‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Paul Launches Operation Callout Against Nicole & Corey

Feeds were hot last night in the Big Brother 18 house as the latest nominations took a surprise swing for the targets but neither were about to take it laying down.

Nicole and Paul face off on BB18

The game fired up right away following the ceremony and kept rolling through the night as Paul worked to change the tide. Then, in an effort to keep the momentum rolling, Paul launched “Operation Callout” to apply the pressure and heat to his renewed target.

Paul took just a few minutes to collect himself after chatting with Victor following the reveal of their nominations. Victor knew in advance but it sounds like Paul had more a surprise and he really didn’t like the “liar and manipulator” speech Michelle gave him. They were soon arguing it out (Flashback to 7:19 PM BBT 8/19) as Paul demanded to know when he had lied to Michelle. Eventually things calmed and cooler discussions prevailed with a big shift in plans.

Paul worked the room with Natalie and Michelle to convince them that Nicole and Corey were the real threat and he had been and would remain their ally. A big issue for Natalie had been she was told by Nicole that Paul had told Paulie that James was coming after Nicole and Corey. Natalie didn’t like that Paul was making James a target for Nicorey. Paul vehemently denied this claim saying it would make no sense. Why would he out their plan to Paulie on the 1:8 chance of Paulie coming back?

Michelle and Natalie start to admit they made a mistake and ask for time to discuss it privately. James wasn’t crazy about changing their targets and expressed the concern after Paul had left. Sounds like he’s being overridden on this one by Michelle and Natalie, though remember that they don’t have any votes this week and James could end up being the pivot vote. That’s another discussion though.

Later as Paul continued to talk with Natalie and Michelle he raised the idea of calling out Nicole and Corey for convincing the HOHs that he was a liar and should be the target instead of them. Flashback to 12:12 AM BBT 8/20 and get ready.

Nicole is in the kitchen while Corey was in the DR when Paul starts things off. He wants to know what he lied about and how he is a manipulator. He’s not yelling at her, but his voice is definitely raised. Paul challenges Nicole to give him an explanation of what she told Natalie since it’s the reason he’s now on the Block.

Nicole denies that she’s the reason he’s on the Block. Paul counters that of course she is the reason since she lied to Natalie to keep the heat off herself and Corey. He keeps taking it back to things Nicole told them that Paulie supposedly told her about Paul telling him (the claim that James was targeting Nicole & Corey). Paul says the problem here is that Paulie is gone so they can’t ask him about it so there’s no way to prove her claim (or disprove it).

We’re not over yet though as things kept rolling…


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      • Still on it but heading for home tomorrow. Having an awesome time now even though it’s pouring down rain and seeing my guys happy!

      • Was reading on down about being in the casino and your daughter’s restrictions on your smoking. I’m a smoker, too. The nerve! Oh well…Enjoy the rest of your time and good luck in the casino!

      • Down by 40 bucks, so I think I’ll quit betting now. Need the rest for more smokes don’tcha know? Lol

      • Hey, nice to see a dignified woman back on this sight. I have missed you, I miss having some one who talks about the game like it is just a game and who isnt always showing what a low class ass they can make of themselves. The last post I got from you was that I needed a dictionary. Are you the grammar police?
        Back to the game, are these girls really going to pull together? That would be great as Rachel said, its been 5 yrs since a woman walked out the door a winner. Come on girls pull it together. Am also hoping to see Bridget return, might make a difference. :)

      • Ahaha. I used to be a line editor. Now I’m an Uber driver which brings in a little more than line editing did. And I’m semi-retired waiting on hubby to retire from the government. I can only hope that these last girls can pull it off. Stranger things do happen in Big Brother, we shall have to wait and see if Nat and Meech can truly get Nicole on board. First they have to get the huge targets out – Vic and Paul. The last ACP sure would be helpful now than next week to achieve this on this week. Lol

      • I love the slots, I once saw a girl hit for 2 million dollars playing Jeopardy in AC. Gives ya hope when ya see it with your own eyes, but me I never hit for more than a thousand. Good Luck if you try again

    • For sure. I’m at a casino near our cottage with free wi-fi, smoking is permitted and it’s also drama free since bickering daughter, her half-dog and their very whining daughter left for home a day early. Mind you, they were invited to join us, free of charge, know I’m a smoker but made the choice to insult me and tell me where I wasn’t allowed to smoke outside the cottage so hubby told them their used by date had expired and they had to leave. Sad they had to behave that way. Plus it’s been raining most of the morning and isn’t supposed to stop until tomorrow morning. So son, hubby and I decided to go to this casino which surely my daughter and/or hubby would have hated. Best ending to my vacation by far!! Off my soapbox now!!! Haha

      • Miss you, Joni, and I’m positive there are many who feel that way.
        What is a half-dog?
        STOP smoking!! Don’t hate. Lol

      • A half-dog is a guy who fetches for his wife, rolls over and barks when told to by a female. Hahaha I’ll eventually quit but not on someone else’s timeline.

      • Exactly Joni! I’ve been an ex smoker for 2 years but because I was ready to quit, not because my family was ready for me to quit. My grandma was pressured by everyone after her heart attack to quit so she just hid it for years. She finally just told everyone that she was 80 years old and would do what she wanted. If anyone didn’t like it she told them to go somewhere very hot! Lol. She has a point ;-) You’ll quit in your own time.

      • Nobody lives past 70 as a smoker without serious health problems most die by 65-70 though. You’re daughter would be happy if you quit lol.

    • Lololol Nicole thinks she has this in the bag. She does if everybody keeps letting her slide

      • And if DR keeps trying to manipulate the game in her favor. I’m hating on DR for good reason today.

      • I must have missed something. i thought Vic/Paul and Nat/James had a final four agreement. What happened? Do you have any idea? I know you read Jokers so I thought you might have an answer for me. Thanks!

      • I do not have feeds but I can tell you what I read. Before Paulie left, he said things intended to turn the target away from Doofus(Corey) and Dingus(Nicole) and toward mainly Paul and Vic. Things got back to Nat. I think she was looking for a reason to put Paul otb because she says she has been upset with him for a while. Well that was right up James’s alley, so he did a little polite manipulating of his own to make her want to go through with it. She had the choice of either pair, the sitting ducks, or Doofus & Dingus. When easily influenced Michelle got the CP, it wasn’t hard for Nat to talk her into changing her target from Dingus to the boys. She convinced Michelle in no time that Paul was a lying manipulator. Their target became Paul, not Vic. Vic is the pawn, for now. I have no idea where things stand right now. As of 90 mins ago, last time I read Jokers, they hadn’t had the veto comp yet.

      • Paul, Vic, Michelle have secret f3 so they wold get James out after they made f5

  1. I support Paul’s plan. The final 3 should be Paul, Natalie &Vic. They were underdogs that were supposed to be evicted week 3, 4 & 5 but they survived. They never threw a comp and they gave it their all for every comp. They have a good social game and they have outwit, out played, out last (I know wrong show lol).
    I would be thrown between the 3 if I had to choose. James, Michelle, Nicole & Corey did absolutely nothing all summer and production should be mad at them and demand a refund.

    • Some people don’t need to do anything when they enter the game knowing others, including DR, is working and manipulating to protect them…Dingus, I’m talking about you.
      I wouldn’t mind that F3 at all.

      • I’m definitely starting to get suspicious about DR. Even more so when I read that they “encouraged” James to link up with Nicole. That’s why I hope the seasons of return HG or relatives of HG stop. Let all new people come into the game and figure it out. No one would have an advantage over the other.
        But I have to remember this season was a casting nightmare apparently so they had to scramble to make the season work.

      • I don’t know if we will ever hear the truth about what happened before this season started, but from all indications, there were problems getting a cast lined up.
        I agree….NO vets in the house. No family or acquaintances of vets either.

      • Put me in coach, I can play centerfield LOL. Just don’t know how the big bosses at work would react to me getting on.

    • Paul is nothing but a snake. I hope Corey wins POV and sends Paul home. Paul is obnoxious and rude,

      • I love Paul he says it like it is…he has played not laid up w anyone whispering and not playing out right. He makes the show for me I would like to see vic Paul and Michelle f3

      • I love Paul too! Without him this season would have been so damn boring. Nothing but cuddling and crap.

    • Nicole was supposto be evicted Week 1… if ic’s Messiah got his way… yet she hasn’t even been on the block IIRC. That’s true power. ()more likely most don’t see her as a comp threat). Paul is playing bets now which is why he should go. Vic has already been evicted. Nat has done solid work under the radar.

    • That is my dream final 3. Even though that’s probably a bad idea for Natalie. But i agree those 3 are the best!

  2. Nicole managed to stave off Frank and Day’s attack to get her outta the house; can she outlast Paul?

    • I hope not…she is so phony that in so sweet and repetitiveness of “I don’t say anything to anyone” act is getting real old. That’s bullcrap!! Omg I want to stab my eyeballs out w her childlike curse words whining voice….ugh….get her out. She is a liar a phony a immature showmance “stoppppp are u maddddd don’t coreyyy” and she is a snake I don’t respect her gameplay or lack of

  3. Corey needs to be evicted in case worst-case scenario of Paulie winning jury buy back where Paulie replaces Corey in the house.

    With a DE coming up Nicole + Paulie (or Corey if he wins buy-back) would not have the votes needed to evict whoever they want.

  4. I have just one question….James..why do you insist on always spoiling our fun!! Stop it! He throws just about every comp..unless it happens to be an endurance..sometimes he throws those..he tells HG’s about blindsides..he drives me crazy!

    • I HATE that he ruins blind-sides! It is soooo much fun to see the reactions on live TV and he has ruined 4 of them. Grrrrrrrrrrr

      • I know how he ruined the Z getting evicted one but now I can’t remember the rest. Please remind me of the other three.

      • He warned Frank, Da, Z and Paulie right b4 they went to vote. Bridgette was on DE so I dont believe he had time…… ?

      • Yeah but didn’t Paulie already know he was going? At least have his doubts that he would stay. Paulie was the one that told Frank he was leaving during the house meeting. I guess he could have confirmed what Paulie told him though. Bridgette, no one had time for anything. and I know he told Paulie that Z was going but I don’t know that he told Z before the eviction or I just don’t remember. I am thinking now your right about DAY being told too. Come to think of it you may right on all of it. Sucks getting old and can’t remember much

      • Didn’t see it but thought I read that he told or started to tell Corey that he and Paulie were being nominated just before the nom ceremony? But then I’m getting old too and my memory,…oh well

      • I could be wrong too. I remember at most evictions or live feeds being irritated that James spoiled a blindside. I can barely remember when Jozea hot evicted. I think James warned Vic too the first time? Sheesh!

    • He’s a lousy player. Asking people to vote for him again for AP. He told them last night he would win again. I will never understand why people like him so much

  5. Paul’s been playing both sides and lying the entire game. I can’t wait to see him evicted. He’s brought nothing but immaturity to the game and it’s getting old. I can’t stand Natalie thinking she knows what’s going on and who she can trust. She doesn’t have a clue. Why anyone would keep Victor is ridiculous if they want to win in the end. He’ll go all the way if they don’t get him out soon. James knows the guys are a problem and he can protect himself and Natalie a lot better without them in the house, but who knows with Natalie. She doesn’t play with her head. I hope Paulie makes it back in soon and it’s him and James to the end.

    • That’s what I was thinking; somebody needs to ask Meech and Natalie if they think they will be able to win against Victor or Paul at the end.

      • I look at it the other way. Vic or Paulie would take Nat or Meech to F2 and that girl would get $50k. None of the guys wants to sit next to any of the other guys in F2.

      • Depends on the girls in the jury house and if they ban together to vote for a girl to win. So many things could happen.

      • Expect the unexpected. I would still think they will vote on overall game play. I dont remember in past games if there were so many women in the jury as in BB18

      • Yes, game play could make a big difference and right now, I would go out on a limb and say that Paul has had the best game play. It isn’t always about who can win but who can win and have the best social along with who can get theirselves out of being voted out.

      • Paul has played a good game. Victor has also played a good game. Get Corey or Nicole out. They will be sitting in Final 2

      • Well then, someone needs to ask Meech and Nat if they would like to choose who they go to the finale with or would they prefer to forgo that option and let one of the guys make the decision instead.
        Their jury management skills are sadly lacking as well.

      • Nicole and Corey will only take each other to final two, so at the moment they are the real threat. James is no threat at all and he could be eliminated any week. He is always throwing comps. Natlaie and Michelle as final two and Mich wins.

      • Your forgetting if it should happen ( my bet it is it won’t) James and Natalie for F2.

      • I know, but I feel like James and Natalie will never make it together to final two. Even if he did, I bet Natalie will win over him. Corey and Nicole are now playing the game to get rid of the biggest threats to them and Corey will win comps over the girls and take Nicole. Keeping someone that’s on your side for the moment is best for Natalie and Michelle. I don’t like James anymore. I hope to never see him on The Amazing Race or Survivor. Hopefully never on another BB season.

      • I understand your dislike for James, we can’t like everybody no matter how they try.

      • You know more than likely I would be the first one sent home. My question to you is this simple. How well would you do in the game?

      • Expect the unexpected. Natalie won HOH and many on here including myself never thought she could do that.

      • Victor and Paul are the real threats as they are both intelligent, athletic and potential comp beasts. Meanwhile Nicole…

      • Not Nicole, but Corey. He will win over the girls and James and take her with him to the final. At the moment Vic and Paul are both planning to take Michelle and Natalie.

      • I didn’t realize that Corey was suddenly a dangerous person to keep around…when did this happen?

      • Of course Corey and Nicole played a different game from Vic and Paul. Nicorey were in power with Paulie until last week and didn’t need to play the same type of game as Vic and Paul.
        This shows to me that Nicole and Corey were playing a good social game if they have managed to stay safe all season. Now we’ll be able to see what kind of game they will play now that they’re out of power.

      • I mean compared to Nicole. She is annoying and I’d rather he stay for now. Since most of the time I’m on Natalie and Michelle’s side, I hope they stick around and the only ones that will do that will be Vic and Paul. I also want Victor to win. I think that Nicole winning a comp is less likely compared to Corey.

      • Because of the comp factor I think Corey should go before Nicole too. This is going to be so exciting to watch!

      • Did you see him win the HOH and veto? Somebody gave him a shot in the arse. So we know he can win, he’s just biding his time

      • Well Corey better play like that in the upcoming VETO comp or he’s a goner. Same for Nicole.

      • Exactly – Nicorey will take each other, and if they keep listening to Nicole, they will be sitting together at the end

    • Paul is unpredictable. Victor a comp beast. Corey well um OK. Nicole a fruit loop dingus. Michelle a sheet in the wind that goes which ever the wind blows. James pranking laying low and spoiler of blindsides. Natalie who knows for sure.

      Such a sad group of people in the house but yet better to watch these people than it was to watch the boring season with Derrick in it.

    • Finally someone that sees it exactly like me. I do not like bullies and disrespectful people

  6. James would be dumb to keep Paul or Victor. If they end up with him F2, there’s no way James would win this season. And they would never even consider bringing him over the girls cause they know they can snow them over. Corey and Nicole, on the other hand, really only have 1 out of the 4 jury votes right now. There’s no way Day or Bridgette, and probably Z, would vote for them to win BB. They’re smart to get rid of the sitting ducks, because they’re stronger players, regardless of what their popularity is.

    • I don’t want James to win, and Vic will probably take Natalie or Michelle to final two anyway. I have changed my mind since Da’vonne left and now hope Victor makes it to the end. Natalie played this game for less than 1 week and now that she has power is back to doing what others are telling her. I think Paul or Victor may win Veto anyway.

      • I’m hoping he does. Victor came back and with Paul’s help has played a good game so far. Let’s hope he survives and if Paulie comes back has a chance to play HOH and win it. Paulie can go back outside. I don’t think Vic should betray Paul just now since he has helped him.

      • Agree, he has handled himself well even though it must have hurt to be blindsided and voted out by the people still in the house. Plus he cooks and cleans that nasty kitchen

      • And that nasty nasty shower after he left HOH after 2 weeks. Bless his heart scrubbing with those yellow gloves on.

      • I see where your coming from and yes Victor has a good shot of winning the season but I was talking about this weeks POV comp though.

      • I think Victor will win this one, even if is a brain over brawn challenge. He seems to be an intelligent person.

    • The only way James will make it to F2 is with Natalie. He forgets Natalie and Michelle can’t play next week so his chance of being safe next week is screwed.

      • James, the silly goofy one, that’s only playing for AFP, has just told Natalie that he is NOT going to be win the next HOH. He’s throwing THAT one too… Said it would be a stupid idea (paraphrasing). Such a silly man.

  7. James gets on my nerves. I’m glad Natalie has her own mind and doesn’t necessarily do everything James tells her. Unfortunately putting up two people that may have taken her to the end was a huge mistake and that’s for letting Nicole play with her mind. James agreeing with Nicole is what really convinced her, but now I’m annoyed with both of them and hope James goes soon.
    I really loved Paul confronting Nicole because she gets really scared when people do that.

    • And she lied about Victor getting mad and red faced. She lies about other men getting ‘angry’ but says nothing to Paulie about his horrible agressive behavior to women for weeks. Thats why Paulie likes her bc he can do ANYthing without her saying a word.

      I would never sit silent while a man attacks another women in front of me.

      • It wasnt a personal attack. Paul & Nicole were discussing what was said in the game.

        In regard to victor/Nic, Victor has been nothing but calm when people call him on game play. Nicole lied about that.

        Nicole laughed or congratualed Paulie whenever he went after Nat/Tiff/Bridgette.

      • The question is: Which of Nat, Michelle or Paul do you think Michelle found most intimidating when they were calling her out?
        I seem to remember as a kid when dad yelled at me I immediately took notice – but not so much when mom did. Those deep male voices are intimidating is all I was saying and I’m sure Paul was aware of that fact too.

      • You can do whatever you like. Its a feee country. The original post was about Paul & Nicole call out. If things are unclear isnt it better to ask for more info ? I can assume you are a Nicole supporter. What is unclear is what I wrote that upset you or you disagree with.

        It’s not a big deal tho so we can move on. Agree to disagree on this.

      • I made a mistake by typing in Michelle when I meant to say Nicole. By reading the whole conversation surely you could reason out that I had mistakenly mentioned Michelle twice instead of typing in Nicole? I don’t understand the difficulty here but I hope you have a great weekend :D

      • You will probably need to read the whole conversation to understand what I’m trying to say then. :D

      • Don’t think rereading it would clarify why you would ask who Michelle finds the most intimidating of Nat, MICHELLE or Paul. Lmao

      • Oh I see what your problem is, I typed in Michelle instead of Nicole. I’ll change it so you can better understand what I meant :D

      • Surely it was easy to see when I said Michelle in the first part of the sentence that when I again said Michelle instead of Nicole that I had meant to say Nicole?
        I’m sure both of you are intelligent guys otherwise :D

      • I don’t mean any offense by this, but our brains are actually hardwired to process writing mistakes and automatically correct them. Hence why, when we read the articles on here and we see them riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as mistakes that include using the wrong name (which has happened a lot this year in particular with Paulie and Paul), we can still read and understand the articles.

      • Thanks Saturn, I always appreciate your very thoughtful and intelligent posts, even when you disagree with someone.

      • Thanks for the support, India. I think we all know how it feels to be on opposite sides of an argument on this site. ;)

      • I wish it didn’t have to be this way, I’m almost to the point of being afraid to support Nicole here. I would rather discuss the matter peacefully if that’s possible :D

      • Know what you mean. It’s not like we all don’t have our favorites. It happens year after year. And yet there’s always people who go to such mean and nasty lengths to support their HGs. Fandom turns some people into bullies for sure.

      • Thankfully there’s so many pleasant people to talk to here that don’t get mad when I disagree with them.

      • India Ink- just so you know, i wasnt mad at any point. We are all here to enjoy the game and discuss diff things.

      • Neither was I :D
        But you never did answer my question;
        Which of Michelle, Natalie and Paulie did Nicole find the most intimidating when they ‘called her out’ ?

      • I kept getting a screen reload error. I replied above but here is what saw and timestamps.

        I looked at live stream again. Frrom 12:10am – 12:40am kitchen cameras. Convo was w Paul & Nicole. Nicole did NOT seem intimidated.

        Approx 1/2 way through 12:25 ish Corey joined in to support Nic against Paul. Victor was in kitcen cooking/cleaning and didnt talk all.

      • I was just reading about it at Jokers since I do not have the live feeds. I’m sorry but Nicole was very much intimidated by Paul’s trial lawyer badgering of her that lasted quite a while.
        It’s fine if you don’t like Nicole btw but for you to think Paul talking to her with this tone of voice wasn’t meant to intimidate I think you’re very mistaken. Please accept my opinion :D

      • That’s cool. It did watch it the second time to see if Nic seemed intimidated. It didnt view that way to me. If it had, then I’d be calling Paul out . Vic/Paul/James seem to respect women in ways that Paulie didnt.

        Wish this darn POV contest was done tho :)

      • I can’t wait for the Veto either; I was just reading about the Superstorms info that lasted all night and it looks like Paul and Victor will win this one – if they can stay awake :D
        Did you see where Paulie continued to grill Nicole in the HOH? It came across to me that he was bullying her and I hate to see someone bullied.
        I’ve said everything I want to say about Paulie but he is certainly not a gentleman to say the least while Corey and James have always behaved in a respectful manner to the women this year. I don’t see either one of Corey/James badgering and harassing a female HG as Paul has Nicole.
        Paul took the low road and I’m not a fan.

      • My brain may be hardwired, but it’s lost some of it’s ability in the last few years. Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to understand some things, and sometimes I can’t get my point across very well.

      • Fair enough. I sometimes have issues myself. Always have to reread something before I post it.

      • I very well understand RSA, I’ve been confusing Michelle and Nicole all season when typing a comment here and keep calling Nicole – Michelle for some unknown reason :D

      • Yeah, it didn’t read that way. Then again, not everyone interprets things the same way.

      • saturn0205 – dont think asking for clarification is wrong. I believe it can stop misunderstandings. In the end just agree to disagree, righ?

      • name calling isnt needed here. NOT fun. It fine to talk about opinions but to go after the posters themselves is wrong.

      • I blocked Lavendargirl for name calling etc and Saturn0205 follows her on Disques. I can separate the two people but I guess it doesnt go both ways. Negative Nicole comments are taken personally I guess?

      • Yes but asking about which 3 when the convo was about Paul/Nic was random. The question was “which of the 3 did Nicole find most intimidating?”

        My thoughts were during WHICH HG convo? There were a bunch last night. Nicole wasnt intimidated. She was called out. for overplaying a bit.

      • Oh please – being a kid is different than an adult sitting in a house of their free will, playing for $500,000

      • I looked at live stream again. Frrom 12:10am – 12:40am kitchen cameras. Convo was w Paul & Nicole. Nicole did NOT seem intimidated.

        Approx 1/2 way through 12:25 ish Corey joined in to support Nic against Paul. Victor was in kitcen cooking/cleaning and didnt talk all.

      • Exactly. What did she say once when he was attacking one of them? Oh yeah, as soon as she left the room (I think it was Natalie) “omg I almost peed my pants!” I can’t stand Nicole!

      • How can you honestly compare Paul to Paulie? If Nicole is going to lie to others she needs to prepare herself for the fall out.

    • Ya I agree, if the girls would have put up Corey and Nicole the final 4 would have been Vic, Paul, Nat and Mich. Paul and Victor were on board with bring both girls to the end.

    • Thanks for your info. I wondered what had happened because I had thought there was a final four between Paul/Vic and Nat/James.

  8. Why has no one told Nat about Doofus and Pimp Paulie laughing and clapping as James and Nat left the HOH after the little Paulie/Nat confrontation? That would infuriate Nat because we all know that Nat plays the game a little personal. There would be no question about changing the noms if the chance arose.

  9. James was watching the whole tirade between the dingus and the bearded one…he’s such a stool pigeon. James is starting to climb the ranks behind Cory and Nicole. He better stop throwing comps. This might be the most important veto of the season.

  10. Those two idiots (Cory and Nicole) were talking about kissing and PDA rather than preparing for the veto. Those smug imbeciles need to go.

  11. Big Meech is in a good spot here. Leaving those two (Paul/Vic) unscathed. They plan to take her to F3, and an option to take Nat. Mitch and Nat are pretty tight, and they have James as their meat shield…Jame’s could be f***d.

  12. Victor and Paul are basically being handed the F2 by these people.

    Victor is right now unbeatable and guaranteed the first place prize. 2 HOH wins, at least 1 Veto win (can’t remember if he’s won more than that), and 4 CONSECUTIVE Battle Back wins.

    Paul has the social game going for him, an HOH win, and a Veto win. Victor is guaranteed to take him to F2 as his duo partner, but he can’t win if he’s sitting next to Victor, a fact that eludes him, as he is not a fan of BB. Sure, Michelle keeps rattling off the victors who don’t have many comp wins, but none of those victors were sitting next to comp beasts.

    Oh, and can we talk Paul’s comments about playing with Integrity. Yeah, sure, Paul. Let’s everyone play with integrity. Except for you, of course, since you have no problem cheating. Wanting to ensure Nicorey have the wrong information for the Veto? Seriously? How is that playing with integrity, you hypocrite?

    • Nat and Meech definitely do not deserve to win if they decide to keep Vic or Paul – one of the worst BB decisions ever. Right up there with James changing his mind and deciding to keep Vanessa so that they could ‘work together’. That certainly didn’t pan out for James as I recall.

    • Why can’t he win against Victor? All I’d even have to say as Paul is “Hey, I never got evicted, end of story.”

      Comp wins don’t tell the whole story.

      • The fact that Vic got evicted isn’t an asset for Paul in F2, it’s guaranteed second place. There’s never been a HG who was evicted, only to come back and make it to F2. Ever.

      • Why does that matter? Just because it could make history doesn’t mean that it makes you an automatic winner.

        Victor already expended one life in the game while Paul has had to scratch and claw his way into good standing with the house once his whole side got wiped out. Paul didn’t have the luxury of a battle back, he had to play the game to put himself where he was. He didn’t have to rely on complacency of other people not seeing you for several weeks.

        Victor has done a good job re-assimilating to the house since coming back, but Paul never left. If I’m in jury, I never give the grand prize to someone who already got evicted earlier season.

      • “Just because it could make history doesn’t mean that it makes you an automatic winner.”

        Are you kidding? That is EPIC!!! You were evicted, you were gone, you had no hope of making it to the end of this game, everyone all ready counted you out. Whenever any other HG, starting with Branden, got a second shot in the same season, they were usually sent packing immediately, with some exceptions. But no matter who was there from the beginning, no one has made a bigger comeback than you. You were an early eviction, but you fought back and you made it to F2. You did what everyone thought was impossible. You beat the odds. You went from the ultimate doghouse to the ultimate penthouse. How can the jury NOT vote for you?

      • Voting for him to win would be the flashy move, it’s also incredibly silly when the person next to him managed to stick around and with that knowledge, played a better game unequivocally.

        From a purely mathematical perspective, Victor expended one life in the game whereas the person next to him expended none.

        It honestly just seems like you don’t want to give Paul the credit he deserves because you don’t like him.

    • Also, it’s a game dude, the whole point of Big Brother is deception. Of course Paul is going to say that he’s playing with integrity, doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. But he’s building that facade for Natalie and that whole side in order to make himself look better.

      As a BB player, you do everything you can to build an advantage. If I’m sitting in that house and I can find a way to force everyone to play with “integrity”, effectively handicapping themselves while I’m playing to my fullest potential, I’m definitely going to do it.

      I don’t understand how this is a problem.

    • Everyone in the house is just playimg the game – which includes lying and Misinformation and manipulation. Paulie is the only one that crossed the line with personal attacks IMO,

      Do you think that Paul/Victor would take each other to final 2 or take Nat/Meech instead for the win???

      • Paulie is the only one who crossed the line with personal attacks? What show are you watching!

      • BB18. personal attacks are attacking someone’ s body or gender. Vs talking about actions in the game.
        Are you friends with Paulie?

      • Yes they were mean in the beginning. Paulie’s actions were so bad he was in a league of his own.

        Paul/Meech seemed to settled down when Z left and when Victor came back.

    • I actually think that Paul would win over Victor. Paul has won comps, has a better social game and even when Victor won HOH he was the one that directed Vic on who to nominate. It would be close but I think has an edge.

  13. Say what you will about Paul, but the dude managed to talk himself into a situation that literally anyone but Corey and Nicole will use the veto on him or Victor. Not only that, he basically completely discredited Nicole from this point forward.

    I like it when players exploit another’s weakness for strategic purposes which is exactly what Paul did when he called out Nicole. Fact of the matter is that she doesn’t do well under pressure. He remembered how she reacted to Frank & Day calling her out a few weeks ago and he applied that knowledge to now in order to get the majority back on his side.

    There have been many times in this game where I’ve wanted to strangle Paul for the way he’s acted, but I don’t see how you can deny he is playing the best strategic and social game in the house and just about launched himself into deserving winner status this week, dude would have quite the speech after all the messes he’s gotten himself out of.

  14. I love that Paul called Nicole out. Nicole has lied about everything. Everything that Paul said about Nicole is true. Yes Paul has told some lies but most of the stuff Nicole mentions about Paul is a lie. Nicole doesnt even know about the lies that Paul has told so she makes up things. Nicole is saying that Paul was responsible for all the things Paulie said and did and that wasn’t true at all. Nicole is saying Paul was laughing at the things Paulie said about Natelie and it was Corey that was laughing. Basically every word out of Nicole’s mouth during that fight was a lie. Yes Paul has been controlling/manuipulating Victor but that the only person Paul has controlled. Nicole makes Paul out to be this huge manuipulator, which he hasn’t been.

    • Dingus wasn’t even in the room when the Pimp Paulie/Nat confrontation(if you call it that) occurred and Pimp and Doofus were clapping and laughing as Nat and James left the room. I really wish Paul and Vic would relay that story to Nat.

  15. I’m not a Nicole fan, but Corey is ok, and Paul & Victor are idiots, and Michelle is a scumbag.

  16. Paul is the biggest back stabbing snake in the house! I can’t stand him and how he acts so innocent, what a liar!!! Victor has never played his own game he’s let Paul run his game, what an idiot, they both need to go. Great job Natalie, stand your ground don’t get sucked in by Pauls lies.

    • I think you meant to say Nicole and not Paulie. Lol. You described that disloyal rat exactly.

  17. If Paulie did this, everyone here would call for his head. But Paul did this and was applauded while he’s indeed a manipulator and a proven liar. He manipulated Nicole with this confrontation, manipulated both HoH to change their minds and how many lies he told I have lost count. Anyway, someone needs to fill in for the dictator until he comes back next week, right?

  18. I can’t think of anyone still in the house who has played a clean game. They’ve all lied at times. I just appreciate someone who owns their behavior. That’s why I like Victor’s nomination and Veto speech to Paulie. He told him exactly why he was nominating him, no insults

    • Which is probably my biggest issue with Paul right now, lol.

      But, yeah, no one played cleanly this year. I think the last time that happened was BB16.

  19. While ever so politely but intentionally manipulating Nat, James points out to a confused Nat that people are going to be manipulative in this game whether they say it or not. James please shut up!

  20. For anyone who isn’t aware of the very real torch and pitchforks mob mentality that goes on in these comments sections, I implore you to check out the comments section of last night’s post in which people start bashing Nicole and Corey simply for being in the kitchen.

    I kid you not. One commenter says “Nicole and Corey are in the kitchen. Ughhh.” Which is then followed by others who are absolutely outraged by this, working themselves up into a frenzy and feeding off of each other’s negativity. I very politely asked what was wrong with them being in the kitchen, thinking there had to be more to the story that I just wasn’t getting, to which another commenter responded, “We just don’t like them.”

    Look, I’m not a Nicole/Corey fan. But this is just ridiculous. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. This is just a game show. These are real people. STOP the irrational hate around here and save the hate for REAL reasons. I promise there will still be plenty of opportunity.

    • I wasn’t one of those, Joe, but even if I was, I hate being lectured and you do a lot of that. I’m simply saying, maybe you need to take a deep breath, too.

      • The fact that the constant negativity around here doesn’t bother you but my occasional post trying to stick up for people does bother you is pretty eye opening.

        No one is forcing you to read my post, KSJB. The second you see my name, just move on if that helps you. I’ve always been respectful and keep things from getting personal. Kind of disappointed in you not doing the same.

      • I wasn’t disrespectful to you in the least. But if you want to be act like an old curmudgeon, that’s your choice.

      • Come on, KSJB… Don’t play the victim here. If you’re going to make things personal, own it.

        Really disappointed in you.

      • Care to expand on that? Since I’m disagreeing with someone that means I’m in the wrong?

      • Wow you can dish it out but you can’t take it. You yourself are being disrespectful with your comment “aww you poor thing”. That’s just nasty.

      • So apparently you’re just making your rounds commenting on every single one of my comments. Cool.

        Saying “aww you poor thing” is ‘just nasty’ is a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? I was responding to a comment that went out of their way to put me down. I’d like to think you’d stick up for yourself in the exact same manner.

        Look, we don’t all have to agree here, but we can at least refrain from getting personal. All I’m doing is sticking up for people. I won’t apologize for that. You can gang up on me all you want, Kay, but you don’t have to be nasty about it, yourself. There are plenty of people I disagree with but we have the ability to remain respectful and open-minded.

    • I know what you mean but you it is just a game like you said. I don’t condone some of the behavior on this site and by some of the houseguests. For example, I don’t like them as players on the game and I’m quite sure that some of their irrational behavior carries over to real life. Remember Shelly from Jeff and Jordan’s 1st season? That was a real witch. Jordan did her an act of kindness and Shelly returned the favor but acting like a total bitch. It’s like someone needed help on the side of the road with a flat tire and that person you assisted is sneaking up behind you and hitting you in the back of the head for no specific reason at all. I don’t like crying from Michelle. I don’t like Nicole’s sneaky tactics. She’s comes off like a tattletale that gets the class in trouble. Who wants root for someone like that??? Now with Paulie, he’s the douche that gets the tampon. He lied. He was in a relationship outside the house and was engaging in intercourse and other filthy fellatio acts with a naive and nonchalant woman named Zakiyah. Plus, that idiot belittled Natalie, Meech and poor little Bridgette. He’s a total dickwad and embarrassment to good guys out there in the world. But people get pissed off that people and along with myself can’t criticize these immoral individuals. If there were no cameras, the actions in that house would be more absurd and utterly sad and ridiculous.

      • No. Just no. This is the problem I’m talking about.

        You said: “For example, I don’t like them as players on the game and I’m quite sure that some of their irrational behavior carries over to real life. Remember Shelly from Jeff and Jordan’s 1st season? That was a real witch.”

        Shelly received DEATH THREATS for her daughter because of people inferring things about REAL life based on her choices in the game.

        This is a game show. This behavior from fans is NOT okay.

      • Joe. You are blowing things out of proportion my amigo. These house guests are acting irrational and you are becoming like a Paulie on here with your delusions of grandeur. No is one making death threats or anything of that hideous nature. Just relax and enjoy the dialogue and the opinions of everyone on here whether you agree or not :)

      • I appreciate you always being nice when disagreeing with people.

        I do think there’s a big mob mentality issue in these comments, but, unsurprisingly, I am outnumbered.

        Sometimes I read things that disturb me. The foaming at the mouth some people did at just Nicole and Corey being in the kitchen disturbed me.

        You say no one is making death threats but they DID. It was a real thing. These things happen. You may think I’m overreacting, others might agree, but it’s a very real issue.

      • I am about love and respect on here Joe :) I know for a fact that none of us on here made threats to any houseguest ever. I value your opinions. However, there are people on here (not you) that claim that they now the game inside and out and have their facts and observations totally wrong. When you try to correct them in a pleasant way, they act immature and belligerent like a certain individual that I had to flag and block last night on here. That’s my biggest gripe.

      • Yikes, you had to flag someone? That’s too bad. As I said, I always respect your ability to remain calm and polite. I really appreciate it!

        As for the death threats thing, I didn’t say it happened here last night, but in the past it was a very real thing that really took the media by storm. It definitely wasn’t a good look for the show and its fans. Threats like that start from somewhere, though.

    • Wasnt the context that they wanted to eat and wanted to avoid Nic/Corey who were actually in the kitchen? I think a group eventually went to go cook anyway.

      • It wasn’t the other houseguests who said “Nicole and Corey are in the kitchen. Ughhh.”

        It was commenters from this page.

    • I’m outraged that you’re even mentioning them. (kidding)

      I’m sure they’re great as people, but I tend to side with the people that think they’re incredibly annoying as game players. Nicole is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen. She’s absolutely terrible.

      • Oh, by no means am I a Nicole/Corey fan. Not by a long shot. But the way these people worked themselves up into such a frenzy at the thought of the two of them being in the kitchen… It was disturbing to watch the mob mentality take place so blatantly.

  21. I wonder how DR is planning to manipulate things to benefit Doofus in the veto. Dingus isn’t playing. Doofus hasn’t studied. Maybe they already know something we don’t. Yup, I’m having a Love to Bash DR kind of day. All joking aside, I hope Doofus is a blockhead after the final renom. I’ll be nicer tomorrow. hehehe

    • I haven’t read any of the other articles..been cleaning the house. What the heck happened to the Nicorey plan?!

      • It’s kind of still up in the air. Nat is confused and James is using it to sway her to keep the noms the same. Long story and ever changing.

      • Veto comp should be played soon. Just hope that Doofus doesn’t win it. he hasn’t studied so I don’t know how he has a chance in hades but we’ll see. And Nat is teeter tottering.

      • I mean, Paul and Victor OTB is probably the best move, but it sounds like Vic isn’t the target…and HE’S the comp beast. I sure wish Nat had seen Vic and Paul’s reactions when Paulie boy insulted Nat. I don’t really care if Nicorey isn’t the target; but as much as I DETEST Paul the Rat, what Vic did to Meech and Bridge during his nom speech to them was unforgivable…as were those boy’s reactions. Yeah, throwing them the Mardi Gras beads was hysterical.

      • I don’t want the guys to be “Sitting Ducks”. lol I laughed at what Vic did because it made him look like a jerk, which he has proven he can be, but I think he is a good guy. I hope Paul or Vic one wins veto and Doofus gets renomed. Maybe by Thursday, they will firm up a decision to evict Doofus. I don’t want him and Dingus both there if Pimpboy returns.:)

    • As long Doofus or Dingus leaves, the house will be a better place. I still think Paulie is coming back due to production’s schemes.

  22. James is trying to get Natalie back to evicting Paul. No, No, NO! James, leave Nat alone!

    • As much as James preaches about playing on ‘game’ level, his choices are very personal. I think he both dislikes and is threatened by Vic, but rather than ever going after his true target, he’s aiming for the closest ally.

    • James is really disappointing me this season and I really was cheering for him. He is constantly making bonehead decisions now.

      • The targets are constantly changing and I’m hoping either Nicole or Cory goes home.

      • Unfortunately, if one of them goes home & the battle back is a physical comp…..Paulie will probably win it….UGH!!! I think if Paul or Victor gets evicted, then Paulie will have more competition & NOT come back. In the end, I just don’t think Paulie deserves to win & definitely doesn’t deserve the title!!!

      • The girls decided in the wee hours of the morning that they had made a mistake putting Vic and Paul on the block, so they decided to BD Corey. Now James is trying to get it back to evicting Paul, regardless.

      • He doesn’t need to…. Those 2 girls are doing a bang up job themselves. Hemming & hawing! Ugh!

  23. James recognizes that he has a better chance with Paul and Victor out of the way. He sometimes shows, as well, that he’s jealous of Victor because of Natalie. All of last night, you could see that James, while being subtle about it, really wasn’t behind Paul and Victor. He waited for hours and hours to be alone with Natalie and to talk with her about keeping Paul and Victor as the main targets.James recently told Natalie that he and Paul are playing the best games, and Paul needs to go.

    • If James really wants to make a difference, then he needs to fight for this veto and then he needs to sit on it. Unless he’s planning on tossing it to Corey.

    • Right, I watched it last night. While they’re all happy with this new revised plan, James doesn’t look enthusiastic, very quiet. Your observation was spot on.

  24. James is doing a lot of flip-flopping talk in the HOH with Natalie. One minute, he defends the original plan of getting out Paul and Victor. The next, he’s talking scenarios for if one of Nicorey leaves this week.

    I know this is probably his way of getting her to flip to the idea of keeping Nicorey this week, but he’s doing a poor job at it.

  25. Flip-flopping and unloyalty are the rampant this season. James is claiming now that he knows what America is thinking. He thinks that we all think that Nat putting Paul and Vic was a game changer. He’s so wrong. There’s a time and place for everything and that was not the time to do that nomination.

  26. So if Paul wins the Veto does that mean that Meech gets to renom as that was who she nominated (or was told to)?

  27. At this point I would like to see Victor win because he is the only player left who has consistently played all challenges to win and then made some big moves. James seems to throw every competition lately and I suspect Paul has done the same just so they have “no blood on their hands.” ( I detest that expression and wish they could ban it from BB). And now that Nat is HOH I feel like James is doing a Paulie and trying to manipulate her into doing what’s best for his game. I don’t know what Corey is doing other than looking like he has no idea where he is. I was happy to see Nicole return but her game has been disappointing as she actually hasn’t been playing the game. Nat was getting it but now that she’s finally HOH she’s too indecisive. Michelle just goes along with what anyone says and is easily influenced. Caveat: these are all JMO.

  28. I knew as soon as the tide turned against Paul his true colors would come out! So obnoxious how he went after Nicole! I don’t see him going after Corey, Paulie or even James for allowing Natalie to put him up and not give him a heads up! I hope he stays on the block and messes up the memory game cuz he stayed up all night!

      • I hope not, He does not deserve to win. He only made it this far because of Victor and Paulie.

      • His only strategy is to be a jerk. He is disgusting. He is not loyal to anyone. He makes up stories. He bullies and makes people scared so, they do what he wants. He probably would have been evicted after Jozea if Victor was not there. I do not think jerks should win Big Brother. Would you like someone who acts so obnoxious and is rude to win?

      • He’s actually playing the game of Big Brother the way it was designed to be played. The game isn’t supposed to be politically correct, so I’m sorry if you feel offended.

      • Wow, are we watching the same game? Are you confused with Paulie…that’s who you described.

      • Paul is not Paulie. Do you watch feeds? Give me a break. Paul is actually a good person.

      • Paul is just like Paulie? Um I’m sorry but atleast Paul isn’t a misogynistic douche.

      • Omg (in Nicole’s voice)
        ‘if one more person mentions the word misogynistic I think i’ll….. Well I don’t know what i’ll do……whaaaaa!’
        But for goodness sakes ppl find another word….please.

      • Thank you someone who sees what I see. I think his whole family probably is commenting, you are absolutely correct.

      • At the end of the game, yes.
        But if you’re implying that you need co-conspirators. Yes…. You do need to work with ppl & isn’t it fortuitous that Paulie saved Paul from being evicted & kept him safe. ???

      • Wrong. Polly was always playing for himself and never helped Paul out in any way shape or form. Victor was actually voted out and wasn’t much of a help at all in the first few weeks. And then, when he came back, he had to play for himself for a while and only in the last 10 days have they allied up. Please don’t rewrite history.

      • No you are wrong. Paul is the most selfish player. He keeps changing alliances and is not loyal. Paul does not care for any other player but himself. I hope he goes home!

      • I can’t quite understand what you’re trying to say here.
        Paulie went up on the block the first week & another week as a NOM.
        Paulie took Paul under his wing after Vic was backdoored yes, from Paulie.
        Paulie kept Paul off the block & even used a veto on him to keep him safe.
        When Vic came back Paulie adopted him & aligned with him making a 3some with Vic, Paul & paulie keeping Vic safe from that revolving door.
        Yes, Paulie also had a F5 with the boys, Which Vic went back on cuz he can forgive but never forget. He should remember that as HOH Paulie doesn’t/didn’t vote. All the HGs BUT Paul voted him out. Why is that Paulies doing?
        So first, yes, Paulie was playing all about himself cuz at the end of the game there’s only 1 winner. He was playing too hard IMO.
        But Paul on the other hand hasn’t had a strategy from the get go….. He goes where the wind blows…. And that’s with whoever the HOH is…..
        Pauls game lacks strategy. IMO

      • Ummmm no? Paul is actually more of the brains of his alliance with Victor. Plus Paulie had no loyalty to anyone but himself.

      • Paul also helped Paulie out by snitching everything to him. He was Paulie’s eyes and ears.

      • He only spread information for his benefit. Paulie also shared info with Paul. So, Paul should do the same. Paul keeps changing alliances which shows he is not loyal. Paul did not help Paulie that much at all. Instead Paulie helped Paul. He even used a veto on Paul.

      • Not really. He totally deserves it as much as others. None of them are innocent at all and have busted snake moves too.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion. I can’t agree though. Your dislike for Paul is more than apparent and I can’t hold that against you because I can’t stand Nicole or James. So to each their own I guess. ?

      • I just don’t like his game play. He was very fortunate to have Paulie take him under his wing. Then it seemed Paul thought he was the big man on campus….

      • Yep to each their own & may the best girl win!
        For some reason I think it’s going to be manipulated that way…. It’s been quite a while since a female won, eh?

      • True… But not even Victor until the last HOH. Now he’s up Vic’s ass cuz Paulie’s was hurting too much! He got squeezed out! Hahaha….zingggg….

      • He keeps telling all the players what they should do. He is making the players go against one another. Natalie began trusting Nicole and Paul ruined it by telling lies. He is also very aggressive and scaring the other players by saying if they do not save him, he will go after them. I cannot believe they are people who want Paul to win.

      • Nicole is a liar and extremely obnoxious. Even if Paul is lying is to save himself, I think that Nicole is probably making things up so Nat and Mich can keep her this week. She needs to go and hopefully Natalie will listen to Paul and put Nicole up if he wins veto.

      • Nicole is not a liar. For some reason everybody thinks that. Nicole is not doing anything in the game. She was only HOH the first week and has not won any comps. So it would be smart to keep her. Paul is the biggest liar and is douche bag. Paul is so obnoxious and thinks he is the greatest.

      • I like to see those who actually are playing the game stay in the house not those who lie around all day and do nothing

      • Playing the game according to who’s standards?
        Hang on….. Let me answer that…. Yours lol
        But we’re all entitled to our opinion. It’s just that yours is wrong… Heh heh…?

      • Then you should support Victor who has won more comps then any other player. Paul has not done much besides be a jerk.

      • Nicole’s game is scheming and snitching, not the competitions. Throughout the game that’s all she does and whomever wins HOH, then you’ll see her up their behind trying to be their friend. She barely spoke to Natalie this whole season and now is trying to act like they are bff.

      • Paul did the same. He was best friends with Paulie when Paulie won comps. Now he is Victor’s friend. He schemes the most.

      • They all scheme and lie, but Nicole is obnoxious and I don’t like her. We all have our favorites and she is not one of them for me. I was just saying that she is no sweet and innocent floater, but a schemer and liar as well.

      • Nicole has never been obnoxious. I do not what you are talking about. Are you watching the same show? Paul is obnoxious. Nicole is quiet and nice to everyone and never fights with anyone. Paul insults every one in the diary room and talks in that annoying voice.

  29. My feeds are not on but have been reading Jokers for awhile now…Nataile is not only ruining her game by flipping every 10 minutes…She is ruining James game and he is letting her…To save himself James should shut up and back off..He should go back to yesterday when he told Natalie that its her HOH and do what she wants… If he does that James might be able to avoid eviction for a couple more weeks..Natalie is basing her choices on emotion not strategic moves… It don’t work that way…HOH entails more than a big bed and private bath.. Natalie is not HOH material and I hope she enjoys the “experience” cause she blowed it…

    • I thought it was James who told Natalie to trust Nicole and put up Paul and Victor instead.

  30. Too bad all this is for nothing. James and Natalie still want Paul gone. And Paul did tell Paulie that James was after Nicole and Corey. He’s such a snake.

  31. James and Natalie are two of the most annoying people in that house. Flip-flopping every which way. Oh wait we also have Nicole and Corey. How is it that production wants these guys in there so badly? Seriously. They are horrible players this season! I’m so over it. If Paul doesn’t win veto I am going to flip (not solely because I like him, though I do- but because I don’t want them to get their way!) This season is so annoying.

    • I agree. It seems James has once again completely forgotten that he has a daughter . constantly stating that he hopes Natalie wins it all. He’s so annoying. I cannot understand why he is AFP. He made one move, getting frank out. And now he is letting “his old lady” do all the dirty work. What a man. Ugh. OK. Rant over. Haha

  32. Nicole is one of the worst Big Brother players in history. I would say the same about James except that he doesn’t actually play the game. He’s quite the moron.

  33. Paul is an Idiot, even though he’ll win this week because Nat & Michelle has no Balls. Hopefully James will stop them & get out Paul.

  34. Regardless if Paul’s plan works or not atleast he’s fighting to stay in this game. Plus he’s not holding any grudges which is shocking.

    I think Zach was right when he said Nicole is a fruitloop dingus.

      • I know. I would like to get to bed by 9:00 tonight. I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy, and maybe I am, but my circadian rhythm doesn’t allow me to sleep after the sun comes up. :(

      • I know you are always one of the first ones posting. But sometimes when I am up later, you are too. I don’t know how you do it, but you are always like a ray of welcome sunshine.

      • Thank you. I just can’t sleep much??? I am lucky to got 2-3 hours at a time sometimes less. I just call old age.

      • Believe me, I’m right there with you. After working shift work for most of my life, sleep doesn’t come easy.

      • Elaine – i have SAME prob. Wake round 3 and can only sleep 4 hours.. Nothing changes it – meds or exercise. Dr said it was more common than I would ever think?

      • I’m a diehard nite owl. I’ve tried to switch and/or balance it out to no avail. Now I just need a one hour power nap to help stay awake during the day.

      • Those poor cicadas are probably bickering over your mispronounced spelling of their name. Teehee

      • K, Did you watch the show last night? Carnival in the backyard with Bob Marley’s son and Cody’s brother. Ziggy Marley (who’s awesome) played to a crowd who’s not extraordinarily stoned, and in the backyard. lol..he probably hates it.

      • I watched it about 3:00(I believe) this morning. What a waste of air time, imo., except for Ziggy. What an audience! I like some reggae, as I enjoy a variety of music. Cody’s brother, hahahaha! Poor muscle bound guy. He had to tell them to applaud when he posed for them. That’s just too much, but when people lack other things, they’ve got to try to make up for it somehow. But I’m just being mean today. I said I’d try to be nicer tomorrow. Pleas don’t hold me to that tho’.

      • I would bet that Paul was thinking if he just had a little weed he would really be zagging with Zig. Can you imagine Paul with a little high? :D

      • I’m a boring person, it’s true, I guess, but I have never smoked pot. I’ve heard it mellows people. A mellow Paul would be nice sometimes.

      • Oh he’ll be a blast..he’s crazy. It was just weird Ziggy playing in the BB backyard. Like he time traveled. He looks like he doesn’t belong there.. “where am I?” lol

      • I bet Paul was dying to get up there and do his thing. He is in a band isn’t he? I wonder what instrument he plays, if any. Maybe like, Tiny Tim, what was that he played, a ukulele?

      • Paul plays guitar and has a good singing voice (I saw a video clip). Wouldn’t be surprised if he played other instruments. Plus he’s a fashion designer, so clearly an artistic multitalented type. While his mastermind gameplay has some viewers tagging him as a liar and snake, I see acting talent and a strategic mind that is always on. Ya boy got game. I can see why other HGs would need him eliminated, but the fact that he was able to get those silly hens to immediately regret their nominations is hilarious proof that the man knows his craft.

      • Cannot wait to see this when I get home. But any comments I make will be sour news by then, so I’ll just keep them to myself. Haha

    • He say’s he is not holding grudges, but that will prove to be a lie, like everything else that comes out of his mouth!

  35. OT but last night’s episode was a complete waste of air time. I’m assuming they edited Paulie out of the entire episode…which was the only good thing to come out of this bomb.

  36. They’re dumb to switch the target from Paul or Victor to Nicole and Corey. Victor can win it all with all his comp wins if he makes it to the end, especially battling back from bootville.

    • I agree, but since I want Victor to win the whole game, I want him safe.
      Natalie, James and Michelle are horrible at comps and this game, so Nicole and Corey may beat them. I want NIcole up this week and Corey the next. Hopefully Da’vonne comes back and gets rid of them for me.

  37. This is what they get for making “the dumbest move of the entire season” this past week. I bet they don’t get any “bacon” this week… Good grief

  38. As they say BB is a social experiment. All the hamsters in the house. Has anyone ever thought that we the viewers are the real hamsters?

  39. I just booted to a screen with superman on it . It said error with disqus. I seriously think they need to fix their problems soon.

    • Yes I agree with you there. Yeeeessss Paul Won WhaWhooooo. I hope they send Corey to the jury house to continue his bro-mance with his boy Paulie….

  40. I hope Michelle puts up Nicole and not Corey and she leaves, not victor. I hope that Victor or Paul wins next week and puts James and Corey up and James leaves.

  41. They need to put Corey up in Paul’s place…Im afraid Paulie will win the jury battle get back in the house and right back into the arms of Corey… All the work Vic did last week will be for nothing….

  42. “He marches in and starts to strip before realizing what’s going on. ‘Ohh, are you all fighting??'”

    YEAH! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen! I bet this’ll be shown before the intro in future episodes. <3

  43. I’m not a fan of Paul because he is such a drama queen. As soon as things do not go his way, he wants to hold a meeting, demand answers, etc. Whatever Paul, someone lied, everyone is playing to win their own game, you do not need to know the details. But I have to admit Paul is a bit more likeable since Paulie is gone.

    I wasn’t a fan of Victor in the beginning but now I really think he is playing the hardest and deserves to win.

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