Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 19 — Paulie Continues To Rule; America Sends The First Care Package

Paul continues to rule the Big Brother 18 houseguests and America continues to mess up how to vote for anything. Ah, Big Brother. Gotta love it.


Sunday night’s episode picks up after Frank’s eviction and in the middle of the Head of Household completion. The HGs are still making practice tosses and talking about Frank’s eviction. Everyone is pleased, except for Bridgette, of course.

Paulie is the first person to use the red ball. He barely tries and rolls a 6. That means someone wants Da’Vonne out, but knows jury is starting and decides to use someone else’s HOH to do so. But whose? Victor decides to make his real throw now. He scores a 14 and knocks Paulie out.

Paul decides to throw his ball and he lands a 21. That means the only way anyone can beat him is by making a perfect spot. And Bridgette does not do that and is out. Paulie tells Bridgette that he promised Frank he’d look out for her and lets her know that he’s got her back this week.


Natalie is the next to toss her ball. And after getting three perfect practice scores, she rolls a 2 and is out. Corey decides to go for it and rolls a zero. Bye bye, Corey. Nicole rolls a 19, which cannot beat Paul. Zakiyah follows Nicole with a zero. That leaves Da’Vonne and Michelle. Michelle gets a 16 and is out. Da’Vonne rolls a 19. That means Paul is the new Head of Household. But Paulie will be pulling all the strings, just watch.

Paul is definitely going to want to focus on Bridgette this week, but Paulie wants to fry a bigger fish (told you). And since basically everyone in the house does whatever Paulie says, Bridgette probably has nothing to worry about this week.

But before Paul talks to Paulie, he talks to Corey and Victor about going up next to Bridgette as a pawn. Neither of them are interested. Meanwhile Paulie has already decided he’s going to try to get Paul to put Da’Vonne up with Bridgette.

Paul comes in and Paulie immediately tells him it would be a good week to get Day out. But Paul says he just really wants Bridgette out. Paul has no reason to target Da’Vonne himself, but since King Paulie says so Paul has to consider this. Why does Paulie make all the rules? Who knows.


Since Corey and Victor weren’t interested in being a pawn, he decides to open it up to Nicole, James, Paulie, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne. No one is interested, but of course Paulie is sleeping, so maybe he’ll volunteer when he wakes up. Wait, Nicole sort of volunteered. But she instantly regrets it. So she’ll surely whine herself out of it.

Bridgette decides to check in with Paul to try and deflect the target from her onto a bigger threat. She mentions that Nicole and Da’Vonne are both shady and probably working together. Paul hears it but he’s whatever about it because he still wants Bridgette out. He tells Paulie if Bridgette or Nicole wins veto, Day goes up. So they can’t really go wrong with the evictee this week, he implies.


It’s time to find out that no matter what task America is given they’ll mess it up. I’m talking about the care package. And to no one’s surprise, America voted for their favorite HG to receive the worst care package there is. So Natalie got the Never-Not pass. And while that’s fun, all it does is mean she can’t get a better one and makes people jealous that America apparently likes her the best. Dumb.

Nicole decides to float the idea past Corey that he might be a better pawn than she is. Corey says he will but then Nicole feels bad and obligated so says she’ll do it. But after enough whining, Nicole gets out of being a pawn and Paulie volunteers to go up.

At the nomination ceremony, Paul goes with the plan and nominates Bridgette and Paulie as the pawn. So that means either Bridgette or Da’Vonne will be evicted this week. Come on, these guys aren’t going to turn against their daddy Paulie.



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      • ??!!! You’re the one who’s always trying to pick a bitchy little fight with everyone.
        I just express my opinion on the show which is what this board is for.

      • Why don’t you quit attacking me at every turn? It only shows how small a person you are.

      • Wtf??!! You’re the one who’s always on the attack.
        Don’t make bitchy little comments if you can’t handle any blowback.

      • THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUR MINDS TO PAIN IN THE @SS bb18 nomoredoublespeak is the perfect name for you, thank you thank you

      • We love you, man. Keep on fighting the good fight.
        Speaking of….cue Mickey Mousearoni…

      • Haha thanks!
        Haven’t seen any posts from ‘Mickey’ for a while…I wonder if ‘Mickey’ is actualyy some crude AI program some amateur programmer has built n their spare time – would explain the almost incomprehensible grammar and syntax lol.

      • THANK YOU.

        And it’s not just this guy.

        Unfortunately, this site has become a circlejerk where people just whine and complain about which houseguests they hate the most and claiming they’re going to stop watching. There’s no talk of strategy whatsoever. Just complaining.

        I used to love debating with fellow Big Brother lovers about what was going on in the house and what the houseguests should do strategically but the only conversations now are so negative and draining. These people work themselves up into such a frenzy trashtalking the houseguests over and over again with the same people, you don’t even know what’s real anymore and what’s just their own warped version of reality.

        I feel like this season is really going to pick up once the houseguests have to start turning on each other. Let’s have some fun, people! Is it really so hard to have 99% of the comments on this site not be so negative?

  1. If Bridgette wants to stay in the game, she needs to stop being so emotionally and tells the guys if she gets HOH she would not put them up,, and take out the girls one-by-one. She is still hung up on Frank leaving and she needs to start playing ruthless.

    • I do wish Bridgette would get her head
      Together she may go far she does have to let this thing with frank go

  2. Bridgette is not BB HG material…unless she suddenly comes out swinging and making herself known and heard she might as well self evict…But maybe ( hopefully) it’s an act and she is smart and BB savey….but who knows

    • Bridgette is acting. She’s putting on a performance for America. Her true colors showed on the beginning of the game. Her voice wa not that high and she had balls. She became the church mouse after the Bronte BD

  3. I really need someone to explain to me what America sees in Natalie, I absolutely can’t stand her I think she is the most irritating person ever and I just don’t get it. Is it only men voting? CUZ I don’t know what woman could like her she’s a horrible

    • Paulie said that America voted for the person they most wanted to f. Of course the f stands for friendship.

    • I would say that Natalie has a much bigger fanbase amoung women. The same way Ariana Grande’s fans are most mostly girls, and gay men.

      • But how? That’s what I’m not getting? It sounds weird to say but I feel like mtvs the challenge has stronger female role models then big brother which is supposed to appeal to all ages

      • I don’t get it. Natalie seems like she’s trying to be sweet, and maybe she is a little innocent, but I don’t buy it completely. I think she is playing him to an extent. There are plenty of things about her that arent comforting or inspiring to woman. I wouldn’t vote for her though because I consider the game repercussions. What does this really do? Eliminate whining?

    • I like her because she seems genuine. I’m guessing that is part of why she got it. Not the best game player of course. Also, it doesn’t hurt that all of the houseguests kind of suck.

    • She is the only one that could get that one the other care packages are very important to some of the other house guest that will use them to there advantage I don’t think nat would have know what to do with the rest of them
      She is not play no game

    • well I dont dislike Nat, I do think she is playing James. I dont know why America sent her the no have not when Cory needed a doctor after having to sleep in those rides. He’s not a favorite of mine in any way and after tonights coverage of him thinking of his DOG??? That showed Nic all she needed to knowHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Corey has a few dogs, it was shown in his intro package. Anything wrong with thinking about his dog? Am I missing something? Hehehe.

      • Didnt you see him staring into space and slowing down his speech, like someone does when they are describing meeting the love of thier life for the first time.Like its so unbelieveable or something. Nic seemed to get it, wonder what she’ll do with it.

      • He has ADD and doesn’t take drugs for it in the house. Besides he’s slept deprived being a HN.
        And if he loves his dog that much, then good for him. I know a lot of people like that.

      • He HAD ADD or you THINK he has ADD?
        Just wondering if that was in his bio or maybe you know him??
        Be cool if you did, eh?

      • He takes adderall outside the house but in the house he’s not allowed coz the drugs could give him an advantage or something.

      • How on earth would meds to calm him down give him an advantage?
        Not sure I agree…. Huh

      • If you really have ADD, then Adderall just makes you normal. If you don’t have ADD, then Adderall will function as speed for you.

      • Oh my word you are so lame! I see you do this all the time, getting defensive and weird about people’s comments like you are every players personal friend. They were laughing about how Corey acted, cuz guess what… it was funny! And weird. I’m a huge dog lover. It wasn’t that. I actually think it’s more about his continued strange behavior. I’d say.. goober..ish haha. Anyway, my point is ive seen you be condescending, snippy and quite rude. You are not BB players friends. Stop acting like you know them and it’s a personal attack on you if someone shares an opinion. That’s why this is here. Friendship.

      • I think she started out playing James and found herself falling for him. She’s quietly whispered to other girls that he is exactly what she is looking for in a guy. She also seems really insecure and has mentioned several times she doesn’t consider herself to be attractive.

      • Now she’s trying to move ontonPaul, but Michelle seems to be taking dibbs. Wonder if she is outting herself down to avoid a showmance. Bet she’s one who sticks by her convictions, unlike Nicole.

      • Btw I just watched the episode and saw that segment. Haha it’s funny, somehow they portrayed Corey as this goofy funny lovable guy, like Christmas Corey.
        Anyway you can see that he looked tired. He needs the meds and sleep.

    • And DUMB! Really, Really DUMB!
      Did you catch her pillow talk with James the other night … She was either insulted or assaulted by Victor, but since she didn’t know the difference between the two words, she couldn’t really say.

      • Nicole didn’t know a word the other night and I near bout died. Can’t remember the word though. Senior moment

    • I am hoping that she really likes James, but just like Paulie is not interested in kissing Z, Natalie doesn’t want to kiss James. This is a sign that they are not really attracted to their fake BB showmance partners, but just using them to get ahead.
      I do like Natalie because she seems very sweet. Too girlie and childish, but sweet.

      • I think so too, James seems like the type who wants a girl who needs him to protect her. I’ts sad to me cause she got him to get her this far, but when its over, its over

      • He even offered to go on a couples trip to Venezuela ( the 4 showmance). She said it’s too expensive. He said I’ll buy your tix and she was all for it. She’s using James. Like she said, she’s his BB girlfriend. Nothing else

    • Well, personally, Natalie is by far my favorite house guest this season (although that’s not hard this season, but she would likely be a favorite regardless). I like her because she’s the most genuine, positive, and friendly person in the house. She’s the only girl (other than maybe Bridgette) that doesn’t partake in being catty and trashing others all the time, with the only instance being when she felt that Victor was being sexist and offensive. She’s also one of the few women that doesn’t hate on other women in the house. She’s also one of the few people with a mind of her own in the house, and willing to change up the game. She and James were talking abut targeting Paulie and talking about how big of a threat she is, and she’s figured out that Nicole is trying to play all sides and talked to James about putting her up if Frank of Bridgette won POV last week.

      I also believe that her feelings for James are genuine. Is she as affectionate as Nicole (who has done stuff to Corey under the sheets and yet has condemned Natalie for showing “her true colors” when she said the “f word”), no, but why should that matter? She’s expressed her affection towards James towards other members of the house and hasn’t shown any behavior that is contrary, unless you count the flirting which is Natalie just being nice and complimenting others.

      Also, who cares if she got breast implants? IIRC, Danielle Reyes had a pre-season interview where she talked about getting implants because they’re a self-confidence booster, and she’s one of, if not the most, respected women to ever play Big Brother. And, I don’t blame Natalie for hiding that fact because the men, and some of the women, choose to deride constantly over that fact, behind her back of course.

      Sorry for that wall of text, but I just want to explain why she’s my favorite. Especially since I’ve seen many posts that deride her over people Frank, who sexually harassed people, Paulie, who has shown himself to be a bully, and Paul, who is extremely vulgar and obnoxious.

    • But if you think about it, choosing her was a very good decision. This week’s care package was not something that REALLY affect the game and we can see that Natalie isn’t really in the game! Considering that the person cannot receive twice the package, i would be very ired if the pack had gone to Da’vane or Paulie or James or Nicole or whatever one that is really in the game and could twist the house more with the following care package. And I can say that amidst the girls there, she is the funnier and more sociable of all.

    • Has anyone else noticed, especially on BBAD, that Natalie has consistently called James her BB Boyfriend?? I saw 2 examples where she corrected a HG when they said ‘boyfriend’ she immediately corrected them with ‘BB ‘Boyfriend’. Those exact words. Oh, boy, she’s surely playing him!

  4. Hey when the girls are lying out by the pool. at least have the decency to keep the camera on Natalie!

  5. Feeling a bit dumb these days. I really thought it was Frank who was basically calling the shots. Paulie has proven me wrong and it took me til this week to figure it out.

    I think the house guests are a little petty for their Jealousy of Natalie. It is what it is. Challenge for me this season….no one player is my favorite.

    A Nd is gift deliver via parachute supposed to remind us of the Hunger Games? Just venting tonight.

    • You’re late like James hehe. Frank became such an underdog. I hate when someone goes with what the house wants because it’s “good for their game”. No, it’s good for Paulie’s game. He runs the house. It’s his game, and anyone willing to play is a threat to him.

      When anyone does try to play or reveal that they have a game of their own, Paulie convinces everyone that they’re “dangerous”. Only to paulie, they’re dangerous. The minions are the ones at fault. They seriously don’t want that check. I prefer to call them Paulie’s b*tches. MAKE PAULIE THAT MONEY~!
      Maybe things will change soon~
      And get interesting~

  6. Anytime someone in the house asks Nicole about something she may have said and she responds with “that’s hilarious,” know she’s lying!

    • Her face alone shows that she is lying. Always has that so innocent, I don’t know what you’re talking about look.

  7. Thank heavens, Michelle realizes Paulie is in Paul’s ear. Now what will she do with that tidbit of info?

    • I hope she talks to Da’Vonne and tells her everything. Not that it will make a difference at this point since Veto was already won.

      • I think everyone is afraid to say anything to Da right now because Paul hasn’t renomed and he could change his mind if someone makes him( and Paulie) mad before hand.

    • I had to turn off the feeds. I couldn’t watch any more. Did I something? A revelation?

      • Actually I am taking back my comment before, since she’s the one who started the flip to save Tiff over Bronte so she could possibly be able to save Mama Day this time. Hopefully not. Someone better send her salty chips asap! So she’ll be busy eating instead of plotting.

    • Probably nothing while chomping her salty chips then crying out loud that she’s so faaaattttt. Rinse and repeat per instruction on those chip bags.

  8. Sorry but I did’nt want Frank to win and now I dont want the PPs to win. I’m team James all the way. I like his game play, the way he thinks and how he handles himself in discussions. Some of you seem to forget he’s a farmer, that boy has it in him to win these endurance comps. Sure Vic & Paulie can stand around lifting weights but James doesnt have to, a couple months off from what he does everyday isnt gonna hurt em.

  9. I hope Paulie wins an HOH so his family can send him a letter telling him what an @ss he looks like with that head that beard and his twins outfits he wears to look like Paul.

    • I hear you but I honestly think it’s part of his strategy;

      1) connect with someone that pretty much has no one (Paul after Jozea & Victor left…. Brigette after Frank left….)

      2) keep them happy & continue to have their back (but secretly you’re just building your own army of followers)

      3) create similarities so that there’s something to talk about besides the game & allows you to enter their circle.

      4) build trust, build trust, build trust!

      5) look like an a@@ to your family on national TV……..

      its a game & these are strategic moves that it looks like he’s making. I don’t know him but my guess would be that he’s ACTUALLY playing the game.



      IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

  10. Guys…look at the picture at the top of this article.

    Is Paulie actually turning INTO Paul?!

  11. Big Leach trying to be nice to Bridgette, so America won’t hate her and not vote for her for a care package, but that ship has sailed!

    • Ahh she’s the worst. By far the most useless, Z right after her. And not in a mean way, in the game. Err what’s up with big bro network now? Ads are everywhere and pop ups keep freezing me up.

  12. What do you all think for the care packages? Just curious. I think the next should Victor. Then Paul. Nicole. James. What do you think?

      • So who? Mine aren’t based on favoritism, though a portion helps, but rather how I’d like to see the game change/proceed. I’d this house keeps on the peace and love train Vic might be the next target. I think he deserves to stay, he fought back (really hard) and is already building better relationships. Controlling two peoples ability to vote would be HUGe, especially if he’s considered a target. Who would you presume? That was my question after all, lol.

    • Should be Paul. Make the HOH blow up their own game by naming who doesn’t vote. It would blow up the house.

    • Consider that any HG that receives a care package will be slammed and belittled by the others…We learned that from Natalie getting the 1st one..

  13. Notice how when they say “do what the house wants” only really applies to what Nicole and Paulie have said. No one is thinking ahead for their own “game.”

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