‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 38 — Corey And Nicole Backstab Paul and Victor

Corey and Nicole are once again in power and have once again flip-flopped on an alliance and have strategically placed themselves in good positions as they reach the end of the game.


The episode picks up during the Head of Household competition. It’s the slippery, fill the bowl competition and you can tell right away that James is struggling as usual and Corey is beasting it. Paul is being Paul and feeling safe enough to not really try so hard. Which is a big mistake.

Cut back a couple days before Natalie’s eviction and we see Nicole and Corey plotting against the Final Four alliance already. They decide to reel James back in (even though he was never really out with them since James and Nicole most likely have a pre-game final two alliance). So Paul and Victor are screwed in the game once again.

Corey and Nicole try to make us think in the Diary Room that they’re trying to win just so they won’t have to be one of the nominees from the Final Four alliance this week. But we already know they’ve turned on Victor and Paul so I don’t know why they’re showing those bogus Diary Rooms.


And Corey and Nicole get their way once again as Corey steamrolls through the competition and wins the Head of Household. Victor and Paul still think it’s OK that Corey has won, but we all know that’s not the case.

James continues to not play the game and only worry about Natalie so we get a flashback to 40 hours before the live show where he and Natalie patched things up. Of course they once again show us mostly James’s side of the story.

And for some reason we get a Who Wants to See My HOH Room segment for Corey. You know, Corey. The guy we’ve barely seen all season. Wake me when this episode is over.


Let’s get back to Nicole and Corey plotting and scheming. Corey tells Nicole he doesn’t want the game two on two. He wants it to be three (him, Nicole and James) vs. 1 (Paul). That means Victor is their target. And we again get bogus Diary Rooms from Nicole pretending like she feels bad for backstabbing Paul and Victor. They check in with James to make sure he won’t be saving either Victor or Paul if he wins the veto. James agrees that Victor should be the target 100 percent.

Elsewhere, Paul and Victor discuss whether or not Nicole and Corey are going to scumbag them this week. They both don’t think that’s likely to happen. But Paul wants to make sure so he goes to have a chat with Nicole and Corey. He tells them that he’s confident and trusts them and that it doesn’t matter which of he or Victor goes up against James. They’re pretty silent through it all and Paul doesn’t pick up on anything.

And now it’s time for us to get the footage that Nicole gave production. She pretends that she might want Corey to nominate James and Victor instead of Paul and Victor. That’s not true. On the Live Feeds, she tells Corey that she just wanted to give production footage. So don’t be fooled. Corey is putting up Victor and Paul and was always going to do that. Bogus editing at it’s best. Or worst.


So at the nomination ceremony, Corey nominates Paul and Victor and the Sitting Ducks are once again sitting ducks. And they’re shocked and livid. And rightly so.

Can’t wait for Tuesday’s special eviction episode? Find out what happened with the Veto spoilers.



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  1. I have to say, that when Nicole and Corey were talking and she was suggesting maybe putting up James, I think she was being sincere. I know she made the comment to Corey on the live feeds that it was just to give production footage. But my take on it was she said that to cover the fact that she was truly leaning that way. because Corey was getting so aggravated with her.

    • I think Nicole and James are production’s pick for F2. Maybe she was trying to make Corey think that she is not secretly aligned with James.

      • Production does not care who gets to F2. People will watch regardless and all they care about is ratings.

    • If corey put up james and either victor or paul, if the member of the Vic/paul duo that wasn’t on the block won the VETO and took the other off the block, then Nicole would be forced on the block, leaving victor and paul with the deciding vote as to who would stay between nicole and james. Nicole would never put herself in that position…especially after they revealed information to james that they were thinking about backstabbing vic and paul. thats like asking to be evicted

  2. Just disgusted with BB for over 2 weeks now. So much fake B,S. they hand the TV viewers. We feeders & blog readers know the truth. Shame on you CBS. Not fair. Not fun any more. Except now I will continue to watch while yelling at my TV. Can only take a few mins of live feeds at a time.They are so bleeping dull. Still pulling for Vic but no hope he’ll win. Crud.

  3. Love this game. But I hate this season.

    I honestly find Big Brother an interesting game in which you have to eliminate your opponents through might and mind. It’s an interesting social experiment to see how people in an isolated environment would react, especially when there is money on the line. Plus it gave birth to great minds- Will, Dan, Derrick, Neda, Tim, Jon, and plenty of others. It also gave birth to likable people- Donny, Elissa, Johnny Mac, Enzo, etc. Honestly if done correctly a season can excel (may I remind you of Season 10?)

    But this season is pretty sub par. With not only cruel insults and unlikeable people but many great minds and might going out too soon. Many with great potential could’ve done better and what we have is few and far between.

      • I’ve been wanting Corey and Nicole out of this game for a couple of months, but they are there and I just want the game to end, so I can see who will win.

      • SleepinG? They’ve won their share of comps, they’ve chose to team up with the right allainces, they are smart enough to switch alliances when needed which shbows they are paying attention, they are civil enough that most HGs (until they are evicted lol) like them and don’t want to target them. In essence, Corey/Nic have earned their spots in the Final 4.

      • Come on, lighten up, I was just trying to be funny. Once again I will say it, it ain’t that serious! :)

      • You know what a troll is right? You accused me of being a troll. A troll is someone who says a bunch of nonsense they don’t actually believe just to get a reaction. ie. Someone who lies. So, if I claimed that Glenn was the best BB player ever that would be a troll becausae I certainly don’t believe that and it be a lie.

      • I do know what a troll is, they reply to every one trying to get reactions. That is what you were doing. They will also make bogus accounts to do this and when I clicked on your account it looked pretty “sketch”. When I just checked your account this morning it looks completely different. The first reply you made to me was nonsense. It has so many typos I could hardly understand what you were saying. The second comment you made was to try and get a reaction out of the next person that had posted. That my dear is very trollish. ??? I’m sorry if I miss diagnosed you. That was not my intention to offend you. I thought you were really just being a big meanie head.

      • I don’t think that comment you’re accusing of being trollish was trying to get a reaction. He disagreed and offered evidence. Your bar for trolling is quite low.

      • I’m not sure you saw the first comment he made to me. It is buried further up in the middle. And the first time I clicked on his profile last night it must have been a glitch because it said he had under 100 comments and the user name did not match his posting name. But you have a right to your own opinion. ? I have already apologized so let’s move on. ???

      • This is the comment that I can no longer find in this thread.
        Ted Bouchard Kesha Shenanigans 18 hours ago
        OMGZ! Nicole isn’t attracted to the perSOn youa re. What an evil woman. BURN HER AT THE STAKE!
        Reply View
        That along with the profile glitch made me think “troll”, however I was wrong and I apologized. ???

      • You are a troll. An ignorant one at that. Someone having an opinion YOU disagree with is not trolling. Yoou attack someone and then give a fake meaningless non apology. My account looks exactly the same that always has. LMAO

      • I feel like I did apologize and I’m sorry you didn’t perceive it that way. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong and your profile must have glitched. It’s your choice if you’d rather not believe me.

      • They’ve earned a box of condoms, sleeping masks, along with bed sores and carpet burns and how to win BB without lifting a finger. It’s all in the legs…..lifting the legs and pointing the toes. LMAO! I’m sooo impressed with all their strategic moves and game play. You didn’t lie, they have definitely earned their way to the top!

      • Without lifitng a finger? 10+ comp wins between them. Making allainces up the wazoo, flipping when it is neccessary and strategic. Not completely losing their minds when a week goes against them like others do. Corey and Nicole are fantastic players. Only Paul is arguably better.

      • I agree. I don’t like them, but their snakey gameplay is working. What bothers me is hearing that production told Natalie to work with them…because that isn’t fair!

      • Production tells everyone to do everything. Production always plays Devil’s Advocate. That’s Production’s job. Natalie is a grown woman. She can say no.

      • Cory stans seem 2 not notice that he is still supporting Paulie’s Douchyness & 4 no reason started 2 talk multiple timers rehashing about P&Zs undercover activities? Tell me that’s not Duchy?
        Nicory have a less dense field of competitors at this point in the game= Greater individual odds to win now.
        In the beginning Nic was overplaying as much if not more then Day & Frank & probably would have fallowed them out the door.But instead she fell into bed with Cory.IMO that does not count as intentionally (laying Low) but just Luck.To only start playin Big Brother again recently.

        BB has always had a BIG Luck element. But nether her or her pet rock to some extent will own their game. Just act entitled and complain About peeps cheering on others instead if JUST THEM,

        Nicole to Corey “It is sketch that he (Vic) was rooting for Paul (in the HOH Comp)

        & cant understand why Vic & Paul were initially Pissed @ them for breaking their alliance.

        Corey to Nicole: “Victor’s making it look worse than it is, he’s making it look like he’s the victim here”

        Come on who wouldn’t be pissed to have gotten that close to $500K. It would have taken me A LOT LONGER LOL!! Is Production supposed to ” Stop That”
        If they don’t own it I cant Respect it!

  4. I still don’t understand how Nicole can be so blinded by Corey when Victor obviously has a thing for her and he is a million times cuter, nicer and funnier. Not to mention he’s more fun and way way more interesting than Corey. Come on Nicole! Wake up!!!

  5. I don’t know what makes me feel dirtier – knowing that Nicole fakes conversations to create footage for production or that production actually uses the footage exactly how she packages it for them.

    I can kind of understand the edit going in James’ favor because he is still in the game and they want to keep viewers tuning in for “likeable” players. Same with showing how “cute” and “playful” Nicole and Corey are, like when she spit her water all over him and they laughed and laughed and laughed! However, in my opinion, those bits are boring and heavy-handed. I don’t watch BB for “romance.” I watch it to laugh and be entertained, which is easily accomplished with pretty much anything EXCEPT James, Nicole, or Corey.

  6. We get it James…once again you bring up the “gift” on the feeds today. If you win..Nicole gets a check for 10K…if Nicole wins, you get a check for 10K. Make sure you all get each other’s address’ right so that transaction can be taken care of. I heard you say to Nicole you would give her your address. This whole situation just doesn’t pass the smell test with me.

  7. I think Victor should break his “bro” code and tell Nicole that Corey has no intentions in having a relationship with her. This could get him her vote and she could convince James.

    • I think both Victor and Paul should say about that Halloween party well I don’t want you two there lol remember Frankie said he never wanted to see any of them again lol

      • Is his only chance. She may also think he is just saying that because he doesn’t want to go. He could say it in front of Corey or mention it to him while she is listening behind a door or something. He tends to give up so quickly and gets voted out.

    • No – it wouldn’t. Nicole and Corey discussed this weeks ago – neither of them want a relationship right now bc they both just got out of long relationships. She has no expectations in that direction except to be friends. Discussed on BBAD weeks ago.

      • You don’t believe something someone says from their own mouth? She was serious – she even told him the other nite that if she came to his birthday party it would be as a friend. She just got out of a long relationship – she doesn’t want a relationship right now. She was serious –& so was he. She has no other expectations outside the house.

      • Nope I don’t believe that. She may have said that, but she doesn’t mean it. When I was young and Naive I would have said the grass is purple if I thought it would buy me time with the person I loved. She is just trying to play it cool. Like I said she doesn’t want to scare him and she thinks she can change his mind once they are out of the house. So she may have agreed to that a few weeks back so that she could buy time to change his mind. ?

      • Thank you — finally a voice of reason. As far as she and James and any deal they may have cooked up, she hasn’t said anything about it on BBAD. I’m going thru chemo and radiation and can’t do much else but watch tv. I’ve watched all the BBADs and haven’t heard her say anything about a deal with James so I couldn’t with any confidence comment one way or the other on that. Just a thought tho – if they were I violation of them contracts, wouldn’t BB shut it down? My understanding is those contracts are pretty iron clad and expected to be adhered to. Just a thought.

      • Many years of experience lying to the one you loved to spend more time with them? I’d rather exercise dignity and have my self esteem by being honest than to be made a fool – ESP in the eyes of someone I love.

      • So you have never said anything you didn’t mean in order to buy time thinking you could change someone or change their mind about you? You must be a saint then. Lol when you are young you sometimes make mistakes or try to hold on to someone because you can’t imagine losing them. That is all I’m saying. Don’t make it into something it’s not.

      • I will avoid the apparent rabbit hole you seemed to have followed the rabbit in the top hat down. Nicole is very intelligent & seems to talk straight with him. As far as in love – she’s not James and won’t throw her game for 500K for a guy. She has her eye on the prize and it ain’t Corey. The only reason Corey even told Victor that is bc he knows Victor has feelings for Nicole. Go to YouTube and do a search on Victor & Nicole. You’ll see some moments between Victor and Nicole that may surprise, & clear things up, for you. As far as twisting what she said into something I want to believe, I’ll leave you to your rabbit hole and cup of tea. I will stay in reality and believe what the woman said is what she meant to say.

      • You only know the truth you have twisted in your head. You have absolutely NO WAY of knowing any other intent of what she said. I doubt seriously she would take ur path of lying to someone she supposedly loves, as most of us choose a more honest path so we’re not made a fool of in the end. How u can think she meant otherwise in her and Corey’s discussion is beyond me as she has said nothing to the contrary. You know what uve twisted as your truth– everyone else knows her truth in what she said. Have a good day.

      • you have every right to your own opinion. This is mine. ??? not everyone is a saint like you, especially when they think they might lose someone they can’t imagine losing. Let’s move on.

      • Not a saint – a choice not to lie to those I love. I’ve seen the terrible outcome and just choose not to be that person. By no means a Saint. Agree to disagree. Moving on …..

      • Yes, I believe that she and James have a collusion deal in place in violation of paragraph 43 of their contact/rules because yes, the cheating and bribery came straight from her mouth. ;)

    • Nicole wouldn’t care because she hasn’t shown any self respect thus far this season. It’s just sad.

  8. Not too bad of an episode tonight, considering we’re at the F5, which tends to get boring. I’m honestly surprised they had enough footage to put together. Next episode will be a lot of fun, though. A good comp and the fallout from the nominations.

  9. If they keep Victor, Victor win’s hands down. Very stupid to keep him. I want Victor to win but they would be very very stupid if they don’t get rid of him.

  10. fruit loops, dummy and James looked scared when they put Victor and Paul on the block all 3 looked like they needed to change their clothes lol

  11. Branden, I can tell by the tone of your summary you have as much regard for this season as I do. Good job on the summary.

    • Everything from this point on is a disappointment. Vic and Paul were far better players than Nicole, Corey or James.

      Production has now made their inteference obvious. It’s just not fun anymore. ?

    • This was the worst I’ve ever seen where production rules the game. If Paul doesn’t win next HOH or veto…. I’m not watching the finale. Ew.

  12. “Nicole’s making really good points” – Corey, as if competing independent thought held space in his head

  13. The only reasons I keep watching this season, to the end, is in hopes of:

    1.) To see Corey’s face when Nicole (given the opportunity) chooses James over him to go to F2;
    2.) To see Nicole’s face if she is voted out at F3;
    3.) To see both Nicole’s and Corey’s face if James and Paul are the F2 and Paul wins;
    4.) To see Nicole’s face if she makes it to Final 2 and no one votes for her to win and the same for Corey as well!!!

    Can’t wait to hear why they deserve the money and hear about all their strategic moves that kept them in the game each week. Everyone’s heard the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?” Maybe that’s why they remained in the game. Unless they heard the bed squeaking or the occasional moans, groans, and giggling, most probably forgot they were even in the house! Thats their strategic move! “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!”

  14. I have a problem with floaters. James was a floater his first Season snd is even more so this Season. I don’t have any suggestions or ideas but would love to see some new catch created that made each person earn their way. Maybe side comps that helped build the pot so that if you’re the last player/winner you earn $100k with bonus money earned from each side comp. Coming in and just taking up space does very little for me as a viewer. But every Season there are a few who make it pretty far. I wish the Winner actually had to earn some of the prize money by doing more than floating.

    • James hasn’t really contributed to this season. In fact, his game hasn’t been much of a game at all.

      • James, Nicole and Corey are this season’s worst players. Totally lost interest in BB18. Production has gone too far in their interference and having their pre-selected winners.

      • “Pre-selected winners” isn’t fair I don’t think. People use that a lot when people they don’t like get far in the game. Victor has come back twice so far and no one’s claiming it’s rigged for him. If anything production “should” be rigging it for him based on fans liking him so much. But they haven’t. No one likes Nicole. Why rig it for her? They (production) would gain nothing from it.

      • With Nicole they get the footage that they need that they think is invaluable to the show’s success. Same with James.

      • I won’t use the word “rigged”, but the very reason these vets returned in the first place was for ratings and ratings bring in money. Many people don’t like Dingus’s behavior this season. Imo, it seems she has lowered her standards for money. But a lot of people make their money in bed. Disgusting behavior by Dingdoo. But, she and James do seem to have many fans which in turn affect ratings. So, yes, they(production) are gaining from it. And it seems they have intended to keep Dingus and James fans happy. They know those fans will keep watching no matter how much manipulation and influence is used to get Productions desired outcome.

      • What’s ironic is how Nicole has consistently been toward the bottom of the fan’s ranking on Jokers, another site which has an extremely large fan base.

        In fact, Vic and Paul were consistently at #1 and #3 for the last few weeks.

      • I disagree. Nicole’s fans have been few and far between this Season. (At least on these boards.) whereas everyone loves Victor. You can’t base having Nicole still in the game on Production. At first, sure. She’s a young cute woman. But as the Season goes on and her popularity drops or flatlines the Network has no reason to keep her. Victor is much more well liked by viewers than Nicole is so if they were manipulating anything they’d most-likely manipulate it for him because he’s good-looking, charming and is the “comeback kid.” Manipulating for Nicole gets them nothing this late in the game.

      • Although many who comment seem to be very disillusioned and disgusted with Dingus, she is still just as popular as ever according to at least the past three popularity polls on BBN. She has won all of them. I’m not a fan AT ALL. I think she has lowered her standards and most likely embarrassed her family in the process, for money. I’m just telling you what the polls on BBN show. I think Production had to a deal to help her as much as they could without actually rigging it for her to win and they’re not going to change that.

  15. I can see people are still mad at Nicole but not me, I still say go Nicole. That episode had some funny moments with the sound effects and Nicole spitting water directly in Corey’s face (as he deserved). I also thought Victor and Nicole are cute.

    James is ok but I never got the appeal he has or why he was brought back.

    • The fact that production has manipulated the game in her favor would cause lots of devoted fans of the show to dislike her, also her “for production” moments, and oh the deal she made with James too. There is no integrity for the show anymore, or what it used to stand for. For me the way I feel about Nicole could be described in these song lyrics below:

      “I used to love her,but I had to kill her” lol I don’t like her anymore.

      I agree with you 100% though about James

      • I think a lot of that though can’t be blamed on the contestant. They just want to win. That’s up to CBS to change. I sort of liked it better before I knew what goes on but this is not the first time behind the scenes shenanigans has gone on. It won’t be the last either. So for me its misplaced anger. But I also acknowledge some just don’t like her.

  16. For the first time this season, didn’t watch tonite’s episode live. Just wasn’t interested after watching the live feeds and learning of Nicole and Corey’s backstabbing.

    Production has rigged the game in their favor and so it’s becoming really painful to watch the show on CBS knowing it’s not authentic anymore.

    • Same here. Haven’t watched the live episodes this past week. I tried watching the one with the Macgyver themed comp after reading that production had stepped in to help certain people, and I couldn’t. The joy is gone, the spark is gone. Never thought Id be as disappointed this season as I am now.

      • The joy is definitely gone.

        Production has ruined the game by continuously helping certain people get further.

        Vic and Paul never had a chance.

      • And its a damn shame too, because either one of them would be the most deserving of the newbies this season. Im sure im not the only one who feels this way, which is why I question the last care package. Between Paul, Vic and Corey for Corey to win was an absolute shock to me. Considering the popularity polls and all.

      • Don’t know how he won the last care package. Production gave it to him and not the voters.

  17. This goes out to the creators of this amazing site:

    We should have viewing parties from this point and have discussions dedicated to each episode as they are airing. It would definitely help and console Big Brother fans who have grown to resent the current make up of what is appearing to be the F3: Nicole, Corey and James.

  18. I think it’s so stupid to say they “backstabbed” Paul and Victor. What were they supposed to do, throw away their chances of winning? If they go to final four with V/P, there’s a 2 in 3 chance that Nicole loses HOH and Corey can’t even compete, then Corey and Nicole go on the block, and one of them goes home. It’s moronic to insinuate that they should have done anything differently. Plus this is a game, I’m so sick of people complaining when they actually play the game to win.

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