‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 12?

After watching Natalie Negrotti walk out the door of Big Brother 18 it was time to move on to setting the pace for the new week with a new HG in charge. Now we’ve got your spoiler results from the latest endurance HoH competition shown live on your Feeds.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18 HoH comp

Only five Houseguests remain but only four could compete as Victor watched from the sidelines. So who did win the Big Brother HoH comp tonight? Read on for the spoilers & results.

Big Brother Live Feeds HoH Endurance Comp tonight

I’ll be updating tonight’s Big Brother 18 competition events through our Twitter stream since we can get more frequent updates and pictures uploaded during the high server loads of this endurance battle. Please DO NOT refresh your page, the Twitter stream below will do that automatically.

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HoH Endurance Comp Results – Week 12

  • 6:50 PM BBT – HoH comp starts on live show.
  • 7:03 PM BBT – Feeds return & comp is rolling.
  • 7:04 PM BBT – James announces he needs a water break already.
  • 7:08 PM BBT – Paul repeatedly wipes out on the slip & slide.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Nicole is half-way filled up on the small bucket.

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  • 7:11 PM BBT – Paul is little under half way filled on small bucket.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – James is crawling now. All the way back.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Paul is now crawling too.
  • 7:21 PM BBT – Corey is nearly half way on the big bucket.
  • 7:26 PM BBT – Nicole is trying to grab the small bucket ball.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Nicole finally got the big scoop & has to start over on the big bucket.
  • 7:31 PM BBT – Paul’s small bucket is only about half way. He’s mostly crawling.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Corey is a little past half way.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Paul’s new strategy: fill the scoop, sit, & slide back to bucket.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Corey is about 2/3 full. Nicole is at 1/3 full.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – Nicole keeps making big wipe outs. Finally she can’t get back up, then does.
  • 7:52 PM BBT – Paul is digging furiously to get that small bucket ball but no luck.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Paul keeps trying to get that little ball but can’t.
  • 8:04 PM BBT – Corey is just about full. Very close.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – Paul sees it’s a lost cause. Asks Victor for a hot dog.
  • 8:06 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she’s catching up.
  • 8:07 PM BBT – Too late for Nicole. Corey grabs the ball. He’s the new HoH.

Corey Brooks is the new Head of Household.

His deal with the F4 was to go after James next, but I wouldn’t bet on it. His latest talks with Nicole revealed they were ready to flip on Victor and Paul to go to the F3 with James. Get ready for it.

Big Brother Live Feeds HoH Endurance Comp tonight

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Nominations are coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.



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  1. Hmmm … CBS is really willing to waste a lot of food during this season’s BB. That’s kind of sad really. James throwing eggs around, now all this butter … too bad.

    • what about the cost of cleaning the sewer system….Soooo much crap has been spread in/around that house this season..

      • Yep. That, too. I just get so annoyed at all the “CBS Cares” commercials, and then you watch a program like this and realize CBS cares about ratings and their bottom line, that’s all. There are ways to feed people without wasting food like this. Food should be eaten, not used as props in games. [End of rant.]

      • lol relax i’m sure we aren’t gonna solve the worlds hunger problems with a dozen eggs and 4 big buckets of butter.

    • Hypocritica to watch the show and then whine about the way they choose to entetrian you even though they’ve been dng this for 18 seasons so the food wting isn’t new. talk about ‘micro aggresion’ and first world oblems that you mope about that.

    • Really? Out of everything that is going on you are seriously worrying about wasted food? Oh boy….

    • Is this your first year watching the show? Yes a lot of food is wasted but rhis isn’t the only show or place that wastes food and what are you doing to help?

  2. Paul has wasted tooooo much time on the small bowl and in trying to get the ball out before
    it floated to the top..

    • Nicole would of won had she not gone for the small bowl. But I like this outcome better. Now she’s safe and can play in the next HOH. Can’t wait to watch the game talk tonight on the feeds.

      • I would go with James and Paul and vote Paul out but I think its gonna be Victor and James with Victor leaving…gonna be a tie vote I think…

      • Sad to see Vic leaving soooo many times, I’m just glad he’s not my son:( It must be killing those people

      • He has to put up Paul and Victor together. If not if the one not nominated could win veto and pull the other one off and Nicole would have to go up. Nicole is not going to allow that chance to happen.

      • There is only two options here. OPTION A: put up both Victor and Paul then vote out the other if one comes down other wise vote out Paul but they will go after Victor instead.

        OPTION B: Put one of the Bromance with James as a pawn. If the first half of the Bromance comes down, out up the other half either way the Bromance is broken up. I think this is the best option for both Nicole and Corey because it keeps the Bromance kind of in the dark and then they can work with whoever is left.

      • After reading Dana968, I stand corrected on the one thing I didn’t think of. Corey having to put up Nicole in option B. That may not be the smart way to go.

      • yeah has to be Paul and Victor. Corey should be able to justify that (not that it matters). Just tell them *anyone but james needs to win the veto. If they get very lucky James wins the veto and they don’t even need to blindside them later.

      • YES, I hate to admit it but it would be a blindside of sorts for James at that point. Truely he would see that he is going up if either Paul or Victor comes down.

      • But Nicole and Corey can keep him safe. Nicole’s vote ties and Corey can break the tie either way he wants. They are sitting pretty. They can’t control 100 who goes home but they can 100 percent break up Paul and victor if they choose

      • Nic will talk in Corey’s ear so that James doesnt go home and she has 3 solid options of men to take her to F2 over another guy.

      • You need to put the full bromance on or one can win it & take the other bro off. Then it would be Nic & James on the block.

      • Sound logic, absolutely, but in this case I think it’s a risk they need to take. As it stands Paul and Victor know one of them has to go up because they won’t expect Corey to nominate Nicole. Keep them thinking their F4 deal is still good and maybe they gun a little less hard for the Veto thinking they’re ok to make F4 and James is the target. Hope the non-nominated bro doesn’t win Veto then execute the plan as desired but it can be a blindside so they don’t have them breathing down their necks all week. Worst case scenario the non-nominated bro wins Veto, pulls the nominated bro off, evict James, and now they can pretend they were sticking to the F4 all along. If you nominate both bros they’re going to be fired up knowing something is up because James isn’t a nominee. They’ll go hard for that Veto and Paul has won a few of those, let alone dealing with an angry Victor who’s been among the best competitors this game has ever seen.

      • There’s also a scenario where Nicole ends up on the block and the two votes to evict are Victor and Paul. Got to make sure they don’t flip on the F4 if you give them any reason to doubt it.

      • I think that last point is the key. You said “Worst case scenario the non-nominated bro wins Veto, pulls the nominated bro off, evict James”. But in that scenario Nicorey has no votes, P/V decide who goes, with Nicole on the block. Too big a risk if I’m Nicorey. In their shoes, I’d rather deal with an upset Bromance for a while than potentially lose all control at final 5 eviction with Nicole otb.

      • Yeah your right and I even posted something about that later last night. I was thinking that James would win the VETO and take himself off the block then put up the other Bromance on this option. I clearly didn’t think that one through.

  3. Really wanted Paul to win. Why was he spending so much time trying to get the ball when he wasn’t at the top? A Corey/Nicole, James/Nicole or Corey/James final 2 would be the most boring ever.

    • Wouldn’t of mattered anyway. He would of just been starting from the beginning to fill the large bowl and Corey was almost done.

      • Agree, but it just wasted a lot of time. Couldn’t understand it. Obviously production helped Nicole since she was at the top. They would have had to do the same for Paul.

  4. I just love thinking of Paulie in that house full of women, but stupid ass Z went back to him????????????

  5. I am not sure why everyone thinks the competitions are rigged. Why watch it if you don’t trust what it happening? This is a game so let them play it, and I am sure if the players have a problem with how things are done you would think they would say something about it…

    • There was one season during the comp when they are standing on the tilted boards, where you can see a hand come out of the opening and grab an ankle. It was burning up the net when it happened. They have the right to do whatever they want so its just a matter of how far you can push the viewers.

      • You can clearly see her fall forward and the hand in stop motion. It’s really obvious and she did not expect it.

      • You can watch it yourself. There is a video of the camera zoomed in. It’s hilarious its so obvious.

      • With her positioning on the wall, a hand on the foot couldn’t have physically shoved her off. That was their cue to her it was time to jump, when she felt the hand. She agreed to it beforehand and was likely paid to agree to it. I’m not saying that makes it alright and I’m still agreeing that production alters as they see fit, but so many people that burned up the internet about that were on and on about how she was literally pushed off as if against her will and as if that was the hand of Hulk or something.

      • So you’re saying that they cued her to jump? That’s still tampering with the outcome. I know they can do whatever, but they will lose viewers if they keep this kind of stuff up.

      • Yeah I’m saying cued to jump, and I know it’s still tampering. I agreed with you that they still alter to their liking and that it doesn’t make it right if she agreed to it beforehand. Just trying to quell those claims that she was pushed against her will and had no idea about it beforehand. I absolutely think players are informed and likely paid off to keep happy and possibly keep quiet if production wants to do something that ends their game.

        They should lose viewers over this stuff but it doesn’t really happen. So I don’t think they’re worried. Ratings have been good enough that they’ve renewed for a few more seasons already.

    • James had said earlier in the day that he was going to throw the comp to free himself up to play next week.

      • Free himself up to throw another one? This guy is a terrible BB player When he called Natalie an “asshole” on live TV tonight..I lost alot of respect for James. What Natalie did was not horrible..has everyone forgotten about James basically putting Nat on Nicole and Corey’s radar when he basically threw her UTB in the kitchen when he told Vic that she really wanted him to stay over Corey..with Corey standing right there? That was not accidental. James used Nat and Nat used James..he did give her bad advice along the way. I hope he is not in F2 and does not win AFP.

      • I think nat was using James and when faced with eviction we saw the real nat.She made up with him because she was worried what the viewers would think.

      • Why? Cuz he was playing the game? Nat is an adult & not a stupid one at that. She played just as he did.
        He’s not an ass. He’s actually seems like a super gentleman. IMO
        Don’t shut me down please…. Lol

      • When did James call Natalie an a-hole on live TV? I watched the episode and I didn’t see that. I may have missed it though. When was that?

      • Couples argue. Does everyone here deny they’ve said stuff Iike “if you do this I’ll never talk to you again”? It’s blown out of proportion. They have a better chance than Corey and Nicole. Wait till she sees the stuff Corey has said about her behind her back to the guys. He’s pretty public about his intent to drop her once they hit jury and he hasn’t been nice about it. In fact, he’s been laughing with Paul and Vic about it. Probably why Vic is showing so much attention to Nic.

    • He doesn’t care. Rumor is the vets got a big payday for returning (est. 25k), he got at least one 5K prize, so if he wins AFP(another 25k) along with the weekly stipends for the whole season and jury he did ok……aaaand he could still sit next to someone at the end.

      • So right now he’s on track to make $15k stipend + $25k for returning +$5k prize = $45k for just 3 months.

        And that’s without the additional $$$ of F2. He did pretty well. Thanks Kay for the heads up

      • But he’ll walk away with much less due to the US tax man. IRS, isn’t it?
        Up here in Canada we call the tax man Canada Revenue Service. CRS….. And I recently got a ‘call’ from them saying I still owed money & to call them back with a credit card number. Just so you all know….. That’s a scam! I’ve had about 6 stupid phone msgs.
        Please do not give anyone who asks for credit card info your credit card numbers or any money!
        Hope I’ve been able to help at least one person with this msg.
        But ya….. James could buy that bar he wanted.

      • Thank you for sharing your story and glad you weren’t scammed, Tink.

        And yes James’ earnings will be taxable. But everyone must pay taxes yet even after he pays them, he’s still in for a big pay day for three months on the show.

        Sure it’s not nearly enough to cover 99 days at 24/7 but it’s more than he’ll make doing anything else.

      • His rate would be based on his annual salary plus the winnings. There’s no state income tax in Texas plus you don’t have to pay on what you put aside for retirement or for your kids. I think he would be pretty responsible with any winnings.

      • Not a rumor..Frank got alot more..like 50K…not sure how much the others got. James has been playing for AFP the entire time.

      • That’s really not much considering the amount this show must bring in…. It’s more than $25k Canadian tho… Ugh! ??

  6. Looks like production got what they wanted at the end. Paul and victor will be OTB and one of them out on Monday. Sad that production wanted two vets at the end.

    • They haven’t gotten to final 3 yet so don’t out both Paul and Corey on this one. Victor if Paul goes first.

    • Nat & James in the F2..
      I am now starting to think this has been the plan all along. Esp since James knows her family well!
      And of course Nat will win cuz a girl needs to win this year to keep some fans still interested. If guys win all the time I’m sure there would be someone saying something!
      Well there you go folks!
      No need to continue watching as I, the great tink, have just predicted the future!
      And if required I can predict it again if I’m wrong!
      2nd chances, right? Lmao!

  7. I hope this happens
    Victor evicted 5th
    Nicole wins hoh and james wins POV.
    Corey evicted 4th
    Nicole wins final 3 hoh
    Evicts james 3rd

    Paul and Nicole make final 2

      • she can’t win over Corey in a final 2 Pretty sure that Nicole thinks the only person that won’t best her in a final 2 showdown is James….

      • Heck she might not be able to win over James either but did you catch what DAY said about Nicole? I feel she may vote for Nicole over a guy and she can influence some of the other girls as well plus there is Paulie in the mix and he could vote for Nicole as well.

      • If she keeps playing this well I think she beats James hands down. She def wants to get rid of Victor this week because I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to either of them in final 2.

  8. – Nicole is pretty much sitting pretty. I have to give her credit. She has nothing to worry about and is kinda laying low. Sure I think she’s being lazy with making moves, but atleast she knows when to make them. Yeah she’s the rat, but hey atleast the rat is playing.

    – I said this multiple times of James and I’ll say it again- beauty fades, dumb is forever. He’s dumb as rocks and hasn’t really used his head on getting rid of Nicole. Had he not thrown in HOH he could’ve had a better chance. Gotta say that is as bad as Kaysar throwing HOH to Jennifer. Or Natalie throwing HOH to James.

    – Paul and Vic really need to keep their eyes opened. They should try to make sure to be weary of Nicole and Corey. Yeah the have a final 4 deal but they need to think for themselves.

    • Depending on who she’s sitting next to it might be hard for her to get votes. She will win against Corey but not against Paul or Vic.

      • I don’t think she’d win against Corey. He’d get some of the few that would vote for her against anyone else. Like Paulie.

      • And he’s won more comps and will be getting a huge threat out this coming week. That’s probably enough to put him ahead of Nicole in the jurors’ minds.

      • I dunno. There are a lot of girls in the house. They just might vote for her over any guy except Vic.

      • Agreed, unfortunately. Many girls talked about girl power blah blah and know that girls don’t win this game too often. That alone I think would get Nicole votes, sadly.

        For the record I only have this negative mindset towards the idea of girl power in this game because it’s disappointing to me that they still want to look at gender instead of just flat out who played the best game. Just like allying with girls just because they’re girls instead of who they think would actually be best for their game. That’s one thing I respect about Nicole. She didn’t just automatically gravitate to women.

  9. AGAIN I still think the final four will be Nicole, Corey, James and Paul. Problem is who will win the next HOH and if it is Paul or James, will either Corey or Nicole be the target.

  10. On another note…. On the jury segment Day asked Paulie if Corey was his closest Alie and he said yes. Did anyone notice the look on Zachias face? It was priceless! Guess they went another 4 days without talking to each other.

    • She and Davonne are both ridiculous to suggest Paulie should’ve been closer to her than Corey. Corey was his best friend and they bonded since day 1.

      • That says a lot about Doofus. Paulie is a scumbag and Doofus laughed and clapped along with Paulie when he said and did disgusting things. And these are the kind of boys you like. Hmmm Doofus is a scumbag in my eyes also. After laughing about the goat story, he showed what kind of an idiot dumba$$ he really is. He has been in bed all season using a girl to further his game. His reputation(because he is a guy) won’t be sullied, but her’s will. If it wasn’t for Dingus and Production, your low-life boy, not man by any means, would have never made it long enough to have his Harry Potter wet dream. He’s just another entitled, lazy, brat who uses his good looks and Dingus is just desperate and pathetic enough to fall for it.

      • Victor told Nicole that Paul was his male ride or die and Nic was female ride or die. I don’t remember how serious he was when he said it but I believed him.

      • Well if his hoh blog was true, he probably meant it. That means Nicole may have a chance if Paul gets voted out. Luckily for her, Corey is hoh so she can blame Paul being voted out on him. Hopefully, Vic won’t try to enact revenge on her.

      • From what I’ve seen Victor is usually loyal so I’d hate to see NIcole messing up a good thing with Vic.
        If only she could see what the audience sees.

    • She has one with James (pre-house F2) and Corey. She is trying to link in Paul so any of the guys take her to F2

  11. Congrats Corey. Paul can’t win to save his life. Well all I want Now is for Victor to make it to final 2. Pretty much if James goes to final 2 he loses to whoever is sitting right beside him. 4 other houseguest flat out outplayed him.

  12. I don’t get it. Michelle literally told all the HG’s about 3 times to get Nicole out and what do they do? Nothing. Now Nicole has a very good chance of winning the game.

  13. What do you think of Corey telling Nicole that there was an alliance for guys to be at F4? Nicole got upset then asked if he was joking. Corey gave a devilish chuckle and said yes. Was he really joking about an all male F4?

  14. In a perfect world, Corey puts up v and p. Victor wins veto. James goes up. V votes for James to go, Nic votes Paul to go. Corey breaks the tie and sends Paul home.

  15. Side Question: A genie appears and tells you you have to appear on Jeopardy with a partner. You have to win in order to stay alive. Who do you choose as your partner: A. A box of rocks. B. A bag of hammers. C. Corey. – Go ahead. Take a few minutes to think it over.

  16. Corey’s putting up Paul and Vic and Nicole and James will vote out Vic. Vic’s only chance at this point is to win out. Exactly as it has looked for the past week. Nicole is in complete control of her boy toy, who has not one idea he can claim as his own. The notion that Corey deserves credit for doing anything in this game is ridiculous.

    • The notion that people like you can’t give him any credit for anything he’s done is what’s ridiculous.

    • Agree– Corey hasn’t really played the game and has been in bed with Nicole the whole season.

      • Exactly. He’s also come really close in a few others and could have 7-8 total wins. He was clearly playing the game.

  17. Can’t wait to hear all the discrediting of Corey now. Was this one rigged for him too, haters? 2 HoH, 3 Vetoes. Only one (a Veto) was thrown to him, by Paulie. And it’s only speculation to say he absolutely couldn’t have won that without help from Paulie.

    • Thanks for bringing that up @BB18. Production did help him win the last POV. It’s really unfair ain’t it.

      TBH Paul deserves to win the $500k because he’s the only one who actually played the game and has been consistent.

      • You have no proof production had anything to do with that win, just like I have no proof that they didn’t. You’re speculating. I watched the episode and I disagree heavily that he didn’t win it on his own. But thanks for proving my point that some on here will never give him credit for anything.

      • Corey admitted that production told him to go to the wall as soon as he got into the room. It’s not speculation.

        But regardless, it’s great that you are so passionate about a player. Good for you!

      • TBH don’t have that. But it’s been written all over the web. Google it and you will see it. Don’t think we are allowed to post links here.

        On that note, this is an alternative theory that has been put out (prolly by production to get everyone off their back)

        After each houseguest lost, they clearly had to change shirts and put on some dirt makeup before entering the HOH room. While waiting between comps, houseguests were put in different parts of the house alone. Perhaps Corey was waiting in the bathroom, and Nicole went in there to put on makeup and quickly whispered the solution to the problem

      • Written all over the Web…lol. because the Web never lies, exaggerates, twists, etc. Sorry bit that’s not reputable. A fan who thinks about this the way you do can go to the Web and start a stir that can merely be exacerbated by others who either also feel that way or others who just don’t like Corey very much. That’s about as credible as going to Wikipedia to diagnose a patient when anybody can edit a Wikipedia page.

        That excerpt you provided doesn’t hold a lot of weight either. When production keeps people apart during competitions they do a much better job than that of properly sequestering players from each other. There’s no way production would post that (as you suggested, to keep people off their backs) and basically tell people hey we’re incompetent at sequestering players from each other when we do it all the time for this show.

      • You make very valid points in a perfect world but not in a world which exists only to draw ratings and generate profits, @BB18

      • Are you going to come up with evidence other than people talking on the Internet?

        Oh, well people said it on the Internet! So it MUST be true!

        Come on.

  18. Isn’t there a fast forward eviction next week? Is Corey going to get yet another shortened HoH reign? Poor guy

  19. These are posts from other viewers on Twitter; you be the judge!

    I finally watched last nights episode & whoever doesn’t think Corey was helped in that POV comp is blind, crazy & a special kind of stupid. That was too obvious. He walked straight to the pipes without even looking at the manhole cover first. That was rigged

    Guys, I want to apologize if I offended anyone with my comment. I didn’t mean to call any of you blind, crazy or stupid, I was talking about production for doing that. It was too obvious to me that Corey had help. Nicole even said herself that she was surprised & has said on more than one occasion Corey is not the brightest buld in the box. Corey is dumb as a box of rocks. Just sayin!!!

    Remember that Nicole said on live feeds “I didn’t even know we’re the key was until they told me” this was during the comp and she couldn’t make it past the next room…
    Either way that is cheating. I’m done with this show and Survivor for that matter.. cause I’m sure they do the same crap…

    • I love that you’re using comments from people on Twitter. Just stop. I’m saying that nicely. These are merely views and opinions from random people who watch the show. There’s no credibility here as a source so using it is only lessening your own credibility.

      You’re asking a comment about Corey being “dumb as a box of rocks” to hold weight right now. Really? That’s completely based on opinion. It can’t be backed up with proof or facts. I don’t think Corey is dumb at all and its hilarious if Nicole calls him that for anything other than keeping up appearances for the show’s “Gee duh” edit of Corey. Because she doesn’t seem very smart to me herself.

      If (keyword, if) Nicole said that on the live feeds, I would bet it was heavily because she was already out of the competition. She was only in the second room when she blew up. Why is it bad in that case to be like “Sigh, poor Nicole. This is where the key is. Since you can’t win this anyway”?

  20. I think the main reason people are believing this is because of the comp when Glenn went home, and also the week Nat was HoH and they (production) allegedly told her they wanted Nicorey safe. If it were one instance, I think you could argue it’s a coincidence. But after so many times, people are starting to believe it’s rigged. I think the Nicole theory is a good one. I have no doubt she’d try to help him

    Corey definitely had help. If youbcan rewatch, you will notice that when Corey enters the room he doesn’t even look at the manhole cover,but goes straight for the correct pipe to unscrew it.

    Jannie, glad YOU are still here. I totally agree that IF Nicole was able to give him ANY hints then they should both be kicked out of the house. IF it happened, it is totally unfair to any other player, it doesn’t matter who you like or don’t like.

    Thanks franko, glad you are here, too.
    So I think it maybe just comes down to those of us “older folks” not liking being played for fools.
    BB used to be so much fun to watch! Now it seems like just a bunch of young pretty people being cast for looks and not brains or experience. Then CBS feels that they need to “lead” them through the game in order to get the best outcome for CBS and it’s ratings.
    Maybe a bit of that has been happening all along, but they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was CBS production all along, every year, with the megaphone, shouting and airplane signs outside of the BB walls.

    Bottom line we are all invested in the show and are rooting for our favorites. So it’s hard when we encounter inconsistencies which don’t add up.

      • Nicole said herself that she didn’t know the key chain floated “until they told her” and she mentioned a 2nd thing that I can’t remember now and said she didn’t know that either “until they told her.”

        Natalie said herself a couple weeks ago to Nicole that “production wants us to work with you and Corey.” She repeated it and then changed it to “mom and dad.”

        The contract the houseguests sign says basically that any and all rules can change at any time.
        That, combined with the fact that CBS “helps” rather than throws contest and “suggests” rather than orders are one of the ways they legally get around the laws that govern game shows. Technically, it isn’t a game show. It’s a reality show with prizes.

        You don’t think they actually guess what comp is always coming? They are told lots of stuff.

        CBS has their favorites they think are good for ratings. They always keep them there as long as they can. They most definitely bend the rules. The question is whose rules? It’s the rules they have signed contracts saying they can bend.

        We dont like it because we are trying to impose what we think the rules should be. Most feed watchers hate shomances but if CBS feels like “America” likes them, they will continue along with help, hints and everything we think is unfair. Knowing more than the show airs on tv is informative and sometimes a curse. I don’t know if Corey got help or not but they’ve done far worse than that over the years.

      • I’m not telling you production doesn’t manipulate anything. I’m saying your proof and evidence for the matters being discussed (Mainly with BB18, about Corey winning MacGyver Veto) quite honestly…suck. You’re doing poorly backing that up.

        What happened with Glenn? Enlighten me.

      • We are going in circles because you refuse to accept the above. Giving you the benefit of an open mind. Would appreciate the same from you.

        Production or Nicole definitely helped Corey. Why? Because they can and want to. I’ve personally talked to a previous houseguest who told me how production gets involved and tells you things to even say or do in the house. I was very upset hearing this. However I try to remind myself over and over that ‘reality shows’ aren’t reality and just entertainment and once you let that sink in it helps not get so mad.

      • Any circles we’re going in are due to you not answering things adequately. I already told you I never said that production never alters anything. I’m telling you your evidence that they helped Corey is terrible evidence.

        For the third time, what happened with Glenn?

      • Why bother it’s just another conspiracy created by commentators here who as you claim, are trying to discredit Corey and his amazing game.

      • Never called his game amazing. Compared to others though yeah it’s pretty damn good, especially when people like to give credit to people like Michelle before she left. People have given more to everyone than they have to Corey and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration at all. Natalie and James haven’t done what Corey has but they escape this crap more than he does.

        I’ll speak up about that every single time.

      • Well if we are speaking up, Paul has been consistent and has actually played the game and has escaped a few evictions.

        America would be happy to see Paul win over Corey and that’s a fact.

        On Jokers, Corey is ranked in the bottom five while Paul has been in the top 3 consistently.

      • “And that’s a fact”…because you’ve spoken to all of America and gotten confirmation on this? No? Then it’s not a fact. It’s your belief.

        And now you’re using Jokers as a reference for credibility lol. You’re good at this.

        I’m going to bed. Goodnight. Teddy Westside out.

      • Goodnight and glad that we were able to conduct a dialogue on a far higher level than any of the HG in the house now.

        Goes to show that BB18’s fans aren’t push overs and are indeed quite smart.

      • So in other words, Natalie being a notch to James was scripted to hurt him??? Sadistic people on production

      • Where did you copy and paste that from? Or did you actually write it all yourself? Everything after the thing you wrote about Natalie, when you start mentioning CBS and contracts.

      • Google BigBrother contract leaked. It will go through these points and even
        mention their weekly stipend as long as they complete the season.

      • Anybody that watched that veto comp couldn’t miss that Corey definitely had help, just as


        3 hours ago said!!

        If you can rewatch, you will notice that
        when Corey enters the room he doesn’t even look at the manhole cover,but
        goes straight for the correct pipe to unscrew it.

      • So is production or James at fault for Natalie deciding to trust Nicole and Cory? If Natalie is a smart as she claims to be then why did she listen to either of them?

  21. Corey is so tall and his legs are so long 2 steps and he is halfway down the lane no way anybody had a chance to beat Corey.

  22. I thought from the on set that Corey would be good in the game. He has those long legs. He may have been sleep most of the season but he has started to come alive when it really matters. If he’s smart, no matter how we feel as viewers he has to put up Vic and Paul to get one of them out. The main goal as a good player would be to break up another pair. If he puts James up with anyone else Vic might win that POV and save him and Psul. It should get interesting.

  23. Well it’s done. If Victor loses veto he’s a goner. Then Paul and James will team up to takeout one of nicorey. No way anyone wants a showmance in the f3. Please Vic win that veto!!

  24. Yep … Called it for Corey as well, as it is a physical endurance, and with his long legs and younger athletic type body, figured he had the advantage over the remaining HG’s in HOH Comp ..
    Now, if Corey and Nicole were smart, they would suggest to Pau / Victor to be pawns and backdoor James … so, anyone but James wins VETO ??
    A possible double-blindside for Corey/Nicole and not show their true hands / alliance ??
    With a Fast Forward week, Doesn’t really matter who wins HOH, other than guaranteed safety, if I recall, as only the POV Winner decides who goes home or not ??

  25. Who will they put up for eviction, if Corey thinks it out he will put up James as a pawn and then put up Paul. But Paul not good at comps like Victor, so might be better to put up Victor! I DON’t KNOW! If He puts up Paul and Victor wins and takes him off he would have to put up Nicole. So many decisions I have a headache and I am not even playing!! LOL

  26. I have Corey, James & Nicole in my Big Brother pools, so I need them to finish as Final-3.

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