‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed Friday through the Feeds. Time to see who could be changing things up for the final noms of the week following the latest Big Brother 18 competition.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Houseguests were fast asleep when Feeds cut after staring down the door. Was it finally the much anticipated arrival of Zingbot? Read on to find out who won and what this could mean for the week’s eviction plans.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Victor won the Power of Veto!

James, Nicole, and Paul joined Victor (HoH) with Corey and Paulie (noms) to battle it out. This was the Zingbot comp and James says they had the same comp last year. It was something with a “Zingbot for President” theme. James won $5K and Paul has a punishment. Nicole won a vacation, but says she’ll give it to Corey. Sounds like it came down to James & Victor. James says Victor gave him the okay to take the cash.

Paulie says he’ll try to get Victor to save Corey and renom someone else so he can campaign because he won’t campaign against Corey. Paul, James, and Natalie all confirmed there’s no further discussion. Paulie will be evicted on Thursday night. His future in the game relies on the Round Trip ticket or maybe whatever that mysterious Friday night episode will be.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. I feel like I’m being punked!! This can’t believe thia ia happening but it’s the best thing ever!!
    I love it!!

      • We will see them on one of the upcoming episodes when they do a jury update/check in. We will be due for one any day now if I remember correctly.
        Unless I’m just talking out my ass….that very well may be the case :P

      • But he keeps saying that he will not go to jury, or will leave jury if he doesn’t have RT or there isn’t a jury buy back. Seems he doesn’t want to get ganged up on by the women in jury house

      • Seems like hes a sore loser,self entitled jerk.It was fine for him to have people put up,laugh,high five,make fun of everyone,leave Z. up on the block,but,not him?Hes a pig,& I’m insulting the poor pigs,by calling him one! I starting hating him when he went over & peed in the Hot Tub & still feel he should’ve been shown the door or made to clean it up!!! I’m not getting “why” he & Nicole think they’re not to be put up for eviction?

      • I don’t understand why everybody is so pissed at paulie. He was playing the game and being a little mean and lying is part of the game. I hope he has the return ticket. Why do they want Victor to stay. He wins everything so everyone else should go home. They said the same thing about Paulie because he was playing the game. Hope he goes on in the game but don’t talk so much. His talking got him in trouble..

      • Totally agree. Lying and stuff is part of the game, but he showed his true character. He’s so arrogant. Newsflash Paulie, you’re not God’s gift to the world.

    • Have not seen last of Paulie. If no RT, then a juror will return. And his competition is not that tough to return. Da? Zak? Please. Not a Paulie fan, but what is up with this season of trashing people when they are going home? Paul and Michelle are dirtbag liars. Natalie is disgusting. And as big a manipulator as there is.

      • And you know this how?just like everyone else you are just speculating unless you are production ARE YOU?

      • As one person explain and I added to it, there still could be a returning juror if the RT ticket isn’t used. It would go along with the number of weeks the show will air this season and if someone doesn’t come back, then the show should end a week earlier.

      • But they already brought Victor back. I hope they do not bring back Jurors. I do not like any of them.

      • What would be the difference of that and them letting a evictee return to the game for four weeks?

      • Yes the HGs worked so hard getting rid of the players we do not need them coming back

      • I was referencing the comment that pauline has the round trip ticket ,they dont that unless they are in production ,its all speculation and wishful thinking on their part

      • Common sense. If he has RT ticket he is back. If he does not, then the jurors will battle it out to see who returns. I am pretty sure he would be Da and Zak and Bridgette

      • I agree. All 5 of them attacking Paulie this morning. I’m not a Paulie fan either but if you want to go after someone then do it one on one. Not a gang up. What if 5 people attacked Michelle? She’d be bawling her eyes out saying how everyone is mean. And Natalie would be right beside her saying they’re dirty players. I like strategic game play. And they’re playing dirty. Not my kind of game. I hope Paulie has the return ticket and wins HOH and Corey wins co-HOH. I’m giving him all my votes. I’m sure not giving them to who’s remaining which is Michelle, Victor or Paul. And Paul needs to go. Last night on the feeds he’s talking to Victor and they’re discussing how much weed they can buy with 500g’s. Yep those two really deserve the money. SMH

      • Victor did not bash Paulie as much as Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and James. Victor has not been mean to anyone. I think the top 3 should be Victor, Corey, and Nicole

      • You’re right Victor wasn’t as bad but he was in on the plan they made last night to all go after Paulie at once so he messes up in the veto comp.

      • Paulie has been bashing Michelle for a long time. He even had that speech prepared for her when she got put up. imo she has every right to give it right back to him

      • I completely agree with everything you said!! Also, lets not forget how wealthy Paul’s family is(did you see the mansion where he lives?)so he definitely
        doesn’t need the $$! Not sure about Vic though?

      • But he still lives at home with his parents, travels around Europe, has his own clothing company, etc
        He’d just blow the winnings on partying and drugs.
        No offense to any Paul fans out there-all of us are
        entitled to our own opinions & favorite houseguests

      • His ‘clothing company’ is a bunch of silk screened t-shirts. You can make a screen for under $25.00 and print on just about anything.

      • I see your point but can you really blame Victorfor putting Paulie on the block? After all he did BD Victor. He got a chance to do Paulie and he took it.

      • Oh no not at all. Victor made a good move. I actually like Victor since he came back. He’s changed. At least I think he has. But I don’t like the ganging up on one person. As much as I dislike Natalie I’d be saying the same thing if she got attacked by 5 people.

      • They didn’t plan to attack Frank if I remember correctly. Frank went up to the HOH when everyone was there and was campaigning. If that’s the time you’re talking about. Then they all started saying things to him and actually Paulie stuck up for him.

      • I think Paulie finally came out from hiding in the bathroom and he told Frank he was going home.

      • So what was all the the “ft” jokes & trash talking about? Wasnt paulie & corey in on all that? Or the trashing michelle for being too emotional with mental problems?
        Sounds like youre a paulie fan-thats all.

      • Paul started FT. Said it right to nats face. That is ok? Or Michelle bashing her as well. Please. Smh. Corey has not talked crap about people. Been above bird. Biggest crap talkers about people have been Paul and Michelle. They are both disgusting. Have a hard time watching them.

      • Hope you watch tonights show. Paulie calls nat as fake as her chest. I think his true colors are showing. And remember corey laughing during noms & laughing,clapping tonight. Hes just an undercover mean girl. Imo

      • Wrong! If you read my comments you would obviously know I’m not a Paulie fan. I’m a Nicole fan! And what they were saying is not right. And by the way all the guys were in on the FT joke. But obvious it you didn’t get my point. I said you want to go after someone “to their face” do it one on one. Do not go after someone 5 on 1 like they were doing. There’s a difference. And the latter is ganging up.

      • I dont like ganging up either. I just dont see the difference between what they did versus what paulies group does.

      • I totally agree with you when it comes to Paul, Michelle & Gnat.Also, My gut feeling is that Paulie has the RT ticket

      • Ugh if Paulie has the RT people are gonna riot in the streets and set sh*t on fire lol… ?

        …and by people I mean me. ?

      • I do like Paulie. He’s no different than Paul and Victor lying. Michele is better than Natalie, she’s a snake and of course James is blind to her . Go paulie!

  2. Get ready for the scramble and pitty party. Monday will take forever to come. Let’s get this veto meeting over with

  3. Some people call themselves comp beasts and really aren’t.

    And then there’s Victor…

    • Victor has a good heart. That made me wish he’d win Battle Back — which he did. Mix that with being a comp beast… Well… If he reaches F2, I think he deserves to win.

      • Not my first choice… He’s a bit further down the line, but at the end i’ll see who’s left to support!

  4. Let’s hope Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket. If I remember correctly, this next eviction is the last time it can be used.

    • is it really the last week it can be used? If so Victor and Paul should open theirs. If they have it they then know Paulie doesn’t

      • yeah after the veto ceremony everyone should open them. I would wait if I was worried about being renom, Actually, Nicole is safe so she can too

      • Honestly though…it does say void if opened. What if BB does something sneaky like trade all the unopened tickets for 5k after the 4 weeks is up? Or something crazier? Because if Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket when he’s evicted, they still have to find a way to bring back an HG for the number of weeks to work out.

      • I’d say that none of these HGs even remember the rules. BB…sneaky…why would you even think such a thing? lol
        Yes, someone will either be coming back or Paulie/Corey will never leave. You need to diagnose Paulie. He would be a good subject for you, Dr. P. He was having a very bizarre reaction to everything last night. Strange dude.

      • When I look at him I see Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hard to tell without an actual assessment though ;)
        I can only hope to one day have my doctorate!

      • Ok, so just for clarity, (and because youve shown prior interest) I wanted to show you the 9 hallmarks of Narcisdistic Personality Disorder, or NPD. So I went and did a quick search and found this list for you. Fun Fact: Donald Trump is also afflicted with NPD.

        Ok, so back to Paulie. Specifically, how he meets all 9 criteria of a patient with a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

        (a) he has a grandiose sense of self-importance. Exaggerates achievements and talents. Expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements.

        (b ) he is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance

        (c) he believes that he is ‘special’ and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions.

        (d) he requires excessive admiration.

        (e) he has a sense of entitlement, i.e. unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment.

        (f) he is interpersonally exploitative. Takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends.

        (g)he lacks empathy. Is unwilling or unable to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs or others.

        (h) he is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him.

        (i) he shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

        SOURCE: This list was compiled by Beatty Cohan, M.S.W.

      • I really don’t think production is going to allow that. It takes away what happens on eviction night.

      • I remember something about if they were opened during the time they were in play, they would be void. But I don’t know if that came from Julie or from a post or where. I’m gonna go back and see if I can find the rules for that.

      • Hi, gf. I didn’t see you here last night. This site acts up on my computer when there is heavy traffic and it was buzzing last night. I kept having to reload the page. I think I missed a whole lot of posts. Sorry ’bout that.

      • Yes this should be the last week for the RT ticket twist. If I was them, I wouldn’t open it up till Julie tells them it is officially over because there could still be another twist that could involve those envelopes.

  5. Victor is now one of the greatest comp beasts in BB History. 8 wins (2 HOH, Veto, Road Kill, SafteyVille, 3 Battle Back). He’s probably one of the most genuine people left in the house too. I’m definitely voting for him to won the Co-HOH next week to avoid the vote messing up. Assuming Paulie is voted out Thursday the only people that could get it is Corey, Victor, Paul, and Michelle. Paul and Michelle could win HOH and our votes would be void so Victor is the safest bet to vote for. Lets make this happen guys!

    • You know how hispsters are always saying they liked their small little bands before they got big?

      I feel that way about Victor…I’ve liked him since day 1!

      • LOL! I’ve always liked him, but Paul was above him for me early on, but now he’s my favorite.

      • I didn’t much care for him until he put Paulie in his place in a very classy way without needing to lie or make excuses why he did what he did.

    • Vic is much stronger then Paulie and Paulie is now the underdog in regards to comps. That was something he bragged on being the comp beast.
      Vic would be stupid to use the veto.

      • He asked Vic to use it on Corey so he would have someone to campaign against.
        Vic will have he title for the best game move this season- putting Paulie on the block and getting him evicted.
        So much for playing Derrick’s game.
        This is a great weekend.

      • Derrick’s season was boring as hell and there were no big moves made. Its great Vic came back and made a big move (even if Paul had to nudge him).

      • i gues u dont get suttlety

        suttlety iz bettr than big mooovz caus s2pid cabezzas cant unnerstan

      • She’s been around a long time. She’s right too. If Paulie has the RT, he could win HoH and send Victor packing. Let’s hope not but it is still a possibility.

      • Mickey Mousearoni, is that you? Did you forget your meds again? You know you can’t be forgetting them like that- you come online and make a fool of yourself. Off to bed with you now…

      • One side note…

        How can *you* “get subtlety” when you can’t even spell subtlety? Or… well…anything for that matter?

      • That big move could backfire. Paulie has round trip ticket, wins HOH and back doors Victor for the second time and he gets voted out 4-0. Now that would be a big move.

      • Except nobody is going to cooperate with anything Paulie wants to do- much less vote out Vic 4-0.

      • Doesn’t matter what they want. If he’s HOH and Victor is on the block he would go. There will only be 4 votes. Nicole and Corey vote him out and Paulie breaks the tie and he’s gone. Simple as that. But a lot has to happen for him to do that. I would laugh so hard if he has the return ticket and wins HOH. Just to see the look on their faces would be worth it.

      • It’s hard enough reading you root for Nicole. But now Paulie. Really?

        Victor made an awesome move. A game changing one. And was a total good guy while doing it. And you want to see the crazy dude come back and beat the good guy.

        The darkside is definitely with you. Lol

      • First of all I’m not rooting for Paulie. I think it would be funny if he came back and shook up the house. And at least Nicole is not a mean girl like the other two. Bye the way just because I’m rooting for someone you don’t like doesn’t mean you have to make personal comments against me. You want to disagree fine but leave the personal comments towards me out of it.

      • I feel like Paul will turn on him cause he was the one that suggested he be the DE target n now back to his bff please go victor go hope he don’t get played by Paul though

      • I really hope you are right ‘cos Paulie is begging for Victor to use the POV on Corey…

      • That’s right, Cheryl, we have a game…… Right now anyway!

        Can’t imagine James & Nicole at the enduuaahh? Ya sure!

    • They may not let him have it since he is the outgoing HOH. So even if he gets the most votes, they would give it to the person with the next most votes.

      • If that’s the case then they won’t even make him an option when the voting starts on Sunday. If he’s a choice then I’m voting for him. If not then I’ll vote for Paul.

      • Paul? The biggest dirtbag in the house. Bad mouths everyone. He is a little rat. He was a zero who ratted on Frank. Then a fake tough guy that kept threatening to terrorize Bridgette. Also talk crap about Natalie. And Michelle. Paul is one of the most disgusting HG I have ever seen. Paulies fault for not seeing it and partnering up with a piece of garbage. Paul and Michelle should hook up. Both gross.

      • K I have to agree with you on many points,
        But, in his defense….. He’s still there & in a VERY GOOD POSITION….. For now!

        I love saying, FOR NOW (low low voice with dbl chin) becuz zzz things change so fast (ok maybe not this season….? But hopefully we will see some good game play! No rats! ???

      • Nobody has done this well. Most of those twists are Jury returning players, the only early season return I can recall was Kaysar from Season 6 and he went right back out. He’s at the part of the game now he can just win out since next week only 1 player won’t be playing in veto.

      • Well, I remember Kaysar shaving his head after one comp, would hate to see Victor shave his!

    • Why so Victor and Paul can get to the end and spend all their money on weed? Nope I’ll keep all my votes for Corey.

      • Haaahaaaa ? I freaking love that word for him. I’ve used dunderhead about 3 times since I saw you use it the first time on here the other day. At least I THINK it was you lol

      • Hahahaha!!! “Weekend at Bernie’s!!”

        Great summer vacation show! Hilarious!

        Corey N/Name Bernie! Bha ha ha!!! The water ski scenes! Lol

        Bump…. Clump! ??

      • Not act like an AHole like the rest of them. Stayed loyal. Won 2 POVs and an important HOH during DE. Like I said he has all my votes.

      • Corey has now won more comps than Gnat, Mich & James combined!! And hopefully he’ll continue on this winning streak with another HOH (or co HOH)win

      • I like him a bit better than before, but I still think he was a jerk (when he didn’t need to be) to the 2 girls (Z & Mitch) when they were on the block.

        I don’t care if Mitch was a mean girl… I’ve not seen it cuz I’m still AT THE LAKE….lol &……

        2 wrongs dont ever make a right!! Ever!!

        He could’ve taken the high road….. But he didn’t &………

        what the H E (double hockey sticks) LL….HELL IS WITH THOSE BEADS? What were they to represent?

        And suggesting that Z was hooking or something? Not showing him (Victor) affection?? Not sure where that came from??

        Can anyone fill me in with info for rational?

        So yah, that’s why I’m not a Victor fan (at this time) but, he sure is doing well upon his return to the house! Don’t hate him cuz I really don’t think I hate anyone especially some dude I have never met that’s on a reality show!

        Lolo lolol HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He eh! Heeeehhaaaww!

        It’s so sunny & hot here….. ☀️?☀️??☀️?☀️??☀️?☀️??☀️?☀️??

  6. Wow. Victor is a machine.

    Assuming this week goes according to plan (big assumption), James needs to wake up or the Sitting Ducks will take him out next before he knows what hit him. He needs to go to Nicole and try to start to mend fences this week since he will need her and Corey if they ever intend to get Victor out. And it won’t be easy.

    Vic could be the 1st ever returning HG to win BB!

    • I’m down with that. He deserves it. He hasn’t been rude or mean to anyone. He has been loyal really loyal to Paulie and Paul. And he played the game and won. Never threw a comp

      • Eh . He wasn’t nice to Natalie. And neither was anyone else (save for Bridge). He’s better than Paulie but it doesn’t mean he’s a good guy

      • He didn’t really do anything to Natalie. She said her feelings were hurt when he broke it off and he always told her about what she was eating as if she is fat. He never really did anything to her. They talked about it and cleared the air

      • What??? Personal attacks on Nat & Bridgette are a big deal! Paulie is obsessed with Nats boobs and is a jerk to all the women

    • As long as he has Paul to tell him what to do. He originally was going to put up two girls.

    • NOOOO james will stick with vic to get rid of corey and nic…..How could those 2 imbeciles ever help james against vic? James is a vet clutch player…He will shine when he needs too.

      • IMHO, That would be a mistake for him. Let’s say The Ducks don’t target James right away. And they work to get out Corey and/or Nicole. At final 5, James is their target and they are 2 strong competitors to 1 (James). Would be very risky for James.

        Taking out a Duck should be J/N/M top priority and the remaining Duck could be pulled to then finish the job on Corey/Nicole. The 2 “imbeciles” (your name) are still votes that count and if they are so controllable, it would be good for James to have them on his side.

  7. Once two of Paulie/Corey/Nic are gone, someone needs to take a shot at Vic. He’s good.

    • They may not have the luxury to wait that long. Paul & Vic are a solid 2 and they have moved towards the James/Nat/Michelle side of the house – for now & for good reason. But once the numbers go down one (i.e Paulie is gone), J/N/M better think about targetting Vic ASAP since they will likely go for James next

      • I am truly not so sure Paul is that committed to Vic and they both owe James for using his two votes to basically get the ball rolling on the flip. I think Paul will want to work with James to get Vic out (who he thinks can beat the both of them) at some point after perhaps they take a girl out and then fight it out from there.

      • Victor I do believe would honor any deals he makes with James.. But not so sure about Paul…but then again I may be wrong about Victor..

      • Paul is committed to who is in power. He is the absolute definition of a floater.

      • That’s true, but I think james, Nat, and Meech are so focused on getting those three out that they are missing that red flag. Unless I missed some talks

  8. Way to go Victor! I HATE Paulie just as much as everyone else. I have wanted him out ALL season… but doesn’t it make more sense to take out Corey this week? Paulie is isolated now – Corey has Nicole.

  9. I like twists, and even though I don’t like Paulie, his return from round trip ticket would be some twist. Is is confirmed there will be a jury buyback if no round trip ticket used?

    • His return wouldn’t be a twist it would just rest the game to a week ago before Z went and Paulie was in control of everything. I would make the 2 weeks of progress pointless

    • So there is a competition where everyone “wins” something. Usually the first one out gets to choose the first “prize.” The second one out gets to choose either the first prize and make that first person out choose a new prize…or they go get a fresh new prize. One prize is the veto. One prize is money. Sometimes a prize can be a luxury trip somewhere. And one of the prizes every year is a punishment. Two years ago, it was kicking 2400 soccer goals in a day. Last year, it was walking in a circle with a sword and hitting things 2400 times. This year, Paul “won” the punishment.

  10. Only one thing can ruin this week now. The RT ticket. I read some where on here a couple weeks back that some thought that Victor may have the RT ticket, something to do with the number 8.

    • No, Da had the No. 8 and that number was also on one of the posters, but obviously, not connected.

      • I didn’t think they were connected but I also don’t know who had the number 8. I read that DAY had it then someone corrected that person saying Victor had it. Still don’t know but Julie’s favorite is Paulie so who knows.

      • OK .. didn’t hear about the correction, maybe DA didn’t have the 8. The poster had “Your Dream Destination – Ochos Rios” – translation: 8 rivers.

      • I also thought DAY had number 8, right now I am not sure since so many people have or has been thinking number 8 would be the one with the RT ticket.

      • I thought she did, also, but I’m not 100% sure now. Ya’ll are making my STM act up. :(

      • I read it on here in one of her interviews that Paulie is the best player. That it was his game to lose yada yada yada.

      • Which is why I said earlier if she will talk to him like she did Aryn from season 15.

      • As well it should piss women off in general. Julie being one of those would make it worse.

      • There’s a difference between the best player and being someone’s favorite. Paulie WAS the best player earlier on in the season, unfortunately for him the power went to his head and he went too far.

      • Then she must have given two different interviews then. The one I read was all about Paulie.

      • Victor does not have seven , James has number seven I heard him saying it on the live feeds that he had lucky number seven .

  11. I would have to tell Paulie what he told Frank. You’re going home dude stop campaigning you’re looking like an idiot.

  12. As long as Victor does not give in to Paulie’s begging then we should be good to go…it would be one of the worst game plays ever for Victor to use the POV on Corey. Victor needs to leave the noms just like he originally made them and let the chips fall where they may ‘cos those chips are sending Paulie packing!

    • Welllllll Paul could always go up as a pawn…He did tell Victor he would if need be..

    • Hopefully.
      Paulie made a final 5 and it backfired. Corey can still win something and get rid of at least one of those on your list.
      As long as Victor, Michelle and Natalie are left at the end. I will be happy. I just want the game to end and no jury members to return, unless is D.

      • Why don’t you have the same opinion of Paulie then? Because he was the absolute PINNACLE of what a bully is to Nat, Michelle, etc. And let’s not get into what he did to poor naive and damaged Z…

      • I never said I didn’t. The big difference is he was one on one and they were 5 on 1.

      • I can agree with that for sure! I am bothered by the guy, but I also get bothered by people ganging up on others.

      • Thank you. That was the point I was trying to make. I can’t stand him but don’t like anyone to be ganged up on.

  13. The results of this veto makes up for the double eviction fail. Woohoo victor, now I’ll be rooting for you, just don’t use the veto pls.

  14. If it was Victor, Paul, Natalie and James.

    Do you think that James would be the next one to go?

    What would change the dynamic – Da’Vonne or Paulie returning?

    • Yes. James would get the boot if one of the Sitting Ducks wins. The Ducks said they’d take Natalie to F3.

  15. Paulie says he’ll try to get Victor to save Corey and renom someone else so he can campaign because he won’t campaign against Corey.

    Ummmm, No Paulie !! Victor already did you a favor by letting you play in POV vs just backdooring you like you did to HIM. Hey Paulie you are NOT hoh and NOT running the house anymore. Sit down and STFU!!

    Vote Victo for ACP4. Poll is showing Meech is 1st then Paul. Come on people. Victor has earned the co-hoh! We can reward Paul with the BB Bribe.

      • And discounted him again when he came back in the house. Typically, any returning HG goes right back out the door. It would’ve happened if Paulie wanted (likely). Now, it is biting him right in the a**.

    • Give Meech the Co-HOH she and Brig are responsible for bringing down Paulie. She may not have won a comp to do it but she’s the reason he’s on is way out the door.

      • I agree. If it wasn’t for the girls opening their mouths, none of this would be happening right now.

      • Without winning HOH & POV there would have been no execution – just their words didnt make it happen……..

    • Poll has not started yet so how is meech number 1? voting does not start till tomorrow.

  16. Wonder what would happen with Zakiyah and Paulie when he goes to the jury house. Does anyone think he really had feelings for her? Think it was all a game to him. Zakiyah should have focused on the game more.

    • My guess is that he’ll continue to use her while in jury.

      Oh and I’ll add that she’ll continue to let him as well.

      • You know, there towards the end I believe she knew it wasn’t real. But it didn’t seem to matter to her. It was hard to watch.

      • I just pray to God she’s not pregnant cuz she strikes me as the kind of girl who would let that happen to try to seal the deal.

      • My guess is if he stays in jury, he will try to sway the votes for a guy to win. If the house has all the women but one and she is in the F2, she will win.

      • Yeah, he will use her as his “Clueless Fark Buddy” for the remaining weeks, and probably promptly forget her name when the show is over.

      • Probably. Didn’t he comment that they had sex 5 or 6 times in various places in the house? In a place with cameras. Can only imagine what they’ll do in the jury house

    • I don’t think he will even go to jury house. I think he will whine his way straight home to jersey

    • I worry that he will chastise her now that the other females Zakiyah told him she was using him. He didn’t take that well and will probably try to berate her and make her cry. She, of course, will be happy to see him and do whatever to make him happy.

  17. Victor already said prior to Veto if he won for his Veto Meeting he would tell Paulie “I can forgive, but I can’t forget. I choose NOT to use the POV.”

    • I hope he delivers that line with his pom pom pigtails like he wore in the “Ready, Set, Woah” competition. How would you feel hearing that intense of a line by a dude in pigtails? lolol

    • Victor is now “Domination Man”! He better hope he keeps winning, cause the little people are going to get nervous.

      • That’s why I think Paul and James will both want Vic out at some point because I don’t think either one of them believe they can win comps over him.

      • And most likely they can’t. That little spinning thing he stood on and clung to was not something he should have won. Of course, Paul wasn’t playing and James threw it. But Vic out-lasted the people who you would think the comp was geared to favor more. They might have to get him on a mental one. He might not do so good on something like the face morph comp, if they have it this season.

      • Natalie and James I think will be loyal one more week at least. I’d be worried about Michelle flipping though.

  18. Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! No we just have to hope that Paulie doesn’t get into Victor’s head, that he just shuts him down. And that Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket.

  19. Victor winning battle back was the worst thing for Paulie. It has come to bite him in the behind if he is evicted.

  20. Cody Calafiore

    15m15 minutes ago

    Paulie has the round trip no doubt #notworried #neverworried #keephating

    • Someone who is in jury returns to the house…similar to how Vic returned to the house.

    • For some reason this has been labeled a “buy-back.” It’s always been called a “battle-back” prior.

      • Well not really. The Battle Back was also called a “buy-back” both inside the house and on social media/internet.

    • Perhaps a “buyback” might be the juror willing to give up the most money if they win? So they could theoretically bid “I’d give up $250K of the $500K” to get back in, with the winner being the one who gives up the most money, thereby “buying” their way back in?

      I guess it could be done two ways, either they all submit blind bids at the same time, with the highest bidder winning, or they could do it auction style…

      Just a thought.

      • And in the scenario I’m describing they wouldn’t be; rather, they’d be conceding the money back to Big Brother, but bidding against each other to see who was willing to give up the most prize money in order to get back in…

  21. It honestly didn’t matter who won this one – either Paulie or Corey were going either way. I’m honestly more curious what Zingbot had to say about these particular HGs.

    Meanwhile, I’m curious if James, Natalie, and Michelle realize they’re trading one dictator for two others. Paul is going to control everything and Victor’s going to win everything.

    • I don’t think Paul is controlling, maybe with Victor because well…he’s bad at strategizing. Like when he suggested going after James after they get Corey out?! I think Paul will listen to good suggestions, unlike Paulie.

      • He’s a weasel that plays all sides. He runs from room to room ratting on everyone. He better wear that stupid duck float because he’s the biggest floater in the house with James running a close second.

  22. I would love to see Julie do a Megyn Kelly when Paulie leaves. In the house, you have referred to women as “FT’s, fat pigs” etc. How would you respond to that?

  23. worst case scenario….. paulie has r/t. vic is current hoh so he can’t be co-hoh next week ( we will know for sure when voting opens)…
    Who do we go for? james is strong w endurance. and I can’t think of any one else good at anything !!!! Paul (I do like him) but he talks a lot about winning but I don’t remember him winning much of anything. Nic was only hoh because her team won,…Corey just got lucky. so there is meech and nat.. Hey I will cast my votes with the house…lol as long as it is not nicole

    • He won’t be HOH when the package is delivered so I really don’t see how he won’t be eligible.

    • Natalie, James and Nicole aren’t eligible to win. They’ve already won. Oh and Corey won 2 POV’s and an HOH. Don’t think that’s luck.

      • Corey won it on his own and when it came to him and Paul against each other at the last one Paulie and Corey were talking on the bench and Corey was supposed to throw it to Paul. But Paul was taking so long that Corey went ahead and won it. They even talked about it on the feeds after. Paul said I thought you were throwing it to me and Corey said you were taking too long.

      • He’s terrible at comps. He needs to win one. Maybe I should give him all my votes for ACP.

    • Yes it’s absolutely disgusting. By the looks of the kitchen, I don’t even want to think about the general hygiene of the bathroom. Yuck.
      For the sake of the viewers, why doesn’t Production do a weekly lock out and send in a cleaning crew?! Or better yet make regular house cleaning a term of contract with each HG?!

      • The HGs have to clean the house themselves before the live show. After that, all bets are off.

      • But I bet they only have to clean the living room and have the option to vacuum/sweep the rest of the house. So they all choose to be lazy and not do it. Last season I remember them vacuuming the whole house at random times but this season I doubt they’ve ever done that or even swept.

      • Thats what you get when you have a bunch of a-holes in a house that think they are entitled and LAZY AS HELL who sleep all day and stay up all night.

  24. This is the Veto that James won last year because he was hellbent to evict Clleli, right? He chose the Power of Veto instead of the 5K (Becky won the money). He regretted it, now he chose the money it seemed, well never too late.
    Live feeds will be full of explosives then … not from Paulie, but from Paul performing the punishment, I hope it’s as guerilla as last year. Your boy truly deserves it!

  25. New alliance in the house !!!! Victor, james, Paul… The Executioners !!!!! Too bad Paulie doesn’t get to play with him being from Jersey and all !!!! I liked the post from someone earlier who said “the DON is now the pizza delivery boy.” lol

  26. Paulie took the Veto from Corey? That’s what Nicole just said…I want to know everything…lol

    • Like last year, they can take veto, punishment or money from other players. Last year James took Veto from Shelli instead of money from Becky.
      So it seems like Paulie took Veto from Corey then Victor took it from him. I might be wrong tho.

      • Paulie had mentioned that if he wins Veto, he’ll remove Corey from the block. Stupid is as stupid does believed him.

      • She is still under the delusion that Paulie has done no wrong so why would he take the veto from Corey. Ugh she has really been making me smh A LOT this week. So so so disappointed in Nicole.

      • They’re probably the same ones that look threw those glasses at James…. I just don’t understand it.

    • Why wouldn’t he? It’s a game and he wants to win. I don’t like him but can’t fault him for playing the game. If he hadn’t taken the Veto from Corey, we’d have to call him Marcellus

      • That’s why I have been rooting for Paulie. Not because of who he is as a person, but because he’s one of the few players left in this game.

  27. Paulie looks sad and defeated but I can’t feel sorry for him. He has put soooo many people in that same position
    How did he become the victim

  28. It’s interesting how many people are suddenly supporting Michelle, Paul, and Victor. If it’s just because they’re against Paulie, that’s one thing, but I honestly hope people haven’t forgotten their behavior from previous weeks. How nasty Michelle was to Bridgette. How completely clueless and disgustingly arrogant Victor and Paul were that first week, when they were part of the group making racist comments about James and threatening to punch anyone who dared to vote out Jozea.

    In short, this is by far the worst cast since 15. Who else is ready for 19?

    • I can root for Victor because he sorta redeems himself in my opinion.
      While Paul is the snakiest of snakes there is. I think even Paulie is more loyal than him.
      Big Meech, still as mean as ever, even more.

    • I can’t stand Paulie and anybody putting them up is fine by me. Brigitte was an obnoxious girl behaving like a 2 year old. Brigitte and Frank said many nasty comments about the rest of the HGS. I was briefly on her side when she joined Michelle and Natalie. You are correct about Victor and Paul, but their behavior changed, at least victor’s.

      • Yeah but Bridgette didn’t know about all the bad things that Mich said about her and throwing away her cookies, right?
        And Bridgette also didn’t know that Nat tried to convince James to save Day and evict her.

      • Yes it does. I wish those two girls and the other women could have put their differences aside earlier and stuck to their all female alliance. The game would be totally different.

    • I agree with you 100%. How soon people forget. Paulie’s comments were not okay with me but he didn’t make racists comments like they were doing.

  29. Paul was asked to STFU by Zingbot? Hahaha … we’ll hear more explosives then for sure!

  30. I am so glad Victor won the POV. I don’t think he is going to use it on either one of them. His target is Paulie.

  31. Sadly, even if he is evicted this week, I doubt this will be the last we see of Paulie…why? Because if he doesn’t have the round-trip ticket, and this is the last week those tickets can be used, doesn’t that leave an extra week in the show’s schedule – and if so, doesn’t that then make it very, very likely that there will be a comp for one of the jurors to return? And given how relatively weak the current jury members are at competitions (with the possible exception of Bridgette), wouldn’t Paulie then be the most likely one to win and return? Again, sadly, I think the answer to all those questions is yes…

    Of course, we might luck out – they might just decide to end the show a week early, or the competition will either be one that is a total random-style where no skill, physical or mental, is involved at all, or maybe a competition that requires in-depth knowledge of the other houseguests, something a self-centered meathead like Paulie would likely do poorly at…

    Plus, there’s some people’s suspicions, especially when it comes to returnees and relatives, that they often seem to be the beneficiary of conveniently timed twists, special powers, competitions that just happen to favor their skill sets taking place at exactly the right time, etc. etc…not that I’m at all suggesting production might bend over backwards and do everything they can to save Paulie’s hide or get him back in the game, because we all know production never does anything like that…no, never. It would be silly to even imply it…

    • Besides, this is sad but keeping Paulie in the game for a few weeks more will generate more buzzes about the show.

    • I agree but if they pay attention to the feeders, blogs and social media. They will see the comments do not look good for the show. He has crossed the line on so many occasions that it can’t be ignored or over looked.
      If there is ever a time for production to get involved in the outcome, this is the time. Put em on outside lock down and switch his ticket if he does have it.

      • People are still watching. This is Big Brother, not Kumbaya Lovefest. I think they sorta expect polarizing or dislike contestants to keep people talking or thrashing. That’s why they have Zingbot.
        No news is bad news.

      • Of course they are watching /we are watching because we like the game. But I’m sure production does not want the houseguest or the fans offended and insulted because they are/we are/I am.
        Remember season 15!

      • I think history would clearly indicate that they don’t always seem to care what the audience thinks; case in point – Frankie Grande – who was tremendously unpopular with the audience, yet for whatever reason, be they contractual or because people in production or at the network liked him, was (and still is) treated by the show like he was one of the most popular HGs of all time, to name just one example…

      • I didn’t get the feeds in Frankie’s season so saw only the weekly shows. He must have gotten a great edit, because I didn’t learn until afterwards how horrible he was.

  32. I’m so upset. Paulie & Corey are my favorites. Please get rid of James & Michelle, these are the 2 assholes that needs to go now. I don’t want to watch anymore without Paulie, Corey & Brigette. They are the coolest houseguest in years. Heartbroken with Victor winning Veto. Sad…

    • Sorry, you are in the minority here. I like Corey, but Paulie is pond scum (sorry pond scum). This is the best week all season.

      • he’s cool when he acts like himself, but when he’s with Paul, he acts like an asshole just like Paul. (shaved hair, same shirts, like a Paul wanna be) I stopped liking him too, but now he’s on the block, so he’s back being himself before turning into Paul.

      • Huh… I never noticed it, but you’re right. Paulie’s attitude change did coincide with his partnership with Paul…

      • I don’t think either helped. Paulie was fine during that first HOH. It was the second one where he and Paul really hooked up. Right around the Tiffany stuff.

      • It was the same time he shaved his hair, he started acting like an ass just like Paul

      • That is part of Paulie’s problem. He seems to have these role models that he wants to be like.Cody, (has probably live in Cody’s shadow his entire life, as younger siblings sometimes do) Derrick then Paul. He needs to be himself. Maybe this experience will help him find himself. Well, that and some therapy.

      • Paulie is older. I think he played in the MLS before, right? I don’t think he lives under his younger brother’s shadow.
        He came to BB to prove that he’s better than his bro I guess, which essentially he is, only his attitude and cockiness drag him down.

      • His attitude changed when he was put on the block and now is going around being fake and butter kissing. He was being himself before when he thought he was in charge.

      • Paulie is displaying behavior of someone who is a complete fake. That’s not being cool in my book!

    • I agree that Michelle needs to go. I don’t want to see Paulie go, either, but most of it has to do with the entertainment value his presence continues to bring to the show. Drama is a win for Team Feeds, as Matt likes to call us, lol.

    • Corey is a lug head that is just everyone’s pawn in this game. However, Paulie is a different story. How can you support someone that demoralizes and exploits women?

  33. Paul, Victor, Natalie, Michelle and James are SO AWESOME! Victor made a huge move this week and I’m glad to see he did. Bye bye Paulie, nobody will miss ya!

  34. Paulie can go to Jury House or Jersey Shore … never cared!
    At least now Coco has a fighting chance next week.

  35. What if…and it’s a huge if so forgive me if I’m wrong,…but what if the mysterious comp this Friday would be for the jurors to compete back into the house. Julie did mention that this week would be the last week the round trip ticket will be in use, so if Paulie doesn’t have the ticket, and it’s been said that someone will possibly be coming back, then what if Friday will be that comp episode. Just throwing out a guess. :)

    • I swear … by the moon and the stars in the sky? I’ll be there ….
      Yeah I always like that song!

    • I swear…I’ll be mad as hell but continue to pay my monthly subscription and tune in every Sunday, Wed, and Thursday
      I’m a super fan. What can I say

    • A poster named Neil posted earlier about the HGs should open their cards after the veto ceremony. I thought I remembered reading something about the tickets were voided if tampered with. I have been hunting that and found it on “Big Brother 18 Twist: Who Has The Golden Ticket?” written on July 28th @ 2:00 PM. Matthew wrote “Houseguests are not allowed to open their cards on their own but instead must await their possible eviction for Julie Chen to tear open the envelope. Anyone who tampers with their card to possibly sneak a peek will have their card voided and tampering with another’s card should share a similar punishment.” If the worst that could happen is that their tickets are voided, they should all open their cards, except for Corey and Paulie. I’m sure it won’t happen, but it would be interesting.

      • I would think all they could do is go according to their own rule which would be to have their own voided which at this point doesn’t mean much does it, isn’t this the last week they can be used????

      • That would be good. Then they could rock paper scissors to see who goes home.
        Let’s see how many lies Paulie could come up with to convince everyone that Corey has the round trip tix

      • HGs have broken rules for years. It seems that production gave them a way out via voiding their tickets. That’s the way I look at it. Come on, push the envelope(pun intended) HGs!

      • True, but it would take the suspense out of eviction night and production would not like that.

      • Wow, yeah that would be really interesting. Since this is the last week of this reward, it would be fun if production let us in on who really has the ticket.

  36. I am getting the weirdest message right now. I must be signed in to up vote. I am signed in. Program is broken

  37. Since victor won pov and won’t use it paulie will be evited but won’t be going to jury i 100% guarantee production switched his ticket to round trip back in the game because it’s rig

    • Well see. How can they keep a nut in the house. Right, he’ll have to use some of the $500 K for the doctor.

    • But why?? I think if this happens and he is permitted to continue with his abusive, defamatory behavior towards the women, they should seriously consider legal action. His comments and actions to so far beyond game play, it’s not funny.

      • Paulie said natalie lied 50 days about her bobbes being fake it none of there business

    • You better hope you’re right or someone’s going to look pretty silly having left this comment come Thursday.

      • Joethehobo if Paulie has the return ticket they won’t show him the goodbye messages

      • Right. The first thing Julie does is open the envelope. I he has it, he walks right back in before anything else is said. What does this have to do with anything?

  38. Well it looks like you guys are getting what you want. I’m happy for you! So now that the major power player of the season is going home it should be a fun ride watching… Nicole…? James…? Natalie…? Michelle…? Corey…? win this season? Not exactly a deserving bunch if you ask me, but that’s just me.

    You people were so furious about Paulie having such a stronghold on the game that you didn’t even see who you should have really been furious about: The morons who completely bent over and let him have that stronghold for 2 months.

    Let me be clear- I am NOT upset that Paulie is going home. He is being evicted fair and square. My problem is with the complete tar-and-feathering he is getting in these comments from people who CLAIM to want to watch good gameplay and then continue to badmouth him while praising people like Nicole and James instead.

    I hope you all get exactly what you’re looking for from this season. You seem so excited about Paulie going home which must mean you feel there are other people in the house who you think deserve to win more. I clearly don’t see it, but hey, I guess you guys are seeing something I’m not.

    In the end, this is just a game. Hope you guys are ready for September when the new season starts. I know I am!

      • Okay… Care to expand on that? As in moving forward from here and who deserves to win the season instead?

      • Perfectly fair opinion. Some would argue that the fact he was already evicted means he shouldn’t be able to win, but I don’t agree with that.

      • But isn’t that the sole purpose fro re-entering the house for a fair chance at the money, especially when you are eliminated in the first two weeks?

      • It’s kind of a grey area. It ultimately goes to the jury to decide if they are willing to look past it or not. I’d like to think there’s always a chance at redemption under the right circumstances, especially if the person really earns it, but I may feel differently if I was actually playing in the season and had to cast my vote for the person I think ‘bested’ me.

      • Victor, Paul or James. I don’t like any of them either, but they are playing although James just woke up last week and America had to help him.

      • Yes, I did (not Paulie ) And I was holding to it for two weeks because I was unaware that it had started as I was in the midst of moving. When I was channel surfing one night, saw that it was on and got hooked yet again. It only takes one episode for me.

        Due to the fact that BB19 will only be on CBS. Access, I refuse to pay when I already pay for CBS through satellite. Something seems wrong with paying double for me.

    • It’s not that I thought Paulie played a bad game, I just don’t like him due to his negative, misogoninigonist, and often violent comments against women.

    • I won’t speak to or for all the “people” you refer to, but IMO you are right – it’s just a game and altho I might have a different opinion, I promise I’m not your enemy – you are quite a “tar and featherer” yourself thank you very much.

      • I’ve never said anything personal about the houseguests. Never will. I don’t tar and feather, and I’m sorry you’re under the impression I do. Just because I’ve disagreed with you in the past doesn’t mean you can say I tar and feather. If standing up for the houseguests against the constant wave of negativity coming from these forums draws criticism from you personally, I guess I’ll just have to live with that. Kind of a shame we can’t be objective about this. Oh well.

      • I think we can let it go … just hit me the wrong way, kind of in the face, but hey, I did take offense and reacted, sorry joethehobo.

      • Happens to the best of us… That’s big of you to apologize and I’m sure it was all just a big misunderstanding.

        We’re all Big Brother fans so we just need to remember we have more in common than we think. I need to be reminded of that sometimes, too.

    • Here a few things you might have missed 1. Paulies attitude and actions have made him the biggest target this season. So it is fitting he he going to be evicted from a guy who he Back Doored himself while he was HOH in week two. 2. I have never once praised James or Nicole this season. I just asked the question as to why Nicole, who played the season with Derrick, why she never seen this game play from her first time. Also I asked the questions and made the comments that maybe why is James laying low considering how he blew up Becky’s game last year. 3. Paulie has made comment’s that should have him thrown out by production a long time ago and that my sir is being too kind. Now on to who you think I should consider who should be the winner this year. Well, at the moment, I feel Victor has the best chance because he exacted revenge on the person who had him evicted back in the beginning. Either two of the remaining Vets should not win at all and if a female has to win I don’t mind seeing either Michelle or Natalie taking the grand prize this year.

    • I agree with you to a certain extent. I feel Nicole is someone that a lot of people love on her for some unknown reason. That ER nurse is constantly ratting out others and their plans. She keeps up the fake and innocent facade which I can’t stand. Anyone that voted for her to get that super safety needs a mental health evaluation. James is my favorite but he’s suspect too. He’s throwing comps and flipping alliances like there is no tomorrow. He was making more moves last season compared to this one at hand.

      • Agreed. I really want to like James, but he outright breaks deals when he doesn’t need to. He did the exact same thing to Frank that he did to Clay and Shelli last season. Promised them he wouldn’t put them up so they let him win HoH and then he does just that. It’s not a way to gain respect in the jury.

    • It’s not about whether or not he controlled the house or the game. It’s about the way he behaved to others in the house, especially how arrogant and unnecessarily hateful he has been toward the girls. Once someone is gone, is it necessary to attack them personally, to try to shame them in front of America? Was it part of his “game” to tell everyone how many times he had unprotected sex with Z in each of the rooms once he had orchestrated her departure and then had a tantrum because she was ultimately voted out? He chose to do and say things in front of millions of people that alienated them. That was his choice. He’s free to do what he wants, but he has to live with the consequences, just like other seasons where house guests acted or spoke in ways their viewers disliked.

  39. Im excited but not really becauseI know he will have the round trip

    Also, Nicole really is an idiot when it comes to men huh. Why would she give it to Corey?

    • I hope he does. He’s a bad sport and whiny baby along with everything else he has been called the past few weeks. Do us all a favor and just go.

    • Why is Minnie Mouse so worried about that douche leaving?? She better about her lame brain showmance partner on the block.

    • She is so useless. I wish she would head right out the door with him. Casting must have been on crack for this season.

  40. Sat 7:34 PM BBTNicole says she wants to distance herself from Paulie because she’s afraid he is gonna explode. NT

  41. Paulie just admitted that he been to dark places in his life and was seeing a shrink. The psychiatrist he was seeing said that he was playing with fire by being on this reality show.

    • Omg, they should clue in Zakiyah. He seems as if he can be emotionally abusive. Remember when Zak didn’t know how to respond to him?

      • I really don’t want Zakiyah hurt anymore. Shell suffer enough when she realizes there’s no possibility of a relationship outside of BB.

      • If they asked production for condoms, wouldnt they have supplied them?? This morning Paulie was talking about some other girl that he cant stop thinking about and how it made it hard for him to be around Z. WTF?

  42. Soooo Paulie just said he was warned by the psychiatrist that the show provided, that he was “playing with fire” if he came into the house. He admitted that he lied on his psychiatric history so he could get in the house .
    And he only did that because he wants to pay off his mom’s mortgage and pay for his aunts cancer treatment.
    Not surprised. SMH

    • Psych testing usually involves a series of tests designed to prevent ‘faking good.’ It is hard to imagine CBS screening by self-reports only, OR they ignored the obvious. Either way, I suspect there will be consequences.

      • He saw a psychiatrist. He admitted to seeing one in the past and he was warned not to come on the show. But he lied to CBS about his history. CBS didn’t do the screening. A psychiatrist did

    • Hard to tell his mental issues from his character flaws and ego mania, but sounds like a veiled threat and a sympathy request. I do indeed wish his mom and aunt well if these things are real, but the man uses so many excuses for so many things that I can’t tell.

    • Just because he said does not make it true. If it is I feel for him but he still put himself in this position. Although I think he is trying the sympathy card.

      • Everyone is the house is going thru a lot and him going thru this is self inflected. If a psychiatrist told him not to enter the house and he still entered the house- that’s self inflected
        I’m not buying the moment and aunt sympathy card. He has watched BB and he knows if all else fails, sympathy card. He complained about Natalie talking about her student loans.
        Not buying it-type thing

      • I agree. Paul ain’t buying it. Not sure if Nicole and Corey are but it’s in one ear out the other with Paul

    • I can’t believe that Production would not step in on that one, but maybe he is telling them in DR that it’s part of his gameplay … this is getting weirder by the hour. Not fair for him to scare people.

      • It’s called a hail Mary pass by Paulie. He laid down and thought about what else could he do. He’s also saying he feels “ganged up on” seriously!
        This dude is the worse. His chest was stuck out for EVERY eviction. Deal with it

    • And he brings this up only when he’s on his way out. Well timed claustrophobia in my book. He had no problems under the sheets in the bumper cars

  43. Victor is definitely playing the game he needs to be playing. When you get back into the house after being evicted you need to come back swinging and actively making moves so that, if you somehow make it to the end, you’ve proven you earned your spot to sit there. It’s refreshing to see someone taking the game into their own hands and making things happen instead of waiting for things to just fall into place.

  44. Got to watch feeds..chat is saying hes back to his delusional character…drama fun…later!

  45. So I just went to feeds just in time hear Lord Douchebag saying he just can’t see himself staying in the “damn jury house” and then fish..

    • He’s begging for the RT card and hoping production will find a way to get it to him and they probably will.

      • That would truly stink to the high heaven, especially if they allow him to manipulate production. He’s working over time to stay, by any means necessary.

      • I hope your wrong but sadly, they probably will give it to him, or they’ll set a jury comp that will weigh heavily in his favor, in other words, not a mental comp.

    • That’s been going on for a while. I hope he leaves. He’s using every excuse in the world to avoid having to face any one and any situation that he can’t control,from claiming he is claustrophobic to saying he lied about never seeing a psychiatrist. It seems he is trying to find an out.

      • Sometimes a taste of their own medicine is all they can understand, and then it doesn’t last long.

      • First, we play Biebers’s “Sorry.” Music fadrs…..

        Paulie since you are leaving us, I know that your exit has been emotionally taxing, we the people, 8n order to form a more perfect union, have written the following public address to ease your burden of leaving us tonight:


        To my parents, I am sorry for bringing shame to the Calafiore family

        To Derrick and Cody, I am sorry I failed to bring home the bacon (wink, wink)

        To Zakiya’s mom, please forgive me for my part in shaming Zakiyah in front of America

        To Women of New Jersey, just pull up and I’ll wash your cars for the next six months.

        To children of America, I am sorry for the poor example I have set, no one deserves to be bullied. And lies never are good. It only gets you into trouble. You should choose a different option — peace.

        To all women with breast implants, feel good about yourselves.

        And finally — America, I will always accept responsibility for my behavior and BB is no way responsible for who I am — A BIG CRY BABY and I gladly, humbly accept their psychological intervention on my behalf.

        PEACE OUT

      • Omg, you know the public address that I wrote for Paulie, BB must have shown it to Natalie because at the end of one of the DR sessions, she ended with “peace out”, which is exactly how I ended my post.

        Coincidence? ??

      • I remember that! Is that not odd??? I mean, it was just 2 days ago wasn’t it? You have some powers!!! lol

      • I only watched a little bit of bbad last night and Natalie was acting funny. She was whining about wanting to be left alone, but when Paul came in the room she perked right up. It was as if James was annoying her and yet Paul got all her happy face while James laid in the bed feeling sad because she would not allow him to consol her.

  46. Wow! For a guy who is suddenly claiming to be claustrophobic, he sure did spend a lot of time in very close quarters with a certain female not so long ago.

    • K.This is the kind of player that requires a lot of DR…Seriously..not game talk, but Psych talk. He really needs those sessions…it helped Aubrey. lol

      • I guess he’s trying to overplay the ‘victim’ card a bit too much. Still, none of this excuses his comments he made about the women

    • What he doesn’t realized is he’s giving the Production a headache. They’re probably panicking right now because he could ruin the show. He’s a cast member. Inconsiderate…I don’t know what to think of him..loser?

      • I was a nurse for years for heavens sake, I am a very compassionate and caring person. If he has mental issues, remove him for his sake and the safety of others. I don’t enjoy anyone playing this kind of game just because things are not going his way. Do you think this would be happening otherwise? Loser, is my answer.

      • I read an interview with Julie after the live show and she said when he found out Zakiyah was going home right before the show. He went ballistic and it was scary

      • I don’t believe his bs. He is that kind of person. Can’t handle failure. Hg’s were talking about zingbot,and they were all laughing. omg K, there was no expression from his face for a long time. No smile..nothing!..The camera knows where to focus, very aware of the feedsters. The guy was dying inside. Just miserable. lol . He couldn’t turn it off.

      • I truly believe this guy has some mental issues and shouldn’t even be in that house, but this crap he is making up is not believable. He’s lost control and knows he will never get it back. He’s embarrassed and can’t face the facts and probably never has had to take responsibility for anything he has done wrong. He’s use to getting his way and everything being easy. He’s going to get into trouble when this show is over. I’d bet money on it. There will be bail to pay!

      • You hit it on the head. This guy is not mentally ill. He is spoiled. He has never had to fail because he is of the generation and parenting style that made everything a win. He has no idea how to deal with defeat because he’s been propped up as the perfect human being. I see it every day among people his age. It’s tragic! Seriously, he’s learning his first tough knock on live TV. Poor guy. But get him the f out of there. I’ve had enough of his misogynist, privileged BS

  47. Sat 7:46 PM BBTPaulie is telling Nicory that the psychiatrist told him: he’d be playing with fire if he went into the BB house. Paulie says he –
    lied on all of the BB forms because
    they asked about his psychological history and he lied and said he’d
    never seen a psychiatrist before.
    Sat 7:45 PM BBTFeeds on sleeping HGs, but can hear Paul and Paulie talking together. NT – CassieM

    Sat 7:45 PM BBTPaulie
    admits that he talked to a psychologist who told him not to go on the
    show because he has clinical claustrophobia and lied – Thunderclap

    on the app/
    Sat 7:45 PM BBTCams show LonRm but we can hear Paulie in the background. NT – Tigrress

    Sat 7:45 PM BBTPaulie
    reveals he lied during his psych eval for BB, saying he never saw a
    psychiatrist before but he has and was cautioned re: BB NT – CassieM

    Sat 7:44 PM BBTPaulie now going into a vague story about his troubled past and hardships. He asked his psychiatrist before BB if he would be
    alright in BB and his doctor said he is playing with fire.

    Sorry to post like this, but SERIOUSLY….he should be evicted right now!!