‘Big Brother 18’ HoH Endurance Competition Tonight On Live Feeds

Are you ready to watch a Big Brother HoH brawl tonight when a live endurance competition plays out after tonight’s eviction show? Get your Big Brother Feeds ready because that’s where the action is going to be and you can watch it all play out.

Big Brother Live Feeds Endurance HoH comp

Starting just after the live eviction is over the endurance HoH competition will likely decide which way we’ll see things go for the F4 alliance which already looks ready to turn on itself & this comp could give both sides that very chance. Spoilers suggest this will be the return of the slip & slide comp which has a track record of going to all sorts and sizes of Houseguests. I don’t think any one HG has a huge advantage unlike the Wall type comps.

If you’re new to Big Brother or the Live Feed then you may not realize fans can watch in-house cameras everyday to check in on the latest HG plans and mischief. When it comes to endurance comps we can turn on those same camera views and watch the battle for power live as it happens. These are what we call the Live Feeds and are now part of CBS’s “All Access” service.

CBS has promised that things will kick off at 10PM ET (7PM PT) so you’ll want to be signed up and ready to watch. If you haven’t signed up before then you can get the 1-Month Free Trial to test out CBS’s All Access online video service. After that period you’ll be billed $5.99/month and can keep watching the Feeds for the rest of BB18 and the special fall season of Big Brother Over The Top.

Big Brother Live Feeds Free Trial Sign-Up:

Follow this link to sign-up now with promo code “FALLACCESS” for your Big Brother Feeds’ Free Trial to set up your account and be ready to watch tonight’s HoH competition as it plays out live online only.

Big Brother Live Feeds HoH Endurance Comp tonight
If you aren’t able to sign up then rest assured that we’ll have our regular complete coverage of tonight’s endurance competition posted live on the site as it happens.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and then follow along at 10PM ET for the Live Feed HoH comp. It’s going to be a wild night of Big Brother.


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  1. Slip and slide challenges are the fun kind of competitions I like to watch in Big Brother. Hopefully Paul can pull this off.

    I remember Becky winning this last year (and more) so it’d be interesting how the guys will fare this time around.

  2. Slip and Fall?..Well, this is Paul’s Comp..yes! That’s my prediction. Paul will be the new HoH today..ladies and gentlemen..lol

  3. The greatest thing that could possibly happen today would be if Victor can help headstrong Paul understand that the backyard shouter had a purpose and was telling the truth; convince Paul that Nicole is teamed with James, not Big Dummy; then convince Big Dummy of same – resulting in bye-bye James. This will not happen. But a fan can dream.

    • Yes!! I havent seen or read the HG talking about this at all. Why not? They rehash other things over and over again ( ie Paul can cook if he made fries. WTF?)

      • Production had to have told them not to b/c there is nO WAY that Paul would let something like that go without hashing it out, then rehashing it and then beating it to death from every direction!

      • Ikr? But they’ve talked about the blow up doll a couple times…. Is that ok bc she is being evicted?

      • Don’t know if he was serious, but Paul put the James/Nicole alliance shoutout together with the blow up doll and said he thought they were meant to disturb Gnat – his words were “somebody must really hate her”. So maybe he actually didn’t consider the words as an alert of a real alliance??

      • If that is Paul’s final guess…then imo he is seriously slipping in the cunning dept and needs to be fired as the social coordinator of #SittingDucks!


      • i’m telling ya’ll he hasn’t been the same without pablo…maybe he was playing pablo’s game all along…hmmmmmmm

      • Or he’s already considering a James and Nicole alliance as a real possibility and seeks to use the alliance for his own advantage (i.e., entree to F2), thereby necessitating a quick distracting analysis and never to be spoken of again.

      • I read on jokers that they went to fish immediately after the incident, so that’s when production schools them on what they are allowed to talk about while they are on the show.

    • That’s because vic is Paul’s sacrificial lamb. Why would he talk to nicole? Paul is holding things close to his chest

  4. I just read Victor’s latest HOH letter. He was so sweet in his description of Nicole. I think the poor guy is in for a rude awakening. Corey and Nicole’s betrayal will probably hurt him the most, he really does trust them. He is so loyal, I feel bad for him.

    • they gave him 5000 reasons to trust them, he is a loyal guy so it will suck to see that happen if it does…

      • Nicole has already planned it out with Corey. She even asked Corey if he’d mind if she took James to F2 instead of him!!

      • I don’t think that Victor or Paul trust them anymore but that Victor doesn’t know what to do about it except for knowing that he and Paul need to win comps and go from there. I think that his last act of trust was nominating James and Natalie together, which was a tactical error. Paul’s recent complacency has mystified me. I don’t know whether it’s to conceal what he’s thinking from Nicole and Corey or if it’s because he made a side F2 plan with Nicole. I saw them do this but doubt that either of them meant it.

    • Me too. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not looking forward to seeing Vic betrayed AGAIN, but I agree, this one is going to hurt him more than the others. Poor Vic might need therapy after playing BB this summer! ;)

      I can only hope if Nicole does enact her plan, Vic wins POV, pulls himself off the block and then comes back to win HOH & noms her & Corey in revenge!

    • He is too trusting and that’s why he got evicted twice and possibly a third and last time if he doesn’t wake up today.

      • I know Vic wanted to get rid of James. He even said that he would feel stupid and hate to get evicted by him again.
        I think he knows the votes are not up to him.

      • Agreed. Neither did he or Paul even think about the slip James had last week where he said Natalie wanted to keep Vic over Corey… Imo, even if they do not like her anymore, they should at least realize she is a vote in their favor, not Nicole & Corey’s. However, they never even gave it a second thought. Thats a little lackadaisical if you ask me.

      • He’s both sometimes…too trusting and naive when it comes to how people will play this game at least. Probably not so much in RL, but in the BB house, his naivete has hurt his game at times. Don’t you think so?

      • I know! He views people as he sees himself and you cannot do that in this game. You have to *expect* people are going to try and get you in BB. Vic is just too nice sometimes and it has hurt his game more than once.

        Paul had better be on his J.O.B. tonight and win this comp!

    • Someone said a few days back that the HOH win/title seems to go to Vic’s head and he loses focus. I think whoever said that is right. It’s like all of a sudden, when he is HOH, he is uneVICtable – hate using that word, but seems it fits.

      • Agree Linda. It has gotten worse since this alliance with Nicorey…I am not blaming them, but I think he feels safer than he ever has and…as we all know…in BB you should never-ever feel safe! He needs to stop thinking about past wins and focus on future wins! And stop being a bully too Vic. It doesn’t suit him. He’s been so classy and nice all season. Not liking his beefier (albeit handsomer) version of Paul!

      • I didn’t care for him at first either, but he has grown on me. Now I am rooting for him to win. :)

  5. Nicole needs to go on survivor. A couple of days with that whining voice of hers and her fellow survivors will set her adrift way before the first tribal council. Jeff will have to call the coast guard to come save her.

  6. Omg, an endurance competition, just for Jamesie so he can save our fair maiden Nicole.

    BB you are so insulting. You all should be ashamed of yourselves orchestrating this entire show just so a woman can win. You need to pay everyone involved an extra bonus, say $50,000, that’s right, for having to endure this deception.

  7. Corey or Paul will pull this off. I hope Corey gets it and sends James or Paul home. If Paul wins I hope he sends James home.

  8. Just watched last nights episode.

    I can’t with Natalie asking “James why do you look so sad” Like really you don’t know?

      • I would have been like if thats the way you want to be then I will go campaign and get your butt out of this game.

      • Yep, I wish that is what Jamesy would do, but instead we get Mr Longface moping around. I want to see some game people, wake up!!!

      • hahaha, I doubt it. I hope she watches and understands how annoying she really is. Do people really want to be around her and her incessant need to be acknowledged, how tiring!

  9. Laughing at the “showmance didn’t work, but I will always have you” tweet,Nat to Jamesy, sure Nat, way to let a guy down!

  10. Natalie is a real piece of work….All she has done for the last 3 days is try to “guilt trip” James into campaigning for “her” to stay …..I have not seen the little self servicing bitch talk to anybody and campaign for James or herself.. She is one sleezey female that I would love to slap “smart”…

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