‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James & Nicole Promise Each Other Cash & BB Shuts It Down

James Huling and Nicole Franzel look to be getting a head start on this week’s Care Package prize of the Big Brother Bribe. On Sunday and through the night there were HG discussions of giving each other cash that lead to production calling both Houseguests in and shutting down these talks.

James makes Nicole a "ten grand" offer

Things started earlier on Sunday afternoon as James and Nicole lounged around the pool. What started as talk about how they’d spend their earnings soon turned in to James promising to send “ten grand, ten grand, ten grand” to their proposed Final Four alliance should he win and Nicole agreed to the same offer. Yeah, you can’t do that.

Flashback to 1:10 PM BBT 8/21 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

James tells Nicole he will give Natalie, her, and Corey $10,000 each if he won. Nicole agrees and says she’d also send each of them cash except for Corey who would get a gift since he doesn’t need the cash and would just return it.

James continues and explains this cash gift would only be given to her, Natalie, and Corey, their Final Four proposed alliance as it’s been discussed in recent days. Again Nicole agrees. James says he’ll go straight to the bank and send them each a money order, “ten grand, ten grand, ten grand.”

Okay, here’s the issue. Houseguests can’t offer each other cash rewards like this. Whether or not James intends to do so, he is presenting a situation where if they work together and get to the end then there’s a financial gain in exchange for Nicole and her ally Corey even if they personally don’t win. Or say that if Nicole is in Jury then she’s been presented with an offer from James in the back of her mind that if he’s the winner then she’ll receive ten thousands dollars cash. That’s a tempting offer when Nicole tries to decide between, for example, James and Michelle or whoever.

It’s an established rule in Big Brother and all game shows like this. The Veteran Houseguests of all people should know this. Huge no-no. Remember last season when Vanessa was offering cash to allies to vote her way? It happens and Big Brother shuts it down. But it took much longer than it should have.

Move forward to 1:43 AM BBT 8/22 to find James and Natalie sitting around the pool. James tells Natalie, “I’m not using this as strategy, but me and Nicole agreed that if we both win everyone in our four is going to get a care package.” Natalie asks what he means and the Feeds cut to Fish.

Jump again to 3:51 AM BBT. Production had just called Nicole in to the DR and now she’s back with a message. Nicole makes her way to the HoH room to find James, Natalie, Michelle, Victor, and Paul.

“James, we got in trouble,” says Nicole. “I have to say on camera I won’t buy, I won’t get you something nice.” Well, she had offered him cash, but okay. James mumbles something in return of a similar agreement and she leaves without any other comment or explanation. Rest of the room is very curious. James knows exactly what the problem is but he’s sitting there dropping bricks in his shorts.

Everyone else in the room wants to know what happened but James isn’t very talkative about it. They ask James if there was an exchange of safety in return for the promise of gifts. James denies but doesn’t want to talk about it.

James is then called to the DR and once he’s gone the speculation ramps up. They’re guessing and trying to figure out what happened. Natalie is silent and looks concerned. Now don’t forget that James had just told her about him and Nicole promising each other a “care package” so I’m not sure what she’s wondering but she’s deep in thought here.

Michelle jokes that maybe she should put Nicole up now if there’s something shady going on with her and James. The Houseguests start talking about how sketchy Nicole is and the things she does without ever getting grief for it.

James returns to the room at 3:57 AM BBT and announces that he is not allowed to buy anything for any of them. Natalie is confused and starts reminding James of all the things he offered to get her if he wins. He tells her she isn’t helping right now.

James tells the group that Nicole had promised him she’d take care of everyone in the house. This isn’t accurate as it was James who started that talk and Nicole agreed and it was specific to the foursome that James is promoting.

Paul and Victor begin explaining to Natalie why this is not only against the game rules but also illegal. Now I’m no lawyer, but we’ve heard talk before that it’s a violation of some rule set for sure whether it’s productions’, state, or even federal.

Whatever the specifics you can’t do this. James and Nicole know damn well that you can’t literally promise each other cash, ten thousand dollars cash, if you are the winner. Come on! Now the dumb thing is James would have Nicole’s vote over anyone but Corey and $10,000 isn’t going to sway her from that. This was dumb and neither of them should have done it. Now it’s out there in some fashion, though he’s told HGs it was Nicole promising gifts instead of “ten grand, ten grand, ten grand.”

What’s your take away here? Should they be given a slap on the wrist or an exit out of the game. Could this damage their position in the game with the other HGs or could it all blow over quickly? I imagine if they knew the full details it’d have a lot bigger ramifications so who knows what they’ll think of “gifts” instead. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. All that this means is that they’re not going to talk about it anymore because the deal has already been made. If production does not call a forfeit and boot these people out of the house right now then this entire season is bankrupt.

    Cheating is cheating. They should not be allowed to continue to play when they got caught. End of story. They broke the rules and they should be immediately expelled from the Big Brother house.

    James and Nicole both need to be kicked out of the house right now. Right now!

    They have to think about the future of the game and they must think about the big picture. The entire Integrity of the Big Brother franchise is at stake here. Rules are rules and they are clearly stated. When houseguests knowingly violate them they need to be immediately expelled in order to maintain the Integrity of the game itself. I’m hoping production does the right thing because it would be very wrong for them to allow it to continue. They can’t just tell them to “stop that!” because you can’t take back the damage that has already been done. They have to go. They have to go now. They have to go before another game move that would be harder to rewind is even made.

    ***-> This entire week needs to be a rewind and it should be null and void and should be played over without James and Nicole in the house. <-***

    They should be sent home, not to jury, and the jury will just be two people short this year and America should also get a vote on the winner instead to make up for it.

    The thing about this that is the most screwed-up is that both of them are veterans. You can't tell me that it was an honest mistake and that they didn't know better. It's more than likely because they are veterans and got lump cash payments upfront that they clearly don't care about the rules, or the game, they clearly don't respect it either and so they really don't care.

    Well, we have to show them how much we DO care by kicking them out of the house. Now.

    Update: Google the Big Brother rules and you will find the rule book. Pages 14-15 of it are VERY clear about this exact cheat. Now I am even more certain that expulsion is the only remedy for this.

    • yet why hand out money klilke 1st challengwe 25k corey and nicole won!james has 5k now!

    • I’ve never been the conspiracy theorist type (thing), but after the last couple of days reading Jokers I’ve come to realize BB is just another scripted TV drama.

      • The Dan and April thing was a totally difference scenario. April won 5k in a Veto comp that she was allowed to either keep or use to bribe a houseguest (basically the cash came with the same rules as the ACP’s for next week). By offering Dan that money, she didn’t break any rules.

      • Watch the show “UnReal” on Lifetime. You will think differently about all reality shows.

      • Bachelor-type shows and shows like BB played for money have different rules to follow.

      • So the live feeds prove what exactly??? Most people that watch the show see the edited version which is in a way scripted.

      • It proves that the show is real and they do not script the show since it would be impossible with a 24 hour live feed. They are contestants not actors. Easy way to tell look up all the contestants and you will see that none of them are professional actors.

      • That was different. April won that money in a Veto and was told by CBS she could keep it or bribe other houseguests with it as a game move. That is very different from making deals of splitting 500k by giving 10k gifts.

      • -_- okay this is how you tell scripted from non scripted

        1. the budget scripted shows are in the Hundreds of millions unscripted is around 10M

        2. everyone is an unknown

        3. There is a cash prize/ applications

      • well its not. You might not think your a conspiracy theorists but you are. You don’t look at facts you only believe what you want to believe and you spew out nonsense.

        You and your conspirator friends should just leave the RTV world/forms.

      • What is your problem?? I have my own mind and don’t have to agree with you or see things your way. You leave because I’m here to stay. Still scripted!!!

      • I’m telling you to leave because anyone who knows anything about tv knows that scripted shows have HUGE budgets and are 5 to 10 times more expensive as Reality tv.

        Reality tv uses real unknowns (except for a few celebs) and they watch them compete

        finally the competition shows have prizes that people win because its an incentive and way cheaper then hiring actors

      • I think its scripted too!! Big Brother does shifty things to keep people who are desired in the game for longer than they deserve!! The Duo Twist during Porsche week in BB13, America’s Player is season 8, Co-HOH this week!! All these twists are designed to save players who are in danger but are loved by production!!

      • um no it was not scripted it was her being desperate to stay. You can go away and run along now.


        You conspirators needs to GTHO

      • Your stupid it means nothing. Players do what they want to do. Just because its against the rules does not mean it wont happen.Go back to school

      • I am here to discuss/see updates about the game. You are here to yell scripted like your dumb friend TX

      • Dude, they may actually believe the show is scripted, which I agree is an insane conspiracy, but at this point they’re just trolling you. Why get so worked up over this? If you’re right, and I agree you are, there’s no need to keep fighting about it to the point of being rude. Just let them be wrong in their tinfoil hats.

      • It is possible to steer competitions in a way where certain players are more likely to win! I dont buy your premise of it not being scripted!!

      • It’s obvious someone did not take their meds today. This scripted vs non-scripted convo has clearly touched a nerve. It’s really not that serious.

      • It is serious actually its defamation to the show. If I was a producer I would sue you out of house and home and then invite news people to watch a season as its being taped to show you clowns that its real.

        I hope CBS sues you guys one day

      • You are too invested in CBS and BB. Don’t be…it’s a scripted game show. That’s all.

      • Congrats you made a paradox. A game show by definition can not be scripted by law and nature of the show.

        Just like no actor would agree to live in a house for 3 months for only 500k

      • Are you kidding? That’s more than 98% of all actors make in a year. Even the stipend is more than most actors make. You do realize how few people make money being an actor, right?

      • What do you mean by scripted? Hg’s were given dialogue to memorized and say?..The Friday Special Show was mostly scripted,DR’s that I agree They need to compose a storyline for each episode…but the game is a reality unscripted game show.

      • Coached, guided on what to say. I know they’re often coached and guided in DR. Some have mentioned they’re DR sessions and the producers putting things in the head.

      • If it’s scripted then it’s some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen. If it’s not scripted then James and Nicole are blatantly cheating and need to be thrown out of the house.

      • Oh agree, that was clearly a violation of BB rules…they should do something to make an example to the future HG.

      • rules are rules…..James and Nicole knew the rules and still broke them..This reminds me of a double standard that the media takes whenever Hilary Clinton or Bill for that matter is involved. They need to be removed from the show and they can bring back 3 from the jury house if need be.This is a blatant disregard of the rules.

      • Can someone explain to me why James and Nicole are Americas choice for anything? He is nothing but a f…..g midget who thinks he is 10 ft tall and bullit proof and Nicole is ready to spread her legs to anyone that will have her

      • Sorry, I saw you getting worked up, so I figured a friendly jab would be nice for you right now.



      • Mickey is also off his rocker and couldn’t spell his way out of a paper bag, so there’s that…?

      • True, it’s not. It’s also a diversion from the real topic which is that James and Nicole have been caught blatantly cheating. Now what is production going to do about it for real?

      • The feeds are not up 24 hours a day. In fact, I’m sick of watching fish and I’m sick of Jeff. Oh, snap! Mic drop!

      • They go down for challenges and anything they don’t want people to see before the show.

      • Right. And how do we know that what happened while the cameras were down is the same as what the show has edited? Answer, we don’t.

      • editing is different then scripting the edit tries to create a story line out of the footage. Scripting is acting out the story line given to the actors

      • Exactly. I don’t see them given a script everyday with lines to memorize for the show. Cracks me up the people that bitch about the show continue to watch it.

      • That’s what makes me believe that it is scripted!! If its reality, it should be all be seen by the viewers

      • @ Imperial Survivor, It is rigged for Paul’s favor. The twist allowed two people to be HOH which gives Paul a better shot at winning, he only has to compete against James,Corey and Nicole. He has a 1 in 4 chance instead of 1 in 6. I’d say thats rigged. America’s player in BB 8, rigged for Dick Donato. America’s vote rigged for Jordan, Duo Twist in BB13, rigged to save Rachel!! Reality shows can be rigged the same way tv shows can!!

      • That doesn’t make any sense because America voted and Paul could of just as easily won the co-HOH. Then he wouldn’t of been playing for HOH. CBS didn’t know who would win.

      • You r either full of BS or slow. 24 hour feeds have nothing to do with actual production of cbs except that cbs has control of the fish appearing and for how long they appear. cbs has control of what makes the final edit of the TV shows.That is a way of controlling or “scripting” the final edit. Dur.

      • They are about to do exactly that: 24 hour live feed in an online-only version of Big Brother starting most likely right after this one ends.

      • There are not 24 hour live feeds. All one has to do is read here about all the times the feeds are down, things cut to fish, Jeff loops, etc and you’ll find that literally dozens of hours a week are not broadcast at all, even to the feedsters…

        Furthermore, several former houseguests have confirmed over the years that they are guided to certain conclusions by leading, loaded questioning in the diary room, and even just the other day James was literally caught on the feeds talking about how production made him do multiple takes of his lines during the carnival because he wasn’t hitting them right.

        I’m actually ROFL that you think it isn’t scripted and that the events aren’t shaped and manipulated by production…

      • Manipulated and scripted are very different things. Production is absolutely influencing the less intelligent Houseguests (James, Natalie, Nicole, Corey).

        But calling it scripted implies that everyone is in on it and that there is a set winner from the very beginning and that there’s no deviation from that initial goal which is clearly not true. If it were, twists would never flop and the most popular and interesting players would always win.

        It’s manipulated to a degree that’s sickening and I’m on the edge of not watching BB anymore, but the wording is important.

      • I get your point and I probably did get the subtle difference between manipulation and scripted a bit muddled there, but when we have James literally talking about production making him do multiple takes of his lines, I don’t think we can then say it is entirerly unscripted either…

      • @ Jared, Any form of manipulation makes the game scripted!! Players should come to their own conclusions, make their own decisions and talk about what they want as long as its not violating copyright law(like singing). The whole allure of Big Brother is reality. If you are coaching people what to say and manipulating action than you are scripting the show. Even if they only script 10% of the show it is still scripted which affects the outcome of the show. If you are targeting me and production asks loaded questions and I figure out you are targeting me that is unfair to you. Scripting is wrong because it changes the outcome of the game and dulls the allure of reality tv which what Big Brother claims to be.

      • The production of the show is _predetermined_ to a great degree. The 24 live feeds have nothing to do with cbs production other than the being fodder for cbs to use to edit the show the way they choose.

    • If you are not cheating, you are not trying hard enough.

      And bribing happens to be an ACP, so why can’t houseguests bribe another player?

      • What I’m saying players that want to win bad enough will occasionally cross the line, it’s not speculation, it’s fact. It’s the same as lawyers finding loopholes, you know you can’t win playing within the rules, so you find a way around the rules.

      • LOL. The same way your trying to find a loophole to your post. Cheating is cheating…pure and simple. No matter how you try to slice and dice it.

      • Yes, cheating is cheating. But try playing a game where someone ISN’T cheating, it’s nice in theory to have a clean game, but it never happens. In every game ever played though out time players have cheated. Some are just better at it than others.

        I’m not saying it’s fair or legal, I’m just saying people cheat, and the best winners are usually the best cheaters.

      • Can you name another scenario in BB where someone broke the rules of the game? Lying doesn’t count, I mean as in using production as strategy, bribery, etc.

        I think you’re confusing playing dirty with cheating and they are not the same thing.

      • So true! Playing dirty is what makes the game as great as it is. But cheating is cheating.

      • @ Team Nat, I agree with you and see what you are saying. Their really is no such thing as a fair game. Either someone is cheating or has an unfair advantage!

      • She won that 5k and she was told she could use it for bribery. It was part of the reward.
        This is a different situation.

      • Conspericy to split the money became a criminal offence in the 50s when some game show scandal happened. Also it makes the game lose its competitive nature. Like if someone said the top 10 split the 500k by 10 and everyone gets 50k then the game stops being played and everyone agrees on positions

      • I remeber this happening another time as well but they people involved just got scolded. Can’t remember who it was though.

    • If this season is bankrupt, then so was Vanessa’s season, because she did the same thing.

      • She got shut down, but not kicked out of the house, which is what some posters on here are advocating for James and Nicole.

      • More than likely Vanessa was not personal friends with any of the other houseguests pre-game and she probably didn’t make any financial deals with any of them before entering the house. We know it to be true that James and Nicole have a pre-game deal in place. Their enforcing that and expanding upon it and even including a showmance member in on it goes way beyond what even Vanessa did.

        A scolding is not going to be enough here. They both need to be kicked out. Now.

        Vanessa also wasn’t a veteran. James and Nicole both should have known better.

        They are playing the game itself for fools.

      • Exactly. That’s bad enough. But now that they can’t keep their mouths shut even beyond that? It’s too much, too far and it’s time for them to be expelled from the game otherwise BB could seriously lose its integrity this time. For real.

      • BB lost its integrity when it allowed racism and bigotry to prevail on BB 15..and I need to give a shout out to BB 13 cause their were some real low lifes in that crowd..

      • Is that the one with all the east coast people on it? There was one year I didnt watch BB and it was that season

      • The integrity of the show goes out each season! I now watch BBUK waaaay better and I’m try BB canada

      • That just doubled my desire to see it and I already wanted to see it. Thank you. I’m going to check it out!

      • Multiple sources all over the internet and also they both admitted to it and it is known that their families are very close.

      • Where is your proof that they have a pre-game deal? Just curious. And when they were talking they were talking about giving money to the final four. Neither said if you vote for me I’ll give you 10,000. They didn’t try to buy a vote.

    • Rules have been broken again and again and the viewers always yell ‘throw them out’.. When HGs BB13 were discussing the ways to harm Rachel and cause her to miscarry (thought she was pregnant) ..Porsche putting additives in drink mix (I believe) to make people sick. .HGs in several seasons making threats to hurt another HG.. Racist and bigoted season BB15 should have had several players removed but they were not.. Rules are broken but its seldom a HG is removed from the game…I think there have been 4 HGs expelled..

    • Eh, they were already aligned. It’s not like anything actually changes. I agree with the rule being in place, but I disagree with you that the conversation has any impact whatsoever on the game in this specific situation.

      • I understand and you are welcome to disagree. I guess time will tell which one of us is right? I admit that it might not be me. That’s what makes this so fun and exciting. Let’s see how it plays out. :)

    • Point taken. I feel it is food for thought though that the next care package is $5000.** to bribe a willing houseguest. One is a bribe, between contestants, unsporting and maybe illegal, and the other is, ahem, a bribe, between contestants, somehow sporting, and perfectly legal? What? What is on second. Exactly!

      • @ BubbaQPublic, Excellent Point!! What is difference between what James tried to do and what Paul will probably do!! I believe Paul will win that bribe!! I think production rigged it for Paul to get it.

    • Well, who knows? Since production is manipulating players’ choices and effectively steering evictions and reentries to suit their ultimate desired outcome, maybe they will engineer a short pathway to the jury house for James & Nicole.
      Or do they just love these two THAT much?

    • Seriously, you r full of bs. There is no integrity involved w/ the way cbs produces this show. Talking about _doing something_ is different than actually _doing the thing_. Relax, it’s all fixed anyway.

    • you are a fucking idiot. big brother started this by telling them the next care package would be a bribe. its allison grodners fault for planting the seed in the minds of people confined in a house which has to drive people a little wacko. you need to lighten up dickhead

    • Paulie also needs to be expelled for lying on his application to get on bb.RULES ARE RULES.

  2. This is one of the many reasons I do not like James. Does he really think he will win! What has he done to prove he could win this game, Nothing!! He and Nicole should never have returned to the BB to look for future partners. That is the only real reason they returned, and if by some stupid, dumb chance they win, Wow!

    • James has actually been playing a very solid game, the one thing that could screw it all up is the jury buyback.

      • Stop it, I get that you’re a fan of Nat and that makes you biased, but please stop pretending that James has been “playing” at all. He just started making his own decisions like a week ago.

        Just because nobody cares about you doesn’t mean that you’re playing well, it just means that you’re viewed as worthless and nobody wants to waste their HOH on you. James is kinda similar to Victoria in that way.

      • Shut up dipsh*t. Go back to hiding in your parents basement you little rusty apricot beanbag. Go get your mother to make you a hot pocket, and maybe a glass of chocolate milk.

    • It is all part of the game. James laid low and now he is playing, get over it. Who will win this year, I do not know.

  3. The plan is in motion, the damage is done, and although they won’t say it out loud the plan will still stand and go through. James and Nicole needs to go! BB won’t do anything, and that’s why this show is becoming a sh*t show!!

  4. I think if everyone keeps their mouths shut this will blow over. But if *someone* (er … James) keeps bringing it up, then he should be sanctioned in some way. But this seems to keep coming up in some manner every season, and no one’s been kicked out over it yet.

    • I’m not saying they should be kicked out, but I do think Big Brother needs to do something to shut this down for good. You’re right, it does come up almost every season and they need to make it clear that it’s not okay for anyone ever.

  5. I have been thinking about this, and its pretty obvious to everyone when things took a turn for the worse, but there is never a definitive answer as to why, but there are a laundry list of reasons.

    We all pretty much unanimously agree that BB6 through BB10 are the best seasons, with BB9 being the outlier, and this is because these seasons had the most, and best gameplay.

    Why? there are 3 reasons:

    This is the most obvious, good casting. BB6, 7, 8 and 10 all have great casts that really haven’t been matched.

    These seasons either have no twists, very few twists at all, or twists that dont change the tried and true big brother formula.

    Season 6 had Secret partners, and a secret room. two twists that were well executed and didn’t fix what wasn’t broken

    Season 7 did have joint HOH, but only for week 1 and it was pretty much what Natalie and Michelle have now. nothing too out of the ordinary and something to get the All-star season kickstarted.

    Season 8: Rivals, and America’s Player. Two of the weaker twists, but definitely not a weaker season thanks to the gameplay.

    Season 10: No twist at all except in Week 4.

    What sets the twists of this era of BB apart from the modern one? Current era BB twists are too focused on fixing what isn’t broken with Roadkill, Battle of the Block, and all of the opportunities to get back into the house.

    3.Twists were put in place to effect the cast, and not the game.

    Every season had its “Main” twist, Partners, All-stars, Rivals, or No twist.

    And every season had its “Side” twist, Secret room, Coup de’tat / Joint HOH, America’s Player x2.

    I don’t think they should necessarily rehash old twists, but return to the old formula of throwing a curveball at the cast, and not curving the formula of big brother that doesn’t need to be changed like we have seen in S16, S17, and S18.

    just to add here, a short list of things old seasons had that are now gone:

    -Nomination Wheel

    -Certain soundtracks were swapped out for less intense ones

    -Houseguests are much more scripted in competitions and DRs

    -HoH room reveal

    -Houseguests reacting to smaller table

    -No buybacks, if you’re out you’re out. (Seasons like S14 and S18 should have a buyback where someone goes out Day 1, but not 3 of them.. just one.)

    Definitely my longest post, let me know if i missed anything.

    • This is an excellent post but may I ask why you keep reposting it across threads? We know, we read it already, many times now.

    • I disagree!! Season 8 twist heavily affected the game!! America’s player basically handed Dick Donato a check for $500,000. If Eric was free to vote his conscious then Dick would have left instead of Dustin. If Eric would have been free he could have backdoored Danielle during Jessica’s second HOH reign. What are you talking about. These seasons twists changed the outcome of the game in weird ways, the only reason why people didn’t care is because they liked the players it benefited. As for Season 7, Their was one HOH where Erika Landin won that was taken away from her due to a mysterious buzzer. Some people(not necessarily me) say that it was rigged for Janelle to win. Hand the result stood, Erika would have nominated Janelle and Howie for eviction. Janelle was a big cash cow for CBS so they were unwilling to see her leave so soon. Season 9 was rigged because of the question about existing relationships in the house. That was the dumbest question ever!! Need I go on!! My point is that Big Brother has been rigged for a while if your eyes were open!!

  6. ..and James is a veteran of the game. What the hell is he thinking?..He should have been OTB. lol

  7. Hahahahaha since chatting with some of you earlier this morning, Mama Da has moved to number one most favored returning jury member and paulie has moved to 4th ahead of only the unnamed jury member thus far. Teehee. Y’all found the poll I see???

    • I’ll take anybody over Paulie. All three ladies appear to be more decent human beings than Paulie could ever hope to be.

  8. If his was BBUK James and Nicole would have been evicted before they could blink and eye! I like how BBUK don’t play and make players respect the game!

  9. While rules were clearly broken by even discussing this, a conspiracy is not a bribe because their was no actual exchange of cash. So, I would rather each of them be given the choice to self-evict or call a house meeting and fully disclose the arrangement they were attempting to make. No secrets or whispering under the sheets, tell the whole house what’s up and let the chips fall. I bet neither these 2 will be leaving with any more $$, let alone an extra 10 grand.

  10. he Nicole/James bribe scandal:

    1:09pm BBT C1/2 | James and Nicole pledge to give each member of the showmance 4 $10k cash if one of them win the game. | Nicole, James

    1:43am BBT C1/2 | James tells Natalie about the plan to share prize money with the showmance 4. | James, Natalie

    3:51am BBT C1/2 | Nicole tells the group that she and James are in trouble and that she must say on camera that she will not buy anyone anything. | Nicole, James, Paul, Victor, Michelle

    3:57am BBT C1/2 | James returns from DR and tells each person that he cannot buy them anything. | James, Natalie, Victor

    4:38am BBT C3/4 | James reports to Nicole and Corey the aftermath of Nicole’s revelation to the group. (There is a lot of fish towards the end as Nic/Corey discuss it) | James, Nicole, Corey

    4:42am BBT C3/4 | Nicole and Corey continue to discuss it. Nicole tells Corey that nobody knows that she and James are actually really good friends. | Nicole, Corey

  11. Can the conspirators do us a favor and go away? Your nothing more then reality tv hating losers who are mad it took over the industry 16 years ago. BYE

    • he Nicole/James bribe scandal:

      1:09pm BBT C1/2 | James and Nicole pledge to give each member of the showmance 4 $10k cash if one of them win the game. | Nicole, James

      1:43am BBT C1/2 | James tells Natalie about the plan to share prize money with the showmance 4. | James, Natalie

      3:51am BBT C1/2 | Nicole tells the group that she and James are in trouble and that she must say on camera that she will not buy anyone anything. | Nicole, James, Paul, Victor, Michelle

      3:57am BBT C1/2 | James returns from DR and tells each person that he cannot buy them anything. | James, Natalie, Victor

      4:38am BBT C3/4 | James reports to Nicole and Corey the aftermath of Nicole’s revelation to the group. (There is a lot of fish towards the end as Nic/Corey discuss it) | James, Nicole, Corey

      4:42am BBT C3/4 | Nicole and Corey continue to discuss it. Nicole tells Corey that nobody knows that she and James are actually really good friends. | Nicole, Corey

  12. Well, if it gets Nicole out! Lol. Summer camp girl needs a wake up call. I loved her on her last season, this season I find her a disappointment.

      • A bribe is a bribe. How can they say it’s not allowed then give a HG 5K to do just that

      • It’s hilarious. This is a social experiment, that was the basis of BB when it started. Why not let us see what it’s like in the real world where Paul or Corey bribe less fortunate houseguests with their families wealth.

        I mean, if they let racism/sexism/bullying/cronyism and all sorts of other isms fly, then what’s wrong with a little bribery?

      • The 5 k is in front of everyone.These guys did not clarify & in fact comes to 30k total tax free

    • That’s different, it’s for one action the week of the bribe, like a vote. What James and Nicole are doing is against the rules and would potentially affect them actually winning at the end. Not to mention, they both should know better

      • Actually if you think about it they both impact the outcome of someones game negatively it’s b.s. anyway you look at it.

      • I think a bribe within the rules of the game and 2 vets purposely breaking the rules to bribe numerous people for final votes is pretty different

  13. This is so messed up. Whether Big Brother makes them take back what they said or not, it’s still in these houeguest’s minds now and will surely influence their decision with who to vote for/take to the end.

    Nicole and James are veterans and should be better than this.

    Big Brother needs to make James and Nicole explain to everyone remaining in the house (and in the jury) who they promised cash to, so that everyone in the game is aware of this violation. It’s the only way to fix this.

      • I wonder if the HGs were told not to discuss it because I haven’t read a thing about it which seems very very odd to me.

      • Read about it on Jokers earlier today but didn’t realize that the others were in the HoH room and were aware, I thought it was just between Nicole and James, the fact that the others know something shady went down makes it very interesting.

      • I read where Dingus and James were called to DR and had to each make separate announcements about their misconduct, but have any of the HGs spoken about it since?

      • Yeah, you’re right haven’t heard anything from the other HG. Surprising that they wouldn’t be discussing it, suspicious isn’t it?

      • If one makes it to the Final, and the other one to the Jury, that Jury is tainted. ..there has to be a remedy for this.

      • I agree. I don’t get the little one liner explanation they each gave. It wasn’t clear cut and they didn’t really have to admit to anything. I’ve been frustrated every since the Mom and Dad comment Gnat made about DR. Thinking that Dingus came into the house with James, Pimp Paulie, and DR looking after her, then she thought one more wouldn’t hurt so she has kept Doofus’s tallywhacker happy almost 24/7, and on top of that she was called out on this BS, it’s just a little too much to make this season very enjoyable. I realize it is just a game, but usually if someone is caught cheating, they get penalized or thrown out. make her wear a chastity belt or something. lol

      • And James is just a lost cause this season. He knows he was doing something wrong. He’s so ignorant that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it, repeating it to Gnat. How much dumber can he get????

      • Oh didn’t even know he repeated it to Nat. Haven’t been to Jokers /feeds. I thought it was only between Nic/James. All the showmances are involved?

      • It was posted @ 2:30 AM BBT, just said he repeated his convo with Dingus to Nat about sharing cash among their 4. It wasn’t long after that when Dingus was called to DR and she had to make a stupid little announcement and then James was called to DR and he had to do the same. The announcement was far from specific.

      • I’ve been trying to avoid feeds all day..I think I’m gonna watch a little bit..thanks K

      • Production would block it Im sure. I’ll bet this was called out in the contract they signed….

      • I know feeders get fished a lot, but at least part of convos are usually heard before hand and there has been nothing posted. Hgs must have been told there was to be no further discussion about it or either the non specific statements made by Dingus and James didn’t set off any red flags.

    • I don’t like the fact that vets are getting paid alot of money to come back and play..like thousands of dollars..sure, they left their jobs..but, so did everyone else. Sounds like these four vets make some side deals before they ever got into the house.

      • Week 1’s first challenge gave out 2 prizes to the top placing teams, with the Freakazoids getting $10,000 to split evenly among the 4 teammates, and Team Unicorn getting immunity from the first 2 evictions.

        By winning Week 3’s Veto competition, Bridgette and her team won a special steak dinner sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. She was also allowed to invite one other team. She chose Big Sister.

        After the Week 8 Power of Veto competition, various HouseGuests received prizes:

        Nicole won a vacation to anywhere in the United States.

        James won $5,000.

        Several prizes were given out during the BB Carnival:

        Paulie won a 50 inch television, a tablet, and a smartphone (falsely given to Victor on the edited show due to Paulie’s eviction).

        Also several cash prizes were given out:

        Paulie won $1,000.

        Nicole won $750.

        Victor, Paul, and Corey respectively won $500.

        James, Natalie, and Michelle respectively won 25 cents.

      • Please don’t take this the wrong way, but why is it that sometimes you type like you have a career as a respectable editor and then other times you type like Helen Keller after 10 shots of hard whiskey?

        I’m not trying to be mean, I’m genuinely curious! It’s like you have split personalities!

      • lmao. Me too, but just reading people’s responses and increasing exasperation make for interesting reading

      • He’s coherent when he does cut-and-paste from some other source. THAT’S when he sounds like the “respectable editor.”

    • Agree! I think this is major BS. It’s completely against the rules and they should be punished. People have gotten penalty votes for way less than this.

  14. James was mentioning a wall comp, and he know this is his favorite comp that he really does good in, so he must have been talking to the DR. BB is a joke! #imdone

  15. OK..what in the heck is going on here? Just how much were the four vets paid for coming back to play this game..if that’s what you want to call it…Nicole has been spending most of her summer in the bed fondling Corey under the covers..James has been a constant sidekick to Natalie..spoiling blindsides and throwing comps..a few weeks back I heard Frank tell Bridgette that the vets got ALOT of money..like 50 thousand or more..more for each day they stay in the house..more if they get to jury..they got paid some of it before they ever came into the house..now you have Nicole and James talking about giving each other cash if they win..this whole thing sounds fishy to me. Neither one of them deserve to win.

    • yet hey it ok james has 5k nicole has 5k and cory has 5k plus add in $3k paul $500

      • They got that cash as a part of the game. What bothers me is that these four vets were paid alot of money..I think Frank said he was paid around 50-75 thousand dollars to come back and play..they get more for each day they are in the house and more if they make it to jury. I don’t think that is fair.

    • I heard the vets got paid the same amount whether they went home first or got third place

      • I am not sure about that..I think Frank got more than the other three. Still..I don’t think it’s right for them to get paid so much money before even coming into the house..everyone left their jobs..not just those four.

      • Vets are paid more because while the new HGs applied to casting for a chance to play, the vets were REQUESTED by BB to play again. The bonus stipends offered for their return is an investment that production is making in the hope that these players will drive gameplay among the new recruits and boost ratings from BB fans who want to see some of their favorites again. Sadly, I’m thinking the investment fell flat. Frank & Day are gone and we are left with these two uncharismatic slugs lying low in the underbrush with their dull showmances.

    • The vets were talking weeks ago before Frank left. The vets got money (amt unspecified) for joining the show and got more money (amt unspecified). if they made it to jury on top of the weekly stipend for jury (they said $1k).

      It was a major reason Frank wanted to make it one more week to get into jury – due to the vet’s bonuses.

      So Nicole doesnt need to give Corey the $10k because he has enough money already? Hmmmmmm then he doesnt need F2, AFP, or ACP5 money. Makes sense why he isnt putting any effort into the show.

    • Nope. They don’t. And they do get paid more, how much I don’t know but they’ve mentioned it on feeds.

  16. i have wonder why i did not see this going on, now i know.@ i dont thank should be doing it. but now no harm no faul.

    • oh, just re-miberd(it came to mind) thecarepagest thing what about that thare? well what?

  17. If production don’t make them leave then the game is rigged and unfair to the rest of the people still in the house and jury

  18. Week 1’s first challenge gave out 2 prizes to the top placing teams, with the Freakazoids getting $10,000 to split evenly among the 4 teammates, and Team Unicorn getting immunity from the first 2 evictions.

    By winning Week 3’s Veto competition, Bridgette and her team won a special steak dinner sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. She was also allowed to invite one other team. She chose Big Sister.

    After the Week 8 Power of Veto competition, various HouseGuests received prizes:

    Nicole won a vacation to anywhere in the United States.

    James won $5,000.

    Several prizes were given out during the BB Carnival:

    Paulie won a 50 inch television, a tablet, and a smartphone (falsely given to Victor on the edited show due to Paulie’s eviction).

    Also several cash prizes were given out:

    Paulie won $1,000.

    Nicole won $750.

    Victor, Paul, and Corey respectively won $500.

    James, Natalie, and Michelle respectively won 25 cents.

  19. James’s attempt at a quick-fix was not good enough. Production needs to sit everyone down on the couches and explain who promised what and to whom. The houseguests not included in the bribe should be able to know all details because it WILL affect the game moving forward. I also think the jury should be informed.

    No need to remove the houseguests, but there needs to be more action taken than just “oops, I can’t exactly *say* to you I’ll give you stuff, but. . .”.

    • Exactly. And Nicole is trying to play it off like “oh I was just going to buy a gift.” Nah, that wasn’t it. You broke the rules, big time, own up to it.

      • Nicole never admits to ANYthing and is shady a lot – hence the nicknames of snake or rat. (Some fans think that is BB gameplay)

      • Why is Nicole getting all the blame here? You read the article that said it was James who threw her under the bus, right?

      • Nicole/James bribe scandal:

        1:09pm BBT C1/2 | James and Nicole pledge to give each member of the showmance 4 $10k cash if one of them win the game. | Nicole, James

        1:43am BBT C1/2 | James tells Natalie about the plan to share prize money with the showmance 4. | James, Natalie

        3:51am BBT C1/2 | Nicole tells the group that she and James are in trouble and that she must say on camera that she will not buy anyone anything. | Nicole, James, Paul, Victor, Michelle

        3:57am BBT C1/2 | James returns from DR and tells each person that he cannot buy them anything. | James, Natalie, Victor

        4:38am BBT C3/4 | James reports to Nicole and Corey the aftermath of Nicole’s revelation to the group. (There is a lot of fish towards the end as Nic/Corey discuss it) | James, Nicole, Corey

        4:42am BBT C3/4 | Nicole and Corey continue to discuss it. Nicole tells Corey that nobody knows that she and James are actually really good friends. | Nicole, Corey

      • James did not throw Nnicole under the bus. She knew the rules and could have shut him down.

    • That is probably a better idea, the only problem is that Nat would not hold it against James nor would Cory hold it against Nicole. The only HG’s that would call *foul* are Vic, Michelle, and Paul. And since they are outnumbered by the two showmances, it wouldn’t change the outcome..

  20. They should both receive an exit out of the game, especially since they are vets. Huge ramifications and many questions if either of them actually win.

    • Yep. Already didn’t want either of them to win, but now I’ll been even more disappointed if they do.

    • There needs to be repercussions. There needs to be accountability. More than a little statement than was not at all specific and even if it was more specific, like you said on your other insightful post, the only ones who it would upset at all would be 3 people who are outnumbered. Production thinks this will all be forgotten next week and if you noticed there are few fans of Dingus on the threads supporting her actions today.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. Unfortunately, seems BB doesn’t think as honest or take these rules as serious as we do.

  21. Riddle me this: there are rules in place, yet nothing happens. Well, basically nothing to blow up how they were being dishonest, greedy, liars. The bribing on a Federal or State level crime, that is huge This is jail or priso time, not a trip to the spa people. The whole house needs to know IMO. Since, neither (James or Nicole) are exiting the game or the the others attracted to their plans. It should be a house meeting of read the rules, next should be the truth, roll tape to all houseguest to review together..have a discussion. Then proceed with the game. It shouldn’t be, go to DR, we sorta did a bad thing, never mind, bs.

    • I know! But you know why there isn’t right? Because it involves BB darlings. I want them out. Those two showmances are ruining the season

      • I agree 100 per percent. I’ve noted in my pervious post that James is troll that just collects money, same for Nicole. She is sitting pretty with a vacation ect. Neither has taken time to play the game. James taking out Frank, proves James couldn’t handle a straight shooter honest vet like Frank. The guy has integrity.

      • I know! At the point I want someone like Paul or Victor to win, because the others definitely don’t deserve it. I wish frank had a chance to come back. And that’s why I want paul to get CP. Maybe we will see the snakes take it

      • It’d be great. Suddenly Paul has 5k to give away, hmm maybe we should target someone else..

      • Different scenarios. No one is saying that was right, but we e talking about two veterans (should know better, this is your second chance) who have already gotten special treatment IMO.

      • Austin wants Steve to talk to Julia about how important it is for her to …. Austin says okay, let’s split $500k, $50k and $25k, I’m not coming between sisters. … Vanessa could redeem herself with me if she wins HOH and goes here it is

      • Dude. STop. You sound stupid. Please. These things have no correlation. Victor? He Battled in.

  22. Austin wants Steve to talk to Julia about how important it is for her to …. Austin says okay, let’s split $500k, $50k and $25k, I’m not coming between sisters. … Vanessa could redeem herself with me if she wins HOH and goes

  23. Vanessa has been trying to offer chunks of the final prize (assuming she wins it) to other houseguests in exchange for their loyalty. Vanessa’s wealth from poker suggests that she doesn’t need to rely on the final prize, and may not be playing just for the money. The cash is nice, but Vanessa is playing Big Brother for the title of “Winner of Big Brother 17”, and she’s doing whatever she can to get there. Vanessa has been spending a lot of time reading the rule book, and it appears her plan was to attempt to find a loophole in the show’s guidelines that would allow her to bribe the other houseguests.

    Vanessa began to suggest to the other houseguests that she could possibly purchase gifts for them, or sponsor them at poker tournaments. Her most recent attempt at bribery was offering Julia $10,000 to go on the block as a pawn. However, according to an alleged Big Brother contract posted by Reality Blurred, the following actions are not allowed.

    I am aware that it is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for me or anyone to do anything that would rig or in any way influence the outcome of the Series with intent to deceive the viewing public (including, without limitation, colluding to share any prizes, stipends or other monies), and that it is a federal offense to accept any information or special or secret assistance in connection with the Series. I agree that I will not participate in any such act or any other deceptive or dishonest act with respect to the Series. I acknowledge and agree that any agreement between me and any other participant(s) to share the Prize, if awarded to me or such other participant(s), shall constitute a deceptive or dishonest act hereunder.

    If Vanessa signed a contract like this that makes it pretty clear that any kind of prize-sharing will not be tolerated in the Big Brother house, she may be in trouble. The same thing happened in Big Brother 11, when contestants on the live feeds talked about sharing the prize money, but Big Brother stopped them. Luckily, it seems that Big Brother was also able to put a stop to Vanessa’s antics before she made any more promises.

    • “Luckily, it seems that Big Brother was also able to put a stop to Vanessa’s antics before she made any more promises.”

      What exactly are you not getting here, man?

  24. Im glad Corey is on the block with Victor. Time to send him home. This week and the plan will then play out as it should have.

    James- America doesnt like the money game you 4 planned and it wants you to SEND COREY HOME.

    • Don’t hold your breath…no way he will send Corey home..that is unless Vic gets the CP and James takes the bribe..since he loves that money so much! James has been very irritating for me this season.

    • *James- America doesn’t like the money game you 4 planned and it wants to send YOU home.

    • Except ppl do. Look at the winners of previous CP. It all just feeds nicole and James delusions of grandeur

    • James came out of DR and went straight to ask Gnat about keeping Victor. For someone who definitely did NOT want Vic to go home, she gave the idea of keeping him absolutely no consideration. Didn’t even question James about why he would say that since James has been salivating at the thought and being so insistent that Victor be evicted. It was very strange.

      • My very skeptical mind told me it was a set-up by DR, maybe to make it look like they are trying to manipulate James to keep Victor and that they were being fair, since they definitely influenced Gnat to work with Dingus and Doofus. Not falling for it. I think I have every right to be distrustful of DR.

      • My mind went to the same place. Not falling for it either. Nothing less than both of them (James/Nicole) being evicted for cheating is going to make me trust much on BB any more.

      • I read that on Jokers. I wondered about the timing and I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist.

      • I’m not a conspiracy theorist either. In fact, I usually give the benefit of the doubt…but this is a little much.

  25. The integrity of the game hasbeen comprimised. James and Nicole should be expelled from the game. What will happen once the other HG find out the truth? Paul and Victor will be livid as will Michelle. Besides, once the news outlets pickup on it BB loses their appeal and will be seen as a rigged reality show. James can make it right by voting Corey out of the game.

    • I think production should force Nicole and James to hold a house meeting and explain everything..not, just..James we did something bad…like Nicole said.

      • Maybe Paul/Vic or Michelle will confront Nicole with James’ version and we’ll see some fireworks between the two showmances!

      • The only ones who may give it some thought are Vic and Paul. It will go right over Nat, Michelle and Corey’s heads.

    • Yes, this could end up in lawsuits. This is a much bigger scandal than it may seem at first glance.

  26. Nicole complaining about having a HG return after being evicted It’s not a benefit to those still in the house. What? Guess she has changed her mind since coming back in her season!

  27. The timing is sketch also. James is openly talking about a bribe/payoff in exactly the same week as the bribe competition? What a coincidence. Not. DR gave this troll inside information that he was simply too stupid to use or keep to himself. If they anyone is expelled, more DR rigging that we don’t even know about could be exposed.

  28. Honestly I just read the most ridiculous convo between Gnat and James. She doesn’t understand why James doesn’t like the chips she’s eating since they’re made in South Korea! James sounds exasperated explaining he’s from Texas. This is the 2nd time today he seems perturbed with her. She was apparently listing the gifts James has promised her if he wins. She didn’t seem to realize that this was not helping him in light of the offered $$ gift to Nicole/Corey and her. Too funny A little trouble in paradise between the two?
    BTW I like the Gnat name so borrowed from another’s post. Right up there with Dingus and Doofus.

    • I first used Gnat way back when she was a giggleganger because she really irritated me about just wanting to make it to jury and not playing the game. Then she started showing some interest in playing and I wrote a post saying I was dropping the Gnat name for the time being because she wasn’t being as aggravating. Well, this week, I started using it again, as she has me annoyed. I have a feeling that I’ll be using it until she is gone.

    • yep heard that conversation…Sad to say but over the past few days (imo) it has become very evident that Natalie is using James…sad but true…I did not want to pass judgement on the “relationship” till I actually saw or heard something on feeds to convince me…After listening to several conversations and observing Natalies actions during certain situations I have to label her a “user”…As for the gifts James was gonna buy her I don’t believe that will happen cause (my guess) within 30 days after the show is over Natalie will make very little time for James.. Natalie may not come from a wealthy family but she is spoiled and she is definitely used to getting her way ..James needs to spend time in his little bumper car this week and think about where his and Natalies “friendship” is going after the show…Sorry James Natalie is “just not that into u”

  29. I highly doubt there going to kick James/Nicole out, Vanessa did the same thing and she didn’t get the boot. I do however think if it keeps being brought up, it could paint a target on both there backs.

    • A big target on their backs? It doesn’t even matter if they have a target on their backs at f7

  30. The show likely is not fully scripted, but things like the HOH statement, the POV ceremony and other things are. I’m sure production makes suggestions to stir up drama and raise ratings. I think some of the situations are planned, others happen on their own. Yes James and Nicole should have known the rules about discussing money and should be removed, but Vanessa only got a warning.

    • I wouldn’t remove them from the game if this was only a one-time thing. But if they are already talking about splitting the money, James and Nicole can be accused of using production as strategy to pledge allegiance to each other. Now we know that Jatalie and Nicorey will remain loyal to each other till the end for sure.

    • I didn’t do feeds, chat sites like BBN, etc. last year so I didn’t realize it had happened before. Vanessa should have been tossed out too, if that happened imo.

      • Welcome to the world of us: crazily addicted fans of BB when we probably should spend more time on something else

      • Actually both……It happened.. Let Production handle it.. We don’t know that Production didn’t impose or will impose some type of punishment on them..(be it now or after the show). Every season there is at least one HG that says the wrong thing or makes a wrong move and viewers start yelling “throw the bum out”..
        In truth its none of our business what the HGs get paid.. It has nothing to do with gameplay.. The conversation between Nicole & James happened They were wrong and broke a rule… got berated for it possibly punished in some form ..But what they did/said had nothing to do with game play…How we feel about it as viewers ain’t gonna make a dam bit of difference…

      • How we feel about it won’t make a damn bit of difference, but it does have something to do with game play, imo.

      • The act itself is wrong. They should both be evicted. The subject of the act (our and other discussions about it) aren’t trivial, although as you said, it won’t change a thing.

      • I’m honestly not sure that Vanessa realized what she was doing. I mean, I’m not sure she intentionally tried to bend the rules. She’s a famous gambler and I think she said something about turning their winnings into more. I’m not sure, STM and all, but the vets, Dingus and James, absolutely knew what they were doing was cheating and wrong and were intentional in their misconduct.

      • I thought I remembered hearing that she wanted to turn others money into more if they won, which is a far cry from what James and Nic did.

      • Now I might not be remembering correctly. That is just what came to mind when the subject came up. But yes, very different scenario.

      • She had some kind of investment deal going so she could double their money (so she claimed)

      • Nope, not an “investment deal.” She wanted them to give her some of their winnings and she would make them more money with it playing poker.

      • So she was talking about their money…not what she was going to give them if she won. Like I said earlier, a far cry from what Nicole and James were discussing.

      • Lol..I think he seems very mature and intelligent. Sure, he has rubbed me the wrong way a few times this season, but they all have. The way he dealt with Pimp Paulie won me over. He has remained cool-headed all season and stood his ground. He cooks, he cleans, he’s lovely to look at. I hope he comes back if he is evicted and wins HOH and really “cleans” house.

      • Our hatred towards Victor mainly stemed from his ignorance of this game in the beginning of the season. Once he learned how to play, he is actually not that bad to watch

      • And he actually “tries” to be civil to everybody. even those he knows stabbed him in the back..

      • He sounds like a military brat that was stationed in Italy. He did say he was of PR descent. Now Lives in NewOrleans area where there is a lot of flooding right

      • Until you said that, I haven’t associated the two. That would not be good to come home to. Hope his family wasn’t in harms way.

  31. Didn’t James do the same thing last season. I think it was him that offered to share the winnings and the producers told them they couldn’t. I have bad memory, especially with past seasons, but I believe this was dejavu.

  32. On the bright side: now we REALLY have to start a prayer circle for a Paul HOH or something next week. I don’t want James or Nicorey to grab power next week! Who’s in?

    • Vote for Paul for ACP5 too!! During the f4 $10 each convo nic said Corey doesnt need the money AND Corey doesnt deserve it while laying in bed all season

      Nic keeps playing it off as if they didnt make a F4 monely deal – they were just talking about “nice gifts”. NOT! We have the video Nicole.

      • Did you not see Paul’s family home? It was featured on the show when they spoke to his family. And that in his culture it’s expected the “kids live at home” (his words). Paul does not need the money.

      • why would you vote depending on who needs the money? If that’s the case, cancel the season and just let every HG give their best sob story. I want to see deserving players get recognized and by deserving I mean those that are actively playing the game.

      • I never said anything about voting for who needs the money. I responded to a comment saying that Paul needed it and Corey and others don’t. I don’t think Paul needs it.

      • Paul is playing the game at least. Plus he wasnt part of the 4 person “Ill give you $10k if we get to F4”

  33. Why doesn”t production have a Household meeting, not on Camera. Stating that a Convo was overheard, that some unnamed guests were discussing gifts. This is not going to happen! The info discussed with James & Nicole & Natalie is against the rules, as you have read in your Care Pkgs/Contracts. This subject was also discussed amongst previous house guests who are not in the BB#18 household at this time. This is a Strong warning that such convo’s on gift giving will not be tolerated.Any HG discussing, insinuating, what has taken place, will be subject to $1K fine from Stipend. PLease Remember BB is Listening and Watching at ALL TIMES.

    • $1K penalty is nothing if the HGs that discussed it win $250K, and if they are being given $10K from the other player.

  34. This is all hearsay. Until these supposed actions take place, James and other 3 idiots in their fake alliance should not be reprimanded for their behavior. However, this is causing me to vote for Paul or Victor to win this entire game. I’m so sick and fed up of the rest of the other houseguests for a number of numerous reasons.

  35. I’d offer an opinion, but production is so obviously in love with James & Nicole that it doesn’t matter. Nothing will happen to them. But if I’m being honest I really hate both of them, though, for what it’s worth, and would love to see one or both of them kicked out of the game for it. James, in particular, should know this is a big no-no, since it was an issue with Vanessa last year, on the season He was on…and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: James is just the worst. I’ll never understand why he’s so popular…

    I’m more curious, though, as to why Corey doesn’t need the money. Is he from a rich family, or personally wealthy? What does he do for a living again? Anyone know the details?

  36. Dingus in the kitchen saying Victor is not going to want her to mess up his kitchen. No Dingus, he would just appreciate it if you would act your age, be accountable for your mess, and responsible enough to clean up after yourself.

    • She needs to just go jump back in the bed with Corey and let the under the covers sex continue.

      • Gotta come up for air so Doofus’s tallywhacker can go down for rest. You know it’s been a hard season for her.

      • Wish she’d get rid of those glasses. Cannot take her seriously when she is wearing those. Whoever sold her those must be laughing.

      • You are so funny! These two have just really made a spectacle of themselves. They are constantly in bed rubbing up against each other, having sex..last night Nicole tried to pass it off as just cuddling..but an idiot would know what was going on under those covers. Nicole would not let Hayden kiss on her the cheek…with Corey..it’s action under the covers just about all the time.

      • Did you hear him say that his intentions were to marry around age 32 or 33? He’s 26. Nicole had said prior to that, that she only dated with a husband in mind (something like that). Hmm. I guess she is using what wiles she has to try to put a spell on him. This guy is going to dump her as soon as they are out of that house.

      • No..I didn’t hear that. She has been such a disappointment for me this season..so has James. This has just been a bummer of a season! I am going to keep my feeds and check out the fall season coming up..no returning players, I hope..no relatives of past players…all comps live..we will see! Did you get the feeds or do you read all of your info on Jokers?

      • I’ve never had feeds and read Jokers and a little on Morty’s. I know some things might be written differently than the way they are actually stated. But I have found it be very reliable info

      • You are always spot on, so you are getting the right information! What do you think should happen with James and Nicole and the “cash bribe scandal?”

      • I do not know the rules or the laws so I am admittedly not a informed enough to answer. Now personally, I think they got caught cheating and got off with a little slap on the hand. That statement they were “forced” to make to the other HGs that were in the HOH, was insincere and not specific. And not everyone was together. DR was backed in a corner because James was talking(surprise surprise) about it with Gnat, so people on feeds/sites found out about it. They should at least have to admit everything so the other HGs are fully aware what was happening. Definitely should be some kind of accountability. I have no idea if there is a big deal about it on social media since I don’t do any type of that. Maybe if there is, Production will give it another look, but I would be inclined to think that it is over and done.

      • Yes you are K ! You’re always spot on..I tell you, You and Mickey…..go look.Survivor auction

      • Anything you would like for me to tell Mickey, let me know, since he blocked you. lol…I thought he did that before; he said he did anyway. He said he blocked me, too, but I hadn’t noticed. He sure is full of, ugh, info, huh? haha

      • I really wonder if DR backed themselves in a corner. It can’t be a coincidence that blabber mouth James runs his mouth the same week as the ACP bribe package. I didn’t think HG were supposed to know about this yet.

      • I don’t think they do, to my knowledge anyway. I don’t think DR backed themselves in a corner. I think because of the convo between Dingus and James and then him repeating it to Gnat, DR was backed in a corner and forced to deal with it and to “fix” it. jmo

    • I wish Victor hadn’t spent more than an hour cleaning their bathroom yesterday, especially since he’s supposed to be evicted Thursday. Why clean it for those who are left? They don’t deserve it.

  37. It is called collusion and is illegal even in real life. That would tantamount to game fixing like when a couple of horse trainers in a small track decided to fix a race and bet the trifecta for big bucks. They got caught including the jockeys involved! The fifth ACP package is a bribe but, only for one limited instance! Why not just give the person getting the ACP immunity or safety for that week? The bribe will only work if the vote is tied and there is a swing vote since, you can only bribe one person.

  38. They didn’t get rid of Vanessa, so can’t now. Just shut them down and say they will get prosecuted if this ever occurs in the future after the game. They will “Richard Hatch” them.

  39. In the late 1950’s a very popular evening television quiz show called the $64,000.00 Question was found to be manipulating the games result. They would provide interesting popular contestants with answers to questions the shows MC would be asking them in advance. The federal government stepped in and conducted extensive Congressional hearings into game shows, and their practices. The hearings resulted in a major shakeup of the game show industry. The difference here is it does not involve show managers manipulating the results but it’s actual contestants conspiring to manipulate the games conclusion for financial reward.

  40. Honestly, at this point, does it really matter in this game?
    I mean another HG will have the chance to come back in (and let’s not pretend production isn’t figuring out how to get paulie back on for the drama alone). This will be a HG that has been with other evictees and isn’t up to date on the game. This is also a season that some HG knew they were coming into the house in enough time to be coached by previous players. Not to mention the blatant meddling from the production in the DR. I mean 2 HG who don’t even watch the show just so happen to “come up” with guesses of what’s going to happen when we know that’s what the twist or Acp prize is (among so many other things they have done).
    Anyone who thinks it’s not scripted or given production help is delusional. Sadly the show just isn’t what it used to be and probably never will be again.
    Side note: I if anyone from production reads these forums please go back to former HG (early seasons) and ask them what you can do to bring back the show. The new HG just want romance, Twitter followers and NOT 500,000 (which is insane).

  41. This gift of cash is a huge violation and steeply slants how the proposed recipient of a gift might vote at the end of the game. The should be KICKED OUT OF THE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY , they sabotaged their won chances… this is way worse than the “chest bump” incident of Russell Hantz that got his immediately expelled from the house… Send James and Nicole OUT and bring back the last two evicted houseguests as the solution.

    • I00 percent agree. Russell ‘s cousin Willie. Plus, the girls two season ago flipping beds threats got nothing, but that guy out in a minute. Now, this the bribes this season and nothing.

  42. What chest bump? I didn’t watch Hantz’s BB season but I did see him on Survivor, which was more than enough.

    • russell got into a heated argument with another houseguest on BB, a minor chest bump occured before the other houseguests intervened and broke up a would be altercation, russell was sent to the DR and never returned to the game, EXPELLED. This offer of cash gifts to other houseguests is way worse legally.

  43. One more question: I thought Vanessa didn’t tell anyone she was a professional poker player until the end of the show. (Remember I didn’t do feeds and chat sites then, so she may have said something during her time at the BB house that I’m not aware of.) Does anyone know?

  44. Both Nicole and James are returning vets and know the rules, but production has let the bribe talk slide, so there must be a provision for issuing a warning and having contestants retract their bribes. This Season there have been a lot of questions from BB fans about the ethics of production being overly involved in how the game goes, and the gray area between gameshow and reality show must be part of production’s protective shield. We have two bores having sex and two lesser bores not having sex. Getting rid of Nicole and James would have at least have ended THAT farce.

  45. Vic is taking this impending eviction like a man. I know he’s hurting, but the guy just have a good attitude. …Exercised today, lift some weights..He has a chance if it’s endurance comp for returnees.

  46. We poker players do this all the time it’s called “chopping the pot.” They could still technically do it without BB approval or acknowledgement, if their smart and keep it on the low… The Irony is that they’re about to drop a care package that does the same thing bribing for prizes?

    • I have read that if they do and CBS finds out they have to pay back the show. I would not do a darn thing that would have the lawyers of CBS come after me. But at the same time among friends or a love interest for example, how can they stop them from spending what is their own money.

      • They wouldn’t do nothing… James & Nicole are not the first, nor the last to try this. Once they transfer the funds it’s whatever you(the winner) want to do with it

      • I’m sure Liz and Julia shared the 2nd prize $$ last year. They mentioned it on the feeds.

      • I don’t think it’s about what the winners do with their money once the game is all over, if they win fair and square. The issue is these two breaking the rules of the game as it is being played. Who knows how long they have had this agreement, and how many other game decisions may have been affected because of it? Jmo

  47. The plan is in motion, the damage is done, and although they won’t say it out loud the plan will still stand and go through. James and Nicole needs to go! BB won’t do anything, and that’s why this show is becoming a sh*t show!!

  48. The plan is in motion, the damage is done, and although they won’t say it out loud the plan will still stand and go through. James and Nicole needs to go! BB won’t do anything, and that’s why this show is becoming a sh*t show!! James. Natalie, Corey, and Nicole making that agreement basically almost guarantees a win for one of them, with each receiving 10k from the agreement that they made.

  49. I think both of the should be kicked out of the BB house. Its downgrades the integrity of the game. It’s not fair for the others that have really been playing the game. Both Nicole and James should be evicted. No questions asked. Just kicked them both out of the BB house.

  50. Why didn’t Nicole talk to James privately instead of blabbing it in front of others? Natalie makes me laugh. I just feel like all of this shows their priorities are off. Try to win, don’t worry about any of the rest of it.

    • Because they told each of them in the DR that they had to state that their agreement is null and void, even if they weren’t exactly honest about what and by who the agreement was made. Surprised actually that James is putting it all on Nichole . Even if it was, which it was not, that shouldn’t give him the sense of being without some blame for getting into an agreement with heart all. Disappointed with Jamesy !!!!!!!!

      • It was smart of James, I’m actually impressed by that little shyte these past couple weeks.

  51. Is it really against the law?! That honestly seems kinda stupid to me. It’s the winner’s money to do whatever he/she would like to do when this is all over. You can’t tell someone how to spend their money. I KNOW I sound like a naive 16 year old that doesn’t understand how the world works, but it’s truly how I feel. If I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys and even myself, as long as it wasn’t illegal, I’d probably give some of my earnings to my friends that helped me reach that point. I wouldn’t dare say that while still in the house, but I would honestly probably do that after leaving lol…

    • They will too… And it is in no way illegal. Now their “contracts” could be another story…

      • That seems so petty to me smh… If that’s what someone chooses to do with THEIR money, then why are they not allowed to do that?!

        *SIGH* I know I haven’t been on this earth for very long, but I’ve heard stories of a time when people were actually allowed to do whatever they wanted with their personal belongings smh…

      • It’s against the Rules. No argument about it. You can’t do it. There is no excuse. If you break the rules you lose.

        If you want to do something nice after it’s over and give each HG a gift, that’s on you. But promising them financial rewards ahead of time so as to influence votes is against the game’s rules. It’s that simple.

      • And it’s been done every year!! Yet none of them got kicked off so now what? If you make a F2 deal and stick with it, than your also promising money…

      • Now you’ve got yourself in a bit of a ditch, don’t you? At first you said you hope James or Nicole wins because at least they don’t have a twin because that can be viewed as cheating. Then you say that if you make an F2 deal then you’re also promising money. Make a point and stick with it. You can’t have it both ways.

      • You can do whatever you want AFTER you win a prize on a game show but you cannot get together and make deals with other players to help you win in advance. that’s illegal.

      • Oh, yes, definitely. Making promises ahead of time should DEFINITELY be against rules as it can influence how others feel about you going to the end.

        But that’s not what I was disagreeing about. I don’t think it’s right to tell them how to spend their money AFTER the show. I would honestly give a couple thousand to each person that helped me out in some way. You nor anyone else out there has the right to tell me how to spend that money once it’s in my possession. That’s my point.

        So.. I think we are on the same page, correct?

      • I understand what you’re saying but the story isn’t about what they do with their money afterward. The story’s about two return players who outright say they’re going to get money-orders for $10k and give them to 3 other players in an alliance if they win. (And buy a gift for one who’d return the money.)

        That’s what I was referring to. It’s against the rules. That’s all I was saying.

      • And they got in trouble for it… Next time, put em out. Maybe they really didn’t know.. I sure wouldn’t think both Vets would just go ahead and throw away both their game’s knowingly..

      • You’re right but it’s all in the hands of the Producers. The HGs sign contracts that give the Producers the right to name their grandchildren and all of their grandchildren’s pets. If they’ve let it go in previous seasons a precedent has been established. But the contracts also say that the Producers are the Be All/End All and their words/decisions are Final and can change on a dime. I’m not an atty. but it feels like if they let one THIS bad go there’s no hope. On the other hand if they make an Executive decision to split up the last two couples remaining by evicting the two returning HGs THAT could be EXCELLENT Tv and an amazing twist that would be remembered forever. It doesn’t matter what the enforcement of the rule has been previously. If a rule is broken, it’s broken. Going to court and saying: “My brother sped on that same portion of the highway last year and HE didn’t get a ticket!” the judge would laugh. I think they should get evicted immediately but that’s all speculation. Has anyone (other than players) ever actually seen a copy of the Rule Book? Do we know for certain that that rule’s in print?

      • That’s incredible. Thanks for posting that. (And for the other post about Section 43 specifically.) It couldn’t be any more clearly written. The contract says it’s a Federal offense and spells out VERY CLEARLY that what they did seems to be illegal and completely against the game’s rules. Buuuuuut…If it could be interpreted that he was just talking about future gifts he was planning to give “If he was lucky enough to win” maybe there’s some wiggle room there? I’m not a lawyer. That’s a 95% ignorant of the Law assumption on my part. But this contract info sure makes things (excuses) a lot harder to defend.

      • You’re not allowed to collude with other game show contestants to split money after a win. That would be the same as going on say Jeopardy and saying, you two lose and I’ll win and we will all split the whole cash prize. It’s illegal.

    • I think they could do whatever they want with the money once is in their bank accounts. Right now they are in the middle of a game and bribing others is not allowed or everyone would do it.

    • It has nothing to do with what you do with the money after the fact. It’s that BEFORE the game was finished, there were contestants intentionally rigging the game for a mutual outcome. That’s not allowed.

    • It’s called “A Conflict of Interest, ” and can also be seen as giving the appearance of “impropriety.”

      You have to know law terminology to fully understand the reason.

  52. They should be booted immediately. If they were first timers I’d say, “They should be booted” because I’m sure CBS does a damn good job of DRILLING it into their heads that they can’t do it. But to have a return player do it so obviously and with zero concern?

    They should have them all pack their bags for a comp then have a live announcement saying: “Thanks for playing, Nicole and James…With a vote of Breaking Game Rules You have been Evicted…Goodbye.”

    I guarantee it’d never happen again.

  53. I hope Nicole or James win the game. It’s not like they got a twin playing, that would double your chances and could definitely be seen as cheating…

    • How would it double your chances? People are evicted one by one and only one person wins. Both twins don’t get $500k or even $250k each. One person gets paid. That’s it.

      • C’mon… you can’t actually be so naive as to believe that two family members on good speaking terms WOULDN’T share the money, can you?! Get real, if I were in there with my mother, or a cousin, or my best friend, it should be a GIVEN that I’m going to help them out.

      • Your comment was about two individuals discussing being the individual winner. Not two twins. That’s all I was talking about.

      • This is my last one and Im done… It’s simple math.. If there is a set of twins (2 people) playing that’s a 1/8 chance, of one of the two winning… Compared to 1 individual person that has a 1/16 chance of winning BB. 2 people to win HOH, POV, etc.. Cheating

      • This is my last one as well. You said: “hope Nicole or James win the game. It’s not like they got a twin playing, that would double your chances and could definitely be seen as cheating…” Your comment was about an individual winner. Not a pair of winners. And your math seems wrong because while you do have to make it to the final two each person makes it INDIVIDUALLY (not as a pair.) So it’s still 1/16 individually. One vote isn’t enough leverage to be an issue. Has it ever worked for any set of twins or previously known (before entering the house) secret pairings before (that the cast didn’t know about)? People make Final 4/Final 2 deals all the time. Cody and Derrick did. They were essentially “twins” throughout the game. Was that cheating? A twin doesn’t mean anything long term other than having someone familiar to talk to.

      • Okay, fun fact: I actually have a twin brother in real life. If he wins $500,000 that’s great and all, but how exactly does that benefit me?

      • Yeah, you’re his brother! Remember what Paulie said, how being Corey’s brother destroyed his relationship with his fiance’?

        Hanging with Corey seemed to benefit him.

      • I’m scrolling through these comments and every comment I’ve seen by you so far is sarcastic, cynical, or just downright negative… geez… negative nancy much???

      • Oh, I know the show, sir. Not trolling at all. Just offering an opinion you don’t share. That’s okay.

      • It’s okay, Rainbow Rebecca. I’m not mad at you. (Even if you upvote your own comments.) It’s just a discussion board. You don’t have to like or agree with every post. In real life people disagree every day without insulting people anonymously. I disagreed with a post of yours, shared my thoughts, and apparently have disturbed you quite a bit by doing so.

        As an interesting observation I noticed the following three comments made by you on these boards all on the same day:

        Spunky Nugget 7 days ago
        Yes. Danielle Reyes was ROBBED that season and lost because the jury were all bitter little bitches. She lost to a pretty mediocre player in Lisa Donahue, too.

        Spunky Nugget 7 days ago
        Puh-puh-Paulie’s a douchebag. Puh-puh-Paulie’s a douchebag. DOUCHEBAAAYAAAYAAAGG!
        Like if you get the reference ;)

        Spunky Nugget 7 days ago
        Sore loser doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. Instead of owning up to what he’s done and accepting his poor gameplay, he decides to pout and throw a tantrum like a toddler because he can’t have his way smh… honestly, Paulie, if you want to just quit now and avoid being a damn adult about this, then I don’t give two f*cks. Go pout on your plane ride home. I couldn’t care any less about you at this point.

        Your comment about me above is: ‘every comment I’ve seen by you so far is sarcastic, cynical, or just downright negative…’

        “Hello, Kettle? I have a Pot calling on Line 2.”

        It’s okay though. It’s America. We can disagree.

        God bless you.

      • I agree with you for what it’s worth. There is no need for the insults. Some people just have this idea that they are the smartest one in the room. Sometimes you can let them think that but other times you have to make sure you let them know, Hey, you,’re not sounding so smart!

      • BigBroYo’s comment was completely irrational and extremely sarcastic and cynical. Yet you choose to take issue with the other one?

        Just because someone is disagreeing with someone, it doesn’t mean they are negative. This is the appropriate forum to discuss Big Brother. If some people can’t handle that fact, this might not be the right place for them.

        P.S. Upvoting your own comment when you’re personally attacking someone is an extremely douchey thing to do. For someone who calls themselves ‘Spunky Nugget’, you’re coming across a little stale.

  54. A surprising and embarrassing move on James and Nichols’s part , but unless in the rules it specifically states that if the rule is broken you will get kicked out, and it obviously doesn’t, then BB needs to get their act together and correct this mistake. Yes, it has happened many times, so all the more reason to make sure it won’t happen again, DUH!!! For now though it,’s a no-brainer; they have to allow them to stay. Very simple fix! And while they’re at it, look at all the rules and see if others need to be changed , revised, whatever. Such as even the hint of violence towards another. Paul and Z both expressed their desire to sock Bridgette. That is a threat in my opinion!!

    • The h–l it doesn’t. Pages 14-15 of the rules are extremely specific about it, actually.

  55. This is horrible and James and Nicole should have known better. That said, they both should be exited from the show. Production needs to get them out or ruin the integrity of the show.

  56. Why did DR make Nicole & James announce that they can’t offer/promise to buy gifts for other HGs when that wasn’t the nature of their infraction? Why didn’t they make them say that they aren’t allowed to OFFER MONEY AS A GIFT upon the contingency of winning the game and the grand prize of half a million? What that amounts to is PROVISIONALLY OFFERING TO SHARE THE GRAND PRIZE. Since THAT is what they did, why didn’t the DR make them say that they couldn’t do THAT?
    Really, I’m wondering why production would call these two rule breakers to the DR and send them both out to make this statement, knowing that it would immediately alert the other HGs that these 2 players made such offers. Production could just as easily have talked to each one in private then announced to EVERYONE over the PA system that this kind of bargaining is not allowed.
    By practically exposing James & Nicole, they have muddied the waters when they could have nipped it in the bud without putting anybody on the spot.
    Furthermore, thoughts can’t be unthought; words can’t be unsaid. The offers & promises are still out there. So yeah, slam the barn door after the horse has bolted. As any of those four HGs go to jury, they take with them a monetary incentive to vote for the one who promised to set aside $30K for them.
    Foul. Foul. Foul.
    As for those who see no difference between this and a bribe that production has scripted into the gameplay as a twist, I’m SMH. Y’all crazy?

      • I recommend we all go to some of the other forums and post about it. If we make enough noise maybe somebody will listen.

        Is anybody on Twitter? Is there any chatter there?

    • The production tends to call out the players a lot, especially when they are talking with the lights off. They announce their names out loud so everyone else knows who is talking in private.
      The players know the rules and tend to break them constantly. This is one time where they should have received some kind of penalty for clearly doing something they knew not to.

    • James and Nicole need to be put on the spot. BB didn’t muddy the waters, these two HG’s did.

  57. Michelle can’t vote, so I don’t understand why Victor sits there for an hour listening to her boring conversations.

    • He probably realizes that he doesn’t have the votes. He knows Nicole is not voting for him, and I think he knows that Natalie and James are not on his side any more. He’s been fairly friendly with Michelle off and on, so its probably just a matter of lying low. Truth be told, he’s probably just wanting to not cause a lot of drama and hoping that there will be a jury battle to get back into the house.

      • There is a jury battle back. This Thursday. James is the only vote that counts, so Vic knows he is going. His only hope is the battle back. That would be so awesome! Tossed twice, get back in twice, and go for the win!

    • He enjoys talking to Michelle. And besides, what else are the HG’s going to do?

      • Well, before I saw Paul hanging out with Nicole and Corey (I’m hoping he can get them to turn on the other showmance)… I would have said that he (Paul) would best suited to grabbing a guitar and playing some Here I Go Again on My Own by Whitesnake!

      • Sorry about that! On the bright side, there are definitely worse songs to get stuck in your head. A little “All By Myself” anyone?

      • I know, but how funny would it be to see Paul suddenly break that song out? I can hear production now, ” Paul… Stop singing… For the love of humanity, stop singing.”

      • I’m glad I didn’t see the post about “All By Myself” before I left for my appt. this AM.
        But yes, that would be very, very funny.

  58. “and the wheels on the bus go around & around around & around all through the town”

  59. BS! They both should be booted or they should have been made to confess the full discussion. Don’t have them back!

  60. OK OK OK!! Something just happened on BBLF and Paul is pissed at Michelle! does anyone know exactly what happened?? I missed it! And secretly (OK not so secretly) hope she lights his fuse, lol!

  61. I nerve thought I’d say this but with out certain people BB 18 is boring to me now.. This group outside of Victor and Paul are so lame… I can’t stand Natalie and James is a punk and naive to think she’s going to be with him after. He will see Paulie was right..I’m starting to thing the F5 guy alliance would’ve been more fun to watch to the end…

  62. I don’t agree with what they did nor did I agree with what Vanessa did last year but I’m sure it happens in every game, all of the time! Even if it’s whispering so the cameras cat here at all. Again I don’t agree with it but big brother needs to either enforce it and give them both the boot or just deal with it as they have done in the past. It’s not fair at all! But again unless they kick them out there’s not much they can do.
    I often wonder if they just get cabin fever and just say stupid things not even thinking! Especially to vets. Just saying! Not cool though but I still hope James or Natalie wins :-)

  63. Link to BB contract/rules:


    Paragraph 43 especially.

    Producers, FIX THIS before the game advances any more or you will be unable to and will only have yourselves to blame for the legal sheetstorm you might unleash.

    Toss those two cheaters OUT. Save Big Brother!

    (Note: normally I would NEVER post a link, but wouldn’t this be important enough to merit a pass just this once?)

  64. Dingbat Dingus, name fits Nicole most appropriately. James needs to be replacement nom.

  65. I say they cancel both of their votes on eviction day or rewind this whole week since it isn’t fair to the other houseguests that weren’t mentioned in the deal.

  66. There definitely should be some sort of penalty. You need some type of deterrent otherwise HG’s will continue to do this each season, whether or not it’s overtly stated or covertly stated in code. At the least they should not be allowed to vote, or not be allowed to play in next week’s HoH.

  67. Well, there goes all credibility this season. If they’re going to pay each other off, then I ain’t going to watch.
    Just because they can’t talk about it doesn’t mean it’s still in place.

  68. This has been the worst season ever. People getting voted out & then coming back. Bringing back people who have already been on the show. Is that they can’t find people to be on the show. Also it is pathetic to keep bringing people back when they have been voted out. There are plenty of us who feel the same. This may be my last season watching & I have watched for 18 seasons.

  69. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Houseguests do it all the time. They weren’t saying if you vote for me I’ll give you money. They weren’t trying to buy each other’s vote.

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