‘Big Brother 18’ Schedule: Two Evictions Await Houseguests This Week With Fast Forward

The Big Brother 18 Houseguests will face twice the regular evictions this week as we head in to an accelerated schedule to get us through the remaining five HGs and final weeks of the BB18 schedule.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Houseguests have been suspecting a rapid fire elimination coming up with Julie’s announcement that there’d be no more Double Evictions this season, but they still don’t know quite what to expect. We do though so let’s get ready for it.

We’ve already been through the pace of the final evictions and the remaining episodes, but this week we’ve got some shuffling to the regular routine for what we’ll have as far as Big Brother spoilers off the Feeds and how that overlays with the rest of the Big Brother schedule.

The Power of Veto competition should still be held today but to get ready for Monday’s eviction, which will be taped that evening but not airing until Tuesday night, we can likely expect the return of an early Veto Ceremony on Sunday. That’ll give the final noms a little bit of time to campaign and get ready.

Last year we had a Saturday Veto comp, Sunday Veto Ceremony, and then Monday eviction. Feeds went down Monday morning around 9AM BBT and returned Tuesday night at 9PM BBT after the west coast broadcast of the special Tuesday show. The year before we had a Friday night Veto comp followed by a Sunday Veto Ceremony. Looks like we should expect a Sunday Veto Ceremony this season too.

When the Feeds do return on Tuesday night we’ll have a lot of catching up to do after we’ll likely get the HoH results during Tuesday’s show but then on the Feeds we’ll find out who was nominated and who won the Power of Veto. Last year the Veto Ceremony was held live during the next show which they could do again this year and that’d be on Wednesday night before the live eviction which puts us down to the F3. Yeah, things are going to move fast. Here’s all that info again.

Big Brother 18 – Fast Forward Week & F3 events:

  • Saturday – Veto Comp
  • Sunday – Veto Ceremony
  • Monday – Feeds go down. Taped F5 eviction & HoH comp.
  • Tuesday – Eviction show. Feeds return with spoilers for Noms & Veto comp.
  • Wednesday – Live eviction show. F3 revealed. Final HoH comp Round 1 on your Live Feeds.
  • Friday – Special Big Brother episode (possible clip show)
  • Friday – Anticipated Round 2 of Final HoH comp with spoiler results later on Feeds

After that we’ve only got the season finale of Big Brother 18 to get through next Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 9:30 PM ET/PT for the 90-minute close to our summer fun.

Of course it’s just one more week after that until the Big Brother Over the Top season starts online on All Access at 10PM ET (7PM PT). If you want to watch that then go ahead and get the 1-Month Free Trial of All Access with the promo code FALLACCESS. Enjoy!


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  1. I kind of wish every week was a fast forward week, because weeks like last week are just brutally slow.

    • and boring They need to shorten the season, have the HG’s up, not lying around and bring back the HaveNot comps and no vets returning unless its an All Star season

      • Completely agree.
        The fall season of non reality programming has started and BB needs to go away each season before September.

  2. With all the boring shows they have had over the last few seasons, I kind of like the DE and FF weeks. Still one wonders if these players are dong the right thing? Yeah I know that each HOH has to look out for their best interest that week but how many actually look further down the road than one or two weeks ahead. None of these players was my pick to win so with that said, I wouldn’t mind if James did make it to F2 but I am unsure as to who the other player should be. Victor? I believe in the once your evicted your evicted play. I entertain the thought of him fighting back into the game twice but really he shouldn’t be there. Not saying anything wrong with how he played the game but I am saying I feel he shouldn’t be there and YES I would feel the same way if Frank fought his way back in too.

    Paul, a guy who so grossly voiced his opinion that the vets need to go from day one. He has a point but he should have been gone a long time ago as well. He fought hard to stay in the house so that being said I think he should be in the F2 but not necessarily feeling he should win the game.

    Nicole, the one person who has never made it to the block this season. The remaining HG’s know this but yet have yet to cash that check by putting her on the block. I feel the way she has played this season over her first season that she does need to go, sorry Nicole fans but even though her game that she played was decent but not F2 worthy.

    Corey, again, this is one that played only behind Nicole and rarely did anything on his own. He now stands to get out a good player but I feel that may be a little too little and a little too late. Should he find himself in the F2 spot, I foresee him winning over Nicole or James and possibly Paul.

    • Would vote for Paul/Victor to win depending on who stays. However, whoever of the two stays is going to have a very difficult road to make it to the end. The reality is, and that has become a difficult word to use in the context of BB given some of the machinations of production this season, there is probably going to be an unpopular winner. A Yawn ending for a boring season.

  3. Is James working with Corey and Nicole. Last night he was snitching about Vic and Paul to them.
    I would love for him to win Veto and use it on Victor. There is no way Corey will put up Nicole unless he has to. If she gets evicted because of him, that will be great.

  4. Vic and Paul both ultimately sank their game by choosing to keep James over Natalie. Neither of them likes James at all, but they allowed their personal biases cloud their better judgement. Either that, or they received their marching orders to keep James. Victor has not helped his own case this week by arrogantly reminding everyone how good he is at comps. Hey Victor, this is why you were evicted twice. Get it? Paul has played a far better strategic game than anyone, but F2 is a very unlikely scenario. Between the remaining 3, I could give 2 sheets. They each represent in their own way just how horrid this season has been.

    • I really enjoyed last season even if I wanted James and Meg to win. Steve winning was a complete disappointment, but it was still fun watching the HGs interact with each other. This season, everyone seemed so boring and there were too many cliques. Right now I’m just waiting for it to end so I can be annoyed again for the 18th season.

  5. i would like to see BB go back into social experiment mode rather than hang about in reality tv mode, less interference to let the game unfold however it unfolds when something isn’t broken why fix it? sure there can be twists and twists of twists there isn’t a need to interfere with the production value just pay more attention to casting and i’m sure there will be entertainment the network will continue to make money and the fans will fall in love with the show all over again…hope vic pulls out this veto and pablo finds his way back into the bb house!!!!!

  6. corey is mad at nicole for being in his comic book maybe he will upset her and she will pull vic down to be her new cuddle buddy :D…i want vic to stay don’t judge me

    • I was going to post a comment like yours. Maybe, just maybe Corey will be mad enough to put up Nicole. That works be an epic move. I don’t see it happening though.

  7. I am glad the season is almost over I didn’t have my favorite this year because everytime I have a favorite they go out the door so I don’t do it anymore can’t wait until Survivor comes on just two more weeks and can’t wait until the Amazing Race comes on too.

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