Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

We’ve got eight votes and the chance for a tie-breaker tonight on Big Brother 18 so who is about to be voted out between either Da’Vonne Rogers or Bridgette Dunning? The decision has been made clear.

Bridgette sits alone on Big Brother 18

After days of suspicion and truth seeking missions the clock has run out for Da’Vonne as she officially becomes my pick for tonight’s elimination. If things continue on as they are now then we won’t even see a tie-breaker.

Despite starting out with an eight-person alliance then helping create a five-woman alliance we’re seeing Da’Vonne fall back to just two votes of support. Michelle and Zakiyah are in Day’s corner but that brings her up three short of where she needs to be because with Paul in the driver’s seat for any final decisions the outlook isn’t good.

Obviously Paulie is pushing to see Da’Vonne go and he’s got Victor on his side of that. Then we’ve got Nicole and Corey with Corey being happy to join the guys as well as voting in line with Nicole who desperately wants Da’Vonne gone. That desire I think is in part a left over from when she feared Da’Vonne would start spilling beans about her game then when Day heard Nicole was spilling beans on her behalf, well all those beans counted up to bad stuff for Da’Vonne’s longevity on Big Brother 18.

That still left her with a fighting chance if she could get James and Natalie’s votes. She went to James Tuesday night after several reassurances of his vote going to keep her and the cracks started to show. He let Day know that his support would only be there if it wasn’t a tie or if that tie wouldn’t for sure go against her. James set himself up in conditions that he knew wouldn’t lend themselves to her getting his vote to stay.

Reaffirming James and Natalie’s vote was a quick talk Wednesday night when the two agreed that Da’Vonne’s mood had soured. Both agreed they didn’t want her to go only then to both agree that they were voting her out. Well okay then. Their votes take us up to 6-2 and I think that won’t be a surprising outcome tonight.

Michelle and Zakiyah could be the lone hold outs but Zakiyah has told Paulie she’ll vote how he wants. He doesn’t need her vote but he may take it all the same. Even if Zakiyah stays with voting out Bridgette then I think there’s a chance of Michelle flipping over to avoid being the odd Houseguest out. I wouldn’t be surprised by that move. Then again, Michelle may actually think Bridgette is going, it’s hard to be sure on this, but in that case she’s in for quite a surprise.

So we’ve got 6-2, 7-1, or 8-0 as our likely vote tallies tonight and they all add up to Da’Vonne being evicted. Get ready for it.


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  1. I wish it was a tie just so Paul would have to play his hand, but it’s looking like the chances of that happening are slim to none.

  2. Does Davonne have that round trip ticket? That is what I want to find out! If she does, this eviction would be a non-event and we are back to square one! I hope Bridgette wins HOH so, she is safe next week. Not rooting for anyone in particular but, Paulie only because he is playing!

    • Sponny townsend has a point, what if production switched the return ticket while the house was on lockdown with them all in the yard, so they could FIX SOMETHING

    • Nah, they would just immediately vote her out again. Thats why these are normally stupid, unless it is a tie vote, basically, where to sides are vying for power. Not the case here.

    • Well Davonne was 8th to get into the Paris room and If you have seen the poster that says: “Ocho rios your dream destination” and Ocho is eight in Spanish so, Da’ is most likely to have the round trip ticket. ?

      • The conspiracy theories are too much for me. I mean, was she also born on the 8th day of the 8th month? And did she get the 8th square of toilet paper from the 8th row? I should just apologize right now for being facetious, but seriously, Couldn’t they pick tickets from anywhere in the display? I’m not saying that there isn’t any rigging on this show. I’m far too cynical to believe that. But I’m fairly certain that if they wanted Davonne to have the round trip pass, there would be easier ways to give it to her.

  3. I think it will be 8-0 which in effect is just trying to ensure good terms with Paulie … if Da comes back, it’ll happen again same way.

  4. Worst case senario if the house grows some b@ll$, gets Paulie out ane HE has the return ticket

  5. Please Please Please BB Gods. Let Da’Vonne have the roundtrip ticket and than win HOH. These houseguests will be shooked.

    • Noooooo please let her go. She really stretched the truth with all the misery she said Frank and Tiffany heaped on her. Day please – she was the one actively on a mission to get them out

      • She wanted Frank gone because he was playing all sides of the house the first week. He exposed the 8 pack to Paulie, he told the spy girls that Jozea was getting blindsided. Frank was just doing too much the first week. I can’t blame Day wanting him out. I blame Day for her tunnel vision on Frank and not trusting Tiffany.

  6. What would be nice, is if the round trip ticket had a suprise at the end of it. Like yes, houseguest gets to come back, but someone still has to go – current HOH must nominate 2 new houseguests for eviction tonight, excluding current nominees. Veto comp. Then eviction.

    Come on, I’m expecting the unexpected. But crap how do producers land their jobs? Is there no creative people working for this crew?

  7. want Bridgette to stay and see how she fairs…shes onto everybodys game and lies even hoping she gets HOH just to see the end result..

    • She’ll do whatever Paulie tell her to do. littlefly don’t forget Bridgette does whatever Frank tell her to do and he left specific instructions for her to work with Paulie.

    • Bridgette is more refreshing everyday … not obsessed with herself or looks, seems fairly honest with herself, sees no need to defend or explain herself, forthright in DRs rather than putting on a show … just need to see her make a move.

      • Nah, you don’t want either of them playing the veto though. I would put up Corey and Nicole and give yourself more chances to take one of them down, and then put Paulie up as replacement. Good way to figure out who is allegiant to who in that alliance and start to break it up.

  8. I wanted Da out, then in, then out. I wish she’d play better so I could root for her but she just does what she does. I guess her and her friends are like that out of the house. They say we are all creatures of habit. I want Something to happen. I just dont see myself rooting for ” at least he’s playing the game”. I cant see myself rooting for Bridge yet, she’s big and bad, then chirpy, rinse and repeat. If Da is coming back in, then what? At this point I just want her gone. I mute he DR sessions because she bothers me. Paint drying yet another season:(

    • If she does come back, the women or girls, now realize who has been running da hawse, it would be a perfect opportunity for them to take down two guys. That is, if they’re smart.

      • Bad thing is is I’m afraid she would target Nicole and not the real ones that are running the house

      • Right, and after the whole “bros before hoes” thing. Playing the same game again Nichole. First time shame on them second time shame on you. I’m sure thats what Julie WILL be saying to her when they send her packing this time around, sorry Nichole this was your final chance.

      • I dont know, she won the first HOH and has been sitting on the back burner ever since.I dont pay for feeds or sit thru that painful BBAD. I watch the show and read from here. people say alot about her but I dont see her doing much. I watched Michele and Da throw her under the bus then she finally shut up, but then that was it she shut up and became a floater IMO

      • They were in teams then and she was chosen by her team to be HOH that 1st week. She is being protected by Gottifiore, currently, and he puts her name out there at opportune times just to satisfy the angry crowd.

      • Personally, I think since they lost all the comps, they should have not even chose who was to be HOH from their team

      • Yep, Day does seem a little short-sighted. No plan ahead, although I believe she thinks about but lacks skill to implement primarily because she alienated too many people early on.

      • She became fixated on Frank and Tiffany in their first week, and went to work to get them out. I guess that’s all she has to give

      • There is always that chance but as a viewer, I want to see it used. Even if it they have to rig it on the last week.

      • I will actually laugh, though, if we get through this twist and none of the HGs evicted during the allotted time period had the card.

      • They will, expect the expected on that one. I wonder if there is a prize in it for the holder if they dont get it in the first 4 weeks? just wondering

      • I hope if it doesn’t get used then they at least have everyone open the envelopes….otherwise my curiosity will seriously make me lose my mind lol

  9. IT’S ABOUT TIME! I’ll be infuriated if she somehow has the boomerang card.

    • I understand completely, but still, it would almost be worth it to see the look on all of the HGs faces if it happened. Plus, we would know that it was out of play since there are two more weeks(I think) that it could be used by the holder if evicted. But if she didn’t win the HOH comp, the odds are against her, unless the right person gets the care package and tries to change it up. The possibility does exist. I’d rather her have it than for Paulie to have it.

      • I agree with you and might I add that this weeks HOH comp could be memory thing. We all know how DAY always check things out and she is really good at figuring things out. So let’s say she (DAY) gets evicted, she has the return ticket, the HOH comp is about memory skills. DAY wins HOH and puts up, oh for shits and giggles Nicole and Corey. Since Corey really can’t win (the last time Paulie basically gave him the POV win) and Nicole can win if she really wants it. So you have DAY, Corey and Nicole for sure in the POV comp. From there it will depend on else is picked/drawn to play. If either Nicole or Corey comes down, BD Paulie and make him her target. Truthfully, it could happen but I doubt it but if it did between Nicole and Pualie who would go home? Between Corey and Paulie, who would go home? Who would vote with the house? Who would campaign for one or the other and would Paul let them campaign?

      • Are we there yet? lol You have 16 more questions to go, WW. haha
        Someone else posted the same scenario earlier. As I replied then, sounds good if they can keep Paulie from playing for veto.

      • Oh, good heaven’s, I have done it many times because I didn’t have time to read the whole thread. I didn’t mean it that way, I promise.
        I worked 12 hr. swing for over 20 years. So believe me, I understand what you are saying. I don’t see how you keep up as good as you do. Must be a lot younger than I am.

      • Why thank you for those kind words but I may be older than dirt but not older than sand.

      • I’d rather Frankie Grande come back into the game if it meant getting that PIG Paulie The Abuser out of the House. THAT’S how much that dick disgusts me.

      • Frankie and Paulie are kinda good friends, dontcha know?
        How many times have Paulie praised Frankie.
        If Frankie enters the house, he will become another Friendship Bro.

      • As he should any one with any integrity, imo. But Frankie, really Frankie. That’s a close call, but I’ll give it to you. lol

      • I’m currently putting another d*ck just like him in his place on the Recap of Episode 20 thread, so excuse me momentarily.

      • That would be hilarious ! For the return ticket not to be the one evicted hahaha Are you hearing this production? Expect the unexpected! I know its a ROUND trip ticket, but I love the idea! How about Rachel running in and screaming… you all know what.

      • Not gonna happen, she has a little baby:) We could all have a good time wanting our fav’s to come running back in, my daughter says they should send Zac back in, could you imagine Nicoles face?

      • I’m not fond of Bridgette and I think she would protect the men. It would be another Paulie HOH, imo, so I don’t want to see her win anything right now.

      • But getting this week’s Care Package wouldn’t be that big. It doesn’t guarantee her safety, just would give her the option of wiping out 2 votes for the next eviction. The most it would do is cause drama.

      • It’s all gonna depend on who wins HOH and who’s on the block by the end of the week, I think. That’s the beauty of us voting for this one – we have no clue what’s going to happen.

      • I would like to see whoever is HOH get the care package because it would definitely blow up their game by forcing them to show their hands when they pick the two people who don’t get to vote.

  10. I still think Victor has the round trip ticket (No.4). So he can enter the house for the third time in two weeks’ time.
    And it’s 7-member jury.
    Bye Momma Day.

    • I agree. I find it too coincidental that the boomerang envelope twist came the same night an excited guest returned. I think it’s always been for the first returning guest to have a third chance since no ones ever done that before.

      • Seems like a lot to go through what with all the clues in the phone booth in the tunnel in the secret room just to have a twist with a 33% chance of even happening. It all seems rather silly and yet another twist but either has no effect on the game or a negative one.

  11. According to CBS the next care package winner will get a “change two votes” card….only thing is who ever gets it has to tell the others..and if it’s someone like James,mech or Z. All the others have to do is vote for Bridgette to have it flip to Mama D. So the gift would appear moot. Unless the holder has two pals vote for D and then the jokes on the “Bad Boys”.

  12. Random question for you live fees watchers….what time do the house guests normally sleep from? The wife and I were debating last night during the Paulie/Z segment

    • I don’t think there’s any sleep schedule.Some of them game talk until 4am. It just depends on the day. BB will wake them up between 9 am to 12am. Some of them sleep during the day with the lights on.

    • Recently many of the HGs have stayed up until near dawn and then sleep until noon. Some of them go to bed a little after midnight and wake up early. It varies, but is typically a light night crew with this group.

  13. Honestly while I’m still liking this show, this game is pretty lackluster. Nobody is thinking with strategy, and those who are end up out so early because they over do things. Too many showmances makes it hard to watch (seriously save that stuff after the game, Jon and Neda did).

    As for the main mastermind this season, this person isn’t as endearing as Will or Dan, nor friendly like Derrick. Yeah this person is smart, but not as charismatic. And the people they brought back are either stupid, douchey or both. Honestly I kinda expected better, but at this point nothing surprises me.

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