Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this new nominations were revealed yesterday on the Feeds. Time to see who could be changing things up for the final noms of the week following the latest Big Brother 18 competition.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

A plan was put in place to Backdoor a new target for the week and now we’re one step closer to seeing if they can pull off the move. Of course nothing is a sure thing with Big Brother so I’m hoping we’re in for a few days of fun especially when the BD target realizes what’s going on.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paulie won the Power of Veto!

Well we know Pualie will use the Veto so now Paul will definitely have to name a renom. Think he’ll go through with it and put Da’Vonne up?

Playing in today’s comp was Paul (HoH) and Bridgette & Paulie (noms). They were joined by Natalie, Victor, and Corey. Nicole hosted the comp.

Corey was really pissed at himself for not doing well and said he wanted his dad to show up and “beat the s**t out of me.” Yikes. He’s frustrated with his poor performance today.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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    • Double UGGhhh. Really hating this guy but at least james has finally caught on. Maybe he can rally Michelle, Nicole and Corey to form an alliance to get rid of Paulie.

      • James has no balls to do anything in the game…..I dont see why people love him so much, because he`s funny? cute?..he`s just a floater

      • At lest he’s not afraid to put up the bad guy straight up instead of lying to somebodies face and doing the BD. He’s smart and funny and knows it’s a game and doesn’t declare himself king, which is what got rid of Josea, Vic, Frank, that is what will get rid of Day and Paulie. Now who do you think is playing a better game.

      • He did lie to Bridgette and put her up. He was doing what the house wanted putting up Frank. It certainly something he decided. A bunch of dunderheads this season

      • I don’t find him funny. I find James irritating as hell. All that idiot wants to do is win AFP again, make it to jury, and get into a showmance.

      • Actually James came into the game saying what they all said, that he was here to win. He talked about his daughter and came back into the house in the hopes of winning this season so he could have more to offer her as she was growing up. I believe his pranks are a way of spying, he knows whats going on in the house. He never understands why nobody wants to work with him as he is good at endurance comps, and isnt afraid to go after the tough guys.

      • They can’t work with him because he always chooses a showmance. The couple always puts each other first and therefore can’t be trusted. Some people might want James as an ally and not Natalie, but he’ll tell her everything.

      • They may not both be good players. One of them might not be someone you can trust. One of them might be friends with someone you want to get out. One of them might be someone you’ve been wanting to target. So many reasons.

      • His pranks are not to spy on people. He just does pranks for the heck of it. James has no clue as to what is going on in the house. We’ve seen in two seasons in a row. The same guy who last season didn’t think that Vanessa/Austwins were working together. James is the same guy who isn’t aware of the fact that Paulie is more loyal to the boys club, Paul/Victor/Corey that James is NOT a part of. James has no game, all he wants to do is win America’s Favorite Houseguest and make it to jury and have a showmance with Natalie. Pretty much the same game as last year, except instead of Natalie it was Meg. Also what “tough guys” is he not afraid to go after. He took out Frank, who can be used a meat shield, to please the house and not get blood on his hands. He didn’t even consider taking out people that would benefit his game. James is a waste. They should have never brought him back. He was an idiot in his original season and he is an idiot this season.

      • Exactly how i feel about it. He has no clue what is going on in the house. He sleeps most of the time… which he admits, and when not sleeping all his attention is focused on Nat, keeping her safe, and making it to jury with her. I didn’t vote for him for AFP last year and will not this year. Just cause he is a nice guy does not make him a good player, and i would like to emphasize the word player

      • I do too! I think he’s irritating and all he wants is a showmance, and people to give him AFP

      • I agree – I hope people don’t vote to give him a care package. I don’t know what people see in him

    • Don’t worry. Once Day finds out she’s the target, we’ll get some drama for sure.

  1. Wow that fast! Only one hour veto comp?
    Day’s days probably are numbered.
    Corey really needs those adderall, I feel sorry for him.

  2. I don’t EVEN want to see Paulie and Paul together in the HOH room bragging about how great and smart they are. Gag me with a spoon.

    • Hey KSJB! Day 13 of being in the NICU with my baby girl but yapping my gums on this site helps take my mind off of things. She’s doing very well and just has to get big enough and strong enough to eat all of her feeds by bottle instead of needing to use the NJ tube. Figured I’d give you a small update! :)

      • I had planned on going to an old post and asking. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to talk about it so publicly but I am SOOOO happy you did because all of these good people can send you and your’s love and happy thoughts. You must be doing pretty good yourself. I’m sure you are worn out. Hang in there and blessings will be sufficient to ease your cares. :)

      • I’d shout it from the rooftops!! The more that pray and think about my sweet girl, the better!! She took her first full bottle for me earlier and I’m cuddling her right now!! We are closer to getting to bring her home. She has to build her stamina up to where she can take a full bottle at every feeding. Thank you!

      • Hugssss big time! My gb was born 3 mos early, so I know how it can get in a NICU…hang in there. Best is yet to come!

      • Our 14 month old spent almost a month in the NICU – he was a 34 weeker so we’ve done this before but it doesn’t make it any easier. Still ready to have her home like yesterday! ;) thank you!

      • It’s amazing how they can put those tubes just where they need to be in such a tiny human. Best wishes!

    • No, Gag them with a spoon….or better still gag them with their beards…lol

    • I would rather be locked in a port-a-pottie after a mexican themed dinner than watch Paul and Paulie slap each other on the back.

  3. I feel like whipping my hair and do that chanting that Day did on Tiff’s goodbye message come this Thursday … You lose it … You lose it … heh!!! (sticking out tongue)

  4. FINALLY!!James has seen the light.
    May be a little too late but finally

    • But he won’t do anything about it coz it’s James after all. And he definitely doesn’t have a backbone to go against “the house” until Nat is threatened. Similar to last year when he and Meg were put on the block together when he finally sprung to life.
      Btw Nat was upset she’s getting fat so she exercised … he sat there watching her workout while EATING.

    • What did I miss about James?? Has he finally figured out they are all lining up behind the king rat (Pauline)?

      • Sounds as if something in the comp tipped him off to Paulie working with Bridge.

      • He realized how comfortable Bridgette is and Natalie noticed Paul and Paulie talking to Bridgette after the comp. James said if Natalie is the replacement nom, he will know it’s Bridgette going home. If Day is the replacement nom, he knows it Day as a BD and he realized they (James & Nat) are at the bottom.

      • He knows that Day is a BD target, they mentioned it to him yesterday, he just played dumb with Nat, coz Nat didn’t know.

      • He just realized that they are next. Just like Natalie said, Paulie is going to win the game. If Natalie can see this and no one else in the house does, says a lot about the people in the house.
        James said Paulie is covered by all angles

      • Playing same game as he did with Meg. James has to have a girl to survive in the house, and forget to play the game. He’s useless

      • It’s probably because James and Natalie are always secluded spending time with each other whereas the others are all with Paulie feeling like they are in his circle.

      • He said that Victor threw it to Paulie and that Bridget seems to be with Paulie. He said that means him and Natalie are on the outs.

      • because he is working with da and can’t see why they want her gone.he can’t tell her or they will know it was him #sissyass

      • I didn’t realize that Day and James were working together after Day told him the showmances had to go.

      • Yes, I noted they were meeting on the sly but then James did rat out Day to Paulie about her wanting to get rid of the showmances.

      • I got the impression that James wanted to join up with the other 2 showmances so they could protect themselves from the others. Not a bad plan at all but since Paulie doesn’t need james at this point he wasn’t biting.

      • Well James needs someone to draw him a picture to get it. I’m sure he didn’t think it applied to he and Nat

    • It’s definitely a bit late, but there’s probably time to make some moves. Not sure if the other HG will be receptive to his attempts though…they just don’t understand the game and prefer to stay “safe” in their group.

      • If James tells Nicole that Paulie wants her out she main turn. Remember Nicole wanted to work with Frank. I’m just not sure what Cory will do.

      • Cory won’t go against Paulie so therefore Nicole won’t go against Cory. She is trying to get married and have kids. She’s not ruffling any feathers with her potential baby daddy

      • I don’t know. I think Cory could be convinced but it will take work. Hopefully Nicole will see what’s going on and start playing

      • If Corey won’t go along then Nicole has to realize it’s over between them if she wants to survive in the game. And what would Corey do without Nicole?
        It would be interesting to see if Corey could do an adequate job playing both sides.

      • I agree India Ink. Cory doesn’t come across as being very smart. I don’t think he will do well without Nicole

      • But she would do better without him in the house. They can reconnect each other after BB.

      • I’d like to see what she does without him. I think he’s the one that hasn’t played at all and kinda left it all up to her.

      • Corey probably wouldn’t have made it this far without Nicole Plus, Corey has been an excellent source of information for her too.

      • I think Corey knows. When the whole Tiffany thing happened that’s when you could see the lightbulb turn on for him. That’s when he was really trying to work with Frank. He goes along with Paulie because he knows the second he doubts him to his face then Paulie wouldn’t hesitate to put a target on him. It won’t take much for him to vote against Paulie when the time comes.

      • I didn’t realize that Corey was thinking about working with Frank too – at least he’s showing a little bit of gumption.

      • Yeah he was definitely covering his bases with Frank. Maybe he has more doubt about Paulie than we realize. He and Paulie really don’t speak much to each other and Corey is likely noticing that Paul and Victor are spending a lot of time with Paulie now.

      • Then Day and Frank were telling the truth after all ha!
        I thought they were making it all up.
        This is good news about Corey though, that he’s not blindly following Paulie and the gang.
        Once James and Corey find out that Paulie wants their ‘better half’ out the door they could very well find common cause.

      • Oh that too! Corey knows that’s the plan, to cut the girls first. Another reason why I know he won’t stay with Paulie for too long. Especially now that he can see how close Paul and Victor are to Paulie. His loyalty is to Nicole…. I hope I’m right.

      • That’s what I was so afraid of since Corey was aware of the clip the girls plan and hadn’t told Nicole about them. If and when Paulie says to him it’s time for Nicole to go Corey should insist Zak go first in all fairness.
        Nicorey need to cut out the make out sessions and get busy playing BB.

      • Yes yes and yes! Lol! But I’m hoping Corey would have flipped on Paulie before that has to happen, especially if he can get James on board with getting Paulie out. I think this will happen very soon though.

      • James seems to be the only refuge for Nicorey right now until the house revolts against the tyrant Paulie.
        If those 4 are not on the block they would have considerable voting power in the future and could turn things around.
        They’d have to be very careful who they talked to though since there are so many snitches this season.

      • Exactly!!! And that’s why I think it will happen soon. After this week they’ll only need 4 votes to evict. So we’ll see what happens! =)

      • I was just over at Jokers looking at the HG rankings and I can’t believe that Day is rated so high with Nicole and Corey near the bottom.

      • Hard to believe, but there may be some truth in that! Looks like Da accumulated more fans in this interim season! :-)

      • That probably explains it then because Day has been acting so ugly this season that I couldn’t imagine how she had so many fans. Tiff and Frank are still ranked very high as well.
        Natalie certainly has a lot of fans.

      • Oh yeah he had for sure been trying. But this past week he toned it down because of Frank calling out Nicole. But he had been really trying ever since Tiffany told him everything. That’s when he knew Day had been lying, and then when Paulie started to be so adamant about getting Tiffany out over Day he knew something was up. I obviously can’t read the dudes mind but you can see the wheels turning and the things he says or doesn’t say with Paulie and even Nicole. He’s definitely more loyal to Nicole than to Paulie, I am sure of that. I just think he’s keeping a lot of things to himself to protect Nicole and himself.

      • I really needed to have the live feeds to figure out where Corey’s loyalties lie so thanks for the information. I feel better now that C. isn’t playing N. and is onto paulie. Corey might be a lot smarter than he looks. Let’s hope he and Nicole go far this season :D

      • Yeah, I actually caught a lot of that during BBAD. I don’t have the feeds either but I watch BBAD and read the updates on here and the feeds updates on Jokers.
        He doesn’t say a whole lot but when he does its very carefully worded now. Before Tiffany talked to him he definitely sounded like a Paulie follower, saying random crap to build up whatever they were talking about, like Paul and Victor do now. But now he’s just very careful not to go against what Paulie says, he offers his insight or stuff he’s heard and gives his opinion but as soon as Paulie starts to doubt it or says someone else made it up then Corey will agree with him like yeah yeah you’re right. But then he’ll go tell Nicole the same thing later and he’ll be adamant about whatever it was, actually in fact disagreeing with Paulie. (I hope I made sense lol) That’s when I started to notice the change in him and also when he was really pushing to work with Frank and save Tiffany.
        I could totally be reading it wrong or just delusional lol but that’s what I’m seeing and hearing. He also doesn’t tell Nicole everything but it doesn’t seem to be in a he’s playing her type of way, it usually seems like it’s to protect her. He asks her a lot “do you trust me?” and that’s why I feel he doesn’t tell her everything. He’s trying to protect her.

      • That is great news Valerie because I didn’t know what to make of the guy. He does seem to know what’s going on but he’s playing dumb and not really one of Paulie’s minions.
        If Nicorey can survive this week hopefully the focus will be off of them.
        Unless Day becomes very spiteful toward Nicole and blames her for everything this should be an entertaining week.

      • Yes, exactly! Lol! She might go after Nicole but she may be too preoccupied with trying to figure out why Paul turned on her lol! Either way I’m waiting for fireworks on Monday lol!!

      • The good part of it is that nobody will believe anything Day says about Nicole.
        I think there are only 3 Nicorey fans here so most of their POV has been ignored on this site.
        Now I’m wondering if Paul will chicken out at the Veto ceremony since getting rid of Day is not in his best interest at all.

      • Exactly!
        Right?! Lol!
        I thought that too but I doubt he will because then Paulie will turn on him quick and he’ll be on the block next week. So I doubt he’d take that risk.

      • I agree Jeannie, that’s James’ best angle with Nicole. She knows the game well enough to take notice when someone is strolling to the end, but she and Corey will need some real convincing.

  5. Paulie wins and that’s that. You can’t expect to skate by in the game without a comp win here or there. He’s done that and deserves the rewards.

  6. If they are going to make a move against Paulie it needs to be next week using the nullify 2 votes care package. At this point I don’t see Victor, Paul, or Bridgette turning on him. I think Nicole and Corey would be a hard sell, and if Zakiyah is still love struck that could be a hard sell as well. James, Natalie, and Michelle would be the others but Michelle hates Natalie so really not sure how he can pull this off.

    • Bingo Fayt. I’m giving all my next week votes to James. He’s the only worth giving this package to.

      Let’s go James!

  7. 1:36pm James and natalie in paris room..
    James tells her if Da’Vonne goes up that’s the plan it’s a backdoor plan.
    James says Da’Vonne doesn’t see it coming. James tells her if Natalie goes up Bridgette goes home if Da’vonne goes up Da’Vonne goes home. Natlaie says Paulie and Paul want to work with Bridgette.
    Natalie says Victor let Paulie win the POV, “It was obvious”
    James – “We might be on the outs”..
    Natalie- you think Zakiyah is on the outs
    James- probably.ames – I know something ain’t right… if they want tot work Bridgette.. we’re almost back to a 8 p[person alliance for what..
    Natlaie – i’m bnot in the 8 person alliance so clearly i’m going to be next
    Jame s- or me.. everyone make you think you are part of a group when you’re not part of a group..
    James says they want to use Bridgette to take out the girls.
    James – Paulie wants to keep Bridgette so Bridgette will do his dirty work.. he’s got everyone doing every little sector of the house.
    James- Paulie is protected all the way around
    James- the only way to get Paulie out is to backdoor him and to put up someone the house likes.. the only way.. I’m not saying I want to i’m saying I’m trying to figure out why he’s keeping Bridgette.
    James – we got to make it past the double eviction.. it’s going to be this week.

  8. Might as well just write that cheque to Paulie now and get it over with…

    • Still a few weeks left. Wait till the nitty gritty, see if Victor, Paul and Corey can be that loyal.

      • They are not loyal they are stupid. Which means they will not come for him

      • While loyalty is a good thing in the BB house it does become stupid at some point I agree.

      • That would be interesting but I can’t see it. They will all individually think Paulie is taking them to the end

  9. Day is going to flip when she’s nominated… If they are sticking to the BD plan

  10. If James tells anyone what he suspects it will get back to Paulie; and James could end up leaving this week

      • Oh yeah, she’ll be flipping that discount hair at everyone as she exits the house. Probably not Julie though :D

      • Child what you talkin about, that hair cost a lot of money. I know, I bye it sometimes….lol….lol

    • Day has the round trip tix. Crossing my fingers.
      If not- game over. The remaining ones won’t challenge Paulie.
      It will be like an adult vs kids dodge ball game- we know who wins

      • I’m not sure Day has enough support in the house to challenge Paulie at this point.

      • I don’t get the feeds so I’m just going by what I read here and what CBS shows us but I would think that Nat and James would not be enough. Besides James showed us last week when he was HOH that he will do what the house wants no matter what he says or feels.

      • Day will probably destroy her game in the next few days as she exacts revenge on anyone who ever slighted her so if she does return her game is already over; unless she’s needed as a number by someone.

      • When she realizes she is the BD target. She will plant seeds of doubt. James already realize it. All she has to do is plant seeds. If she is the round trip ticket, she should have numbers.

  11. The only way Paulie goes anytime soon is if James, Natalie, Da’Vonne (if she has round trip), and maybe Michelle win HOH and backdoor Paulie against someone like Corey and then use care package to nullify 2 votes that would save him. If Day goes there would be 7 votes, and if you cancel 2 you’d only need 3 votes to evict. We’ll see what happens. Either way it’s been an entertaining season to me.

  12. I hope to the bb gods that Da finds out that they want to backdoor her, then all hell can break loose, first by Da not saying anything if she were to find out, you know, ‘playing dumb’, but letting it get back to Paulie and company so they can freak out about who let the cat out of the bag to Da. I would love to see who Paulie would blame for that one if that were to happen. What would be even better is if Paul would be the one to tell her because I don’t think Paulie would even suspect Paul of dropping that dime to Da. OMG that would be soooo good, and such goood tv. Come on BB gods…hear my prayer….lol

  13. Votes to evict Bridge: Mich, Z, James, Nat???
    Votes to evict Day: Nicorey, Vic, Paulie
    Tie break … Paul???
    Day could still survive tho … the next few days should be bloody good on feeds, gosh I am excited again hahaha.

    • as my dear Dad used to say: ‘Pride goeth before a fall!’…
      I don’t have the feeds, but it sounds like James is starting to think about exiting Paulie. After this week, the rest of the house might just start to recognize that he’s cleaning up week after week. They’re all not THAT stupid.
      I hope. :)

  14. Michelle and Nicole’s self esteem is so low it’s sad. Why does Michelle feel she’s too ugly for Paul and Nicole feels she is too ugly for Cory.
    BB has to do better. I thought they had psych evals before being accepted.

      • Not a pompous ass but self confident. I don’t care if they looked like a horses ass, they should still feel pretty and good enough for anyone.

      • Yes they should but it’s not a mental illness to be dissatisfied with how you look.
        To go onto a reality show shows they have quite a bit of self confidence I think.

      • A psych eval does not constitute mental illness. Take your emotions out of the post. I’m observing 4 young women with low self esteem and body issues. As a woman, I’m making an observation and speaking on it.

      • I’m just saying as a woman that the majority of women are dissatisfied with the way they look and it’s not abnormal to want to be beautiful.

      • It’s one thing to want to be beautiful but it’s another to think you are not good enough!! I could use to loose a few pounds but I will never tell myself I’m not good enough for anything or anyone. They don’t think they are good enough for Corey and Paul. I wish they knew their worth.
        That’s all I’m saying.

      • Maybe some people are just naturally humble and introverted and I can always appreciate an humble person. Once those 2 are married and have children they won’t worry about their looks so much.

      • Why does she even think more highly of the guys than herself. Honestly, Corey and Paul, all I can say is, yuk. No real character, which they fail to see .

      • You both have made good points on this topic.

        IMO, the world as it is now is especially hard on young women when it comes their own self image. It’s really apparent each season on this show in particular. It’s also the basis for the cattiness between the females and why an all girl alliance doesn’t work.

      • I think it’s just human nature to be dissatisfied with something in your life with an example being “If only I was rich I would be happy.”
        Then once a person becomes rich they are still dissatisfied and think they won’t be happy until they’re the richest person in the world.

  15. It’s funny how Nat is spot on about what’s going on. Nat to James:
    1They threw the comps to Paulie. Someone wants Paulie to win.
    2 They Recruited Nat
    3 Paulie is going to win this game.
    4 Jame/Nat/Da/Z are on the outs
    At the end of their convo..James wants Paulie to go up next, preferably BD…I’m not sure about James. Does he know about BD Da plan?

  16. care package nert week will go to hoh i bet if america was smart enough

  17. Now only hope DAY has the round trip ticket….otherwise here we go with another guy winning BB…it sucksss

  18. another thing that sucks… I dont see Victor getting evicted until final 5 or so….

  19. 2:40pm Havenot room – James says I wish I would have played in that comp. You would have had real competition. Paulie says this week seems to be in the bag. What’s the plan for the double eviction? James says as long as its not you or me. Paulie says it won’t be. Maybe we’ll talk to Corey and see what he thinks. If we take care of Bridgette next week.. then the girls will appreciate it. James asks so who is going this week? Paulie says Da. James says she has no idea. Paulie says I was down to work with her until she mentioned my name. She wanted to target couples. James says I know that’s what didn’t make sense to me saying she wanted to target couples… I’m a couple. Maybe the last couple on your list but… Michelle joins them. Paulie says on Monday we’re going to make up a fake riddle to tells Vic to have him running around trying to solve it. Michelle says Paris was supposed to be a secret but none of you could keep it. Here’s another riddle to keep you on your toes

  20. Well crud.Finally signed up for the feeds 2 hours ago but so far it’s all old stuff. Seeing the fish & “we’ll be right back.” After reading your comments here I knew this happens a lot. But jeez,right when I sign up?!!

  21. Are HGs allowed to use care packages on one another? If so, I want Paulie to receive the next package to eliminate two eviction votes for Bridge since he wants Day out anyway. That way he can’t receive another package, and it really would be the best move as Bridge is a far superior competitor to Day, and more likely to target the powerhouse alliance of Nicorey and Zaulie. Day will never win a competition so she may as well leave now.

    • If Bridgette doesn’t get evicted….She becomes one of Paulie’s cult members and he wins the game. Paulie wants Day out because he’s jealous that she’s getting too close to Bridgette….he said so himself. He wants to control Bridgette so she can get the girls out for him. Having Bridgette close to him will make Zak jealous that’s why he wants Zak out too. He told Bridgette that Nicole, Michelle and Zak are the only ones in the house who wants her out. He knew better than to add Nat to the list or it wouldn’t be believable. He wants Day out because she’s a liar,,,,so he says, but he’s the biggest liar in the house.

      • If that’s really his plan then I’d have to admit it’s a good one, but I don’t think Bridgette will be as easily controlled as Paulie thinks she will. Bridge was influenced easily by Frank because she had a deep respect for him, and she had a crush on him…Bridgette and Paulie will never have the same type of relationship. Also, Bridgette has shown that she’s not afraid of confronting people so it’ll be interesting to see how she decides to handle Paulie’s lies.

      • James has not yet told anybody that Paulie was the mastermind behind Frank getting evicted except for Natalie

  22. Corey Brooks, a cast member on Big Brother 18, repeatedly used anti-gay slurs casually on social media back in 2011 and 2012.

    In one post, he wrote in reply to another person, “You would know about taking it the hard way. Fag”, and in another, he replied to a tweet and affirmed someone else’s use of the slur, writing “def[initely] a fag.”
    He also praised the movie The Notebook, writing, “I don’t care if you think I’m a faggot.”
    Corey also used the word “gay” pejoratively, referring to another person’s “gay write up about yourself” and saying someone else was “supa gay.”
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    Here are screenshots of Corey’s tweets, which came to my attention via Hamsterwatch and others who found them overnight:

    • In a response to a tweet, he wrote, “You would know about taking it the hard way. F**.” Then in another, he referred to Nicholas Spark‘s The Notebook as “the greatest movie of all time,” but then added he didn’t care if you “think I’m a f**,” because of it. Those tweets have been removed, but one does remand, where he uses “gay” as a negative term, writing “took me a while to figure out who you were but your gay write up about yourself gave it away. Bodybuilding is your life?#yourefat.”