‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Natalie Readies Herself For Free Agent Status

Natalie and James face a likely split up this week on Big Brother 18 as one of them could be voted out come next Thursday and while James has all but given up we’re seeing Natalie prepare to fight to stay in the game and move ahead.

Natalie talks with Victor and Paul on BB18

Nominations came in last night to make things official and no one was surprised. Since then we’ve heard Natalie and James both discuss how they’d handle the Veto situation along with plenty of regret for their recent moves that ended up pitting them against Victor and Paul instead of working with them. Now Natalie looks ready to see if she can position herself for a chance to not immediately follow James out the door.

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Natalie has joined Victor and Paul upstairs for a quick talk. She starts off saying that in case this is her last week she wants to apologize. They immediately cut her off that how does she know this is her last week. Remember that both of these guys want James gone.

“I’m sorry I backstabbed you guys,” says Natalie. “It’s okay, it’s a game,” replies Paul. “I put my trust in the wrong hands. I really trusted James’s and his opinions. I thought you were coming after James. I just wanted to apologize,” says Natalie.

The guys thank her for saying that and Paul points out they had a good thing going before she flipped on them. Natalie agrees that they had a strong group going before all that happened. “Sometimes you let the wrong people influence you,” says Natalie. Now that’s James she’s talking about though she also mentioned before getting nudges from DR to pursue a working relationship with Nicole and Corey as well.

Natalie tells the guys that she understands it’s all just a game and still wants the best person to win while letting them know she hopes they get far and would earn her vote at the end. Privately Natalie has told James she doesn’t want to see Nicole or Corey at the end. Of course tempers may cool in three weeks but if they don’t then that’s a good sign of which way she’d be voting from Jury if she ends up there.

“You guys have been the underdogs since Day 1,” says Natalie while the guys counter that she has been too, in a supportive way. They encourage her to stay positive and Natalie says she’s keeping her head in the game and isn’t giving up. Victor reiterates that he has his target this week suggesting that she’d be safe if he has his say.

Natalie admits that she’s made her mistakes in the game but is ready to move forward from them as she swallows her pride and concedes her mistakes especially against those who were loyal to her. The guys eat it up. This is a good showing by Natalie and I’m glad to see she isn’t pulling a Big Meech this week as she’s already about five days ahead of her in the campaigning schedule.

Talk shifts to general life things and it’s friendly between the group. Eventually Natalie leaves and the guys discuss that having Natalie stick around next week might not be so bad. It’s definitely what they wanted already and this sort of talk will keep them firmly rooted in wanting James out. It’s a solid move by Natalie. Simple but smart. She might say things to James about not stressing if she goes this week but this tells me she’s still planning ahead and wants to play.

The guys definitely noticed her comments about trusting the wrong opinions and they discussed it later as Natalie throwing James under the bus. She certainly received plenty of encouragement from James to go after the guys the other week but it was her decision to get them on the Block as she even influenced Michelle to make that move while Michelle wanted Nicole instead. Just think how differently their game could be going now if Nicole had been voted out that week. Well, she would have probably just come right back in after playing in that Wall comp, right? You never know.

It’s also worth noting that James previously advised Natalie to align with Victor and Paul instead of Nicole and Corey if she stays next week which suggests he may try and do the same if he sticks around. Funny thing is if he is here next week then Nicole and Corey pushed to make that happen because they thought James would align with them over the guys. Now that’d be interesting to see play out.

Now Natalie has to fight for that Veto today and see if she can ensure her safety rather than waiting to see which way the house vote goes this week.

What do you think of Natalie’s talk here. Was it a simple courtesy or do you see it as positioning herself for a chance to get ahead if she sticks around for next week?


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  1. OMG what a sleezee…. hope Nicole lets James in on Natalies OTB game shes playing…It won’t make a difference cause he may not believe Nicole but at least he was warned…The guys have said all along that Natalie was using James and she just proved them right…

    • Yeah, she could have gone up there and apologized, admitting HER mistakes without using James or “others” as an excuse but that wouldn’t be Gnat as we’ve seen her this season. She likes to blame others

      • OMG (again) Must be a Jersey thing.. I recall Paulie blaming his bad game on everybody else..

      • Isn’t that the truth! None of this is surprising to me at all!! And she has the nerve to call Nicole sneaky!!

      • Amen! They all seem to blame Nicole for everything and anything that happens. I think Paulie got it right by calling Natalie fake…she wants everyone to think she is so nice and than she goes behind their backs and talks bad about each of them. Hope James wakes up but I doubt he will until he sees the show!

      • I don’t see how an apology would work without throwing James utb. Sure it seems disloyal, but she told James how she felt she made a huge mistake trusting him. It’s not like she is saying something James hasn’t already heard. She has seemed to place most of the blame on him, which he is accepting, but she made a few mistakes herself to get where she is. It all wasn’t due to trusting James, but most of it was.

      • For me to feel that the apology was heartfelt and not simplya game move, it would be her accepting that she made mistakes and was sorry for that. End of apology. I believe that she is sorry but only because of the position she finds herself in.

      • Exactly. If she wasn’t in this position she would of never been apologizing. She would of been celebrating with Jamesy.

      • I truly think she has been upset with James for a while for trusting Dingus and she is gloating in letting him know about it. That’s what she is sorry for, imo, not so much the act of backstabbing the guys, but the trust in James that led to it. Why she didn’t throw production utb, too, is questionable. So, in a way, we agree.

      • James being up Nicole’s behind is what got him into the mess he is now. I hope he goes home if neither win Veto or if Nicole is not put up.

      • Referring to when Gnat was HOH, not long after she left DR she said that “Mom and Dad”(production) wanted her to work with Dingus & Doofus. James was working to manipulate her to do so, also…and she did, against her better judgement and intuition.

      • Was it not Natalie that convinced Michelle that Paul and Victor needed to be OTB ?? Michelle wanted Nicole.. Natalie gave Michelle bad advice.. I did not read that in the Jokers post that Natalie told the guys that little tid bit.. Natalie is simply covering her own ass bottom line…And shes working James like a cheap jigsaw puzzle..

      • James convinced her. She followed his advice throughout this whole game and she is still around because of him, but also in trouble of getting evicted because of his him.

      • I do fault James with a lot of that, though, because he played her like a fiddle, manipulated her to look at things his way, along with some prodding from production.

      • I don’t know. As far as the shomance(which I have a hard time using that word when it comes to James/Gnat), I still am of the opinion that James would totally try for a romance after the shomance but Gnat knows that will not happen. I don’t think she would be able to deal very well with a baby mama that seems to be so close to James and children that might need attention and money that could affect Gnat’s attention and money.

      • i agree natalie hasn’t even given him her phone number after all of these days in the house etc..so i think she knows she isn’t down for romance with him and was never gonna be down for it..

      • Nicole would not give Corey his phone number either. I do not know if that changed but seriously that is a private thing and EVERYONE would have the number so even if you want to give it you wait till Jury or after the show obviously.

      • Agree. It looked like James was having a few moments of clarity earlier this week when he talked to Michelle about Gnat but things seemed to have clouded over once again. I’m not sure if I would call what James has been doing with Gnat using. It seems that he truly cares for her and believes that since this is not his first rodeo he has some expertise to pass on to her as far as strategy. Sadly he is a strategic player only in his own mind.

      • He definitely did manipulate her to thinking his way when she won HOH, while pretending support for whatever she decided. He played her pretty good, too.

      • James wanted to take out toughest competitor in Vic which was the right idea but wrong move in hindsight as he came back because of the Jury buy back comp! He had the 2 showmance alliance and chose that. James and Natalie both made mistakes and so has EVERY FAN and BB PLAYER this year! So many things can happen and that is one of the big reasons fans want to watch. Easy to say certain things when fans can SPY/watch after dark feeds and find out TRUTH. James never should have given up that HOH to NIc! He also should have kept his mouth shut with Paul and JATALIE would be looking good for final 2! Those 2 mistakes will cost him the prize money!

      • I agree…I thought to myself “ohhh, the shade of it all” when James’ baby mama was the one who showed up on the family message tape, along with HER son and James’ daughter. She’s been watching the season and knows about Nat. ? She was letting her know that James already has a family…lol

      • I’m not. I never watch anything on my computer. I use it very little when BB is not on. I’m admittedly, not very tech savvy. Just never took the time. I enjoy life…cooking, gardening, hiking. I get so busy from Oct-Dec with holiday planning and grandchildren. I’d feel guilty. Plus, my Dad is in home hospice and I need to spend more time with him. Priorities, you know? I hope it’s a good season, though.

      • Oh, honey- my heart goes out to you and your daddy. My aunt is in hospice right now and my mom passed away not to long ago after fighting her third bout with cancer. Taking care of someone who is acutely I’ll is so hard and it tales a certain type of person. ♡
        I will miss seeing you here, however. It won’t be the same without you!

      • i’m from where james lives now.
        the paper did a piece on him
        a few yrs. ago…and they said james
        doesn’t have a family ! and he’s only
        been in town a few yrs.

      • Yep see that BUT Natalie needs to admit her part which she did not do.. In my opinion Natalie is a phony but if the truth were told she knows a lot more about the way BB is played than she lets on..

      • I thin Paul might know more than he is credited with, but I’m kind of believing that Gnat came into the game with little knowledge of it. Boy, wouldn’t it be something to find out she has been playing dumb all along.

      • well I am glad that u know all there is to know about the matter U are just what this site needs …Another know it all…

      • i agree james is alot of the blame, but she is a grown woman and could have said i feel some kind of way about this so i am going to do this, which she didn’t and her apology was not an apology it was a speech she accepted no responsibility i just feel like it was super weak…but james was alot of the fault yes he did play her…

      • Natalie only advised Michelle that way because she trusted that James knew better. She knows now that much of his advice and his actions (betraying his promise to Frank and Bridgette during the HOH) have put her in her present position on the block.

      • Most of his actions were directed at protecting his alliance with Dingus, and the same seems to ring true for production at the time, also. They all manipulated Gnat. But there is still some blame left for Gnat to own.

      • I agree with you that he put too much faith in protecting his alliance with Nicole (Dingus) and, unfortunately for Natalie she trusted his judgment as a former gameplayer and it has put her in her present position. James was a fool to not realize and remember that Nicole doesn’t bond with or care about other female players in the game. I think that Natalie accepted HER share of the blame and admitted how she let herself be led.

      • if she accepted her responsibility no one else would have had their name mentioned…you do not cast blame elsewhere when accepting responsibility for something…again that makes it a speech not an apology…

      • I disagree. First of all because, after all, this is a game and it is the Big Brother house where players have always had to use their wits to advance in the game. Second, because her decision to put Vic and Paul up was TOTALLY influenced by James and being honest about that may help her to mend fences and move forward with Vic and Paul if she remains in the house. This is not a game of ‘honor’ and self-effacement, it’s always been a game of strategy and social relationships.

      • Let’s also remember that it was James that caused the disruption of the alliance with Nicorey by making the statement that Natalie had wanted to save Victor over Corey when those two were on the block. THAT is what sent Nicole into a tizzy about wanting to get Natalie out. James has been Natalie’s downfall in more ways than one.

      • I think she DID take responsibility, as well as admit her reliance on James’ direction and influence. Nothing deceitful there.

      • The only responsibility she took was for listening to the wrong people. Never said deceitful just that it wasn’t a real apology.

      • she gave a speech, its like if my son said to me mom i’m sorry i broke the tv and then points to his brother and says but he threw an uncatchable ball or vice versa that’s not an apology, if he said mom i know i wasn’t supposed to be doing this in the house and i broke the tv i am sorry…that is an apology….

    • I hope one of them will rat out Nat to James – he deserves to know and it might just motivate him to start fighting to stay.

    • I don’t think Natalie playing the game means she is using him. Everyone is there to play an individual game and at some point they each have to do and say what’s best for them. I do wonder if Victor and Paul plan to take each other to final 2 because that will be a mistake and each have to decide what’s best for their game or possibly betray each other.

      • I think Victor would take Paul and I hope that Paul would take Victor. I want to see the two strongest players fight it out for the end and not use a weaker player to win.

      • I don’t know where u from or if u have lived a sheltered life.. But in my world .. A woman does not tell a man on Monday that she don’t want a relationship, she needs space and she only wants to be friends hence pushing that man away…Then on Tuesday she goes and crawls in the bed with that man and acts as tho nothing changed between them…That woman in the world I live in is known as a “user” a “hussy” a “schemer” a “sleezee” and I could come up with worse but I think u get the idea….If the other men in the house can see it and comment on it then it must some truth to it..

      • Natalie is talking game with James and does it in bed since they are comfortable with each other. I don’t see her doing anything inappropriate with him. He is using her as much as she is him. They are not in the outside world, but playing a game and need to be as friendly as possible. That’s what I see.
        Corey betraying Nicole after all the inappropriate things she has done to him, sounds more like what you are referring to.

      • Yep he openly said that he didn’t want her hanging on to him at the after party, but he just hasn’t told her.

      • TKS for the lol….But I have no apologies to make for my distain or dislike of Natalie.. She is a user and a phony cause if the world does not revolve around her its not turning…A lot of people probably think the same of Nicole..to be honest I don’t really like Nicole either..lol…. I have no #1 favorite person this year none at all..

      • Oh, gosh, believe me, Gnat is far, far from my fav. I’m actually not very fond of her either and I think most everyone is aware of how I feel about Dingus. I’ll happily apologize when I get facts wrong. My opinion might change, but never apologize for an opinion, although I might wish I had have stated it differently at times. :)

      • very understandable…as I said I waited for over a month before voicing/posting any negative Natalie comments as to her relationship with James.. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but it didn’t work out in her favor..

      • She has made no secret of the fact that she’s using James. The only question is how long can endure watching him take it. Everyone sees it; it’s just that only Paul has verbalized it (setting aside Paulie’s poorly-worded assessment).

    • The TRUE “sleezee” in the house is Nicole and her bedtime antics with yet another guy in the BB house…first it was Hayden in her previous season, and now she’s been a plaything for Corey, undoubtedly one of the biggest floaters to get this far in BB history, thanks to her. I guess she just enjoys being used.
      Clearly, she never seems to like or align herself with females in the house.
      Meanwhile, I believe that Natalie truly likes and cares for James, even though he has been proven to be a poor guiding force in the house for her.

    • She played this game before where she says Paul said something he didn’t. She’s a nasty girl for doing that

  2. I hope Paul tells James that Natalie was throwing him UTB. I’m hoping James wins POV and Natalie goes. Just can’t take her fakeness much longer.

    • James may have been an ass where Paul is concerned but Paul has voiced that he does not like the way Natalie treats James..

      • Paul, Nicole and Corey want Natalie gone bad. But Victor wants James gone and I don’t think they will go against him. So I hope James wins POV so they can get rid of Natalie. Besides I think she’s better at comps then James.

      • Oh, Gnat definitely seems to be better at comps-for the most part! Another reason for her to go…NOW!
        Besides, I thought that she only wanted to make it to Jury…which started weeks ago!! So, bye bye!

    • James and nat discussed how for her to approach the situation last night so she didn’t throw him under the bus. She also said james is the only one she would date outside of the house. BTW he wasn’t around when she first said it. I don’t think she’s fake just been burned before.

      • I disagree. One of the fakest people in the house. All she does is talk crap about every single person then turns around and says she’s too nice and she doesn’t play dirty or talk crap. What a hypocrite. She also acts as the victim ALL of the time. If she’d own up to her BS I would respect her a lot more.

      • We must be watching different Big Brother after dark and live feeds. You are entitled to your opinion even though you’re WRONG!

      • Go ahead keep hating the pretty girl. You should try out for BB you might do well. How’s that for passive aggressive? Just kidding! Although I’m my most serious when i’m kidding.

      • Odd, I don’t get a sense that anyone hates Natalie. She’s not clever or dangerous enough to dislike. Her transparency is why her days on BB are numbered.

      • Not pretty when you have to wear 5# of makeup. And if I was 35yrs younger I would try out.

      • This is right. She’s been very clear about using Paul and she has consistently said whatever she calculated her listener wanted to hear. She’s also not very good at it; she has a very obvious “tell” — the more she veers into a sales job, the more sing-songy her voice. It isn’t exactly hidden.

      • Yes they all talk crap. The difference is Natalie thinks she’s this sweet innocent victim. When she’s clearly not. She blames everyone else. That’s the difference.

  3. Since Nat told the guys she didn’t want to see Nicorey get to the end hopefully they will realize that Natalie is perfect jury fodder and taking either Nic or Corey to the end is the way to go.
    At least I want Victor to think this way.

    • I agree. Besides some of these HOH and POV comps are crap shoots and anyone can win them. So even if P/V are in F4 doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be in F2.

      • I hope the guys remember that Natalie almost won the last HOH comp.
        Victor and Paul need to realize that the female jurors would vote for Nat since they were her friends while Nicole probably wouldn’t get those same votes.
        It’s time for Nicorey to get busy and try to see that natalie is evicted instead of James.
        If they do save James maybe he’ll forgive them for switching alliances.

      • That she did! I agree with everything! Most of the current jury would vote for Nat, with the exception of Paulie. But with Nicole, most of her enemies are in jury now(as she’s already pointed out). Keep James!

  4. I am really hoping that Victor keeps Natalie around and thinks about taking her to the end instead of Paul.
    I really hate when these HGs talk to the HOH with other people in the room. Paul does not need to be there. Both of them should think about keeping Natalie over Nicole or Corey since she has been friendlier to them than Nic has.
    I think Corey is less of a threat than Nicole and keeping him longer is best for their game.
    Natalie winning Veto will make the game a lot more interesting this week since Vic has to put Nic or Corey up.

    • Paul seems to think this is his HOH, too. lol I wonder why James and Gnat didn’t ask to speak to Vic privately? Neither of them trust Paul. That was their choice.

      • Paul and Victor are a team obviously. James/Nat betrayed both of them not just Victor, and Victor would obviously tell Paul anyway so it made sense to speak to both of them.

      • I understand what you are saying, but if I had as much distrust for an HG as both James and Gnat have for Paul, I would ask for privacy. jmo

      • I hear you. It’s just sending a bad message if you want to work with Victor moving forward in my opinion. At this point Vic/Paul are a package deal as they won’t ever betray each other.

      • I don’t think they will either, unless that little vixen, Dingus, has something to say about it. hehe

      • Jatalie are dead showmance walking. Although James has very little pride left, the hayseed knows enough to know that every word said to Victor goes to Paul. A request for privacy just sweetens the ridicule later.

      • Victor is very capable of holding back info that he deems is said with an understanding that it not be repeated.

      • Paul is Victor’s ride or die, he has no motivation to protect anything said by the wilting Jatalie roadkill. They have literally nothing to offer and would merely be naive to think otherwise.

      • Victor needs no motivation to protect something said in confidence to him. He’s just that kind of guy.

      • I’m not sure his actions in the HOH support your idealistic image of him. Setting aside the basic truth that no one does anything without motivation, he’s very clearly an excellent and strategic player who weighs the costs and benefits of each move he makes.

      • Realistic image, imo. I have absolutely no doubt that if any of the HGs told Vic something in confidence, that it would not cross his lips. He’s a stand-up guy.

      • There are some things that Victor has kept to himself when he speaks privately with people. It is possible that Natalie could make a F2 deal with Victor if she was smart and do this in private without the nosy snitch being there.

      • Victor will not ever betray Paul. He even told Julie the same thing. His honor won’t let him ever do that.

      • I do agree. I think he is not thinking of betraying him, but if he wants to win this game taking Paul will be a huge mistake. Paul has played a better game than Vic.

  5. the girl has no idea how to apologise, first of all you must accept the responsibility of what “you” did and apologise for the wrong “you committed” its not a feel bad for me blame others on the way speech…and that is what she gave them a speech not an apology…weak

    • So true, saying she put her trust in the wrong person (James) is not accepting responsibility. James is probably devastated that he failed Nat although I wish he wouldn’t be.

      • James may be devastated, I suspect you’re right. She’s been direct all season about wanting a girl-power finale and using a showmance to get there. The past 3 weeks she has berated James, accepting his “encouragement” with barely stifled exasperation. Now that the all-girl finish is a confirmed bust she’s scrambling. Note that it took minutes before she threw James under the bus. He’s completely sacrificed his pride and his gameplay for cuddle time with an NFL cheerleader. He thinks his boys will admire him, forgetting how pathetic he’s behaved.

      • Interesting. James’ ex was polite in her family video but I didn’t get any sense that she cares how he lives his life. Alimony won’t increase if he wins and it won’t decrease if he loses.

      • Good point. I have no idea what their relationship was. Child support, however, is equally unaffected.

      • It’s a wonder people can even afford to get divorced these days since it’s financially devastating.

      • I agree with everything you said about that little hussy natalie.
        But it I were Natalie and someone hung onto me day and night and I never had a second to recharge my batteries alone I’d get irritable too.
        So I hope that’s all it is with Nat – he’s getting on her nerves and she needs some alone time now and then.
        But I’m afraid she was just using him to further her game (which worked until this week) so she probably has no problem dropping him and breaking his heart in the process.
        If Nicorey don’t vote her out they’re crazy.

      • LOL I think he just thinks he’s the one that’s gonna go so he’s trying to put her in a good spot to move forward. They both say they’ll use the veto on the other if they win it.

      • Maybe CBS will fork out the money for their televised wedding…Nat can always get it annulled in Vegas if things don’t work out lol.

      • Well James is always looking for a BB record he could hold. Since he lost out on 4 Wall Comps he could be the 1st BB divorce

      • LOL! maybe BB could have a season where all the HG’s are married vets. :D
        Survivor did something similar to this.

      • At least we know they wouldn’t be fooling around in bed all the time because that usually ends after marriage! :-)

  6. Get Natalie out of this house… Nicorey needs to seriously talk to their allies Victor and Paul… she needs to go. James is screwed either way. Solidify the final 4 group!

    • Either Nicole or corey need to follow Natalie around until eviction night to make sure she doesn’t cause them problems.

  7. LOL victor commenting to nicole about putting her dirty feet where someone’s head goes on the bed…he still can’t help worrying about cleaning and cleanliness…just can’t help but like victor

      • lol my first thought after reading that was say buh bye to your crush vic…but i agree with him that’s just gross…

      • Since Nicole is a nurse she’s probably become desensitized to dirt and germs by now. Anyway, what’s Corey doing? Hanging out with Paul?
        I’m ready for Nicole and vic to make that final 2 deal :D

  8. Natalie started playing when she came out with Paulie’s flirtatious comments. And she was doing well, completely stealing Michelle’s care package with clean hands. But Paul fought off the attack and Natalie was in trouble of her own making. She should now try and convince either Paul or Victor that one can’t win head to head against the other, so let’s secretly work together. I think this would be true for Paul.

      • Although Paul has been loyal to Victor from the beginning I have to admit. I’ll hate to see it happen though.

      • Do you really think so, India? IDK about that and the reason being is that Paul is a strategic thinker. Vic has been loyal to him this whole game and he (Paul) knows everyone in jury admires Victor’s loyalty, class and skills as a comp beast. If he betrays Victor, everyone in jury might just turn against him much like what happened to Dan in season 14. Dan played a great game, but he didn’t show much loyalty and was personally responsible for most of those evictions, i.e., no love there. If Paul betrays Victor, I can see him getting a cold shoulder from the jury–especially *this* jury. IMO, Paul could see this possibility and would rather take second place to Vic than someone like Natalie.

      • Perhaps not, but if he backstabs Vic…I don’t think this jury would vote for him for all night Kitchen duty, much les to win the entire game of BB. Good game play aside, stabbing your biggest alliance member in the back is not good game play. It would be like Boogie evicting Dr. Will! IMO, I do not see this jury giving Paul the prize if he does that. That’s all.

      • India, funny thing… you know after the Natalie debacle I stopped watching the LF, but I was bored so I went back and started them up again and OMG..@10:44 am, Paul & Vic had the EXACT conversation I pointed out in my post!!! Swear to God! Paul said he would look like THE biggest dick ever for taking out Vic and vice versa! I knew this, but I can see by the way Paul is talking, this has occurred to him and he came to the samew conclusion I did…This jury will never vote for him if he is NOT sitting next to Vic!

      • I hope you’re right T, but perhaps narcissist Paul wants all the glory and attention of winning, so he might be tempted to take Corey or Nicole.
        We’ll see, no telling what can still happen in the house.

      • HA! That’s exactly what I was trying to say.
        I hope something does happen with corey and he’s booted out of the house.
        I want Victor to tell Nicole that Corey said he didn’t want her hanging onto him at the after party and make a date with her for the AP.
        I don’t think anyone is going to be wanting to hang out with corey at the party anyway.

      • I’ve been around people like Paul that talked ALL the time – half of what that said was pure BS I’m afraid.
        I’m a little bit tired of natalie constantly praising herself for being “true to her self” so far. What does that even mean in relation to BB?

      • lol yup i really laughed and i am with you…in the bb house what does that mean????

      • I hope you’re right about Paul TGJ. But Paul hasn’t had much trouble stabbing Frank and Paulie (and maybe others, I can’t even remember now) in the back.
        He’s a business man and might need the money bad enough to betray Victor. I hope Nicole can help Victor see that going to the end with her is in his best interests.
        Usually about this time the guys start annihilating each other so I wouldn’t be surprised what might happen.

      • India in the live feeds today in a one on one with Victor Paul said he knows if he were to ever stab Vic in the back like that…this jury would vote to hang him rather than give him 500K. His exact words were “I would be the biggest dick ever…” lol! I am thinking he sees what I was saying earlier and knows if he (in any way shape or form) betrays Vic… He will not win.

  9. Paul will want to take Nicole to F2, Victor will want to take Natalie to F2. Be nice if the guys would just stick with each other. None of the girls like Nicole, but they do like Natalie and want a girl to win. Hope Victor remembers this.

  10. Some of you people take this crap way to serious and act worse than anyone in the house!

    • seriously though i don’t think i saw any over the top remarks..ofcourse having said this i didn’t read all of them

    • u can always take ur toys and go home… But I am here to debate and disagree or agree whichever whatever the topic at any given time might be…..and if I don’t like a certain HGs actions I am allowed to voice it..

      • Well obviously you knew who I was talking about since you made that type of comment. I’ll just stay here with my toys and go a head and do what I’ve thought about doing to you for a while and block your ass! :-) See Ya

    • You are right, Buford. I try to have fun with it most of the time but let it get the best of me at times. If you see me getting out of line, you call me on it. Please don’t take your toys and go home. You are fun to post with. :)

      • Thanks, but I’m not going anywhere unless I get banned! LOL I too just try to have fun and enjoy it. I’m not here to argue or name call over a game because if I was I can do it with the best with my 58 years experience. LOL

      • Although I have 2 years on you(respect your elders…haha), I don’t think I’ll be testing you on that. lol

  11. Just reading Jokers and it reads as if Gnat never stops talking. James is trying to sleep, she’s talking, he sighs; James is eating, she’s talking, he chews. The guy probably wants to go to Jury for some peace and quiet. Lol

    • I was reading that, too. He told her a little earlier that he needed to rest or sleep. That would drive me insane if someone kept blabbing while I was trying to sleep. To my knowledge, he has never asked her to button it, even in a nice way. It’s ridiculous……….ly funny because it is not me. hehe

    • I think James has mentally checked out and accepted his fate. Nat scolded him most of last night about all the wrong decisions she made when that isn’t what her head was telling her. She tried to soften the blow but basically told him she should have played her own game. I think it is all sinking in to James that he wasted the season and has enough guilt that he is considering saving Nat instead of himself. Didn’t even get a real damn kiss and is ready to give everything up for Nat when he should be fighting for his daughter. He tried to make these big moves early in the game when it wasn’t necessary and it all went down hill from there. How in the world could he have given Nic that last HOH? So frustrated with him.

  12. Yeah it looks like its bye bye Brendon-
    I mean Clay-
    I mean James.

    I’ll give Natalie credit for atleast fighting back and preparing herself for what’s next. I don’t see a problem with planning and campaigning to stay in the game. To me it may be seen as desperate but atleast she’s trying.

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