‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Round 2 Comp?

After a lengthy delay the Final HoH Round 2 comp finally played out for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests and we have the spoilers for which two HGs will face off on finale night to decide the season’s Final 2. The stress was mounting on these Houseguests, but now the pressure is over.

Nicole studies for Round 2 HoH comp

Round 1 wrapped up on Wednesday night but it wasn’t until deep in to Saturday morning before the remaining two players needed to determine who would continue to compete and who would watch from the sidelines at next week’s finale.

Paul had already won the first round which meant Nicole and James would face off for this next challenge and the winner was…

Final HoH Round 2 Comp:

  • Nicole won the comp!

When Feeds returned things were quiet but Nicole was soon alone and said that was the easiest comp she had ever done while James in the other room said “I got smoked.” Soon they were back together and both of the guys were congratulating Nicole as she excitedly said she would be competing in Round 3 on finale night so there we go.

Paul will be joined by Nicole on Wednesday night during the live finale show for the giant scales of justice to crown the final HoH and then move to evict one of the other two HGs. That’ll give us our F2 of the season and then it’ll be up to the Jury to decide who deserves to be the winner of Big Brother 18.

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    • I don’t know if I’d say that, because Vic is my all-time fave. But Paul is deserving to win it all over these two other ninkapoop vets! :-)

      • Victor was too naive to be my all time favorite. Victor n paul are def my favorite showmance! Lobe them 2 together

  1. Paul is talking too much to Nicole about his family. She might not pick him out of jealousy. She doesn’t know about friendship. As Julie Chen said, Nicole hasn’t been loyal to anyone but Corey agreeing with Michelle’s estimation of Nicole being a snake.

    Paul don’t mention your family or your company. Folks like Nicole (and James for that matter) aren’t as respectful and ambition oriented as you.

    • I don’t think Nicole isn’t ambitious in her life. She is a nurse. Maybe she doesn’t own her own company, but she does help save lives…

      • Nicole comes across as being the kind person who would be jealous of someone’s success and would use that against them when picking the person she would be taking to the F2.

      • How naive of you, this is a game show, the personalities of the players will be entirely different outside the house!

      • Maybe but at this point she smart enough or SHOULD be smart enough to pick the person she thinks she can beat which by my estimation is James

      • She either can’t be working or couldn’t have worked much. She’s only 24/25 and to become a nurse it takes 4 years of school. This is her second time on big brother so unless she is alot older than 24/25 or gradutaed high school a year early, then she doesn’t have much if any nurse experience.

      • comments like these annoy me. Nicole had just graduated nursing school before bb16 and worked as a nurse the whole time between the two seasons. She is 24 with her degree and 1.5 years experience. And she’s had time to be on BB twice. She has as much experience as would be expected

      • Here Here Nicole.. You have to have a brain cell to be a nurse.. and you get LOADS of experience during that time space. You do so much work experience, in every avenue of nursing, so by the time you graduate you have experience in all fields relating to the degree.. Good on her for making it this far in the game.. If she was part of my family or a former colleage.. I’d surely be proud of her.

      • She doesn’t have that many years in nursing experience. She even quit her job to come on the show because she figures she can be a nurse anywhere or get her job back when she returns home.

      • Nurses are needed so I hope she doesn’t do anything to hurt her career. Nursing school is not easy. She should be able to get a job if she wants to work.

      • I believe this as well and that’s all that matters right now. I hate to see anyone lose their job because of some show!

      • I hate to see anyone have such a desire for money or be so desperate for a man/woman that they would do things to ruin their reputation. That kind of damage lingers, and usually much longer than any winnings.

      • my granddaughter is 27 and graduated nursing school she is an E.R. nurse se said that she didn’t know how Nic could behave like that since she would be representing the hospital and staff perhaps that’s why she had to quit her job

      • She has an honorable job, helping others, I can not find one fault with her during this whole game. Seems like a daughter her family can be proud of.

      • It’s true that family standards and what is viewed as being disrespectful varies. I would definitely not be proud of my daughter for that type of public behavior.

      • So true Linda! I would be so proud to have Nicole as my daughter. She is funny and motivated. Not many can say they went through to be an RN at such a young age. She has many years to be a great nurse and I see her doing just that. As far as what goes on under covers..that is her business. She is young, single and I don’t believe should be judged for what she did or didn’t do Under Covers!

    • Paul is totally “disrespectful” and considers himself to be above the other HGs….And u don’t have a clue as to the life that Nicole and James live outside the house…James has a kid he needs to support ( James helps raise money for a boys home) Nicole needs to pay for her education….While Paul is gonna buy his Mom a Bentley…so u need to rethink the respect and ambition comment u made.

      • James didn’t come across as caring for anybody or anything but himself and obsessed over Natalie this entire season.

      • I would never speak about respect and Big Brother in the same sentence anyway! It just doesn’t jive well together. haha

      • Thanks Joni, good point.

        But if we had to get picky then Vic would always be celebrated as the most respectful HG this season.

        BTW, good morning! ?

  2. Read around the web…

    I’m so sick of James whining about Natalie throwing him under the bus when he threw her under the bus when she wanted Corey evicted instead of Victor. That had far more impact than her meaningless conversation with Paul and Victor.

    Julie Chen was right when she said James hasnt contributed much to the game.

  3. Let’s be honest gang, if we had to choose the best duo of the season between


    Paul & Vic were the best team of two this season.

    • They were the only team with 2 members playing the whole game. Nicole and Corey floated most of the game and most of the challenges they won were either given to them or they look like production seriously helped. James didn’t play at all he dragged Natelie down. Frank played socially but didn’t win comps and Bridgette was a mess.

      • What game where you watching? Paul basically turned on his alliances at the beginning when Jose was booted! The only way he was staying was a line himself with Paulie, and the 7. He slid under their wings, and did what they said n to advance. That is why he is where he is. He even got really lucky every time Vic came back in the game. If VIC was not able to come back into the game I believe Paul would have been done long ago!

      • Paul comes across as an all around nice guy. Very well balanced and put together. Unfortunately this is more than can be said about Nicole or James.

        Major kudos to Paul’s parents for doing a great job raising such a fine, respectful human being.

      • I wouldn’t go that far calling him respectful. Remember the word he called Michelle? There was no need for that.

      • There really wasn’t but it was the heat of the moment and Michelle was far from respectful. She was an instigator. Rumor is that production wasn’t that fond of her either.

      • I agree. But of the three left, he did contribute to the game more than they did, socially or otherwise. The other two stayed hidden most of the season until they needed to do something to stay. Paul basically fought his way to stay almost the whole season!

      • Paul was always there on the frontline and that’s why everyone wants to see Paul win now. He’s absolutely earned it.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if Paul got his own reality show.

        Side question, Joni:

        Why is everyone always mentioning appearing on the Bold and the Beautiful? Also, does CBS tend to switch everyone around and cast them on other shows i.e. Survivor, Amazing Race, etc.


      • Yes he did…the others started to play when the numbers were dwindling and had no choice…Paul was in survival mode since week 2.

      • I think Paul had no choice but to back off Victor when he did. Vic was blabbing to everyone & Paul saw that it would (& did) get him booted. Vic learned from that & told Julie he’d play it more cautiously if he got back in, which he did. So Paul could feel more safe having him as an ally.

      • Paul played the game the way he needed to survive…when the numbers are against you…you align yourself with side that has the power and ability to win and has couple of big targets that hold the reins and that’s what he did….you do what you have to do

      • He won 2 RK comps, but there could be a reason he didn’t try to to win any of the others. Maybe he was just wanting to help the newbies win??

      • Natalies 3rd choice of latching on to a male in the house was James…James didn’t drag Natalie anywhere… she went willingly and turned on him when the going got ruff….To the best of my knowledge Nicole never turned on Corey but had Paulie stayed in the game Corey would have turned on Nicole…

  4. Paul is being so sincere and genuine to Nicole right now. Hope Nicole doesn’t stab him in the back.

    • If Dingus would go on a TV show that has feeds available for the world to see and have sexcipades with a guy she doesn’t even really know for weeks with cameras watching, even knowing the cameras are watching(because she checked to see)at the risk of her reputation and embarrassment of her family…for what….for money. (and this is all according to what I have read about feeders seeing, YouTube videos that others say exist, and little I could bear watching on BBAD or reading about on Jokers) She deserves any public scrutiny she gets because she put it out there for all the world to see.
      Since Paul isn’t even family, I don’t think she will have ANY problem putting that knife in Paul’s back.

      • Unfortunately what you wrote is very true. If Nicole could do all that then she will probably stab Paul in the back.

        TBH haven’t watched any of her ‘escapades’ either. It was truly ridiculous for her to embarass herself and family.

      • And that’s why she doesn’t do social media other than Instagram, since that is more geared toward photos! hahaha

      • Stupid fox or someone’s puppy kept me up 1/2 the night. I want to either hang a human or set a trap for the fox in heat! LOL

      • You need my possum trap. It doesn’t maim or kill them. But then you gotta do the dirty work or take them out in the country away from other people’s property to release. Bad thing about it, is every now and then you catch a skunk and that could turn into a big stink. I’ve done that twice. :(

      • I know, so I’ll leave it up to the farmer/hunter to do this dirty work. He has all the necessary equipment! I’m calling him later today to see what he can do. :-)

      • Ahahahaha. He has a gun too, which I don’t and has killed many copperheads for me as well! He won’t kill a fox or skunk, but will trap them and set them free on a farm that’s not surrounded by residential homes. LOL

      • I hope you have some sort of protection with you since you Uber drive. ??? Spray, taser, something..please!!

      • What about Paul taking James to the final two if he wins after promising Nicole? Wouldn’t that be stabbing Nicole in the back? That’s how the game is played.

  5. So many dislike Nicole because she played the game! Nicole was smart enough to know that girls will never ever be able to make to the final as a group Women are to catty to put issues aside long enough to form a all girl alliance. Nicole did it right! She choose to a line herself with the guys and build the confidence they needed to see to win. The guys trust Nicole! Michelle is nothing but a cry baby, and only hated Nicole because she had a crush on Corey. I wish Nicole the best of luck and if she wins HOH? I hope she takes Paul, because James has accomplished nothing!

    • Don’t forget how production persuaded Natalie and others to stick with Nicole and Corey too. Production played a hand in Nicole’s and Corey’s success. But glad that even Julie Chen came around and said that she even thinks Paul deserves to win it all because Nicole was a snake.

      • Paul does deserve to win…but he has to win the final comp or he’s done at 3rd place…not right.

      • Totally agree with you Tony.

        So how does this work now? We have to wait till Wednesday and what happens then? Paul and Nicole compete and then nominate or…

        Unlike James, this is my first rodeo with Big Brother! ?

      • Yes the winner decides who they will take to the final 2….and James is probably going to be the carry on…if either one of them wants to win easily…Paul and Nicole head to head would be a tough decision for the jury…James knows he not going to win…but doesn’t mind the cash.

      • It’s really heartbreaking for America to watch James get rewarded for being this season’s least favorite.

      • It is, but I’d hate to not see Paul win the 500k or even the 50k than to see these other two win it.

      • Paul deserves to win the $500k and it would be an insult to us, the viewers, if James wins either of the F2 prizes.

      • Whoever wins Round 3 wins the decision of who to take to the F2 with them for the jury to decide who wins it all!

      • Really hoping that Paul manages to pull a win out. It’s going to be a long week for all of them.

      • Now I agree with that. He fought his way most of the season and deserves something for that, just as Vic does for his efforts! :-)

      • That still has me SMH and quite leary of those comments. I’m not doubting she said it, but she says things with predetermined answers so this is what CBS wants us to believe, but I’m not buying it.

      • I’m very skeptical of anything said by CBS and anyone they “own” regarding BB. I think there is ALWAYS an agenda.

      • noooo something about or a lot about that “interview” doesn’t seem Julie Chen….I have never known her to do an interview of that sort before concerning BB.. And the “shits & giggles” comment or the Nicole being a snake comment is not something Julie Chen would say as in my opinion she has too much class and respect for her job and would not use those terms in an interview…The only season I know of that she remarked /commented on was BB 15 and we all know why that happened..I maybe wrong but it just don’t seem like a Julie Chen interview to me..

      • It was her, but she called Nicole a snake but noted it as Michelle would say. She didn’t say it herself too! The interview was totally the way I’ve come to believe Julie responding. I’ve been watching her on The Talk for a few years. She doesn’t put others down, she just tells it like it is without being duplicitous! :-)

      • hmmmm good points but it still doesn’t seem plausible to me…As I said I could be wrong…Am sure that with the controversy surrounding the interview we will hear more…

      • No thanks. I’m not into self-inflicted pain. That’s why I stopped watching the show even before Victor was evicted. To me, there is not an iota of integrity left and it was more annoying than entertaining to be of the opinion that not all had the same equal opportunity to win. But my BBN friends still have integrity and entertain me immensely.

      • I’ve yet to read the interview but I have feeling people are overreacting over the “snake” comment. If the article have put quotation marks around the word to connote that she herself was quoting it, then there is really no issue about it.

        Julie knows whenever she’s opining to just keep it short and sweet. Emma from BBUK though have a lot of things to say over the players there she doesn’t exactly have a fun time interviewing every eviction.

        I like both hosts either way. :)

      • Obviously you haven’t read the interview. In that whole interview, she sounded more like an ex-player/guest on RHAP. Analyzing the game, opinion about players strategy, surprisingly, who she’s rooting for. In the business perspective, she basically expressed their desired outcome, what’s working and what’s not, she like good characters for the show. She criticized some players, and also praised some of them….it was just a different Julie Chen for me.

      • I just read it an hour after posting my comment to see it for myself. My opinion on the matter still stands although THR should have probably put the “snake” comment in quotes to support “…, as Michelle would say”.

        As host of BB, Julie has no real sway on who stays and who goes, unless she is granted powers akin to a producer like what happened to Probst for Survivor (who was mulling leaving the show after the Gabon season before he stayed and became EP/showrunner).

        But I don’t think the need for Julie to do so, as she likely knows beforehand how time-consuming overseeing Big Brother can be, looking over and recording events from the past 24/7, etc.

      • Her swaying who stays and who goes wasn’t even in my mind. I actually enjoyed reading it. I just never heard her talk about the game so candidly.

      • I guess it comes with the job. Heck, even my job right now have unintended perks like exclusive access to stuff a commoner would die to have. hehe

      • Forgot to add: I’ve gotten used to seeing her post eviction interviews with Dalton Ross on Entertainment Weekly and they always are short. With THR, I guess, looking at past interviews in relation to BB, they do tend to go a little more in-depth.

      • Yes!..exactly what I’m saying. It’s like picking on her brain….I wanted to hear some more. lol

      • Julie is a whole new person than she was before Talk. before she was very above us all.. classy and snooty? now we see her on the talk being more human than just a beautiful face.

      • When it comes to BB, I believe everything she says has a scripted answer that plays up the facade that has been presented this season by BB. There is a reason for this sudden departure from the norm and, imo, it has everything to do with the public being very irate about the interference in the game.

      • i’m with you i find it hard to believe a veteran tv spokesperson makes personal commentary on a show she hosts..julie is too professional none of that says professional veteran spokesperson to me

      • I know, but from what I’m reading, she did say these things in an interview. As I stated, there is an agenda behind it, imo.

      • wow that’s so crazy…just feels like integrity might have been for sale some kind of way…but at least she held out for many years lol

      • I read on one thread where someone confirmed it was in an interview with Hollywood Reporter(I think that was the name of it).

      • example…former football players broadcasting games are certainly fans of the game and they have opinions on the games especially if they have played for that particular coach or team however they choose(inside the nfl for example) not to comment or make calls on a game if they are going to be broadcasting that game for that week it doesn’t mean they are boring and not fans and that’s what i’m saying in former years julie’s tone and takes on the house were different…times have changed certainly…can she be a fan i would expect that since she has done the show since the beginning…was she boring before? not at all…is she boring now? no, so my opinion is somewhere be it in the interview edit or what have you some integrity is off and uncharchteristic of seasons before

      • I’m normally not so cynical as I have become with this show, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Julie was saying what she thought the majority of fans of BB wanted to hear throwing a bone to hold back the mob that feels production might have just pushed past the limits of what many fans will accept. Just one way to look at it.

      • I did read the whole article. I was surprised by some of her comments. She also said that Nicole knew how to play the game and was playing the game. She also didn’t like all the slut-slamming Nicole was getting in on line forums. But what really surprised me was when she said that Cody should have taken Victoria to the finals and cut Derrick. If you’re going to play BB, play to win.

      • You would think that someone who has responsibilities such as raising an infant would put more effort into actually winning the game rather than stalking Natalie all season.

      • I’m puzzled as to why James didn’t play the game AT ALL. I can’t figure it out. Some say he was more obsessed with being America’s Favorite. But you can still play the game if that’s your goal. In fact, you kind of need to have your head in the game at least a little. Pranks & cute showmances aren’t going to cut it.

      • He thought the same formula that got him AFP the first time would work again…but this time he had fauxmance that made him look like a fool.

      • To be honest, it would take a lot of convincing for Nicole to win over the jury against Paul. Da’vonne seems to be impressed based on jury footage so at this point, it’s still up in the air, unlike the past three seasons where it was without question who the jury will award the win to: Andy, Derrick, and Steve (who was smart to take out Vanessa at the most critically pivotal moment).

  6. What people are writing on the web:

    just before crawling into bed…

    James: “Hurry up wednesday!!!. I don’t want either of these HG’s changing their minds about taking ME to final 2”

    Typical James.. always counting on others to do the work and then carry his lazy bum to F2

    • Also typical James: thinking N or P would take him because he earned it, not bc he’s the biggest goat ever. Between his sense of entitlement, and imagining Nat has ANY romantic interest in him, IMO the delusion is strong in this one.

      • 100% correct.

        Couldn’t have said it better:

        Between his sense of entitlement and imagining Nat has any romantic interest in him = delusional.

        Just feel sorry for Nat after the show. Hope she realizes that everyone feels the same way and she shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell James to bug off.

  7. Paul deserves to win but he doesnt need the money, James doesnt deserve to win. he fell for a bimbo that was using him and he never did anything to win. that girl doesnt give two hoots about you james. i cant stand nicole and her whinny voice..so i guess i vote for Paul

    • I agree that Paul deserves the win. I don’t think the money should be a factor when people vote for a winner. If you come onto to a show like BB because you need money, I think you have your priorities screwed up. Winning the money would probably benefit everyone who plays the game in some way but I think some of these people would have been better off working for the summer to support their families.

      • Great point Book7175, some of them would have been better off working to support their families i.e. James.

        But as long as they make it to jury, they get a $15k paycheck just for being on the show. Not bad for 3 months.

        Whether or not, we think they may not need the money, we never really know.

      • That’s never really been a big issue with me. I would rather hear they’re wanting to help others out than themselves with whatever they won! I figure without others supporting them, they wouldn’t have been able to take off for this long from any job! :-)

  8. If they had to choose between bringing back Nicole or Natalie, Natalie should definitely get the nod.

    She deserves to finally have a chance at playing the game without James haunting her every single moment.

      • Don’t you think Natalie is soooooooo jealous of Zakiya’s relationship with Paulie? Ever notice her in the background? ?? Paul as well is jealous of Paulie. When I spent time watching the youtube videos, in a few Natalie and Paul are in background and the glances are hilarious, such green envy!

      • I really couldn’t say. I think they both encompass jealous tendencies whenever they feel threatened, even if they’re unfounded. I don’t believe Paul cares enough to convey any jealousy. He probably might be intimidated a little by Paulie because of their competitive natures, but jealous…nawww.

    • She had the opportunity to play already and 1) chose to lie around and 2) she made her own decisions, by her own admission.

      • There’s always more than one way to play the game of Big Brother. Her strategy was no different from past players who chose to lay low and only surface when they need to.

    • I guess it will just be somebody else “haunting” her .. remember James was like her 3rd try for a “haunter”.

    • I honestly think Natalie will get with any man who is willing to take her. She already knows the game and can’t use that as an excuse, but she likes the attention.
      I would love to see her again in another season though.

    • Even Julie Chen agreed that Nicole was a snake in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter.

      What’s really difficult to fathom is James or Nicole can end up with the big prize over many, many other more deserving players.

      Really think production learned their lesson this season and will think twice before ever interfering in the game again.

  9. Heeeeeey Matt… Do you have easy access to a spreadsheet format of who has won number of comps? Is that even a thing?

  10. Here’s our Jokers update of the day!

    Victor is still at #1 while Paul is at #2. James is at #7 and Nicole is at #12.

    Hope this is an indication that America is voting for Victor for BB18 America’s Favorite Player.

  11. On a side note, Julie Chen has suggested to have the jury house filmed. But for some reason, CBS said no.

  12. Of course it was the easiest comp she has ever done. Did anyone really expect it not to be handed to her?

    • The girl is not overflowing with common sense, as she herself admitted. To verbalize while being filmed, that the comp was so easy for her, is an example of that. Production might need to consider putting a muzzle on the fruit loop dingus.

  13. So Nic says that this comp was the easiest ever and some people find that suspicious, that that is more evidence that production is helping Nic win. Wait until the final and the comp is performing CPR and y’all will be sorry for your doubting. No way would that kind of comp favor a nurse, lol

  14. Can we all just vote to retire the word “sketch”. I never want to hear it again. I grit my teeth evert I me one of them says it.

  15. it sounds like James threw the comp to the snake like he said he would do if the snake win the next comp she will take James that was their deal he would throw it she will take him I hope Paul wins

  16. I hope to see Victor and Paul again hope Victor gets on the bold and beautiful the only time I will watch a soap lol It would be great to see him on survivor and Victor and Paul would be an awesome duo on the Amazing Race I love that show but those two n it would be triple amazing lol

  17. Without Vic it’s boring! Now I’m ready for the new season. How did those three make it to the end?

  18. hope Nicole goes out the door!!!! she did nothing in this game, COREYYYYYYYYY………. Yuk and she’ll never hear or see him again after its all over!

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