Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 6: Friday Night Highlights

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Big Brother 18 houseguests are planning to just hand over the $500,000 to Paulie this season. The entire Friday night feeds were basically dedicated to Paul working on executing Paulie’s plans and other HGs turning to Paulie for what comes next. Read on for details and to find out what went down after the nomination ceremony.


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Be sure to go back and read the daytime highlights for Friday so you know what lead up to all of these events below.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 29, 2016:

4:00 PM BBT – Houseguests waking back up for the afternoon, grabbing some food, and hanging out.

4:44 PM BBT – Feeds are on highlights. Nomination ceremony.

6:06 PM BBT – Feeds return. Nicole is thinking Paul for not putting her on the block. Paulie and Bridgette are nominated.

6:07 PM BBT – Michelle tells Zakiyah that Victor is getting cocky. Paulie comes in and they thank him for volunteering to go up on the block as a pawn.

6:12 PM BBT – Paul apologizes to Bridgette for being harsh in his speech but needed to cover his backdoor Da’Vonne plans. He tells Bridgette they’ve got Paulie, Corey, Nicole, James, & Natalie are all going to support them getting out Day.

6:22 PM BBT – Bridgette asks Paul if it’s okay to pick Vic or Corey to play Veto. Paul advises she pick Natalie instead. He tells her if she wants to make things weird, pick Michelle to play veto.

6:23 PM BBT – Bridgette tells Paul that Da’Vonne told her she threw OTEV to give Frank a chance to win (not true).

6:32 PM BBT – Paul has convinced Bridgette she’ll be OK as long as Da’Vonne can go up as a replacement (we can’t be sure if Paul is really going for Paulie’s plan or not since Paul has been on Day’s side for weeks). Bridgette says she’ll go look sad about being nominated now.

6:48 PM BBT – Da’Vonne finally tells people she is not a fan of being called Mama Day. She says she’s too young to be called that.

7:15 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie talking about how they’re running the house.

7:26 PM BBT – Nicole and Michelle sneak into the Paris room.

7:45 PM BBT – Michelle is asking Paulie questions. She wants to know who Victor wants out. Paulie says Natalie and Da’Vonne. Then she asks who they’re going for next week and if it’s Natalie and Victor. Paulie suggests they play it by ear.

8:22 PM BBT – Bridgette cam talks. She says the whole house is against her and now she has no one that Frank is gone. She said her only hope is to win Veto.

8:43 PM BBT – Nicole talking to Michelle and Zakiyah about how Victor is annoying Corey and making him jealous. Oh boy.

9:28 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey he is suspicious that Zakiyah is playing both sides. He said she mentioned that Day was trying to plant things in her head. James joins in and they talk about how the girls could still be working together. Paulie wants to see how Z reacts if he stays on the block.

9:47 PM BBT – Da’Vonne is dipping potato chips in pickle juice.

10:11 PM BBT – Paulie tells Michelle if it were up to him he’d have Da’Vonne leave this week. He says she’s said his name too much. Then he says Da’Vonne was still trying to win HOH even after Paul had hit a 21 (OK, so she wanted to win HOH, who cares?).

10:12 PM BBT – Paulie says Da’Vonne wanted Paul to nominate Nicole, not as a pawn, but as the target. Michelle says she wouldn’t vote Nicole out. Michelle tells Paulie she trusts his judgment more than anyone and she’s got his back (aka, Michelle and everyone else is going to just hand Paulie the game). Paulie tells Michelle if Day leaves this week then they pick between Bridgette or Natalie to go next. Michelle definitely wants Bridgette out soon.

10:15 PM BBT – Paulie suggests Da’Vonne’s game has been based around trying to split allies and pit them against one another.

10:30 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie wonder if they could get Bridgette to nominate James and Natalie, but Michelle says that wouldn’t happen. Paulie regrets having kept Da’Vonne over Tiffany.

11:30 PM BBT – Nicole mentions Bridgette is sleeping in Frank’s old shirt.

11:55 PM BBT – Michelle pegged Paul with an apple. She threw it at him and hit his back hard enough to leave a mark. Oh she’s going to get in trouble for that. DR calls her in.

12:00 AM BBT – Paulie says he’ll be ready to evict Zakiyah.

12:00 AM BBT – Michelle is back from the DR. She’s in tears. Paul promises her he is okay.

1:45 AM BBT – Victor is trying to eat an entire pizza in ten minutes! It’s no 50 eggs, but still impressive. Unlike Luke, Victor can’t pull it off.

2:35 AM BBT – Paulie is sleeping upstairs with Paul. Zakiyah is very upset that she has to sleep downstairs without him.

2:50 AM BBT – Paul tells Paulie not to let on that he’s ready to let Zakiyah go until it’s time. Tells him to keep faking it. Paulie says he can’t deal with her fake drama anymore.

3:15 AM BBT – Zakiyah went upstairs to get Paulie and they go downstairs to argue. She’s upset. He doesn’t care. Rinse and repeat.

3:30 AM BBT – Paulie doesn’t like when Zakiyah makes comments about professional athletes. Huhwhat?

4:00 AM BBT – Zakiyah and Paulie finally end their argument. He goes upstairs to bed and she goes to the Tokyo room for hers.

4:20 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey making out for awhile and then it stops and all HGs are asleep.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and the HGs were busy making plans and expectations for the events to come. Zakiyah needs to get her head out of the relationship game and in to Big Brother before it permanently ends her game over an obsession with Paulie. She’ll regret that one later if she keeps it up.

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  1. Now I can’t stand Michelle since she is up Paulie’s you know what.
    I did not know why she was hysterical last night, but now that I know I hope she gets kicked out.
    Were Corey and Nicole really kissing? I saw him hug her and her head was on his neck and his was on hers. It is possible since I haven’t heard her say anything about him not kissing her.
    Da’vonne’s only chance is winning POV or having that golden ticket. I doubt she will win POV. James and Natalie should not vote for her is she goes up.

      • That’s true, but I haven’t seen Nicole and Corey actually doing it either. Last night he hugged her tight and kissed her forehead. That’s as far as I seen him kiss her. Maybe in the feeds you see something that I don’t in BBAD.

      • Do they see him get up and vomit each time, or does he go straight to sleep?

      • And he’s not going to. I have my reasons why he hasn’t but I’ll keep them to myself. ?

      • LOL! Well I will say he’s not that in to her in my opinion. If he was he would be trying to take her with him to finals. He’s going to try and send her home and take Paul or Corey. My other observation I had better keep to myself, people might not like it even though they may have the same thoughts. ??

    • Michelle, among others, seems to be under Paulie’s spell. She told him last night that she trusts his judgment and that he has the best judgment in the house. The whole conversation was Paulie playing her to turn her target from Bridgette to Da and he did a bang-up job.

      • Corey and Nicole play 2nd base or finger games every night! Paulie is controlling all their minds. I was in disbelief for Michelle to be a super fan and can’t see through Paulie’s BS!

      • I thought he did as well, but was hoping she went straight to Da and snitch the whole story to her.

      • That would be so great. She has been close to DAY almost from the start so I don’t see her not saying anything to DAY.

      • So far she’s not said anything, but whoever wins veto might change all that. Michelle, Day, Nicole, James and Z were not chosen to play.

  2. I wish BB would have booted Michelle for throwing that apple at Paul. That would have been a good way to get rid of her.

  3. Z is really making a fool of herself on national tv when it comes to Paulie. And he is intentionally walking her down her own path of destruction. I very much dislike what he is doing with/to her and the way he is going about it.

    • It’s true no one deserves to be used in that way. On the other hand I just don’t like her.

      • I can’t stand her behavior. She is disgusting, and I can’t barely understand what she is saying. She mumbles her words.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak a complete sentence that didn’t include stuttering, stumbling over her words, or mumbling. I have no idea how this girl was hired to work with children when she can’t even speak properly.

      • I thought she was a model.
        Would change my kids out of her class if she were their teacher. Her behavior is even more disgusting now that she works with kids and behaves that way on TV.

      • I have to agree with you! I can’t even imagine my Daugherty acting this way, I’m just very disappointed with her.

      • If you put yourself in that position, you had better be ready for the consequences. I’m very disappointed in her game strategy. All the girls will be going out the door. One by one!

    • I fault Z! She is the one letting Paulie talk down to her or mess over her day in and day out! She then goes back and does the same thing being immature, petty, and jealous towards others but will let him walk all over her.

      • Of course it is partly her fault. She is just another one of Paulie’s casualties. She just happens to be the one that he has played with on an emotional level.

      • She needs to get her head out his a** and play the game! She hasn’t played since she been there.

      • That is probably one stinky head. :(
        No she has not played the game and I’m not sure that is possible for her to do.

      • Since she has not engaged in one minute of game play, I wonder the same thing. I’m not convinced that she actually can play the game.

      • Even though DAY can’t win a comp, at least she is playing the game or at least playing the game the best she can. Z hasn’t even tried to play the game.

    • When a girl disrespects herself for a guy, this is exactly the results. it never fails. I agree with you. Her mom will see what a hole her daughter is and the fact that he hasn’t even kissed her says a lot about what he wants from her. I don’t think he likes her as much as she thinks. He definitely has ulterior motives for getting involve with her.

      • I agree! His motive was just to have a warm body to cuddle at night while he’s in that house. She put herself in that position. No daughter of mine would let herself be used like that. You have to teach your daughters to always have self-respect. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will either. She’s on national TV for crying out loud. SMH! ?

    • Z is walking herself down her own path of destruction…When she voiced that Paulie did not appear to have a romantic interest in her Zak should have backed off and accepted it…But Zak just kept going back and Paulie kept shooting her down and telling her he was not gonna get into a showmance on BB ..He did try to keep her on a friendship level but she kept pushing for more. Now Zak has become a convenience to him to use when it suits him.. Zak is 24 not 14 and I doubt this is the first time she has been rejected or placed at arms length by a man . Paulie is a jerk of the highest order and it appears he has no respect for any of the females in the BB house..Paulie at some point has trashed talked all the women in house.. He is a friend to none of the females but they are to stupid and self absorbed to realize it…

      • Paulie has purposefully played with Zak’s emotions to make sure she is doing exactly what he wants. As much as I do not like the girl, she is serious about liking him and Paulie knows it. That is the difference. The guy has absolutely no intention of having anything with this girl now or ever and he dangles enough possibility out there to keep her reeled in.

      • exactly Zak has become a convenience to Paulie as I said…but when a man tells a woman he is not interested in romance a smart female would back off and give him space.. but Zak has not done that she just keeps going back for more punishment..

      • But as I said, he PURPOSEFULLY keeps her reeled in just enough to make her think there is a possibility.

      • Yes he does.that is where he uses her as a convenience.. we on the same page in the thought process we are just using different

      • I almost hate to say anything good about Frank, but at least Frank was honest in his douchebaggery.

      • Frank did things in jest not realizing the damage to his game. He should not slap women on their butts even as a joke. His blabbing his mouth cost him! He should have not told them of winning Roadkill and multiple times too! He was perceived a huge threat as a result!

      • Frank owned every deed whether good or bad. Not like Paulie or DAY. One of the reason’s I was hoping Frank stayed in the game.

      • Yes he did and I truly believe he was very serious with DAY when he apologized to her for slapping her on the butt. DAY just can’t let things go, she must have a very pitiful life outside the house.

      • Actually, when a guy rejects a woman, the more they like the guy because he is not a wussy and is making them earn the right to his affection.
        At our office, a woman was telling me that guys were tripping over themselves over her! I said, yeah, what is wrong with these guys? Are they crazy? Those who heard my remark, burst out laughing.
        Another woman told me, I did not deserve her! I told her, you are right.
        I do not deserve you. I deserve better! Those listening burst out laughing!

      • It does not sound like/read like that u have a lot of respect for women…I don’t have to “earn” affection from a man.. That is a stupid statement. Sounds like u might enjoy degrading women.. I don’t think women should have to beg a man for attention/ affection. the year is 2016 not 1956….Women started coming into their own in the 60’s and in this day & age a huge majority of women live a full life without depending a man to feel complete…. this site is over with women posters…. u might wanna rethink making belittling comments

      • Nonsense. You do not have a sense of humor? She was talking squat at me, I just gave her a funny answer. If it was offensive, the very women would have taken offense to it! Women do not like weak men they can wrap around their little fingers. Never have and never will! I respect women but, will not be manipulated by those playing head games. Women do that a lot to men because wimpy men allow them to!

      • didn’t she say she’s used to getting what she wants? She needs to stop, I kind of feel bad for her…she also needs to stop being so mean to the other women…most likely she is like this in real life. I would hope not, as this may only be because the are cooped up, but I don’t think so….just my opinion.

      • Paulie thinks too much of himself and Z thinks too little of herself. IMO, these weaknesses cause each of them much grief, so I have the same amount of sympathy for them both and the same amount of contempt. They both “shake what their mamma gave them” to get what they want.

      • Paulie is a good looking guy who knows the women, Zakihyey, Nicole, Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle will do his bidding! He is using that to his advantage. Only one not entirely hooked is Davonne. Is she married or have a boyfriend? Not really sure. So, Paulie uses his head to go further in the game. He might win it too!

      • Richie said Paulie uses his head to go further in the game I was going to say which head ? But I didn’t think he would like that.

      • Couldn’t someone in the house notice how Pauli treats Z and just talk to her? I know this is BB but you would think that one of the houseguests could try to open her eyes. Not like she is a threat in the game.

      • I don’t know if she would listen but I wish they would wade in a little to test the waters. I know she is catty and ridiculously jealous but Paulie knows she is hooked on him. She doesn’t deserve to be played with like that. It’s cruel. It’s not a joke.

      • If this were the real world, I would agree, but it’s Big Brother. I really don’t have much sympathy for her. She’s mean and awful, and also not that people smart. Can’t wait until Paulie evicts her. BTW, I really liked her in the beginning, but her treatment of Tiffany really turned me off.

      • I almost fell off my chair last night when I turned on BBAD and saw Z in bed with Paulie. Is he playing her?

      • I can’t watch BBAD. The language bothers me a lot. Jokers obviously had problems getting someone to post last night so I didn’t know they slept together. Personally, I feel certain he is playing her. He is still wanting her evicted and soon. He has mentioned it quite a few times. I think he is just doing what he has to do to keep her close until she is gone and he will try to convince her that he had nothing to do with it and give her a sympathy vote so she will vote for him if he makes it to F2, because he thinks he will be there for sure. JMO

      • They weren’t sleeping together, just sorta cuddling in bed. She would be so stupid to give him a vote if he even gets that far which I hope he doesn’t.

      • Hopefully, if she doesn’t figure it out before she is evicted, she’ll have time to while she is in the jury house. I hope he doesn’t make it that far either. He’s a d-bag, imo.

      • It is possible that she may not be that experienced at her age. Not all girls have experience very young, but she does act like a leach so who knows.

    • It’s her own fault! She’s weak. She left him use her, I’m sorry I have no sympathy for her. None!!

  4. I mean, sure Paulie is arrogant but he’s playing a phenomenal game so far… Everyone is giving him what he wants!

    • Yeah, but it’s like catching fish in a barrel, so I just can’t give him a big dose of credit … only a little … and that’s why I wish he would not win and I am hoping somebody comes to their senses this week and at the right time, starts the ball rolling to get Paulie evicted. It would also really, really be fun to see what would happen after that!

    • I think his game is horrible and too obvious, but every season you’ll find a bunch of idiots and he has them all wrapped around his mobster finger. They should kiss his ring and call him Don. His game can be blown very easily if they weren’t so far up his….

    • Paulie’s game is terrible. He’s certainly not Derrick – he’s not even Cody. He’s a bully, just like Vanessa was.

      • Everybody seems to be giving him what he want… I can’t call thag terrible gameplay..

  5. I thought Da’Gone gave herself the “Mama Day” nickname..??

    “9:47 PM BBT – Da’Vonne is dipping potato chips in pickle juice.” — And? Salt and vinegar chips.

    If those idiots don’t vote out Paulie then they really are idiots.

      • Oohhh… good question!

        The Mythbusters busted the double-dipping myth, but even so… not a fan.

      • Well then, I see nothing wrong with salty chips and vinegar pickle juice. Yum! As for the “Mamma Da” thing … it’s interesting that Da thinks she is too young to be called a mamma, but not too young to be one.

      • Yeah. I think the HG meant is as she is the only mother in the house, but if she doesn’t like it, then they should stop.

      • Double dipping is disgusting since your saliva is getting in there little by little.

    • So did I. She is the only mom in the house and right now she is the oldest of the girls.

    • Da’vonne never gave herself the name mama Day. That was a name that Clay called her last season and it caught on with the rest of the house. She has stated numerous times in interviews and during this season that she does not like to be called mama Day. I’m glad she finally told them

    • Just like Saint Vanessa last season, we have Saint Paulie this season. She was more in-your-face annoying; he’s more subtly annoying. Why these HGs – especially James – can’t see the comparison is just baffling.

  6. I still have this feeling that Paulie is going home this week. Da will get Z and they will flip the house. I can see this coming. Paulie is just too cockey to ignore anymore. Z will be the scorned woman and this is going to end badly for Paulie.

    Remember Tiffany’s dictator speech? Who is the dictator now? I just feel he will get the same treatment from the girls with Paul’s help.

    • I would love it if Z would come to her senses and not be a scorned woman, but just do the right thing for herself, but I don’t think she will. I think instead she will go right to Paulie with the info so that she can “get him back” and we all know, she will get nothing back, but evicted.

  7. This is all kinda funny. Paul and Paulie in the honeymoon suite. Nicole wishing she were married and pregnant before the game ends. All but a couple house guests doing nothing meaningful in the game. Corey faking it with Nicole to cover up who he really is.

    • Lolol. I do feel bad because if he is for a fact, then he may not have come out and we may be outing him online. If any of his family members visit this or any other site that is. I think Nicole is young and I do understand that she wants to get married and have a family, but she should wait until a man commits to her outside of the house. I can’t stand her, but she may find out he wasn’t really into her when they are in the jury house together and he doesn’t want to play footsies anymore.

      • Nicole should join the Bachelorette. She will fit right in and have 25 guys trying to win her affection. That way she gets what she wants.

      • She’s not even close to attractive enough for the Bachelorette, especially with that Droopy Dog silly-putty looking nose of hers…

      • I could be wrong but I thought in the beginning of the show he mention something about he preferred men. I just can’t recall who he was talking with.

  8. I choose to live this day believing that everyone is just saying what people want to hear, and in reality they all want paulie out. please don’t let paulie get a package. if it looks like paulie will stay on the block after POV, I’m gonna vote this next package to whomever would vote him out.

  9. Mama Day has been saying she hates that nickname since Day 1 and she blames Clay for coming up with that, but HGs and the rest of us keep ignoring it.

  10. So, now Paulie regrets voting out Tiffany…she tried to tell you Paulie..Day cannot be trusted..your ego would not allow you to listen to her.

    • And I would love for Da to be a thorn in his flesh, a really big painful costly thorn.

      • I know they are under contract and it won’t happen, but I would love for the evicted HGs to be able to post their opinions about the game while it is in progress.

      • I was watching Frank on the interview with Jeff this morning and they brought Tiffany in on skype to join in on the conversation..Jeff said he didn’t have a chance to talk with her because of the Battle Back…Tiffany told Frank that Paulie is running the house and that he was the one that told James to put him and Bridgette up…Frank looked totally shocked. Frank was way too trusting..this season and on season 14..i.e. Dan.

      • Oh, wow, very interesting. I assume it was taped before he went home? Or was it live and he still hasn’t went home yet?

      • Frank wasn’t home yet. Tiffany was skyping from Florida. She told Frank to just wait until he got home and watched everything! I don’t think it was a big deal that they talked…no one in the house would find out.

      • Good to know that Frank was finally informed that Nicole wasn’t the reason for his eviction.

  11. At this point I’m not rooting for anyone (maybe Bridgette, I guess), I think that this season don’t have a competitive sense like past seasons, why anyone is targeting Paulie? I know that maybe he’s playing the Best game but the big part of the house is acting like his puppets (Just my point of view)

      • Becky tried, but well, we know what happened; at last tbh I felt that the past season had more competitive houseguests.

  12. – Paulie is running the game, and everyone (sans Natalie) is too blind to see it.
    – Paul is becoming more obnoxious day after day
    – Day is getting more aggressive and might be a target if Bridgette wins
    – Z is pretty much obsessed with Paulie (kinda like Chima was with Russell or GM was with Nick)
    – Nicole wants to be impregnated before the game ends? Umm……. what? This girl makes no sense.
    – Nicole and Corey are pretty much April and Ollie or Austin and Liz of this game. Their relationship is hard to look at.
    – This is weird but I kinda want the Spy Girls to win. Hey atleast Bridgette and Natalie aren’t catty like the other girls. Lol what the heck is wrong with me?
    – I notice James doesn’t seem to be on people’s radar. Dunno if that’s a good thing.
    – Michelle is still being a cross between Aaryn and Christine. Wonder if she’ll get booed

  13. “10:15 PM BBT – Paulie suggests Da’Vonne’s game has been based around trying to split allies and pit them against one another” – I generally don’t think Paulie’s too bright (and certainly not as bright as he thinks he is), but he’s on the money here.

    Day has been the cause of all the trouble in the house; she succeeded in destroying both Tiffany’s and Frank’s games through a constant campaign of lies. Personally, I even think her “outrage” over Frank patting her on the butt and some of the things he said (in response to her insulting him first, mind you) were totally overblown for strategic purposes, because otherwise, she’s really, really capable of going from tears to nasty smirks to the cameras pretty quick for someone who was truly offended or hurt by any of it…

    But, I guess when you can’t win any competitions on your own, being a lying backstabber isnthe only card you have to deal (from the bottom of the deck…)

  14. The women of the house should have a wake up call to realize the guys Paulie, Paul, Corey and Victor are a tight group. They’re doing a decent job. Zack is more interested with Paulie, just lays around, and make catty comments. Then you have Nicolle, a veteran player advising her on how to win the guy. lol…What the hell happened to Nicolle?..geesh!

  15. These houseguests are so dumb. All they worry about is not pissing people off, getting into a showmance, making jury, and winning AFP. Da’Vonne and Paulie are the only ones playing. Everyone else is a joke.

  16. Ughh Z hurry up and see the blurred lines! It’s sad and extremely frustrating seeing people give up their game for a potential relationship that looks like it won’t ever happen!

  17. If I had power to evict ppl on bb18 and it would be in this order. 1. Snake Day. 2. Mean girl big meech. 3/4. Paul or paulie. 5. Victor or James or z or Nat club idiots..

  18. Before Day leaves, she should point out to everyone that Paulie cannot take everyone to the end. Maybe that will make them see the big picture and play their own game. James and Meech the supposedly super fans should know this is an opportunity you cannot pass up on by back dooring Paulie

    • I don’t. When BB18 first started I was very annoyed about the returning players, I hate that twist but Day is the only one playing like she wants to win, the rest are only playing hoping for a showmance heck with the money. This season sucks!

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