Big Brother 18 Twist Speculation: Season Of Second Chances?

Will the Big Brother 18 twist deliver a season of second chances? We’re anticipating the return of four “mystery guests” as former Houseguests but if the rest of the rumors are true that they won’t be Coaches and there’s a new competition in the mix then what could be going on?

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house
Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house – Source: CBS

We typically by now have some details to at least give us a vague idea of the Big Brother twist but aside from a Canadian commercial confirming those yet to be revealed Houseguests we really don’t know what’s going on. Luckily we’ve got a few scattered details and enough imagination to come up with a few possibilities of our own for Big Brother 18.

I’ve been speculating for awhile that we’ll get an eviction during our two-night premiere starting on Wednesday and I’m starting to feel more strongly about that. Usually the HGs move in on a Friday or Saturday then hang out for more than a week and a half before facing the first elimination. Not the case this year.

The Big Brother 18 cast, at least the first twelve of them, entered their new home last Wednesday as confirmed by Julie Chen who shared behind the scenes pics of the show taping that night. Production wouldn’t have them move in two or three days early on a lark so why might they do it? Moving in on a Wednesday would give them the opportunity for a full week’s worth of events and competitions before the Thursday night show, a standard eviction night in any other week of the season.

I don’t see any reason why there couldn’t be an eviction the first Thursday this season given those conditions and the best part is it wouldn’t have to be a repeat of that horrendous Jodi Rollins eviction during the Big Brother 14 premiere. She had been in the house a few hours before being sent away and spent more time in sequester than she did in the game.

Instead in this arrangement there’d be time for an HoH, noms, Veto, and campaigning before the first vote. Considering we’ll have a two hour show on Wednesday and another hour the next night there’d be time for the full cycle of events albeit a compressed presentation with time allotted for the move in and cast introductions.

But wait, there’s more. What if the first evictee doesn’t go straight home?

In the spirit of Big Brother’s love for recycling old twists let’s look back at BB13 where the first four evictees were up for a viewer vote which decided who would compete to get back in the game. It ended up with Brendon beating out Lawon. Let’s take that idea and mix it up a little.

Returning players, even from another season, are all about having a second chance on Big Brother and we see it year after year. What if these four suspected returning players don’t get to be automatically injected in to the game? They were labeled only as “guests” rather than the more typical “Houseguests” in that new commercial though we can’t put too much weight on a marketing promo.

All the same, what if those four players are the starting pool to compete against the weekly evicted Houseguest for a chance to get back in the game? Think Survivor’s Redemption Island. Well, we’d need a new weekly competition to feature this event and it’d probably need to be after the HoH comp and maybe even after nominations to buy them an initial reprieve or temporary protection from a revolving door scenario, right? Oh wait, well look at this, a new competition!

Big Brother executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan recently told THR:

Grodner: A new, Sunday [episode] competition is coming into play that will –

Meehan: Twist up the game! It’s going to be fun, something we’ve never done before.

Grodner: You want competitions that have stakes, that really mean something. This new competition really does that. So the nominations falls somewhere in the middle and then this competition and then, you’ll see.

Of course they also mention this will result in a new ceremony and I’m not sure how that is utilized. Maybe the five-way battle is private and the ceremony reveals who is coming back in to the game. Obviously I have no idea and am just guessing with square pegs and round holes there.

So there’s my speculation for a Big Brother 18 twist. A premiere week eviction following a full round of events over the past week. The first batch of evictees (until the twist ends) don’t go home and instead face off in an arena battle with, initially, four past Houseguests all of which are fighting for the same reward: re-entering the game. Each week, again until the twist is drawn to a close, the pool of four HGs changes and could possibly end up as four newbies with all the returning players back in the game. It’d be a season of second chances on Big Brother 18.

It sounds like fun and not out of the realm of possibilities. Of course with our luck the “Battle of the Block” could have been replaced by a “Block Battle,” a totally new and different competition…

What do you think of our crazy ideas? No chance of a first week eviction? Do you expect first wave of evictees to be sent right home? Will the returning “mystery guests” just be regular competitors from the start? We’ve got a LOT to discover this week on Big Brother so stick with us for all the spoilers, news, and updates!

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Credit to Branden for his suggestion of the “Second Chances” theme which helped bring the pieces together on this speculation.



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  1. That is a great idea. I hope that the production team is that creative. Our luck will be a bunch of coaches rehash.

      • We have to remember the production team we have to work with here. Most are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. My only hope is that it is good and makes sense.

      • oh Matt why are you not working for Endemol? I’m sure what ever AG come up with will not be half as clever.

      • Too kind, too kind!

        I’m sure there are serious logistic issues that I don’t have to take in to consideration when we put these possibilities together. BUT, at least I’d be wise enough to never bring BotB for a second time like they did last season…

      • Unfortunately, after only 2 weeks, that two-houses twist folded up last Monday when the two groups of housemates merged.

      • And wise enough not to tout it as a “fan favorite,” knowing full well that most fans HATED it! Then again…Meehan, Grodner, and their cronies seem to revel in their tone-deafness. What was the definition of “insanity” again? Oh, right…Big Brother fans hoping that Grodner would ever care what we like/think! Hahahaha

    • I hope you are right. Sometimes when production “really changesthings up” it actually means everything old is new again. Looking forward to seeing what develops.

      • Good point, sometimes old is new again. I guess after 18 seasons it’s pretty darn difficult to change things up. As you say, we’ll see. Regardless, I’m looking forward to it. Enjoy Julie :-)

  2. I’m serious…tomorrow can’t get here fast enough. But at least I have BBUK episodes to watch while I’m waiting.

  3. I like your angle on this Matt. Let’s hope they can think outside the box like you. When you consider this is season 18 they have to realize it’s long overdue to shake things up. If they continue on the same track they will be disappointed in the fans who will no longer stick around for the same boring things year after year and not purchase live feeds. We definitely deserve something completely different IMO.

  4. that sounds great. Matt, plz submit ur ideas to bb production. I am fully anticipating a full week of bb in 1st two episodes. that’s what I want. I want the show on thurs to end w 2nd HOH comp. I’m excited to read about noms on Friday, POV on sat, and now w a Sunday comp(is that right?). I am ready for big brother. 23hrs and 3mins to go. yippee!!!

    • According to rumors, last years cast was good and there was good gameplay that they didn’t need anymore ‘Takeovers’ to entertain the viewers

  5. Just wondering if anyone has mentioned maybe previous houseguest from other countries. The theme of the house sort of made me think about that.

    • If this were true it sounds like a good idea, we had that for BBCAN this year and it worked out pretty well.

  6. I actually had to look up the Brandon v. Lawon week in BB13 because I had forgotten all the details. I only remembered the comp that got Brandon back in. Totally forgot that there was an America’s Vote, THEN a competition that got Brandon back into the house for the week.

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