‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed Friday through the Feeds. With the list of remaining Houseguests shrinking all but one of them competed today with the results potentially deciding which side of the house would survive the week.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

After nominations were revealed the house got hot fast as the main target was caught off guard and had to work quickly to see if he could undo his position in the game. Overnight tensions continued to build after this week’s two HoH’s decided they made need that Veto to reverse their earlier decisions. How long would that attitude last?

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Houseguests were kept up overnight as they heard “BB Storm Watch” alerts from Big Brother. These alerts included lots of details from storms named after evicted HGs. They had to recall these details in this week’s Veto comp. Nicole and Corey did a lot of sleeping that night while Paul, Victor, and Michelle stayed up all night studying.

This week we’ve got two HoHs, Michelle and Natalie, along with the two nominees, Victor and Paul. That left two opens which were filled by James and Corey. Only Nicole didn’t participate but she did host the competition.

Overnight Natalie and Michelle agreed they had made a mistake and wanted Corey up and out instead of Paul. Fast forward to this afternoon to find Natalie and James talking with James encouraging Nat that whatever she wanted he’d do, but he was pushing hard for Paul to remain the target. James is confident Nicole and Corey wouldn’t target him and Natalie.

Going in to the competition it sounded like James, Natalie, and Michelle would all save Victor if they won it which put Paul completely on his own. Looks like Paul just saved his whole game right here with this win.

Michelle nominated Paul so this renom will be up to her. She’s only got 3 options: James, Nicole, or Corey. Right now I figure it’s gotta be Corey but I suppose you never know. We’ll find out over the next few days what they’ll do and then it’ll be official after Monday’s ceremony.

Oh my. Michelle just told Natalie, James, and Paul that she wants Nicole out this week instead of Corey. She asked if they’d vote that way for her. Paul agreed but is concerned about that last Care Package (only Paul, Victor & Corey are eligible, so voting out Corey makes sure Victor or Paul gets it). James didn’t commit to the idea.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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      • It’s gotta be Corey, please! Just hope that Meech can decide for herself who she wants to nominate and not be swayed by Natalie. If they have to both agree then it will be Corey but I don’t trust James for the voting

      • Don’t matter. James has all the r. He decides who goes. Unless he gets put up which means Nicole and y have the power.

      • The house is split….. James is gonna do what he wants to do. he ignored Nat before. He put her friend on the block. L0L

      • Don’t matter. He’ll do what needs to be done. He’d be absolutely stupid to keep Victor. That guy is a comp beast. Nat won’t mind.

      • The vote might split this week due to HOH but only 2 people on corey nic – at this point

  1. I don’t think they will evict Vic based on his recent support. I see Corey or Nicole leaving.

  2. Paul was so CLUTCH! I really hope they send Corey home this week so the trio of Paulie/Nicole/Corey doesn’t reunite.

    • Regardless what happens I have to say Paul as obnoxious and arrogant he is he has turned out to be the best player so far I don’t care who wins but I feel he is the one that truly at this point deserves to win but we shall see we have a few weeks left

  3. Thursday’s eviction is now in James’ hands as he will have the deciding vote. He indicated this morning to Nat that he wouldn’t mind seeing Vic leave if Paul was no longer an option.

    • Yep, unless Meech renoms him.

      With as wishy-washy as HOHs this week have been, I wouldn’t put anything out of play. It’s not likely, but James (& Natalie) would deserve it for the train wreck of an HOH they have run

      • Yes, it was. They should’ve just stuck with getting out the most dangerous duo. No other discussion – at least until veto. But the flip flopping back & forth and they came around to being “sorry” for their noms.

      • Why were they listening to Paul and Vic last night??? If those girls don’t get rid of Vic, they don’t deserve to win. WTH happened to girl power???????

      • Just the timing. It was going to happen but this wasn’t the time. Nicole and Cory must be separated to gain that extra vote later for number purposes.

      • This was not rigged. If you had been following the blog throughout the course of the day, Paul was studying hard for this veto. All of his hard work and dedication paid off.

      • You Saying that Paul studied harder is like saying the fire was hotter…..
        My point is….. Some ppl learn faster or memorize easier than others….you cannot really say he studied harder cuz you don’t know how these ppl study…..
        He wanted the veto more than who?

      • But he stayed up studying while most of the HGS went to bed…so he did study harder than most of them.

      • I think you mistaking the time spent studying as opposed to the act of studying.

        I didn’t have to study hard…. I just knew things. I have friends that studied their asses off & got nowhere.
        Who studied harder? You could say them. But I am constantly studying while I learn things….

        Tomato tamato!

      • Can someone enlighten me as to what Nicole or Corey has done to deserve to win? James and Natalie as well…….just a bunch of boring floaters

      • Like them or not Paul and Vic have played a much better game…If James was so smart he would know that there will be someone coming back from the jury in which case he should want corey out because if its Paulie it will be lights out for him. He will need Vic or Paul’s help to get him out because he sure can’t do it

      • I don’t know of anyone that has ever stated that James was very smart. The only help that James will get from Vic or Paul in the near future will be sitting OTB and then finding the door out.
        Shut up, James.

      • I wasn’t insinuating that i liked James, I can’t stand him or Nicole. All I was trying to say was that if he expects to stay in the game he is going to need help to get Paulie back out if he win’s his way back…

      • I honestly didn’t think you were. :) I am just a little po’d at James currently. Too bad James can’t see what a mess he has gotten himself into. But I think he came into the game with the intention of protecting Dingus as long as was possible. I only wish his fair maiden knew that.

      • I completely agree with you! It will be interesting to see what happens if they evict Vic. I would say that he or Paulie are probably going to be the favorites to win their way back…..Davone has never won anything but Bridgett could. who knows….I am not into these 2nd chances

      • I never have been either, even when it would help my desired outcome. I hope the comp is a mental comp, not physical. The girls wouldn’t have much of a chance if it is physical, imo.

      • I honestly don’t disagree with you. Well, except…I do like how Natalie rose above everyone’s expectations that she’d be another Victoria…but that’s about it.

  4. I wonder if production/dr is putting pressure on James to keep Nicole and Corey and telling him if he does this he will get AFP….just a thought that just popped in my head…

      • Really???? I don’t think that, Paul acted like Paulie last night lying about Nat and James saying that Corey said something not nice. You could see he was lying. James had to see that, he was an ex correctional officer as I am. And your job was learning not what was being said but how the actions of someone who is lying. And Paul was so lying.

      • I think you’re right Cynthia. Later on, Paul said that Corey’s comment was said after Bridgette left the HOH room following the big blowup with Paulie (about FTs, etc). This morning I went back and watched this period again on the feeds…Corey never said what Paul claimed. At least not at the time he said it had occurred.

      • Dan, both Victor and Paul are showing their true colors now. All they have been talking about is game. I have to shut it off!!!! I can’t stand Michelle!!!

    • Doesn’t matter, James does what Natalie wants and she wants to keep Victor. Besides she’s gunning for AFP for herself, thats why she keeps talking to the cameras

    • I wish they would stop meddling in the affairs of the house and let the houseguests determine the outcome without their stupid interference.

      • Agree. The HGs do not HAVE to do what they want, so I wouldn’t call it rigged, but it was more than subtle interference. I don’t like it.

        I see now that James wants Victor out. I hope Michelle, Vic, and Paul work their magic.

  5. FANTASTIC!!! This could not have gone better! Now when Paul comes off the block I hope that Nicole goes up because liar liar pants on fire.

    But at this point nobody in their right mind would let a showmance like that survive another day.

  6. Corey needs to go. I understand that Paul and Victor are threats but if I were Nat, Mich and James I would rather get beat or see V & P at the end instead of N & C. And with the jury battle back, Paulie has the better odds of coming back so why would you keep Paulie’s 2 allies in the house? Yeah they aren’t aware of the battle back but they do know and have talked about there having to be a juror coming back.
    If James evicts Victor then he’ll be OTB next if he doesn’t win HOH.

    • James is in a really tough spot and doesn’t know it yet. If he VTE Vic there’s a chance Vic wins the battle-back and comes straight for him. If Vic doesn’t win the battle-back, Paulie is the likely winner. He will team right back up with Nicorey and Paul will slide by his side as well.

      • How AWESOME would it be if Vic battles back AGAIN and wins?! Winning after being evicted twice? Brilliant.

    • Oh please. They can’t play with knowledge they don’t have./ He’s out far as they are concerned so irrelevant. if he evicts Corey/Nic then he is the only showmance left AND has to deal with the Victor/Paul power couple.

    • Yeah, going up as a pawn at this point in the season is dangerous and idiotic for someone to offer to be one. *face palm* Anything can happen. Come on, James.

    • Him saying that totally raised a red flag up to Paul. I’m watching and when he started saying that I was like “WHAAAAAT?!?!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT?!?!!!!!” James is such a dumb*ss!

      • I guess he thinks this would guarantee that Victor goes. It could really backfire. James better cool it. Who needs Corey, other than what’s-her-name? And James could stop trying to protect Nicole What has she ever done for him?

      • Natalie or Nicole, James. Not both, for crying out loud. Natalie is not going to be a woman scorned. She could chew Nicole up and eat her for breakfast, except that Nicole’s not tasty enough. James is going to have to learn to be a beautiful loser if he wants to keep hobbling through this game much longer. I can almost read his expiration date. Nicole is past due, already turning green.

      • Nicole actually won some in her last season. They havent done the slippery walk with filling up a big bowl with colored water yet. The girls dont do bad in that one. Keeping Vic would be kind of foolish, he would get the jury votes for his record, I think. But I would rather see him win his way back in than Paulie too.

      • Why does everyone mention that Paulie returns? Frank is playing in that comp too & u never known ….??

      • Agreed! Toucan Sam has done enough damage this year and she doesn’t care about no one else except her rat self.

      • He’s stupid for suggesting it. Showed his hand. Paul caught it. James is toast!

    • If he (James) really trusts Nicole (& Corey) and really wants Victor out, it could be a good move and Victor would go home. Nicorey would vote out Vic for Paulie.

  7. Besides if Paulie comes back into the house he is nothing without Corey, OK I’ll deal with the whiny Nicole for the week :)

  8. Natalie and Michelle are dumb if they cannot see that Victor and Paul are the biggest threat. This VETO win should tell them Victor and Paul are awesome competitors compared to Nicole and Corey. If they evict Corey, then, Nicole do James, Natalie, Michelle not see they will be next! If you want to have a chance at that $500,000, keeping Victor and Paul in the Big Brother House is the dumbest move to make! They will not win against these two awesome competition beasts in HOH and VETO which means they will be evicted one by one!

  9. I will not be surprised if Michelle decides to nominate Nicole, after Paul uses the POV to take himself off the block, but she may stick with the “plan” and put up Corey instead…

  10. Paul got veto, and surprised to say, good for him, especially when you are the house target. So, Victor, he’s the come back kid, so if evicted, could be back. I seriously think Nicole should be gone. She has done the least work to stay. Just be stuck to Corey 24/7. If Corey goes up fine. It will be a battle of a campaign. Corey should save his game, Nicole should go. James, obviously won’t be a target either. He’s a troll collecting money, took out Frank for no reason. I’m not rooting for him and his lie to Bridgette.

  11. As much as I like Victor more than Corey or Nicole, I feel that it’s better that he gets evicted. I’m on Natalie and James’ side right now. Nicole and Corey aren’t really good at competitions. Nicole’s only win this season was GIVEN to her. Corey was really lucky during his competitions. Paul winning this POV comp just shows that both Paul and Victor are COMP BEASTS. You can’t wait to take them out later because after this eviction only 1 person won’t get to play in the POV (because someone will come back), and then everyone gets to play in the POV afterwards. Keeping Victor and Paul in this house isn’t beneficial to James or Natalie. Nicole and Corey are idiots. I really wouldn’t mind Victor getting evicted, and then coming back for a 2nd time! Wouldn’t that be awesome? He’d either get evicted 3 times, or win BB18.

    • Since the HG (supposedly) don’t know about yet another returning player why would they be worried about V coming back. The smart move would be to get out the stronger player at this point.

      • And the stronger player is Victor. I don’t get how either Nicole or Corey are strong. Victor and Paul are planning on turning on James next week, so this is a good move for both Natalie and James.

  12. I’ve really come around to Paul and Vic, but honestly, I kinda hope Vic gets evicted.

    Just because if he got voted out and then won his way back in AGAIN, I might actually cry of laughter.

    • I won’t be thrilled but I don’t mind Victor going this week. Before the veto results were out I was just hoping Paul could win since his BB life depended solely on this veto

    • Actually it would great if Vic got voted out. He is the only person in the jury house who can beat Paulie in the jury back comp.

      • I agree that the “boys” are strong competitors, but it depends on the comp as to who has the best chance.
        Maybe it is a baking contest, and Bridgette will kick all their asses!

  13. So one of Nicorey is bound to go up at this point. Will one of Nicorey be voted out or will James vote out Victor? Before the veto, Jatalie’s plan was to send Paul packing

    • If James comes to his senses, he votes out Victor.

      Sat 7:34 PM BBT10mins
      ago in LR Victor and Paul said next week they will put up James and
      Natalie. They want to keep Natalie, Nicole, & Meech

      • It doesn’t matter either way. I see James being on the block next no matter which way you cut it. He set off the alarm bells to everyone now.

      • I know 100% that Paul and Victor are going to take a shot at James after Corey is gone since this has been their plan since last week. However, I cannot guarantee that Nicorey has the same plan.
        In addition, Nicorey are not comp threats and James would have a better shot of winning HOH to secure his own safety should Nicorey plan on going after him as well

      • None of them are comp threats that’s the problem James doesn’t have much of an advantage no matter what the comp is. All this aside I still think that once Nat and Mich put them on the block they sealed James and Natalie’s fate. They are gonna be on the block next week.

      • But if James goes up then Corey & Nic will vote out Victor so that weakens the other side of house.

      • It might help that James is a have not so cant stay in HOH with Nat this week. Victor needs to stay close to James for sure!

      • THATS why James offering to go up OTB showed Paul that James was sketch . Knew that James would be safe because NiCorey would vote out Vic. James blew it again. Next HOH from ANYONE James goes to jury!

      • It looks to me like Paul said that after the red flag went up because James offered to go OTB.

  14. So very happy that Paul saved himself again. Corey, Nicole or James going up? To help Victor stay, it does look like Corey is the best bet. Who would miss him? Not many BB watchers would. But Michelle would probably enjoy nominating Nicole more, since she knows her ratty side well. For now, I hope she stays practical about it and nominates Corey, even though Nicole is a bigger pain in the butt.

    • James want Vic out because he is working with Nicole and Corey and he has the deciding vote. So if he voted Vic out, Victor will win the buy back and then evict James the way he did with Paulie.
      Or Paulie comes back and he will take James out. Either way, James will not make it to the end.

      • Sure hope he doesn’t, He doesn’t deserve to go much further. Boot his a** to Jury now. Let’s see who Natalie attaches herself to then….bet she tries for Victor again

      • All the HG’s have talked about how there could be one because the weeks weren’t adding up right especially if there should be a double eviction. That aside, how are they supposed to trust Nicole and Corey and then have a pissed off Paul and Michelle. They are sandwiched between everyone not on one side making 4 against 2. That’s what N & C want them to believe but if James is up next to Mich OTB come next Thursday, bye bye James.

  15. If Victor gets evicted, he will beat Paulie the sociopath and the production’s dream scenario will be crushed.

  16. I still think evicting Victor (Sorry to all the Victor fans) is the best choice. He is the only one, should the buyback comp be physical, to take the win from Paulie. Anyone else leaving only brings back Paulie unless it is Corey who after seeing him could mess with Paulie’s head and then someone like DAY could get back in.

    • Then again… if we don’t evict either Nicole or Corey, should Victor fail to safeguard Paulie’s chances of coming back into the house, Paulie + Nicorey will reunite intact

      • Exactly. That’s why I think Victor should stay. If James still evicts Victor then he just pissed off Paul and Michelle, your 2 allies that you just traded for 2 people that have never talked to you all season and actually wanted both of you out the whole time.

      • Should he plan on voting to evict Victor he will definitely talk to Michelle first considering how closely the co HOHs have been working together this week

      • He will but I think this is the one time Michelle won’t budge and if she does she’ll go after James next regardless because he’ll be working with N & C.

      • If Nicole is gone (and Paulie not in house def) then Corey would want to work with Vic & Paul again ?

      • Paul is the one that tried to convince Paulie to vote James out. Why does everyone forget that whole conversation in the HOH room. Paul kept telling Paulie he didn’t trust James

      • That was when he still believed everything Paulie was telling him. Let’s not also forget James was good with getting out Victor and Paul also.

      • Hey James, last season you went out 7th place because you fell in love with a girl and had zero idea how to play this game. Oh, sorry, I meant this season…


      • Except for when they were all in the 8 Pack together. Or are we forgetting that Nicole, Corey, and James were in an alliance together before Da’Vonne decided to pit Tiffany and Frank against each other?

      • That’s the thing, they were in a huge alliance together but never talked game with each other. Other people spoke for them relaying info.

      • True but without Victor leaving, it all but for certain Paulie and his unstable brain will be back in the house.

  17. Woohoo!!!!! This is pretty much the best case scenario for both Paul and Victor to be safe. I love Vic and so do the others so I think he’s decently safe no matter who he sits by. Really hoping Corey goes home but I’d be okay with Nicole. Worst case scenario Victor gets evicted and comes back Friday :):):)

    • If either Corey or Ncole goes to jury, that pretty much guarantees Paulie coming back into the house in the battle-back.

      • Natalie changes her mind more than her outfit and James is practically a robot for Natalie’s needs so if she tells him to keep Vic he will.

      • James has been the one advocating for either Victor or Paul to go. He realizes that he can’t beat them, and he’s said that he’s done playing everyone else’s game.

      • Yeah yeah yeah I get it and it makes sense but if Natalie tells him to keep him he will

      • I hope she wakes up and tells him. I like Nat, I really do…but this HOH has made her a little crazy.

  18. This is James’ true test. He’s always been a horrible strategist. If he listens to Michelle and keeps power duo Vic/Paul in the house, then they will all lose the game to them — especially since Vic and Paul WILL come after Natalie for putting them up. James — are you the man or the duped-by-Nat mouse? I expect James to make the wrong decion again. And, Michelle is supposed to be a supr-fan?! She doesnt see how Paul has locks on the BB crown?!

    • Paul might take Meech to F2. No one else would get her that far except Victor. Paulie/Corey would never take her and Nic wont make it that far.

    • I actually think keeping Paul and Victor is better for Michelle’s game. Paul and Victor want the other comp threats out, which buys Michelle a chance to enhance her resume with comp wins.
      Also, the sitting ducks have been considering taking Michelle to f3 for a long time now…

      • Better for Michelle, but only to get 2nd or 3rd place. Horrible for James, and that’s why he holds the keys in his own hands to make the right move and cut Vic. He won’t. Two years running he makes the wrong turns.

      • That remains to be seen. And a move that gets you to 6th or 7th place, as of right now, is not one to crow about. Hell, Michelle might get to 2nd or 3rd for just being the new Victoria.

    • Nat just laid out all the options and is now on board to take out Vic this week. Still a lot of time until Thursday, we shall see.

      • Paraphrasing here…

        James: “It’s down to 7 people. I can’t be doing what’s better for other people’s games. I have to do what is best for my game.”

      • Okay…good for James. BUT, reading the updates it looks like NAT has been doing the push on this, not James. But, if he does it, I’ll give him credit (some). Ill give Nat’s behind the most credit…it is convincing.

      • He’s been working his butt off to flip her away from Paul and Victor all night. I went to bed before Natalie was fully convinced, so I’m not 100% sure what did it.

      • Im open to him doing the right thing for a change…so, good. Plus it will be fun to see Paul play hard after Vic gets cut.

      • Nat was temporarily swayed by Paul’s hysteria last night where he guilt tripped her. She said she just needed a day to regather the facts. Now she’s 100% against Paul…she’s fully onboard with James to evict Vic and put them in a better position to win.

      • Saw the exchange between Nat, Mich, and Paul, and I saw James trying to talk Natalie back down after that. Just didn’t stay with it because it got too late for me.

        Thanks for the rest!

      • Well…there’s a great chance he’ll get Vic right back via the battle-back…or Paulie (more PP??). Either way this week is gonna be pretty meaningless and damaging long-term for Jatalie.

      • No more PP, once V is out and Paulie is back Nicorey will tell Paulie that Jatalie is working with them and Michelle/Paul will go up

  19. We know who Paul will vote to save and who Corey/Nicole will vote to save, the only vote that matters is James. For James’ game voting out Vic is the smarter move given that he has no idea someone is coming back next week. Obviously if he knew someone was coming back the right move would be to vote out Corey to ensure Corey and Paulie do not hook up or that Vic comes back gunning for him.

    Michelle has to put Corey up even though she wants Nicole out. James is far more likely to vote out Corey than Nicole. If Nicole goes up it almost ensures Vic is evicted.

    Of course, James has to check in with Victoria, er I mean Natalie, and who knows what she will come up with as a strategy.

  20. Well, that was inevitable. There was a very slim chance of Corey winning this one.

    However, it sounds like Natalie definitely wants Paul and Victor split up, so right now, we should expect Victor to go out on Thursday. Which means an actual competition for the Jury Battle Back, as we know Paulie and Victor will deliver!

    • It would seem bad for Victor, but it’s probably the best move to keep Paulie away from the house again.

    • I completely forgot. I really wish Nicole would leave, but if Victor does, then hopefully he’ll return and take out Nat and James.

    • Thankfully, since I want Victor to stay, there is still time. Last time he was on, James made bad decisions for himself. I wonder if Vic gets evicted and comes back though if being evicted twice would work against him in any final 2. I can see one time getting by, but with two I hope he would be up against Nicole or Corey.

      • Nat should respect Michelle’s opinion. That was the deal, and this CP was given to her by America, so Nat needs to remind James of that, and keep him in line. If he goes against what she asks, boot him, lol. It is Nat and Meech’s HOH.

      • Then again… Nat easily brainwashed Meech into nominating the sitting ducks. I’m not too confident on Meech’s ability in defending Victor now

      • She will if she gets pissed. The problem is, she has cooled her jets as of late. (Which is good for her social game, but not good in a situation like this). My opinion only.

  21. Well we don’t want Paulie back in the house so someone who could beat him in the jury battle back might be better than sending nicole over there.

  22. I don’t get the reasoning behind this next buy back..there are only four weeks left in the season…I don’t like these return jury scenarios..Natalie may be a little flaky at times..or she acts the part..but, I think she has played a really good game so far..I just don’t like the idea of someone coming back with so little time left in the season to possibly take out someone who has been in the house since June 15th and never evicted. Once you have your shot at the money and you get voted out..that should be it..IMO! And they have had two this season. Paulie or Vic will come back in and take out James or Natalie.

    • Couldn’t agree more Lynn. This jury battle-back is not going to go well for James & Nat.

      It’s way too late in the game to have another returning player and to think there’s going to be another DE…just stop it CBS.

  23. I just love how Natalie and James can’t understand there is a jury comp this week. Like, you’d think the return ticket wasn’t used, it’d be obvious, but no, not for them. If they send Victor home, and either him or Paulie come back, it’ll be Paulie/Victor with Nicole, Corey, and they’ll bring in Paul, vs Natalie, James, and Michelle, not to mention Natalie and Michelle can’t play HOH this week. Sending Corey or Nicole home is the best option for their game

      • They should know if they planned already bringing a player back through the tickets, and nobody got one, then there’s going to be a jury comp

      • Because they know how many weeks is left to play, meaning someone needs to come back from jury in order for it to line up.

    • They cannot easily infer that there will definitely be a jury buyback if the RT wasn’t used. In the past three seasons Julie has always hinted that there would be a buyback but this season Julie said nothing. Plus, a buyback usually occurs when there are four jurors, not five. We already have four jurors, and a buyback did not occur. Last but not least, we already had a buyback.

    • Jokers is implying that they are aware. But for some reason, I don’t think it’s sinking in if they do know.

      • Are you sure of that? I thought I heard it said they can both play for HOH next week…?

      • I’m just going by what I have read here. I thought it was they both can’t play. So the answer is no, I’m not sure.

      • The other day when the CP was opened , someone stated when she read the card inside, that it said she couldn’t play. Now I’m doubting myself..lol

      • Her and Natalie are both HOH. If they both played in the veto, I’m 99% positive the same rules apply for the HOH comp

  24. If Victor stays, he, Paul and Meech can team up against whatever 3 are left, and the odds will be in their favor to run James, Natalie and Corey or Nicole out.

    It would be in Paul’s best interest to get Victor out, then he, Meech, James and Natalie can go against Corey and Nicole. Anyone going to finals w/ Victor is losing.

      • Yeah, which I kinda like. As much as I don’t want Vic hanging around any longer, I don’t want a boring, predictable Jury Battle Back. Would much rather see them work for it.

      • If it’s a crap shoot, it could be anyone’s win. I like it better when it’s physical or endurance. Imo if you’re going to bring a juror back at least give it to someone who wants it bad enough to compete hard. Not a luck of the draw.

  25. They are obvious reasons to consider the care package in terms of who is still eligible vs who to put up as a replacement.

    • James is playing smart. He can’t beat victor in most comps and Victors resume is a whole lot stronger in a f2 showdown.

    • ahhhh duh???? and u think Natalie is a person who keeps her word…??? in the last 24 hours Natalie has changed her mind more times than shes changed her underware since being in the house…That girl is flipper if there ever was one…

    • They already told nicorey that theyre safe. He’s going to act like he hates them all week. I can’t stand the guy can’t understand how he’s AFP! I actually feel bad for Vic. I hope he comes back to blow things up.

  26. I wish they knew about the juror battle back. I think that would change their decision process.

      • I was thinking it was because they want Nicorey to stay in to team up with Paulie if he does return.

      • They have told them about jury buy backs in past seasons, I don’t know why the battle back has to be so hush hush.

    • I don’t understand that logic? If James is up, Nicole and Corey will vote victor out. The only chance she has of victor staying is to put Corey or Nicole up and hopefully James keeps victor.

  27. If they vote Vic out many are going to quit watching BB. Seeing how the producers keep giving Nicole/Corey the big push is not fair.

    It’s becoming more obvious how this is rigged.

    Sorry BB but you are not cool

    • In what way has it been rigged for them? (That’s a sincere question, not an argumentative one.)

      • How else would you explain Michelle making a horrible move for her game and Natalie doing a complete 180 flip on her original plan to target Corey? I wouldn’t call it rigged but I would call it producers manipulating the most easily manipulated people in the house.

      • It sounds like the HGs are just a bunch of idiots, but James plans to go as far as final 2 with Natalie and he was telling her the types of questions that she will get. It will be so funny if they get close enough to taste it and then bye to the jury house.

    • Do you still enjoy watching the show when you think it’s rigged?, and you keep saying it’s rigged?..or will this be your last?..just asking.

      • I’m seriously tired of reading all the comments about it being rigged, and I’ll never watch again, and this is the worst season ever…

        Did they not watch 15 and 16? Because 16 was the absolute worst. And this season is the best we’ve had in years, it started slower, but stuff is popping off now and it’s entertaining. That’s why we watch isn’t it? To be entertained?

      • This season is not bad. I’m enjoying it. I have the feeds, but I don’t watch it all the time. I get a lot of feeds update from the people that keep saying BB is rigged. They’re actively giving us updates…some of them until 2am. lol

  28. If they vote Vic out this week, Paulie returns and the three-headed monster turns on Jatalie immediately…

    Just give the money to one of the three-headed monster, I don’t even care anymore

    • Right? This is why the producers were trying to sway Michelle and Natalie to side with Borey and Nicole.

      It’s sickening to watch James be so insecure with Vic and Paul. It’s just bad.

  29. As big of a big brother fan as i was its sad how much i dislike it now….They can keep there rigged for nicorey season…Only hope is if victor wins battleback again and deals out the same revenge as he did to paulie to james and natalie

      • Not even close. Us real super fans who have been watching since season one know BS when we see it

      • What that the game is now rigged for Nicorey? Just like it was rigged for Frank? And just like how it was rigged for Paulie? Or DaVonne?

        And what BS do you happen to be complaining about today? Is it the same as yesterday? Or do you have something new to complain about?

      • Eh, some people just like to complain when things don’t go a certain way. Sadly, we’re all guilty of it, lol.

        I personally don’t think this is the best season, but I admit that a lot of the drama this year has been pretty good. To me, nothing will match the infamous night of Dan’s Funeral.

  30. This is an assumption only. I personally believe there is some kind of bonus in it for the vet/vets that make it further than they did last time they were on the show. And Nicole and James are working together to make sure they hit that mark.

      • I don’t think it has anything to do with America. I think they just have to get further in the game than the first time around.

      • How? In the poll, James and Nicole are always on top, so I think just a few people here don’t like them.
        I can’t stand Nicole and I used to love James so now I just dislike him.

    • The vets already got a big payday even before they entered the house..according to Frank. In the thousands..50 grand or so..plus they got more for everyday they were in the house and even more if they made it to jury. I am sure James is positive that he will get AFP again..he is not getting my vote..so he thinks he is getting another 25 thousand.

  31. James is making live feeds hard to watch with his “it’s a game!” bull crap! WE KNOW JAMES!!! It’s ok for Paul to get mad and want revenge as a game move also for taking out his partner. James would be too if Natalie was taken out. Shut up James!!!!

  32. I’m baffled just baffled that people don’t see James is making the right move for HIS game. Victor is a major threat. Of course he should be voted out.

    • I like Vic, but you’re right, Game wise, he’s the biggest threat. On paper he looks real good. If he can articulate, he has the best story to tell the Jury….I don’t hear them talk about that.

    • I agree completely that James is doing the right thing, but James has been getting on my nerves with his stupid game play and I am a new Victor fan. I want Victor to stay or come back to win the BB game.
      Natalie’s and James conversation is mostly her talking and him saying yeah, yeah.
      If Victor or Paulie come back, James needs to say by, bye.

    • It might be a good move for his game, but it’s a better move for Nicole and Corey who have literally done nothing all season but keep getting dragged further into the game.

  33. I really want Paul, Victor, and Michelle to make final 3. Even though as a fan I want James to evict Corey, for his game it makes sense to take out Victor not knowing about the returning juror twist. My ideal scenario is Victor wins the comp to come back and then either he or Paul win HOH and put up Corey and James and declare war on the house. If they pull in Michelle it’d be Victor, Michelle, and Paul vs. the 3 people left from the showmances and then it’s a battle to the finish.

    • Everything you said would be my ideal scenario, too. I wish they wouldn’t vote out Vic, but if he has to go, I can’t wait for the fallout when he returns.

  34. I hate to fuel the ‘rigged’ fire but I know one of the big brother people grodner i believe said that victor wouldnt get his belt until the end of the season. Which leads me tk believe he has to fight for it again!

  35. Nicorey is just nauseating right now. I hope something happens during the week and they get theirs. Yes, Victor may be a good competitor, but Nic and Corey are less trustworthy IMO. Victor could be talked into keeping James longer. Too early a move – Paulie was the right time but this is wrong.

    • What is happening between Corey and Nicole? He clearly stated that he has no interest in having a romantic relationship with her, but is constantly under the covers doing stuff.

    • I just about lost my dinner when they were on the camera making out. Enough of that stuff…I would be so embarrassed! That is all those two have done most of the season

  36. Master manipulator Paul strikes again! Victor is a huge threat wtf are they thinking! They can’t beat victor in final 2.

  37. It’ll be a tie and Natalie will vote out Victor if he doesn’t try to convince her otherwise.
    Da’vonne will get with Michelle to get rid of Nicole and Corey if it doesn’t happen this week.

  38. Michelle would be better off getting rid of Victor if she wants a chance at winning. If it was Michelle and Nicole in the final two Michelle would probably win. If it was Michelle and Victor in the final two Victor would probably win. I guess she would rather hang out with Victor a few more weeks than win the game.

      • I know that James and Natalie have decided to work with Nicole and Corey instead of Victor and Paul. I can’t wait for Victor to comeback and get rid of those 4.

    • Michelle is not in charge of the game, even after winning the package. Victor or Paul were planning to take her to final two, while Nicole and Corey and Nat and James are not including her in their plans.

  39. Michelle is so funny. Saying to Paul to stop manipulating her and acting like it was just a joke. He is telling her who to put up and of course she listens to him.

  40. Don’t think it matters now, Corey will go up. Nicole just doesn’t seem as smart.

    • I kept telling my husband on her first season, I mean she’s a nurse so not dumb. But she lacks something in strategy and seeing when she’s being used for sure. I want her to think for herself. Not be led around on a penis leash.

  41. Well, if I could stand outside the studio and yell, “Get a guy out”. I would. That’s how I feel about it. Not all that particular who it is.

  42. Victor will sit next to either Corey, or Nicole, and will be evicted yet again…With his partner in crime casting the only vote for him to stay.

    Victor being the 5th member of the Jury Battles it out with Paulie, Bridgette, Zakiyah, & DaVonne to come back in the Big Brother House! Victor being the Comp Beast will win, and go back into the BB House…Yay!!!

    Victor will yet again compete for HOH, & win…Victor will puts James, & Corey on the Block, and the House will send guess who packing???


    I hope you go home next. I hope you never come back. You’re a true scumbag..

  44. Anybody else think Nicole would vote out James over Victor? I think there’s a slim possibility with the bit of chemistry between the two.

    If Michelle could be convinced by Paul that Jatalie is going after Victor and that she needs to throw James up. Michelle, Paul , and Victor could offer Nicorey the same final 5 deal to get Jatilie out.

    • Nah, James isn’t as big a threat as Victor is right now. Nicole won’t jeopardize that.

  45. I don’t understand how Nicole and Corey are threats atm. Pretty much they’re a number thing. They have a combined 4 comps won. Corey 1HOH 2POVS, and Nicole 1HOH. Pretty much Nicole sits in a corner of the house, begs not to be put up, and lose almost every comp. How is she a threat? She doesn’t even deserve to be a cast member. She wouldn’t even be worthy to be a production crew member. That’s how bad she is. Getting Vic out is essential for everyone except Vic himself or Paul. Corey is decent at best in comps.

  46. Natalie has dropped from being at #1 to the #7 and James #12 out of 16 houseguest in terms of popularity. This confirms America isn’t happy.

    Victor jumped to #1, Bridgette #2 and Paul #3

      • Why is Groger (producer) pushing for the couples when America has them dead last on the new polls.

        Hope Michelle realizes what the plan is and puts James up.

        Getting James out will be the best thing they ever did. He is more manipulating than Paulie and he’s just jealous of Vic and Paul because he thinks Natalie likes them. Judging by their conversations, she has more in common with Vic and Paul then James.

      • I don’t agree with James being more manipulative than Paulie. IMO Paulie is the worst this season.

      • I knew it when Nat said dr pushed her to wk w n/c. Not their show. We are supposed to be America votes. Almost done.

      • She actuslly said that? ??

        Hmm, would love to see that on rewind. That, to me, would be prof of production tampering.

      • Nat did say, more than once that “Mom and Dad”(DR) wanted her to work with Dingus and Doofus, which plainly shows DR was manipulating Nat. There is no telling what leading questions they asked to get her to see things their(DR’s) way. But it is obvious from statements she made that they were steering her towards keeping Dingus and Doofus in the game. Nat still has free will, but I’m sure DR knew that if they planted the right seeds, James would water them.

      • My enthusiasm for the game diminished greatly when I heard that. Guess I’m naïve (haven’t been called that in a lot of years) but I just didn’t think they would manipulate the game in that way. Now it’s not a legitimate game to me and I feel manipulated.

      • Three years ago, my first season on BBN, after only watching the shows on TV for all the previous seasons, I didn’t know what others were talking about when they would bring up DR manipulation and I shrugged it off as BS. Then others were talking about reading this and that on Jokers. That is when I discovered just how naively I had been thinking about the game. It was a bitter pill to swallow. I’ve not enjoyed BB as much since then. Some people are simply too easy to be manipulated and DR would know which ones they can influence the most.

      • Yes. It was on here or jokers as I canceled my feeds due to not being 24/7. All good stuff blackout. It’s befor meech got care pkg. she was talk to James and just came out of dr. Stated DR wants me to work w nic/Cory so they must not be coming for us. That’s why she was upset fri night after dark.

      • It’s just so unfair to players who have given up who knows what and were led to believe they had a real chance at the prize.

    • Almost everybody voted for Victor to receive the Care package, because he couldn’t play for HOH this week….But Big Meech got the Care package?! Two girls who are kind of Flip Floppy got HOH, something is Fishy here, I’m just saying…

      • I’m pretty sure they didn’t count Victor’s votes because he was HOH last week. I don’t think Victor was allowed to win co-HOH because he was HOH last week. Michelle isn’t allowed to win HOH next week.

      • Rigged…Big Brother & the D.R. have their fingerprints all over the vote for the Care Package

      • Rigged…Big Brother, & the D.R. have their fingerprints all over the vote for the Care Package!

    • Jokers is totally rigged on their ratings. They are a joke. You can’t have a true poll on ratings for hgs when they are biased so blatantly against certain hgs. This isn’t the first year and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  47. curious, although I can just look it up elsewhere. What is the next and last care package? And Paul is right, if they get rid of Cory then Paul or Victor will get the package. All I want to know is what’s best for James and Natalie’s game?? I love them!

    • James and Natalie have blowed their game.. if Victor goes out the door James and Natalie are up OTB next…J&N best hope is that Bridgette or Davonne win the jury return.. Natalie started the mess then Michelle followed Natalies lead and now James has been bit by the dumbass bug…Its a big mess good for TV but not for their game..

  48. I would love nic on block. She’s not sat there yet. But bbad will be unbearable w her whining. Paul studies ass off for this comp. n/c slept. Like always. Same bat time. Same bat place. But! The Cory nom is best as v/p will get the 5k to bribe a vote, so that’s the best for Nat James or meech. Who voted her acp anyways?? What’s she done except otev?

  49. if vic goes out(why wouldn’t you vote out a huge physical threat), then we would get the epic paulie VS vic comp to see who is the true alpha this season. i would prefer Da or birdgette back in tho.

      • It’s not looking too good; rain, rain everywhere. I am southwest of Bristol and our forecast is very gloomy for today, same with the Bristol area. :(

      • Oh, good, then maybe there’s a chance for clear skies and a race, but I’d still rather watch rain on a racetrack than Nicole on Corey.

      • oh my word, did you see him last night. ugh. smug jerk face. i loved DDa’s comment-short man syndrome. lol. so glad vic beat him. hope those girls keep strong and take no punk stuff from paulie

  50. What is with the girls this season? They all whine or cry incessantly. Could they not find stronger females for this show?

  51. They need to put Cory out because the jury house is having another battle back comp and Cory is the only one who could beat Paulie!!!

  52. Michelle won veto and let someone dictate what she do with it, and then they turn around and mess her over. Now she wins acp Co-HOH and this stupid girl lets a recruit like Natalie takes over her HOH! Superfan my a**!!

  53. These people are idiots! In this game you go after people that win all the competitions not the ones you least trust. The ones you don’t trust

  54. Why didn’t michelle put nicole up? Smh she’s stupid. She already called her out for being a snake. WTH nicole has been coasting by all season & it’s past time she was evicted. corey clearly can’t think for himself so why not get the 1 person who thinks for him out now instead of wasting it on his dumb @$$

  55. I’m not a fan of Victor, but it seems like he’s staying this week. Bad game move on their part, he dominates in competitions.

  56. Well that blew up in Natalie’s face. Now Paul is pissed and going to come after you next week nat nat. Hope you’re ready.

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