Big Brother Live Feeds – Last Day Of Free Month Trial For ‘Over The Top’

This is your last day to snag a free month of the Big Brother All Access online subscription to set yourself up with a trial run of the upcoming Big Brother Over The Top season.

One Month Free Trial of All Access for BBOTT

With Over The Top premiering on Wed, Sept. 28th a month long trial of All Access, the home of your Live Feeds and the upcoming BBOTT series, you’ll be able to get midway in to October before incurring any costs to watch the new season. Even better, is that with this trial you’ll likely only have to order up two months of CBS’s All Access to get you through the full debut season of the new Big Brother series.

It’s lucky timing for Big Brother fans since CBS typically runs a couple of these free-month promos during the year and this one lined up well for the OTT season. There’s also still a few more days of the Big Brother 18 Feeds, but I’ll be the first to admit they’re pretty slow in these last legs.

Update: CBS has killed the promo code early. Bummer. Hope you got it before it was closed out.

To get the one month Free Trial you’ll need to follow this link or use any of the banners here then enter promo code FALLACCESS during the last steps of checkout. With that you will still have to enter payment information in advance, as with any trial of a subscription service, but you won’t be charged until the trial ends and they switch you over to your billing rate of $6/mo. That’s about 20 cents a day. Then when you’re done you can easily cancel in your online account settings.

The promo code, FALLACCESS, expires today, Friday, September 16th so if you like free stuff be sure to use it today. If you prefer to pay more then you can sign up later too but only get 1-week free.

As an added bonus, when you sign up through our links & banners it generates a referral credit for our site and helps keep us running. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to sign-up through our links but it’s a huge help to us and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

With All Access you’ll be able to watch the new Big Brother Over The Top and that’s your only place to find it because it won’t be on TV. This new season will be entirely on the Live Feeds with unblocked competitions and events. Once a week, Wednesday nights at 10PM ET (7PM PT) there will be a live eviction show on the Feeds in All Access. So it’s a regular concept series, but no broadcast episodes.

If you’re already a Big Brother Feedster then this will be close to a regular kind of season but with a lot of extras. If you’re new to watching Big Brother online then get ready because Feeds are awesome and really the best way to experience the show anyway.

Don’t worry about having to watch this on your computer either. It’s very easy to watch on your TV with a streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and a lot of other devices including streaming from your phone cast to your TV. Read our full length article explaining how to get these methods set up and going.

Remember the promo code expires today and then the free trial drops to just 1-week, which isn’t bad, but four times more is better. Then the new season of BBOTT starts a week from Wednesday and our coverage will be just as strong for this fall season as it is each month. Some might call that insanity, but we’re just really dedicated to our readers!


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  1. If Paul doesn’ t win it all and Vic doesn’t win AFP, I’m taking my marbles and going home ;-)

  2. Reading jokers. Paul, Nicole and James having 20 year olds conversation.
    Mentioning anything on the planet that you have experienced in your life and Paul has had the same exact experience, but more exaggerated.

    • There won’t be the Jeff Loops for hours like we get in the summers, but if someone is, say talking about someone who hasn’t signed a waiver then they have to flip to Fish for legal reasons. Same for singing, etc. But there won’t be 5 hours of Loops to hide comps, etc.

      • I wish they would have some type of punishment/loss of privileges for basic rule infractions such as this. I bring this up because it really seems like certain players will intentionally bring up something they are not supposed to talk about in order to prompt fish. Once off camera, they are more free to strategize or do things off camera.

  3. Has anyone ever noticed how feminine Cory walked. Not that there is anything wrong with, I mean I could care less. I just found to be awkward for a 6’6 straight jock. I also observed it with Clay. Clay had feminine jestures as well. I’ve never said this publically before but I am almost 100% sure Clay was being switched in and out with a twin. I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m skilled in observing people it’s the most important part of my job though I can’t say what it is here. One subtle but noticeable feminine characteristics, thinner, looked just a little prettier and there was one that was very masculine, bout 5 pounds heavier and less meticulously groomed. Lol It drove me nuts all last summer because it wasn’t revealed to us. But remember early on, July 12 2015 feeds to be exact, Vanessa, called him out and gave him a list of features that she noticed wasn’t consistent, down to hair texture. Now Vanessa is a professional poker player and 2nd to Steve the most intelligent one in that house. We got long fish and it came back to V looking sketch and Clay servin selling her on this agreement to show her a scar he has everyday. Smh BUT IT WAS NEVER BROUGHT UP AGAIN! Lol Shelly herself asked him before V. Did anyone else catch this? ANYONE??? LOL

    • No I never noticed the twin thing with Clay, but then I would switch feeds when he was on. He was as dull as they come, couldn’t stand him.

      • Bro I’m telling you he does! I just cant figure out why its hidden. During his season, was seeing several pictures that we was conveniently cut with a next to him wearing the same thing but other friends will be shown entirely. Its sounds nuts but I would bet my life on it. I do have an opinion of why families cover up twins, mostly elite, rich, old money families but that too deep of a conversation here. Lol he has a twin or clone. I know that sounds like the twilight zone lol but its a very real thing.

      • No it isn’t, but difficult and controversial to convers about this way. I never discuss this publically, because initially its sounds like it (conspiracy theory-ish). A person I discuss this with, would have to know some things already, sort of meet me halfway. If not, the conversation will definitely take the form of a “conspiracy theory” debate or conversation and thats a no, no for me. Lol

      • It’s totally not a conspiracy theory. He just has a carefully thought-out idea that specific people are knowingly covering something up for the purpose of deceiving the general public.

      • Okay, I’ll bite. As someone who is a twin, I’m curious to know why you believe “families cover up twins”.

      • No no no. Not all families, SOME families. I have a twin brother and sister as well, but that’s a moot point and has no relevance to what I saying. Disregard lol

      • Can you into more detail as to why you believe families cover up twins. This is very interesting and would like to get your take on it. Thanks

      • Seeing as there’s nothing going on in Big Brotherland that we can talk out, please explain.

        1) What is the motive for families to cover up a twin

        2) Is there any incident at all that corroborates this

        3) Why would Big Brother switch Clay’s twin in and out of the house and not have America in on the joke like every other twist they’ve ever done, including twists with twins

    • Didn’t notice myself and I’m pretty observant. However, I HATED that dumb hairstyle Corey wore. Wish someone would tell him he look like a real dickhead.

      • Yes! Wasn’t it horrible?? Paulie has it now. Vanessa cut Clay’s hair. Thats why she suspected he had a twin. She saw huge inconstancies in their hair. Keep in mind V was a professional poker player…she’s sharp as they come.

  4. I would really like to give this one month free a try, but there is no way I’m giving them my credit card information… sounds like a big problem waiting to happen if I decide to cancel. :/

    • Im not after viewing this season. I cant get around believing production is tampering with outcomes too much. This is my last season. If I change my mind, it will be next June regular schedule. I definitely wont be paying to be frustrated for the next three months. Lol I couldn’t barely last through this season.

    • Why would it be an issue? Every free trial does that. Netflix, Hulu, etc. So when you keep it, as most probably do, then your subscription continues. There’s no scam or scandal here. That’s pretty standard stuff.

      • It’s a big reason why I don’t do free trials. I’ve done it in the past, but whenever I want to cancel its a if waste of my time and usually a hassle getting someone on the phone. I’m not saying it’s a scam or scandal, I just wish I had the opportunity to get the free trial without giving my credit card information.

      • Call me paranoid but I have never even bought anything online via a website. I always do it by phone talk to a human. Just because your paranoid it doesn’t mean there’s not somebody out there trying to get you!

      • I’d much rather enter my credit card in to an encrypted system than read it off to a stranger over the phone. I’ve had card numbers stolen by people & never in an encrypted transaction.

      • IMO the chances of your info getting hacked is greater than an individual stealing it besides I mainly deal in cash/check & in person. Works for me.

      • I learned the hard way to the tune of fifty grand!! Some bastard stole my MC number & had a ball with my card. Assholes. Get a bloody job & stop ripping people off.

      • Don’t blame you. Last month someone got my MC number & maxed it out to the $50,000 limit!! Really pissed me off.

  5. Thank God Paul doesn’t trust Nicole! I was have been trying hard not get pissed at for trusting her again. Great! So this mean we dont know paul will choose. So there’s hope he’ll take James. I was scared for him. Wheew!

    • The only issue with James is that he didn’t do anything this season and he ruined Natalie’s game.

      It’s like choosing the lesser of two evils between Nicole and James.

      • I feel like if you can’t see the clear difference between Nicole’s game and James’s game, you’re simply choosing not to.

        Still rooting for Paul, though.

      • It’s hard to see any game played by either Nicole (who spent 60+ days in bed with Corey) and James who spent just as many days manipulating Natalie.

        Paul and Vic were the best duo this season and totally agree with Julie Chen that Paul should win the $500k and Vic should get AFP! ?

      • James DID NOT manipulate Natalie. For God’s sake get off the poor Natalie train. She used all her manipulations on all the guys in the house & the only one who bought it was James. If Paulie or Corey had given her a second look, she wouldn’t have given James the time of day. A real user that chick.

      • Choose James not as a honor, but because I don’t want Nicole in final 2 at all. I hated her game and to see her face after Paul sends her to third place will be CHRISTMAS! Its her worst nightmare she’s said it all season.

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