‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

We have your results for who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and what happened with endurance HoH competition that could decide our season’s Final Four HGs following the split of James and Natalie.

Julie Chen with BB18 noms James & Natalie

Would the surviving half of Jatalie be hot for revenge in the next HoH comp or did Paul and Victor’s plan to keep them in the dark play out with their desired effect of a befuddled competitor in the upcoming endurance battle? Oh yeah, it’s time for another Feeds HoH comp.

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First up we’ve got the vote and James should be ready to skate through this one with Natalie taking all the votes, but let’s see if that’s how it turns out.

Big Brother 18 Week 11 Votes:

  • Paul votes to evict: Natalie
  • Nicole votes to evict: Natalie
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Corey votes to evict: Natalie

By a vote of 3-0, Natalie Negrotti has been evicted from Big Brother 18.

CBS says we’ve got an endurance competition coming up tonight and spoilers say that’s going to be the slip & slide challenge which means we’ll be watching it play out online. Make sure you’ve got your Live Feeds ready to go because this one could decide which half of the F4 “alliance” gets split up.

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Big Brother Live Feeds HoH Endurance Comp tonight

Big Brother 18 Week 12 HoH comp:

Big schedule news as we detailed earlier. Next week shows are on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all at 8/7c. Sunday will be the HoH comp & nominations. Tuesday will be Veto comp & sudden eviction. Wednesday will be a second eviction in a Fast Forward week. No Thursday show next week.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the HoH comp fallout! Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fun is all about.


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  1. Never have I been so conflicted, this close to finale, on who I want in the f2. Cheering for 3 people to be in the f2 is stressful ?

  2. On another stage, it’s the start of the NFL season in Denver tonight. Love to see that stadium, I was there so many time when I live there, especially when the Raiders were playing there.

    I think the Panthers win that one tonight. Denver has a rookie QB. Cam will get his small revenge tonight. What do you think ?

  3. I’m generally a pessimist, and at this stage, if Vic/Paul can’t win then I’d prefer it go to Corey. That’s who I’ll be cheering for anyway haha

  4. Ugh! I don’t like Natalie’s childish responses. Jams leave her alone! I bet Victor is happy he dodged that bullet.

  5. All Natalie says is she’s such a nice person why is she getting talked about and blah, blah, blah. Perfect example of how nice she is. NOT

  6. I don’t agree with Natelie’s behaviour. I also don’t agree that James has been protecting Natelie. Natelie played has been playing these past several weeks. All James has done is throw competitions, give bad advice and protect Nicole.

  7. James is such a pest.
    The girl just wants a little space and he is practically smothering her to death.

  8. Wow….James talks about true colors..well, IMO..he just showed his. Calling Natalie an “asshole.” Nat has been playing the game..James has been playing for AFP. They used each other this entire game.

  9. Loved hearing Jeff and Jordan’s insight to the season.

    Paulie didn’t look too happy to see Michelle in the clip. Which is interesting… Is he worried about having another girl there who can’t stand him?

  10. When everyone saw Michelle and they yelled , “NO!”, little did she know, thew really meant “NOOOOO!”

  11. I still don’t get how it was the obvious conclusion that Paul and Corey were working together because of the POV draw. I mean, yeah, they were right, but considering who was left, it would’ve been a lose/lose/lose situation for Paul had the flip not happened.

  12. Da’vonne is still the best. She says it like it is and I knew the dumbest and most pathetic player in the history of BB will get back with Paulie.

  13. Yes, this was Natalie’s dream. That’s why she auditioned for an entirely different show and they just pulled her for this one.

  14. “Blah, blah, blah…blah, blah-blah!! Blah blah, blah-blah,!!!! Blah, blah blah, blah-blah-blah-blah!!!”

      • Maybe she will. Michelle just built Nicole’s case for her. The girl is playing one heck of a game.

      • She could, depending on who she sits with, and how good she can tell her story to the Jury..but I still think it’s an uphill battle for her to get the majority votes, based on what I’ve heard so far from the Jury.

      • Depends who she’s against. She has in the jury house so far Paulie and Z and Day is possible from what she said a couple weeks ago. If Corey goes to jury there’s another vote. If she’s next to James she’ll have Paul and Victor. The only for sure ones in jury she don’t have is the bitter ones of Michelle, Bridgette and Nat. And even then Nat said she’d vote for Nicole over Paul. It’s really anyone’s game. IMO.

  15. Natalie is so loud.
    Nicole is the only girl left in the house just like she wanted, but hopefully her behind is the next one to go.

    • She didn’t have to listen to him. She’s an adult with a mind of her own. She didn’t have to think with her hormones like a teenager.

      • Not to mention that Gnat seems to be just a very spoiled, shallow person and must have a scapegoat for every situation and you are right, acts like a teenager – like maybe 13.

  16. I wonder if the remaining guys are going to try and get Nicole out as they planned with The Executives, to have only males in the final 5, 4,….

  17. Yup, here we go.

    Wait, didn’t we have a buttered popcorn theme for the slip ‘n slide one year? Or am I remembering wrong?

      • I’m dying each time you respond! I burst out laughing and Lula jumps. Oh, K—how you make me laugh! You’re so quick!

      • It’s too gross to go into here. I think you had a discussion about it a while ago. Oh my gosh! I’m still heaving with laughter! I’m going to take off though. I’m exhausted. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. Have a wonderful night, Doll! You make me smile with my heart. :)

      • That’s ok You explained it in detail, you or Linda maybe, although I don’t want to put that on Linda if not true. She’ll kill me. But there was someone else involved in explaining that to me.

      • I keeeeeeeeel you! Ha-ha! 9 hours later, but I’m here! My computer slows down to nothing when so much traffic here so I left as comp pretty much started. Anyway, you guys are so funny and I am taking the 5th on the explanation … it’s that or CRS! I’m going to read more, before I repeat everything everybody else said, so later, gal …. P.S. I hate, hate, hate that bouncy, cutesy, squeaky annoying little Gnat thing even more now!

      • That exit was difficult to watch and listen to. She did her little immature skip skip and then sounded like an irritating gnat buzzing close to your ear that you just want to slap to the ground and then step on. James has no idea what a bullet he dodged with that one. She is no keeper.

  18. This is not the same comp. There is no icy ground, just smeared and they used a tiny little cup before. Nicole is running which she wasn’t able to do in the other one.

  19. Christmas Corey has good “show” in this comp…Maybe he’ll get really short of breath later….we’ll see.. lol

      • Paul and Vic had the exact same idea. No one was very loyal here. This alliance was basically “let’s protect each other until F5.”

  20. Doofus and his long legs have this in the bag. The slope clearly isn’t even that slippery like other seasons, these people are running and not falling. What a shame.

  21. Read somewhere that having long legs is an advantage in this comp. After production helped
    Corey in the POV comp, there’s no telling what they will do anymore

  22. Night everyone…enjoy the slip-n-slide.

    Oh, BTW, I’m the REAL MICKEY! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Yup. Yup. Wall. Drek. Wiki Reddit. Lookit. 3peat.

  23. Looks like Corey has this one and it certainly looks like James is doing a horrible job at pretending. He’s ready to join Natalie

    • Paul should’ve stuck with the main bowl. It makes no sense to change once you’ve started. Amazing race rule number 1.

    • Paul just switched back to the big bowl. I think they are feeling comfortable with Corey and Nicole in the lead over James.

    • Paul mentioned to Victor that he might throw the comp to Corey so that VP could both play in the next HOH. Does it look like he’s throwing it?

  24. Somehow Natalie came out smelling like a rose after Julie read the exact words Nat used to throw James UTB.

    • You could see the contempt on Nat’s face when Julie asked that question. Nat probably wanted to go to her normal move and play the victim. But she did a decent job of saving face there.

      • The feedsters know more about her and their relationship. , but for the TV viewers, I thought the editing from their fight leading up to her eviction, then to Julie’s interview was perfect…the couple cleaned up. Compare that to Pauliie’s eviction, and then his way to the Jury house…geesh..

      • I agree with you Cyril. I didn’t have any issues with the editing of the end of James & Nat. Paulie received a pretty positive edit considering everything he did while in the house.

    • Really, you think so? she still blamed him when she went up to the HoH room saying she trusted his judgement.

      • i don’t think she fooled anyone but i did enjoy the expression change on her face when julie called her out

      • I loved that too. She kept repeating she never meant that at all. I honestly think she doesn’t remember saying it.

      • Yeah I think we’re both talking about the same thing cause in the quote Julie read was also the statement about trusting James judgement. That’s the part of what she said that I think makes her look bad as far as James is concerned

      • oh I see now the confusion because I mentioned when she went up to the HoH room? Just referring to where the quote julie read came from

      • Oh! ok, that made me mad when she said that.
        As if she’s such a great BB player that it’s all James’s fault she’s in her present predicament.
        Good to hear Paul tell her what he thought of that. I hope she realizes that’s the main reason she was evicted.

  25. Corey wins this one easy, I just hope Vic and Paul can talk some sense into him. They need to explain that if he keeps them this week then he is automatically in F3 because Paul, Vic,!and Nicole would keep him around. If Nicole wins HOH next week she’d nom Paul and Vic and if either of them win they’d nominate Nicole and Corey with Nicole leaving. James is the only one there who would target Corey and he’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • Corey will never go against Nicole and Nicole wants Paul or Vic out. The final 4 deal was just for the week while Vic was HOH. She’s a snake just like Meech said

      • Let’s just hope they’re dumb enough and Corey nominates James and Paul, then Vic wins veto saves Paul, then Corey is forced to renom Nicole. Even if they nominate Vic and Paul and James won veto and used it Nicole would go home. I really hope Nicole goes home during Corey HOH week.

  26. Corey’s starting to slow down, but he’s well in the lead, so it might not make much of a difference.

  27. Whoever said that Natalie would do well in this comp was right! Too bad production took away her POV on the MacGyver game by giving Corey a heads up.

  28. Feeds are taking a little break.

    Oh, and keep your guard up, everyone. There’s been weirdness in the chat.

  29. Well James is not winning and Paul isn’t doing so hot either. It’s going to be between Corey and Nicole I think. Nicole is going for the small one but by what she has in it if it was in the larger one I think she would be ahead of Corey.

  30. Nicole is killing it. If she wouldn’t of went for the larger scoop she would of been way ahead of everyone. I hope this works for her.

  31. Would be funny if they bring Paulie back for the fall season in a few weeks. He’s the only one there that doesn’t have any responsibilities. Day has a child which she hasn’t seen in a few months so she wouldn’t be able to go for another season. What do you all think?

  32. Would be funny if they bring Paulie back for the fall season in a few weeks. He’s the only one there that doesn’t have any responsibilities. Day has a child which she hasn’t seen in a few months so she wouldn’t be able to go for another season. What do you all think?

  33. Production has done too much to help Nicole and Corey’s showmance and James to be in F3.

    Paul and Vic played a good game but they never stood a chance.

  34. Corey almost 3/4 full. Nicole almost 1/2 full. But she does have the larger scoop so she might win this.

      • But if James doesn’t even want to be there, then put him up and vote him out. There’s no sense in keeping someone who doesn’t want to be there around. Besides, not sure if they’e aware that someone is leaving Monday but James is probably thinking Natalie is going to be in jury with Paulie for a week.

      • James hasn’t given up yet. He told Nat this afternoon he planned on throwing this HOH comp unless he was certain he could win it. His reasoning was that he felt fairly safe this week and wanted to play next week for sure. Basically said he was gonna take his chances this week with whomever won HOH.

      • Completely agree. James just might slide by this week to final four. Nicorey have both said they would prefer to end up in final three with James as well.

      • Yeah you can tell he’s having a tough time tonight now that Nat’s gone. He went into London to unpack his duffle bag and found that Nat had put her sandals and house slippers in there for him to use while she was gone. Plenty of sighs and a few “it hurts.”

      • Poor James, it was so difficult reading about that on Jokers. Here he is with his heart breaking over someone that I’m not quite sure deserves it.
        Once again she told him during her eviction speech that she loved him and they were soul mates.
        When James approaches her about saying that post BB she’ll probably smile and say Oh, I only meant I felt that way about you as a friend.
        I’m still a little upset with Nat’s actions toward James when they were both on the block.
        The way she behaved toward him indicating she no longer wanted any thing to do with him since they were now on the block and it was all his fault was unkind. In reality this was her chance to get rid of James since she no longer needed him anymore making him feel like he’s messed up her game.
        This was so disingenuous I’m not sure I believe anything Nat says anymore.

      • I hear you about the way Nat was treating James while on the block this week. It really went both ways during this time to though, hot one day and cold the next. It’s tough to blame James for sticking by her through it all b/c he knew she would warm back up after her cold spell and be sweet to him again. Many feel that she was doing this (being sweet at times) for AFP reasons. There could be some truth to that, I just don’t really know to be honest (the relationship was pretty complicated like I said before). We may never fully know either b/c of the way Nat takes even the smallest negative and blows it up to huge proportions. She’s likely to find out after the show a lot of the things James was saying about her, and their relationship to other HGs behind her back. He was venting like most people do in this type of situation, but it was for the world to see (and document). That could be enough for her to believe that James was never trustworthy with her. Where most people would be able to look past these in-game comments and see the big picture, she may not and that could be the end of their friendship or any other future romantic interest. James should realize that he did the best he could with her, treated her well, and stood by her side through the game. Move on if need be.

      • I wish there had been BBN articles telling us all the things that James was saying about Natalie to other people, because the episodes made James look like the injured party.
        What was James saying that you found questionable? I’m pretty sure Natalie will find this unforgivable if James really crossed the line here, and I don’t blame here.
        I still confused about this showmance and only time will tell if Nat was being sincere to james while in the house.
        We’ll find out the fate of Nicorey during the after party when Corey ditches her and flirts with all the good looking women. I can’t stand this guy and I wish he would leave next.

      • Well India, IMO James was, by and large, the injured party. The bulk of his comments about Nat to other HGs were just him questioning her true intentions (and often them throwing shade on Nat). James never directly badmouthed Natalie, but shared his frustrations over her hot/cold behavior and flirting with others. Had Nat known about these conversations while in the house though, she would have made a HUGE deal about it. The smallest comments from other HGs were a major blow to her emotions. She held onto these moments and would dwell and dwell on them all throughout the game. She often asked James if he was talking about her/them with others, James lied about these conversations to prevent her from overreacting and holding things against him. I don’t really blame him, outside of the house this is normal behavior (venting to others). Plus, Nat is the type of person to avoid difficult discussions, bottle her emotions inside and lash out in a passive aggressive manner until she’s pushed and pushed to discuss what’s bothering her. I don’t like to defend James’ dishonesty, but in the house/game it was really the best option to keep things together.

        But, there was a point in the game that he did kinda throw Nat under the bus. If you remember during Paul’s HOH, Day was Paulie’s backdoor target (Paul wanted Bridge out). Bridge was OTB with Paulie (pawn), Paulie won veto and Paul had to decide who to nom. James knew Day was Paulie/Corey/Nicole’s target but he also knew that Day going home was bad for his game. Prior to the re-nom, James met with Paul and threw out the option of nom’ing Nat instead. I’m 100% certain James felt that Bridge would have gone home over Natalie and that he could have rallied the votes to make this happen, but it was risky. James never told Nat of this and I’m pretty certain it was never discussed further in the house following the initial conversation (or anywhere online that I recall), but Nat would not have been happy about this then, or even later when they get outside of the house.

      • I wish my memory was as good as yours :D Did that happen before James and Nat began their relationship? Because before that happened James seemed very loyal to Paulie and the alliance of 8 or the all guys alliance or whichever one it was.
        Natalie might be one of those people that nothing you do will ever please her. And with her hot/cold nature she can turn cold very fast. I can see why she would feel betrayed by james discussing their personal problems with another HG and millions of live feeders, I’m not so sure I could forgive such a betrayal.

      • Lol thanks:) That happened after their showmance began, probably about two weeks after.

        James would have likely preferred not to discuss things with the others, but Nat kinda gave him no other options. He needed the support/opinion of a friend and turned to another HG. Tough to fault him in that case, the feeds see all though.

      • Yes, in a case like James’s he desperately needed input as to whether or not Nat was just using him. I hope James will cheer up and start getting his head back into the game :D

  35. Paul seems to have decided that the best way to get down the ramp is to slide down it on his butt. Considering the number of falls this guy has taken, I’m not sure he’s wrong.

  36. Nicole falls and takes it in stride!

    EDIT: On a side note, though, she smacked her head pretty good on that ramp, so I hope she’s okay. She seems to be, but they better call her into the DR later to check.

  37. What it comes down to now is if Corey will show his cards or not. Will be flat out nominate Vic and Paul as a pair or will he nominate one of them with James and pretend James is the target?

  38. well regardless how it goes i wanted vic/paul final 2 but it looks like this is gonna be corey’s hoh maybe nicole and i hope vic won’t be walking out soon but i think a final eviction is incoming for him

  39. Went to look at Brenchel’s baby; Adora was also She-Ra’s name. MMMkhay! And Borealis is pertaining to the north or north wind. (Was interested why they named the child that….). Suppose it is no worse than North West and Saint West, Apple, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc…

  40. Sorry but James screwed a lot of people with his lack of playing the game….. And have you ever thought maybe that’s how he wanted it to be, he is now in the best position ever as both teams want him to be their third wheel!

  41. I love how natalie on her way out announces that she loves James and he is her soul mate, and when she talks to Julie she gets really loud. Does anyone else think she simply did that for AFP? Also didn’t she say she was going to trash Nicole in her speech? I hope James learns from this and doesn’t spend one dime on her.

    • She’s hedging her bets in case by some chance James wins the $500k, then she’ll discover she loves him. Yup

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