‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final Big Brother 18 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 12 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

The Veto holder had the chance to change up noms and force a renom to potentially shuffle the week’s target. Read on to find out what happened and who are the final nominees for Big Brother this week.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 12:

  • Nicole decided to not use the Veto
  • Paul & Victor are this week’s final noms

Just as we anticipated and it makes sense for Nicole to avoid using the Veto. She wants Victor to go and even then using it on Paul wouldn’t change anything. There’d be no gain for her to change up the nominations at this point with both her potential targets on the Block.

After the meeting Paul and Victor were joking around with the group and weren’t pissed off or acting angry. Paul asked Nicole if he be mad if he called her a snake in his eviction vote speech. Looks like it should be a fun show when it airs on Tuesday night.

Now either Paul or Victor will be voted out on Monday while the Feeds are down and we’ll get to watch it play out on Tuesday’s taped show. Who do you think it will be? Vote in our poll below.

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  1. Not saying this game is rigged (because that’s just stupid) but if Nicole wins, she’ll probably be in hall of shame. Yeah she played a good game, but she never owns up to her moves (which is poor social game). Atleast Dan and Will and Derrick owned up to their moves in the end. Same with Jon and Neda. I respect villain gameplay (Boston Rob & Parvati e.g.) but if the villains deny their moves in front of the jury then I wouldn’t expect them to win (I’m looking at you Russell). And that’s why I think Nicole will probably be one of the worst winners in BB history.

    • It’s not stupid. There’s been plenty of proof posted up over the last few weeks. All you have to do is go back and look. :)

      • Friend, have you been paying attention? A lot of extremely damning evidence has been brought to light. It all ties together and it’s all very clear. How much more mathematical proof do you really need that two plus two equals four?

      • I’ve read stuff that ex-HG’s have said about producer manipulation but I can’t remember the exact details.
        Quite a few have suggested this but I don’t think there’s proof .

      • I haven’t been following. What’s going on to make it appear as though the game is rigged this season?

      • You conspiracy people kill me you can’t believe all you read and cbs would be dumb to open up lawsuits from other players wake up and get off the rigged train it’s not rigged

      • Yes but if that were the case wouldn’t all the seasons come into fruition? Problem with that is that there are other factors to said evidence. What if she just said that to BS her way through the game? What if she said that just to get Corey to do her bidding? You can’t just assume that it’s the case just because certain evidence is there. And besides what about other alleged cheating? What about in Season 13 with the duos twist? What about Season 14 with Frank? What about even this Season with Paulie’s potential chance to get back into the game?

      • Pretty sure production told Natalie during her HOH to align with Nicole, which set events into motion that pushed Natalie out the door. Like, this isn’t just an assumption, this was actually said by Natalie.

        Production should not telling ANYONE who to work with. The game, and by extension Nicole’s win (should she get there), is completely tainted.

      • This isn’t the first time that’s happened, though. We’ve know this for YEARS. They did it back in BB11, trying to warn Jeff to stay away from Natalie. The difference is Jeff didn’t know what they were trying to tell him because they were being subtle about it.

        I think that’s the problem. We’re talking about Nat-Nat here. You can make the smallest suggestion to her and she runs away with it. She’s very easily influenced, that girl. They could have simply asked her “What would be the benefit of working with Nicole and Corey?” and from that, she could’ve deduced that they wanted her to go for it.

      • Exactly. And unless the viewers are sitting in the DR it’s all rumors and assumptions and no real facts.

      • It wasn’t a bad decision for Jatalie to make a final 4 with Nicorey at the time. If not for victor returning to the game the final 4 would’ve worked and Jatalie would have a easier path to the F2.
        I still don’t think it was a bad decision.
        Nicorey knew that when Victor won HOH, they would be a bigger target than Jatalie.
        So should Nicorey have sunk their game to keep the F4 alliance with jatalie?
        I don’t think so since they are playing to win too.
        Nicorey have been able to whittle down James’s 3 person alliance to only james and now they’re breaking up VP while they’ve kept their duo intact.
        I call that superior game play.

      • I agree. I get tired of commenting why someone is playing a good game. If people would step back and take their favorites out of it they would see who’s playing a good game and who isn’t. I didn’t want Derrick to win his season but because I look at the game play and not personal he deserved the win.

      • I’m so glad that there are others here who are able to look at both sides of the story.
        Right now Nicorey are not winning any new fans since they’re evicting Victor I’m afraid.
        Oh well, the end is near and I’m going to miss BB when it’s gone. Do you plan on watching the on line season?

      • I’m afraid I’ll spend more time on the computer than I already do but I’ll be curious to see how it goes.

      • I could watch BB all year long but I wouldn’t get anything done around here. I’ve put off doing so many things already and plan on catching up after it’s over. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me.
        I’ll be checking in to see what everyone thinks about this version though.
        At least with a schedule you can plan ahead without missing anything.

      • Caplet poison so natalie was screwed out of the game just like she was screwed out of the pov when I know production helped Corey because if natalie wins pov takes herself off the block the renom would have been nicole because Corey give victor 5,000 bribe and not putting up Paul. So they screwed natalie to protect there Princess nicole and I hope a fan after the season tells natalie

      • Natalie didn’t say word for word production told me I have to work with Corey and Nicole. They may have suggested it which is what she said. Once again assumptions and not facts.

      • Lavendergirl natalie got screwed out of the pov comp and production helped Corey because Corey is not that smart

      • You know I will disagree with you on that. I will agree but I also realize that some of this proof that you speak of has something to do with the way they edit the show for TV. Too much t deny in some shape or form that production doesn’t have their hand in it. To say it is rigged is kind of strong words because even production doesn’t know who will be evicted till it happens for sure.

      • I don’t think it’s “rigged,” but I do think by casting recruits production didn’t get what they were looking for, so they have to keep prodding the HGs along to do something – anything – to keep the game moving along. If you were a producer and you get a HG in the DR who just looks at you and says, “um…duh”, you’d probably do exactly what production has been doing – tell the doofus/dingus/doldrum what you think they should do. A lot of this is casting’s fault for not getting BB fans in the house as HGs.

      • Exactly, the producers have a show to run and an audience to keep happy if they want good ratings.
        They probably do make a lot of suggestions to the slower HG’s I believe.

      • I remember reading that Paul said he had to re do a DR session because they wanted him to be more “Paul-like”/ loud and obnoxious.

      • I remember hearing that too.
        Someone once mentioned that at youtube there was a video of Janelle, Howie and James during their season and James was complaining because after he told the DR his plan of action he claimed the DR then told someone in the nerd alliance what James has said.
        James was furious and said he would never again tell the DR his plans.
        I don’t know if that video is still there but I did watch it.
        One thing that bothered me was that nobody liked the nerds so why would the DR tip them off to James’s plans? Maybe they were trying to keep the action going so things wouldn’t get boring.

      • Your opinion doesn’t matter any more than mine does. The proof has been posted and it’s quite clear and quite obvious to anybody that simply goes and looks. You can’t just rewrite history with your opinion. No offense.

      • Keep in mind that said “posted proof” has been primarily documented by biased opinion. Everybody sees what they want to see.

      • Seriously!? Where can I check out the proof you speak of? I wouldn’t mind reading some juicy BB scandal ?

      • None taken. I don’t have all the answer’s but I also know that we can always agree to disagree on anything and everything. One ting about me is I have to have more proof that what the fans say. Just because one person puts it out there doesn’t mean it is true. Yes, they had a F2 deal AFTER they got in the house. Yes, they offered each other and their showmance partner money or gifts if they won. All of that doesn’t mean the show is rigged or that they had a pregame deal either. As you stated our opinions don’t really matter so why do we keep talking about it then? I think deep down you want it to be true and to be honest, if it is true then I was fooled but i seriously doubt that.

      • Exactly. They are producing a tv show for entertainment. They have to edit what is best for tv.

      • Where? I want to see it since I’m always speculating. I saw Corey going straight to those tubes and twisting before even looking around the room or the floor, but I would love to see more.

    • “At least Dan and Will and Derrick owned up to their moves in the end”……It isn’t the end yet. Who says she won’t own up to it?

      • What did she do wrong? She is playing Big Brother? Isn’t the goal to get others out before they get you? Paul and Victor were playing s good game. They got out played by Nicole. That to me says she deserves to win. When Paul convinced Victor to go after Paulie he was considered brillant. How is this any different? It isn’t. If it was Victor and Paul turning on Nicole and Corey I bet it would be called a great game move.

      • No I didn’t say she wasn’t playing a good game. The thing that prevents me from rooting for her is how she’s acting like she did nothing wrong. And plus she isn’t the sweetest person, so I doubt the jury would like to root for her (minus Paulie). It’s clear that while she is playing a good game, her chances of winning is slim unless she takes Corey to the end.

  2. Poor Victor. Great competitor but just not bright or shrewd enough to take it to the end.
    That being said, Nicorey sicken me and I’ve stopped watching the tv show.

  3. Well, well, well….once again James starts to talk about the 10K issue with Nicole…said something like “well, you know if you win…i’ll give you address or something to that effect…cut to fish….this whole season just has a stench hovering all over it.

      • He started to talk about it and then realized he really shouldn’t…but, I knew what he was talking about..especially when he told her he would give her his address if she won.

      • He asked her and she said she would but I’m not so sure she will.
        If James does win I hope he doesn’t give her a lot of money because he feels guilty that he ruined her game as she insisted he did.

      • Nat said she wouldn’t give him her address. She finally said she might give him her telephone number. She can change that easy enough..can’t change her address so much! lol

      • Meanwhile I just read on Jokers that James can’t wait to introduce Nat to his baby mama and little girl. This is so sad.

      • They way I seen it when I watched it was James was teasing with Nic. But you know how they take things out of context so much. You are not going to reason with anyone. I mean come on..James is dense but I don’t think he would flat out say about money knowing they had been warned?

      • True, a person would have to see it for themselves to understand whether or not they were just joking. Not being able to see their facial expression and tone of voice makes it difficult to figure out what was meant. Glad to see you’re back Dawn :D

      • You are so right India. That is why I am always saying that people are not being given the full story most of the time on BB sites. This is just one of the many things that was taken out of context! Thank you India..I just had a brief melt down yesterday after the nonsense. I’m back for good! :-)

      • I don’t think it was you having the meltdown Dawn :D
        Everyone was taking Victor’s coming eviction pretty hard. One guy started having hysterics when I offered the opinion that the author of that piece was biased. I suppose he wanted me to write an essay on why it was biased and if I didn’t that meant I was all wrong and he was right. Pfffttt !
        Right now Nicorey is doing so well and yet we never hear about it at a lot of BB sites.
        Hang in there, the going will probably be rough. :D

      • It is amazing to me that when we comment about how biased things are against Nic that they want exact time stamp..exact words etc. Yet when we challenge them..they say they don’t have to? Go figure?? lol I hope there is someone out in audience that lets it slip what happens today/night! I can’t wait to find out what is going on!!

      • Me either but as a Nicole fan I eagerly await the demise of the 2 sitting ducks.
        And yeah, it’s pretty bad when I was expected to write an essay defending my opinion lol :D
        Such a relief last night when I saw James’s DR’s saying he trusted Nicorey.
        I think all the Victor fans will leave this site after his eviction so it might get lonely here lol.

    • It really does. There is so much blatant cheating going on across the board that it is absolutely disgusting.

    • How do know what “deal” they were talking about if “fish ” interrupted the conversation. .and there is a million reasons to give somebody an address AND If I was gonna give/pay somebody $10,000 I don’t believe I would “mail” it…transfer would be the way to go…And in the original conversation James (box of rocks for brains) was gonna get a “money order” of all things to send the money…And both used the word “if” they won.. IF is a big word..

  4. Sad to see Victor go at this point. He has worked very hard to get this far while people like James are still there. It happens every season when you see good players leave so close to the end. He should be proud of how he competed and how he treated the others. He had that one poor choice of his nomination speech during his 1st HoH but he definitely improved each time he returned. In that regard he has shown self awareness. He may be naive and too trusting, but he is not stupid

  5. If Nicole makes it to final two, nobody in the girls is going to vote for her to win. I do not see her winning. She has issues with women.

    • Michelle and Nat will probably be bitter.
      I think Da, Z and feminist Brigitte may give her their vote.

    • Natalie said she would vote for Nicole if she was sitting next to Paul. And since she thinks Nicole’s playing the best game, I think the only way she wouldn’t have Nat’s vote is if she’s sitting next to James.

      Plus, Michelle’s arrival in the jury house only helped to build Nicole’s case for the winner of BB18.

  6. Paul and Victor really brought this on themselves though. It maybe could’ve went differently if they kept Natalie… but i guess it’s too late now. Nicole is playing the game well but i swear if James or Corey win this season i think ill die LOL

    • Vic and Paul should have put Nicole and Corey on the block when they had the chance. Bad move on their part.

    • I think Natalie’s ability at winning comps was taken in consideration when making their decision to keep James. Since Vic and Paul knew they would have to win comps to make it to the end I can understand their decision.

      • Victor said that Nat was his less liked person because of her eviction goodbye message. This might of influenced his vote.

      • Vic originally wanted to vote out James and he was insistent about it…nobody else would budge, so he caved and agreed. He didn’t have a vote anyway

    • They could not have kept Nat in the game. Only Nic, Corey and Paul were voting. They should have put Nic and Corey up.

    • We could ‘what if’ all the way back to the first comp and have Glenn still in the house and winning it all :-)

  7. James is telling Nicole that it was her plan to get rid of all the girls. I read this. Who’s watching feeds?
    He tells Nic that he won’t forget their deal and it goes to fish.

    • We saw it all the time on the feeds. So these people that think Nat is all puppy dogs and rainbows, just plain wrong.

    • Well she expected to twill & snuggle her way to a half mil, didnt happen. now shes like she was to every guy that passed her over

    • And where is this bit of info posted??? Odd that Julie would give such an opinion on somebody as unimportant as Natalie…The HGs in season 15 kinda forced her opinions and thoughts…but this season is nothing like 15..

      • I read it on a joker’s thread, but I did say supposedly so maybe it was made up. I think Julie was interviewed and gave her opinion about it.

      • Tell us more! No wonder Nat’s edit toward the end was uncomplimentary. Wonder how she acted in the DR.

      • If Julie said it ..might be after Nat made comment about James being Asian. I can’t remember exactly how she said it..but I could tell it wasn’t well perceived by Julie.

  8. Honestly I could not care less if they are making deals and sharing money,never cared, up to them.

  9. I am done with big brother production is letting 2 vets win the vets already know every comp and how to play them the true winner should have been Victor as he was the only one really playing but had no chance with 2 vets helping the big dummy all Nicory did was stay in bed like James and Nat now they are playing not hard when you have 3 against 2 and Nic and James had a pre game deal I hope everyone out there votes for Victor to win America’s player

  10. At this point I have to say I will be sad to see Victor go! I think he deserves to win the game. The Final Four I think the only person deserving to win is Paul but will he make it to the end? I really really like James but I can’t say he’s really done anything to deserve to win but up against Nicole or Corey I think he should.
    If it’s Nicole and Corey in the final two then I don’t know who should win! I mean I guess Nicole but really neither should win. Well I guess I can’t completely say that you there, they did flip at the right time and it was smart for them to put Victor and pull up this week because again they deserve to win and would have won.

  11. Has anyone from jury refused to give a vote? with the ones left other than Paul not 1 deserves to win the money. just saying if I were on jury I would say I am not voting for anyone who slept and bribed their way to win 10 grand is a lot of money that nic and James promised each other. as for James if he wins Nat will break down his door to be with him until the money is gone if he don’t win then he will never see her again same with dummy and fruit loops

    • They probably wouldn’t get paid or not paid in full if they didn’t vote, but I sure hope someone makes a little speech similar to what you said when they cast their vote

      • yes but he used the kid last time and he won Americas fav now all he was in there for was a showmance now that’s gone hes wants to bring up his kid lol

      • That was kind of early on, I think if its Paul vs James, Vic might vote for Paul given his loalty to Vic

    • Nicole and Corey outplayed everybody. Nicole hasn’t even been nominated. When Derrick did that everyone thought he was a BB God, but not Nicole. People are letting their personal bias against Nicole cloud their judgment. She has played a brilliant game and deserves to win more so than the rest of the HGs left.

  12. I hope the next time big brother is on regular t.v. because I will not pay cbs to watch it on line lol that they will never use vets and new guests together if they want to use vets then do an all star show with only vets and no new people that would make it fair and interesting since they would all be playing together and have good ole Nic in there with her past flings lol

      • yep but don’t think Nicole (slim chance) or Corey will be in the running …James is out (I think) due to stupidity..Pauls mouth kinda did him in so that leaves Victor as to if we wanna vote for who is left in the house…There is nobody in Jury or an early evictee that I would wanna vote for…So the pickings are slim..

      • The TV viewers only see what is televised on certain days. Production does NOT show what really goes on in the beds under the covers for the TV viewers. The BB fans who pay for the feeds or BB fans who read the feeds see/or find what is really going on in the house, unlike the innocent TV viewers who see the Production censored/edited version.

  13. I saw somewhere that the returning vets all got 50 grand to be in the house I think Frank told Bridgette this

    • Haha. Don’t you know they paid all the houseguests before they came in to give the win to Nicole. And if nobody nominates her they’ll even get a bonus.

      • As if! Really? Where did you hear that? Facts? There’s no way Nicole would win against Paul in the final two. Is there??? Only if what you’re saying is true. And if Nicole does win against Paul then for sure it’s rigged!
        I hope it’s not! I really like big brother and I know reality shows are not reality like they used to be but I still would like to know they are for the most part real and the winner is actually the person who should win!! You know what I mean?
        It just seems way too far-fetched and way too dangerous of big brother being busted if what you’re saying is true. especially this season full of Houseguests you don’t know Big Brother. Why would big brother want Nicole to win and why would they want Nicole to win since the very beginning? What difference does it make 2 Big Brother on who wins? Plus I don’t think Nicole is that good of an actress LOL anyway just thinking out loud LOL

      • I’m joking. I’m exaggerating because I’m so tired of reading all these ridiculous comments about production rigging the game.

      • Because they broke a rule / contract but never got the boot? I think every season house guests have broken rules and never been booted. Vanessa did it

    • Absolutely, because it is. proof is already been posted multiple times. Among other things, they are violating paragraph 43 of the contract that they signed. Don’t know what that is? Well then, you don’t know enough about this to have an opinion.

      • Exactly. Nicole and James should have been disqualified on the spot considering this is their second rodeo.

      • Right! They were both saying they would give each other money correct? But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s rigged. Vanessa did that last season and she didn’t win and she didn’t get kicked out of the house. And if I’m not mistaken this has happened numerous times every season!? Plus other rules have been broken. No one ever has been kicked out of the Big Brother house for breaking rules. Not that I recall anyways lol it has been on for a long time so I could be wrong.
        I wonder if one of them wins, if somehow Big Brother keeps some money because of the rule they broke!? I wonder if that’s in the contract and that’s why they were not booted for breaking rules!?

  14. Sun 1:01 PM BBT11:47
    Nicole telling James/Corey how much she loves them and says she would
    gladly lose 500k to them. She also hopes one of them

    win AFP. James mentions not forgetting their deal if they win. Brief fish then Vic interrupts her gushing

    AND no one believes they had a deal coming into the show?? Yes, they fished it, but the message is already out there…unbelievable/not fair. Victor and/or Paul should not be going home, just for this issue alone…penalty, send one of them home.

    • So don’t forget our deal could mean if I win I’m taking everyone on vacation, if I win I’m throwing a party for everyone, etc. it could mean all kinds of things. Once again assumptions and no facts.

      • Or it could mean, giving each other the $10,000.00 that they said on the live feeds and production spoke them about and made them tell the other house guests what was said.

      • Every single season they talk about if they win I’m going to buy you this or I’m doing this. Production has to stop it all the time. This isn’t a first.

      • Even if it were true, so what? They new each other before the game. I would make a pre-season deal too. And the probability of it actually happening would be astronomical. Also, the others HGs can think for themselves and could have done anything they wanted.

      • Nicole and James have been in cahoots and production has reprimanded while favoring them.

      • There are plenty of facts they have been posted and discussed and all kinds of proof has been given over and over again over the course of weeks. How about you get your head out of the sand?

      • That person definitely has their head in the sand if they choose to ignore all the proof and the illicit discussions James and Nicole have had.

      • Where are the facts? There’s been assumptions posted. Big difference. Maybe you need to come down out of the clouds.

    • Hope they remind Nicole of her love for them and letting them have the $500k when it gets to the F3 and F2 and see what she does

    • Exactly. They haven’t even been trying to hide the fact that they are cheating and yet production does nothing about it. Even still, there’s plenty of people out and about on these boards with their heads in the sand completely ignoring the evidence that is right out in the open.


    • This is so horrible and only furthers the fact that production has allowed James and Nicole to cheat

      • Can you make it anymore obvious that you are making multiple accounts? And can you please quit spamming us with Emojis? It’s pretty ridiculous.

  15. I don’t like Nicole, James, and Corey and I also don’t think they played a great game. They hid behind Paulie for a long time. James was carried by Nat for a while and has seemed more invested in Love Connection. It’s just a strategy of lay low and then think about winning. Nothing special. Then they did not play a clean game. I think production also really has helped Nicole and Corey and James. That said, if not Paul or Victor, I would likely vote for Nicole to win.

  16. Really feel badly for Victor. His BB experience has had to have been the biggest roller coaster ever. His biggest weakness is that he’s just not cutthroat or sneaky enough to do well in this game.

    It’s kind of a shame that this sort of social experiment usually gives an advantage to mean, manipulative people.

  17. I like Vic, but he does not deserve to win. BB is more than winning the challenges. It about playing a good mental game, as well. Victor got voted out two times, due to being so darn naive and trusting. So what does he do? He enters the house the second time, just as naive and even more trusting. Good guy, bad player.

    • He does seem to be a decent guy…I thought his game play improved each time he came back into the house.

  18. This makes me so sad I love Paul. And I have grown to love victor he doesn’t deserve to go Nicole does. How does that backstabbing bitch last so long in the game. Seriously she went the entire season without being nominated and she has back stabbed everyone! Bitch needs to go. I actually used to like Nicole the first time she was on big brother but now I have zero respect for her. And Corey even though your a box of rocks you can do better than her. Like she couldn’t find better glasses that actually fit her face ?.

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