‘Big Brother 18’ Double Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Second?

We’ve got one eviction prediction down and now it’s time for the Double Eviction’s second target speculation as we’ve got some exciting scenarios ahead for tonight’s Big Brother 18 live show.

Paulie and Nicole face a big night on BB18

Double Evictions are such a double edged sword for Big Brother as we tend to get so excited for the crazy drama only to have season favorites frequently knocked out in the chaos. That could definitely happen tonight, but I think we can narrow down the scenarios on what to expect based on who takes control in the first HoH comp of the night.

Okay, here we go with the breakdowns for what could happen when the HGs discover it’s a Double Eviction show and the wins start rolling in. Paulie doesn’t know it but things are about to get a shake up that are going to mess with his prepared plans for seeing a Bridgette and Victor noms pairing. When he is betrayed over Zakiyah going I fully expect him to change things up and go in a new direction. But let’s start with the more predictable scenarios.

Reminder: after the first eviction, which will arrive earlier than normal in the show tonight, we’ll get a HoH comp followed by noms, Veto, and a second eviction. The Big Brother live show should then cliffhang as the HGs wait for a late night comp to decide next week’s HoH. We’ll have to get those spoilers off the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now).

Victor is the outgoing HoH so he won’t be up for the position but he’s aligned with a new effort that includes Paul, James, Natalie, Bridgette, and we’re expecting Michelle to be with them. Should any of those five HGs win HoH then look for Corey and Nicole to go up on the Block. Paulie is the Backdoor target here.

Now you might say there’s a danger here of Paulie winning Veto and saving Corey. Well, the opposition is ready for that and are prepared to accept Nicole going as a substitute for Paulie’s departure. It’d still strike against their numbers though they definitely want the stronger target of Paulie gone.

Just a bit ago on the Live Feeds as Nicole and Zakiyah prepared for the show Z was telling Nicole that she thinks she’s going. Zakiyah reveals Natalie took back a skirt she was going to borrow and wear tonight. She remembers Natalie had said she’d take back items that belonged to her if she knew someone was going. Nicole is less confident this flip is happening as she’s heard nothing of it (intentional) but she admits if that happens then they’re coming after Paulie, her (Nicole), and Corey. True.

So what happens if those three (Paulie, Nicole, or Corey) win HoH? Hmm. I think Paulie would push for Bridgette and Natalie to go up and possibly Natalie as their preferred target. The previous plan was Victor and Bridgette but Natalie moved up on Paulie’s list the past day with her reveal to Zakiyah of things Paulie has said and done.

There’s also the secrecy approach the opposition is taking to hide who did the voting. James is going to cancel Paul and Corey’s votes then James will say he voted against Michelle to suggest Nicole went against Zakiyah. There could be enough confusion in the moment to help the guys slide past the chaos of the DE.

I don’t think there will be enough confusion though to trick Paulie in to nominating and targeting Nicole from this switch-a-roo on the votes, but it’d certainly be a surprise if they somehow pull off getting Paulie or Corey to target Nicole. That just seems very unlikely.

It’s much more straight forward if one of the first five win. Nicole and Corey with Paulie as Plan A and Nicole as Plan B. If the trio wins HoH then I think we’ll see two girls go up but the control of the eviction goes back to the opposition where they’ll have four of the six votes and can decide which of their two allies heads out the door.

Who do you hope to see win HoH in the Double Eviction and who is your top pick to be evicted? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. I want Paulie to win HoH and nom Mich and Nat. Nic win veto, noms stay the same. Either can go to jury. Then I want Paulie to get ACP and have super safety next week. All in the name of FUN!!!!!

      • Eh. He gets a generous edit on TV. His brother has fans. He’s a good looking kid. He is all set to receive one.

      • Big possibility he may not get it. BB fans/online users that can vote anywhere, anytime are a big force on voting. We really vote. His popularity ranking has been stuck at the bottom, and never moved. I’ve never seen a player so disliked since Andy. His popularity in social media is usually a snap shot. His edit is not bad, but it’s not great. For TV viewers, I thought his demeanor in the house and his DR is not likable.

      • If he sticks around and becomes an underdog, then he might get one. But up till now he has neither needed nor deserved one.

      • But you have to take into account that not all BB watchers do the live feeds and/or twitter. There are thousands of people out there who don’t know anything about his comments, etc.

      • Hmmm, that’s true. And he has been getting pretty good edits. Not likely we’ll see him and Paul peeing in the hot tub.

      • But all viewers did see that Paulie did not use the Veto on Z and also watched her walk out of the house. That may not have been a good thing in Paulie’s favor.

  2. I think one of the care packages should be shirts for Paulie, I am so sick of looking at him half naked YUK!!!

  3. So the prediction is Paulie, Corey, or Nicole… or Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette or Nicole. So really it’s easier to say who’s safe haha: Victor, James and Paul.

    • I think only Victor and Paul are safe. James is with Nat. I could see Paulie putting the both of them up together if he wins.

  4. Double eviction nights never turn out well for me, I always lose someone I like. But I am hoping Natalie, Bridge, Michelle and James come out of it ok. That’s all I need.

  5. sucks that tonights episode is only an hour long…this has to be the best and most anticipated of this season!!!

  6. First time, I don’t have a favorite to win the game, i really don’t care about any of these people, but I have been voting for Bridgette to win the care package.

    • I didn’t have a favorite either but Natalie won me over. She’s starting to play the game and she’s flipping the house from Paulie’s control! I can’t remember her being a mean girl either

      • You don’t watch the feeds then because she had quite a lot of nasty things to say behind peoples backs last night.

      • Nasty? That’s a bit of stretch. Remember Nat was the one that was attacked first, prior to this she did a pretty good job of avoiding all the cattiness and drama.

        I don’t blame her for venting her feelings now that things are out in the open.

    • Brigitte still annoys me, but I’m glad she is friends with Natalie again. I have been voting for Michelle. She gets on my nerves, but I like that she is after Paulie and is not afraid to say it.

  7. emo crybaby Michelle poisoned the well out of being butt-hurt and Natalie the sobbing princess is prostituting herself to James so he does what she says. this is pathetic. no one else sees it?

  8. Hoping Natalie, Bridgette, James or Michelle win HOH so they can take out Paulie. I really would love it if Natalie could win it so “that Jersey Girl” could give him the biggest embarrassment of his life by getting taken out by a girl

    • I wouldn’t care if Paulie leaves, but only if this means the others are finally gonna start playing the game. I don’t want to see Paulie get evicted and then be left with a boring season of way too quick or excruciatingly long comps because no one can pull it off, only to end with a Final 3 of primarily floaters.

  9. I dont care who goes home. Just play the game! If this scenario goes down tonight it will be the first true Big Brother move in a very long time. SHAKE IT UP JAMES!

  10. I can’t wait for tonight. I’ve not been this excited for drama in a long time.. Lol…I want Z to go..After last night and how she handled everything. She needs a break from the house and Paulie. I don’t care how much $$ is involved P would’ve got more from me than whiny gullible dribble and spooning. She was toooo calm and forgiving not even challenging or questioning him..even if she don’t believe him.. I do wish Meech was in that HOH room to help defend Natalie and Bridget…Paulie can’t handle Meech like he does the other girls.. Meech is not mean but when she goes in.., she goes in on his level.. I think Paulie needs to stay another week just to play off how he handles the betrayal but then again him in the jury house with Z and Da would be priceless.

  11. I hope when the house finds out about the double that James’ balls don’t fall off. He just finally grew a pair!

  12. I’m seriously so excited about this episode–it’ll be the first episode I’ve watched in weeks.

  13. is there a way for me to watch the show tonight. They are putting a Carolina Panthers preseason game on and BB wont be on until 1:30 am for me?

    • I would call and cancel whatever service you have immediately… Don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200, just cancel that crap… Only kidding : ) Maybe you can live stream it from a PC???

      • It is our local channel i can’t cancel it. I just want to know if there is a site that i can go watch tonights show

      • Look @ the new post either below or above yours and someone may have just answered your question… “Saturn0205” if not sorry I have no idea..

    • Captain Knows of a way, I’m sure – Captain, you there? He may be on the live show show thread. Try that one! :)

      Did u check CBS online to see if they are streaming it?

  14. I hope Nat wins HOH, nominate Corey and Nic, win Veto and backdoor Lord a**hole himself (Paulie), sending him straight to jury to reap every single word and thing he’s sowed in that house.

  15. Here’s a list of stations for tonight’s episode. These channels will all air the show at the usual time slot, so you won’t have to wait to see the action.

    WBZ Boston, MA
    WCAX Burlington, VT
    WCBS New York, NY
    WTKR Norfolk, VA
    WNCT Greenville, NC
    WFMY Greensboro, NC
    WCSC Charleston, SC
    WKMG Orlando, FL
    WKRG Mobile, AL
    WIFR Rockford, IL
    WAFB Baton Rouge, LA
    KALB-DT2 Alexandria, LA
    KSLA Shreveport, LA
    KKTV Colorado Springs, CO

    Also, I’m on Long Island and WLNY will be my station for Verizon Fios.

    • I live out side mobile and have directv look at guide and the football game is scheduled here
      I hope it is wrong oh I did come back Iam hooked lol too good
      Drama going on

      • Just checked won’t be on in the
        Mobile al area football what ever please keep us posted
        We won’t get it till 12:30 am

    • WCSC Charleston is not doing it til 1:30, that is what i watch. I tried to go and stream it on the site but it won’t let me. Oh well, the best night to watch and they put a damn preseason game on. CBS sucks

  16. Just a few statistics for tonight….

    Nat, James, Bridge, Meech, and Paul have a 63% chance of winning HoH (assuming Z is evicted of course).

    Paulie has a 62% chance of getting picked to play in the Veto comp (assuming Nic and Corey are OTB). That’s a 38% chance that he does not get picked to play. Not playing almost certainly insures Paulie is evicted no matter who wins the veto (Nat and company OR Nic/Corey).

  17. Paulie has played some bad game this week to get himself in the crosshairs. This is why I always disagree with big players like Paulie working hard against other big players like Frank. Once that big target is gone it’s only a matter of time until the house rallies around the next big target to evict.

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