‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Weekend Roundup Week 12

It’s been a busy little weekend for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests especially with a bonus Veto meeting squeezed in to their usual routine. We’ve got just five HGs left but by Wednesday night there will be only three on our way to the finale. Find out more about the latest Big Brother spoilers ahead of the next few episodes.

Corey is really excited about Multi-grain Cheerios

Since Thursday night’s BB18 show ended we’ve had the HoH endurance comp, Nominations, the Big Brother Comics comp for Veto, and even an early Veto meeting to decide who would be on the Block this week. Read on for the results and get ready for the final nominees of the week.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 12 Roundup:

Head of Household: It was Victor’s turn to watch from the sidelines as Paul stood in for him with a shot at protecting the Sitting Ducks duo but the win went to Corey. James and Paul performed horribly in the comp. Really awful. Like Paul sat and slid down his lane and crawled back up. James didn’t do much better. The real race was between Corey and Nicole, but he won it easily and set them up for the big flip. Read more >>

Nominations: After Nicole and Corey promised Victor and Paul they’d stay true to the F4 alliance they did what they’ve done these past few weeks and played for each other instead of the team. Sure enough when the noms were revealed James was no where near the Block and Nicole definitely wasn’t there either. Paul and Victor are up with Victor as the target. Read more >>

Power of Veto Comp: No matter who won the Veto one of the Sitting Ducks would go home this week with Corey holding the tiebreaker power and Nicole with one of the two votes. It was Victor’s last shot at safety though but he just couldn’t get that tenth win this season. Nicole won the BB Comics comp, those will be fun to see, and was ready to keep the targets the same. Read more >>

Power of Veto Ceremony: The Veto meeting arrived a day early to accommodate the early eviction on Monday (airs on Tuesday) and the HGs scrambled to get ready. When it was over things went just as planned with Nicole declining to use the Veto. Noms remain the same with Victor and Paul on the Block. Victor is still the target and he knows it. Read more >>

When the eviction arrives on Monday I’m expecting Nicole and James to vote out Victor 2-0 for his third trip to speak with Julie. After that it’ll be Paul, Nicole, and James battling it out for the final regular Head of Household as Corey watches from the side. The winner will name two noms, but really it’s all about the Veto in the next round as the Veto holder is either the only voter or if the HoH wins Veto he or she gets to pick who votes. Everyone but Corey has two chances at safety next week while Corey has just the one with the PoV.

HoH results should be revealed on Tuesday’s show but then we’ll get the nominations and Veto results from the Feeds when they return later that night. It’s going to be a busy few days for the HGs so buckle up and join us for the fun! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, & get our Email Updates.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. I just don’t get how no one in the house has thought, wow Nicole hasn’t been put on the block once this season (have they seen Derrick’s season). I think she’s playing a really good game, but it’s pretty obvious what she’s doing…and granted it might be easier for us to see as viewers, but she still hasn’t been nominated! It’s insane to me.

  2. Posting here too:

    Sun 1:01 PM BBT11:47
    Nicole telling James/Corey how much she loves them and says she would
    gladly lose 500k to them. She also hopes one of them

    win AFP. James mentions not forgetting their deal if they win. Brief fish then Vic interrupts her gushing

    no one believes they had a deal coming into the show?? Yes, they
    fished it, but the message is already out there…unbelievable/not fair.
    Victor and/or Paul should not be going home, just for this issue
    alone…penalty, send one of them home.

  3. I just realized if Nicole wins this next hoh she would not have been nominated this whole season

    • And if that’s the case, whatever her strategy was this whole season has obviously worked for her. Whatever it was.

      • Derrick wasn’t on the block, but he also wasn’t doing the nasty dance under the covers all season while everyone else was OTB. Nicole will never admit to that being a strategy, but Michelle put it out there very clearly and boy, did that make NicHole mad, mad, mad.

      • I am just a person who is on a site that promotes judging HGs’ strategies and social interactions in this game.

      • You’re also shaming a 23 year old girl for what she chooses to do with her own body. Does that make you feel good?

      • I dont think its the fact she’s having sex. No one cares. It’s just when two people have sex when they know they’re being watched by America 24/7 it becomes tasteless

      • Also vic is always whining about wanting to make her best friend/mommy proud of her. Well giving hand jobs to a guy she met on a TV show isn’t how one makes their family proud , is it? At least it isn’t in my family. ;-P

      • The 23 yr old girl is on national tv and has given ANYONE the right to have an opinion about her behavior. Does it make YOU fell good to watch it JoJo? Are you really not better than that?

      • Wow, Philly. Not sure, but it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that her family cares what she does on national tv. The fact that she is making herself look like a loose floozy is definitely her choice and if you enjoy watching that, more power to you. But since she put herself out there like that, she is definitely deserving of ANY judgement she gets from anyone.

      • I think she is just a hole and would do it with any boy that she is attracted to. I know that butter kissing was her strategy, but being with Corey was part of her infatuation with him, not a game move.

      • Derrick played a masterful winning game. I loved watching him just watching everyone and retaining all of the details in his brain for later. How he kept his cop personality out of the game is still a mystery to me.Granted he had training as an undercover cop which explains a lot. I have grown up around cops in my family and community and most of them couldn’t be uncop-like if their lives depended on it ;-)

    • In nic’s case being free from nomination is _not_ a compliment.Her crazy hairdos, whiny voice and dumb statements have made her seem as intelligent as a headless chicken running around the farmyard. It’s only recently that she and c have bothered to start scheming instead of lying in bed just talking about making moves.

  4. This game is not about being loyal to your team, it’s about getting to the end. So if Nicole has to turn her back on her team to make it further I say go for it. It’s better for her game to split up Victor and Paul. I know some use the other strategy and it works too but in the end there can only be 1 winner. Not your entire team/alliance. This is 1 of the first seasons in awhile where loyalty to the team was set aside and when they said they needed to do what they had to in order to further their game they meant it. Usually they say that and then don’t do it when it comes to an alliance. I get so tired of it when they hold on to a player just out of loyalty, not strategy.

  5. I am tired of hearing Nicole say things about production hinting, maybe her zipline stuck was a production ploy to give her the advantage. Corey appeared to have an advantage going into the Macguyer comp since he headed straight to the pipes without looking around to see what had to be done. Is it already mapped out to give Nicorey the upper hand. Even pics showing the slip and slide butter comp had wires running into the lanes of Nicole and Corey. I find it peculiar.

  6. At least Victor got the $5k bribe last week from Corey, so he has a bit of solace for a jury vote, if it comes to that in F2?? … Ha!

      • Really at this stage of the game you put your trust in the people who can get you 1 week closer. Thats the best you can ask for.

    • After taxes, he’ll get less than half of that.
      The winner will also get a little more than half depending on the State.

  7. “You walk around saying this is not your first rodeo, but it will be your last since Natalie took you for a he.. of a ride”. (Paul preparing for speech)

      • How do know what Victor and Paul are gonna say in their speeches?? They were talking throwing some really good insults and we know Paul ain’t shy when it comes to speeches..

      • They should keep their speeches simple if they want to stay another week. Their speech could get them eliminated and I hope Paul chooses to say what he rehearsed so victor could stay.

      • They don’t have another week… one of em is leaving tomorrow and the other has maybe 3 days at the most unless he wins HOH…They got nothing to lose by giving an insulting speech..

      • They plan to keep Paul so if they find his speech insulting or threatening, he may get evicted instead.

      • It really don’t matter as long as one of them goes.. Victor is the preference/target.. but if Paul goes its not gonna be earth shattering..

      • They are telling the truth and also how it is not his first rodeo, but he has done nothing in the game, but has been just a spectator. 100% exactly what James has said and done.

      • James biggest mistake was taking his head out of the game and sticking it up Natalies ass.. While James could still have a small hope for “something” with Natalie I do believe hes beginning to realize that she was not all that into him and she was using him to further herself in the game..

      • yep waiting for that to happen if he gets AFP ( not likely this season) or if he is in final 2…Little twit left him hanging with the “soulmate” comment…But I think Nicole set him straight on that earlier today..

  8. What are the chances that anyone will take Nicole to f2 if she doesn’t win that final hoh? I think they’d all take James.

    • Corey will probably take Nicole, but he seems to like James and it will be a huge betrayal if he chose him. Paul will take Corey and so would James. I think Victor and Corey are probably the only ones taking Nicole. Paul did mention before they were nominated that he would like her as F2, but he may think Corey is a better choice over James.

    • James is the only person that Nicole can beat if they are in final 2.. Corey and James final 2 would be a toss up.. Don’t believe that Nicole & Corey would take each other…Pauls choice for final 2 is also a toss up…

    • i would take james to f2 because i think even if he were alone and there was only 1 choice he would still lose…the jury house has to be like james who?

      • James didn’t back stab anyone in the jury house. I think Paulie is the only one feeling betrayed by him and maybe Z since she is now back with him.

      • James backstabbed Bridgett when he made a deal with Frank during the HoH to keep them safe and he nominated them anyway. They might also blame him for turning on Victor.

      • Backstabbing Frank was Paulies idea.. yet James was HOH.. James was jealous of Natalies friendship with Paul and Victor thats why he pushed for one or the other to be evicted…James has play stupid all season..

      • I did not say that James did not make a deal…I said..Paulie convinced James to put Bridgette and Frank OTB…James later made the statement that he was wrong in doing it…too little too late..

      • It would be according as to who is sitting in the other chair… Bridgette (with good reason) trusted nobody but Natalie.. Bridgette did mention once that she owed a debt to Paul….. So unless we get to that point we just gonna have to guess lol..

  9. Nicole can’t keep her mouth shut and although she is constantly saying that she’s just kidding. Is she really? It sounds like keeps “kidding” about the same things.

    • It’s really brave of you to sit back and constantly pick at Nicole’s personality flaws while you yourself hide behind a username.

      Between your constant, almost creepy obsession with her sexuality and you taking the time to put people down 24/7, it’s getting really old.

      The personal attacks are so unnecessary.

      • My personal opinions are none of your concern. You don’t like it, ignore it, block me and keep it moving. People who take comments made about a TV show personally have psychological issues and should get that check.

      • See, that’s just it. You aren’t making comments about a tv show, you’re making comments about a person. A 23 year old girl.

      • That’s a really lousy justification for what you guys are doing to her. But hey, whatever works for you.

      • Then why do you feel justified in attacking all of us for doing what this site was designed to let us do?

      • Cruel? Oh, you mean not politically correct because it is TRUE. Keep lying to yourself and saying it isn’t while you keep watching the “show’, JoJo.

      • KSJB, you’ve obviously searched out all of my comments for the day and I have at least 12 notifications from you. This is kind of creepy.

        I’ll let you know right now, I’m not interested in reading them. They hold little value. I for sure have my disagreements with people on this site but we treat each other with respect and an open mind. You have proven yourself time and time again that you are not capable of doing this. If there’s someone who doesn’t 100% agree with you, you put them down. It’s not about going after the discussion at hand with you, it’s about going after the person.

        I don’t get personal with people on this site, but I feel like it’s necessary in this case, with you leaving 12+ comments to me within the past hour. So let me be quite clear. I do not care what you have to say about me. You are not someone I respect. Your opinion holds no value to me. You are a bully.

        I hope I’ve made myself clear. There’s plenty of room on this site for both of us. You have gone out of your way time and time again to pick on me. I am sure the 12+ comments on my posts you’ve made within the last hour or so are no different.

        You’re free to say what you want, when you want. And I’m free to choose not to read it.

        Hope you have a great day.

      • I’m definitely not afraid of being challenged. I have great, meaningful discussions with people I disagree with on here. The ability to communicate with others and have our own opinions is wonderful to me. And I love that we have a forum like this to do so.

        You don’t “challenge” me, you pick on me. How else could you possibly explain me having 12+ notifications from you in the span of one hour?

        I could harp on and on, but I don’t want to go down that road.

        I’ll leave it at this: I’m always open to burying the hatchet. I don’t enjoy grudges. I’d much rather have a friend than an enemy. You can choose to continue to goad me or pick at me all you want. That’s your choice. I’d much rather extend an olive branch. I’d love to move past this.

      • And as usual when someone gets the better of you by correctly calling you out on your BS, you are ever the victim. Bless your heart, JoJo, until next time. :D

      • Sure, I can always use a walking stick when I’m hiking. JoJo, you’ve been the same curmudgeon for as long as I can remember. You just love to have meaningful conversation as long as people agree with you. I stopped placating you after trying to be kind the first year I posted on this site. The words you use and the tone of your posts sounds like you are always arguing or trying to start an argument. Like I said, until next time.

      • All I said was that she keeps talking about a F2 deal with James in front of Corey, but keeps saying she was kidding. How is that attacking her. What she does under the covers is seen by the millions of viewers who watch the show and I don’t say anything that you can’t see for yourself.

      • That is true. I find her behavior on national TV extremely inappropriate and disgusting. It is my right to have that opinion as a viewer of the show. We come here to judge and critique what we see. Nicole is not here reading these comments so relax. She is a grown woman and knows that the cameras are recording her. That’s why she tries to do it under the covers, but still chooses to do it.

      • Why do you constantly go back to this straw man of your right to say something? No one is challenging your right to say something. It’s like that’s your “go-to” whenever you are being held accountable for something.

        You may have the right to say Nicole is disgusting for the things she does, but I also have the right to say you are being disgusting for the things you say. Nicole isn’t hurting anyone. You are.

        Again, own your behavior. She will be exposed to all of this when she is out of the house. Don’t pretend your actions don’t have consequences.

        You’ve said what you needed to say about how you feel about what she does with her own body. I’ve said what I needed to say about finding your obsession of her sexuality creepy and extremely ignorant. We’ll just leave it at that.

        Own your behavior. You are responsible for your own actions and the things you say.

      • Am I hurting you? Nicole is still in the BB house and I doubt she is here reading my comments and replying to them. She is not hurt by anything I or anyone else says about her.

      • lol, you’ve made it quite clear you have no intention of stopping. That’s on you. There’s nothing more to say here. I’ve made my opinion quite clear, as have you.

      • This was over hours ago. But just because I stick up for people being treated poorly doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. Nice one. Maybe redirect your anger to the people who are bullies and not the guy sticking up for someone.

      • You keep berating people for their opinion. OWN your behavior. If you enjoy watching Dingus and Doofus have sexual exploits on TV, own it. Sure it might make you look like a pervert. There are people who do not enjoy it and call them out. It is disgusting, imo. MY opinion, get it, JoJo.

      • That deal was made before they even entered the house. They’ve admitted it and it has already been proven well beyond mere rumor. So why can’t we talk about it? I have to say that I agree with you.

      • There is no proof…U have been ask several times to produce the proof but have failed to do so….And pray tell when did they admit it??? I have not heard that said before.. They have all talked final deals in one scenario or another.. Paul and Victor had a final 2 Corey and Paulie and the list goes on…so just because James or Nicole say it out loud in front of others its a conspiracy or pre seasoned deal??? That don’t make a lot of sense..

      • I have live feeds and have seen no proof . I heard a conversation between Nicole and James using the term “if I win” mentioning gifts.. I think CBS also caught the use of the word “if” and that is why the situation was not a major issue.. And James made a comment about getting a $10,000 money order which only a moron would have taken such a statement serious.. However CBS also wanted to make it clear to the house and viewers that gifts are not permitted hence the speeches by Nicole and James.. I know of no proof that there was a pre seasoned deal between any of the vets…There was a deal made between the 4 vets (after entering the house) to try and protect each other but Frank and Davonne screwed that up….Nicole expressed surprise (DR session) at seeing Frank and James in the house.. There were admitted short conversations between Derrick Paulie and James at different times before the season started.. I am not gonna go into Nicole and Derricks connection as I was/still am confused about that.. So whatever “proof” u think u have please produce it..

      • ahhhh if u talking taxes anything over $600 has to be reported.. and it was a money order not a check.. don’t believe u can get a MO for $10,000

      • No deposits to bank accounts. Are you saying if I gave my son $5,000, he’d have to report as income.

      • U mentioned an amount that needed to be reported I didn’t and yes in certain instances gifts of money do have to reported.. And again it was a money order involved ..So ur point is???

      • And as soon as they start singing whistling or talking about certain friends or relatives they get fished..so how does getting fished prove anything.. Did yall not know that Evel Dick and Daniell faked the “I have not talked to him in 10 yrs” ploy when they were on the show together.. And they were gonna do it the 2nd time they were on but he had health issues and had to leave.. They did conspire before the show(s) and discussed it in secret while in the house. If CBS thought that their cash cow BB was gonna be tainted in any way by a conspiracy between 2 HGs the matter would be resolved asap by either removing said persons or penalizing them.. If CBS thought or thinks that James and Nicoles actions or conversations will or would affect the outcome of the game they would have taken action…But that does not appear to be the case..

      • So what!!!!!!!!!
        Why does a preseason deal even make a difference? No different than making a final 2 on day one.

      • at 23 you are not a girl, you’re a young woman…a grown young woman…and yes they signed up for this and this site is to debate what they do moves likes dislikes etc…never any harm in being kind to each other

      • A 23 year old ADULT WOMAN who happens to have signed on the dotted line and agreed to be on a TV show knowing full well that she was going to place herself under intense public scrutiny. What part of that don’t you understand?

      • There are several of us that should go get that “checked”. I have a habit of belittling Natalie cause I see her as a “user” and a phony..
        So I can see both sides of the issue..

      • Some people like Nicole and others don’t so it is difficult to accept negative comments about her by some obsessive people.
        I like Natalie, but I still agree about her behavior because I watched it on TV. I think she may have liked James as a person, but I don’t think there was any romantic attraction.
        I have no problems with people expressing their negative opinions. I don’t know her personally.

      • welllll u don’t know Nicole personally either…do u?? So u can only “guess” what Nicoles motives are… And u can only “guess” that Natalie liked James …So u don’t approve of Nicole because of her relationship with Corey but u approve of Natalie who was using a man in different way/scenario ??? …hmmm kinda mixed up thinking so it would appear…

      • If Corey liked Nicole I would be fine with any relationship they would have. I think that they are perfect for each other. Natalie wasn’t have relations under the covers with James, but Nicole is.

      • OK So ur blaming Nicole cause Corey is using her ??? So its ok for Corey to use Nicole for sex and Nicole shouldn’t enjoy it but Corey can??
        But then u say they are perfect for each other ..If they are perfect for each other what dam difference does it make what they do in the bed??? And again Natalie was using James in a different sense but u find nothing wrong with that…It appears that u are using double standards to present ur case…

      • I have no problem with adults doing whatever they please. I am judging a woman who is degrading herself on national Television. What she is doing is no different than those women who are looked down upon and get paid to do the same things on video for millions to watch. It is a double standard, but that’s the world we live in. Men are not judged the same and once she is in the privacy of her own home or hotel, then she could do as she pleases since no one is watching her. Right now she is being judged.

      • U simply do not make sense….This is 2016 not 1916 and men and women gonna get it on when the feelin comes over them … long term relationship or not…And what right have u to judge Nicole?? Who put u in charge of her moral character? For somebody that don’t like to watch what Nicole and Corey are doing in bed u sure can give a great description of what u think they doing which tells me u have watched them closely .. Why would u watch 2 people supposedly having sex under a blanket and then complain that is it immoral? Why don’t u just switch the camera to another room??? Better yet just let Corey and Nicole do their thing for the next 9 days…its their business not ours..

      • Yes. I do watch the show and love to comment on it. That’s why I come to post here.
        Obsessive fans do not need to reply to me, block me or just ignore my comments. I like the show, but I guess I must be a prude because I don’t behave that way and don’t teach my children to do it either. So I judge those who do. We all have our opinions. I never said I was stating facts.

      • U appear to be the obsessive fan where Corey and Nicoles under the cover activities are concerned…and if u are unhappy with the content of the show then u should not watch it.. I am gonna end my part of our conversation as u have yet to give a straight answer as to why u consider Nicoles moral character ur personal concern. But I will tell u that the more u post the deeper u dig ur hole as to being 2 faced….U actually sound jealous of Nicole and her relationship with Corey…U seem to enjoy watching their bedroom tryst as u can evidently see what is going on under those blankets while the rest of us are only guessing…If ur standards of moral character is so high then why are u watching a show with people that are liars cheaters and backstabbers not forgetting to mention the foul language loose women and hot sexy men.??? U need to take care that ur soap box does not collapse under u while u preaching ur fire and brimstone sermon..

      • You are no prude. Obviously, some people are enjoying the disgusting show they see between Dingus and Doofus. I think it is shameful that a young woman would have such low morals and standards that she would behave in such a way on national tv. She deserves any public scrutiny she gets because she put it out there for the world to see. She definitely isn’t a good example for women.

      • Quite honestly, personal attacks – if you want to call them that – or opinions or judgments about gameplay and social interaction in the house is what this site is about. What it isn’t about is personal attacks on each other here. We already have a moderator and a good one – he’ll let us know if we are out of line. Sincerely, Linda.

      • No. Personal attacks about PEOPLE is not what this site is about. And it’s a shame you’ve tried to turn it into that. SamsaraJello referred to Nicole as a “hole” for Corey to use at the bottom of this page and you gleefully supported it. SamsaraJello has lashed out and called me names.

        That is NOT what this site is for. It’s what YOU use it for. There’s a difference.

        You say it’s not okay to personally attack other commenters (I agree). Why is it suddenly okay to attack a 23 year old girl who frankly has done nothing malicious to anyone in the house?

      • because she signed up for a televised program she is putting herself out there and exposing herself to public opinion..this is why many actors don’t do interviews when they are captured on the streets in photos and only stick to regularly scheduled interviews, they know as soon as they are in the public eye they can only control the parts of their lives they don’t give up

      • i exhibited no bad behavior here, nor have i attacked a fellow poster…i don’t need to do that i understand others have their own opinions and i am grown enough to know what they say about opinions…again no harm in being kind to one another

      • its right above my comment..i was just adding perspective to personality gained by public exposure..if that comment is not directed to me then i apologize to you sir…i am also grown enough to admit my wrong

      • You insinuated that because Nicole signed a contract, we no longer are responsible for the terrible things we say about her. I never said you were attacking her. It’s all good!

      • i said she exposed herself to public opinion but if some people’s public opinons are considered a personal attack she still exposed herself to it for example people called tom cruise crazy because he was a scientologist he has been made fun of on late night shows etc.. while i said nothing about any of that i am saying once in the public eye you are subjected to scrutiny..but yes people who say whatever they say are responsible for those words

      • I never said it’s not that crucial personally attacked Nicole. No matter how much you want that to be true, it’s not.

      • that is true. i was not personally attacked i read a comment above mine thinking it was to me but joe and i already cleared that up

      • “Nope. Sorry. Nicole isn’t personally responsible for your behavior. You are.”

        Is that a personal attack?

        You’re really grasping at straws here!

      • She is responsible for her behavior on national tv and we as fans of the show are on this site to express our opinions about BB and her disgusting behavior has been a huge part of this show. There are probably a lot of dirty old men and perverts getting a lot of enjoyment out of watching it. I know if I was her mother, I’d be embarrassed to walk outside my door.

      • Every house guest has done malicious things. That is part of the concept of the show. Definition of malicious:
        characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm.
        synonyms: spiteful, malevolent, evil-intentioned, vindictive, vengeful, malign, mean, nasty, hurtful, mischievous, wounding, cruel, unkind

      • According to some on here Nicole is held to a different standard though. When she makes game moves she is called a snake. When others make game moves they are playing strategically.

      • OH COME ON. You called me an asshole simply for disagreeing with you and when I told you that was wrong, you completely ignored me. Own your behavior.

        You’ve called me crazy at least a dozen times over the past few weeks. Own your behavior.

      • hahahahaha. I think you may have mistaken me with someone else. I never use profanity on this site. That’s why I don’t use the correct word to describe my opinion of Nicole and instead type “hole”. She gets paid to entertain us, but not to have inappropriate behaviors with men on TV, which is no different than a woman who does it for money and makes po r n.

      • Wow. I can’t believe you’re denying it. That’s pretty low. I can respect someone’s opinion as long as they don’t lie about the things they’ve said. I officially am done arguing with you. There’s no point, as you refuse to own your behavior and instead just hide.

      • Uh, no. SamsaraJello referring to Nicole as a “hole” for him to use is wrong. I really don’t care if you support me or not. Just move on.

      • Wrong in YOUR eyes, JoJo. Doesn’t mean it is wrong. It’s hard for some people to admit the truth, especially if you enjoy the “show”.

      • Uh, no. SamsaraJello referring to Nicole as a “hole” for him to use is wrong. I really don’t care if you support me or not. Just move on.

      • Posters do, JoJo, so why don’t YOU keep that in mind. As for Dingus and Doofus, it is in the eye of the beholder as to whether their behavior is decent. like I said, I’m sure there are a lot of perverts and dirty old men getting their kicks, which would scare me a little if I was Dingus’s mother.

      • I don’t use profanity or words that get my comment deleted . I use the word inappropriate to describe what she is doing under the covers with Corey.

      • Yeah, unfortunately that was before you started outright lying when someone asked nicely and objectively what you said.

        “I don’t use profanity or words that get my comment deleted . I use the word inappropriate to describe what she is doing under the covers with Corey.” You’ve got to be kidding me…

        Don’t worry. You may not be willing to own the things you wrote, so I’ll be happy to do it for you.

      • I can’t stand Corey and the fact that he is using Nicole while allowing her to do those things is ridiculous. The fact is that men get away with those things while women are look down upon. Women get taught from an early age that such behavior is not acceptable. She knows that there are cameras watching her. Those things should be kept in private and I have seen her not him doing things, he just lays there and allows it.

      • “The fact is that men get away with those things while women are look down upon.”

        You’re describing an issue that you are responsible in perpetuating. You post nasty thing after nasty thing about Nicole’s character. Corey isn’t even on your radar.

      • Can you honestly deny the absolute fact that women are always judged much more harshly than men? Doofus will go home to high fives and way to go bros from his friends and Dingus will be getting shunned and glared at by many people. It has been that way as long as I can remember. He’s just as bad as her. The behavior of both is completely disgusting. For her to embarrass her family for money is sickening. His family won’t suffer shame for his behavior. Double standard, yes. Truth, yes.

      • That was a personal attack against Linda. You can’t seem to recognize your own hypocrisy, sir.

      • TY. If one wants to be a moderator and set the rules and supervise posters, one can get his own site. Otherwise, if one doesn’t like someone’s line of comments, blocking is the answer and it works really well.

      • Dingus and Doofus are having sexual exploits on national tv for all the world to see, including their parents. You obviously enjoy watching that, JoJo, but some of us don’t. If you get your kicks that way, that’s you.

      • And you just personally attacked SamsaraJello because she told the truth obviously you can’t seem to handle.

  10. With Victor gone, I think the target would be Corey. James can probably go F3 without winning a comp, but would still play. I would love to see Nicole be in position to choose F3 or take someone F2, and in doing so evict Corey herself. Not because of any personal feelings, but because it would be Big Brother poetry.

  11. Nicole is acting like a lying backstabbing cheating tramp. She signed up for our mockery of it. If she doesn’t know that we’ve been talking about it all summer, she soon will.

    It’s her own fault. Nobody made her sign the contract she now has so much disdain for.

    I’m truly hoping that this season ends up with some lawsuits from past houseguests for breach of good faith, etc. once they realize the Blind Eye that CBS has taken towards outright cheating and production manipulation that is actually extremely out in the open and obvious to anyone who simply wants to get out of denial fast enough and long enough to simply look.

    If you don’t think that not being told that you actually had no way to win the game and were playing that game under a false belief that you actually had a chance at the prize when you never actually had one– well, that is theft of someone’s time and breach of good faith.

    Let’s just hope that they figure this out because if they do then they stand to win a lot more than 500k. Each.

    TV show or not, you cannot entice and coax people into entering into contracts under false pretenses. It is against the law. In all good faith, CBS should have shut down immediately any cheating that they saw going on in order to maintain the integrity of the contract amongst all parties. They did not do that. Clearly. That’s bad. Very very bad.

    • I feel so completely validated in my convictions after reading this and the desperate amount of grasping at straws you were doing trying to discredit me earlier today.

      This post is… wow.

    • Excellent points and past houseguest should file a lawsuit because they never had a fair chance to win.

    • You know what, here’s the other contractual breach: how many times have we heard, You Are Not Allowed to talk About Production “, yet, they continued to discuss these things. To do so, in my mind, represents a breach and CBS would not be obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract.

      • Past HG are reading these boards and hope they do take action. It’s time CBS learns that cannot toy around with human beings like they do.

      • You would be foolish to think that if you ever appeared on a season of BB that you would not be vested enough to read about it after.

      • Okay, you were talking about past houseguests currently reading these boards and now you switched it to current houseguests who will read the boards after they get out. Which is it?

    • It is also possible that they signed a contract specifically saying what will happen and that production will interfere as they see fit. If they did, there is nothing anyone could do.

  12. Why don’t all the posters with conspiracy theories pre game alliance theories promiscuity theories and contract breech theories contact CBS on a personal level??? Then those posters could present their “proof” and their reasoning as to why BB is a corrupt cheating fraudulent promiscuous piece of TV trash and should be either taken off the air or be cleaned up and aired on Sunday morning with Joel Olsten or Franklin Graham. Or maybe Jimmy Swaggert is the man needed to get BB on the right path.. The show will be over in 10 days and so will all the “theories”….

    • I have asked several times and none of these people can give me an answer as to how a pregame alliance would even make a difference.

      • Thank you! What difference does it make whether someone promises a final 2 deal before they enter the house or the second they enter?

        We know that deals made on day 1 hold absolutely no weight. What makes us think deals made on day -1 are somehow unbreakable?

        What we should be mad at is the promise James and Nicole made to split the money with Corey and Natalie. THAT is something that directly affects the game.

      • The scenario was “if I win”…People conveniently seem to leave the word “if” out of the conversation…And again what moron believes that u can get or send a $10,000 money order…get real…

      • What does the word “if” have to do with anything? Of course they’re not expecting $10,000 if he doesn’t win!

      • Exactly !!!! Give the man a pink flamingo!!!! “if” he wins “if” he doesn’t win (as u said) “if” is a big word..

    • Why can people not be entitled to their opinions or observations? If this is their impression, and this is not the intended result by production or CBS, don’t you think CBS needs to go back to the chalkboard so that the hgs may not be vilified?

      Isn’t this a free country? Home of the brave? Sense when does anyone have the right to dictate thought? Sounds like a dictatorship to me. I like freedom of thought, no matter what the position.

      Why can’t we say, oh, I can appreciate how you feel, but here’s my position. And do it without an air of superiority or smugness? Am I making myself clear here.

      Sometimes I’ll say something just to get a person’s deeper thought on a subject, and, how they respond will speak volumes about their character, which is exactly what BB is all about, a social science themed program.

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