Frank Eudy – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Frank Eudy became the first Veteran Houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother 18 when the votes unanimously turned against him over his ally Bridgette. Now on the outside of the house, having missed Jury by just one round, Frank let us know what was going on in the game.

Frank Eudy evicted from Big Brother 18

We got to ask Frank about the betrayals he faced, why he revealed his Roadkill nom, who is playing the best game right now on BB18, and more. Read to see what he had to say about his return to the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You trusted so many Houseguests this season that maybe you couldn’t really trust. Who do you think betrayed you the most?

Frank Eudy: That is a hard question because I really am still unsure about that. The game is so hard because you don’t know who you could trust that you maybe did or did not. The only person that I really could trust was Bridgette, everyone else I tried to keep at an arm’s length.

BBN: Why did you decide to reveal your Roadkill wins and did you consider keeping them a secret?

Frank: I did consider keeping them a secret, initially especially. The main reason I revealed them was because I felt safe in my alliance and I wanted to build trust with them. I thought revealing the fact that I had won would do that. At the same time, if I don’t tell my alliance and I put up someone they didn’t want up, then I create distrust. Every alliance can be shaky in big brother.

BBN: You spent less time on the Block this season than BB14, but which one was harder and why?

Frank: BB14 was definitely harder. Being on the block so much and having to win puts a lot of pressure on your game and makes it harder to build a social game.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now and can they win it all?

Frank: I think Nicole is playing the best game right now but I do not think that she can win it all. Eventually, her and Corey will get separated. Whether it is her or Corey that goes home, she won’t make it to the end.

BBN: Thank you, Frank.

I was sorry to see Frank go this week but he definitely played the game hard. Perhaps too hard and too soon, but I still enjoyed that he didn’t give up and gave us lots to discuss on the Feeds. Now we’ll have to see if more Vets will follow his path as the newbies may start to wise up that they’re not invincible after all.

For some serious throwback Frank time, check out my original interview with him from back at BB14.



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  1. I’m gonna miss him on the show, for sure. I was excited about him being on there because I know he’s a gamer. He’s very cool at the end of the day by keeping his perspective that it is a game.

    He does tend to trust the wrong folks, after it is wise. Wish he & Tiff and aligned sooner. They’d be running their half of the house and a BB house divided is good tv!

    All the best to Frank the Tank.

  2. He is a gamer and that’s what I like to see. Not people like Natalie, Z and even James. Frank’s problem was his mouth. Nicole tried to work with him several times which hurt her game. And he kept throwing her under the bus. She gave him plenty of chances. Nicole should of dropped him after the first time he threw her under the bus. Now her game is suffering because of it. Frank you don’t throw someone under the bus that’s working with you. I thought you knew the game better then that.

    • Frank knows the game inside, and out, but his one weakness was his ability to read people, wether they are lying, or telling the truth.

    • Somehow Frank thinks Nicole is so dangerous and playing the best game in the house. How did he miss the fact that Paulie was calling all the shots? Unbelievable.
      I hope Nicole can recover from Frank’s perfidy and will make it to the end.

      • I am very surprised about Frank thinking Nicole was playing the best game. I think it is because, warranted or not, she was more of a concern to him than anyone else. Good for her, I guess, although I believe she would have been an asset to him if he hadn’t have thrown her name out one too many times.

      • That’s just the thing, Nicole wanted to work with Frank all along and he kept blabbing everything she told him until she couldn’t take another chance of trying to work with him again.
        He’s the one who broke up their partnership with his actions so I don’t understand why he’s blaming Nicole.
        I know Frank was kept isolated and didn’t have a good grip on what was really going on but for him to come to the conclusion that Nicole ruined his game is ridiculous.

  3. “FRANK THE TANK” sad to see you go buddy!
    Oh, and that little be-atch Paul was a driving force to get you out the whole time, he would talk to you then run to the others, and tell them a different version of your conversation that would make you look really bad, I think because you saw through all of his BS stories about himself!

  4. Next time (if there IS a next time) don’t smack women on the assets. If you hadn’t done that and not talked smack, you might still be in the house. Being a misogynist and a douchebag is what got you evicted.

    • True, at least he can go home and not deal with the children for the rest of the summer. I don’t think losing the money is going to make or break him. Frank I hope you have a great summer at least what is left of it.

      • I believed him when he said he would rather go home before jury because he didn’t want to spend his summer with those people. He was looking forward to getting laid, too. :D

  5. Matt, Is their a problem with the site? A glitch maybe? It’s usually showing the latest article on top, and down to the oldest. The latest article can be found on the right side.

  6. I say it all the time that people need to stay quiet more and observe. Once you bug people they might not forget and once you lose trust, forget about it. I know they all know this game but sometimes he didn’t act like it. Nicole tried to work with him and time after time he screwed her over. I didn’t really like that.

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