Big Brother 18: Veto Comp Plans In Week 6 – Update: Players Picked

Nominations are in place and the Veto competition is coming up today for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as they prepare to shift from the original plan to targeting a bigger threat in their midst.

Bridgette worries about her game on BB18

On Friday Paulie spent a long time sitting and conversing with Bridgette, the initial target, over how they can work together to get his new and improved target, Da’Vonne, on the Block and out the door.

Right now we’ve got Bridgette and Paulie on the Block but they may not end up being the final noms if this Veto competition changes things up like they’re planning.

What they hope to pull off is either Paulie or Bridgette winning the Veto and using it to save themselves. From there Paul will supposedly name Da’Vonne as the renom and then she’ll be the one leaving this Thursday.

There will be three more players drawn to join in the comp alongside Paul as HoH and Bridgette & Paulie as the nominees. As Paulie explained it, there is no chance whatsoever that Da’Vonne can be picked to play. He does understand simple odds, right?

Bridgette suggested they instead consider the probabilities. We’ve got eleven players left in the game. Now they said the HG Choice chips have been added back in to the mix instead of having their names becoming picks. That’s too bad because I actually liked that method. Either way, that gives Da’Vonne a one in eight chance of being drawn. Not impossible and better odds than Frank had of getting the 1:12 Round Trip ticket.

However, even if Da’Vonne is drawn to play Veto then she still has to actually win it. After two seasons in the Big Brother house Day has never won a single comp. She did come close in the recent HoH endurance comp, but close doesn’t win you safety.

Should either nominee get to do a HG Choice then watch for Bridgette to pick Natalie and Paulie would probably pick Corey. Bridgette questioned if it’d be too obvious for her to pick Corey or Victor and Paulie thought it would be a bad idea. He redirected her to Natalie and that’s what I’d do too. I wouldn’t want to pick Corey, have him win, then watch as he uses it on Paulie and I stayed on the Block to hope this Day renom plan happens.

We’ll be watching for the Veto player picks later this morning which should be around or a little past 12PM BBT. If Day gets picked to play then we’ll have a little extra boost of panicky drama today otherwise the big question is whether or not the winner will actually use it and whether or not Paul will follow through.

Last night after the nominations ceremony Paul pulled Bridgette aside and promised her this plan was real and Da’Vonne was his main target. That’s a deviation from his previous talks where he asserted to his allies that Bridgette was his target but he wouldn’t fight the majority if they decided otherwise. Paul also broke from character for a bit to promise Bridgette that while his speech was harsh it was in part trying to make for good television and also an effort to hide their BD-Day plans. Nice to see Paul holding on to knowing this is just a game.

Who do you want to see drawn to play in today’s Veto comp? Should Day get a chance to fight for her game? Zakiyah and James have warned her if she’s playing to not let this one get away. Paulie has also promised to heckle Da’Vonne like he did with Tiffany to make sure she’s rattled going in to the comp. Seems like that’d give away the plan, but we’ll see if it’s even an issue.

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Update: Players picked. Paulie picked Victor. Natalie was also selected, possibly picked. Corey is also playing as the 3rd. Nicole is hosting. So Da’Vonne was shutout from the draw and won’t have a second chance to play for her safety again.


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  1. I woul love to see Paulie get blindsided. He is becoming Derek but in a more arrogant way. Don’t worry about DaVonnne as much. Evict Paulie while you can or he will win it all.

      • It’s just like when Vanessa was on the block against Shelly. Everyone was so obsessed with getting Shelly out and soon regretted it. Vanessa and Paulie are two very different players but are both dangerous to keep around for too long.

    • Day is a s&it stirrer and needs to go. They can blindside Paulie in a DE. They would never have enough votes to get him out this week. Did you forget he’s the King of the BB house. Hopefully some of them wake up and see that Paul and Paulie think they can run the house.

      • Please Da is no different than the rest! At least she doesn’t belittle people and most of the shot she said is true or blamed on her by Nicole and also lies!! It’s a game of you don’t lie or stir up shot as you call it your not playing big brother!! Because of the misleading hate on her I want her to win and pray she has that golden ticket!!

      • It’s not misleading hate on her. It’s all true. The cause was her mouth spitting out lies and those lies coming back to bite her in the butt. That’s how it goes in the BB house when you don’t cover your tracks or just don’t know how to hide your emotions. She definitely belittles people that didn’t/don’t deserve it.

      • And in that house is always telling the truth? This is a game and everyone has a strategy. I guess you like Nicole playing both sides and then gets mad when she gets called out? Or Corey floating through the game on Nicole’s coat tails? Day’s game is no better or worse than any one else’s game. I hope she does have the the golden ticket. So that when they try to get her out she ruins their whole game plan.

      • I’m pretty sure I never said the rest of the house tells the truth. I definitely said “That’s how it goes in the BB house when you don’t cover your tracks or just don’t know how to hide your emotions.” Everyone lies in that house for one reason or another. But once you start lies on purpose to use against other HG’s to try and get them out, then your playing with fire and will get burned pretty quickly. She called out Audrey for doing it last season and now she’s been called out for it this season. This is all her doing and now she’s about to pay for it.
        I’m glad you can assume who I like. You know what happens when you assume, right???? I liked Nicole when it started but no, I don’t like how she is going back and forth because she can’t make up her mind. Corey isn’t floating at all. He’s obviously not a great player but at least he can think and play for himself. He has to make sure Nicole is on the same page because obviously if you make an enemy of your partner then you just put a target on your back. That’s why no showmances. He tries to at least play the game unlike Zakiyah who is actually the person riding someone’s coattails. She doesn’t even talk game. She’d rather talk about how petty and jealous she gets when anyone dare touches Paulie. You’re on the wrong show Zakiyah. I can go through a list on each of the HG’s but that’s a waste of time. This cast has not made it easy to like them, so yeah there you go.
        And yes Day’s game is actually worse because she’s a target isn’t she? If it was better than other HG’s or good in general then she wouldn’t be such a HUGE target.

      • “Corey isn’t floating at all.”

        That load of misinformed horse crap renders everything else you said as invalid for coming from someone who doesn’t have a clue.

      • I agree. Corey is playing even if he’s not that great at comps. He won POV when he was on the block and actually Nicole I really believe is his ride or die. As far as Nicole going back and forth the only one she did that with was Frank. And if you remember he was part of the alliance so that’s why she was working with him. Frank blew that because Nicole tried to help him several times then all he does is keep throwing her under the bus. She gave him several chances before finally saying she was done with him. He is the one that was ruining her game. And as far as people going back and forth everyone is doing it. Just look at all the different final 3’s.

      • There’s a difference between lying and playing the game then being a bitch and mean girl and turning on your own alliance. You have each other’s back in an alliance. That’s what an alliance is for. Day started it the 2nd week running her mouth about getting the couples out, lying to Tiffany (who was part of her alliance) about Frank being after her and saying the same to Frank. You don’t do that the 2nd week in a game when they are a part of your alliance. There were plenty of people to go after. She’s a bad player with a bad attitude and her lies about her alliance are coming back to bite her. Instead of having her back they’re evicting her ass. I love it. Bye Day.

      • Don’t forget she hid stuff on Tiff when she was in the house. Da is no angel.

      • You’re joking right? Do you watch the feeds? Day belittles everyone then pretends to be their friend. Last week her, Z and Michelle were the mean girls all week. And you have it backwards about Day and Nicole. Nicole had Day’s back 100% until Day just couldn’t keep her mouth shut and stick with her alliance and threw the couples under the bus. After that Nicole didn’t trust her. And it’s Day that can’t have a conversation without throwing Nicole under the bus. Every other word that comes out of her mouth is Nicole’s name and lies. In fact as soon as the veto comp was done she was telling Bridgette to tell Paul to put Nicole up. I liked her the first week but she hasn’t changed one bit from her season. Still has a bad attitude with a big mouth. Bye bye Day!

      • At first I didn’t like Day, she kept stirring up trouble in her alliance but now I’m so annoyed with how everyone is just doing everything Pailie does! I’m especially annoyed with the girls for just being boy crazy and not playing the game. The girls are getting picked off and none of them seem to notice! Right now I’m rooting for Day and Bridgette, now that Frank is gone l want to see bridgette kick butt!!!

  2. I don’t see why Brigitte needed to ask Paul for permission on who she should pick to play veto.

  3. Paul put his foot down for one hot minute and Paulie stepped on it.
    Michelle fawns all over him and tells him she trusts him and he has the best judgment of anyone in the house. Paulie had just had a conversation with Michelle with the intention of directing her target to Da instead of Bridgette and, of course, it worked. He has plans for Bridgette to become his(and his alone) little secret sidekick to help do his dirty work. She will oblige. I dislike Da, but Paulie disgusts me. I hope Da plays and wins veto. One in eight chance and she holds the #8 envelope. Maybe it’s an omen.

    • I had to recheck who wrote this after seeing the #8 envelope comment LOL. As for Paulie or DAY getting voted out, I would be happy to see Paulie go this week then DAY next week. Sad part is that Paul would claim credit for this and his head will be bigger than it is now.

      • He was bragging about the size of his head just last night.
        I thought I read that she had the #8 envelope, but I could be mistaken.

      • Mr. Conspiracy keeps saying DAY got the #8 envelope. He also said she won a trip to Jamaica too LOL.

      • I remembered reading somewhere that Davonne had envelope #8 and Matthew said she had 1 out of 8 chance to get picked to play in the veto.

      • Can’t imagine Paul’s head getting any bigger. I can barely see my tv screen beyond his head. I will be looking forward to the future when he is blindsided. He is so full of himself that he will never see it coming and it will…one day.

      • I believe one of the clues had “ocho rios” on it. So some believe that number has significance .

      • Yes, that’s what I heard, one of the clue posters had the number ocho rios on it which means 8.

      • “one of the clue posters had the number ocho rios on it which means 8.”

        Ocho Rios isn’t a number, it’s a place in Jamaica. Ocho Rios is Spanish for 8 rivers, but to say Ocho Rios means 8 is….for lack of a better word stupid.

      • Obviously I don’t speak Spanish so thanks so much for your clarification m mayhem :D

      • People are thinking the #8 envelope has the return ticket in it. Why I have no idea.

      • So far the only one I have heard talk about that is the troll. He says that because DAY got the #7 phone call last year that took out two or three of the eviction votes and she choose the people that wouldn’t make it look like she got it which I always thought that was a mistake on her part. So now he say’s that the #8 envelope is the one with a round trip ticket to Jamaica and not back in the house.

      • You just summed up a post that had been repeated over and over and over…Thanks!

      • Someone had to do it just in case it was missed by all who come on here LOL

      • If someone missed it then they have a problem. It got to the point that I had the messages memorized.

      • That’s where I thought it came from. From what I could pick up on the feeds I think Victor has the #8.

      • I agree that they would be idiots to keep him if he’s sitting there Thursday, but I appreciate his game play more than Dayvonne’s, so as a viewer I’m hoping he stays.

      • Linda remember natalie knows that paulie is playing both sides of the house she figured it out when paulie was telling James to put up frank and bridgette last week she was in the room when paulie said that

      • Linda it’s was in the have not room in the bumper cars paulie was telling James to put up frank and bridgette natalie was laying in her bumper car faking sleeping
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      • It would be a perfect opportunity but they still don’t have their brains right now so they would never think to vote him out lol! If there were fewer HG’s then yeah but not right now. And plus I REALLY want Day gone… like 4 weeks ago! She’s done too much damage in that house already, don’t let it continue.

      • I think Val is right, if it were later in the game they might all suddenly notice Hey lookey what we’ve got here. But as it stands now, too many heads in the sand

  4. Looks like they are going to draw for veto competition. Not sure who I want picked. I just hope Bridgette wins the veto.

  5. I fear this is going to be a Vanessa situation. They wait on the opportunity to take out this biggest player while they’re vulnerable…. Send Paulie home!!!!

    • It’s definitely a good opportunity but he’s not even a thought to most if them right now. Whereas Vanessa was the actual target at that time and James was the idiot. Day is definitely a bigger target. Yeah she hasn’t won anything but it’s her mouth causing the damage. She’s already done plenty, they need to keep her from doing any more. She should’ve left 2 weeks ago.

      • But Paulie has far more influence than Day does, pretty much everyone has caught onto her. And she since she seems unable to win (unlike Paulie), she just isn’t as big of a threat.

      • That’s absolutely correct but in cases like hers there is an exception. If you are stirring the pot just with your mouth alone, then you’ve gotta go ASAP. Just like why they get rid of the obnoxious people first or the paranoid people also, they don’t want them disrupting the house, causing chaos. She’s definitely caused/causing chaos and now it’s her turn to go.

      • She does deserve to go, she unnecessarily caused drama, turning two people (then the house) against her when they weren’t targeting her. But I don’t think she is as big of a threat as some of the others in the house. A big one but not the biggest.

      • Day has even helped paulie reach his present position by targeting and getting out Tiff and Frank, 2 people that could’ve taken Paulie out eventually.

      • She’s not a smart cookie huh lol She should’ve thought things through and thought about laying low instead of starting crap in the first week. But that’s typical Day, can’t keep that mouth shut.

      • I agree, Day’s game was pure emotion, she’d start hating somebody and then do everything in her power to get rid of them. Very careless of her not to realize that people would catch on to her constant lies eventually but she couldn’t seem to help herself.

  6. Brig is sleeping in one of Franks old shirts? I wonder what Franks girlfriend thinks of that

  7. Z just said she would never put Nicole, Michelle, or Paulie up. I think she is right about that because I don’t think she will ever be in the position to do so. Gotta play to win girl.

  8. Bridgette should trust no one! Win the Veto and take yourself off the block! Nothing else matters. She should not be doing any one’s dirty work. Let them do it themselves!

  9. Paulie deserves to leave this week b/c he was stupid enough to volunteer to be a nominee; he probably won’t but if he does he had it coming. I’m sure Day will leave this week b/c its what The King (Paulie) wants. It also looks like he’s taking Frank’s place as Bridgette’s partner.
    Until yesterday I would have said he’s a better player than Day; she’s always in someone’s face while’s more sneaky about getting what he wants

    • He is using Brigitte to get what he wants, but I still think that Corey is his number 2 and Paul is his dirty hand.

      • He plans on taking Frank’s place with Bridgette hoping that she will be just as loyal to him cause she doesn’t have anyone else in the house so she will probably latch onto him

  10. I hope Cory wins super safety, I’d like to see production come up with a costume his size

  11. This is off subject: A hot air balloon in TX with 16 people on board started on fire and went down. They are saying no survivors. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends.

  12. Paulie picked Victor to keep him on his side of course. James is an idiot and should switch to Da’vonne.
    James is telling Natalie to take off Paulie if she wins, but only after making a deal with him.
    So stupid.

    • It’s stupid that he, of all people, is talking about making deals. Lol! So laughable!

    • Natalie should keep nominations the same or take Brigitte off, but not Paulie. She needs to do what is best for her and getting rid of Paulie is the best thing.

      • Hopefully. She seemed to be very chummy with Paulie last night and I don’t think she will mention the conversation to D as she has before.

  13. Hope the care package holder messes everything up for Paulie this week and he ends up going out.

  14. I hope Bridgette wins and Davonne does not go up and Paulie goes home . Here’s to optimism.

  15. Not liking this in our annual BB neighborhood pool I pulled Da’Vonne name to win. This is a great opportunity to get Paulie out. Hope the house sees it and Paul says it my HOH.

  16. Paulie talking smack about Z now to Nic and Corey…but you watch once again, he’ll be cuddling with her again tonight.

    • I don’t know. Since she’s not playing for veto, she is, at this moment, just a liability.

      • Don’t mean to butt in, but it’s the sameo sameo. The dicktator is using anything and everything, mainly her jealousy, to get rid of her. He was just using her to further his game, although he doesn’t want the others to know that. He feels he doesn’t need her any more. So she will be gone soon.

      • Thanks Karen, she’s so loyal to him though, I find it hard to believe he’d evict her for that reason. Plus, he will need her vote in jury and a scorned woman would NEVER give him her vote I’m afraid.

      • She must have low self esteem to let him treat her like he has. I don’t think it is ok for anyone to play with a person’s emotions, game or real life. I don’t like the girl at all, but I hope she will learn a valuable lesson from this.

      • It’s so easy for us to see that Paulie is using her and I don’t like to see that either. I don’t think she’d believe anything others tried to tell her if they tried to help her sadly. She’s in love and wants Paulie’s children period *sigh*
        I’m starting to think Paulie has a wandering eye when it comes to Natalie. He sure wasn’t pushing Paul to put her up.

      • He’s wanting to bring Gigglette into his fold. She’s new blood with no strings attached and she needs him. She will do whatever he asks without question and could be his Victoria.

      • He’s found his Victoria so goodbye Zak I suppose.
        I wonder who Bridgette will take to the finale with her?

      • Oh, I agree, Bridgette is no dummy. Good gameplay if she’s just pretending to be another harmless Victoria.

      • If Paulie has his way, I honestly think he might be planning to take her to the end because he thinks he can beat her. She has no one else and he doesn’t want her to have anyone else. I think he will protect her each week by taking the target off of her and putting it squarely on someone else as he has done this week with Da. Since Da is almost as good as out, he has turned his sights to Z already. She might be next if something doesn’t happen to change his mind.

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if Paulie ended up in 2nd place just like his little brother? hehehe.
        I don’t have the feeds but is Bridgette even able to carry on a conversation with anybody? All I’ve seen on BBAD is her giggling but unable to sit down and talk to people. This might account for her isolation – not that I’m condoning that at all. She is probably very boring to be around if she can’t talk about anything.

      • I’ve seen little snide things Gigglette has done that makes me think she is just as capable of being a rude mean girl as any of the others, but she might be more intelligent, idk. If she is, and plays Paulie while he thinks he is playing her, I would enjoy that immensely, but I’m not counting on it. I’m hoping Paulie doesn’t make it to F2.

      • I’ve heard some of the girls say this about Bridgette too and I can see her being sneaky and bringing some of her problems on herself.
        Since most of the girls can’t stand her one of them might try to get rid of her if they ever decide to try to win HOH.

      • I think it will definitely have to be a luck comp if one of the girls wins or the guys decide to throw them one so the gal HOH can do some dirty work for them. By the time these girls figure out what has been going on, I’m afraid it will be too late to have a female winner this season.

      • I don’t think she has a shot unless Corey is evicted. She can’t think straight. She’s trying to play for two and keep two people safe and that has really negatively affected her game, imo. I was all for Nicole or James at the beginning of the season. James isn’t going to win. I could root for Nicole again if she got her head in the game. I’ve never stopped hoping she would.

      • I’m hoping that since Frank left and Day is on her way out the door this will take the focus off Nicole for a little while. With those 2 doing everything in their power to destroy her game I’m surprised she managed to come out on top. I still don’t understand why Frank thought Nicole was the biggest threat in the game lol.
        I know how you feel about showmances but if Corey manages to get in tight with Paulie this MIGHT help Nicole in the long run is she stays in the shadows for a bit.
        Of all the women left Nicole and Bridgette might be the best contenders for the title.

      • YESSSS!!!!! We’re always on the same page! I just replied to one of your comments about them lol

      • It would make me happy to see Nicole win, but not Bridgette unless she and Paulie, Paul, or Victor were the F2. I don’t want any of those d-bags to win.

      • I think Nicole is playing a better game than Bridgette too since Bridgette’s social game seems to be lacking due to whatever reasons. People just don’t seem to like her and probably wouldn’t vote for her to win.
        If Nicole could survive the Frank and Day onslaught I’m optimistic about her chances.
        Good to know you’ll be rooting for her to win too if she manages to make it to the finale. :D

      • I’m kinda thinking and hoping now that if they let her slide a little longer that Bridgette will win. I honestly wouldn’t mind if somehow it ends up being Corey, Nicole and Bridgette in F3. That’s actually my best case scenario because they’re the 3 working my nerves the least out of all the HG’s lol! That’s so bad lol

      • You hit the nail on the head Valerie with your comments. Corey, Nicole and Bridgette don’t get on my nerves as much as some of the others too and that’s probably why I’m attracted to them. Plus, they seem to be decent people that I can relate to.
        I don’t know how the HG’s were even able to stand being around some of the evicted HG’s; but they all had one thing in common (except Glenn) they were annoying and aggravating as all get out and it was such a relief to see them walk out the door.
        The bad news is I’m afraid Day has the winning ticket :(((

      • Oh pleeeease noooooo!!!! If she does then they’ll definitely send her right back out, I hope! But I kinda don’t feel like she does. I think it’s someone random like Zakiyah or Natalie. Ahhhhh I guess we’ll have to wait and see….. eeeeek!!! Lol!

      • I hope she doesn’t either Valerie, the sooner Day is out the door the better. She has gotten on my last nerve with the way she was lying about Nicole.

      • Says she won’t come out and tell him what’s bothering her and that he doesn’t like playing these kind of games with women. That she’s messing with his aura. That basically he’s friends with all his ex-girlfriends and not sure Z would be. He talks a good talk but come evening, he’ll have her right back beside him again.

      • Wow! Gotta protect that aura I suppose. :D
        In other words he’s physically attracted to her but that’s it.

      • I think they’re poison to each other. They just don’t fit because she’s soooo jealous of anyone touching him and he’s very touchy feely because of his family. That’s NEVER gonna work. I mean she’s saying things like “I marked my territory, I peed on my tree.” “I’m very territorial.” Like whaaaaat????? I just don’t think they need to be involved with each other, it just doesn’t make sense because of the extreme difference in that aspect alone. It can only get worse after that.

  17. Is Nicole playing or hosting? Update currently says Nicole, Nat, and Vic were picked to play.

  18. Bridgette needs to bite into this Veto Comp like it’s her LAST MEAL and win it if she wants to be truly safe.
    Hoo gurl can’t wait to see the drama Day will unleash on the house if she’s OTB with Paulie!

  19. I dont know what to hope for….I just want DAY safe and Paulie gone.

    Maybe Michelle wins the veto and does not use it.
    Or Natalie wins and does not use it also..

  20. *Sighs* I am so freaking tired of all of the houseguests doing Paulie’s biding! Each week it’s who he wants to evict. Two weeks ago it was Tiff, this week it was Frank and now it’s Da, and of course since he is the king and all what ever he says goes regardless of the fact that he isn’t even HOH! It’s just frustrating to see how fast people will give up their game to follow the leader and ensure safety for a couple weeks. I honestly want to see King Paulie be officially overthrown! All in favor please say I.

      • I know and it gets even more cringe worthy each season. It’s like them saying ‘hey let’s get rid of all of the people targeting Paulie to ensure his safety!’

    • If, and it’s a big if, some are planning to evict Paulie, they absolutely should not let him know at this point, so, of course, they would be acting “friendship”, and then after Da goes up, at least 4 of the 7 voters (James, Natalie, Nicole , Corey, Bridgette, Victor and Z), can get him out, however, this only works if, and it’s another really big if, they can actually figure out that it would be in their best interest. (HOH Paul, Noms Da & Paulie can’t vote). Did I get that right? Oops, forgot Michelle … no wonder … makes it 5 out of 8??

      • You know Vic has to want that but can he get that going at the last minute without making himself the next target?

      • Yea you did. That is a really big if, but I’m afraid that the houseguests are just too caught up with Paulie that they don’t even realize that he is in fact a really big threat to their game. I fear that when they do start smelling the coffee or in this case the sh**, it will be too late unfortunately. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to sit next to Paulie come final two. It’s ridiculous to think that you’ll win against him.

    • But why? It’s not Friendship! Pissed!!!
      Actually I have been waiting for the day I can finally tweet #bred4losingthis like your brother so please #calmyournipples.

  21. The biggest ass-wipe in the house is VICTOR!! Paulie’s HOH sent him out the door! Last Night this punk was begging Paulie to not put himself in danger…now he’s saying if he wins veto, he’ll use it on Paulie…say what??? He is even dumber than a door nail. He believes Paul and Paulie are the ones who voted to keep him. Hey IDIOT VICTOR CAN’T YOU DO SIMPLE MATH?? Only one person voted to keep you in…how the hell did you get two from that!!

  22. Between Mama Day (yes I know she hates it but who cares?) and Paulie, I still prefer Mama Day to go. She’s all big mouth, big hair and big fat zero comp win after 2 years. At least Paulie does win things to back his big mouth up.

  23. I wish the Wayens brothers would get together and make a spoof movie of big brother. Paulies head would just keep growing and “his boy” Paul would be on his knees kissing Paulies ring. Da would be gone but everyone would still be able to hear her rantings. Brig would keep shrinking until she was the size of her voice…should I go on?

    • How about pyromaniac Corey tries to burn down the BB house after smashing all the cameras lol ?


      • Too funny Cheryl, it’s a good thing Corey has Nicole and Paulie to look after him that’s for sure.

      • I know right because Cory does look like a deer caught in head lights sometimes. Just run his ass over aready…lol

      • I just read where he was telling Nicole that he was taking Adderall for ADD. He said they said it gave him an advantage so he stopped taking so he could be a HG. That might explain some things.

      • Great info Karen, and this does explain his space cadet persona.
        Glad they’re stopping the Adderall dependent folks from being HG’s now, they were just too painful to watch at times and couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

      • I feel a bit tiny sorry for him tho. It’s a medicine to help him focus since he has ADD. Shouldn’t he be on a disadvantage with other HGs by not consuming the drug?
        You are referring to his eyes, right? Hahaha.

      • I guess, just like sports, if you are going to play, then you are going to play by the rules. Unfortunately he wanted to win a half mill more than he wanted to keep his head straight, or maybe because he can’t keep his head straight.

      • I don’t think it’s that similar with sports tho, coz the cheaters use drug to enhance their abilities so they can cheat to win.
        Corey needs that drug to cover his disability so he can be up to par with other HGs mentally, not to cheat.

      • No, I meant, the no drugs thing, but he isnt taking it for an advantage, once I thought about it ,it is kind of like taking away insulin from a diabetic that wantsto play, my bad

      • I’m not a physician, but I would think they have consulted one. It seems that would be a warranted argument to me, though, Luki.

      • Or maybe they could have just left him in the Paris tunnel when he got stuck in there and he could have haunted BB til the end of time

      • And his catch phrase would be..ME HUNGRY FOR PRETTY BLONDE GIRLS…LOL…LOL

      • I’m going to feed my cat, I forgot being on here with you BB crazies…, I’ll be back in a few. Don’t let Cory know that I’m feeding my cat..he might wants some….lol…lol

      • Haha. Sounds like the kind of dialogue ‘Mickey Mousaroni’ would write!

    • When I watch I don’t hear Da’vonne ranting. She spends most times sleeping or talking one on one with another HG. Does she know Paulie wants her out?

      • OK I guess I’m just tired of her DR sessions, I’m to the point where I mute them

      • Do they show the DR sessions on the feeds, because when the show airs all I hear is her talking and getting excited, or crying.

      • I take it you are a Da fan, sorry but I wish she’d go just so I don’t have to listen to her, what sounds like screaming to me

  24. Paulie is pretty much running this game, and nobody seems to target him. Either he’s really smart or everyone is really stupid. Guess Derrick taught him well (?)

    • Yeah but Derrick didn’t teach him how to keep his ass off the Block. He’s been up there twice now.

    • I agree Dan, paulie is playing the best game right now, like him or not. Of the 4 people wanting to run the show from the beginning, he’s already gotten out 2 of them with the 3rd one on the way.
      I’d say that’s good gameplay.

  25. Hate her or love her, Day is playing the game. She may still believe Bridgette is the target, but the light bulb will go off and get her to thinking about Paulie being on the block. According to who wins the VETO, she could at least plant the seed of how Paulie is running the game. Now that Michelle appears to be in kind of a showmance with Paul, I don’t know who she could convince to vote out Paulie. But I would still at least give them food for thought. James and Michelle being super fans,it should resonate with them at least.

      • Bridgette will be a deaf mute for the remainder of the week. She now knows she is not the target so she will not say a thing to anyone. It’s funny how all night and day she has been besties with everyone in the house. Day should pick up on that.

      • See Mickey, you should say that in your original post and then people would be able to understand what you meant.

      • are you sayn package deal doesnt paint a target on your back yes or no?is natalie really like around the house?

      • I’m saying people can not understand what you mean in your comments and it would help if you used complete sentences and some kind of punctuation when necessary so you’ll be better able to communicate with people here.

      • Btw in the feeds it was mentioned that Corey has ADD, he can focus on something strongly but misses out on other things that’s why he needs adderall but he can’t have it in the house.
        Probably this guy has the same problem? Just a thought.

      • “yes or no answer”
        I don’t have any idea what you’re trying to say here.
        I was just trying to help you out so people would understand what you’re saying.

      • sorry i just can’t stop laughing … you wrote about something and the commenter replied with something completely different hahaha. too funny.
        btw that guy has been saying the same thing over and over.

      • He writes like he is either drunk, stoned, or has a brain injury (sincerely no offense to those who suffer genuine brain injuries). His posts are incomprehensible.

      • He says something one time he also needs to repeat it at least a thousand times to reach all people before he moves on to say a different thing. Rinse and repeat.

      • I started looking at how many commens are on a post. Then if I started to see his comments I would cut that number in half and know that’s how many comments there really are lol!!

      • He does this every day and always says the same thing from day to day. He never stfu!

  26. I’m thrilled that Day’s lying game has finally been exposed and she’s lost all credibility.
    Can’t wait to see her leave on Thursday.

  27. Watched Wil Heuser’s BB spoofs last night, since he’s got several out on BB 18 by now. This guy is so creative, always a highlight every season at our house.

  28. It’s definitely Cory playing. Not sure of exact time but he and Nicole were talking about it right after the feeds came back. They are assuming the comp is the luxury/punishments one – he was asking about picking 5K vs the Trip commenting that she was being nice because she wanted him to go for the trip and take her.

    Also – Paul walked in and asked if they were ready to play. (Nicole mentioned being jealous that she wasn’t but glad she gets to host).

    • In that case poor Bridgette would probably have to win all the punishments in order to win POV.

      • Ah sorry didn’t clearly articulate that – I meant the one where when they get out the get a box then choose to trade their prize for someone else’s or keep it and the winner gets final pick. There’s usually a 5K, a trip, veto, two punishments (usually costumes), and one random prize like a week of safety or a never not or something.

        Though if it HAD been the real punishment one, with the group playing I think the only person who would have been willing to take severe punishments for it (other than Bridgette) would have been Paul but even he may have been decided enough on the BD that he wouldn’t have risked future weeks of safety/veto.

      • Ok, I see which comp you’re talking about now and I don’t see much motivation for anyone to pass up money or prizes unless it’s the ones on the block or the HOH. Can’t wait to see this year’s costume :D

      • Yeah not this year so far but I’ve seen times when an alliance member not on the block goes hard in those kinds of comps there just aren’t that many tight alliances this year; though i feel like the couples would probably all take punishments to save their other “half” – except P/Z. Though I think Frank would have taken punishments to save Tiffany a few weeks ago.

      • Frank is fearless when it comes to comps and no doubt he would’ve done anything needed to save Tiff but I don’t see too many of these HG’s going out on a limb to save an alliance member either. Maybe Corey or Nicole or James would for Nat.

  29. Can’t stand day. She needs to go ASAP. I am ok with Paul and paulie terrorized the house for two more weeks

  30. Six girls left, Bridge won 2 comps but now is in a very vulnerable state, Mich won one, because her hatred of Bridge drove her to win, Nicole sorta kinda won one, and the other three girls can’t win anything.
    Five guys left and they are all comp beasts (yes even Corey).
    Can’t see a girl wins, they might probably be picked off one after another together with James. Top 4 could be bromance Paul/ie vs bromance Vicorey.

    • There you go..another win for Big Shot Paulie. Couple of Hoh and Veto’s, maybe some more wins coming. They’re all blind and deserved to be picked off one by one.

    • As much as I dislike his cocky arrogance, he has proven to be a comp beast as well as a skilful manipulator.
      Ultimately, though, his abilities will be put to the test as the herd is thinned to 6 or 7 and they each start thinking about their odds of being chosen winner against Paulie in a final 2.

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