‘Big Brother 18’ Veto Comp Plans In Week 11

The Power of Veto competition is coming up later today for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests and with only six players left in the game everyone will be playing and there’s no need or purpose in a player pick.

Natalie talks with James on BB18

Nominations were set Friday night and now the noms will have a chance to change the HoH’s plans with a win but even then we may have some interesting results.

James and Natalie are on the Block with Victor targeting James but Nicole and Corey have plans of their own if they’re willing to go against their new found allies in Victor and Paul.

Nicole and Corey want Natalie out and that might be because Nicole thinks she can still salvage some sort of trust with James before she could with Natalie, but I’m not convinced either of James or Natalie will work with that pair again.

As for James and Natalie there’s been a back and forth between them on how the Veto would be used if their duo won today. Natalie has said she’d use it on James, something he has discouraged, but then James said he’d use it on Natalie only to later say he might not use it at all.

James correctly assumes they’re going to be picked off anyway but I don’t see him figuring out how to justify not using it. He’s said he’s willing to be evicted so Natalie can keep playing but if he doesn’t want to use it to save her then deep down he may hope she does go over him. Nothing wrong with that. It’s his chance at a half million dollars too but James is so fixated on winning AFP again he doesn’t seem to care about the bigger prize.

Paul and Victor want to keep the noms the same and really so do Nicole and Corey. They’ll all four be fighting to win today’s Veto to avoid any renoms. Paul won’t be going near the Block so that means either Nicole or Corey would get that duty and obviously they don’t want that.

So if we see Natalie win the Veto I think she would use it and James would convince her to save herself instead of him. If James wins it then I’d hope he’d save himself but he’s also mentioned saving Natalie instead or not even using it. Send him home immediately if he does either of those. Should any of the other four win it then the noms stay the same and we move on to discussions among the F4 over which of the two will head to Jury next.

What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Are you hoping to see either James or Natalie win their way off the Block or would the drama be better for them to both remain on the Block this week? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Would it really surprise anyone if James did something dumb? He thinks it would endear him to America, I guess, if he went out a hero(not) by talking Gnat off the block because he accepts blame for them being in the position they are in. James is still working that AFP award. James started out way above the rest on the popularity poll the past two weeks, but by the time the voting stopped, Dingus was ahead both weeks. It’s mind boggling.

  2. If for no other reason than to deny Dingus the bragging rights of being the last female in the BB house this season, I’d enjoy seeing Gnat stay this week and be the very one to get Dingus evicted. That would annoy the crap out of Dingus. I’m not sure which deserves the more jealous and whiniest awards.

      • Who do ya’ll play today? My TN Vols barely eked out a win Thursday night @ home. Not a great start, but a win is a win I guess.

      • Fresno State at 7 cst. I still cant get used to the new conference being in Big 10 vs Big 12. :( i prefer college ball to pro anyday. Our family likes the Packers so I get a lot of grief living in Dallas now.

      • I prefer college, also. My Dad has 4 daughters. I felt bad for him not having a son so I pretended to enjoy baseball, football, and racing. Then it got in my blood. I’ll watch a little of your game tonight. I just checked and it is on @ 8 in my area.

      • I like sports too. Not into racing tho. Football and Hockey are my favs. Hate baseball and soccer- too boring and slow.

      • Baseball is too long, but I like to watch the playoffs and world series, just thankful that the grandsons games are much shorter. No soccer!

    • LOL! K, you are so funny! I swear your posts never fail to make me laugh! I have to agree. Nat and Nic are both so whiny…why do they have to add an “uuhhh” to the end of each sentence??!! ;)

    • Agreed! Natalie taking out Nicole would be great. Nicole shouldnt be able to say she was the greatest female this season… she’s been the worst HG(excluding Paulie and Corey) Then Paul and Victor could take out Natalie and Corey right after that lol

  3. “So if we see Natalie win the Veto I think she would use it and James would convince her to save herself instead of him.”

    I doubt it would take too much convincing lol
    I hope if James wins veto, he’ll save himself. I’d rather Nat go home this week. Her HOH nomination still irks me and I wanna see James start playing for himself and his daughter. He needs to be thinking about her, not Nat. ?
    I don’t wanna see him win AFP. Not Nat either. Even if it’s Nicole and I’m trying not to vomit. As long as it’s not those two.
    My faves will stay the same regardless of who wins, P&V. Last year I thought Johnny Mac was gonna win AFP.

    • So clearly u are just a Paul or Victor fan … serious nat noms the two Strongest players in the game and it only bothers u because it was a strong game move that wasn’t in your favor… James should and will be afp…but don’t worry this boring dull season is coming to an end … it will be your boys Victor and Paul at the end with Paul (the scum bag) winning half a million..*yawn* let’s hope for better casting

      • James isn’t going to be AFP. I hope Paul and Vic are final 2, they have played the hardest.

      • Yeah, Nat & Michelle nominated the two strongest players, but they had also just made a F5 deal with those same players only one week prior to that nom! When you look at the end results of Nat’s HOH: Vic is back. Meech is gone and N/J are OTB together…Yeah, IMO I’d say nominating P/V was a bad game move!

      • I did too. Should have put each of those two up separately beside a weaker player, but Nic nor James wanted to volunteer for that spot. hahahaha

      • Yea when u get to see the results if they didn’t have that stupid twist would of been a great move. The fact that vic has been voted out twice now . Makes me sick that he could win bb all these twist ruin the game . But if vic went home like how they planned for or Paul they would be sitting final 4 with Nicole and Corey

      • Actually, the biggest move that James and Natalie made this season was evicting Victor since, he was a huge threat. That was a big move, just as good as Paulie’s eviction. Not everyone would agree because their bias towards their favorites will preclude them from acknowledging it was a good move. At the time, the house guests did not expect a 2nd battle back twist. While, it did not work out as expected, it was still a big move! In contrast, Michelle evicting Frank who had no one except, Bridgette was one of the dumbest moves ever!

    • I think James has been very entertaining and would deserve the win if he does get AFP. I do agree however that I was shocked when Johnny Mac didn’t get it last year. I thought the James win was sort of out of left field.

      • James has legions of fans obviously. That is the only reason he won AFP when he played very badly in his first season! I also, voted for Johnny Mac.

    • James was the one pushing for them to team up with Nicole and Corey. He was playing for himself, he knew he was the one going to F3 over Nat if that F4 deal stuck. Her noms were smart but the jury buyback screwed them.

  4. If James or Natalie doesn’t win it will be just another boring week. They will all sit in their rooms contemplating what the others are thinking and they’ll all be wrong again. I don’t know why they think they’re mind readers. They haven’t been good at it up to now, why do they think they would get any better. At least if one of them wins Nicole and Corey will have some nervous energy and they’ll have to get out and do some talking. Paul will be the one deciding who goes home this week. He’s made all Victor’s decision’s so far and he’ll flip in a second. He has absolutely no loyalty to anyone, possibly even Vic when it comes down to the end.

    • my thoughts as well I don’t see Paul going to final 2 with Victor as he only has a 50% chance at #1 win..but taking any of the other 5 would get him 1st place for certain..

      • I have to disagree here. IMO I don’t think Paul would target Vic b/c I think everyone in jury would turn on him if he did.

      • I disagree because eliminating Vic is the only way Paul can win so it would demonstrate shrewd game play on his part.

      • I don’t agree with you on this… Paul is a strategic thinker. IMO if he backstabbed Vic like that, I cannot see anyone in jury voting for him. I think he’d be another Dan in season 14, i.e., too much hate and not enough love, and I think Paul would evaluate that possibility and realize with Vic sitting next to him in F2, at least he can preach some amount of loyalty, while bringing up the fact that Vic was voted out twice while he (who was nominated 5 times so far) always managed to get his way out of that fate. If he turns on Vic, Paul loses all credibility and I think he would see that.

    • If one of them wins, the other one will be OTD, unless they can flip the vote, which I doubt it very much…I’m afraid it could be another boring week for you..

  5. Paul/Nicole/Corey or Victor will pick up Natalie questioning if James took the BB Bribe and use it as a wedge against them.

  6. I think if James could take himself off the block, he’d have a better chance to keep Natalie from being sent home than vice versa. With Nicole or Corey on the block, there is a chance James could convince Paul to save Natalie and send whomever of Nicorey is on the block home. I don’t think you could convince Paul to save James in any situation. Especially since Victor seems to have a soft spot for Natalie and would might also convince Paul to save her. Instead of picking who should go home between the two of them James and Natalie should be thinking how to save them both. In some ways it seems they have both given up.

  7. Off topic but can Derrick be allowed to have the never nominated title if he didnt win the final hoh? In my opinion no because he was technically a nom there no matter how short

  8. I think it’s time to say goodbye to Nat and send her off to jury! Only two of the six have really done more than the rest anyway, so can we do eeny meeny miney mo each week til Final 2 as to who should stay and who should go when it comes to Nat, James, Nic and Corey?

      • Only in a back-handed way. She used Z to get to Paulie and get his ire up big time. Michelle is the one that really exposed Paulie but needed the help of Bridge and Nat to make it more effective.

    • I think Natalie should win over Nic, Corey, or James, although that isn’t saying much. Agreed. Paul and Victor should beat whoever they are sitting next to if it isn’t each other.

      • I think it should go like this

        1. Paul/Vic (still anyone’s game between the boys)
        2. Natalie
        3. James
        4. Nicole
        5. Corey

      • Nicole is not a fave of mine, but her game moves over these last couple of weeks have been far better than James’. She talked Nat and James into betraying their alliance with P/V in favor of a F4 with her & Corey. Then, when Vic came back, she won the HOH and made another strategic move, she honored her deal w/James by keeping him & Nat OTB and still managed to hitch herself to Victor and Paul for a F4. IMO, that was very decent BB game playing.

        James, on the other hand, has done absolutely nothing to win BB. As a matter of fact, it’s funny b/c Nat accused James of taking the BB bribe and he denied it–which is legit, because Corey gave it to Victor. However, James was definitely sniffing around Corey and dropping a ton of (not so subtle) hints that he’d take the bribe to throw the HOH comp. In this stage in the game the fact that he even contemplated that idea, much less actually sought it out, is ridiculous! He does not deserve to win BB or AFP! I just seriously cannot see how can anyone who truly loves this game can respect him as a player? It truly baffles my mind.

      • Yep he’s not the player I thought he was. I still want Natalie gone first. Then see what James does.

      • On the contrary, I think Nicole is playing a fantastic rat game and should definitely be in the running to win. She’s not a fave of mine, but she’s playing sneaky and it’s working

      • I think she’s playing the best game out of any of them. Sure Victor wins comps but he’s also been evicted twice. It takes more than comp wins. She’s never been on the block and always thinks about every situation. Very strategic player IMO.

      • I know, and there just aren’t that many good movies anymore. My 16 yr. old granddaughter use to hate it when I said, “Oh, you have to watch this movie”. She instinctively thought if I liked it, it had to be, you know, old and boring(although I am neither, ahem). I can’t count the times she has watched Napoleon Dynamite and ET, just a couple she loves. I love the first couple of “American Pie” movies and “There Is Something About Mary”, but I can’t bring myself to watch those with her just yet.

      • I agree Nat should beat the other three if it came down to it. Though i want to see Paul and Victor get to the end!

  9. – James whatever you do, don’t pull a Brendon or Clay
    – While I can understand honoring a deal, Nicole needs to realize that boys can’t be trusted since Paul is pretty much the puppet master at this point.
    – I’m starting to see Natalie a bit more humble compared to last time. Hopefully she keeps that humility. Because she realized that backstabbing Vic was a huge mistake.

    • I agree Dan. She almost made me dislike her less when she was saying how sorry she was for betraying Vic and how she understood Vic nominating her and James b/c it must have hurt him (Vic) to have her and James stab him in the back.

      And yes! They definitely should have had a Plan B!! IMO James should have had a clue that someone was going to come back b/c the timeline wasn’t adding up, PLUS since the BB airplane ticket twist went bust… James (as a vet) should have known a jury member would be coming back.

      • Riiiight? Guess he became absent-minded as much as Nic did! :-) Michelle had an inkling this would occur!

      • Yeah, she did Joni… and had Michelle had the guts to tell Natalie no and stand up for what she actually wanted to happen during their Co-HOH…then Nicole might have left that week instead of Victor and this game might look all kinds of different right now.

      • And if Nicole left she would of won her way back and been HOH. So it would of made no difference.

      • Maybe, maybe not. However, in the context of my message, I meant as far as Natalie & James’ game, but you never know, being evicted has a mental effect on a player and it could have messed with Nicole or Corey being evicted. Moreover, if Nicole HAD been evicted, she would not have been making any deals with James as a juror… So, you never know what might have happened, but one thing is for certain James & Natalie would not be all alone had they not betrayed their alliance with Vic & Paul.

      • Yep that’s true. But James goes back on everyone. He’s the one not to be trusted. He talks about Nicole not being loyal. He needs to look in the mirror. I agree it’s their own fault they’re alone.

      • Totally agree with you there Lavandargirl! James’ word is meaningless. Moreover, I love how James likes to quote Mike Boogie when he breaks his word, but what he fails to realize is the difference between his (James) and Boogie’s game play. First of all, Boogie was a lot more craftier at how he broke deals. He always had a scapegoat to lay the blame… In addition, Boogie had Dr. Will (who had the MOST spectacular social game) by his side throughout his entire game. Boogie on his own has been evicted quickly at times b/c of his inability to keep his word, however, he is still considered one of the best BB players of all time.

        But…James is no Mike Boogie! Why people respect james’ game play boggles my mind because his moves generally makes no sense in the big picture of winning BB!

      • I loved mike boogie!!!! would have preferred to see him over any of the 4 vets we had this season.

      • James betrayed Bridgette and Frank when Bridgette allowed him to win HOH. In his season, he betrayed his entire alliance including Becky and blew up all their games to side with Vanessa when Becky and the others were trying to get her out! James has been sneaky and certainly been stabbing people in the back. If finally caught up with him!

      • So true! Unlike James(who breaks deals at the drop of a hat)Nicole kept her word by not nominating him or his princess(Gnat)! Big Leech was NOT part of the deal & if J would take a second to see things from Nicole’s perspective, he’d understand WHY she had to go & how much of a threat, to Nicole, she was

      • That’s what I don’t understand, Nicole kept Jatalie safe just as she said she would and James considers that a blindside.
        As for James, from what I’ve seen from him this season he can’t be trusted and his word means nothing so I’m glad Nicorey went with Pictor.

      • I know, right? It doesn’t make any sense to me.
        The showmance’s alliance didn’t include Jatalie
        getting to have a 3rd person in Meech-who was only an extra # for Jatalie. I enjoy Final Four more too!

      • Jatalie didn’t think Nicorey would notice that they had a numbers advantage over them lol.
        I still don’t think James understands the situation. After James cools down I hope Nicole tries to explain it all to him. He’ll probably run and tell on her though.

      • Yes, hopefully Nicole can manage to mend fences with James which would be easier with Gnat gone(fingers crossed that happens this week).
        I just can’t believe that he cared about Meech much.

    • I really liked Natalie until she made that move. I hope she continues to redeem herself. Maybe she’ll be better without James by her side?

      • Hope she goes. She’s the biggest hypocrite in the house. All she does is blame everyone else and play the victim.

      • AS she was doing AGAIN, just before Veto comp today! Saying how sick she is of being crapped
        on by everyone, she’s done with being nice, not a fake person! Blah! Blah! Blah!

      • I was watching that. Just rolled my eyes. I usually skip the feeds during the day and rewind if I miss something good then just watch at night when they’re up and doing something besides sleeping. But kind of confined to rest so I’m pretty bored with nothing to do.

      • I can certainly understand that! Hearing Nat whine &
        complain has me searching for ear plugs !!

  10. If P/V really want James out, they’d be fools to leaves noms the same if they win the veto. Pull down Natalie (likely gives them an ally against Nicory) and put up Nicole (Vic saves Corey as thank you for bribe), assure Nicory that they aren’t the target but that it’s to guarantee their target goes. They will see at ceremony that their word is true. Yea, it’ll probably piss off Nicory, but they are are almost definitely going after P/V next week, should they win HOH, no matter what happens this week. Therefore, they should move with the situation that provides most security going forward. Also, it gives P/V the option to ultimately take out whichever side they want. With mental and memory comps likely coming up, Nicole is probably the biggest threat, so I’d want the option to think about it a bit longer.

  11. OOHHHH Natalie Suck up buttercup….!!! u are an expert at using and smoozing ….hmmm an expert if I ever knew one…

  12. I was not pleased when James and Natalie were put on the block simultaneously and thought that Victor should have nominated Nicole as a so-called pawn with James.

    It’s too late now, but this would have guaranteed that after PoV, one of the stronger players could’ve still been evicted, i.e. James or Nicole. Natalie could’ve been handled later or even taken to F3, which she is less likely to survive than Nicole. Neither James or Natalie are good at mental comps or strategy.

    I hope that Victor and Paul get hip to the fact that Nicole is their primary scheming opponent and take her out. It surprises me that so late in the game, Victor didn’t hit BOTH other sides of the triangle when there are essentially three separate alliances.

    • Victor is a loyal player and he has a F4 w/Nic & Corey, therefore, he won’t take a shot at either of them until they are just that…the final four. That is what a F4 alliance is. IMO if he betrayed that, he’d be no better than Natalie and Michelle were on their wasted HOH!

      • I think you are probably right about Vic. That is exactly why I wanted Paul to get this HOH. I would hope Paul would do what needs to be done and get either Dingus or Doofus out if he has the opportunity to this next week, but better yet, i hope Gnat gets one of them out.

      • Did you see the live feeds last night, K? Natalie was saying she would not target Victor again b/c she realizes he would have been loyal to her if she would have honored her deal with him, so she said if she stays and wins HOH Nic & Corey are going OTB next to each other…

      • if that happens i don’t think i will be able to stop loling…that would be too good if she is the one to make nicole go to jury…after james and nic are gone paul and vic just gotta hang out and wait to see what happens.

      • Okay, so Gnat stays this week and wins HoH. She puts up Nicorey. Do Vic and Paul split the vote to make Gnat decide and get blood on her hands or do they agree who to keep?

      • yes that way she gives them good speech material for her nom the following week lol

      • We know that if they didn’t win veto and were the final noms that Gnat would want Dingus gone. Whether they would honor that, I don’t know. They might both consider jury management, and which one they think would most likely be a vote for them if they make it to F2. Paul might need to worry about his buddy possibly having a little attraction to Dingus.

      • Yeah, Paul is very observant and would see that Vic is quite partial to Dingus. Also, Paul likes to mix things up so would probably want to vote someone out and not leave it to Gnat.

      • One of either Dingus or Doofus leaving is way overdue. Although I would prefer Dingus was gone yesterday, I just don’t want to see either of them as F2.

      • My problem is I can’t come up with a 3rd person that I want to see go even to F3. Vic and Paul my only choices to go to the end, the rest can go tomorrow…or yesterday.

      • i was tired of dingus and doofus long ago aswell, as for f3 since the 3rd one out is the last to the jury house i don’t think it matters who it is as long as the f2 stay paul and vic…

      • If I had to pick under duress, only under duress would I say this, lol but I’d probably keep Doofus just so I wouldn’t have to listen to either of the two annoying voices.

      • Yes, Victor is loyal. Nicole and Corey are not. When you make a big move to win, this doesn’t put you in Michelle’s category of vindictiveness. After all, Paul was used as a pawn last week. This kind of move can be explained diplomatically. Even now, someone has to be a renom if James or Natalie win veto.

        Also, Nicole and Corey both have voted for Victor’s eviction in the past. Not only that, Nicole/Corey will nominate Paul or Victor, given the opportunity. This is a game only one will win, and Nicole is talking to Corey already about screwing over Paul and Victor. Strategy works better than emotionalism at this point. Remember Cody’s mistake that lost the game to Derrick?

  13. If Victor and Paul wanna take Natalie to final 3 I hope those plans are screwed big time by Natalie winning one of the final 2 HOH comps.. The best laid plans somehow get screwed when u playing BB…No HG should ever take anything for granted…

    • Did you see something on the live feeds that I missed? Vic and Paul are serious about their alliance w/Nicole & Corey…Victor has every intention of taking N&C to the F4. Why is this so crazy to everyone? In BB past alliances were made and kept. Look at the Brigade of season 12…this was a F4 alliance that ended up bringing 3 of its members to the F3. I honestly think if Nat & Michelle had not nominated P&V in their HOH, the F5 made between them all would have stood up b/c that is how Victor plays. Paul may not be as loyal, but Victor is not as easily swayed if he has his mind set… Paul got Vic to nominate Paulie and turn on that alliance by reminding Vic he still had an axe to grind with Paulie. Moreover, Victor himself has mentioned other reasons why he took out Paulie and that was b/c he had witnessed Paulie’s doublespeak in other matters, such telling him he should nominate Nicole on his Roadkill win and then telling Nic that Victor was thinking of outing her up. All this combined made him realize Paulie was a shady player and Vic had no problem sending him home. Other than that one thing, Victor has always been a straight shooter. Nicole could have back-doored Vic last week, but she didn’t. Then Corey gave Vic the BB bribe and it really choked him up, and definitely solidified their F4.
      Therefore, my question is this… Why is everyone thinking he should take out Nic & Corey over Natalie–who betrayed him and nominated him despite having an alliance with him???? Seriously, if anyone can give me an answer that does not include their own personal dislikes of Nicole I would love to hear why Victor should trust Natalie over Nicole??

      • lol….things in the game of BB can change in the blink of an eye.. Don’t ever make an “A” plan without a “B” plan…Alliances are made to be broken…backs are made to be stabbed…Buses run people over.. U never know in this game…As I said “Take nothing for granted cause it don’t always go the way u want it to in the BB house/game…” And I said nothing about Nicole being more trustworthy than Natalie…Both are liars and users as I see it.. I was describing a scenario “if’ Natalie made it to final 3..

      • lmao And I suppose u believe that Nicole would be so grateful for being in final 4 that she would take Paul and or Victor to the final 3/2…Sure she would… when another drone flys over the house… Nicole is just as sneaky and backstabbing as anybody else in the house…

  14. Get Natalie and James the heck out of this house! One this week and the other the following week. Simple

      • :) Big time. I don’t like her one bit. I’ve tried giving her the benefit of the doubt countless times…I just can’t though.

      • And of course, I don’t like Corey by association, and that dumbass blank stare on his face.

      • That is how I perceived the Natalie /James pairing…I watched and listened awhile and gave her the benefit of the doubt but it turned out I was right in thinking she was a user…

      • I understand, littlefly. I happen to like Natalie, but if you have the same feelings about her that I have about Nicole, it’s just too much to get past.

      • That’s funny, because I did too, gave her the benefit of the doubt..many times. I think it’s their partnership that turns me off…you know, it’s their ‘love team’ Nic/Corey that’s just horrible to watch. lol

      • i think that showmance is happening on the dl atm anyway…vic’s mom is probably thinking wth if she saw any feeds of nic/corey

      • I wish Nicole had teamed up with Victor before Corey. I want C. out and I’m only tolerating him right now for Nicole’s sake. There’s something so creepy about Corey.
        I would like to see a male and female reach the finale and Victor and Nicole would be fine with me.

      • i want to see nicole in the jury house but i wish the women had bonded together at the early stages and 2 of them at the final 2, they were just too caught up in showmances and catty behavior…

      • That is oh so true – and I blame Day for this animosity as she was stirring up all the trouble for Tiff and Nicole.
        I think Nicole has played a good game to have survived Day’s obsession to get rid of her as well as because she hasn’t been on the block yet.
        After Paulie left I think she’s controlling Corey more or less.

      • yup id da would have just been true to the girl’s i think we would have seen showmances no happen for at least 2 of the women and we would have seen a way better season

      • Day has proved herself to be one of the worst female HG’s on BB this season. I don’t even know where to begin since none of it made much sense.

      • Agree but she was just as bad last season too, IMO & I have no clue why she was ever brought back!!

      • Many if asked before these four. None, if these four were the first asked. I think they all jumped at it.

      • who would be the 1 season 18 player you would like to see in a future bb? i don’t want to see any of this cast anymore lol but that’s just me.

      • You’ve got me stumped :D
        After thinking about it a few minutes the only name I can come up with is Nicole or Victor. I didn’t connect with a lot of this years HG’s though.

      • Seems to happen every season where a girl has to have a showmance with a guy and it never furthers her game.

      • For me, it’s different if the feelings are mutual, this season they haven’t been. When that’s the case it’s rather yucky for lack of a better word

      • That’s probably what I’m finding so creepy about Corey as I feel he’s been leading her on since he obviously doesn’t care as much for her as she cares for him.

      • i wish someone would swing open the closet door for corey and tell him it’s 2016 come on out no one cares bud…

      • I would like it, I think! An added bonus:That would really get Gnat’s blood a boiling! HA!

      • I’m pretty sure it’s killing Nat to see victor and Nic joined at the hip these days Hahaha!
        No wonder she wants Nicole out.
        Maybe Nicorey can make a final 3 deal with Victor if he’ll let them vote out Nat.

      • Oh, it absolutely is! In fact, on Wednesday(I believe) Gnat & Meech were whining & complaining about Nic getting so much attention from all of the guys now!!
        Yes, a final 3 deal with them would be a great idea!!

      • I have felt all along that jealousy was the main reason the gals were after Nicole this season.
        Natalie took the Victor break up pretty hard as I recall.

      • Yes! It’s a combo of a number of things, as I can tell.
        For starters, Nat wanted Corey but then he chose
        Nicole instead. Then she wanted Victor, who then rejected her as well. And she also may of been a bit interested in Paulie at one point(from what I’m told)?
        Plus, Nat seems to view girls who prefer hanging out with guys and not doing “girly” things as abnormal or something. Nat didn’t like James defending Nic either

      • Yes, all of that is enough for Natalie to forever hate Nicole for being more attractive and likable like her. Plus, Nicole now has Victor flirting with her even though he told Nat he didn’t want a showmance. that’s enough to fuel Natalie into wanting to personally destroy Nicole’s game.
        I suppose it takes a woman to be able to understand female jealousy and how it works :D

      • At this very moment, Vic/Nic are in her bed together & he basically has her “trapped” with no escape-ha!

      • Oh, well!! Soon after, Corey & Paul came into the room & sat down on the bed next to them! And now P brings up Hayden along with other topics that Nic is not happy about! Was cute while it lasted:)

      • Nah, Nic would just be using Vic and he really seems to like her. I was watching Nic pin up her hair and I don’t understand why she doesn’t leave it down while she is inside the house. I can see maybe her being hot when she is outside but it’s really beautiful when her hair isn’t laying on top of her head.

      • Oh my goodness her hair is so beautiful! I wish she would wear it down more or even in a pony tail.
        I think Nic might like victor more than she’s letting on. Can’t wait for victor to get rid of Corey ;D

      • I agree about her hair…once she had it in a long braid and even that was better. A pony would be good. The reason I want Cor around still is because he’s her closest ally & a # for her. I get it though;0

      • The same here, but it’s getting more and more difficult to watch this guy. I’m just hoping Pictor will vote Corey out before Nicole.

      • Absolutely Corey should go before Nicole! I’m sure that Vic would rather have it that way too-ha! But Paul(I think) would prefer Nic leaving before Corey since Nic would fare much better in mental comps.

      • I’m getting nervous for Nicole after Natalie talked to Pictor earlier. They mentioned that if Nat won HOH next week if would be good for them, indicating she would go after Nicorey.

      • Yeah, I heard that convo too and I’m not happy! All the more reason for Gnat to march out that front door on Thursday though! And even if she stays it would be her against Nic/C/P for the next HOH and it should be a mental comp which wouldn’t be in her favor. Lets hope the right person wins Veto first-ha!

      • Can’t wait to find out who wins VETO, the noms need to stay the same so Nicorey can get rid of her.

      • Yeah, I’m so anxious waiting for this comp to end. It may be the BB Comics one which I think Nicole will do well at. Jatalie…not so much. Ha!

  15. I don’t even want to see how James reacts if he Doesn’t win AFP.
    I might have to give him a sympathy vote.

    • Hahaha! You can if you want, but I won’t. IMO James has played a terrible game and does not deserve to win anything, much less AFP!

      • or get on Survivor or TAR — he’s been so busy campaigning for all three that he’s missed the game he’s in!

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Survivor, he can even bring Nat along – now that would be hilarious to watch :D

      • natalie wouldn’t make it off the boat once she realised there are no toilets…

      • jamsey can you dig a hole and cut down a tree and build me a bathroom pleaseeeeeeeeeee

      • LOL!! OMG!You guys are hilarious!
        Here let me try…
        But Jaaaammmmeesssssiiieee I can’t go pee in the woooddsuh someone might see meeeee and make a paaassssuh on meeeeeuhhh…. ;)

      • hahahahahahaha, the other people on the island would probably drown that poor woman lol

      • So true. I can even hear Natalie saying to James on the 15th day on the island: “I’m FAT” lol :D

      • Me too! You know I’ve been watching BB for years and years, ever since season 7…but I never got as involved as I have this season. Maybe it’s that most of the HG were so blah…that I needed the extra input of other viewers (LOL) but anyhoo..I’m glad I did coz I luv this forum where we all get to debate out points of view and how we see the game being played.

      • I learn so much more from talking with the people that have the feeds too. I’m going to miss it when the season ends.

      • But survivor is coming soon & there’s much of the same ppl discussing that show. Gotta join it. I did last season & it was fun! All good in conversations. You get the odd troll or jerk but pretty much everyone seems cool! ??

      • same here TGJ, except i watched from season 1 mostly because i was all like what do you mean you lock them in a house…i had to see what that was all about then i was addicted

      • I’m newish here too & love it! Been watching BB for Ohhhhhh I don’t know how long…this year is kind of boring tho.

        I want big characters with huge personalities! Some Med & some quiet but sneaky in a good way! All competitors with brains & Braun.

        And a rule of no hook ups! NONE!! If they hook up they have to do a few days of solitude. While watching the other players bond! Ahaa!

        And respectful players. No BS! Average looking people. No bombshells!
        Ok maybe all good looking cuz who wants to watch ppl with whiteheads & narly pit hair? Lol

      • Omg! ‘Where’s my make up? Do I look ok!?’ (Leg kicks up for a cheer!!) lmao!
        That’d be even better on TAR!! ‘Wait James! I need lips on!’

      • It’s been a disappointing season for James I agree.
        He’ll leave BB empty handed and without the AFP prize.

    • Well she did India, but of course James said no way and she didn’t argue with him about it. LOL! I mean c’mon, she bullies him about everything from doing dishes to when they sleep, but she can’t win THAT argument??? :)

      • Ha! Well then, did she tell James not to use the Veto on her and to save himself? This gal needs to go.

      • Natalie didn’t win the argument of putting Nicole and Corey OTB when it was her HOH, and she didn’t win the argument about voting out Corey instead of Victor last week. She may try to ‘bully’ him, as you put it, but she doesn’t win them all.

      • You actually have me there. That is another argument she didn’t win. I stand corrected RSA! ;) However, I still think she didn’t try very hard…and that is just my opinion on the matter. :)

      • Oh I know. No harm no foul. Think of how boring it would be if everyone always agreed on everything!! Jeez…What a snooze life would be! ;)

    • yep she did….but she just threw James OTB to Victor and Paul…so much for true love…lmmao I said she was a user/ smoozer and now I add sleeze to that list…

      • You’ve got to be kidding me! I knew it would happen but I was hoping it wouldn’t.
        I’m behind at Jokers so I don’t know anything about this.

      • Maybe Nicole can talk Victor into changing his mind and getting rid of Natalie instead.
        Make it happen AG! :D

      • hehehe, I’m glad to hear that, no reason for Nicole not to use her womanly wiles if necessary to get rid of her last enemy in the house.
        If all else fails Nicorey need to honestly tell Victor they can’t keep Natalie since she’s coming after them. Hopefully he won’t be too mad.

      • That would be refreshing to see after watching the decidedly unromantic Paulie and Corey this year. :D

      • I don’t think so India because Natalie is on his hit list too. She put him OTB to begin with. He is not forgetting that anytime soon and told her so in the live feeds. He said she wasn’t his target THIS week. Note the key word here is THIS… ;) LOL!

      • One can only dream!! Ha! Paul wouldn’t mind seeing Gnat go either, based on comments he’s made!!

      • The three of them should talk to Victor and let them know what they want (haven’t seen the feeds lately so maybe they have)

      • With Victor apparently crushing on Nicole… Do you thinks its possible she could convince him to vote out Nat (HER target) instead of James (HIS target)?

      • Hahaha! Well, he might just have to reverse his choices then if he wants to further that crush…Truthfully, to Victor, while he might want James gone first, I don’t think he’d really put up a fuss too much b/c he wants Natalie gone as well. She put him OTB to begin with betraying him in the process. He told her in the LF she was not his target this week…the key word in that sentence is THIS week; i.e., next week if any of his F4 are in power, she can expect to find herself exactly where she is now…OTB.

      • if victor does what his instincts tell him, he will vote out james however given the right motivation from nicole i really think it’s a possibility to get him to change his mind…i hope he would ask himself why she would want that to occur though..

      • I can see why Victor considers James a huge threat to his game after James managed to help evict Vic twice.
        Natalie would make a better juror though since she wouldn’t vote for Nicorey.

      • I agree. Natalie would definitely vote for Victor, she really liked him in the beginning. As a matter of fact, IMO, that is the MAIN reason James wanted Victor gone and urged Natalie to make the F4 with Nicole & Corey. He is jealous and intimidated by Victor b/c Natalie definitely liked Victor first and he could be worried if Vic were to ever shift his focus back to Natalie… well, who knows what she would do? That is JMO, but James is obviously uncomfortable that Natalie liked Corey and Victor first before she paid him any kind of attention. Corey is all locked up in his showmance with Nicole, but Vic…he’s a free agent and that must bother James who, let’s face it, is no match for Victor in physical prowess.

      • I think she could since he seems fond of her.
        She could make a final 3 deal with him with Victor choosing the 3rd person in that alliance IF he agrees to Natalie being evicted this week.

      • India…she did it! Between her and Paul, they convinced Vic to swing his vision off James and place it on Natalie!

  16. Nicole wants Natalie to go. Then, if necessary, she can get James on her side again and return to having 3 votes to 2 and possibly manage to clip Victor or Paul. Natalie would team up with Victor and Paul if James is evicted and give them a 3 to 2 advantage against Nicorey.

  17. Anyone who has live feeds needs to use the flashback and watch from 10 am to 10:30 am this morning and you will get to see the *real* Natalie in action!!
    At a little after 10 am this morning, Natalie headed up to the HOH room to talk to Vic & Paul. In that conversation, she spologized for betraying them and told them she regretted not adhering to their F5 alliance. That was all well and good, but here is the juicy part… In her next statement she said and I am paraphrasing here, but it is pretty close… “I put my trust in the wrong hands. I should have never listened to James and his opinions. You guys had my back, but I listened to the wrong advice and it came back to bite me in the bum”. And then she went on to tell them that either of them had her vote if they were in the F2.

    Okay, now that is BAD, and V/P were shocked at how she threw James UTB, however, wait b/c it gets worse. Immediately after leaving the HOH room she goes downstairs to the London rm and wakes up James (who is sleeping-mind you) and explain her visit to the HOH room. She gives him a pretty good run down until she gets to the part where she says “I put my trust in the wrong hands…” Because in her speech to James, she neglects to tell him she mentioned HIS name as being the “wrong hands” in which she placed her *cough* fragile trust!!

    All I can say after witnessing Natalie’s performance is…Wow!! I cannot believe I just saw that. She is a little schemer and the way she went right down to James to give him just enough truth to make any future lies believable was disgusting!! I would not be at all adverse to seeing Natalie gone this week after that betrayal. Betraying Vic was one thing and it was bad enough, but what she did to james this morning…WOW!! Just watch it and see.

  18. I’d like to see 2 teams next time. Guys against the girls. But even teams (somehow) and not all physical comps! This year seems like they’ve only had physical comps. The brainy ones were stupid! My opinion & its valuable!

    • Ya know what I would like to see Tink is a season of ONLY past BB winners!! They could do that next season…just leave off BB 1 b/c really BB1 is not even the same animal, much less the same game! ;) However, if they don’t do it next season I am so hoping for the 20th Anniversary they do a season of only past winners. Could you see Evel Dick battling Dr. Will?? LOL! Epic!

      • I would love to see how well Dr. Will can still play BB. He still gives advice to jury…let’s see him put his money where his mouth is again and get back into the game! Plus it would bring back Chill Town, the greatest BB alliance of all time! Not to mention, could you see Evel Dick up against Mike Boogie and Will…IDK, those three might actually pair up. Haha. Anyhow, there are so many amazing BB players that have won, I just think it would be awesome!

      • Hahaha! Honestly I don’t know, but I bet BB could round up enough to make it work. And the fact that the ages would range so drastically would be the beauty of it as well …kind of like Survivor this season Gen X VS. Millennials. It would be some of the best BB players of all time under the same roof. Perhaps they could make the season shorter, say with 14 HG again and only have the best of BB…. :) I think it would be Legen…wait for it…dary! ;)

      • Ya after thinking about it I guess that would be ok. I’m just sick of ppl that are return players.

        That’s all.

      • I can understand that, but if it were an entire house of All-Stars… and ONLY winners. I think that would make for a very interesting season of BB. JMO. :)

  19. I hope Victor doesn’t let Nicole and Corey persuade him to target Natalie. What I would like to see is Victor telling Nicorey they need to vote out James to show their allegiance to Victor and Paul.

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