Big Brother 18 Twist: America’s Care Package – Update: Winners Revealed

There’s another new twist on Big Brother 18 and this time it’s putting the viewers inside the game. Well, not literally of course. Instead we’ll be voting to send advantages to Houseguests of our choosing and it’s called “America’s Care Package.”

America's Care Package twist on BB18

Each week from now through late August we’ll have a once a week vote that lets us pick which Houseguest should receive something special that ranges from a Never-Have-Not Pass to Co-HoH, but there’s a catch so you’ll want to plan carefully as you vote.

Since even the Big Brother twists have twists you’ll want to be sure to pick carefully on this one. Once a Houseguest has been awarded a care package gift then that’s it for him or her and they will be removed from the following week’s ballot.

Now to help you plan around that hitch CBS has gone ahead and released the full list of gifts available both current and pending. Of course that also opens us up to sabotaging Houseguests by using up their chances on weaker gifts. Like say, maybe you don’t want Paulie to have a chance at “Super Safety” in a few weeks so you vote him now for the Never Not Pass instead.

Each round you’ll have twenty votes a day to distribute to your liking and the voting has already begun. The first round of voting has already begun and it ends in just a few more hours! Here’s the full list of upcoming care packages along with when voting will be held for each round.

Big Brother 18 – America’s Care Package schedule:

  • Week 1 – Never Not Pass: Voting Ends 7/29 @ 10 AM PT (1 PM ET). The winner of this care package cannot be named a Have Not for the rest of the season.
  • Week 2 – Eliminate Two Eviction Votes: Voting Begins 7/31. Power to prevent two HGs of his/her choosing from voting in this week’s eviction.
  • Week 3 – Super Safety: Voting Begins 8/7. Holder is safe for the week, but must wear a “Super Safety” costume all week.
  • Week 4 – Co-HoH: Voting Begins 8/14. Winner shares all HoH perks and picks one of the two nominees.
  • Week 5 – BB Bribe: Voting Begins 8/21. Recipient gets $5K to influence one HG to do one thing. No splitting it up.

Big Brother 18 – America’s Care Package winners:

Voting is being held at right now so get over there and start making your pick for who should get the Never Have-Not Pass this week.

There are some really good advantages in there. Two eviction votes could be interesting, but if it’s a landslide then it won’t matter too much. Safety for the week is incredible and I’m assuming the Co-HoH also includes safety that week since CBS says it offers all the perks of being HoH. Now that bribe one reminds me a lot of Vanessa last season offering HGs thousands of dollars to do her bidding. That’s an advantage that will need to be kept very quiet as it’s sure to create some jealousy!

Overall these look like a fun game to play along for the next few weeks. Who do you want to win each gift? Share your thoughts below and get to voting now!

Update: Houseguests learned about the packages and how it’ll play out. They know there will be five rounds and America is voting. HGs learn all the rewards must be opened in front of everyone and there are no secrets as to what it is or who won it each round.

Update 2: Natalie won the first vote! Congrats to Natalie. She won’t have to sleep in the HN beds or be on Slop for the rest of the season. The HGs were all gathered in the backyard for the reveal as I suppose it’s meant to look like it was airdropped in.



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  1. If being a have not was just the slop, I probably would have considered another option, but I can’t help it, I felt so bad for goatman Corey, having to try to sleep in those bumper cars, as tall as he is, that I gave him all 20 votes. He was one sick, tired puppy after being a HN.

    • I gave all my never have not votes to James. He looks like he could use some extra energy that food provides to win more comps!

      • Me either, I gotta sprawl, but James and Gnat seem to really like them.
        Gal, where have you been? :)

      • Well they are little. I like being able to stretch my legs though and I am not even tall.
        I went on vacation for 2 weeks, and my dvr quit working and did not tape a single episode, then hubby went out of town and we watch it together. I am almost caught up. Only 1 more to go. It was so hard to not come here and read and I did a lil bit but not too much lol.

      • Grace us with your presence often, bratty. It must be nice to share BB with hubby. Mine will have nothing to do with it. See you soon. : )

    • Since Corey will be holed up in the HN room with Paulie it might be good for Corey’s game if Paulie grows to trust him after spending more time together.
      As you know I’m a Nicole fan so anything that helps Corey helps her.

      • What would help Nicole’s game the most would be Corey’s eviction. That’s jmo.

      • After watching BBAD last night I have to agree with you about Corey.
        He was actually wanting Nicole to go up as a pawn cause paulie asked him too. If Corey is going to be more loyal to paulie than N. it would be best for him to go soon. Plus, I don’t want to see C. stab her in the back if and when that becomes necessary.

      • And he would choose the guys over Nicole. He’s in for a rude awakening when he realizes that he has become expendable to the guys.

      • paul paulie andfvictor in the hoh chatting last 40minute rights now and ive finally got feeds here to

      • Corey is not playing a very smart game at all. Last night Nicole was trying to tell him you NEVER volunteer to go on the block and how could she know that she wasn’t the secret target after all.
        Corey just shook his head and said ‘Nicole’ like she was an idiot. If he’s not going to try to learn how to play the game at all it’s best he leave early.
        I have a very bad feeling Nicole is going on the block and Day will be getting rid of her although I hope I’m wrong.

      • Natalie has been # 1 at the Jokers poll for awhile. I don’t get it – what has she done?

      • She’s likable and all but not that interesting so far. Who knows? She might turn out to be a beast if necessary.

      • It,s because crybaby Nichole is a jealous little bitch and thinks shes so damn special that she should not ever be put on the block,she acts worse than my 5 yr old grand daughter.

      • Sorry that’s the last thing Nicole is. And guess what nobody wants to be put on the block. They’d be stupid if they did. And all Natalie does is flirt with all the guys and whine to Jamesieeeeeeeee

      • Not so true anymore. Once she and James had their day 34 tiff and made it BB official, Nat hasn’t been flirting at all.

        Oh and her “whining” to Jamesie is pretty cute.

      • She’s not done anything. Hgs want someone to take the fall for them and when she declines, they get pissy. They don’t want to do what they’re wanting her to. It’s bullying tactics that I think are childish and mean…there’s more of them than her too.

      • Pretty much kept James from playing the game! Probably because she is likable and not a mean girl like Z, Da, and Michelle, and not wishy washy like Nic..

      • I need to get over to JOkers and see what’s happening. I’d rather see paulie go up than Nicole. I think Day would manage to somehow get rid of Nicole if she’s on the block. I do hope Nicole can strike Day before Day gets to her.

      • That’s what I’m hoping. I was watching the feeds for a little while today and Day cannot have one conversation without bringing up Nicole. She’s obsessed with her. She was talking to James and Natalie saying why doesn’t Paul just put Nicole up. What’s he afraid of I don’t get it. Oh I can’t stand her.

      • That’s how I understood it from reading Jokers updates and I’m furious that no one is telling Nicole what Day is doing. Day has even turned paulie against N. Suddenly little mousey Nicole is now a horrible threat to everyone’s game!
        I’ve noticed that people aren’t listening as much to Day now so maybe she’s lost a lot of credibility with all her lying.
        Thankfully now that Frank is gone she can’t be crying wolf over their supposed alliance.
        Meanwhile Nicole is blithely unaware of what Day is doing.

      • I couldent imagine the house without N but with D
        EEWWW miserable D running her mouth forever while N is in the vacation home Nah

      • Paulie and Corey told Nicole last night that Day was wanting her on the block big time. That she was gunning for Nicole. Nicole said okay Day game on. She didn’t say it to Day she was saying that to Corey.

      • She did the same thing when she wanted Tiff out, and Frank. Nicole is her target of the week. She now wants showmances out and is good friends with Z, and with James so Nic is, in her mind, her logical target

      • AFTER saying that later on SHE volunteers to o OTB as a pawn?? Not a smart move for a vet!

      • To be honest, if Nicole did wind up on the block after volunteering I don’t think I would’ve been able to watch her slow demise and eviction due to Day.

      • I didn’t get that watching the feeds. They were talking about it and at first he said he didn’t want to be a pawn. Then he told her ok I’ll go up. Then Nicole said no I don’t want you to do that.

      • Paulie had told Corey to ask Nicole about being a pawn which Corey promptly did. Nicole quickly squashed that idea. At one point Corey did say ok, I’ll be the pawn but I think he changed his mind.
        From watching the feeds do you think Corey is more loyal to Paulie and the guys or to Nicole? That’s what I’m wondering about because I don’t want to see Nicole’s feelings hurt.

      • I really think he’s loyal to Nicole. He tells her everything. But I think he wants to stay good with the guys. I could be totally wrong but it’s just what I see watching the feeds. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. But I’m with you I hope she doesn’t get hurt.

      • I want him to be loyal to Nicole but it seems like he’s making alliances with the other guys and not telling her about them. So now I don’t know what to think of him. I don’t have the feeds either so I’m missing something.
        I want him to stay in good with the guys too but Paulie is now wanting Nicole out after Day so Corey will have to make a choice.

      • He doesn’t tell her stuff right away, but eventually he does just that. He’s sketchy and Nicole tries to reign him in telling him how he’s supposed to play BB.

      • That’s when we’ll see. I think if Paulie tries to go after Nicole then Corey will try to talk him out of it. I’d like to see Corey and Nicole win back to back HOH’s. It’s time for Corey to step up.

      • I think so too. But the only good thing about Corey is they trust each other. I really believe he will protect her. Just like he told her he would go up as a pawn instead of her.

      • I don’t see the gay side of Corey that a few posters seem to, but I don’t have feeds.

      • I’m a Nicole fan too. But she needs to wake up before she throws her game away. I’m hoping she gets the one for safety or co-HOH.

      • I had to stop watching BBAD last night after Corey tried to coax her into going on the block. What an idiot! I can’t wait to hear the nominations to see if she is safe. Paul doesn’t seem to like her for some reason I’m not aware of.
        Good thing everyone is mad at Nat for winning the box this week and they’re talking about putting her on the block.

      • It’s not Nat’s fault she won the box. Why waste an HOH on a weak player?

      • No but they don’t have to vote all of them out so early. It would be refreshing to see a know it all like Paulie or Paul be voted out to average things out a bit.

      • Yeah, a lot of weak players usually make it to the end but I would like to see an exciting end game.

      • Hey! That’s not a good thing:)

        But yeah I agree re Corey pushing Nic to nom herself. I’ve wondered where his true allegiance lies, with Nic or with Paulie. This incident probably points more to him being a BB noob than an indicator of his allegiance or lack of to either one of them.

      • True, Corey does seem to be out of his depth this season. Too bad Paulie wants Nicole out so he can totally control Corey.
        It will be fun to see what Corey does when Paulie starts going after Nicole. So much for a couples alliance.

      • Exactly. Paulie has made repeated comments about “clipping” the girls (mainly Nic, Nat and Z). These are the ones that he feels he doesn’t 100% control. It really will be interesting when their better halves get wind of his desire to get them up and out.

        He’s also now on board to hold onto Bridge after he found out the Frank told her to trust Paulie on his way out.

        Come on HGs, take a closer look at his guy. He’s playing all sides and he’s not good enough to make it work this well.

      • Paul tried to stand up to Paulie about wanting Bridgette out but in the end he caved. Those 2 were crowing about how they would in the final 2 together and they were able to manipulate everybody. Power has quickly gone to their heads. I wonder what would happen if Paulie was evicted…who would be the next one to take control. Probably Paul or Victor UGH!

      • Yeah I was stoked to see Paul putting his foot down against Paulie last night. Didn’t last long though…

    • I agree. Production should at least let him sleep on the floor. I think that is totally wrong. Everyone else are a lot shorter.

    • Please. That’s the worst thing Corey has ever gone through his entire life. He is not someone who has ever struggled.

  2. I gave all of my Never Have Not votes to Corey..being 6’5..he just cannot handle sleeping in those bumper cars.

  3. I kind of like this idea, but I don’t think it should be limited to a houseguest only getting to win it once. I think back to the season with Donnie, and how I wish the viewers could have helped him out. What I really would like to see is adding a couple weeks of the viewers getting to nominate who is up for eviction. Or maybe the viewers also get to vote to say who gets evicted in addition to the houseguests’ votes. That would really shake up the game. Especially when the fall into the boring routine of everyone going along with what the majority wants.

    • Viewer votes are nothing but a popularity contest. To me, the only one that even remotely makes sense is AFP. Voting for a choice of extra food for the HNs isn’t too bad. Everything else has sucked franking franked franks.

  4. I don’t really want any of them to have any of these…heh…
    …but…I do hope Corey gets week one’s care package bcuz not being able to sleep in BB must be especially agonizing.

    I personally would only vote for Day, Bridgett, Natalie……..I think that’s it. Only because I don’t want the others w/ this power. Their choices with it would be too obvious. I hope I can start to like James again. I probably won’t vote but I hope everyone’s choices are interesting.

  5. I want an America package of locking a HG in the Paris room for 48 to 72 hours. Then they will be interrupted from game talk before the vote. That would be great.

    • I don’t want Nicole to get it. I want her to get something better later in the game that could help her. Same for Paulie. I did vote some for Natalie, her and Bridget can have this 1

    • No way. I’m hoping Day goes this week and gets nothing but a ride to jury.

  6. I think Paulie should get #1 because I don’t want him winning any of the good stuff later on. I think James or Natalie should get #2 because they’ll both use it strategically. If James doesn’t get the second one I hope he gets #3 so he’ll be safe for the week. I hope Da gets #4 because I honestly think she can stir the house a bit with her one nomination. And I hope Victor gets #5 because he seems like he would have fun with that challenge and the 5k is a perk also. These are my choices that I will be choosing. :)

  7. I hope everybody voted for Bridgette, if only to see the other houseguests faces when they find out America chose to give it to her (assuming they reveal the outcome to them)

  8. I’d give #1 to either Natalie or Paulie. To lose the rest would hurt way worse than losing #1. I’d love to see James or Da’Vonne with #2.

  9. I’d like for Corey to have won this one for his back if nothing else (sleeping in those bumper cars). But Da would have said, “See! See! He got to go!”

    Cruel: Nat never has to sleep in bumper cars again but if James is made a HN next week. Cruel for him but not her. I read that she told him he could distance himself from her if he wants to…. She might rethink that if she thinks “America” gave that to her b/c we like her because of James. Sounded last night like she was getting salty.

    I think she should have kept that edge.

    • After hearing Nat suggest that James should be more social with the other HG’s and distance himself from her I couldn’t help but wonder if the whole James thing is real for her. Sounds like she’s tired of him hanging on to her all the time. Maybe James would play a better game if Nat was gone.
      I agree with Nat, James needs to get busy now that they’re aware of their bottom position in the house.

      • yuip but i would still hate get boxbercause you go the block out the door

      • I for one am tired of the house voting as one. Maybe all of us should vote on the same person to receive Care Package each week. When everything is over the houseguests that did not receive anything may realize how “liked” they are by America.

      • It’s funny how this Care Package has turned more into a penance that an award :D
        Good idea about everyone voting together.

      • I agree. That is the way it sounded to me, as well. She sounds aggravated and not wanting to be around him, the way he wants to be with her. They still have a good ways to do in the house. Not as many hiding places with the hg count dwindling down, slowly but surely and with a DE coming up soon.

        I think she will love getting this care package because they do not have our perspective that it has something to do with popularity and something to do with strategy.
        I think she will perk up thinking ok, I’m loved and being with former AFP James is working. So that may sweeten up her salty attitude from last night. Besides, it sounds like she won’t be the pawn after all. Besides, she made Jury and that was what she wanted, from what she said.

        I don’t think Frank ever did anything to her but she was awfully giddy about voting him out last night and on the couch, she kept adjusting her hair, same as when the camera was on them during the rave challenge she hosted while Paul & Victor were rocking out. She is so aware of the cameras but she has to really get into the game.

        I think she could do great in the game if she had been focusing on it. She can befriend people and she’s no dummy, I don’t think, and doesn’t seem to make anyone mad except for her showmance (Paulie).

      • IF Natalie is faking her deep friendship with James it would be horrible to be stuck in a house with him all day and night. I don’t think I could keep up such an act as long as she has but maybe she’s a natural born actress.
        But she’s right – James needs to stop being so indolent and start spying or something and I’d be aggravated if he was acting so unmotivated too.
        I don’t think Nat has much knowledge of the BB game when she entered the house and it was a good idea for her to team up with a vet. I don’t dislike her so if she suddenly became a comp beast or something I would find her more interesting to watch.

      • I think she could do well in comps and social game if she applied herself. She said she just wanted to get to Jury and now she is at that level. We will see if she is ready to go.

        If she was embarrassed that Vic dumped her on tv, seems like she’d hate to be evicted, too. Especially if it means she doesn’t get the tv time each week like she would cuddling with James in the game.

        I agree that teaming up with a vet is good to glean information from (despite the newbs wanting the vets to go first) but I think she also went over to James, at least initially, because she knew he was the former AFP. I think that helped. Doesn’t do you any good to drive a beamer in the house but a former winner/vet – same thing. Ha ha.

        James should be better than this. He was cautious of her in the beginning but now he is gaga over her, it seems, and he’s got a game to win. Call her in September! Play the game, James – or get gamed. Golly whiz!!!!

      • It’s sad about James. Does he really think Nat would want to marry someone in a low wage job and live in Texas for the rest of her life? I do think she’s aiming higher than that. James is going to wind up hurt again.
        At one time I thought Nat and Bronte were just pretending to not want to win the game and only wanted to make the jury so they wouldn’t threaten anybody.

      • From her pre-season interview on enstarz:
        “I’m super-girly and athletic, and will fake everyone out with my kindness,” she says in her bio.
        “I’ll act very innocent, stay low-key for the first week, and won’t win
        the first challenge. Then, I will start showing I’m a powerful force
        not to be messed with. I will have an alliance with only three women
        because women suck at this game and I was an NFL cheerleader for the New
        York Jets and know how to deal with large groups of women.”

        So it was not random that she chose 2 other Spy Girls. Well, she had a strategy anyway.

  10. Next week is BIG! Stopping 2 votes – but no secrets so let’s see about that!

  11. I hope Bright te wins the care package next week. Her being safe for 2 weeks would really flip the game

  12. This is good Hg’s know America is voting who deserves the package. Make them realized how the viewers are reacting to their game play.

      • Well, at least she’ll know it right away how America feels about her. She’s not gonna be booed like her mother she her mother? I thought I read something about it here.

      • Having trouble finding it but I thought I read that Meech is Xtine’s niece???

        While looking for that though, I came across her pre-season interviews saying that she planned to play like Ian Terry….that gossip has gotten her in trouble in real life in the past so she will have to watch that in BB….that she will be nice to everyone (in her defence, she did not say “all the time” ha!) and act like the game means nothing to her and even act weak if it will help her or get in a showmance if it will further her game.

      • Didn’t you read it on Christine twitter page? I don’t do twitter so I can’t look.

      • Christine Brecht
        Jul 18
        Oh btw, Michelle is indeed my cousin and I told her if Nicole is playing she better make sure to get her out.

      • OChristine Brecht ‏@stinestinks Jul 18
        Oh btw, Michelle is indeed my cousin and I told her if Nicole is playing she better make sure to get her out

      • I read it online so I wouldn’t call that a real confirmation. I was trying to find the source and the exact info but have not yet found it again.
        I’ll keep looking. Didn’t care before and don’t really now but now I’m curious! BRB

        I THINK I read she was her niece – somehow related so I’m not real sure but I think I read Xtine = Meech’s aunt. Let me check.

      • Twitter

        Christine Brecht
        Jul 18
        Oh btw, Michelle is indeed my cousin and I told her if Nicole is playing she better make sure to get her out.

      • Patti Houston confirmed it below from Christine’s Twitter account, only it’s cousins! Lol
        Yes – related
        No – not auntie/niece but instead are cousins :)

      • Thanks BBB. Guess it goes to show how little CBS values Xristine that they didn’t push this info at all. Guess they really do listen to us fans…hehe.

  13. Figures the one that does nothing except kick her leg up gets never have not pass. Well now she can go on the block. She was crying last night about being a have not on the block.

  14. Paulie is such a jerk..he tells Michelle that he calls Natalie “FT,” for “Fake Titties,” and tells James that he needs to humble “his girl,” he doesn’t like her acting all sassy since she won the care package. I would slug him right in the mouth! I can’t stand guys like that..someone shows their personality on the inside..I bet he is the same way on the outside.

    • Really? I didn’t have him pegged for a misogynistic jackwagon. Time for him to go.

    • Natalie showed her true colors too. She is arrogant and nasty. Like when she said I dont need you, I can get any guy I want. You are nothing.

      • Isn’t that what she said to Victor in her good bye speech?
        Victor is still furious over that and can’t wait to see her leave.

      • Too bad Nat didn’t know about the buy back or she might not have said such things to Victor.

      • ya i know watchout what say on the way out the door let what vcictor says when nat goes the doorr!

      • She said it to Victor while he was still in the house. And to everybody else in the house too. She’s a really nasty person. Very fake.

      • Wow! First I heard about this – I don’t recall hearing about this at Jokers either.

      • I remember her saying she could get any guy she wants…explaining why she didn’t care about Victor but that she was embarrassed to be dumped on tv. She sure did.

      • Not quite accurate. Nat didn’t say this in her good bye message and it was not in front of the whole house. She said it once in the backyard to just a couple people when having a more or less private conversation. She also apologized for coming off so arrogant. If I remember it right, she was talking about her and Vic’s short fling, got emotional and lashed out at him. Big deal, most have done much worse in this house.

    • Didn’t someone say that he had a problem with her before because she dated one of his friends or something?

      1st James got salty over the talk about using her as a pawn,
      Now she gets a care pkg, even if it was strategic,
      Paulie not digging it. He was ready to “clip her” but now he’s wounded.

  15. now bri and paulie chatting andbri agree withpaulie not going up the block

  16. These people are despicable. I voted for Natalie to win the care package because she’s the most genuine. Of course, after she wins, the rest of the house is now saying the meanest things and justifying why they didn’t win. Ugh. Hard to root for anyone in there.

  17. Uh oh, are those catty mean girls all super jealous and ready to turn their hatred on Natalie now? Is Michelle accusing her of stealing America’s heart the way Bridgette stole Frank’s?

  18. America is blinded by lust. Natalie is fake. Everything about her is fake. Including her chest.

  19. After many back and forths Paul wants to stick to the plan Paulie and Bridgette.12:45pm James and Natalie
    James says that Nicole is trying to get Natalie on teh block.
    James – just be careful
    Natalie – She’s calling me a pawn..

    James – just because you go on the block it’s not the end of the world.
    James – hang in there kid
    Natalie – thanks…
    James- you’re welcome..
    James leaves..12:48pm
    Victor leaves.. Paul complains that Victor is lingering around..
    Paul – PP talk
    They agree they want to keep Victor deeper in the game let someone on the other sides take him out. Paul is admat a Strong female has to leave this week
    Paul – once Da and Bridgette are gone.. never cared.
    Paulie says once Da and Nicole are gone the only girl they are threatened by is Michelle.
    THey agree Victor can go after Nicole.
    Paul says once Da and Bridgette are gone they need to start letting some of the girls win to “Clip” the guys. he doesn’t know how that will play out “it’s sketchy”
    Paul – I love Corey I really do.. I feel James stick to his guns more than Corey

    Victor joins them..
    Paulie saying if he wins the next HOH he’ll put up 2 strong girls.
    Victor Is getting pissed that Natalie told everyone he disrespected women.. Victor wants to put Nicole and Natalie
    Paul – that’s a big move.1:12pm Da, James and Natalie London room

    • James also told Natalie she might want take the (Nicole wanting Natalie on the block) comment with a grain of salt because it came from Paulie…So James is on guard to Paulie and what he might pulling in the way of backstabs..

      • I said or Z and you said Z would win one because she had a lot of fans in the black community. But I guess you deleted that comment.

      • Yes I’m not really concered with Z at all. I don’t really care about her. I’m neutral on Z. I dont like or dislike her. But she is loved by the black commuity. I barely notice Z’s even there half the time. And Z doesn’t say nasty things all the time. It’s Michelle I don’t like. I would be willing to accept whomever gets one. Even Paulie, whom I don’t care for. Just not Michelle.

      • Z says nasty things about every one in the house. And she is NASTY. Changed her maxi pad in the storage room in front of others including James. Then without washing her hands started eating chips and dip.

  20. they should have let house guest decide who thecare package sure would shakin thing up!

    • She’s been voted #1 on Jokers for a few days now so she has a lot of fans there. I haven’t seen many Nat fans here though so I’m surprised as well.

      • On Twitter, she has people who love “Jatalie” and people who are vocal that she is only using him – a lot of people in both of those camps.

        I’m not a fan but if she starts playing her own game, I might be. My eyes roll in the back of my head whenever I hear some newb say: “I just want to make jury!” Gaw! 1st person who says, “Jury” should have to clean the jury house!!!!! Lol.

        Nothing against her personally but I want to see game.
        Don’t get salty and cry when they come for you. “Who’s next?” is right.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Natalie and Nicole team up so I don’t understand why those 2 dislike each other.
        James has said he needs to improve his status in the group since he realized he’s on the bottom so I’m hoping he’ll reach out to Corey and Nicole.

      • Definitely paints a target on your back or gives someone an excuse to target you anyway.

      • Natalie has a lot of fans on twitter, tumblr, and instagram. As far as fans go, she outnumbers all of other HGs. But I dont depend on that when it comes to voting on the CBS website Since that requires you to make an account in order to vote. And I dont know if most people want to go through all that trouble.

      • this isnt bout fans ok!if you get box you go on therblock out the door!

  21. These care packages can be a catch22. Yes, they are helpful to the HG for a moment, but ultimately it lets those on the inside know who viewers see as a favorite and that lets them know who NOT to take to the final.

  22. 1:20pm Paulie and BridgettePaulie tells her she’s going up with him, explains to her the plan is to get someone else out. Bridgette and Paulie agree they want Da’Vonne out.Bridgette figured she’d go up as a pawn because she used him as a pawn.1:55pm Paulie tells Bridgette he’s 100% positive things will go their way this week.Bridgette says she trusts Paulie side more than the Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, Nciole side.Bridgette – I feel like those girls are tighter than I give them credit for.Paulie – if that is the case Zakiyah would be a really good actress.Bridgette says Michelle Nicole and Zakiyah are really close.Paulie says Da’Vonne is looking after herself, “She has a kids.. I respect it I would do the same thing…”
    Paulie – “People were upset by Natalie’s reaction.. she gets sassy.. there’s a certain air of confidence”Bridgette says Natalie doesn’t play the game.. points out that Natalie never played the game for a whole week when she was nominated.Paulie – James can only protect her for so long.. nobody wants to keep her around unless it’s for strategy.. for me I want to clip that strategy.

  23. I’m back to disliking Paul. Hated him (the player, not the person) in the beginning. He sobered up and pivoted well and was humorous at times so I came around.

    Now he is back to foolishness so he can leave.

  24. I hope Da’vonne wins one of those, especially choosing to eliminate two votes.

    • She had the last laugh last season, and wasted it on Jeff, Jackie, and Becky. Probably one of the dumbest moves ever.

  25. Depends on what transpires this weekend but pondering who I’ll vote for to have the say so in front of the house, mind you, to prevent 2 HGs from voting this next week. Hmm. Natalie is out, having won this week.

    99% sure who I don’t want to get it:

    Might be interesting to put them on front street (have to pick 2 in front of the house to show their cards/agenda):
    Z baby

  26. I am so glad Natalie won. I really like her and think she’s really sweet on the show. I love the fact she is nice to everyone and does not inflict drama. I think America really does like her! Maybe she will win America’s favourite house guest!

    • If america’s favorite house guest voted on twitter, she would win in a landslide. But you have to go on the cbs website, and create an account to vote. And I dont know how many twitter/tumblr/instagram fans will go through all that trouble just to vote.

    • I voted for her so that some other HGs might get a clue that the votes did not go to them (like, your boy) who think they have America wrapped around their little fingers. Maybe they will ease up on Gnat … she is the least annoying IMO.

      • ya but atthe sametime she going home what she said in her good bye speech to victor~

    • It’s probably a good thing that she won the first one too. Nat was likely to win one of these (she’s a favorite for many) and if it was one of the more valuable packages she’d end up with an even larger target on her back. This one will keep her off the have-not (which she had a tough time with).

  27. My, oh my. How does it feel, Victor? Being called out by someone on national television? Not so great? On Thursday’s live eviction episode of Big Brother, Natalie called Victor out for his sexist comments while in the house, and basically it was everything that needed to happen. If you don’t remember, Victor made some pretty absurd comments during his short-lived Big Brother life. But, Natalie didn’t take those comments lying down. Instead, she used her goodbye message to Victor as the perfect platform to suggest a better treatment of women, and was seriously awesome.On a previous episode, Victor was seen criticizing her makeup, clothing, and even what she ate. A.k.a., it was not cool. Twitter took notice, too, that his comments weren’t OK. Natalie increasingly became upset about Victor’s attitude toward her, saying that the now evicted houseguest has an opinion on everything. Well, now was Natalie’s time to give her opinion on Victor, and hopefully he takes some tips from it. While it was brief, the words that Natalie spoke were poignant and powerful, and certainly things that Victor will be reminded of as he exits the house (even if he potentially returns). As a reminder, here is that epic goodbye message.Fans on Twitter applauded Natalie for her short, but oh so powerful goodbye, noting that she not only stood up for women, but also put Victor in his place.

  28. If Paul had half a brain, he’d put Brig and Paulie OTB with everyone thinking Da was the BD target. But get with Da, James and Nat to vote Paulie out. Victor will do anything Paul says so that’s 4 votes with Paul the tie breaker. Now is the time to cut off the head of the snake. If Paulie wins POV then put up Corey who is useless except as a vote for Paulie.

  29. On a previous episode, Victor was seen criticizing her makeup, clothing, and even what she ate. A.k.a., it was not cool. Twitter took notice, too, that his comments weren’t OK. Natalie increasingly became upset about Victor’s attitude toward her, saying that the now evicted houseguest has an opinion on everything. Well, now was Natalie’s time to give her opinion on Victor, and hopefully he takes some tips from it. While it was brief, the words that Natalie spoke were poignant and powerful, and certainly things that Victor will be reminded of as he exits the house (even if he potentially returns). As a reminder, here is that epic goodbye message.

  30. Since we still haven’t gotten a segment on the show about this, I decided to make a masterpost of all the ways Bridgette has been mocked, ignored, bullied, belittled, harassed, and generally treated badly by others in the house, especially the “mean girls” group.
    Please understand that I’m not saying every single thing listed here is a big, earth-shattering event; some of it’s perfectly normal trash talk in the BB house. I just wanted to paint a clear picture of how bad and how frequent it’s gotten, and I also wanted to prove that, no, it isn’t an isolated incident or a single person. Pretty much the whole house has ganged up on Bridgette, and they’ve been doing it for weeks, and they’re very proud of themselves because of it.Credit for clips and timestamps goes to the live feed crew, including /u/Dardove, /u/bspoots, /u/codeverity, and /u/Xenshanni. Thanks for the receipts, guys.

    • The Eyebrow Drama
      As far as I can tell, the whole thing started when Bridgette made a joke about shaving off Tiffany’s eyebrow before resuscitating her. This information spread through the girls, except it was reported that Bridgette wanted to shave off Michelle’s eyebrows, possibly because Michelle passed out during the first Roadkill comp and thought the resuscitation thing applied to her. At any rate, Michelle has hated Bridgette ever since, and she’s constantly complaining about the eyebrow comment – how it went too far, how it was an unacceptable joke for Bridgette to make as a nurse, etc. She’s also jealous about Frank cozying up to Bridgette and not her. Frank tried many times to make peace between his teammates but failed.6/27 12:18 am – The original comment, plus a transcript since everyone was talking at once.6/27 12:40 am – Zakiyah tells Day about it, falsely attributing it to Bridgette.6/27 1:01 am – Michelle hopes Bridgette loses her job. Then she tells the live feeders to make sure Bridgette “never works in a nursing place again.”
      7/7 9:01 pm – Frank tells Michelle that Bridgette has noticed the way she’s being ignored. Michelle says “Well, I have a reason. Maybe if she apologizes about wanting to shave my eyebrows…”
      7/17 7:33 pm Frank asks Michelle to be nicer to Bridgette. Michelle says no.7/13 12:05 pm – Michelle tells Natalie about the eyebrow comment, but she’s “over it.”
      7/15 10:34 pm – Michelle admits to Frank she’s jealous that he took Bridgette under his wing and not her.
      7/27 6:00 pm – Michelle talks about Frank trying to get her to let go of the eyebrow thing. He brought up the fact that Paul said he wished Michelle would die. Day, Zakiyah, and Michelle discuss it and decide that shaved eyebrows are a worse thing to wish on someone.

      • Baking Problems
        Bridgette loves to bake; it’s one of her major hobbies in the house. The girls use it as a reason to complain about her, and they frequently throw away her cookies and then brag to each other about it.
        7/13 8:10 pm – Zakiyah says she put Bridgette’s cookies in the garbage. Michelle asks if Bridgette said anything about it, but Zakiyah and Day scoff. “She isn’t going to.”
        7/16 12:40 pm – Zakiyah calls Bridgette a dumb bitch and a stupid ho. Then she says “I’m not a mean girl.” Michelle gets up, grabs Bridgette’s cookies, and throws them away. Zakiyah laughs.7/18 2:22 am – Zakiyah talks to Nicole, Corey, and Michelle about throwing away more cookies. She took two and threw away ten. Nicole suggests the show will have a montage of all the times she’s trashed Bridgette’s cookies; Zakiyah wonders if America will hate it, but Michelle thinks we’ll find it funny. Zakiyah also calls Bridgette a “psycho ass bitch” and hopes she takes out her other ankle.7/18 11:53 pm – Group complaining about Bridgette’s baking as they watch her on the HOH cam. Zakiyah says there were sugar cookies in the microwave that she threw out.
        7/27 – Paulie tries to give a cookie to Paul, but Zakiyah takes it from his hand and tosses it in the trash.

      • The Birthday Fiasco
        July 11 was Zakiyah’s birthday. She had two celebrations over two nights, not including the Outback Steakhouse dinner that Bridgette invited her to specifically because it was her birthday. Then she started talking about throwing yet another party for her stuffed giraffe, Rafe.
        July 15 was Bridgette’s birthday. She told everyone she didn’t want a fuss, so when cake mix appeared in the storage room for her, she joked that maybe production sent it for the giraffe. Zakiyah heard about this and decided to really throw a party for Rafe – complete with Bridgette’s cake mix – just to make Bridgette feel bad. When Bridgette later confronted the girls, they spun the story that production gave them the cake mix for the giraffe and not her.
        7/17 – Zakiyah brags to Day about her bright idea. “It’s gonna be the best birthday that she didn’t get.”
        7/18 12:33 am – Zakiyah tells Michelle about the cake mix, including how she shrugged when Frank said it was meant for Bridgette’s birthday:
        Zakiyah: He was like, well, no one made Bridgette a cake.Michelle: (fake voice) Oops!Zakiyah: I said, well, someone made me a cake!
        7/18 12:53am – Zakiyah tells the giraffe story again, this time with added insult for Bridgette: “And the little tramp said…” She also confirms that it’s Bridgette’s cake mix but she’s going to use it anyway. Paulie says Tiffany called them mean girls, and Zakiyah replies, “I’ll be that for you.”7/18 – Bridgette tells Frank that no one cares about her birthday.7/25 6:44 am – Bridgette describing the day of the party, how Michelle made sure she knew it wasn’t a party for her, how “Rafe” was spelled in huge letters across the cake, etc.7/28 – CBS includes Rafe’s birthday party in their live feed highlights narrated by Jeff Schroeder. Because it was a super fun event.

      • I can’t stand Z or Michelle…they are truly nasty, vile human beings…yet they cry if they think someone doesn’t like them. I hope Bridgette wins the whole thing!

    • Mickey, it’s war in da hawse and if she Survives, I’d pick her to win because she endured alot.

  31. Who is this guy Mickey who comes up with mile long paragraphs without whole sentences within seconds and juts in and out everywhere above and below … reminds me of Paul. ????

  32. it tells when the voting begins, but not when it ends and what day the HG will get it. Will it be before or after eviction?

  33. I don’t know if I really like these care packages! I mean I guess it’s good because we get to choose but once again it’s not letting them play a fair game. I mean I know the games not fair! But what I mean is they play this game and make alliances and make plans and some of them get in a really good position which is important in the game, obviously LOL but then it really doesn’t matter in the end!! you know what I mean?

    it’s just like HOH competition’s that are all by chance! I hate those competitions! There should be no chance competitions. Just by fluke you get a higher number, and end up as HOH or the veto holder. I just don’t like it.

  34. I wouldn’t give my vote to Day. I can’t wait to see her packing. She is annoying as he’ll and a snake among the houseguests.

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