‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Friday Highlights

It was nomination day in the Big Brother 18 house and Nicole and Corey decided to ditch their deal with Paul and Victor and put them on the block. Victor was none too happy and made it known as Paul remained reserved, as he’s likely looking ahead in life in the game after Victor. If that’s how the week plays out. Read on to find out the target and what the HGs are thinking after today’s event.

Paul Abrahamian isn't pleased on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 9, 2016:

10:45 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey are downstairs in the kitchen. Other HGs asleep.

10:50 AM BBT – Nicole thinks something is wrong with the coffee and suspects Natalie put something in it. (Nah.)

11:00 AM BBT – Back upstairs Corey is practicing his nomination speech. Suggests he’ll reveal Victor is his main target. Explains he has to protect Nicole by putting the guys up together.

12:20 PM BBT – Nicole is annoying Corey by repeatedly asking if this is the best thing since she’s worried about betraying their F4 deal. Corey wants to know if she’s changed her mind. She says she hasn’t. Probably just giving production more footage…

1:00 PM BBT – All the HGs are hanging out together in the HoH room. General chit chat.

2:20 PM BBT – James alone talks to the camera. He says he misses Natalie but thinks he’ll be safe this week. Lots of talk about Natalie. He’s also pretty sure Victor is the target.

2:50 PM BBT – Victor tells Corey and Paul he’s feeling really stressed and upset. Lot of anxiety.

3:00 PM BBT – Paul and Corey mention having heard a zipline outside and wonder if it’s BB Comics time.

3:05 PM BBT – Corey tells Paul he still doesn’t know who he’ll put up on the Block (even though he does know).

4:00 PM BBT – Paul and Victor talking about the possibilities that Corey and Nicole are going to flip on them. Victor is feeling confident that Nicole and Corey won’t betray the F4 alliance. Paul isn’t so sure.

4:15 PM BBT – Victor thinks Nicole and Corey will want a stress free week so they won’t betray the deal. Victor says he wouldn’t go against their F4 deal so he doesn’t think they would either.

4:45 PM BBT – Victor and Paul are heatedly arguing over the VMAs. It’s getting tense.

4:55 PM BBT – Corey is practicing his noms speech. Nicole tells Corey she is very proud of him.

5:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Noms.

6:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Paul & Victor were nominated. Frustration, but no raging.

6:05 PM BBT – James is upstairs with Nicole and Corey. Victor and Paul are downstairs in the London bedroom. Victor is pissed. The guys agree Victor is probably the target.

6:07 PM BBT – Nicole suspects there could be an eviction on Sunday. (It’s on Monday & airs on Tuesday.)

6:15 PM BBT – Upstairs group jokes if Victor gets to play a fourth time they quit.

6:20 PM BBT – Victor and Paul know whoever stays has to win out to get to the end.

6:25 PM BBT – Victor thought it’d be James to do this to them, not Corey. He’s upset about that. Now they will have to work with James since it’ll be one of them left with James against Nicorey.

6:35 PM BBT – Paul and Victor agree they have to break up Nicole and Corey next now instead of going after James.

6:40 PM BBT – Victor suggests they try to sway James to use the Veto on one of them to get Nicole renom’d. Paul questions Victor’s sobriety.

6:40 PM BBT – Paul heads upstairs after James leaves the HoH room. Paul remains calm and says he’s not mad and he understands it was just a game move. He tells them Victor is sad and hurt by it.

6:45 PM BBT – Paul is trying to figure out if there’s any chance of them salvaging this if they get James on the Block or not. Corey is dodging the question and insists this was all a game move and not personal.

6:50 PM BBT – Corey points out James didn’t influence this decision. Corey feels bad that Victor is hurt.

7:00 PM BBT – Victor comes up to the HoH room. Corey explains he couldn’t risk putting Nicole in a position to be voted out because it’d be dumb not to do that. He states that several times. Nicole tells him to stop making her a target.

7:05 PM BBT – Victor tells Corey he thought their F4 was real. Victor doesn’t understand why he created this tension early.

7:10 PM BBT – Victor has told Corey he’s coming for them and they won’t be friends inside the game anymore. He regrets not having split them up instead of going after Natalie and James. Victor wishes Corey had at least told them first.

7:15 PM BBT – Victor says he’ll get over it after the game is done, but for now he’s upset. He goes downstairs and asks James if he’s ready to be his teammate if he’s the one who stays this week.

7:20 PM BBT – Paul lingered a bit more in the HoH room. He keeps things calm and doesn’t blame Nicole and Corey.

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    • old news…..James spoke of a conversation he had with Derrick and what Derrick advised him to do…… Derrick gave Paulie the same advice…James heeded what Derrick said but Paulie did not

    • I didn’t hear that. Guess I’ll have to rewind my feeds. What I heard was they were having a conversation and James asked Nicole what it was like to play with Derrick. Then he told her Derrick said if Zach comes back keep your mouth closed around him. Never heard him say “coached”.

  1. Omg – the day before noms victor and Paul were talking about doing the same thing to Nicole and Corey – now they are mad bc Nicole and Corey struck first. I like victor and Paul but seriously- own ur game and admit if one of u had won HOH Nicole and Corey would be on the block. I don’t understand ppl getting upset or irritated with Nicole and Corey for playing the game. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED GUYS!

    • I seem to recall paul convincing vic to nom paulie. The reasons paul used for were that they had the votes and the chance to do it, and may not get another chance.

    • Plus the week that Victor got voted out by James, both Paul and him were talking about putting Natalie and James on the block together before they went on the block. I like the fact that Victor is a comp beast and how Paul can be at times funny as hell but I agree that they need to own their game and admit they were gonna do the same thing.

    • I don’t think anyone really has a choice you either go this week or next week. Quit whining it is the end of the game there is not but 5 players left one of you was gonna have to go up!

    • It’s always funny till it happens to you. Can’t wait to see Snacoles reaction when it’s her turn to go up.

      • I’m sure if she doesn’t win she’s expecting it. This late in the game if you don’t win you’re on the block.

    • I totally agree. And if James wins POV and he was on the block they would both be up anyway. When you get to F5 you expect to go up if you don’t win. Before noms Paul was saying whoever is on the block throw the veto to the other one so they can pull each other down. So exactly what Corey told them would of happened and Nicole would of went up. They would of controlled the votes not Corey. Good move.

  2. Lots of info there, but the two things that stood out he most-James, stop obsessing over AFP! And, the fact that once again Nicole has been identified as a snake. Many players before have told the remaining players that Nicole is a snake-no one cares until she focuses on them.

    • Exactly! The remaining players chose not to heed the warnings of evicted houseguests about Nicole being the snake. It started with Day and ended with Natalie. The most passionate call-out in public came from Big Meech not once but twice! It became almost too late now that Vic and Paul opened their eyes to wake up and realize that and finally admit her being a snake. It’s the right thing for one of them to call her that during the eviction speech so the jury can see that Nic is still the snake!!

      • Funny how she’s a snake for playing the game – they were going to do the same thing to Nicorey– does that make them a snake as well or “gAmers”? Michelle is classless – nothing she says holds any weight – she’s jealous and classless.

      • Y’all are on a Nicole snake obsession. She’s playing the game with smart moves and anyways snakes are a good part of our environment. The other players are smart enough to use anti venom
        That is if they are not snakes also

      • I hate snakes. Every time I see one (dead, like smushed on the road, or alive), I have an involuntary shudder…EVERY time. Same happens every time Dingus is on screen, so don’t tell me it is all in my mind. lol…Good thing I don’t have feeds. I’d have to be medicated.

      • Yep little Nicole has kicked everyone out of the house all by her little self. I’d say she deserves more then 500,000

      • Yep she got everyone evicted. Come on. This is Corey’s HOH and not Nicoles. He’s the one that told her who he was putting up. But once again everyone blames Nicole. Well I guess she deserves the win since she was the one that evicted everybody.

    • ‘Snake’ is just code for ‘she outplayed m and I’m bitter about it’. What’s fy is that they also claim that ‘Nic was not playijnmg the game’. Bull. She’s been playing since Day 1 – she’s just been playg it well.

      • I just wish Nicole would OWN her snakeness.

        Not sure what honest/unscripted things she’s said in the DR about her gameplay because BB doesn’t give us much straight DR talk anymore. But I think seeing more of that would go a long way to help her image in BB fandom.

  3. Not surprised that V/P nominated. It is Corey’s most strategic move at this point. My only disappointment is that he didn’t have the guts to tell them beforehand. I know production was probably in his ear to blindside them (actually Vic as Paul suspected) but given their recent history I feel he should have manned up and let them know shortly before the nom ceremony that they were being nominated and the reasons. Would have helped down the road with jury votes.

    • Doofus showed his ugly nature and character when he told the goat story while laughing, then he supported scumbag Paulie. He seems to be so entitled and self-centered that he has no empathy or sympathy for others as long as it doesn’t affect him. There is much man in there to man up with.

      • Totally agree. He’s very immature and BB will have a scandal on its hands if he wins and all those frat stories get picked up in the media.

        The goat, those homophobic rants and anything else he’s done will be under public scrutiny.

      • He seems to be getting annoyed with Nic because she is concerned about V’s reaction to being nominated. Doesn’t seem to realize he needs jury votes.

      • Also the fact that he’s trash talking Vic’s game play when all he’s done was get Bridgette out. Putting Vic and Paul up wasn’t even his idea, it was Nicole’s. Deflate your oversized ego doofus, your gameplay sucks and you don’t deserve credit for getting Victor out, your lady does.

      • Wrong. Corey told Nicole as soon as they were alone in the HOH he was putting Paul and Vic up. It was his idea. And she even asked him are you sure.

      • Yep and they even planned on what they would do with veto to keep them both off the block. That’s why Corey nominated them for that exact reason.

    • He owes them nothing. Vic/Paul surely didn’t ‘man up’ to Paulie either when they swied their taregt to him. They owe Paul/Vic nothing. Vic is acting liklittle crybaby.

    • Seems to be a bit of a double standard going on here. James gets slammed for letting the HGs know who’s going to be evicted just prior to the live show…”ruining all the blindsides.” But yet fans feel Corey should have ruined this nomination blindside by letting Paul and Vic know Nicorey’s intentions prior to the nom ceremony…we can’t have it both ways folks.

  4. I watched BBAD last night when Vic and Paul were talking about how hard they’d been playing since day one, and Vic said he ‘…didn’t want to be that guy who didn’t do anything…’
    Then they both started laughing and I SWEAR they said that maybe they should have stayed in bed all season and just started playing until the end of the game. I SWEAR to God they said that, because I started dying laughing along with them! Anyone with the feeds that would look that up for me? It had to be around 9:20…when Branden said they were talking about ‘everyone else laying low.’ It could have been as late as 9:45ish.

    • I’m glad they can at least say they’ve played the game. I do still hope one of them still wins though. Unless Vic wins veto it looks like it’ll be Paul who’s staying, and he knows how to use his social game to his advantage. He’s a really intelligent guy. I think he can get James on his side and convince him to put up Nicole and Corey. If you think a out it, it’ll be James, Paul, and Nicole competing for hoh next week. Paul will definitely put them up together if he wins, and knowing how good he is at manipulating people, I’m confident he can get James to put them up too. Or maybe I’m just being optimistic.

      • Nic/Corey have played alls eason. They just have been playinell all season – espciially Nicole. Corey has won 6 comps. Vic is justa crybaby.

      • Exactly. Corey has won more comps then Paul and James combined. Vic may want to take a look at his boyfriend when he’s talking about not playing.

      • How did Nicory entertain you people they were boring af laying in bed for 3 months I’m glad her ass is getting dumped on the 21st. She’s getting played by Corey. Hehe

    • Yeah, because it’s not like he has worked as hard as Nicorey and James all season. All that lying around has been so hard on them. Yeah the three of them are so deserving, their hard work all summer should be recognized

      • I’m still keeping hope of a f4 HOH win from Nicole and a Veto win from Paul so that Corey gets ousted.

      • I never understood how Dr.Will, Dan, even Evel were so popular but then when others do lie and backstab they get hate.

      • Guess because Nicole, Corey and James haven’t done anything this entire season. That’s why America isn’t too keen on them winning.

      • Wrong. What’s the matter a little bitter because your favorite isn’t winning. Most of America is rooting for Nicole to win. Just look at the polls.

      • Maybe because Will worked all his seasons to stay in the game. He didn’t win comps but he worked people. Far different than the lazy triplets this year who hardly did anything until the last couple of weeks. Smart play? no, luck and riding coattails more like it

      • People like Victoria season 16 or Spencer season 15 I would consider lucky/coattail riders.

        While I didn’t want the returning players to get far since they did nothing in their original seasons to deserve to come back, they did play smart.

        They used the super allaince to get to jury then when games started getting blown up they stayed away from the drama and let everyone else take each other out.

        Paul has played the best game
        Nicole 2nd
        James 3rd
        Corey 4th

        and well you know how I feel about Victor.

        In survivor I am very against that type of floater game play but in big brother I see it as much more a free for all due to power shifting so I see it as an any means necessary game.

      • I agree it’s a psychological game more so than a physical game and the goal is to survive to the end and win by whatever means necessary!! So if laying low and loosing and doing whatever they do under the covers along with lying and backstabbing get them there so be it!! It’s big brother after all!! Paul is smarter than the rest he has picked up on how to play quickly and also maintain his composure to hide his emotions and look to the next week if he survives, so for me at this point if he makes it he deserves the win!! Other than that whoever makes it to end even if we don’t agree with how they got there deserves a chance at the win!!!!

      • It’s because Nicole is a woman and outplaying the men on this show. The Neanderthals here don’t like that.

      • IMO, the big difference is that the players you mentioned owned their deceptive gameplay. It’s much easier for BB fans to root for a villain when he/she admits they’re a villain.

      • So are you saying that you do not want to see Nicole and Corey go? Because according to the latest polls and social media reports, America is not really fond of them. You are very welcome.

      • i am saying who are you to speak for america??? there are many polls and that is irellevant i am saying speak for yourself not a country no one has offered you that position to speak on behalf of the nation thank you very much

      • Maybe you need to take another look at those polls. Nicole has been in the top 3 all season. And number one several times. So yes please quit speaking for America.

      • Do you have selective memory? Or did you miss season 15 altogether ? Andy Spencer and Gina Marie ring any bells?

  5. Hope Vic wins the veto today and the next HOH. Would be great to see Corey and Nicole on the block.

    TBH Vic and Paul have played a great game.

    Nicole, Corey and James – not so much.

    • ” Nicole, Corey, and James worry the Veto could be something with running since they’re sore but Victor isn’t since he didn’t compete in the HoH comp.”.
      Please Please make this a partly physical comp. After production told Corey about the pipes and key in last comp it would be fair to give Vic a chance.

  6. At this point, I am for ANYONE to win but Dingus.She’ll be more than peeing her pants when she discovers that while she has been trying to charm Doofus’s snake all season, he has been the real snake charmer. Unbeknownst to Dingus, she is probably maybe a 3 on his scale of women in general, and would never be in contention for anything serious. As a woman, she disgusts me and is a very bad example of what women should be.

    • Although mean, you are very right. Dingus deserves it after playing (if that’s what you call it) the game she has.

      • She doesn’t see it because Corey is too busy telling all the guys and not telling her. I don’t recall any conversation from him saying this was not serious or would not go further than the game. If anyone is morally corrupt it is him. He’s had plenty of opportunities to be straight up with her but hasnt.

      • She already knows they’re not having a relationship outside the house. She wants kids and family and Corey doesn’t. Why do you think she broke up with Hayden? She has even told him that they’ll be friends and she will come to visit him and James in Texas. She’s not going to be hurt.

      • Nicole has made every decision for game moves. Corey doesn’t even know how to play the game and spaces out constantly. Does anyone else watch BBAD?? She’s constantly strategizing while he wants to cuddle.

      • Seriously. Her idea to flip on both other “teams” while Corey listens then says “oh yeah – good idea”. No editing required – it’s on BBAD. Corey hasn’t had an independent thought the entire game. Even Paul and Victor were commenting on the same. Corey hung out with the guys while Nicole helped set up house guests after Paulie go home. Her idea to keep James- Corey followed. These things required no “editing”— they happened plain and simple.

      • As soon as she has completely served her purpose for Doofus and she goes back to her tiny town and gets shunned for her lack of moral character.

      • Moral character are you serious? Is she married no, is he married no. Do you find Guys who use their showmance with no intention of anything after just as immoral?

      • Have no problem with a showmance when both parties are clear what it is. When one of them is clearly seeing it as a relationship that will extend beyond the house, the other should make it clear that that is not their intention. Nicole clearly thinks this showmance has relationship potential beyond the season. Corey should tell her that is not the case, and should have done so earlier.

      • Tbh I would be that person who if a girl in the house liked me and I could tell they wanted it to go ferther then this house I would playing it for all its worth.

        I would talk about “wedding plans” or “having kids” or “moving to where ever she is” Then when her usefulness to me is up I would cut her loose. Especially if it was one sided attraction.

        So I don’t see anything done of competiton shows as immoral.

      • He doesn’t even have the excuse that he wasn’t aware of her feelings. He told Victor that she was thinking it was going to be a relationship like her and Hayden had. So he is very much aware of what her expectations are and yet he continues to lead her on. All in all he’s no better than Paulie in that regard.

      • Or Natalie. She did the same exact thing to James. All three showmances this season were one sided, with one playing on the other’s insecurities to use them and get farther in the game. However, if I was Victor at this point in the game, I would use that information to my advantage to hopefully split up Nicole and Corey.

      • They both discussed it already and BOTH said they were not ready or wanting a relationship at the moment OR when they are outside the house.

      • Absolutely, I do. For some reason, it always seems like it’s the female who gets the bad end of the deal. Dingus lives in a small town where everyone knows everything about everybody. Doofus is more worldly and will not suffer any repercussions. As a matter of fact, I could almost guarantee you that he will get many high fives and way to go bros for “putting up” with a 3 to further his game.

      • I think Corey does enjoy the attention and time he has spent with her but just does not want for it to be serious outside. I don’t think he is 100% using her. I thinks its more 100% attraction on her side and 50% on his side

      • The 50% on his side is purely strategic. The fact that he is getting his snake charmed by the snake is just an added bonus for him.

      • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Getting his ‘snake charmed.’ Can’t believe I missed this thread. Never going to be able to enjoy snake charmers again…thanks, K.

      • I think Polly saw that side while they cuddled in the twin bed…as Seinfeld would say “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

      • Victor needs to drop that little nugget of truth before he gets evicted. He holds the ace in the hole if he plays it right.

      • Full meltdown no doubt along with her patent chest pain hands flapping by her face move. Lots of boo hop woe is me tears…can’t wait it’ll be freeking great. It’ll make a funny ringtone.

    • I don’t hold it against her personally because, just like Z she seems to be clueless and obviously has a low self esteem. If it wasn’t a game, I’d hold it against doofus for leading her on. However it’s Big Brother, and sometimes you need to use people to get farther. As a vet, Nicole should know that. She needs to realize that Corey isn’t Hayden.

      • But really IMO that is the whole point of the game and social experiment to me … how important is my integrity and can I play with my integrity in tact? There are just lines that shouldn’t be crossed IMO and taking advantage of someone who is clueless and insecure is definitely one of them. In both cases of Z/Paulie and Nic/Corey, both girls were stupidly iinfluenced by their infatuation and lost integrity IMO and in the case of Paulie/Corey crossing the line wasn’t even necessary .. just selfish – however, I am not sure either one of them ever had anything close to any kind of integrity, so nothing to lose on their part. JMO for sure.

      • I feel like Corey and Paulie didn’t have much integrity to begin with. From what I’ve seen and heard out of both of them, they’re both misogynists who view women as objects to admire and use at their disposal.

        On a personal level, I feel for both girls, because both those men have a disgusting outlook on women. But big brother is a game of lying, manipulating and using. You can only maintain so much integrity. I think both those girls should’ve been aware of that and taken heed the second things seemed sketchy with those men, and certainly neither one should have slept with them. I think all four lost their integrity the moment they did the bedroom tango. However I do agree that the men are mainly at fault. They knew exactly what they were doing.

      • They both talked about it weeks ago – neither want a “relationship” other than friends outside the house.

      • I’m sure she will be wife material for some poor desperate soul that doesn’t mind cooking for her, picking her hair up from where ever she happens to be when she pulls the loose ones out and throws them down, listening to her whine all the time, sharing a bed with someone with disgustingly nasty feet, and that doesn’t mind knowing that there is film out there every where of her playing with Doofus’s tallywhacker.

      • Way harsh…. I was just telling u what they said….& they don’t seem to mind any of the above, if even true. Don’t kill the messenger …lol

  7. Vic gave up his job for this game and really needs the money. Of all the players, he deserves it the most. When do we vote for AFP?

  8. Why would Paul blame James for being nominated??? Paul knows dam well that James had nor has any control over the decisions Nicole & Corey make…Did Paul & Victor really think/believe that all 4 were gonna skate to the final 4 without realizing that there are only 2 finalist?? I get their pissed but the “game” is on…

    • Paul has had it out for James for the past two months. James is the one guy in the house that hasn’t been amused by Paul’s exaggerated stories and inflated ego.

    • VP trusted Nicorey so much that they think James must’ve gotten in to their head to make them turn on VP and the F4 alliance is all I can figure.
      I think they’re giving James too much credit here.

  9. Paul really impressed me with the way he was able to keep his cool when he went to speak with Dingdoo. But for some reason, it was a little scary, too. I realize this is a game, but the fact that there are people in this world that can really be so nice like that to someone’s face when they would literally like to be choking them to death is quite frightening to me.

    • That is why Paul is a bigger threat than Victor ..putting comp wins aside…Paul plays not so much a social game as its more of a “mental” thing….Remember how Vanessa grilled the HGs on why they voted for or against a HG??? Remember how she grilled them when something/someone threatened her game how she would grill/badger a person??? I have noticed that Paul tends to use the same tactics..

      • So all of Pauls racist remarks the first two weeks shows integrity? Him calling Michelle a cu#t shows integrity?

  10. James is an idiot if he sides with Nicole and Corey. No matter what Corey tells him there is no way James can trust Corey will take him to final 2 over Nicole. And if James is honest with himself he will realize that Corey is most likely to win the final HoH.

    What James should do is try to win veto and take Vic down. That forces Corey to put up Nicole and then James can either vote out Nicole with Victor or vote out Paul and let Corey break the tie.

    Victor is loyal so if its Vic and James they have a better shot of beating Corey for Final HoH and if Vic wins he will take James over Corey because Vic is clearly more loyal than Corey.

    • Very valid points @HighSlide

      James needs to for once do the right thing. He has been focusing a getting everyone he saw a threat with Natalie out.

      By doing so, he ruined her game and his. Now he has a chance to redeem himself and actually get to the F2 with this move.

      He has to start using his brain now. (Sorry if that came off rude or mean, but he needs to start thinking about doing the right thing before it’s too late for him this season. )

      • Yeah right? Get Vic out while you can. James needs to ride with Nicorey for a shot at final two (hell Nic or Corey might even take him over the other).

  11. Remember the old days when Nichole wouldn’t even kiss Hayden on the feeds because she was so shy and a ‘good girl’? I guess those days are gone and now it’s ok to have sex in front of us w Corey! Blech.

  12. I have seen more undercover sex with Nicole and Corey than I have ever cared too..thank God for camera switches! And to think Nicole would hardly kiss Hayden on the cheek..she sure has tramped it up this time around.

    • To say it is horrible wouldn’t even begin to describe it. Then again, both Corey and Nicole are to blame for this.

      Yes!! Those camera switches saved us all!

  13. I honestly cannot stand Corey in the slightest. I can respect Nicole’s gameplay even though she makes a lot of moves I don’t like but Corey hasn’t done jack all season. He only put the guys up because Nicole put the idea in his head, and then he has the nerve to insult Victor’s gameplay. Victor of all people! If Corey didn’t have his head up Nicole’s behind all season he would’ve been gone by now, but he literally hid behind her and played her game, and now he wants to take credit for getting Victor put when it was Nicole’s idea in the first place. I really hope Paul wins hoh and sends his sorry butt to jury. However I think Nicole would be a bigger target because she’s playing a better game and doofus is nothing without her.

    Also James would be dumb to stick with Nicole and Corey after one of the guys leave. At that point he’s just competing for third place. I hope he’s just sticking with them this week to keep himself safe.

    • I actually think Corey is playing a very similar game to Derrick, just not as smooth as Derrick. Remember when Derrick stabbed Caleb in the back and had Cody evict him? They did the same to Frankie. It was a game move.

      Corey trying to get out Victor is also a game move and frankly, Victor and Paul should have anticipated it. This is the right move for Corey and Nicole even though it once again looks like they back-stabbed another alliance.

      If Corey gets to final 2 he deserves to win over everyone in the house. He’s not exactly a great personality but I think he is a lot smarter than he appeared to be early in the season.

      • I’m still watching 16. Haven’t finished it yet. Paul anticipated it and respects it as a game move. I understand it’s a game move as well, however I know it was Nicole’s idea not his. That’s why I feel like he doesn’t deserve credit for it. I’ll admit that Nicole’s been playing well. Her game play reminds me a lot of Vanessa’s, who I had a very similar opinion of. Not a fan but respected her gameplay. What bothers me is that Corey is trash talking Vic’s gameplay when he hasn’t played any better. His only move was getting Bridgette out. I feel out of everyone left he deserves to win the least other than maybe James.

      • Agree with you about Corey being in the wrong for trash talking Vic’s game play.

        Vic will go down as one of BB best players of all time. While Corey will be known as the big goofy guy who was in bed with Snacole for 60+ days.

      • Really?? Derick had a fantastic social game. He was friends with almost everyone in the house. Corey was friends with Nicole, Paulie and James..and lastly Vic & Paul, until he nominated them breaking his F4 deal… HOW is that playing the game like Derrick? Derrick did not lay in bed most of the day and refuse to study for comps sometimes b/c he knew he was not the target,…

        I could go on and on, but I won’t. I will leave this comment with this. For everyone who thinks Nicole and Corey has played a great game ALL season…I want you to imagine Every. Single. HG. Playing. Just. Like. That. For. The. First. Ten. Weeks. It would be excruciating!!

    • James has no choice at this point unless Vic wins POV. If he does, then I’d go with him. And Nicole would should take James over Corey. Easy win for her.

      • I’m not so sure about Nicole beating James, although she should. Nicole will have a lot of enemies in the Jury house.

    • Rewind the feeds. As soon as Corey and Nicole were alone after he got his room COREY told Nicole I’m putting Victor and Paul up. It was his idea. Oh and Corey has won more comps then Paul and James combined. And at this point in the game it doesn’t matter who goes on the block. It’s the POV that matters. It’s anyone’s game.

      • No LG…Nicole put this idea in his head last week, hon. She told Corey we need to make a F3 with James. Sorry, but Corey did not come up with that idea on his own. Check the feeds… :)

  14. Some things I want to point out here. Not sure if any of it is relative to the game or not. 1. Why would Nicole and Corey (being the duo in charge this week) would rather spend time under the covers instead of studying the game? 2. Victor and Paul being upset over the very thing they were planning to do as well. Why would you get that mad and upset over a game? 3. James, he still has no clue and even though he thinks he feels safe, it could all come crashing down around him in a couple of days.. Victor and Paul finally going over the jury votes but at this point, I don’t think it matters anymore because most of the jury may have already decided on who they will vote for and it may not be the way they think. DAY is already thinking about Nicole and I think she may try to convince a couple of the girls in there to vote for Nicole to win if she is in F2. Nicole will only need 5 votes to win. My estimate is DAY, Z Paulie, Corey (if he is evicted) and James (if he is evicted).

    • i agree nicole has a really good chance to win this thing, do i like her no…do i agree with her “behavior’s” this season? nope but did anyone call me and ask me how i felt? nope so if she wins good for her…would i have done what she did? nope but if it worked for her i won’t judge…ok well i kind of am judging but who cares lol

      • LOL! I honestly…with all my elaboration on the whys and the what-nots…
        I don’t think I could have put that any better. Well said!

    • From what I’ve read, Paul isn’t upset about it just Vic. I think Paul is doing the smart thing right now and just staying on everyone’s good side. He seems to know Vic is the target and wants to lay low and keep the target off his back going into next week. Assuming Vic’s the one going this week I would love to see Paul and Nicole in final two but I think James and Nicole would take each other (assuming Corey leaves).

      • I agree that Paul is playing it smart at the moment but don’t be fooled that he is not upset over it. He is upset and he just decided to lay low and play the game the best way he can.

  15. there are only 5 hg’s left, the moves should be obvious at this point, while i don’t like seeing vic otb(he was my choice for 500k) corey made the best and most obvious move for his game what other choices the hg’s made or didn’t make previously to now doesn’t matter anymore its down to 5 if you want to stay in the house you gotta do what you gotta do in the end…only the jury will decide who will get the 500k and we have already seen they dance to a diff beat than those of us living in the real world.

    • Agree … the jury really sees very little of what goes on in the House and then gets extremely biased info from each newly-evicted HG. Doesn’t seem fair, but that’s BB.

      • Especially with Meech in the jury house, she is very bitter and I think that is going to influence some of the votes.

      • Yes, BB calls itself a “social experiment”, but it is actually a very controlled and orchestrated social experience, rather than experiment. If BB really wanted a true social experiment, they would not be so hands on with the HG and the jurors would have live feeds, rather than making their decisions based on biased information relayed by other HG and limited scenes that are handpicked by the producers.
        That is too controlled to be called an experiment. The producers have all the power to show whatever information they deem fitting and the jurors are asked to form opinions based on that information… Well, that is not a complete picture, as we (who get live feeds) all know. Now, if the jurors had live feeds, I can guarantee you, BB would be a heck of a lot more interesting; especially when a HG went into the jury house after totally trash talking a former HG who was waiting in jury! ;) LOL!

        Much like Natalie did to Z this season. Imagine Z waiting for Gnat-Nat to come in the doors if she had heard everything Natalie said about her after she left…

  16. Victor is such a crybay. He only sided with Corey/Nic b/c they kept him in the game and now they ar edoing what is best for their game is making it personal. In’t feel abd for Vic at all b/c he lied and betrayed others too. He lied repeatedly to Corey’sface about being ‘loyal’ to the all guys’ allaince so Corey owes him nothing.

    • Corey hasn’t played any game. In fact, he’s been laying in bed for 60 days with Nicole. Corey has also been involved in many questionable acts where animals were harmed and has made many homophobic rants on social media.

      He would only bring bad publicity to Big Brother and Julie Chen doesn’t deserve that.

      • Youa re talking pesonal and otuside of game. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. Also, Julie Chen will survive. She has done this for 18 seasons. They have had racists,s exist, violent scumbags, and other nonsense on this show yet she and it are still going fine. The people who don’t like BB will still not like it and those like us will still watch it. But, none of that has to do with the game.
        And, Corey has played the game. He’s played it very well. He has amde smart decisions, he has won comps, he has switched alliances when needed, he has gone with the flow when needed. What has Vic done? Be a two time loser who has latched onto Paul’s coattails. Vic doesn’t even kick those he wants out. He didn’t want Paulie out – that was Paul choice. It was better for Vic for James to go and Nat to stay but he made it easy on the others to keep James. Vic is a crybaby who crys about lack of loyalty but the guy’s only loyalty is to Paul not to anybody else. Corey/Nicole owe him nothing. Let’s not forget, again, that Vic betrayed Corey first. He put him on the black and lied about his loyalty to the ‘all guys’ alliance’.

      • Vic was right to put Corey on the block. Too bad he didn’t follow through and get him voted out.

        The only mistake Vic and Paul made this season is to let Corey’s $5k bribe confuse them to believe it was a sign of loyalty.

        Vic and Paul should have kept Natalie. If they had done so they wouldn’t have been in this mess.

        It’s sad seeing such great players (Vic, Paul and Natalie) lose to the three worse players (Nicole, Corey and James) this season.

      • Vic is not a great player. He’s been evicted twice and unless he goes on a comp run he is gonna be the first ever HG to be evicted 3 times in one season. If Vic/Paul were so great why did they choose to keep James? Even though they knew that James voted to keep Corey even though Nat wanted Vic to stay. Paul is a great player. Nat is okay. Vic is a subpar player. Nicole is a great player. Corey is solid. james is a mix.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you.
        Vic did not betray Paulie. Go back to the flash back feeds…Paulie targeted Victor first the week Da’ went to jury Paulie said to Paul, “we need to think about getting Vic out next”. If you check the feeds, you will find this conversation. Second…Vic has never bemoaned about being OTB until this week; reason being..this betrayal hurt. He trusted Nicole and honestly thought Corey & Nicole would not turn on the F4 alliance until it was just that…ONLY the four of them left, so he has a right to be upset considering he would have NEVER done that to them. Moreover, Corey trying to use the Paulie excuse is lame. Paulie had side alliances with (no joke) about EVERYONE in the house. When Victor learned of those alliances and Paul told him that Paulie had mentioned getting him (Vic) out the week prior…that is when Vic decided to switch his target to Paulie. He dikd not blindside Corey! Corey was running around in that unitard free as a bird, no worries, no stress…Paulie KNEW he was the target that is why he was crying over his apple pies that week!!

        Seriously, if you want to make a point, at least be accurate. Vic has never betrayed an alliance that was not ready to or had already betrayed him first. And if you don’t believe me…go check the Joker’s feeds, they repeatedly make a footnote to Paulie’s many alliances and so forth as Corey talks about Vic betraying him first…reason being…is b/c Vic DID NOT betray them first!

      • Vic is a betraying piece of crap (not really it’s just a game) but he lies and betrays like everyone else. People are gullible by the silly ‘trustworthy’ card. Bottom line is he lied striaght to Corey’s face when Corey was HOH and Corey asked if he was still down for the 5 Guys’ Alliance then he promtply put Corey and Paulie on the block. that is betrayal. PERIOD. And, he and Paul were planning to target James/Nat no matter what if James had voted to keep Vic. On top of that Corey owes Vic NOTHING since Vic and Paul wanted him out. they wnated James to vote Corey out yet you think Corey owes them? If anything he owes James and has now repaid him.

  17. Please let James win the veto and be smart enough to use it. Corey would have only one option put Nicole up and either James and Victor or James and Paul vote her out. Would certainly boost James in the game by making such a big move. He has zero chance to get to finals if he doesn’t break the duo up.

    • James would redeem himself in the eyes of America if he did that. But the poor guy doesn’t think. Does anyone else feel the same way?

      • America speaks volumes by the many polls on Jokers and other social media outlets my friend.

        If you are also in America, then please don’t feel left out. We want your voice heard too.

        (Unfortunately none of our voices matter when it comes to production. As long as we keep tuning in and renewing our monthly all access passes, then they will continue to rig the show as they please.)

      • i am going to tell you why i am offended by you speaking for america metgala..my father my uncle my brother and my husband have all served this nation and have bled for it(yes i mean that literally) they love this country and they protected its citizens and their rights because they cared even to the detriment of their health…when you take the rights out of the hands of millions of people to speak for them without their permission than yes i am offended…you do not speak for america, you speak for yourself because for many generations your right to do so was protected do not take that from others by speaking for them…its just not ok

      • Totally understand and salute and thank your husband, father, brother and uncle and thank them for their service.

        In no way was “speaking for America” meant to be disrespectful to you or any other person who has dedicated to serve, honor and protect our country.


      • Nicely done, metgala…I admire how you handled yourself here. You and it’s not that crucial; did not sling insults or get nasty with each other. I wish everyone acted with as much class as you two did here. :)

        Kudos to both of you for being a class act! :)

      • Now that is exactly how debates on this site should go! Bravo it’s not that crucial for making your point in a the manner you did… Love it. Wish everyone was as diplomatic and open to discussion as you are. :)

    • That is NEVER going to happen. James isn’t playing BB, he is biding his time to get back to Nat Nat. Last night on the feeds that is allllll he talked about, his little Nat. I hope he doesn’t win AFP, he doesn’t deserve, another HG who has eat, slept, showmanced his way through the game. Not what I want to watch, that is The Bachelor and if that is what CBS wants to bring to the viewers they really need to make their own version and quit using BB for their manipulation, kneading and prodding of the participants.

      • Thanks for that. Totally agree with you about James. He hasn’t contributed anything positive to this season’s BB and it would be a terrible travesty if he was to win AFP over more deserving HG.

      • Honestly either Paul or Vic should win. Or even Bridgette. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but even Day of all people deserve it because as annoying as she was atleast she played the game and had funny moments too.

      • That is just crazy she isn’t going to give him the time of day. Like James said to her flirted with Victor and Corey then the king with Paulie. Poor James was the last resort. Reminds of Paulie and Z. He is just passing his time in the jury house with her like Nat did with her Jamesy

      • I hope you’re right Gordon but what if james, in his poor love sick mind, decides to win the Veto, take Victor off the block and then vote out Nicole just to make his little darlin’ accept his marriage proposal? Stranger things have happened and I don’t trust James at all.

      • i suppose it is possible, but i don’t think james would ever vote out nicole…even if he had to choose between nic and nat i think he would go with nic

      • I would hope so and I don’t want to see this happen believe me.
        But, to tie up all the loose ends James doesn’t need to win VETO, just in case.

      • I don’t think he is of a mind to play at this point, he is ready to go to the jury house. But…expect the unexpected, it would be nice if he decided to do a little game play and switch things up. I really wouldn’t mind it at all.

    • Kelly you’re giving James too much credit. This is the same guy who spared Vanessa due to his rage at Shelli over the Jason vote. This is the same guy who threw in an HOH to an untrustworthy gameplayer.

      • I want to believe that maybe James received untrustworthy advice from the DR when it made that atrocious move.
        But, if he were a little bit smarter he would’ve seen what a mistake that move was.

  18. I feel bad for Victor. I honestly think he’s just too trusting and kind to be truly successful at this game. His faith in others has sent him out the door twice so far, and unless he can pull out a clutch Veto win, it’s going to send him out a third time.

    As for Nicole, I don’t like her at all, but not because of her game moves. Splitting up Paul and Vic is smart, even if she IS stabbing them in the back pretty hard. I always pull for the good guys and the underdogs, but it’s Big Brother, sometimes you just have to lie and backstab to get yourself to the end. That’s just how it is.

    My problem is the same one I had with Vanessa last year: she doesn’t OWN her gameplay. She manipulates everyone and stabs all of her allies in the back over and over and over again, then starts crying and getting confused like SHE’S the victim in all of this. You can’t be an angel and a devil at the same time. Lie to the other houseguests all you want, but don’t lie to yourself, and don’t lie to the viewers.

      • That would be poor jury management. To still think people will believe what you’re throwing at them in the finale. That’s why Russell Hantz lost- not because he played a poor strategical game, but it’s because he never owned his gameplay.

      • Do you think the fact that Russell, a southern, rough ne ck, was able to outplay, outlast and outwit all the college educated young’uns might have accounted for the jury being bitter?

      • No it’s more on the lines of Russell not only lying and backstabbing but also bullying and threatening his fellow castaways. Honestly while I’m not too fond of bitter jurors, I don’t blame them for being bitter.

        What does being Southern have to do with Russell screwing up his gameplay?

    • That is it exactly. I had the same problem with Natalie as well. Yes, James did vote Vic out, but SHE made the decision to nominate him…It WAS a great game move, but own it. Don’t cry about it. I can say the same for Nicole. She has turned on her last two alliances when the tide turned and, in BB game play, that isn’t outrageous, however, do not play the Polyanna while you’re planting a blade in your alliance member’s back! Own your moves. Nicole has actually impressed me more this season than she did before b/c of the moves she has made in the last month or so, but I want to see her just admit, “yeah, I threw James & Natalie UTB when Vic & Paul were in power…and now I’m backstabbing Vic & Paul in favor of a weaker player to take to F3”. It’s a good move.

      In the words of Evel Dick “Suck it up cupcake”… If you’re going to be a villain, don’t cry about it…be proud of it! I would respect her a lot more if she did this.

      Not everyone is capable of winning BB and staying America’s sweetheart, a’la Jordan Lloyd. :)

      • Right Dan H.! Oh & BTW…did you see my reply to you about Evel Dick…? You were right, I had forgotten how he told Jessica she was safe right before he voted her out! So…I stand corrected… You CANNOT play a good BB game without lying at least once!! ;) haha

      • Yes I did! Yeah, I remember Dick & Dani had a final four deal with Eric & Jessica. Then the double eviction came around and they took E&J out back to back. I was so mad a Dick then, but that was a good move and a great season.

      • I agree. Great move. Great season of BB. Honestly, there were times I was pi$$ed a ED too, but all in all, he was the player that got me interested whether it was being mad at him or dying to see what he would do next…Evel Dick was, by far, the most interesting player that season! ;)

    • So Nicole is Danielle Murprhree? Well that makes sense since Corey is an expy of Shane.

      That’s why I have respect for Will, Dan, Derrick, Neda, and Jon- they own up to their gameplay and don’t act deluded about it. You can’t look like the angel and the devil at the same time and expect to get no backlash over it. And I know a lot of people hate Dan, but atleast he owned up to his game play (granted he was cocky about it but still)

  19. Out of curiosity, how many would support a Gofundme page for Vic or any of the other HG if they genuinely were in dire straits after going on BB.

    Vic had to quit his job at the gym and was discussing with Paul that he wouldn’t be able to afford to move to Cali even for 6 months as he hopes to invest his BB stipend (around $10k after taxes) in his friends concert promo idea in hopes
    of making money to help support his family.

    • Absolutely NOT, this was a choice. They are not hostages…they signed on the dotted line.
      Vic talking about moving to Cali on the money he makes in LA isn’t a porportionate argument. The standard of living in S Cal is off the charts, I couldn’t afford to live there either. You have to hussle to survive there, especially in the entertainment industry, if he wants to move there, he better man up now cause he is in for a rude awakening otherwise.

      • Feel bad for his family. They are really poor. His father who is elderly just came back from a job training. They really need help financially and Vic was hoping to change that with BB.

        Corey revealed last nite to Nicole that he makes about $200k a year. He’s making money already.

      • I get it, but there are a lot of poor people in America, Vic isn’t the only story out there, but if people want to donate to him, that is a personal choice, but I get where you are coming from. I think Vic is still a little immature and his pie in the sky thinking about being in the entertainment business in ridiculous, he seems to think he will hit it big, right out of the starting gate. He will be struggling for years, so he will not be able to help his family at all, he is better off staying in Slidell helping them there.

      • That’s very demotivating but then again it’s reality and the truth. Many people who go on these shows get disillusioned thinking they will hit it big right out of the gate, like you said. But it doesn’t work that way.

        How about Cody? He was one of the lucky ones? And what is this about James appearing on the Bold & The Beautiful? Was that an error? (With all due respect to James of course)

      • I hadn’t heard about James being on the Bold and the Beautiful. As for Cody, he really has personality and charm, I can see how casting agents would like him and see some promise in him, but I didn’t even know he was doing the acting thing, what is he doing now? I know his brother Paulie wants to do the same thing, another naive BB contestant who thinks now that they are on BB they are stars and have made it in the industry.

      • Jeff Shroeder interviewed him last week on BB Aftershow and he announced that he just wrapped up filming a movie. Nothing big but it’s something.

        What was Paulie referring to when he said that his father was able to generate a lot of money for Cody by arranging meet and greets for his fans where he signed autographs.

        Maybe Vic can do that to help his family ?

      • I don’t know anything about Paulie and his father setting up for autographs. Good for Cody, if he can make it, excellent. I think he has the charm and good looks to make in in the industry.

      • Check Cody out on Wikipedia. Here’s more about him: Following his appearance on Big Brother 16 Calafiore signed with New York-based modeling agency Soul Artist Management. He has since appeared in Winq Magazine, Men’s Fitness, LOVE Magazine, Risbel Magazine, an ad campaign for Swissgear, and three editorials for The Fashionisto. Calafiore has also appeared in fashion shows as a model. In 2016 Calafiore will be co-starring in the independent film “What Happened Last Night.” In 2017 he will appear in the made-for-TV movie “Live To Tell” and star in two independent films, “Days Like This” and “Stay.

      • Most of last season’s BB HGs were on B&Bs Halloween shows, so maybe that’s what James is referring to.

  20. Think it’s fair to say that we are all in agreement that Vic and Paul made a major error in judgement when they chose to vote Nat out over James this past week.

      • They could have kept Nat and got James out and hopefully had an epiphany to put Corey and Nicole on the block. But that’s all water under the bridge now, isn’t it. ?

      • Nicole and Corey controlled the vote, anyway. No matter how much Vic and Paul pushed, James was never going to leave.

      • So as it stands now, the odds are that Nicole or Corey will be in the F2 with James or do you think there is still a chance for either Vic or Paul if they win POV today?

      • I really hope Paul wins, I’m not a fan of Vic, so I don’t really care if he goes. Do NOT want to see Corey and Nic for F2, but it looks like that is what we are going to get.

      • If either Vic or Paul win Veto, the other is going home. Only other option is if James wins Veto and they convince him to stab Nicole in the back, but that’s a one in a million chance.

        From there on, the survivor’s only real chance to make final 2 is to win everything until the end of the game. That’s the only way Nicole isn’t sitting there on the finale. Every other scenario, she’s there, and she wins.

      • Wow and the way production has been doing everything possible to throw her the game thus far, it looks the Nicole will win BB18. Smh

  21. The only way Vic & Paul could have got James out last week was to nominate either Corey or Nicole next to James, and they wouldn’t have done that then b/c they believed Nicole & Corey would honor the F4 deal they had made. Once again, Victor’s naivete in regards to trusting people is messing up his game. Not good BB play, but I do admire the fact that he is an honest, loyal person… I still hope he can win the POV & pull himself down.

    N&C will freak if that happens!!

      • Paulie had Victor evicted earlier in the game, and Victor went out of his way to make sure Paulie was the one going home instead of Corey that week. Corey was only ever the pawn, and Vic made that very clear.

      • That was in the beginning when the entire house wanted him gone. When he came back they made an alliance with the guys. First time there wasn’t an alliance so no loyalty was owed to him.

      • Exactly! That is what Jokers was footnoting..the fact that Vic had found out about all of Paulie’s OTHER alliances… and how HE (Vic) was a target in at least one of them!

      • Yeah, but LG, Vic told Corey he was a pawn and if you remember, that was the week of the unitards…Corey was, in no way shape or form, worried about going home. He knew he was safe. So, that scenario is not quite the same considering Vic is TOTALLY Corey’s target. Y’know what I mean? JS.

      • I agree Corey knew he was safe and wasn’t going anywhere. But he didn’t know that until after nominations. He had no idea he was being nominated.

      • Yeah, but when you’re told right away you’re the pawn…not as scary. I know it bugged him to be OTB with Paulie and THAT I can see him being upset over, but don’t say he (Corey) was blindsided, coz Corey never, for one second thought he was going home. It just doesn’t wash.

        Just admit, hey I’ve been bugged ever since you sent Paulie home. I made an alliance with you b/c it suited me to do so at the moment. I would TOTALLY respect that. Just own your game play. Don’t try and make lame excuses is what I am saying here, LG.

      • First of all, Paulie was behind Vic going home the first time..and furthermore, Vic did NOT turn on Paulie *until* he found out Paulie had three other alliances in the house and in two of them…HE (Vic) was the main target in the upcoming week! I’m sorry, but IMO, I do not consider taking Paulie out in that moment as disloyal. Paulie had alliances with everyone in the house!

        Go read Jokers updates…they even mention that fact over and over in their rehash of the live feeds when Corey kept saying Vic turned on the guy’s alliance… Vic did not betray Paulie, he got rid of someone who had already evicted him once and was seriously having talks about doing it again.

        Seriously, how is that betrayal?

      • I don’t have to read jokers I watch the feeds. Jokers summarizes and leaves things out. They can’t possibly write word for word. Also when Victor was evicted the first time there was no alliance. So he owed him no loyalty. And when he came back they had an all guys alliance. And we’re talking about him blindsiding Corey too. Corey was loyal to him and had just won DE and POV and could of got rid of him. So Corey owes him nothing now.

      • I have live feeds too…and I watch them as well. When I said read Jokers, the reason I said this was b/c they mention as a footnote whenever Corey would say Vic had backstabbed Paulie, how Vic made that decision based on Paulie having so many other alliances in the house and how Vic was a target in a couple of them… For example…in the week Paul was HOH and Da’ went home, Paulie said to Paul (when PP was still in effect) “We need to think about getting rid of Victor next…” Well, Paul told Victor that after Paulie refused to go along with getting Z out, so Victor was legitimately mad at hearing that.

        And he never targeted Corey. He told Corey you’re the pawn, and if I remember correctly, Corey never acted at all worried that entire week, so I think he knew he was safe. Just my opinion…and we can agree to disagree here.

      • I agree I don’t think Victor owed Paulie anything. What I’m trying to say is when Victor said he wouldn’t have been as mad if Corey would have told him ahead of time instead of blindsiding him he would have been okay and he understands it’s a game move. But Victor also blindsided Corey. That’s my point. But it really doesn’t matter now. Just can’t wait to see who wins POV. Going to be interesting. Maybe this will be the only comp James will try at.

    • I know this is upsetting to the Victor fans and I’m not about to rub salt into wounds :D
      I did find it interesting that Victor thought Nicorey would just want to take it easy this week along with him as they got James out of the house.
      Maybe the stress and strain is finally getting to Victor and I can see why. I think right now his feelings are hurt and rightly so, he’s a nice guy and I hate this has to happen the way it did.

      • Exactly India…I told you this one was going to hurt, remember? I knew he was going to react badly. He’ll get over it. He just honestly believed the F4 would not turn on each other until they WERE the Final Four in the house… Plus, like we have discussed, I think he has a bit of a crush on Nic so he is feeling upset. IMO, I can understand it. It would be like as if V&P had nominated Nicole & Corey last week… Would you be wondering why they (N/C) were upset if that had happened?? No. Of course not, and understandably so.

      • Once Nicole is nominated and out the door I’ll be just as upset and I wouldn’t want anybody rubbing salt in my wounds :D
        Cheer up, Victor could win the Veto – you never can tell.

      • Oh absolutely hon..and I would never do that to you, so thank you for not doing it to me! :)

        #Friendship India! :)

        You know what, hon, honestly, I still think Nicole is sitting okay, and the reason I think that is b/c if Vic does win POV and then wins HOH next…I honestly think Corey will be his *main* target, not Nicole. Like I said, his feelings are hurt. He is an emotional player and, in all honesty, that is not the best way to play BB. But he’s still my fave and I’m rooting for him to win the veto!

      • It’s a good thing Nicole didn’t win HOH so all the hurt and anger is focused mainly on Corey – which is what I wanted. So if Victor stays and wins HOH I’m hoping he would put Corey and James on the block and go to the end with Nicole.
        #Friendship TGJ :D

      • You know what would make for some really interesting BB game play India… would be this scenario: Vic wins POV, pulls himself off the block, James goes up, but (as we all know) Paul goes home. I would be bummed, but at least it is not Victor… Then Vic wins HOH and noms Nic & Corey (which he will definitely do if he stays and wins HOH), then Nicole wins POV and uses it on herself, so James goes up against Corey and Nicole, with the sole vote to evict, votes out Corey instead of James!!! Now THAT, my friend, would be THE blindside of the season!!

        Plus, it would give Nicole the satisfaction of kicking Corey to the curb before he does it to her. Did you hear him last night when he said “If he doesn’t like someone more than his dog, he can’t see a relationship with them? And then he said to James that he’s not in a serious relationship yet b/c he hasn’t met a girl with the right quality yet??” Um…wow! Hello Nicole?? He basically said he didn’t like her as much as his dog b/c she doesn’t have the qualities that would make him want a serious relationship with her!!

        I would LOVE to see Nic evict his using butt! :)

        No matter what happens with Vic, in this…you and I are in complete agreement, of that I am sure! :) :)

      • I LOVE IT!!! Please make this happen AG!
        I haven’t been to Jokers yet so I didn’t know that power mad Corey was crapping on his only friend in the house now.
        Arrogance has been the down fall of many a reality show contestant (Paulie) and it’s about time someone shot Corey down.
        Did anyone else hear Corey saying this to Nicole?
        Victor’s best move would be to alert Nicole to her forthcoming kicked to the curb status and be there to hold her hand as she accept the reality of her showmance. It wouldn’t hurt if James was there offering sympathetic words either.
        The icing on the cake would be that Victor survives and wins HOH, puts Corey and James on the block and Nicole votes out Corey due to her F2 agreement with James.
        Wouldn’t he look like the biggest idiot in BB history?
        I hope the producers insist that Corey be blindsided on live TV too. Can you imagine how long he would be staring with his mouth hanging open lol.
        It’s almost not fair that Victor is going before the cretin corey.

      • Corey said all that to James, not Nicole. He was talking behind her back, just like he has done on several occasions. Victor even wanted to tell her at one point what he (Corey) was saying b/c he felt so bad for her, but he didn’t want to get in the middle of the whole blow up! Corey has been talking about how he is kicking Nicole to the curb ALL SEASON. If Nic were to keep James and evicts him…it would be karma.

        I honestly would not mind seeing Vic & Nicole at F2. Reason being, I think Vic has fought hard to play this game from Day 1. Nicole was a vet returning who had a target on her back from Day 1.

        They played totally different games. Victor raced to the front and won comps after comp, while Nicole laid low and aligned herself with the right people at the right time, until the house was cleared out and then she began winning comps…

        Both of them have a legitimate claim to the title of BB b/c they have played the game. If Nicole drops Corey…and keeps James, it will show how serious she is to win and they cannot say she played this game for the hopes of making a showmance into a RL romance anymore.

        JMO, but think about it. :)

      • I’ve noticed that Corey has been downplaying his showmance with NIcole to all the guys and I beginning to think he has an ulterior motive for doing this. He doesn’t want the guys to think he’s all that into Nicole and has no plans for their future after BB.
        So he could be using Nicole as strategy here so that the guys will keep him over Nicole and won’t see him as such a big threat.
        If so, I don’t care for this strategy one bit and it shows a lack of character in corey. He’s a little bit too comfortable using people to further his game.
        But he was very loyal to Paulie through good times and bad and so far he’s been loyal to Nicole and she trusts him completely.
        It’s too bad no one has the least idea of what’s going on in his head.
        So I’m just as puzzled as you are by his behavior.

      • He was far more loyal to Paulie. He made a F2 with Paulie, India! Nicole is so lucky Vic evicted Paulie coz he (Paulie) might have targeted Nic ( b/c of the tug for Corey’s ride or die trust) and believe you me…at that time, Corey would have voted her out if his “bromance-Paulie asked him to.

      • I was so nervous during Paulie’s last weeks when he kept saying Nicole had to go next. Paulie ride or die was Corey and he couldn’t have Nicole around. I honestly don’t know what Corey would’ve really done if it had come to Paulie nominating Nicole.
        Nicole being a vet was probably better for Corey than Paulie.
        So since paulie’s plans never came to fruition I don’t know what Corey would’ve done. Corey doesn’t get much DR tv time so we have no idea what he was really thinking.
        It was great for Nicole’s came for Paulie to go even though she didn’t know it lol.
        We can hope Corey leaves next week

      • That is my point exactly, but…considering Corey’s comments to the guys, I think he would have voted out Nic, India. He still wistfully misses Paulie. Honestly, if Nic was gone and Paulie was still in the house, I don’t think he’d be waxing so poetic on her memory, especially since he is already making plans to shake her off once he is out of the house, where he is excited about hooking up with Paulie again. JS. Like I said…men say what they mean generally. And that is admirable. It is WE women who always try to read more into it and try to see a hidden meaning in order to see what we want to see. NO. It is not there! Just take their words for what they are: The truth as they see it and move on from there ladies! ;)

        Nicole would do well to listen to what he’s saying and kick Corey to the curb before he does it to her in RL.

      • If it wasn’t for the fact that Corey’s been so loyal to Paulie and now Nicole I’m not sure what C. would’ve done but I suspect he would’ve gone with Paulie.
        If I had the feeds like you do I might be able to get a better idea about Corey and it’s rare that so late in the game a player has had so little TV time. He’s really a stranger to me still. From what I’ve seen I think he regards Nicole as a little sister, I don’t see romance or love in his eyes – or anything else for that matter lol :D
        We’ll just have to see what happens.
        Does Corey even realize the censure he would be subjected to by the many NIcole fans? He could wind up being one of the most hated HG’s ever if he’s cruel and unkind to Nicole.

      • I honestly don’t think he cares India. His family is wealthy and BB is is just a big summer lark to him…He is truly #Nevercared. I feel bad for Nic if she doesn’t see the writing on the wall and dump him in her BB game before he dumps her in RL.

      • No doubt in my mind that Corey’s just an over grown frat boy and probably will be until he’s 40.
        What does he need a wife for anyway? His mama still takes care of him the same way she has since he was a kid.
        He likes living with his frat brothers and probably still thinks all girls have cooties.
        He’s an overgrown boy and I find it off-putting. At his age he should be behaving as a grown man.
        I’m hoping Nicole is catching on that she’s no more to Corey than a kid sister. I hope so at least. If not, please Victor, clue her in before you leave the house.

  22. as many times these house guests called nicole out for being a snake,you would think they would learn better than too trust her,but obviously not cause they keep being back stabbed by her and now they feel stupid.

  23. Victor acting a little bitter. Same thing he called Paulie out for doing. Then he tells them if I stay I’m winning and you’re both going up. Haha well guess what Victor it doesn’t really matter because whoever wins the POV controls who’s going.

    • Lavandargirl, I know you are a Nicole fan and while we do not have the same opinions on our faves, I respect your right to have an opinion, but honestly…Do you really think he doesn’t have a reason to act a bit bitter? Imagine if he had nominated Nic & Corey last week? Would you be blasting Nicole if she was mad at being nominated? JS.

      I knew he was going to freak. As soon as I saw Nicole talking about turning on V&P in the live feeds earlier this week, I said Vic was going to lose it when Nic & Corey flips on him. He’s never gotten so upset over being nominated, but this one hurt more than all the others b/c Victor truly believed that the F4 would not turn on each other until just that…when they were the final four left in the house. I realize this is a good game move for Nicole & Corey and, even though Vic is my fave, I CAN give credit where credit is due… However, I can see why Vic is so upset, once again he has been betrayed. For someone who likes to honor his word, that kind of thing just doesn’t sit well and he feels stupid now. I can understand his anger…hell get over it. He even told him he would once they were out of that house. ;) But not before…

      • My point is it’s F5. What does he expect. If it would of been James on the block and one of them they were already planning to throw the veto to whoever wasn’t on the block so they could pull each other down. Then Nicole would of went up. And that was Corey’s point. It really doesn’t matter at this far in the game because if James was up and won POV they’d both be up anyway. Like I said before this far in the game you need to win. If he would of done this to him a couple weeks ago I could see Victor being upset. But not now. And just so you know I really like Victor. Last night up in the HOH I felt so bad for him when him and Corey were hugging I almost was crying. If Paul would of won this HOH I would of clearly expected that Nicole and Corey would go up. I would of just hoped that Nicole won veto. I’m glad that didn’t happen though.

      • If Paul had won though…I can tell you, Vic would have insisted for James to go OTB. That is the difference, LG.

        Look, I love your posts…they are always intelligent and well thought out..so I don’t want to fight with you, but the realikty is this…Vic would have honored the F4. He just would have b/c that is how he has played this game from Day 1. He’s mad b/c they didn’t. He will get over it…but he did not betray Paulie. Go to flashback…and look at the feedsa when Paul was HOH and Da’ went home…Paulie tells Paul, “we need to think about getting Vic out next.”

        Now…to Paul’s discredit, he did not tell Vic about this conversation until Paulie refused to vote out Z, howev er, when Paul DID tell Vic that Paulie was targeting him and THEN Vic found out about all the alliances Paulie had, (NONE of which included Vic in F4) well, honestly, do you really blame Victor for getting rid of Paulie??

        Just saying…

      • Hey we’re not fighting just agreeing to disagree. Lol. And you make valid points. I know Victor would of honored the F4. I like Victor and think he’s a really nice guy. I felt really bad. I don’t feel Vic betrayed Paulie at all. Paulie had alliances with everyone. I don’t blame Victor for going after him. What I believe is he blindsided Corey. Corey had just won DE and POV and said so are we all good to the guys and never went after Victor. That’s all I’m saying. Now do I want Corey in F2? No way. Anyway I also enjoy reading your posts

      • Lol!! Thank you LG! I have nothing but respect for your opinions here, so I am appreciative that you reciprocate that. #Respect! ;)

        I know BB posters can get heated here…I try not to let it bother me b/c we are all entitled to our opinions. I just remind myself how boring it would be if we all agreed! Hahaha! There’d be like ten posts… no more. It’d be #noonecares! lol!

        Anyhow, I can appreciate your observations and I actually agree to an extent b/c I KNEW Vic was going to be a bitter Betty after these noms. He has a bit of a crush on Nicole I believe and I think that is what has his Calvin/Kleins in a twist. Did you see where he swore to Paul the other night that Nicole would NEVER do that to them? Well, she has.. or Corey has and he’s a little Bum-hurt about it. I think he really likes Nicole as a person, so I think he will get over it, but he’s gonna sulk and be bitter for a minute first…and understandably so, b/c he would have NEVER done this to either Corey or Nicole now.

        BUT…I realize the good game move and I am giving credit to Nicole..she has seriously stepped up her game. Will it be enough to turn a jury who hates her pretty much…? IDK, but I see the move for what it is.

        I do not have to like it though, LG! You have to give me that!! :) Haha.

      • I do and I was thinking the same thing if we all liked the same person it would be very boring. At the end I think they will all be friends. Now as for jury I’m going to have to wait until I see who’s in F2 before I comment on who I think will win and why.

      • Right?? #Snore! ;) LOL!

        I was telling India earlier what I think would be amazing and I want to share it with you too…
        Ponder this scenario…

        Vic wins POV, pulls himself down. Now that would make Paul go home. That’d suck, but in Paul’s own words..Never cared. ;) Vic wins next HOH. He noms Nic & Corey (coz that is what he’d more than likely do), but Nic wins POV and takes herself off the block…James goes up. Now here it where it gets epic…Nic has the veto and final vote…and for the BEST blindside of the entire season.. Nic votes out Corey and keeps James!! This would leave one of each of the duos as a member of the F3!

        Now THAT my friend would make for some damned good BB game play!! ;) JS! What do you think??

      • Ooh I think I’d like that. The look on Corey’s face. Priceless. Lol. Corey seems like an ok guy but he has been pretty boring. I don’t know if it’s because of his ADD or what. Yes he’s won more comps then Paul and James combined but his conversations are boring. I wanted him to make it this far simply because him and Nicole were together and I have been rooting for her. But now that we’re at the end I wouldn’t mind seeing him go over James.

      • Exactly. Not to mention he has said some remarks about Nicole that definitely hints to him using her. Did you see the conversation he and Victor had in the pool, where Corey mentioned that he was not leaving the house in a relationship with her b/c at the wrap party he wanted to be single?

        There were a few others too, and sheesh, I can only imagine the conversations with Paulie I missed! JS. This would be one way for Nic to have the final word on that situation, while still making a move that would impress the viewers and the jurors!

    • While Vic is acting bitter what did you expect? He’s an emotional guy and usually relies on loyalty.

      Oh and before you bring up Paulie, keep in mind Paulie never had Vic’s back. Paulie was working with Z, Corey and various other people behind Vic’s back. Plus Paulie was stirring the pot and never had anyone’s best interest except his own and Corey’s. He was willing to let Z eat Paul and Vic and only wanted Michelle gone since she defied him.

      • Too True, Dan! Victor, in no way, shape or form, betrayed Paulie. Paulie was gunning for Vic *long* before Victor actually evicted him. The week Da’ went home, Paulie told Paul “we need to think about getting Vic out next”. After Paulie’s refusal to go along with the plan to evict Z (when Paul nominated Da’ against his better judgement), Paul was done with P/P and told Vic what Paulie said…THAT is what set the gears in motion and ultimately ended in Paulie’s eviction. Vic did not just up and betray Paulie. He had legitimate reasons to do so!

      • I agree. I don’t blame him for going after Paulie. I was using that as an example when he told Paulie to handle it like a man. What he did was blindside Corey then. He could have also gave Corey a heads up like he just said Corey should of done for him. That’s all I’m trying to say here.

  24. Which one is better talking to Derrick ( Paulie and James ) about BB or actually playing BB with Derrick ( Nicole)

  25. Not so much Vic, but Paul was dead set on it being Natalie. I remember Vic saying he was going to be pissed off if they kept James and he ended up on the block this week, even though James had nothing to do this week. Nicorey made a BB smart move even if some fans don’t agree. Corey is getting fed up with Nicole whining about guilt and feeling bad with the choice he / they made. Corey had to end up shouting at he that he doesn’t care because it’s for 500,000Gs. He also knows Vic and Paul would have split them up down the line. They may have been laying around all summer but they were also doing something right because they are going to be in F4 and are winning comps and controlling the house when it matters. I don’t even like them, but they deserve a little credit for the past two weeks.

  26. Thoughts:
    – It’s strange when Paul of all people is calmer than Vic. Well if Vic goes home I think Paul should team up with James to take out Nicorey. It would be interesting to see Paul and James team up again since Paul (a newbie who has little understanding of this game) is smarter than James ( a veteran who made big moves in his previous game.

    – I liked Nicole on 16 but here she’s just desperate. She’s acting like she did nothing wrong and is trying to appeal to America to get America’s vote. I think the only reason she mentioned production footage is so she can kiss ass to America and hopefully give her praise (just a hypothesis). If so that’s pretty low even for Evel Dick standards. She’s playing a good game don’t get me wrong, but she’s overthinking it and is trying to look like a rose not only in front of the HG’s but also to production and America. If that’s the case then that’s just disgusting.

      • Um I never said that. I’m just saying Nicole has done wrong things. Quit putting words into my mouth.

        Yes everyone has done wrong, but atleast they owned up to it. Nicole, Corey and Paul have not. And it’s sad. Atleast James owned up that he screwed up his game for Natalie and Nicole.

      • I never put words in your mouth Dan, I was merely asking you to expand upon your comments and give us your insight into the other players that are also making mistakes.
        Sorry for the confusion.:D

      • No problem Dan, I’ve always enjoyed talking to you even though we aren’t rooting for the same person to win.
        How exactly is Nicole supposed to own her game?
        When Nicole cries and feels bad for playing the game that’s because she has a conscience and doesn’t like to hurt people. Most of the guys could shrug this off but some women are different and tend to be more tender hearted than men.
        If Nicole was in the storage room rapping about how big and bad she was after one of her enemies had been evicted would that be better? Or would it be immature?
        Nicole isn’t heartless and has difficulty hurting people- what’s wrong with that???

      • “How exactly is Nicole supposed to own her game?”

        I dunno admit that she made dastardly moves. She acts like she’s all innocent not only to her fellow HGs but to audience.

        “When Nicole cries and feels bad for playing the game that’s because she has a conscience and doesn’t like to hurt people. Most of the guys could shrug this off but some women are different and tend to be more tender hearted than men.”

        I could forgive that if she wasn’t in denial about it. You can feel bad for the moves you made and its understandable if you don’t wanna hurt people. But if you act like you did nothing wrong, then that really is messed up. You can feel bad about the move you made, nothing wrong with that. Just don’t act like you did nothing wrong. That’s what Nicole did.

        “If Nicole was in the storage room rapping about how big and bad she was after one of her enemies had been evicted would that be better? Or would it be immature?”

        Yes it would look immature, but atleast people would be honest and say, “Yeah I made that move.” Again you can feel bad about it, but don’t act like you’re innocent in the eyes of the public and be in denial of everything you did (cough Jerry BB 10 cough).

        “Nicole isn’t heartless and has difficulty hurting people- what’s wrong with that???”

        I didn’t say that. Never said the moves were easy, but atleast don’t act like you never made them. Admit you made the moves atleast to the audience. Yet Nicole never admits them, she acts like she’s innocent not only in front of Paul/Vic but America.

        Good talking to you too India. We may not always agree but atleast debate civilly.

      • 1st paragraph:
        See, I don’t think Nicole is acting all innocent. She’s a farm girl from a small town so she feels guilty when she hurts others. If you’ve never been around small town girls before, they are very similar to Nicole and a little old fashioned. What you see as fake others see as sincere.
        Nicole is also a very intelligent woman or she wouldn’t have performed so much better this year than in her previous season. I’ve been around a lot of ‘Nicole’s’ in my life and I think that’s why I am puzzled by the virulent abuse she’s received this season (not from you, you just state your opinions).
        Paragraph 2:
        Nicole is intelligent enough to realize she needs to make big moves when necessary to make it to the end. She feels conflicted about ‘playing the game’ to win and going against her conscience and feelings. She doesn’t enjoy hurting people any more than I do so I can see why she’s conflicted. Since I’m a Nicole fan and you’re not I can see why Nicole has made moves against the other HG’s that were more popular than her here and if I weren’t a Nicole fan I would be upset if she had one of my faves evicted – nothing wrong with that; we’re only human :D
        Paragraph 3:
        Maybe Nicole has been more honest in the DR about owning her moves but due to the edit you’re not seeing what you want to see from her.
        I find her very humble due to her background and bragging and talking about how big and bad you are just isn’t done in my neck of the woods either.
        The only time she’s able to celebrate a big move is in the presence of others in her alliance.
        She’s clearly able to own her moves then.
        I’ve enjoyed discussing Nicole with you Dan :D

    • paul had time to reason in his head before the noms the possibility, vic didn’t do that he was 100% sure they wouldn’t put them both up so paul doesn’t feel the sting of betrayl and is keeping his eyes on the game going forward, i don’t think he will work with james though he seems to give james far more credit than he deserves about having a hand in the noms..i think if he tries it will just end up badly being he feels some kind of way about james already.

  27. You know, I will admit, Nicole’s game play has stepped up in the last month, but before that she spent most of her time under the covers or flying under the radar with Corey. She didn’t do much socializing or trying to make any big (even behind the scenes) moves. I was not impressed. For people who think that was strategic and good game play… I want you to imagine this scenario… Imagine Every. Single. HG. Doing. That.
    WOW! Talk about a snoozefest season of BB. IMO, the producers of BB need to stop rewarding sleeping through half the season and then perking up at the end, Like I said, just imagine if every HG played like that…we would all be freaking out at what a terrible season of BORING HG we have to watch!

    I am not a fan of Paulie…but at least he played the game from day 1. Vic has played the game from Day 1. Paul has played the game from Day 1.

    James, Nicole and Corey…No. They haven’t made the same effort to entertain the fans and play the game. We should be asking ourselves, is that the kind of game play you really want to have in BB? James plays his pranks, but he is obviously not trying to win the game. Why is he even there? Nicole, while trying to play it safe was one of the LEAST shown HG of the season on live feeds b/c she was constantly in bed! Is this what we want BB to be? I hope not, or this 500K social experiment just might turn into a 500K sleep experiment!

    Just my opinion of course, but seriously…just imagine a whole house full of those kind of players????

    • Watch out, TGJ, there are some Dingus fans who would argue with you until hell freezes over. I got so tired of having to placate, pacify, soothe, and humor them when trying to post with them, I decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore. It simply wasn’t worth it and I wasn’t going to try to think of something nice to say about her just to appease them. That was before I started calling her Dingus and him Doofus. If they can’t accept the truth, they definitely can block my comments just like I decided to block theirs(only 2 people). My BBN experience has improved drastically since. Their are many of her fans who I enjoy the back and forth with and appreciate their ability to have some humor about it all.

      • I know K, and in all honesty, I don’t wan’t to have a battle about Nicole b/c I am not just saying this about Nicole personally. I am saying this about ANY BB HG that spends the first ten weeks “laying so low we (the viewers) barely know they are there”. Which is Corey. Nicole being a vet got more time b/c she IS a returnee, and that really makes her spending most of the season sleeping really bad. As viewers, K, is this what we really want to watch. Like I said, just imagine every HG doing that?!! OMG! Total BB snoozefest!

      • Not every HG would feel safe enough or have the liberty to do so, TGJ. Seriously, how could anyone be in bed for weeks and still remain in the game without some powerful protection? JMO that she felt just that sure that she wasn’t going anywhere. When production felt the heat coming for their chosen ones, they had to turn up the heat. So, I don’t credit Dingus for her gameplay because that would be crediting production. They enabled her to get to where she is and to stay in bed most of the season. And I wouldn’t doubt that Doofus was cast specifically to be her shomance partner. I am currently a fairly cynical BB fan. I really hate that, too. :(

      • Aw K… See this is exactly what I am talking about… When the viewers start becoming disheartened and feel cheated. What do we have then?
        A BB game that is unexciting and unappealing.

        I don’t want you to feel that way so I am sending you a #friendship hug! #TeamVic!

      • If I never watched another season, it would be no big deal. I have watched every season except for season 15, the one that had all of the racism supposedly. Both parents were ill that summer so I didn’t start watching because I didn’t want the distraction from doing what I needed to do and wanted to do to help my parents. I don’t think I missed much. Thanks for the hugs. Who doesn’t like a nice hug? Back at you. Always cared. :)

      • #AlwaysCaredtoo! Okay, so we can start crying now… Nicole won the veto. Vic is going to jury. I hate BB right now!! ;) UGH!

  28. Geez, James is still worrying about winning AFP, what a loser. Sadly, if Victor goes I’ll have no one left in the game to root for so I hope he wins the veto. I would love to see him take out James and Corey, neither of whom deserve to be in the final 2. My ideal outcome would be Victor for the win and AFP.

  29. I think nominating Paul and Victor makes sense for J-Nicorey, especially for Nicole.

    It is really a dick move that Victor is mad because Nicorey did not have a lot of choices:
    – there are only five HGs left in the house
    – Corey would NEVER nominate Nicole
    – James is floating but will not win anything

  30. Well the feeds just came back guys. It looks like Nicole won the veto. Not entirely sure yet, but they are all wearing capes and Vic & Paul are not celebrating, while Nicole is saying 13 minutes… and smiling…so… I’m assuming she did the comic book challenge in 13 mins.

    Oh well… Vic is going home. I am officially #Bummed!

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