The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 5

Big Brother 18 Week 5 has come and gone but it left a lot of things — good and bad — for us to talk about. So let’s not waste any time getting to this week’s Ewws and Awws.


The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 19 Week 5

Ahh. Victor Wins The Battle Back Competition. Victor isn’t the most popular HG or anything, but he earned that chance to re-enter the house. He fought hard and beat Jozea, Bronte and Tiffany. And he re-entered at a perfect time when there are much bigger targets than himself. Well-done, Vic.


Eww. Endurance Competition Not On The Live Feeds. We’ve been begging for a true endurance competition for the past several seasons and last week we got one. But we didn’t get to watch it play out! And it lasted just around six hours! The HGs actually played until the sun came up. Of course it was no BB6 Pressure Cooker or BB8 Final HOH endurance, but it was an important HOH and it would have been nice to watch.

Ahh. Da’Vonne Almost Wins HOH. They say almost only counts in hand grenades and horse shoes, but I’m going to give Day some credit here for almost winning her first-ever Big Brother competition.


Eww. James Wins HOH and Nominates Frank and Bridgette. This is an eww for a couple of reasons. 1. James won an endurance compassion. That’s what he does. No surprise there. 2. James went back on his promise to Bridgette and nominated her. Sure you can “bounce checks in the Big Brother house” but have some integrity at least some of the time. And how predictable a week that was. Who cares what the house wants.

Ahh. Frank Doesn’t Give Up. Frank fought hard all week long to stay in the game. He might have lost veto, but he didn’t lose his nerve. He tried over and over again to shift the target in case veto was used, and when that failed, he tried to stay over Bridgette, all while respecting their relationship. He never threw her under the bus, he just simply tried to get votes to stay.

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      • It is just a poster that had clue as to where and how to get to the secret room.

      • Paris was the secret code they had to put into the phone. Here is the code if you don’t understand it P=7 A=2 R=7 I=4 S=7. thew code to put in the phone was 72747 which = PARIS.

      • That has nothing to do with this season what so ever but I like your style. Explain to me then what you will say when you find out that when all is said and done that DAY DIDN’T win a trip to where you said she won. Now someone else posted that if the round trip ticket isn’t used on a evictee, then they might I repeat MIGHT use that for something else but no guarantee that it will happen.

      • The winning ticket is whoever took #8 ,there’s a poster in the bb house saying ‘Ocho Rios for winning destination’ in plain sight so I don’t get how the hamsters didn’t notice that.retty sure that Da’Vonne got the Round Trip ticket. Here’s why…
        There has to be a clue in the house somewhere as to which ticket is the right ticket to choose. No way it’s 100% random. The poster in the bathroom says Ocho Rios. Obviously, that’s a place in Jamaica. But why “Ocho Rios” unless it were relevant? Why not have a poster say “Visit the Great Wall” or “Visit the Seven Natural Wonders of the World” or “Visit Cinque (5) Terre”? They chose Ocho Rios for a reason.
        Also last year, the magic toll booth # was 7. Day answered 7th and got the reward. This year it would make sense for it to be envelope #8, since last year was 7.
        And who got envelope #8? Da’Vonne. She told Michelle she got #8 near the hottube earlier tonight.
        So Day probably has the round-trip ticket. What do y’all think? Nothing else in the house seems to make reference to a number besides that poster in the bathroom!

      • Look at his picture and click on it he says “hell ya i love to trash talk on here” that makes him a troll

      • The whole house has themes from around the globe. Did you notice the Effiel Tower in the poster from Tokyo?

      • yup one evelope secret trip in it did read my post on lst page if not read it

      • The trip is for the evictee to go back into the game. Not to some exotic island to enjoy.

      • Read my last post. The secret trip was for the person who got evicted to go back into the game. How hard is that to understand.

      • I was gonna say talking to this one is like talking to a brick wall but nothing upstairs was better LOL

      • I was gonna say talking to this one was like talking to a brick wall but the nothing upstairs was better

      • Hello, first let me begin by saying that I’m a “newbie” & this is my very 1st BB post (I’ve been watching the show, but just recently began exploring & reading online posts). “Mouse” no disrespect, but, IMHO, from where I stand/sit, (& for all the seasoned, veteran feedsters, posters, correspondents, etc., pls correct me if I’m missing something) ~ there is ONLY ONE (1) round trip (rt) ticket & ONLY THAT ONE TICKET, allows the evicted houseguest, who is in possession of said envelope, to immediately re-enter the BB house & have a 2nd opportunity to compete for the $500K prize. All other envelopes hold a ONE WAY trip HOME. I’ve not, as of yet, heard Julie mention that there’s any other destination other than BB house re-entry or home (or upcoming, to jury house). Am I missing anything? Mouse, you don’t appear to be alone in that train of thought, as the HG’s were speculating “where” this trip(s) would take them, majority believing it’s a trip to Paris, Italy, etc., while I’ve heard BB House. Do they think the (1) way tix are for Paris, et al? That would mean that they are responsible for getting back to the U.S. This season is certainly different than previous seasons. Thanks for listening/reading/clarifying. ?

  1. I agree. Paulie is not playing a good game, but yet these idiots are following his lead. I guess that they may be followers in their real life and need someone to tell them what to do all the time. I think Paul may be the only one who has the guts to do his own thing, even though he has followed Paulie like a puppy.

    • He just needs to put up who he wants and to hell with Paulie. I knew he wasn’t going to put Victor or DAY. Even if whoever is on the block wins VETO, he still will not put up DAY. That will seal his fate sooner when that happen’s.

      • Paul can tell Da’vonne that Paulie wants her out and whomever else. This will keep her on his side and they can even work together to get the rest of the HG out. The only one that will get mad will be Paulie and hopefully he will be the pawn since he volunteered.

      • I believe Paul already told DAY that she was suggested to go up but he was no way going to put her up. I didn’t quite get to or understand if he told her who said it because we all know DAY will want answer’s.

    • I think your personal feelings of Paulie are getting in the way of your judgement about his game. He’s played a very good game up to this point. Who’s targeting him? Who wants him out? I’ve yet to hear anyone on the feeds or in their DR’s say that they want Paulie to get evicted.

      So yeah he’s been at the forefront of a lot of the decisions made in the house, but no one is coming after him. Not too bad if you ask me.

  2. Paulie thinks he has this under control but if you watch closely since last night, there is sign’s his leadership is cracking. Some are already thinking it but haven’t said it. What I don’t get is that Nicole of all people should see his game play as Derrick’s and why she hasn’t (other than the obvious) is beyond me. Paulie’s last name alone should have thrown a doubt in her mind about him.

    • Just as James should be having deja vu about Paulie’s controlling the house resembling Vanessa’s from last season. Paulie’s actions are about as annoying as Vanessa’s were, although Paulie’s just a bit more subtle (and he doesn’t wear a stupid knit cap).

      • From what I’ve read on this site he has started to say stupid things about other houseguests. He’s getting full of himself and needs to go. I wish former players would ban together and start getting out newbies. Paul’s head is also getting really huge.

      • Paul entered the house with a big head. He’s just been laying low since Jozea and Victor left. But he’s slowly and surely returning to that annoying HG most of us hated back in Week One.

    • Too bad Nicole is too busy trying to find a husband in the BB house instead of noticing what’s going on.

  3. Perfect, Branden! I’m same way with Frank. Loved him at first – he’s a gamer. Did not like some of his gameplay after that but at least he was gaming. I do give him credit for apologizing and like someone said on Twitter, he’s checks on people if they are upset/crying. Then when he became an underdog again, I was pulling for him. Mainly because he is a gamer and this is a game. You’re right – He was good to Bridgette.

    I like that Paulie is taking his game seriously, even above his showmance. But he needs a counterweight, like Frank to keep it interesting. Otherwise, it’s just lemmings over a cliff. The only drama would be the girls crying over their guys and that’s no fun (for me). I like James but I’m really aggravated at his play right now.

    • Unless someone in that house grows a pair to go up against Paulie this season is over. The only one with any inkling of game is Day, but she doesn’t have a skilful enough social game to pull off a coup against Paulie at this point. Sigh.

      • Well since the dolt agreed to be a pawn this week he may wind up going home because Da is not going to miss this opportunity once she sees it. She will argue that there will be no better time to get him out than now and I think the rest of the house will follow along with that. If Paulie does not win veto, I think he goes this week.

      • Since paul’s ego has become even more inflated after winning the HOH he could very well want Paulie out so he can run the house.

      • Wow did Paulie actually agree to that?! I know there was talk earlier but I didn’t think he’d actually be so cocky and over-confident that he’d actually go thru with it!

    • I agree. I didn’t like Frank from 14 (especially his attitude during the jury house), but I started to like him as he was trying to play the game better. Yeah he was still a douche, but more like he’s less of a douche compared to 14. Problem was, his game while improved, is kinda sloppy.

      • Frank will never be good at BB with his big mouth, he even said that to Julie after being evicted.

      • It seemed to me, Frank has an over-inflated ego, bragging, non-stop (esp to a smitten Bridgette) of all “his” gaming accomplishments (esp how he was working to “save” his allies, ? way too much this season. I loved him his previous go-round & was tickled to see him rtn, until week 3. I think he tried playing a combo of Mike “Boogie” & Dan “The Mist” games’ (tho I read he bashed Dan’s game). Frank is one if those guys that you can get angry at, but you still can’t but help like the guy. Did any of the HG’s discover his dad is Sid Vicious? Is he the “Sid” in the movie “Sid & Nancy” (I don’t remember the exact title)? Wonder if it would have made him a bigger target, sooner?

      • Hey Daisy, I got a big laugh over you thinking Frank’s dad was Sid Vicious from that punk rock band. Frank’s father was a famous wrestler in the south. I don’t watch wrestling so I don’t have much of an idea about his career but apparently it was a good one.
        I think it’s safe to say Frank is the mouth of the south. I don’t remember him having verbal diarrhea on his previous seasons but boy he sure did this time around. He blabbed everyone of his plans as well as who was involved with them to EVERYBODY.
        I can’t imagine what happened to Frank’s filter but it was gone this season. How he could be paranoid that Nicole was the one running the house this season when she really wanted to work with him is bizarre to say the least.
        Oh well, he’s probably back home by now kicking himself for not working with Nicole when he had the chance and the way he talked to Michelle earlier in the season.

    • I mean I was rooting for Paulie but very disappointed with his #bred4losingthis attitude and his lil nipples, however he’s playing the game, that at least needs to be applauded.
      Running the house or whatever, it’s not his fault that other HGs let him be that.

  4. Say what you want about Paulie, atleast he’s playing a good game. Yeah it’s boring and he’s the love child of his brother and Derrick as far as gameplay. But the fact that he’s not seen as a target really speaks volumes of his game.

    • dam Paulie is playing nothing like Derrick nothing at all like Derrick…He is not even playing the social game Cody played Paulie is an insult to both Derrick & Cody

  5. I like Frank even though his joking got out of hand from time to time. I think he is generally a good guy. He played the game hard but not personal. I like that too. The cattiness in the house is too hard to watch sometimes. Also the meanness when some people are targeted or evicted is also hard to watch. Play the game and play it with class, I say.

    But I get why he is gone. He talked too much to too many people.

    As for Ewws, anytime I am watching BBAD or the feeds and Nicole and Corey are together I fast forward or switch cameras. I cannot watch them anymore. Nicoles whiny voice drives me absolutely crazy. You know how a 4 year old whines all the time when they get no sleep? That’s Nicole to me!

  6. James didn’t win HOH it was given to him. James didn’t make nominations Paulie did. James doesn’t Have a backbone.

  7. I actually think Paulie’s playing a pretty decent game right now. Sure, he’s running the house and there are people who unconsciously aware of it, but his name has yet to come up as a target by anyone other than Da’Vonne, who’s only targeting him because of his “showmance” with Z. THAT’S how you survive in this game.

    • I agree. It may not be the best game we’ve ever seen but I’ve always felt that things like that should be judged in context of the season it happens in.

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