‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final Big Brother 18 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 9 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

With the Veto results in on Saturday we knew to expect a change but no one seemed ready to settle on a plan, especially not the HG calling the shots here. But the time has come to make a choice and we have the results.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 9:

  • Paul decided to use the Veto on himself
  • Michelle renom’d Corey
  • Corey & Victor are this week’s final noms

Michelle had been wavering on either renom’ing Corey or Nicole as she really wanted Nicole out but knew the others wanted Corey up since Victor was really the target. Now it’s done and set.

Immediately after the meeting Victor and Paul were discussing seeing the other side getting together and that’s making them nervous. Michelle was upstairs telling Natalie and they’re saying they’ll play dumb, act like Corey was their target, but then blindside Victor. So there’s another confirmation of Victor as this week’s target.

What do you think of Michelle’s decision. Is there any chance we’ll see this renom evicted or is James too set on getting Victor out the door to be swayed? Natalie has suggested she has that power over James, but I’m not so convinced in this situation.

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  1. I imagine a lot of people that voted for Michelle to receive the care package weren’t expecting this result at all.

      • Stick with Paul and Victor! Yes she still would’ve been the odd one out, but she had a better chance with them then she will these showmances.

      • i think she meant with the renom. anywho, it doesnt matter who she renoms, the power is outta her hand.

      • In that case, she did what I hoped she would, nominate one of the Nicorey team, but it seems despite this renom they still are going to vote for victor. I was hoping she would just stick to the plan. but I was foolish in thinking so, I should’ve listened to my instinct.

      • Michelle has done all she can do at this point. She definitely would prefer to be with Vic/Paul alliance but she also knows the others are voting against it. She has to stay nice with them for future even if she knows she’s gonna be a target. She hopes paul will be their target next or that he’ll win HOH.

      • Look at the Live Feeds or Jokers updates, she is upstairs bashing Paul and says that he has to go. Michelle has been the most flip floppy this season, I cheered her on for blowing up Paulie’s game, but lately she is just showing her true colors and mean girl tendancies by talking crap about everyone.

      • Michelle would have still been evicted if she had stayed with Vic and Paul, so she wouldn’t be winning the game. She probably still won’t win the game, but if she stayed with Victor and Paul…they probably would not have taken her to final two anyways

      • Paul would take her F2 for the win! he dropped Victor before to save his own skin.

      • So, you have a crystal ball then? None of this has even happened yet, so nobody knows who Paul would take to F2 if given the chance. Paul might not even make it to F2, we don’t know

      • No but i have common sense. You thinking paul may not want to be F2 is just baffling.

      • As you could read in my previous comment, I said probably would not, not def. would not…and that is if either one is still in the house by then. BTW, if what you say is true, then why wasn’t Victoria taken to the F2 in her season, or why wasn’t Britney in hers? Just because you might hope for something doesn’t mean it will happen, if Paul does make F2 and Michelle is still in the house…he doesn’t have to take her if he doesn’t want to. Idk about you, but I am actually watching to see how it plays out in the end. What makes you think Paul will be in the F2, what about Corey, Nicole, James or Natalie? They have as just as much of a chance as Paul does

      • Victoria wasn’t taken because Cody was under Derrick’s spell and made a commitment if Cody had taken Victoria he would of won $500,000.00 he made a $450,000.00 error

      • So, Derrick put Cody under a spell? He must have been really powerful, I guess it couldn’t have been because Derrick and Cody had a deal. No, that couldn’t have been it

      • why wouldn’t they, who ever wins the last HOH picks who they takes, she would be the easiest for either of them to beat. Paul has played a way better strategic and social game and Victor has won a lot of comps.

      • Yes, you are right, THEY pick who they take…so if he was in the F2 and he wanted to not take Michelle, that would be HIS choice. Why is this even being brought up though, the game is not over, so we have no idea who is about to be F2 yet or F3?

      • Paul and Vic wanted to take her to final 3 because they both know they can beat her at the end. I believe if Vic or Paul got to final 3 they would chose Michelle over each other.

      • You might believe that, and that might happen. Same as it might not happen. Also, Paul, Victor and/or Michelle might not even be in the finals…Idk why almost everyone is predicting that the others would be gone, and it will just be them three as the F3

      • Everyone else is not worthy to win this best game players are Victor and Paul. I will be pissed if anyone other than Vic gets back in.

      • I am sorry, but who are you or anyone else to say that nobody else is “worthy” to win Big Brother…that is the most idiotic statement that I heard about this game. Anybody can win Big Brother, it is not just who you want to win

      • And Michelle is too dumb to see that her best option would have been to team up with Paul and Vic. Instead she sticks by the 2 showmances how dumb can you be.

      • So, tell me…why do you and others’ want Vic to win the game so bad? He already got evicted…so the winner, I think, should be the one that has been in the game since day one. Don’t you all think that makes more sense?

      • Vic got blindsided the first time…didn’t even get the chance before to compete in the Veto and this time was ineligible to play in the HoH and he’s done more than any of the ones in the house that are now left.

      • You do know that is part of the game, don’t you? This is not the first time it has been done, and it sure won’t be the last. Also, Paulie just returned the favor to Victor.

      • I don’t like blindsides either, but what can you do? He was blindsided though and already evicted…so therefore one of the others should win the game. I don’t care who, just as long as it’s not Victor. For some reason Michelle does not like Paul though

      • Guess I’ll just have to root for Paul who’s been a gopher most of the season when they weren’t able to evict him! hahaha

      • I like Paul, I have no idea what Michelle has against him…speaking of Michelle, I am not very fond of her nickname

      • She’s always been wishy washy and flip-flopper. So it’s hard to define what her purpose is this season besides turning out to be a floater and winning OTEV!

      • Well, with Bridget though, it was easy to know why she wanted her out and never liked her…Michelle had a thing for Frank

      • Yeh, but they had patched that all up. Oh well, dems da brakes. It was Paulie that chose to evict Bridgette over Michelle when Corey asked who should go during the DE. That was a true blindside…funny Paulie has to spend time with every single girl he helped to evict to the jury house. That I believe is penance enough for how he talked about them when he went on the block! Shouldn’t have burned his bridges and all that. haha

      • Being blndsided is part of the game and if you are blindsided th it means your social game was lacking. All Victor has is his wins but you need more than that to win.

      • Usually, yes, but in Bridgette’s case it was because she challenged Paulie and accused him of being sexist…anyone that challenged him was evicted pronto. hahaha

      • Shouldn’t have put Victor up against Paul…sucks, that’s what these two nincompoop HoH’s did. Oh well. There’s your girl power this season.

      • What do you mean? They nominated two male competition beasts. That is pure intelligence and common sense. You mean you wt them to target Nicole? L0L

      • I prefered Nicole or Corey (not both if they were going to renege on the previous plan) and Paul rather than Victor and Paul…split up the showmance like they did with Paulie. But that’s just me playing on emotion than trying to get one of the two beasts out. All the girls accomplished by going against the two comp beasts was to paint a bigger target on their backs sooner than they should have when they aren’t able to win any of the more physical comps that are coming their way. I get what you’re saying and it’s justified. I just didn’t want to see Vic leaving just yet! Paul, yes, but Vic…no, no, no. LOL So now I pray he makes it back in and gets his just dues! :-)

    • That’s exactly why I didn’t vote for her, she’s just continuing her pattern of no backbone, no mind of her own

      • For someone who claims to be a BB superfan she sure missed the part where you have to be ruthless at some point. Her moment was now. She just handed the game to one of the showmances! Way to go!

      • And now according to Jokers she no longer wants to have anything to do with Paul and wants to talk to Nicorey about getting him out. What Michelle? Just shaking my head

      • I don’t understand what you wanted her to do then. She doesn’t have the numbers to decide who to send out.

      • She wouldn’t have won either way, so what game did she hand over. You think Michelle would have won the game with Paul and Victor in the house?

      • No matter who she put up Victor was going to go. If she put up
        Nicole…Corey and James vote out Victor. If she put up James….Nicole and Corey vote out Victor.

      • Meech said she didn’t want to impose on Natalies HOH. More proof that Meech has no idea what ‘CO-HOH’ means.

      • She probably said that to try to “keep the blood off her hands”. She sure did not mind imposing when she locked Natalie out of the room and went to sleep.

      • It was the same as Battle of the Block last two or three seasons. They just renamed it so to speak to just happen once this season and letting America vote on it! LOL

      • True. I just can’t understand whenever there are 2 HOH’s they always work together. That’s not how Big Brother originally intended. It would be good TV if the 2 worked separately and put up who ever they wanted.

      • I agree, but this group of women just can’t seem to make those bold decisions alone. Yet they talk smack about everyone behind their backs. I can’t stand catty women, ever. Natalie talks about what a strong woman she is, how independent, but look at her actions. She relies heavily on James and Michelle has really no one like that and hates to take a leap of faith and act alone as well.

      • What about when someone wins HOH, and they always have someone else up there with them when it is only supposed to be the person up that that won HOH. They have always done this no matter what. I understand with 2 HOH’s or this season’s Co-HOH, but with only one HOH

      • I don’t see a problem when there’s 1 HOH and people go try to get them to put up people. The co hoh and battle of the block hoh. Each HOH should do what they want not team up.

    • Michelle was stupid. She did not do what was best for her game. She let Natalie talk her into doing what was best for Nat’s game – James’ game

      Michelle should have stuck to her guns about nominated Nicole because Nicole is after Michelle. Then Natalie would have been the one to stick her neck out and nominate Paul and show her own cards. I don;t think she would have done it. I think Natalie would have been forced to nominate Corey. If that happened, Corey or Nicole would be going home this week instead of Victor.

      Michelle has to realize she is the odd man out of the two showmances. The best she can do if F5 with them. But she could go F3 with Vic and Paul.

      But she can still team up with Paul now and if Vic comes back in she will have the power back again.

      • It’s very hard to BD someone this late in the game especially when you don’t know what kind of comp it is in advance. Had she known ahead of time that this was the outcome, I’m almost sure she’d have gone with the BD route on Paul…It was basically a 50/50 chance of going that route when she knew these two are good at winning comps and was assured at least one of them would be evicted. So say if she did want to BD Paul…He’d have still won the Veto and she wouldn’t have been able to put him on the block at all to be evicted.

      • My thoughts exactly. She had a wayyyy batter chance with those 2. She just handed the showmances the game!

      • Don’t think that the showmances necessarily have the game. If Vic or Paulie come back, they both have James and Corey as targets.

      • and thats what im hoping for. I cant BELIEVE im saying this but, Paulie, or Vic please make it back!

      • Actually I typed faster than my mind was working. Paulie won’t target Corey but both Vic and Paulie will target James

      • Since Michelle changes her mind so much she’s basically worthless in any alliance. The one person in the house that she could possibly beat at the finale is Nicole and she doesn’t even realize this and can’t wait to get rid of her. Strategy has not been her strong point.

      • …But why do you think Natalie would have renominated Corey? I think she still would have nominated Victor instead, and Victr would still leave. It wouldn’t make sense to just decide to team up with the person who went against you with her nominee (Michelle) to get out one of your allies instead of one of hers.

    • I did not expect this, and now I regret voting for her. It’s part of the reason I dislike that voting window is open for so long.

      • I was hoping they’d put up Nicole and Corey as they’d agreed to do after voting to evict Paulie out. Darn bounced checks! haha

      • Game wise I can respect their decision to take out the stronger Vic and Paul over Nicorey although I know a lot of people are disappointed.
        Fingers crossed that Vic returns from the jury to keep things interesting.

      • That’s my next hope. Because those left have not suffered enough! hahaha Nicole has never been on the block either. I want her to reaaaalllly feel it when she is put there and I would like Corey to do those honors! hahaha

      • If Victor goes now at least he has a chance to battle back again. It will also lessen Paulue’s chances of winning the battle back.

      • It’s actually good luck then for victor to go out this week so that he has a chance to return. :D

    • I wanted the care package to go to Victor since he wouldn’t be eligible to be HoH this week. Daggone it. No one left now should be awarded the 500k since they’ve not done nearly as much as Vic has. All that will be left now are the floaters and one who’s proven he can win at physical comps, Paul. I want to know how all but Paul will prepare their speeches on why they should get the 500k, being followers and/or floaters for the entire season!

      • Since most of the votes were probably split between Paul and Victor I think that’s the only reason Mich won the cp – otherwise it doesn’t make sense. Or else people voted for Mich thinking she’d nominate Corey or Nicole.
        If the guys continue to take each other out it seems James will be the last man standing.
        Would you be happy with an all female final 3, because this is starting to look likely.
        I know what you mean about all the entertaining HG’s that fight hard leaving first with only floaters and coat tail riders remaining, it seems to happen most seasons on both BB and Survivor.
        The weak join together to take out the strong.

      • I’d have liked an all female Final 3, but with Tiffany, Michelle and Bridgette, not Natalie, Nicole and Michelle! hahaha

      • I’ve always been on the fence with her…I like her one week, cant’s stand her the next. Never cared about Nicole ever! hahaha

    • Yeah, who the heck voted for her in the first place? A care package for talking $#!+ about everybody?

      • Neither of them would put up James at this point. Nicole has said several times that she couldn’t put up James or vote him out.

    • That would be awesome BB history! Someone getting evicted twice and coming back both times?!? Incredible. I hope it happens. I would love to see it. I would love to see the look on James’ face too!

    • It’s gonna be a landmark in Big Brother history- someone getting evicted twice, battling their way back twice, and then winning their season. How much more freaking epic can you get?

    • From your keyboard … please, let it happen! Anything to keep from Paulie from slithering back into the house.

    • Adam, come Thursday Victor will be a HN for a week and you know Vic eats like 10 pizzas a day, he’s going to be hungry and sleep deprived. Plus he will be kinda blindsided so he might still be upset, while Paulie will be like bred for this yo all week.

      • Vic won’t be blindsided; he knows he’s leaving. What he doesn’t know is that he’s coming right back. Paulie will be way too tired to compete after all the boning he’s been doing with Zakiyah.

      • Victor is handling his eviction with so much dignity which is a breath of fresh air after watching Paulie’s 3 day nonstop temper tantrum.

      • And it’s too bad when V comes back he won’t target Michelle, he’ll target James.

      • No, V deserves the win, and I think deep down inside all the HGs know it. The only thing stopping him will be if Paulie wins the battle back. Let me edit that: if *anybody else* wins the battle back.

      • I was just reading at Jokers about Victor cleaning that filthy bathroom all by himself so I just became a Victor fan and hope he will return.

      • Just the stuff they had to wash off after the black box alone – I can’t imagine.

      • It’s hard for me to grasp such disrespect for another person’s property(the BB house), especially when they are housing and feeding you for free. Some people are simply lazy. I also think it has a lot to do with maturity. Victor isn’t lazy and definitely seems a lot more mature than the other HGs.

      • Hopefully after some time alone with Day and Bridgette she’s developed some self-respect and locks her bedroom door at night.

      • I don’t think that he will be blindsided either. Sounds like he suspects something is up and that James may be voting him out. Plus he is expecting a Jury member to come back to the house. In that way, he’ll be prepared. You’re right though he won’t have eaten or slept well all week. Hopefully anger can fuel him on to win

      • Often times it’s the last evicted that comes back in anyway. Besides, it’s victor … He has the heart and determination to win.

    • I agree Adam. I know that getting Victor is best for James game. Well actually for all of them as Victor is a comp beast and would be hard to beat in final 2. The only one I could see possibly beating Victor in final 2 would be Paul. If Pauline or Victor come back then James will be their target. Not looking good for James right now.

      • Good, kick his a** to the curb. And I don’t particularly like Natalie but I hope she would then stay in the house longer just so that he is separated from her.

  2. This is why I voted for Victor to get this week’s care package. Meech is playing this game WAAAYYYY to personal. Victor is playing this game to actually play the game, and he is separating emotions from strategy.

  3. Poor Victor, twice nominated, twice evicted (if he’s evicted again)
    Corey if he stays, will dodge evictions 3 times.
    Paul has dodged evictions 4 times. Lucky fifth time next week? By lucky I mean he’s going to enjoy jury house and get boned there.

    • If Paul wins HOH next and also wins ACP would the ACP go to Corey by default if Victor is evicted as expected?

      • Since the next care package is supposed to be about bribing a houseguest to influence the game, Paul is eligible to win it, even if he’s HOH. He can bribe the person who wins the veto, assuming it’s a safe houseguest, to not use it/use it depending on the situation.

  4. Bye Victor hope he loses the come back. I want Paulie to come back so that we can get some drama and then hopefully in a few weeks he goes back out and a returnee does not win -_-

    • I want some drama too, but I have a feeling it will be Vic coming back and it will be boring as boring can get. With the showmances being the last people there…..I will be cancelling my feeds if that is the case, what a waste of time and money watching those 4 knuckleheads.

  5. I’m so pissed off that these stupid showmances have taken over this show. Now he have a distinct possibility one of those 4 winning the whole she-bang! Please BB, we want to watch adults who know, watch and love the game play, not these stupid teeny boppers who are more worried about who they are going to be sleeping with……SMDH

    • If you watched season 15 then you know why they won’t cast any one but low/no risk people. It sucks but its true :/

      • I agree. Since 15 BB has been awful, and 15 was the beginning of the end imo. Worst season ever!

      • Wasn’t that Amanda and Aaryn’s season? I almost can’t blame them – watching Amanda slowly go insane was not entertaining to watch. Neither were Aaryn, Andy Spencer and GM.

      • Yes, more bonehead contestants! That season was so slimy and greasy, I had a hard time watching it and usually just read the blogs. UGH

  6. Michelle did the right thing for her game, because she knew Victor is being voted out regardless. If she put Nicole up selfishly, then she has 4 people coming after her. As for James, he is an even bigger tool than he was last year. I hope to never see him in this game again. he is the worst BB player in the history of playing the game (and not because if this move, this is just a cherry).

  7. I’m DEFINITELY bummed that Michelle didn’t nominate Nicole in the first place or as the renom. It’s the target she really wants, and she should have stuck to it. That’s what I was counting on when I voted for her all week.

    That said, Vic getting evicted is the best chance to ensure Paulie doesn’t come back in, and that’s a huge silver lining in this situation. Please, please, please, Victor, come back in!

    • Meech is a bonehead and is only concerned with what she will be eating next or how she looks. I had hopes for her, but she is seriously disappointing me. She didn’t even know what co-HOH meant.

      • I’m absolutely flabbergasted by Michelle’s gameplay as I had no idea she would be this bad playing BB.

      • Same!!! I’m really annoyed right now! She should be strategizing with Vic and Paul right now….she is so dumb. Those 4 are going to take her out at some point, she better wake up and realize that pretty soon.

  8. I was so mad when they announced there’d be another battle back but now I am more than thrilled. LET’S GO VIC!!!!!!

  9. That’s too bad, but if you’re cheering for the ‘showmances,” it’s the right move for their game. I just feel bad for Vic. All his hard work end up like this….Now I want him to win and go back in the house, Rambo!

    Seeing him evicted on Thursday only to comeback the third time?..Now come on..wouldn’t he be a memorable player this season?..of course!

    • Me, too. But it depends on who has more spit and fire (or a better memory) under their belts – Vic, Paulile, or even Da’Vonne, Bridgette or (shocker!), Zakiyah.

  10. i still wish thry would remove some1 before the vote goes down make even more fun~

    • They will do the eviction, then tell Vic and the rest there will be a battle back. Vic has the experience, so hopefully he can win another one.

  11. Victor knows he is getting evicted this week…guess HG’s told him today..What has happened to the element of surprise in this game? The last really good blindside I can remember is Nick in season 15. Why do they always have to tell the person?

    • James is always ready to tell everything that is going on. You’d think production would have told him to put a sock in it already. I guess James feels it’s a kinder and gentler eviction if you’re told beforehand.

      • James has gotten on my last nerve this season..he needs to be next out the door which would be fine with me because he would not be coming back in. He does have a big mouth.I really hope he does not get the AFP vote again.

      • Problem with James is he isn’t willing to play cutthroat unless he has people behind him. He’s pretty much Chase Rice of this game.

      • I think James enjoys busting people ‘s bubble. It takes away their fight. Almost sadistic, imo.

  12. All of these idiots throwing their game away like this is going to come back and bite them hard because if they had any brains at all they would have waited until after the battle back before evicting Victor. James is a moron and there’s nothing else to say about him. Natalie is not too bright. Michelle simply doesn’t know how to play the game. Corey really is a doofus and Dingus really is a dingus. ;)

    Victor is without a doubt going to battle right back and wipe the floor with these people. He will be able to basically say to all of them that their entire game is now blown up and nobody can say a damn thing to him because he knows that they are all liars. Only Paul hasn’t betrayed him so they can all, save for Paul, can just go sit in the hot tub or something and whine while they wait for themselves to get picked off one by one, while Victor and Paul head to final 2. This is the worst game play I’ve ever seen these people pull, especially Michelle, and there’s no way they are going to win Big Brother. James and Natalie and Corey and Nicole have just lost the game.

    • Only person who has a shot to win at this point is Paul. He was pretty much off the radar after Jozea left week 1. Nobody seems to be targeting him and if they are they’re missing the opportunity.

      I wanna see Nat win, but she isn’t playing with strategy rather with emotion. James isn’t ruthless enough to make a big move. Meech has just been lucky. Nicole is a fruitloop dingus busta fooligan. And Corey is pretty much lively as a can of soup.

      • Now Dan, why did you have to go and mess with the game???

        Production must have read your post and last night was hell!!!!!

  13. James has said that he will get Corey to take out Paul next and then James will get rid of Corey. It looks as if one of the females will win BB this year if this does happen since Mich and Nic would definitely want James out next.

      • Well let’s see; Zak hates Natalie
        Day hates Nicole
        Bridgette hates Nicole and Meech.
        In other words, those 3 will be voting with their emotions I’m afraid.

      • I think the only one that might vote with emotion would probably be Z. For some reason Da actually thinks Nic is playing a great game and Bridgette doesn’t seem like she’ll vote emotionally.

      • I remember Da’vonne wanting Nicole out only because she was after her. I don’t recall her saying anything about Nicole playing a great game. She is not, so why would Da say that.

      • Yes in one of the interviews she did after she was evicted. I think it’s mostly because she thinks Nicole is responsible for her eviction knowing they were both going after each other.

      • I must have missed Day praising Nicole’s game somehow :D
        I suspected Day might be furious that Nicole was able to survive the vicious attacks against her.

      • She said it after she was evicted in an interview. The links are on Jokers. I must have missed those vicious attacks that Nicole survived though.

  14. Would make sense if the returnee gets one week of immunity, otherwise the twist is a waste again if they’re voted back out next week

  15. I am sad that Victor is leaving honestly. I cant believe James all of a sudden got a mind of his own, I still feel like Natalie can sway James… I guess it all on depends on how hard she tries.

      • After what I heard and saw on the feeds yesterday they are using each other…I think this HOH lets James use Natalie the way Paulie used him…Then Natalie is using Michelle and James..

  16. Hmmm, maybe Corey is getting sick of Nicole’s whining too!

    Mon 1:16 PM BBTNic joins Corey by the pool complaining about slop he sternly tells her to stop complaining there are people in much worse –
    situations. She tells him not to do that to her and starts to explain herself.

  17. Paulie has to win 2 comps, and Victor will need to win one. Hmm, Paulie is more hungry to get back in, and his competition will be Bridgette first, lol. I think it’ll be Paulie or Victor back in the house. No way those girlies can get past those two comp beasts. No offense, lol.

      • I want Paulie back just because he brings drama and great game play, which makes for great TV. Victor brings great game play but no drama. Either way, I want one of them to return. The girls won’t bring anything fun to the house. They’ll just get voted out the next week.

      • If Victor doesn’t come back they will need to rename the game…Hoarders the Big Brother Addition.

      • Joni, I seldom am up this late and I was just about to shut my computer down. I’m half asleep. Enjoy your night. Glad you got home safely.

    • If they are doing the battle back live on Thursday I don’t think it will
      be structured like the last battle back…not enough time. I do think
      it will be a competition where all jurors compete at the same time
      similar to an HOH or Veto comp. Either way I agree that it could be Paulie or Victor who gets back in the house if it’s a physical challenge and I’m hoping it’s Vic. However if it’s a memory or T/F comp it’s anyone’s game

      • Or it could be like the Wall comp, where houseguests and jurors all compete at once, and the last juror standing is back in the house, and the last houseguest standing gets HoH. Julie Chen did say last week on The Talk that it won’t be a Battle back like Victor won.

      • But we need to know who got back in before we vote for this week’s care package winner. Production delayed the vote until after Thursday’s show. It will be a competition similar to BB16.

  18. Wouldn’t it be funny if Victor got voted out again and got back in the house again after the jurors battle ?

  19. Feel bad for Victor because he will be evicted for a second time but he might rejoin the house for a 3rd time. I bet they both are regretting right now that they turned on Paulie last week. But now the showmances are taking over the game. I hope Vic or Paulie comes back and tags team with Paul to handle these showmances.

    • I doubt anyone is regretting turning on Paulie. If he does come back, other than Corey, I think the rest will want him out again.
      Hopefully victor or Da’vonne come back, Brigitte will play with Natalie and Michelle.

      • Hey atleast Bridgette has brains out of the trio. Plus Day knows what’s going on so she can take out Beefcake and Fruit Loop

    • Eh not really. Paulie has no loyalty to anyone but himself and Corey. And he does a bad job hiding it.

  20. They are all fools, with the exception of Victor(who seems to think someone is coming back)…if nobody got the round trip, then of course there will be a Battle Back (there is an open spot)…none of them think past the moment….

  21. Honestly if Vic is eVICted (pun ftl) he has a chance of returning since he’s a beast.

    • He has used so much of his brain this week, I hope he has fight left in him to return and win it all. He should stand up and say, “How You Like Me Now!?!”

  22. I don’t hate this season but in some respects it has been pointless often. I want a few people to start thinking for themselves but that ship has sailed.

    I would like to see CBS stop heavily editing episodes so much and give us more of the whole, true picture. that would not help this season but I would like it better.

  23. I saw a post on Twitter that said the Battle Back that’s coming up will be a 30 second comp. If it’s that quick it would have to be something mental as opposed to a physical comp. If that’s the case anybody could end up coming back.

  24. I like to see James, Corey and Nicole gone. If victors comes back he deserves to stay, as he fought hard and if Bridget comes back be good for Paul. she is a great player of big brother. James is sneaky and hide behind his showmance. Corey is just all around dumb his has no game. Nicole she just in the corner hiding and plays a poor game. And her voice is rather annoying.

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