. I have been up all night watching all the after dark feeds and saw Paulie actually crying to Corey about being on the block together. I think he is trying to trick Corey and get him to use veto on Paulie if Corey wins veto. He said he would take Corey down if he won veto. What a lie. Corey told him to save himself. Jatalie all the way! Paul as the backup now. Things change quickly in that house. Without watching all or most of the feeds you will be lost.

      • I’m hoping they will see that getting rid of Zak weakens Paulie too, if they’ve even noticed he’s running the house right now. smh.
        Plus, I’m so sick of watching their sick fauxmance.

      • I’m sure he is eyeing it carefully and feeling out the situation. At this point Pp have “supposedly” put it on the back burner until after the comp. I’m anxious to see what happens when/if it resumes.

      • I can almost guarantee that paulie hasn’t put it on the back burner and I hope to see impulsive Paul revolt. I just want Paulie and Zak outta the house as I’ve had more than enough of both of them.

      • I think Paulie’s game is built up on a precedent of Paulie always getting his way; I think he set that precedent with evicting Tiffany and that’s a big part of why the HG’s are following his lead, and I think if he backs down he loses some of his power/intimidation factor. So I think Paulie definitely wants to come out ahead on this one (and is in position to do so)

      • Couldn’t agree more and Paulie’s massive ego might lead him to destruction unless he handles this situation very carefully. What’s in it for Paul if his BB partner uses him week after week to do his will?
        Making Meech will give him a clue or something.

      • Mooch, Meech, Michelle, whatever, is needed right now to help take Paulie down…after that, then she can go! :-)

  4. I would love to see James win veto, take Michelle down, convince victor to put up Paulie, then use his 2 vote prize to cancel Corey and Nicole’s vote. That would win the game for James!

    • That is a pipe dream. More likely, James loses deliberately to avoid being asked to used VETO. Votes whoever Paulie wants and helps Paulie’s game because James just a scared cat! He is doing the same thing he did in his season, helping someone else win that $500,000!

  5. Really hoping Michelle wins this veto to force Paulie to yield. Paul may not have known much about the game coming in, but he’s obviously a smart guy who continues to improve. I think his main reason for taking out Zakiyah is to isolate Paulie just a little more. If Michelle wins Victor most likely puts up Natalie or Nicole which in my opinion will seal Z’s fate. I just really want Victor, Bridgette, and Paul to all survive this week’s DE and be in power for the 2nd HOH. That could be what finally starts to break up these showmances and Paulie’s hold on this game.

    • I totally agree. Zakiyah only does what Paulie wants. She is not swayable where Michelle is. If they want to get Paulie out ever then the house is going to need to get Zakiyah out first. I hope Paul stays strong about this. I think the more Paulie fights to keep Zakiyah, the more obvious it will become to Paul it is only to further Paulie’s game and no one else’s and that Paulie is not the “team” player they thought he was.

    • If Michelle wins then Victor will put up Natalie. James and Paulie will therefore have to fight to keep their girls but James will win this battle since he can eliminate 2 votes. This changes everything and it’s EXACTLY what I’m hoping for!

  6. By now Paul must be aware that whatever Paulie wants, Paulie gets, and Paul NEVER gets what he wants. I would love to hear paul’s DR sessions right now. Please Paul, do something!

      • Lol! With DE’s coming up Paul might be afraid to make a move right now.
        If he throws Paulie OTB next week I might start liking this guy again.

      • Except that in DE’s it is the best time to get rid of the strongest player at that point. I have no doubt this season’s HG’s hasn’t thought of Paulie being the strongest player.

      • Just like last year with Vanessa – everyone always had an excuse for not getting her out. Steve was the only one with the courage do it – although it took him the entire season to get it.

      • And just when it looked as if we were finally rid of Van James decides to keep her since she’d be so easy to get rid of later. I think she went on a comp run after that and sent James home.

      • Yep. The HGs don’t understand – you strike when the iron’s hot because you’re never guaranteed another chance.

      • I’m still puzzled how James won AFP after he made one of the worst moves in BB history.

      • It was because he was very entertaining! It has nothing to do with strategy! You are right about James not sending V home when he had the chance but Shelli was definitely coming after him! He put the showmance on the block but that was his only big move! He should have gone after Austin and V instead and put them both up or Liztin! His allies were bad at winning comps! Meg sucked and Jackie was ok but the other side kept winning everything! Becky’s HOH got ruined as she was close to having V gone! Becky was a beast at comps till she hurt her foot/ankle! Jmac had too many 2nd place finishes for HOH! James does not have the brains to win but I am hoping he changes that this year!

      • NO! I am no longer fans of M and Z! Only Jatalie for final 2! Also I still like Nicorey but very disappointed in Nicole’s jealousy pettiness out Natalie for multiple reasons. She tried to have Nat go up as a pawn both her and M wanted this real bad! They were going to ask for house meeting about it! The nerve of them! Also she is super jealous of Natalie as she thinks Nat still likes Corey. Also the jealousy and pettiness of being upset that Nat got that lame CP from America of socks and toothpaste and not being have not really lowered my opinion of her! I loved her in BB16! Who do you like India? I told people who I liked in the very beginning here! It was 7 now 4? I am starting to like Paul as he is actually a nice deep person who volunteers helping animals etc His deep conversation with Z showed good character. He also had conversation with like 6-7 people in the bathroom where he was talking about how well he will treat his next GF! He really likes Z! He would treat her really good! He may be loud and I hate his beard but he is a nice guy!

      • Of course Nicole would rather Natalie go up as a pawn rather than herself :D The way I see it Nicole is the only female left in the house who’s playing the game while enjoying a showmance on the side lol. Glad to see you’re enjoying watching Jatalie and I hope she isn’t playing james for a fool after it’s all over.

      • Agreed she is playing the game and having a showmance at the same time. She is ready to let either of her former alliance members go so easily it seems. It mostly is everyone for themselves. James was dumb to make such a mess with the veto comp as it upset the whole house. He should be scared now. Paulie wants to break up Nicorey after M leaves! It is because Corey tells her everything and she finds out things about Paulie and Paul. Surprised he is not going after Vic next? Yes I agree about Natalie as I see them remaining friends after. A serious relationship maybe but James would have to move to NY or really step up his game where she would move to Texas! Nicole should not care about Natalie so much as Corey dissed Nat early as he was not interested in her! Nicole has some insecurity issues.

      • Good summary Red. So far this game Nicole has had to fight off and try to survive Frank and Day which she was able to manage with a little luck. So if Paulie is coming for her I don’t think she’ll go down easy. The only reason I could tolerate Paulie was because he was close to Nicorey and they were in a safe place.
        My only fault with Nicorey is that they’re not socializing enough with the other HG’s as they’re going to need help when Paulie turns on them. I was hoping James and Natalie would team up with them and get rid of Zak and Paulie.
        As for Nicole’s security issues; I’d be insecure if I was in the BB house too.

      • Yes we are thinking alike as Nicole does not talk much with anyone but Corey and Z was dumb enough to keep talking with Nicole about Paulie about Zaulie’s relationship. But Z does need help and she is desperate to be with Paulie. I do not know if she is trying to play Paulie like she told M recently but I doubt it. Nic targeting Nat screwed things up for her because Nicorey and Jatalie could be a good 4 but it will not happen as James knows Nic wants Nat out! James is hiding this info he knows about Nic. James should team up with Vic and B but he knows he cannot trust either one. I look forward to no more middle and its us vs them. Instead of most people getting along. Sick of James throwing comps and not making his own decisions for the most part.

      • I thought it was kind of Nicole to talk to Zak about her boyfriend problems, I saw this as Nicole only wanting to help her.
        The real problem with the girls is that Day turned them all against each other so that none of them would go after her; too bad Day underestimated Nicole.
        So all of this acrimony between the girls should be hashed out and stop all of this he said – she said. The way things are with the girls right now there is no way Nicole can work with them after Day trashed her to everyone and they believed every word Day said for some reason.
        The girls need to get their head in the game fast.

      • Agreed it was probably just being nice but also Nic looking for info about Paulie too. She may have been looking for something good to use against Paulie. Yes the girls are mostly against each other and I doubt it will change as too much has been said so no girls alliance at all. Nat and B maybe. Nic and Z maybe after M goes. Fortunately for Nicole Paulie wanted Day gone 1st. Now after M Nic may be in trouble? She should have teamed up with Jatalie instead of cuddling with Corey. Her jealousy about Nat will be one of the reasons she gets voted out unless she wins HOH during DE! Nicole was sketchy but all the girls are sketchy except maybe Nat? I wonder too if she really likes James but she did mention about them getting married and maybe it was a game move but who knows? Too many individuals and not enough true alliances is making things easy for Paulie as so many people are alone and afraid otherwise he would be on the block. I see only James or Vic putting Paulie on the block or Natalie! Too late for the girls as I truly thought a girl would win this year especially when it was 8-5 girls but Day Tiff and maybe Bronte messed things up big time! It looked set up for a woman to win from the beginning but that obviously went down the drain quickly. The strong girl players got eliminated and only B and Nic remain but B is isolated and has no one except Nat to some degree. Nic or Nat have a chance at final 2. Paulie needs to go for them to have shot at winning BB!

      • James is entertaining? I have never found him entertaining. I can’t see past the disappointment when he makes one bad decision after another

      • I found james aggravating at times last season when he thought that Clay and Shelli were running the house instead of Vanessa.

      • Well you are in a minority as James is quite entertaining! Did you not get my point? Do not mix strategy with entertainment! I am hoping James bounces back with some smart game moves! We shall have to wait and see! No matter what though he is funny!

      • Looks like he handed that baton over to Paul, Michelle and others. He’s not as entertaining anymore this season.

      • James is still entertaining his commentating with Natalie 4-5 weeks ago was entertaining plus his shaving cream baby powder fight with Natalie was fun and did you see him moon the safari room? He has played better this season and I am hoping he will make that big move soon as he has disappointed me with his strategy and not giving loyalty/friend vote to DAY! I wanted Day out but I am tired of him being a chicken! I would have voted with loyalty like Paul did for Vic for example! I would do the exact same thing whether people know I am that one vote or not! Hopefully BB19 will give me the chance to show my loyalty and how this game should be played! I am not afraid of making big moves but those mental comps are tough and I am the worst guesser for T and F! Sick of M fake crying like Tiff/Day!

      • I’ve been wrong more this season than any other season…except for the predictability factor. Paulie has been quite good manipulating everyone to seeing things his way, even with the twists that are supposed to make it a bit more unpredictable. Watch what he does when he tells James he now wants Z out instead of Mich. James will do what Paulie says and will eliminate those votes that would go to evict Z, thus Mich will be going home, something Paul or Vic haven’t even considered. Once again, Paulie will get his way. It’s another hunch of mine that may end up in the toilet once again. haha I, too, hope Season 19 is much better without all the bureaucracy that goes on in producing shows for t.v. It’ll finally be played the way it was supposed to be without as much interference because the ratings will not be factored in as much. I hate fake crying too, especially for a strategic move than real emotion. But M does deserve to stay over Z. Get her gone first and then M can go after her!

      • Really how many seasons have you seen? What have you been wrong about this season? Paulie and Paul are at odds still as far as I know and unfortunately for Paul James will do what Paulie wants. Also James wants M gone too. She is a bigger threat than Z by far! She can win those mental comps coming up and did win that OTEV veto comp. M should have saved F with the veto. James has 2 extra votes so M has no shot. M is gone unless a miracle happens like Paulie targeting Z. I read they had sex but who knows? So much speculating about Zaulie and no one really knows the truth but them. Z fake cries also just not as much as Tiff and M. Even Day admitted she fake cries for game strategy but only sometimes. What goes around comes around and it is funny M talking with Nat now that she is on the block. Asking if James likes her or Z more? Remember when M was drunk and all over James. Things change quickly in that house. With not much to do it is easy to go crazy. Also they should have BB like 40-60 year olds but for 45-60 days. I think 60-70 days is enough for USA BB. I wonder how things are different with BB Canada etc? I have only seen the past 2 and half seasons of BB with watching Jeff and Jordan clips mostly.

      • This is my fifth season of watching BB and my predictions have been almost spot on with each eviction or comp winner in three out of the past four seasons. This season I’ve been wrong on almost every comp and eviction. I did predict Frank would not be able to sway his way out of his eviction and that’s about it. You aren’t the only one who believes an older age group should get to play and for a shorter amount of time. This season’s games manager has been Canada’s game manager, so maybe that’s what killed my prediction outcomes…who knows. I do feel Michelle’s time is up if Paul doesn’t some how pull a miracle out of Paulie’s buttocks to get his wish..I find that doubtful as long as Z is lying on top of those buttocks! haha I have live feeds and I can assure you Z and Paulie have had sex…it was undeniably obvious, even if two of those times were under the covers. Another time she was dry humping him right in front of others and Paulie told her the cams weren’t on them for anyone to see when the lights are out…oh, how wrong he was. The ultra-violet lights were on them the whole time. I’m most disappointed in the remaining vets in the house. I’ve yet to see any real decisions being made by either James or Nat that viewers find exciting enough to watch…they’re just coasting and/or kissing Paulie’s butt. I’d really like to see just about anyone bring Paulie down off his pedestal, but time is running out if they don’t do it soon. With the double eviction coming up next Thurs, that’s the only opening the others may have that decide to do just that. Otherwise, they might as well sign the check over to him. Hopes and dreams are all we have and if the jury does choose him, they’ll regret it later when they watch this season in its entirety! Take care. :-)

      • So you started with season 14 till the present? Ages 18-35 and and 40-60 BB would be good. Honestly unless Zak really upsets Paulie M is going home case closed! If they are having sex as you say plus she would be loyal to him more than M it is done deal! It really comes down to Z herself not putting a target on her back with Paulie! James has the power and said he will do what Paulie wants. James wants M out because of that little argument they had. If Paulie wanted Z out I would guess James would still wuss out and vote out Z even though James wants M out! I still think James will blindside Paulie but not till his next HOH! Honestly Natalie has more guts than anyone as she would put up Paulie and Vic 100%! To bad she did not win HOH and came in 2nd! She is the most physically fit girl in that house! She is in better shape than most of the house. She is just very small and does not have the strength but she definitely has the endurance. She is way smarter than people think and I knew this all along from Day1! Check out her 5 minute convo with James about who she thinks is ruling the house and what she thinks are all the connections in the house! She was spot on with everything. James admitted after saying maybe at 1st that she was right and said she killed it! Natalie really is playing the game hard and trying as she wants to win HOH more than anything! I have more respect for her than James as James has made many mistakes the past few weeks! He should not have put up B with F during his HOH and accidentally told Day that B and V should go during DE which meant Day was going home. Also he needs to play his own game and stop following Paulie! There is a 5 man alliance with P P V C and him now! The Execs! The board is P P and V! PP are running the house for now unless Jatalie stops them or B at some point. Otherwise it will be predictable each week!

      • I’m coming that conclusion about Nat too…but Nat wasn’t like that at the beginning of the season…she was one of the three mean girls then. James has helped her to change that about herself, even if he’s not telling her what she’s wanting to hear! LOL

      • Yes but I do not remember Nat doing anything that bad it was B that was caught being a rat and her comments about M. As for Bronte she always had that arrogance about her plus that racist comment about James. I do not know if James ever found out as they seemed to become friends after that thrown berry comp to get V BD! I do not know if Nat did anything other than being in Spy girls alliance. She probably talked some smack as most do. Natalie winning HOH would be what all BB fans want if they want Paulie and Vic on the block!

      • Vics speech was mean but funny to Z and M! Mean girls reap what they sow especially M! Even when M was crying to almost everyone in the house except V she was like why is he protecting your butts when I did not put him on the block. Just goes to show what happens when you do not float well. She said some truthful stuff but it would get those people upset. She has a habit of having conflict with her attitude words and all her emotional fake crying lately! She does not know how to communicate when she gets too emotional and just puts another target on her back! V had no alliance or friendship nothing with those 2 so it was easy choice when P and P wanted him to do this! Vic knows all he has is them so why would he go against them even if Paulie put him up weeks ago. Things change in that house and so many fans are clueless to what is going on in house or why people do what they do. If you do not watch feeds you will know very little. Paulie has so many allies can win comps has strategy which most people do not have. V can win comps but has few allies and has ok intelligence. If you cannot win comps you have to have great intelligence or social game. Most of these house guests have mediocre or below average games.

      • I watch the feeds and let me tell you, many of these hgs are getting good t.v. edits since the lot of them cuss most of the time. If V wasn’t striving for one-upmanship most of the time, his intelligence would show through. He is quite a smart guy in addition to being fit. He just doesn’t bring that across very well is all.

      • Very true Joni! James has helped Nat improve her image! What do you SPECIFICALLY mean about telling her what she wants to hear in what case exactly?

      • He omits some things and they’ve quarreled over some things she finds out later that he didn’t tell her after he’d said he’d always be truthful with her.

      • Ok thanks as i knew he was doing this. But Nat knows almost everything going on anyway as that 5 minute after dark feed about Nat telling James what is going on with everyone in the house was spot on! James admitted this to her. I think she knows about the guy alliance but not the name. Anything else he omit Joni? I think now she wants to know stuff instead of being in the dark on purpose. She has come to play the past 2 weeks and wants HOH more than anything to get Paulie and Vic on the block and gone! I hope she wins HOH soon! She was so close last time 2nd to Vic!

      • Wellll….she now wants Paulie and Nicole up instead as she overheard Nic talking to Z in the bathroom (accidentally while she was in the WC) telling Z she’s safe and that she trusts James will make sure of it because Nic trusts James..and Nat too she added a bit hesitantly. I’m glad she got others on board to getting Paulie out if they can first then Nicole.

      • Thanks for the update as things change by the minute in the house! Everyday more game talk and strategy happens so it is not as bad as most fans here think! Knowing and doing are to different things but you have to play the game best for that individual not the fans. Look at Steve last season people were so upset he put Jackie up during DE but if he had put one of the twins or Austin or V they would have had him on the block the 2nd DE and sent home. Julia actually won the 2nd HOH so if Steve made his big move then he never would have won the game!

      • I know, right? I was sooo disappointed in Paul and James when James decided to go with Paulie after what Paul did two days ago. And decided not to watch BBAD or the feeds for a good 18 hours. But this morning, Paul found out that Paulie was boning (his words) him too…Bridgette told Paul that he was on Paulie’s hit list now too, which meant he was not going to F2 with Paulie after all (recently than a few days ago) when Paul was trying to convince Paulie that Z needed to go before Michelle. She said that Paulie told her Paul was becoming a liability (Paulie’s words) to him after he found out Vic and Paul wanted Z out and weren’t backing down from that.

      • I did not see convo that B told Paul that he was becoming liability because he would not back down about Z as Paulie has gotten his way basically every week! Also he has final 2 most likely with P and final 3 with P and V! Hope Paul does not go back running to Paulie as things will get interesting if Z goes and everybody is ready to go after Paulie and Nicorey! 6 vs 3! If Z goes! Nat really does like James and for all BB fans JATALIE had plan for Nat and B to flirt with Paulie so Z will get upset and have good reason to evict her! Those marriage comments were to feed Paulie’s ego even more. They stayed away from each other mostly as a strategy. Nat said she hated being away from James. She said she will date him outside of the house. I hope to see that convo on the feeds. If Paul and Vic break up the Board and Execs because of this Paulie screwed himself big time! I hope it is the case. Thanks Joni!

      • Paulie is cracking now…he’s repeating stuff over and over to everyone individually. Being extremely disrespectful towards Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle. He’s very heated now and when Paulie talked badly about Nat to James, James was peooed. James did not once talk badly about Z in that manner or any of the other women either. When he heard Nic and Corey laughing about what Paulie said about Natalie, James told them it was not funny. Nicole quit laughing right away and Corey left the room to go tell Paulie that James was pissed (he isn’t pissed, like in the way Paulie is), but that he didn’t find the nasty comment funny as they had. He said, “it’s one thing to play a game and tell someone I’m voting you out next, but it’s another to say what he said to her. It’s very disrespectful.” He added, “if some guy said that about you, Nicole, I’m sure Corey would be right there defending you.” James is now definitely eliminating the votes that would go to Z at the eviction ceremony. He’s told the group of 5 it’s war now. Natalie had already told James what Paulie said to her. “You’re about as fake as what’s on your chest.” Paulie told others she’s crying now. (she did not cry at all). Vic is playing along like he’s still on Paulie’s side (so glad that he’s with the other five on this flip now too)…so is Paul and James is too until tomorrow. Oh Red…Paulie’s game is now over for good. He’ll try and talk his way out of it, but for the majority of the house, they will not side with him anymore. Paulie has been dethroned, because he could not remain calm, cool and collected. He no longer has the numbers he thinks he does. He began to talk nasty about all the girls except Nicole and Z this time (not cool), instead of talking about game moves. He made it personal to everyone that listened. His mama and Daddy must be sooo proud of his behavior now! Oh yeh and one more thing, Z is done now with Paulie and isn’t sleeping with him anymore (at least that’s what she’s told Nat, James, Bridgette, Michelle and Paul – not Nicole or Corey, since she found out Nic lied to her too…and what Nic knows, so does Corey, so she didn’t say that to Corey either). Both Nic and Corey sleep in the same room as Paulie.

      • Ok great news Joni! Thanks as I have so many clips to catch up on. It is a minor miracle when you think of some of the things that have happened in the past 3 days to flip the house! 1st of all M and B working together after all the hate and jealousy mostly about F and those comments B made the 1st week of BB about the eyebrows. B putting her feelings of James putting both her and F on the block but now realizing it was Paulie’s plan and the house also. Paul now working with them to get Z out as Paul is tired of Paulie not compromising like P did about Day! By Paul and V not budging Paulie decided not to upset the Execs and not use veto! Then once James had more than just Nat on his side he grew a pair! It looked slim after M shot off her mouth at the veto ceremony which I have yet to see! Also then P running back to tell Paulie about his convo with M it looked slim at best! Then to top it off P M B Nat James are working together with V in the dark for now. Then Paulie says terrible things about B and Nat and all the girls and upsets James to where he is ready for WAR! Awesome! I look forward to seeing Paulie stumble with his words and realize he is TOAST! I want to see Nicorey’s face when James told them it was not funny! Z must know she is in trouble and that is why she said that to the others in the slim hopes it keeps her in the game. Do you agree? BB starting now! Thanks for all the updates! Also my name is Todd so you can call me that or RED or MR.T as that is one of my nicknames and will use in the BB house next year! Lots more to discuss after DE tonight! Yeah so excited! I am now finally done with rooting for Paulie after his comments about the women true or not! James treats people the right way which is my character in real life and will not change in the CRAZY BB HOUSE!

      • He didn’t win HoH but thinks he still has Vic and Paul in his back pocket, as if last night and him throwing everyone under the bus did not occur. I was completely shocked the majority voted Bridgette out..did not see that one coming. But I’m okay with it since it only knocked off one of the six against the other three. Paulie still does not have the votes to keep him safe if he is put on the block and doesn’t come off. He was right back to telling Vic and Paul who should go up next, once again, when it’s not his HoH. He says he’s a very loyal guy, but had Vic and/or Paul not have won this HoH, Paulie was planning to put one of them two up next to James. Paul and Vic both know Paulie’s loyalty is only to himself after last night’s blow up. And Vic is playing much better than when he’d first been evicted. And after he puts Paulie up, he’ll be reminding him of what was said to him when they BDed him without having ever warned him that he was Paulie’s target. At least Vic is giving both Corey and Paulie a chance to play the veto and fight to stay, something that was not afforded him at all. I’m really impressed with how far Paul and Vic have come not having really watched Big Brother, more Paul than Vic and how far they’ve come without having ever been coached by Derrick like Paulie had been. Sure Paul’s loud and obnoxious, but he’s funny too and he admits to any flaws he has, whereas Paulie deflects everything to make him look good without sincere apologies. Guess that’s how Jersey boys are (a backhanded comment that was similar to Paulie’s), “That’s how Jersey girls are. They know who they are!” I’ll be on vacation starting this Sat to a week from Monday, so I’ll miss next week’s live feeds, eviction and next HoH comp. There is no internet or cable where I’m headed and cellphone service will be spotty since we’ll be in a cabin deep in the woods! I’ll try and get to the Internet Cafe in the nearby town there and see if I can find out before I get back home! Pray Paulie doesn’t have the R/T ticket as that’s the last week it will be used. The rest will be null and void after this coming week, on August 18 (my mother’s birthday, God rest her soul). Hope the week heralds well for you! Great talking BB with ya too! Nice to meet you too, Todd! I really do go by Joni..LOL

      • They got out B because even with her bad ankle and knee they fear her as a big competitor which she has shown. Also she defended Nat and sadly was the only one who did in that room with almost the whole house. She also told Z that Paulie wanted her out in some of the feeds I saw late last night early morning. Plus she is more emotionally stable etc M cries way too much. She actually became friends with B and gave her a hug which was stunning to me. It was nice to see M joking about Paulie to his face and through the Tokyo room with Jatalie and Paul. Everything you wrote is spot on. To bad Corey had to win both comps last night and ruin the DE which sent B home. I wanted her to stay as I respect what she did for Nat Z and all women in the HOH room last night. What is interesting is that Nat defends Z to Paulie and I still think she is blind to Paulie. I need to see lots more feeds still. If Nat only knew Z called her a THOT which I forget what that means but I know it is similar to calling someone a whore! It was like 3 weeks into the season in the safari room with Corey Maybe Nicole and maybe Paul. If Nat knew I am sure it would really hurt her feelings! If Nat had called Z this the Z fans would be hating on Nat big time. Ofcourse it is ok for Z fans if she says nasty things! Glad she went she was dead space. Yes as for Paul he is funny real admits his annoyances is a caring respectful guy as he did not like anything Paulie was saying in the HOH room either. He also volunteers with helping animals and the homeless too. I used to help the homeless too and volunteered plenty of my time years ago. I have to see who won the 2nd HOH now. Enjoy your trip with husband/boyfriend! Write back when you can. Nice talking with you also. Take some pics if you can. How far is your trip? So Vic won 2nd HOH comp? Paulie and Corey are on the block? Great! I will have to catch up now! Until next time.

      • Love the fact Paulie is on the block with the pawn Corey! Be glad to see him go! He was bad mouthing Z to M last night. M was saying stuff that were lies I think? It was in the Have not room. Did not know what to think? Hey are you driving to your trip? Enjoy your vacation! What state is it in if that is ok to ask? New England has lots of nice B and B’s! There will be so much to talk about when you come back. Paulie will be gone next unless he wins veto or has the 2 way ticket? I think one of the girls or Vic has it. No matter what he is doomed and the house will get interesting every day! The 2nd half is when the serious game play starts. I wonder if Vic even moved his stuff out of the HOH room as Corey got his basket and that was it just like Steve last year! Then Vic wins HOH again! I told everyone Vic did the right thing making the smart easy choice with Z and M! Then his next move was Paulie and Corey! Paul definitely helped after Paulie’s game got destroyed! Making the BB fan move can easily cost you the game depending on the timing and what point of the game.

      • I’ll be going to Michigan. We’re renting the very same cottage my husband spent his childhood summers at. We got to stay there for many years each summer until hubby’s mother sold her share to the couple that were part-owners. We had to rent others after that for awhile. Then stopped three years ago as cottage rent rates went up when no improvements had been made to them..not worth that cost for those. But glad we got a discounted rate this year for this one! :-) So Paulie and Corey did go on the block? I thought Vic would chicken out. Vic initially was going to put Natalie and Michelle up, but Paul talked him out of it, showing him the better move to make and why. Going to go see now! Then I’m packing and going to bed! LOL

      • Oh cool thanks for sharing as it is interesting news about your vacation! Yes Paulie is the target and on the block complaining and lying about all his alliances his BS loyalty etc to V! Corey is on the block too. Nic is liar and rat and if B was not sent home Nic would not have won safety for the week which she would have been the renom. Vic told her straight up she was safe only because of that! Vic is being honest and straight and well spoken and not backing down to bully Paulie! Also you should have seen feed of Nic venting to Nat and M and lying to their faces and asking for sympathy when she would not care if anyone left but her and Corey and she even said this to them. Everyone is against her now. Paulie Corey and Nic vs the house! Also Nic only won safety because B left as America voted for B! Nic was 2nd according to some fans with just 5% of the votes! Also even though I do not like Vic he is acting pretty mature since returning and his composure and he is well spoken and doing what he is supposed to. For all of those BB fans who hated V for taking easy road last week need to apologize BIG TIME! I told everyone here in his next HOH he would make big move and put up Paulie! V is playing the game since he got back in the house! The fans need to admit their mistakes too. Tired of the hypocrisy! I love the fact Nat B and M and Paul and James voted Z out and declared war on Paulie. The rest of the season should be really good now so other than production complaints the season will turn out decent now atleast it should. Go Jatalie! Even M now has changed so much in the past week since being on the block 2x during DE! Hope her attitude keeps improving and keeps annoying Paulie! Go M now. Paul and M can be the back up plan now.

      • Forgot what Nic lied about as she mostly was trying to comfort Z about Paulie. What did Nic lie about?

      • She lied to Michelle about why she didn’t talk to her at all before and after Day left. But it’s neither here nor there now. Nic’s future in the house is pretty much doomed and Michelle is okay with that now.

      • What is the WC? I thought there was no chance at blindside as Paul went running to Paulie about his convo with M! So dumb and James does not want to blindside as of yesterday but I want to hear the convo’s with him and Nat and their strategy relationship etc Nat told Paul she really likes James but wants to see how they are outside of the house which is fair. But that for those who doubt her sincerity about James she does really care and like James. Lots of good game talks to catch up on with Paul B M Nat James etc Joni we may get the blindside after all even after M and Paul messed that up yesterday. It seems Paul may come over to help with this blindside. We can only hope right?

      • As of early this morning for 2 1/2 hr convo, looks like Nat is finally getting more on board to try and take a shot at blindsiding Paulie by first, keeping Michelle and evicting Z, secondly, one of the five win first and second HoH during DE and hopefully getting Paulie out then Nicole or Corey. James was fine with either though he’d settle on Nicole leaving instead of Corey. James now has more to back him up than he did when he changed his mind last time after what Paul did with his talk with Michelle, which put a big target on James and Nat when that got back to him via Paulie, meaning Paul told Paulie what Michelle told him. They all spit and shook hands this time and said they were definitely committing to starting this war with Paulie. They’ll bring Vic in once Paulie and Z are gone, since Paul said Vic is in Paulie’s pocket big time now. WC is (water closet or toilet).

      • Ok thanks as I saw some short clips of these after dark feeds but only 2 were longer than a few minutes. Makes sense about Vic being wrapped around Paulie and look forward to him and Z going during DE which may not be tonight? Yes water closet I forget as I was told that term last season! James has plenty of backers now which is what he wanted people that can win comps! With B and P and Nat and M with Vic pulled over it is fair fight. 4 vs 3 with Vic waiting in the wings since he cannot play in the 1st HOH during DE if it is TONIGHT? Nat gets most of the credit here by keeping friendly with Paul B and M otherwise this never happens! What a surprise M and B are past the jealousy bit and wanting to work together! What planet are we living on now? Still not sure if they will tell him or just blindside Paulie. My gut is they tell him that this is what they think is best for the house. That is what they said in the clips I saw.

      • It kills me how people still vote for him. He cannot play this game. He hooks up with a girl, and throws it all away. I will never understand it

      • It’s hard to believe that Johnny Mac didn’t win instead. I suppose Johnny didn’t need the money as much as James so that might’ve affected the voting.

      • Johnny Mac had a ton of student loans to pay off, so I’m thinking he needed it a bit more than James did.

      • Can’t wait – have to know when it’s your chance. Come on Paul and Victor, you are our only hope to turn this season around. I’m sure that fell on deaf ears, unless DR writes them a note

  7. Thank you Paul. He has to be the one to stand up to Paulie and hopefully his nasty hole goes to Jury or Paul convinces victor to get rid of Paulie if they win veto.

  8. I could care less which one goes but it will be a decent game move to evict Z. It will throw Paulie off in the DE and the chance to evict him as well.

    • I really hope whichever one is evicted does have the RT ticket. The reason is that I hope Paulie is evicted in the DE and the RT is out of play. I won’t have to sit through Julie opening his ticket and seeing him possibly going right back in that house to wreak havoc. These HGs would $hit their pants.

      • I think Victor has it. If it’s not totally random then I like the Paris Flight 211 = 2+1+1 = 4 being the winning ticket theory. To me makes sense the ticket should be associated with Paris somehow.

      • I think #7 is the winning ticket based on pure superstition and James happens to have that one.

  9. I can’t believe people still volunteer as PONS! Nobody knows for sure what alliances are sneaking around. To believe anybody tell somebody they are definitely safe on the block; is A. Very cocky and that should be a red flag, B. To believe anybody in the house who puts you on the block is naive, especially with this many players left to choose from! Even if they HOH is honest, by ponning even their best friend should let that player know that the person putting them up really doesn’t care if they go home because nobody can predict the POV and then final vote! Nicole seems like the only one that understands this!!

  10. I’m surprised Paul has finally realized that he need to grow a backbone and stand up to Paulie if he’s going to win this game.

  11. Paulie has the numbers to strong arm Paul into giving in, I think. If he wins veto, they might be able to compromise and go for a third option, but Natalie’s not going home while James has the vote nullification, and I don’t think Victor wants to renom Bridgette (right?). So it’s probably time to say goodbye to Mean Meech unfortunately (or fortunately for those of you who hate Meech)

    • Victor might put Nat up if it’s only as a pawn but as you said she’d be guaranteed safety.

    • I think they do the POV contest close to evening due to the weather being so hot there. This lessens the possibility of them having heat exhaustion/stroke like what happened to Caleb on Survivor last season. They came very close to losing Caleb so I’m glad they’re factoring the weather conditions into reality comps now.

      • 82 in California? I was watching the weather report earlier in the BB season and California was having a drought and wild fires – I’m glad they’re out of danger now. Do you live in California?

      • I envy Californians then. It’s currently 90 degrees, humid and muggy here.
        It was so hot earlier I could hardly breathe when I went outside, it was like breathing molasses.

      • Well, they have some humidity (63%) because they’re near the ocean, but nothing too stifling.

      • I was wondering if the humidity was as bad in California as it is here.
        I suppose the ocean breezes are cooling.

      • Our summers in CA have become more humid in the last few years. But it’s still relatively dry compared to the east coast and south.

      • Where do you live? We are getting back into the high 90 heat index again this week but not as bad as you have it . I feel for you. Try and stay cool.

      • I live about 100 miles south of Memphis, TN and we’ve had a horrible heat wave but that’s not out of the ordinary for where I live. The heat never bothered me until I hit menopause lol.

      • I edited mine because I was going by EST, my time. I hope you didn’t mean PST because I will be fast asleep at 12:00AM. I’m up every AM by 5 or 5:30. :(

      • Oh, good! I’ll still be awake at 9 but I sure hope it is over before then!
        It’s been 4 1/2 hours. I thought this would be a shorter comp. What time did they shut the BY down?

  12. I have thought that all along Paul has been aware that his major opponent is Paulie. They are friendly as in “keep your enemies closer.” To survive this long in the game, Paul had to have Paulie. The time is coming to knock Paulie off his high horse, but Paul doesn’t have much material to work with among the other houseguests. Victor is about the only one who can help. “And in this life, you’re on your own.” – Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy!”

    • I’ve thought the same thing all along; how can Paul NOT be aware? Let’s hope we’re both right.

    • I think this is why he wants to keep z for the support. If only he would tell z what he’s talking about her.

  13. Natalie always talking girl power, and saying she wants a women to win the game, and James is helping her???? I used to like James before this season, but now i see he is totally delusional, when it comes to the girls he chases, like look in the mirror bro, then look at Natalie!

    • I do agree. I personally don’t find James attractive at all, but he has a cool personality and is a nice guy. Brigitte liked him, but he probably doesn’t like Asian women. Natalie doesn’t kiss him because she is not attracted to him, but pretending to be.

  14. Stand your ground Paul… Although I fear if he does it could destroy his game as Paulie will decide Paul needs to go since he can’t control him.

    • Paul and Victor can control the game if they wanted to. All he has to do is tell the rest of the house in the order that Paulie wants them out.

  15. There’s no use for them speculating until after the comp is over today. After that, they’ll either have a clear path laid out before them or another chance to argue who should go.

  16. Paulie, James & Nicole should all throw the veto so they won’t be forced to pick a side to use it on.
    Michelle, Zakiyah or Vic win and use it. Blindside Paulie by putting him up and out the door. Vic would go down in BB18 history as best move ever. Save the season.
    That’s good game play!!

      • Bridgette is crippled right now. The game is reset once Paulie is out. Everyone will be forced to play their own game instead of being a puppet.
        It will then be may the best man/woman win. Not who can hand it to Paulie best

  17. I’d rather see Paul go first than Paulie. Ever since Paulie realized he was on the out’s of every alliance in the house, he used the veto on Paul and has been picking up the pieces ever since. I give him credit. Paul is someone who your outside with having a smoke during break with all your co-workers and you just want to punch him in the face because he is so intentionally fake and arrogent.

    • I really dislike Paul but you have to admit he’s played a good game. He was on the losing side in the beginning. He managed to survive Jozea, Victor and Bronte getting evicted which were his alliance. Not only has he survived but he has become a part of a strong alliance and before this week he was best friends with Paulie who is running the house. Paul has played a real good game considering the position he was in the first 2 weeks compared to where he is now.

      • I’m pretty impressed by Paul too, this guy is extremely intelligent or he couldn’t have worked his way out of last place in the house to now being #2 after paulie. If only he didn’t talk so much…

  18. There is no way to send Paulie home even if he goes on the block without James’s support.

    If Paulie goes on the block, the 3 votes against him are Meech, Nat and Paul.

    The votes for him are Nicole, Corey and Bridge.

    James has the 3 swing votes (due to the ability to cancel) but I feel like he would use them for Paulie not against him !

    I really wish Natalie had gotten a better package

    • James said that everything he does is stategic even when hes lying in bed. If thats true than he should know that Paulie has to go because Paulie will never take James to final 2. Unfortunately I don’t think James is smart or stategic.

      • Yeah, BS. He proved that last season when he didn’t make a move to rid the house of Vanessa or the Austwins … all he did was spend 3 months hitting on Meg.

  19. If Paul and Paulie go into serious discourse, this game will be interesting. I wonder who will yield first?

  20. I’m so sick and disgusted everytime someone comes out of the bathroom and doesn’t wash his or her hands. And Zakiya’s sanitary napkin change in front of everyone without washing her hands afterwards was the grossest, unsanitary event in BB History!
    Plus, it’s not just the non washing of hands after being on the toilet that’s sickening, it’s all the Nose Picking with no hand washing, or Fingers in the Eyes getting Eye Gunk out and no hand washing, or Scratching their heads and getting nails full of dander and grease and you see them using a different nail to try and pick it out of their other nail.
    These BB Players along with all the past BB Players are just friggin dirty, disgusting pigs!
    Plus these Piggish Slobs touch food and door knobs or plumbing fixtures etc with snot or eye gunk or whatever other bodily crap on their hands. Ewwww!
    Not to mention all the Germs they wipe on the furniture etc. YUK!!!
    Makes me wonder if the house ever gets fully sanitized and everything wiped down between seasons? Or do all the germs build up season after season?
    Plus, do the toilets and showers or bath tub ever get cleaned?? Bcuz I have never seen anyone clean these items!
    And the HG’s wonder Why they have Ants and other Insects inside the house.
    It’s just flippin gross!!!

      • It’s getting harder and harder to watch most tv these days.. but somehow, it draws you in and you gotta see or know what’s going on.

    • LMAO!!!
      Watching every little thing a person does 34 hrs straight can be disgusting.

    • You must have missed what we would put in care packages I surmise! LOLOL I’d be giving them gloves, sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer.

      • I had to laugh at James getting underwear in his care package. They probably figured he needed a clean pair.

      • He did complain that whenever they’re on lockdown he isn’t able to get his laundry done…so maybe that was an added bonus he wasn’t anticipating! :-)

      • Oh, that’s a convenient excuse. Does everybody use the same excuse? If that’s the case, nobody ever does their laundry.

      • He really didn’t want to be gone from Nat that long, but he wouldn’t admit that to the viewers! :-)

      • They probably still wouldn’t use it. These people are just gross, unsanitary, germ spreading pigs!

    • I’m glad you said it because I wanted to puke earlier when I saw james picking at the dessert, Zak digging on her hair, Nicole running her hands through her hair as she is cutting food with no hair net and wiping on her nose with the back of her hand, etc. and other instances. Yuk

  21. Man this is one of the longest Veto’s in recent memory. There was virtually no time to build the comp either because the yard wasn’t locked down until like 2-3 hours before the comp started. My theory is they all had to hide their veto card somewhere in the house and then take turns searching. It’s possible the house was totally trashed so production is still involved with directions for cleanup etc. Hope Michelle won so we can finally start taking out Paulie’s minion’s.

  22. Paul needs to wake up. Paulie promised that Brigitte will go home next if he got D out and he changed his mind. Paul should get rid of Paulie or Z right now.

  23. Has anyone noticed paulie ‘ s transformation back to his old self. Covering the hair, shaved beard, etc.?

    • Yeh..he should have waited for the hair to grow out some more before shaving the beard! He looks like a conehead now! LOL

    • I thought production didn’t want him to change all that – some sort of continuity issue or something.

      • Oh, that’s right, I forgot. So when he goes into the DR asking for the $500K they just promise him it’s on its way.

      • Paulie won the Veto! This whole show is now so predictable, & boring now…They should just write the damn check out now to Paulie…Smdh?!

  24. Paul wants Zakiyah to go, & Meech to stay…On the Flip side Paulie wants Zakiyah to stay, because he can mind control her better, than he can Meech…Plus Paulie get his so called “Cuddle” or Heavy Petting on every night with Zakiyah.

    As far as I am concerned the show is getting very predictable, and boring…At this point it looks like everything is going Paulie’s way, & he will win!

    Unless, this Meech/Zakiyah thing becomes the great Divide between the Pee/Pee Alliance.

  25. It’s now or never. If Paulie gets his way this week then everyone else might as well just self evict and hand him the check.

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