‘Big Brother 18’ Veto Comp Plans In Week 12

The Power of Veto competition arrives later today for the final five remaining Big Brother 18 Houseguests with the pressure on for the Sitting Ducks to secure safety for one of them before the upcoming early eviction.

Update: Veto Comp is underway as of 1:15 PM BBT this afternoon.

Victor Arroyo on Big Brother 18

There’s been no secret kept this week as to which of the guys is the target to go but that doesn’t let the other Duck off the hook. Should the target secure his safety then it’ll be the end of the road for his partner.

Corey informed Victor during the nominations speech that he was the main target this week so if he doesn’t pull off the Veto win today that’ll likely be it for his game and he’ll be evicted for the THIRD time this season. That’s pretty silly, but you can’t blame Victor for taking full advantage of the season’s twists to keep his game alive and going strong.

Paul is the backup plan and he knows he’ll be in trouble if Victor escapes with a PoV win today. After the nominations we saw Paul go up to talk with Corey and Nicole about their game move. He was playing it smart by staying calm and not calling them out, but he wanted to know if there was any chance for their F4 to recover and move forward together. Corey wouldn’t give him a direct answer so that’s not good for the guys. I think he knew the answer already, but either way the talk gives him the angle of willingness to not be immediately against them. But don’t worry, he is.

If anything does happen today with the Veto and either Paul or Victor gets the win then we can expect him to save himself and James will go up as the renom. There’s no chance of Corey sending Nicole to the Block. And before you consider it, there’s also practically no chance of James being willing to save either of the guys and voting out Nicole should he win today. Yes, it’d be dramatic, but James has a good thing going and won’t risk his F2 with Nicole to keep another pair alive in the game instead.

Nicole is of course anxious about the Veto comp and wants to win to keep the noms the same, but she should feel confident that even if one of the Ducks does win then Corey won’t be putting her up on the Block. He won’t do it. There’s just no danger of her going this week and it’ll be her 12th straight week without venturing near the Block.

As for what the comp could be, HGs have mentioned hearing a zip line sound coming from the backyard construction which would suggest a challenge like BB Comics, though it could be a twist on that and be any sort of memory game. Or the zip line sound could have just been a cable holding up a background banner. We won’t know until the comp is over and Feeds are back.

Nicole, Corey, and James are worried the competition could be something physical since they’re still hurting from that HoH comp while Victor sat and watched so he’s not physically restricted like they are. Hmm, now that’d be interesting. I suppose there is a good bit of running around in a BB Comics type challenge, though I imagine by now they could all move for a few minutes to complete the task.

Speaking of timing, if this is an individual comp we’ll probably see the Feeds down for around 5+ hours since these things take a long time in the one-at-a-time format. Once Feeds are back though we’ll have all the spoilers and send out the alert on our app.

What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Are you hoping to see either Victor or Paul win his way off the Block or would the drama be better for them to both remain on the Block this week? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. James and Nicole played identical, mirror-image games. Nicole is cleverly planting seeds with Big Dummy that she’s “sure” the jury will “all” vote for him because he’s so nice and hasn’t screwed anyone over. Luckily for her, he’s way too slow to notice that she’s prepping two outcomes: 1. She’ll vote him out because he’s a “sure winner;” and 2. He’ll understand why and give her his vote and promotion in the jury. Add to that last night’s monologue by Nicole about how game moves aren’t personal and how people can be best buds even after “game moves” and her plan is painfully obvious. Big Dummy has cuddled his way to the jury house – how anyone can think this is laudable is laughable.

    • I also think her agenda is to make sure Corey believes if he is in a final two with her that he will win so that he would not cut her at final three.

    • Smart me be really. No way she beats Corey. She has a shot against James. She deserves to win because she has played the best most strategic game, like her or not.

    • Corey is not stupid, he’s definitely been holding back. He may be naive about BB strategy, but he was probably a recruit. Coery won’t make it to the jury house at this point.

    • Corey is as many on social media call him, a Big Dummy. He betrayed Vic and Paul and will end up going to the jury house as a result.

      Snacole is securing her win. She has production to thank. They have basically let her sleep away all her days to win.

      • They betayed him first. Vic turned his back on Corey and the ‘all guys’ allaince. Vic put Corey on the block. If VicPaul had their way, Corey would have been evictws ago. Cey owes them nothing.

      • That’s not really a justification because Paulie was the target for going behind the guys’ backs to create multiple side alliances and trying to get everyone to turn on each other. Corey using the excuse of Vic evicting his boyfriend Paulie is pathetic. If he’s scared of Vic he should just say it was a strategic move and not use lame excuses production gave him.

      • They all had side alliances and they were all trying to get others to turn on each other. Bottom line is Vic lied to Corey’s face repeatedly and targeted him. If Paul/Vic had their way Corey would have been gone a few weeks ago. Corey owes them backstabbers NOTHING.

      • Vic literally never backstabbed Corey. Everytime he’s moved on to a new alliance he has made it very obvious who he’s working with and stayed loyal to that alliance. He didn’t even want to use Corey as a pawn until Paul finally convinced him to and would’ve let him keep the veto had Paulie not taken it from him. Vic had no choice but to turn on the executives because Paulie was a cancer inside the house and even then was open to working with all the people who had evicted him. Even after his 2nd eviction he still went back to Nicorey and put all his effort into protecting them. If that’s not loyalty then I don’t know what is.

      • No, they didn’t, at least not Victor. He had the Executives: Vic, Paul, Paulie, Corey and James…and he had the Board, a F3 within the Exceutives: Vic, Paul & Paulie…so if you really want to get technical…the Board is a perfect example of how DISLOYAL Paulie was! This was a F3 alliance that did not include his bromance star Corey…

        Like I said. Vic was loyal to his alliances until they were no longer loyal to him!~

      • Wish my memory was that good. All that has been consistent in that house is the sexual exploits with Dingdoo. That, I wish I could forget.

      • Of course it’s a strategic move, but he’s also kept bringing up how Vic had lied and betrayed him and Paulie. He’s been mentioning that since before he even won HOH and he’s making a respectable game move look petty, vindictive and weak.

      • How? Because Vic put up Paulie with Corey as a pawn?? Paulie was the one to begin the destruction of the all guys alliance when he told Paul the week Da’ went home that “we need to think about getting Vic out”. Paul did not immediately tell Vic about that convo b/c he had a P/P deal with Paulie at the time, but the next week when Paulie REFUSED to target Paul’s target (Z) then Paul realized Paulie wsas out for Paulie only and turned on him and spilled the beans to Victor about what Paulie had said…THAT is when Victor targeted Paulie. Not before! AND, if I remember correctly…that was the unitard week…I do not remember Corey looking worried at all. He knew he was safe, so using that as an excuse to betray Vic is BS!

      • Exactly RSA, coz that’s how it happened. Even Jokers in their updates makes mention of all of Paulie’s alliances and how that played a part in Vic’s decision… :)

      • Thank you, K. Yes, if people would look back (and Jokers even footnotes this in their live feed spoilers) Paulie had numerous alliances, that is why Vic targeted him…that and the convo Paul had with Vic where he ratted Paulie out; combined, of course Vic was going to seek to get Paulie out of the house.

      • Vic handled Paulie like no one else could. Paulie was so arrogant. I don’t think he could believe Production allowed this to happen to him, and that’s why we saw the behavior from him regarding making the pies. He was PISSED, but he was becoming a liability to BB, I think. jmo

    • This is a bunch of crock from Nicole. How many times has she stated she didn’t want to have any contact with anyone but James outside of the game? What hypocrisy

  2. I hope Vic wins veto mainly to mess up Dingdoo’s plans. I’m so disillusioned with BB at this point, I will be shocked if Vic or Paul make it to F2. They are both playing against production and the other 3 HGs.

    • I agree with you KSJB. I have noticed this all season. CBS wanted the vets to teach the newbies how to play but they didn’t like it when they found out the newbies didn’t want them in there because they had already been given their shot.

    • With both Victor and Paul heading up the NO VETS IN THE GAME strategy from the get go, it surprises me each week how not one of the vets even paid attention to it after Josea left.

  3. Vic and Paul deserve to win and they have played great games. But production’s interference has been strong and that will lead to one of them leaving.

    If James was smart, he would try to align himself with either Vic or Paul (depending on who wins the POV) to get to the F2. But James has been anything but smart.

    • Why would James or anyone align themselves with Paul and Vic. They can’t be beat, that’s why they are on the block. It would be stupid of James to do that.

      • One valid reason why, if you’re James, is whether you think the pair is capable of being split. James and Paul would both prefer to be sitting next to one another over Victor, and if Mama Da’s newfound admiration of Nicole’s manipulation is any indication of jury sentiment, they’d all rather be sitting next to anyone other than Nicole. However there are two reasons this is moot: 1. James appears to be driving toward an F2 with Nicole, and 2. James has played a confused game.

      • This jury is gonna vote based on emotions instead of game play. DAY has wanted a female to win for all season and the rest are too pissed at the rest and will vote based on who is in the F2 and who was the HOH when they got evicted.

      • Does everyone want them to write Vic the check now he played such a great social game he was evicted twice. This is big brother people. I am with you philly cat

  4. I think most of, I won’t say all of, the credit given to Dingus is a credit to Production and not specifically deserved by Dingus. So if she wins, production wins. That’s my opinion derived from intelligent speculation due to lots of mounting circumstantial evidence. There is a vast difference between that and a conspiracy theory, which all of these people who can’t seem to face reality keep throwing out there.

    • Excellent point.

      The evidence has been mounting. Those who cry conspiracy theory are just too naive or have chosen to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

      A win for Nicole is truly a win for production.

      Vic and Paul or Natalie for that matter, never had a chance. They were all fooled like many of us for a while.

    • OK I will give the respect on the production interference (possibly) but the pregame deal I don’t see it YET. Had those two not talked about giving each of their F4 allies (Nicole, James, Corey and Natalie) money or gifts then this pregame deal more than likely will not be a topic on this forum in my opinion.

      • If there was no pre-season alliance then it doesn’t make sense why Nicole keeps insisting that she and James have been working together all season when they’ve never really talked any game. She makes it sound like he’s her ride or die when they’ve actually been distant for most of the game.

      • Almost from day 1 they have had a final 2 deal, maybe even day 2 in the house. They agreed to not put each other up if they didn’t have too and to work together in secret. I think this is the fuzzy part everyone else has forgot.

      • The feeds weren’t even up day 1 or 2. The only thing I saw on the show was Nicole making a F2 deal with Frank. Later in the season she said that from day 2 Frank was trying to get her to make F2 deals with other people. Even if they did have a genuine deal it’s not the same thing as actually working together. Her being so emphatic, trying to make it sound like they’ve actively been working together the entire game is what raises red flags for me.

      • Hello, that’s what I’m talking about, unless production kept those talks from ys. Could have been when fish went up.

      • Honestly, WW, that is only one reason for suspicions about a pregame alliance. What about the fact that James said he had Dingus in his back pocket because her parent’s love him, the fact that he told Gnat that he had been with Dingus since day 1, the fact that they both, along with Paulie(who by the way, was also protecting Dingus) spoke with Derrick before the show, the fact that James handed her the wall comp HOH, the fact that it was obvious that they were protecting each other throughout the game while purposefully avoiding the appearance of even being that friendly to keep from drawing attention to their alliance. Dingus didn’t like James partner, actually she didn’t like any of the girls. Look who is gone. Paulie is gone because he became a liability to BB. I understand there are differing opinions about this and until there is real proof, it is speculation, but there is a whole lot of mounting evidence, imo.

      • I understand all three that you mentioned had talked to Derrick but they did not talk to him at the same time. Keep in mind that Paulie probably talked to Derrick the most. Paulie and Dingus kind of was working together and yes from day 1 in the house both Nicole and James had a final 2 deal but that doesn’t prove they had a pregame deal before the season started. Yes, working behind the scenes to make it look like they were not working together was part of the plan. As for the Nicole being in the back pocket comment, her Mother really liked James last year and she wouldn’t want to disappoint Mommy now would she. As for all the girls, Nicole wanted to be the only girl left in the house.

      • There will probably never be proof unless someone admits it one of these years, and we know production isn’t going to admit to working with both of them from the beginning to keep them in the game as long as possible. But it will not stop the strong speculation and distinct possibility of it being the truth and the sour taste left with many fans because of the strong evidence supporting the suspicions. Not the first time we have disagreed, but it might be the last this season, WW ,because I won’t be watching if neither Vic nor Paul is in the F2. No reason to because that means Production won the game. Now go have make up sex with your wife. lolol

      • Watch your mouth on that make up sex part LOL I drive more crazy by asking her whats for supper than in the bed in my old age LOL.

      • Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute! Weren’t we just talking earlier about you being younger than my husband? OK, here’s a tip. There is this place called LowT center. I’m sure there is something similar in your area, unless you live in Ubly.(hehe) Try it out. I can vouch for it! ;)

      • LMBO…You might have given me the official last laugh of the season. Thanks, WW, it’s truly been a real pleasure.

      • James was talking again yesterday about getting advice from Derrick. If him Paulie and Nicole all talked to him, they all knew they were going into the house. I find it hard to believe they did not talk to each other beforehand.

      • Let me explain it this way. All three talked to Derrick as all three have said, yet there is no proof that they knew each other is/was going into this season together. Maybe Nicole and James knew just a little bit ahead of Paulie but I must say not by much. Out of the three, James has said that Derrick told him if Zach came back this season (as he said last night), to not trust him too much and to keep his mouth tight lipped around him. Nicole was saying last night on BBAD (First time I watched this show in about 6 weeks). That Zach had a habit of blowing peoples game up and doing things on a dare and plain out being evil. NEVER did she say Derrick told her this or that she was there when James was told this. What ever advice that was given to Nicole, she hasn’t said yet to my understanding. Out of the three, my money is he (Derrick) coached and/or advised Paulie the most as well as Cody giving him advice. Both James and Nicole managed to lay low and stay off the radar this whole game by following the advice to where as Paulie didn’t follow it and wound up being evicted. Now for the finale, both Frank (my pick to win this year) and DAY didn’t stay off the radar like the other two did. They let their mouths and actions over rule their game play and that is why they are not there now.

      • Who knows if this is really true? If Dingus told James this, she hit him in his whittle heart. Dingus is a great nanipilulator.

      • Be willing to be you Dingus’ family needs the money, or she’s cried about this and they have shown that they have fallen on their little dingy ‘ s to hand nicole the game

    • Here is a sick thought, maybe some guy from production, likes what he sees when Nicorey are under the covers. We have no idea what goes on in the diary room, what kind of deals are “suggested”, or why someone is in there for a long time….. I am just “suggesting” this could happen, we will never know what really goes on behind the DR door……

    • K, I am too undone that Nicole won veto. wth! Nicole show. Girlfriend has got to have no conscience. While they try to show her agonizing over her recent STRATEGIES. I’m not buying any of it. What a witch, what a witch.

  5. I hate when it comes down to hgs that you truly like. Makes the decision very hard on whom to evict next. The one I would like to see leave first on a personal level is James. He has thrown too many comps and gave too much of himself to Nat and not on playing BB as he should have! There is no doubt that Nic is my favorite with Corey coming in 2nd..but after saying that…I like Paul and Vic. Totally respect them on their game play. Not always about their language..but on how they have played Big Brother. I hate to see either of them leave this week. The game has came down to me having too many I want to see stay and win. Good luck today to Vic on the POV. I think he really deserves to win it and stay. The guy is genuine and has played his heart out to be in there.

    • So true. Vic has been genuine and loyal. His downfall was being a little too loyal.

      Beginning to see that he is a class act compared to the other messy and slob HG

    • Had this season been played like previous seasons, Victor would not be in the house at this point today. Had he not came back, the whole outcome of the game to date would be different. The rein of how the HOH’s went down would have been different and the ones we see today may not be in the house at this point. It is what it is and whether Victor or Paul leaves this week first is just the way it is.

  6. I think it’s pretty shitty that BB has interfered with the game. The best players are being forced out due to production picks /favorites. Why would you (production) hand over half a million to someone so undeserving as Nicole? Please, if I hear one more time that her or James played a strategic game I think I’m gonna puke! What’s strategic about sleeping, screwing, and chasing ass for 3 months? As for Corey, he’s as dumb as a brick. Why would he keep her after she said she was taking James to F2? He should have put up Sleepy and Dopey so he could have a chance with Victor and Paul in F3. I believe he’s better at comps than Paul so he and Victor could have made F2. But, I guess we will see Nicole and James sitting at F2. Maybe they should hook up after the game. She likes giving it away and he can’t give it away so maybe they can give it to each other. With their winnings they can continue to sleep, screw, then sleep some more. Lol. This season has truly been an eye opener for me. So, heads up. If u want to be on Big Brother, just send in video of sleeping, eating, screwing and you will walk away with half a million for all your strategic moves and game plays!

    • It is plain as day that production has rigged and continue to rig the show in favor of Nicole (and Corey) and James.

      It’s not right.

      The example they will set is exactly what you wrote…just lay in bed the whole time and you, too, could walk away with half a million dollars.

      Vic and Paul, this season’s top 2 players never had a chance. Smh

    • So because your favorite is going instead of talking game play you’re another one that makes nasty disgusting remarks. Are you aware what Paul called Michelle? Are you aware of Pauls racist remarks the first two weeks? So that’s okay with you. You like racist people. How is Corey and Nicole hurting anyone by being in a showmance? Are they married? And guess what start puking because Nicole has played the best strategic game in the house. She deserves to win. And there are a lot of people that feel the same way. Just check the polls.

      • I sent a reply to this yesterday and it wasn’t here so I checked my profile only to see its pending. I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse than what I’ve ever posted being shown on here. So, I’m gonna try again to reply as close to what I said yesterday:
        It’s not that I have a favorite. I simply believe that Victor and Paul has played a better game. No, I’m not a racist, nor have I ever defended a racist. No, Paul shouldn’t have said that but, check the feeds. Dont think I ever commented about his rears at all. What nasty remarks have I made? They can screw on national tv for the world to see but I can’t reference what they are doing? What do you call it then when someone lays up, sleeps, and screws all day? How can that kind of behavior be rewared? How is that kind of behavior strategic? Again, they can actually screw on tv but, we can’t comment about it in discussions without it being flagged? Last time I checked I have freedom of speech just like she has the freedom to lay on her back with her legs up and be strategic and hopefully be rewared for her excellent game play. I simply stated my opinion just like you have. I stated the truth. Doubt this post makes it through either. If it doesnt, then not only can BB help those less deserving win the game they can also keep viewers from their comments being posted. As you say a lot…smh

      • That was suppose to read: His remarks, not rears. You call out every person that doesn’t think your favorite should win. If anyone has a favorite it’s you. The only way you will vote for Victor as AFP is if Nicole makes final 2. You simply defend and vote based solely on favoritism, not game play. Neither James, Nicole, Corey, or Michelle play a strategic game. Paulie tried and would have won this had he not been A total ass! When this season first started I was a huge vets supporter aND thought Nicole in her first HOH had came to play but I was sorely disappointed as the season went forward. I also totally did not care for Victor nor Paul. But, you have to give kudos to these 2 players especially Victor for a game well played! As the season pushed forward so did him and Paul. You can go to my profile on Disque and see in the beginning who I was rooting for and to be quite honest, all the vets, I believe , came not to work at this game to win the money. They all came to enjoy a summer vacation while getting paid to do so. The newbies were in it to win it. What makes me pull for someone or want to see someone succeed in this game and in life is no matter how many times you get knocked down you get back up and keep on digging it out. Victor did that and he did it with integrity, class and respect. That’s why Nicole keeps saying she feels guilty. She even knows who should win and it’s eating at her.

      • First of all I’ve never flagged anyone’s comments. Second I was stating that maybe there should be more game talk like he needs to win this comp or they’ll probably backstab this one or if he doesn’t win he’s gone or who the jury will vote for and less personal nasty remarks. Go ahead and make all the personal comments you want. I’m not stooping you. JMO

  7. So all these talks of production interference to suit Nicole is just another one of those usual “Amanda is going to win so don’t bother watching” or “Vanessa will win because she has a poker show airing on CBS” that usually happens around this time of the season?

    If that was the case then, Paulie would have still been here then, or even better, Frank.

    • Exactly. It’s the same blah, blah, blah. Cracks me up why are these people even watching. Don’t they know how to change a channel?

      • Yeah. I’ve grown accustomed to these comments whenever it’s not their ideal person who won a comp.

      • So I had this rant just because of how frustrated I am with this annual blow-ups from some fans over at Twitter.

        While I expect people to at least respond to me (and reply to them with due respect of their opinions), someone apparently took it in a way that he/she somehow interpreted it as me defending Nicole (a.k.a. a “Nicole stan”) and declared he/she had enough of me, oddly enough. I think it just proves my point though with regards to this conspiracies. lol

  8. For anyone interested, here are the results for the popularity poll, as I watch it from opening vote to closing vote day by day. As usual, Nicole started out much lower than James on the first day, and even much lower than Vic the last time. Earlier this AM, James was holding around 29%, Vic @ 23%, and Nicole had climbed up to 22%. Currently, James is @28.16%, Nicole 27.52%, and Vic 21%. So as has been the history, Nicole is climbing and eventually will most likely surpass James, as she has done the past three weeks, before voting ends. her standing improved drastically just this AM alone in a matter of a couple of hours. I have no idea about polls on other sites or what the trend is on social media.

    • Check out the poll on Jokers. On that poll, Nicole and Corey are in the bottom five. Weird right?

    • The reason Nicole climbs slowly over the week is because it takes a while for the carrrier pigeons to fly in from Ubly with her votes. ;-)

      • I hope to the BB gods that Victor wins this veto. I’m watching BBAD from last nites recording, and it is killing me how Nicorey is thinking that Paul and Victor should not be mad at them for putting them on the block. Well DUUUUUUHHHHH, Corey, you and Nichole have yet AGAIN broke an alliance deal of the finale 4 with them. Of course they were excepting to at least see James on the block with one of them. So what kind of reaction did they expect from Victor after that Nomination speech…WOW….Anyway I just hope Victor wins todays veto soooo bad..GOOOOOOOOOO Victor.

      • That was funny. But Ubly is a very cute little town. Very pretty. It’s in the top part of the thumb of Michigan.

  9. it was as plain as big dummy’s nose that production told him how to win the last veto he knew just where everything was and how to use it I hate it when they started using past guests they know every comp and how to play and win now dummy has James and fruit loops to tell him about the face comp coming up and production will most likely tell him who they are and the order they appear poor Vic and Paul are new to this and only have each other sure hope Vic wins veto and hoh

    • Production giving Corey the heads up in the last comp was really the final straw. They underestimate us, the fans, the ones that make these shows a success.

      Agree with you 100% that ‘Big Dummy’ would have never gotten it or anything on his own. This is why it’s a big disadvantage to bring back returning HG to play with first timers.

  10. My dream scenario at this point is for Vic to win veto, James goes up in his place and Paul goes home. (Tho I wish it was Nicole or Doofus leaving). Vic wins HOH and Nic & Bozo go on the block. Vic or James win veto and leave Nic & meathead on the block. Nicole gets sent to jury, followed by short bus. Vic & James fiinal two. Vic wins the game. I don’t think it’s a ding against him that he was voted out twice. He had to fight hard to make it back in. He’s played an awesome game.

    • The only ones who are saying anything bad about Vic being evicted twice are those who are just bitter or jealous like Nicole and Corey.

      Him returning to the game by battling it back twice is enough to get him jury votes if he had gotten to F2.

      This doesn’t seem too likely anymore. But we can always hope.

    • I know, right, All the time Frank was there the forum was full of Frank fans once he was gone than it was how everybody should only get one chance to play, out with Vic out with returnees blah blah blah. I would love to see Vic go out with a bang. He played very very well. Every bodys about this one played a good social game that one played hard to win comps, and he didnt do both? Every one noticed Cory, the box of rocks, run in and go straight to the right thing to get him out of that first room. James spent 9 minutes playing with a water tank. Yeah I believe production wanted the numbers stacked this way too. Vic didnt play in the last hoh game so he is well rested for the next comp. WIN VIC WIN get that veto and win the fast forward, toss out Cory or Nic and go to the end with James and take him out!

  11. I am still a little confused about the upcoming schedule of events for the week. Does anyone have it figured out? I know when the shows are scheduled to be aired, but what I am wondering is when will the evictions actually be taking place this week? None of the programs show they are live on my schedules.

      • Julie said they are changing the days due to football. Under the impression, there will be Sun, Tue and Wed show. But not sure. Maybe someone else can confirm

      • It’s possible I’m confused. I could have sworn that’s what I heard, but now am doubting myself. Maybe the live eviction is Friday and not Wed., I’m going to do some digging to see what I come up with.

      • Here is the schedule as Matthew posted it on Sept. 5:

        Big Brother 18 Schedule – Final Episodes:

        Wed, Sept 7th – 8/7c – Veto events
        Thurs, Sept 8th – 9/8c – Live Eviction
        Sun, Sept 11th – 8/7c – HoH/Nominations
        Tues, Sept 13th – 8/7c – Fast Fwd Eviction (taped on Monday)
        Wed, Sept 14th – 8/7c – Live Eviction
        Fri, Sept 16th – 8/7c – possibly Memory Lane
        Wed, Sept 21st – 9:30 PM ET – Live, 90-min Finale
        Wed, Sept 28th – 10/9c – Big Brother Over The Top season premiere on All Access

      • I thought that had been posted somewhere but wasn’t sure if it was set in stone when it was posted. Thanks much, RSA. You are terrific!

      • <– Blushing :0) I don't know if it's set in stone, but with no further updates, I'd say it's still the plan.

    • Eviction Monday – airs Tuesday.
      Fast Forward Tues (I assume HOH, Nom, Veto)
      Live Eviction – Wednesday

  12. This is a crash course for these two, especially Victor, that loyalty doesn’t really mean anything in the game for the most part, especially if you present yourself of such a huge threat. The fact that he (Vic) has won so many comps, and he’s so likable. Nobody is ever really gonna work with him. Even Paul to some extent…….anyway, I’m still hoping for a miracle he wins the Veto.

  13. Does production win anything if the houseguest they want to win wins? This looks like fantasy football Big Brother style. Production members have their bets on the winner first of the season and the staff “guide” their choices as far as they can hoping the player they picked as the winner wins, thus giving the staff member the winnings of the fantasy big brother pot.

  14. “James has a good thing going and won’t risk his F2 with Nicole to keep another pair alive in the game instead.”

    (face palm) Again, has this been confirmed on the feeds ANYWHERE? Because I haven’t heard a thing! All we know is that there’s a rumor floating around about it, and until it’s either confirmed or denied, it should be always referred to as such (which both Matt and Branden have been doing, so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt here and say that Matt just forgot to include that in the article).

  15. It won’t happen but I would love to see James win the veto and save Vic. Forcing Corey to put up Nicole and then she goes out on his HOH. That is dramatic production.

  16. I gotta give ya’ll extreme kudos for the creatively accurate surnames ya’ll come up with to describe Doofus…. in this thread alone there was Bozo, Meat-Head, Big Dummy, Dopey and my personal favorite “Box of Rocks” by Sara…. Baaaaahahahaha… too friggin funny!! :D When I think of Doofus I see a big hairy, neanderthal Sasquatch… with deadly toe nail fungus… urggggg..

  17. Can anyone explain to me why Paul is considered such a good social game player? I always thought that those with the best social game tended to be liked by everyone. Maybe in the middle half of the season he was in that position but in the last month or so there have been several that have disliked him. Honestly I know Victor is a major competition threat but otherwise I think he gets along with everyone better than Paul does.

    • The reason Paul’s social game is considered good is b/c he has been able to talk himself out of some very bad situations (e.g., aligning with Josea) while still maintaining a relationship with almost everyone in the house. Paul has gone from HG to HG building relationships…that is what a good social game means. In contrast, Corey has built relationships with very few, i.e., Paulie, Nicole and James. Those are the few people Corey has actually really built any kind of relationship with in the house.

      • I agree in that aspect. Corey and Natalie both isolated themselves. Nicole actually had more relationships than both of them.

      • Yes, Nicole had established relationships with the other vets and made other relationships along the way, but Paul was, by far, one of the BEST social player of the season. The only one who was perhaps better, might have been Paulie…and his bad behavior and attitudes eventually ruined that for him.

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