Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up – Week 6

Since Thursday night’s live eviction show the Big Brother 18 game has been busily moving along inside the house and on the Feeds. If you’ve missed the latest Big Brother spoilers then here is your chance to get caught up and ready for the rest of the week.

Paul laughing it up on BB18

So far we’ve run through the HoH comp, nominations, the first of the new twist’s care packages, and even the Veto competition. With so much behind the HGs they’ve got to work on their next steps with the Veto Ceremony and eviction plans, but that may not go as smoothly as it initially looked.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 6 Round-Up:

Head of Household: Feedsters were once again denied this competition would could have been shown on the Live Feeds if production had bothered. Instead we waited around nearly two hours to find out who had rolled a ball the farthest. Thanks Grodner. Turns out the answer was Paul who scored a 21 by landing in the box surrounding the main target. Other HGs came close with Nicole and Da’Vonne at 19 each. Paul is the new Head of Household and will be safe this week. Read more >>

America’s Care Package: Voting ended quickly for the new twist and that was because it had to be delivered quickly. Natalie ended up winning the first care package which included a Never-Not Pass so she won’t have to worry about eating Slop or sleeping in those bumper cars again this season. It was an initial high for her, but the other HGs were quick to be upset behind her back including Paulie who suggested James needed to “humble your girl.” Such a charmer. Read more >>

Nominations: Paul wasted no time looking for a pawn to go up beside his target, Bridgette. After a lot of nervous responses from his allies it was Paulie who accepted the challenge so he could help play in Veto. But part of that deal was Paulie pushing for Da’Vonne to be the target. Paul still isn’t happy about that, but he’s rolling with what the house wants he says, which is really mostly just what Paulie wants. Either way, Bridgette and Paulie went up on the Block. Read more >>

Power of Veto: Sounds like we had the return of the sprinting comp from late last season for this week’s Veto. Nicole hosted as Natalie, Corey, and Victor were picked to play alongside Paul, Paulie, and Bridgette. Paulie pulled off the Veto win and will definitely be saving himself to make room for Da’Vonne, if Paul goes through with it. Read more >>

Veto Ceremony is coming up on Monday afternoon and right now Paul says he’ll put up Da’Vonne then it’s out of his hands and up to the voting Houseguests. Sounds like there could be a brewing revolt against Paulie’s plans to BD Da’Vonne. Fingers crossed for some confrontational drama on the Feeds!

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!



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  1. Voting for week #2 care pkg. begins 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Don’t forget to vote for your HG you want to receive the privilege to cancel 2 votes.

      • It won’t help anyone for the next eviction because the voting doesn’t stop until Friday morning!

      • I’m wondering what will happen if the person that gets it is evicted this week. Will it go to the person with the 2nd most votes?

      • I think I’ll hold off for a while and see what’s going on after this eviction and the new HOH on Thursday!

      • No it runs from tonight until the 5th! At least that’s what it says on the web site!

      • They won’t get the package until Friday after the evicted hg has left the building.

    • I’ll vote tomorrow and make sure that Da’vonne is on the block, then I’ll give her my vote.

      • It all depends on when they will get the care package. If they get it before Thursday then DAY or Bridgette should be the only two to consider. Otherwise it will all be for naught.

      • Actually giving it to Paul would be most interesting because it would force him to make some seriously tough decisions in public. In fact, it could blow up his game sky high.

      • True but I still think of all the houseguests getting this particular care package, the most fun to watch would be if Paul received it. Especially while he is HOH.

      • The voting for it doesn’t stop until Friday so it won’t help anyone during the upcoming eviction!

      • Which is why I said it will be for naught. I won’t vote until late Thursday or early Friday before it ends. It would be useless to vote for DAY or Bridegette to win if one of them is going home. If again I said IF they were to get it before the eviction time, then it should go to one of them.

  2. Paulie will not sit back quietly and let Bridgette be voted out. He needs the Cabbage Patch doll because he got tired of playing with his Barbie doll.

      • There was a post yesterday about Frank being interviewed by Jeff as they skyped with Tiff. Supposedly, Tiff told Frank that his eviction was manipulated by Paulie, which totally surprised Frank. Frank is probably trying to send some telepathic signals to Bridgette as we post. haha

      • This is a responds from me to you that you got from Linda 7 hours ago. So check out what I wrote here.

        Hey KSJB, your girl Cheryl here. Now let me just tell you something missy…he..he..he, Linda is right, I would love to see you in the game along with myself. You know I told you I tried out for the show last year, I didn’t try this year because I was home sick the day they had it here. But you best believe I will be trying again in 2017 at the age of 58. And like you I would be checking for dirty feet and killing ants too left and right. If they come to your town or a near by town where you live, girl….go on and give it a shot, Hell I am. Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if you and I made BB19 together..OMG, (You see this BB, give us a shot, 2 middle aged women in the house together, you guys always only put 1 middle age person in the house with all those young folks, well try something different with 2 of us in the house). Not that we would get picked KSJB, but you never know. “Expect the Unexpected…..holla back.

      • Didn’t you get my post, cheryl? I did reply. If you haven’t gotten it, let me know. : )

      • When I was in my 20’s I think I would have liked the idea of being in all those competitions, but living without music for 3 months would probably have backed me off from even thinking about it (back then). I’m in my 50’s too and I can joke about it but you are brave lady, NOW? I would’nt even dream of it. MORE POWER TO YA

      • Hi,

        Ok, what if they had a season with people our age only, would you give it a shot then?

      • What would the competitions be????????? Cooking and gossiping, if so I’d win
        kidding folks just kidding

      • lol…lol…lol…If they did it, I’m sure they would give us easy comps like this last hoh they just had, rolling a ball down the board, or that poker game one that they do sometimes.

      • As long as they dont do that comp where you had to mix horseradish and icecream with god knows what and drink it. Us 50 somethings would need more toilets. HAHAHA

      • Yeah right, but that would be a good move, we could run all the young folks out of the house with that…….lol…lol

      • Noooooooooooooo…I’m still helping my mom with hers, she’s an 82 year old diva……lol…just became a Great Great Grand mother 7 months ago. And yes, that makes me a Great Grand Aunt… But noooooo not the Depends…noooooo not the Poise…lol…lol. Not yet……….

      • HAHAHAHA YOU GOT IT one of our comps could be who can crack the other ones up the most

      • Maybe not look at survivor that 70something man went far don’t doubt yourself when we need strength in life we find it

      • Yeah, but even a million bucks today is a row home a good car and not much left to put in the bank after taxes. I’m glad for him that he could do it, he’s an inspiration thats for sure.

      • I could easily change a diaper one-handed…no problem! Maybe that would be one of the comps! hahaha

      • I know riiiight. Weather bb looks at this board on not, they know they have bb fans in our age bracket watching the show. THEY KNOW….

      • Last season there were people here saying that more older people should get cast, but it doesn’t seem to be an option fro CBS or the producers of the show. I don’t think they read the fans opinions of the show, which would make them at least think about it.

      • I know, you think. When they had Jerry on there, he was 80 I believe and in good shape. Hell, that’s to 40 year old… know..

      • He was 75 during BB10. He made it to the final 3 with Dan and Memphis.

        (just looked it up)

      • I am game for BB. I am 64. Julie should get them to consider at least 6 HG over 45. This would be a social experiment. Let’s get the word out.

      • I found it, and I still say, you would have to be on the same season with me. We would have so much fun with those dirty feet youngins….lol

      • There is not a doubt in my mind that you are a hoot and a holler and that we would have an absolute blast together. I so wish they would just give it a try with older folks one season. I don’t think they would be sorry.

      • Well I don’t know now, if they put some cougar chasers on there or some nice looking middle aged guys…lol…lol.. Ok, Ok, kidding about the cougar chasers…lol…lol. But you for sure would NOT see anybody having sex under the covers in the infer red lights they use so you can see in the dark rooms at night. I think that’s safe to say.

      • And I would demand a changing room … nobody can get into these spanks with dignity!

      • I’m praying for you they should put older ppl bet it would so much more interesting at least we have some life experiences in 38 but don’t know that I could handle the pettiness n the dirt ants etc I might go crazy for 90 days and have to spend my winnings on a physiatrist lol I’m ocd real bad

    • I don’t have the live feeds, but I do like to skim through BBAB, watching Z laying all over Paulie is sickening. And then then watching him play with her skanky hair just makes it worse.
      Please get rid of at least one of them soon.

    • Z is definitely the quintessential Southern Belle, is she not? Dubbing her a Barbie doll is too generous for her! LOL

  3. Too bad Paulie won the veto. It would have been fun to see him learn an important Big Brother lesson: Sometimes pawns get evicted. Expect the unexpected.

    • I agree with your premise, but I doubt this group of chicken-sheets would have taken advantage of the opportunity,

    • It’s jmo, but I think that was part of Paulie’s strategy to secure Paul’s loyalty.

      • We’ll see if that works or not soon. It’s hard to tell what Paul is thinking. He said he really wants Bridgette out, but we all knew that he was down to do anything for Paulie.

      • I said earlier that Paul put his foot down for a hot minute and Paulie stepped on it. It’s aggravating to say the least.

      • At the end of the day, Paul is going to do whatever Paulie wants since they are commited to going to the end with each other now. He’s not going to risk losing his ally over not wanting Day to go home this week and Paul has realized that Paulie isn’t letting up on who he wants to go this week. I still think Paulie will regret letting Day make it to jury and that he SHOULD have listened to Frank – Day will taint the jury for sure. And Paulie better how if he’s in final 2 that he’s sitting beside a guy because just about all the girls have said they are voting for a girl to win.

      • I do not think Day makes jury! It is smart move by Paulie to get her out now since she has backbone and is good at stirring up trouble with lies! Things have changed so much since the 1st few weeks and has made the show interesting to me. Alliances change new friends formed and friends become enemies. Victor and Paulie are actually chilling together now. Zaulie is a mess. Both are to blame for that. She is way to jealous and they are not even a couple. I like Z but I would never be more than friends with someone like that! She is too controlling and also made some bad comments to Paulie about sports athletes are lazy and given everything. That would tick me off too. They have it twice as hard. Anyway both have made mistakes but she started it. Now people are all hating like they know everything personally. I do not know what to make even after watching the 40 minute clip of Zaulie in safari room. Ofcourse he is going to be different around the guys and say stuff to lessen the target on him with showmance. He even pitted Paul with Z and said Z wanted Paul out which hurt Pauls feelings as Paul is crazy about Z. 11 people left and I thought 9 people for jury so Day will not make jury?

      • You’re right! She won’t make jury then. It’s smart to get her out BEFORE jury so she can’t taint the jury.

        And I totally agree with everything you said! I can’t believe how Z is acting with Paulie… She is such a beautiful girl and I can’t believe she is so overly jealous to the point of literally wanting to control his every move!

      • The whole Zaulie thing has been confusing! Both are to blame! Paulie is definitely playing the game! We really do not know what is true so until the show ends we may not know? He is definitely trying to lessen the target on his back by saying it is ok for her to go to the guys. Also she has been fake too. Some of that crying may be real but not all. I think she has become like Tiff to some degree! She has lots of issues like hygiene issues EXTREME jealousy issues which no one wants to deal with and he had enough of it! She was upset he was talking with B. Frank asked Paulie to work with her. Z and M are not as nice as people think. Z has lots of issues to work on and both Z and M are like rats now. Neither can be trusted! Paulie is right they have to go! Z has brought it on herself to all those Paulie haters! No guy wants to feel he cannot talk to anyone but her in the house never mind a future outside the house! She has other issues too I read. She has some other problems when she was at school or something? Anybody know what I am referring too? I forgot specifics. Z is a very beautiful girl but she is just like everyone in the house and has lots of problems and the jealousy and hygiene issues are terrible! I think they are done now after convo in secret room the other day. She has been shady too. It is a 2 way street people! At some point my man James will put him up.

      • You’re so right about Z and M! I’m over them both! Z would have Paulie eating out of her hand if she would act differently… Instead her behavior is pushing him away and I literally can’t blame Paulie at all. He physically can’t even get away from her to have a break unless he’s in the DR. I do think he likes her at least somewhat but I don’t know if they’d ever be able to get past her jealousy issues.

      • I guess she follows him everywhere and you need to talk with many people in this game. If you do not stay on top of things you can easily become a target. Z was meant for the bachelor not BB! This is obvious. Nicole is half playing and she should be on Bachelor too! It reminds me of my friends wife before they were married she would follow him everywhere just about except the bathroom. Same thing with Z! It is funny how now 3 of the 7 people I wanted to win the whole game I do not because of the past week or 2. M Z and Nicole have been to catty jealous and bitchy! I really want Jatalie or Corey by default at this point. Corey does not say much other than he does not trust certain people which is fair. He had gross stories but he seems like a nice guy. M and Z will be on block next week if they do not win now. The rest of the house will put them on the block as this is what Paul and Paulie want. The guys will be fine with it and Jatalie will go with the flow for now and Nicole is with the boys now and has been for 2 weeks maybe longer. The girls have all shot themselves with all their drama jealousy attitudes pettiness except Natalie. She is the only nice girl now! Stunned as I really thought a girl would win this year. Maybe Nicole or Natalie will surprise otherwise Paulie or James or Corey will win. If Day gets voted out M or Z will be next since they are close with her and because of their attitudes lately.

      • I’m over both z and M! I do think Paulie likes Z but he’s turned off by her behavior and I doubt she will change her jealous controlling ways… I can’t blame Paulie at all for his reactions to Z… He physically can’t even get a break from ax unless he’s in the DR. His every move and those around him are under a microscope and you just never know what’s going to upset Z next.

      • Yes I am watching BB now on CBS and he just said he cannot deal with all her drama and he wanted to focus on veto comp as he was on the block. She cannot put things in a box as her emotions are too much. I thought Tiff was bad but Z may be worse? She is super jealous and I do not know how many fans know about all her personal issues with hygiene etc I think she has some learning disability? I hear she does not wash her hair much or was putting her hand in some dip after getting her tampon on. Gross! No guy or girl should be in relationship with someone so jealous!

  4. For those that may not know the voting for the next care package doesn’t stop until Friday morning so it won’t help anyone during the upcoming eviction! :-)

  5. Paul is such a douche, he makes himself out to be this wild party animal, and then he goes, and get’s $#!++ faced on the smallest amount of beer?

    • NOT Victor, he is Paulie n Paul’s lapdog! He only does what the Paul’s tell him to do. I will give my vote to Bridgette she is the one they using as a pawn and filling her head up. She’s lonely everyday w/noone on her side or talk to. Once they finish using her they are going to throw her away!

      BRIDGET #2 Care Package, they are using her as a pawn each week, she has no friends in that house and she needs a lil assurance , help, and love. Da won’t be able to use it bcz it ends after eviction!!!!

  6. BRIDGET #2 Care Package, they are using her as a pawn each week, she has no friends in that house and she needs a lil assurance , help, and love. Da won’t be able to use it bcz it ends after eviction!!!!

  7. Sigh. I’m really sick of this season.
    I went and had a look at some previous season’s casts – remember bb3?! I really enjoyed those HGs – Amy, Lisa, Roddy, Jason – those HGs were actual adults and enjoyable to watch. Sure there was some juvenile bitchery from time to time, but these people didn’t act like they were stuck in junior high school playing ‘follow the leader’ the whole time. And the girls had some game in those days – not like these lame-o lovesick crybabies of recent times. Remember Janelle?!
    Ah maybe I’m just turning into an old f@rt…

  8. Paulie is using that ditwit Paul. Paulie will drop him before the finals. Paul is dumb bcz he is voting people out that would be good for his game and he forgets he need the jury vote! Nevermind we talking about Paul a person don’t know anything about the game!

  9. Drink every time D says yeah while talking to Paul. My imaginary drinks have damaged my liver today.

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