‘Big Brother 18’: Paul & Victor Pick Sides To Battle

What a comeback it’s been for Victor Arroyo on Big Brother 18 as his Battle Back domination has lead to three HoHs between him and ally Paul Abrahamian in the past three weeks with only Corey snagging the DE HoH in between their hand offs. Now the “Sitting Ducks” duo (yes, that’s their name) has picked a side to continue to their quest to win Big Brother.

Paulie and Victor plot their next moves on BB18

On Thursday night after the Double Eviction was over we saw Paul and Victor meet up in the Storage room to celebrate their success in navigation the night’s dangers. Both agreed they were sitting pretty in the middle and needed to wait and see who would win HoH that night for the next week to decide which side to take. Well that debate is over.

I was surprised when I saw Victor snagged the HoH win after it sounded like they wanted to play the middle of the road but having safety for the week isn’t a bad thing on its own. With the power to control the next round of nominations and set the target they guaranteed themselves the chance to shape the rest of the season with the right “big move.”

As they stood in the middle of two groups they had a choice to make. Paulie, Corey, & Nicole on one side then James, Natalie, & Michelle on the other offered two very different paths ahead. Clearly they’ve decided to join the latter.

Victor put Corey and Paulie up on the Block to make their choice clear and there is likely no going back, but they’re okay with that. Last night (Flashback to 7:15 PM BBT 8/12) Victor and Paul discussed they would much rather go in to a F5 competing against HGs like Michelle, Natalie, and James than against Paulie, Corey, and Nicole. It’s a sound argument. The comp wins are definitely in Paulie’s trio though most are with Paulie and he could be gone at the end of this week.

Jump forward to this morning (Flashback to 11:48 PM BBT 8/13) as Paul checks in with Victor letting him know that after the big house blow-up Paulie was trying to work James over to be the pivot vote and flip the plan on them if either Paulie or Corey comes down. Nicole, Corey, and Paulie would need a third vote at that point but don’t have it right now and likely won’t.

Victor reiterates that they’re in the perfect spot this week. He says they’ve got James, “who now knows he’s been lied to,” and Nicole who would only save Corey so they know only Paulie will save Paulie. But if Paulie comes down then they agree Corey must go. So what about moving forward?

Victor has a plan. He definitely wants Paulie out first then they need to make sure Corey is gone but at that point he wants to “turn the guns” on James instead of Nicole. Paul doesn’t like that idea. He says if they get Paulie and Corey out then Nicole will “come for vengeance.” Victor thinks that’s another big move they need to make.

Paul counters that they focus on Corey next then let someone else in the group win HoH and take out Nicole. Then it’s time for James to go and either Paul or Victor could try to win HoH to make that happen. Victor agrees with Paul’s proposal.

Their master plan? Get to the Final 3 with Michelle, perhaps as their own personal Victoria. If they get to the end against her then their chances would be pretty good should they really want to reach the end with each other, but do you think either would risk that? Hmm.

Paul and Victor are playing a very strong game right now, but how many strong games have we seen toppled already this summer on Big Brother 18? Plenty. They could do it, but things are never as easy in practice as they are in theory.


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  1. My impression of Vic has improved dramatically in the past week or so. He wisely laid low upon returning to the house and unlike just about every other returning evictee in the history of bb, he managed to keep the target off his back after his return.
    Edit – plus now he’s grown a set and gone after the biggest threat in the house.

    • Which makes me not only a hero to the fans but a Major target if he succeed’s or not.

  2. My Paul-Victor f2 fantasy COULD actually come true. (I’d be fine w/ James and Nat, but…is that possible?) As long as Nicole & Paulie don’t make it up there~ (It’s not necessary to mention Corey, I think.)

    Who would’ve thought Jozea’s side of the house would actually come to power?
    I wouldn’t have guessed it. He must be so proud of his boys~

  3. Jeff highlight a few minutes ago. Could it be time for POV? Sure hope it’s not a false alarm.

  4. Sitting Ducks- Dumb name, cool alliance.

    They can be sitting pretty and let everyone come and pluck each other off

  5. The other day, someone posted that they think this Fridays show can one of two things. 1. If the Rt ticket is used, then Fridays show will be clips and life around the Jury House. I find this one hard to believe since there is only three in there right now. Most of us would rather not ever see these people again ( I must admit I would like to see Bridgette again). 2.The RT ticket is not used and the Jury House has a “BATTLE BACK” comp to see who will be back in the house. I find this one plausible due to the time of when the season ends and it makes the most sense.

    However, I think there is a third thing. 3. the remaining HG’s have a Battle to see who can win a Luxury for this season along with the Jury House evictee’s with no one coming back into the house. Winner get’s a two week all paid vacation to a exotic location for two.

    • I was wondering the same thing about this special Friday episode. Maybe production knew that Nicole had enough votes to receive the Super Safety prior to Thursday’s show AND they know that she has the RT ticket (they know b/c each ticket was numbered).

      If this is the case, the RT ticket would not come into play and production would need a jury battle-back and that will happen on the Friday show. Who knows, just pure speculation here.

      • The show was already planned to air before Nicole won anything. It was on my TV guide 2 weeks ago.

      • Ahh ok, wasn’t aware of that. Production must have had a few options planned for this show.

  6. I don’t agree with Paul that if they get Corey and Paulie out Nicole will “come for vengeance.” She’s a wuss who will come groveling over to the girls’ side. She doesn’t have the chutzpah to enact vengeance on anybody by herself. She’s more of a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” kind of person. Without her boys, she’s barely a threat at all.

    • They should get her out anyway. I’d rather Nicole goes after James and they could stay with Natalie and Michelle at the end. Natalie wins and gets rid of one of the guys.

    • Paul has a plan of his own He told Victor today the order of eviction for next few weeks and I did not read/see Nicole or Natalies name…I will go back and find the Jokers posting to be sure…But when he left off those 2 names ..I thought ” Paulie”

  7. The student has become the master. From knowing nothing to mastering everything. Paul was made for this game.

    • I have not seen anymore on that yet. I think he is a joke. He came on to show his brother how it was done. When the only thing he really did was show his family what a bully and a wimp a$$ sore loser that he is. They wrote that he would lose all the money they wont pay him and that it would bring him more problems. I dont know what they mean by that, maybe something legal?

      • A$$hole will probably hit some one to get out of jury.
        If he wants out bad enough I would’nt put it past him. It would just again prove he is a bully/wimp

      • Wow, no self control whatsoever.
        I tried to find the article you mentioned but was unable to – could you give us the gist of the matter?

      • Tiffany Bailey, INQUESTER. Brig & Nat blew up his game,blah,blah. Vic was going to put up Nic & Cory with a BD plan for P, but Nic got the pkg.They go to P crying to Cory that he even threatened to leave the game than go to jury. Saying “hewould lose his stipend & cause a lot of trouble for himself”. Right now if he is evicted on Thursday, fans expect him to get booed. Hope you find it, but I guess this is it in a nutshell:)

      • I’m not the least bit surprised Paulie will now self evict if he doesn’t get his way.

    • It sounded like Paulie just being a sore pathetic loser because things aren’t going his way. I doubt he has any plans to quit even if he is evicted. Supposedly one of the jurors is coming back in the game and they also get paid. I doubt he will miss that opportunity to get more money.

    • That makes my blood BOIL. He’s nothing but a child threatening to take his toys and go home because things didn’t go his way.

      • And if a threat doesn’t serve him or it gets turned around and makes him look negative or someone calls him out on it, then he can just say it was “a test” or it was “gameplay” like he does when he loses an HOH. Frigg’n fraud.

  8. I think they could pull it off honestly. The only real obstacle in their way would be Natalie, I feel like she’d come after those two eventually. I personally would rather like to see Natalie taking home the win this season but Vic and Paul would be okay with me

  9. I think Paul is mostly on point with his thought process for the upcoming weeks, but there is one area I think he’s wrong. So lets say Paulie and Corey do go over these next 2 weeks. He’s saying let one of James, Natalie, and Michelle win to send Nicole home so they can both play the following week to go for James. In my opinion, if Paulie and Corey are gone and Michelle, Natalie, or James win HOH they’d probably split up Victor and Paul because Nicole would seem like the lesser threat. This is one instance where I hope Victor follows his gut and guns for that HOH and takes out James or possibly even Michelle because I wouldn’t trust her to be loyal if I was them.

    • I could see Nicole running to Natalie and James for help. But I don’t see Michelle wanting to work with Nicole in any way. So maybe it’d be 3 vs 3 if that happens?

    • Exactly, I think we’ve reached the point in the game where it is every man for himself. I would be gunning to win every HOH.

    • I’ve been thinking that Victor should try to protect Nicole for now since he could probably beat her in the finale considering Victor’s new alliance will end up filling the jury house.

  10. I think Paul should be evicted next. I do not like how he keeps telling Victor what to do. Victor needs to play the game for himself. I think the top 2 should be Victor and Corey or Nicole with Victor winning it all.

    • Victor needs to get rid of Paul I agree for several reasons but mainly because Paul can’t keep his mouth shut
      Victor is definitely outplaying all the men right now and I like his cool demeanor.

      • The Victor/Paul thing is amusing to me. Victor is doing his thing, winning comps and chilling, while Paul is doing his thing, socializing while obtaining info for them both. They are both happy with this arrangement. They are like a married couple that is ok being apart but they come together at various times of the day and talk about how their day is going. It’s cute. lol

      • Hey, no argument from me on this one Jon.
        I’ve tried to like Paul but then he does something that I find revolting.

  11. I’m still optimistic that one of the 3 women, Natalie, Michelle or Nicole could still win this season now that they guys are turning on each other.
    The lucky female who somehow manages to survive week by week could end up in the finale.
    I hope so anyway since I don’t want to see an all guys finale.

    • I’m a little tied of seeing only men in the finals, but those three, outplaying, outsmarting and outdoing the guys. And Mich working with an all female alliance? Believe me I think Nat might surprise every body at some point. As much as I’d like to see a woman walk away with the pot, I just dont trust these three to get it together enough to pull it off.:(

      • I agree that it’s going to take a lot for those 3 to work together to further their game but they might not have any choice. Mich and Nat are playing the game hard now and I’m so glad to see this happen.
        I suppose it will depend on whether any of the girls can win comps.

      • I would love to see one of them become another Rachel Reilly, winning the comps to the end. That was so amazing to watch and I even became a Rachel fan after she did that.

      • She was definitely a beast, but I just couldn’t stand her and gave up on that season. Gag.

      • You know, I actually didn’t mind Vanessa. Yes her emotions where all over the place, that was tough to watch. But, she played so strategically and pulled so many strings.

        The biggest thing I didn’t care for was that she didn’t own this deceptive style of play in her DR sessions. It was like she was fine playing the villain, but wanted all of us to think she was squeaky clean. I wasn’t sad to see her go in the end though.

      • That bothered me about Van too. The whole time she was on BB she was so studied in not revealing anything about the real Vanessa – no natural moments at all, always acting it seemed to me.
        Even the DR couldn’t get her to let her guard down.
        For that reason I found her very difficult to warm up to.

      • Although Rachel’s whine grated on me, I recognized her for her insight and intelligence. She was a thinker. I enjoyed her on AR, also. I honestly don’t know how any man stands to listen to that whine, though.

      • Rachel was so sweet to Jordan on All Stars season. When Jeff was evicted Rachel was holding Jordan and crying just as hard as she was. Rachel is a really loyal person and I liked that about her.
        On Rachel’s first season she was so aggravating I couldn’t stand her either.

      • My money was on Bridgette being the one in F2. She had a good chance since she had won comps at least. Hopefully they have a juror come back and Bridgette be it. =)

    • I would like to see Natalie or Michelle get to the finals. I think Natalie is the girl with the best shot to win and right now I’m not entirely sure if she can get there. She really needs to get some comp wins to get some more credibility!

      • Michelle seems to be the least threatening and will probably outlast the other 2 girls for that reason alone.
        The men have already started the fight for the role of supreme alpha male so it the girls are lucky they could continue to advance while the men fight it out. Michelle will win if that happens since Nicole and Natalie are both threatened by each other.

  12. Of course, I’m not sure that it is the one they are playing, but does anyone remember how long the face morph comp usually takes?

  13. I’m a big Jeff fan, but can they show a different episode of his show instead of showing the same one over,and over again.

  14. Don’t count your chickens before there hatched boys. If Paulie goes and has the round trip ticket and comes back to win HOH your plans are flushed right down the toilet. Paul is so cocky I hope this blows up in his face.

    • He might, and he would go after Vic or Paul, but then he will have a co hoh. He was asking James to take care of Nic after him & cory are gone.

      • I would suggest that is the point … Paulie’s way of interfering in James/Nat relationship. Paulie doesn’t do anything upfront or for no self-serving reason.

      • Yeah, I’m sure Paulie has an ulterior motive here and could care less about Nicole once she’s on her own.

      • Oh really. I haven’t had the feeds on yet today. Well I wouldn’t trust James either. He’s a big floater this season.

    • Same thoughts here. Be careful, boys – the bridges you’re blowing up might be the ones you need to cross to reach the finish line.

      • Just like I didn’t see a happy ending between P and P, I don’t see one between Paul and Vic, either. Maybe they can go all the way, but there’s a lot of water to cross before we get there, and these guys can be ruthless – as we’re witnessing now.

      • I expect to see the guys to continue turning on each other now that they’ve started and I wouldn’t trust Paul at all. Paul seems to be enjoying Paulie’s downfall a little too much instead of remembering paulie will have a vote in the jury.
        Victor definitely is aware that Paulie is a vote though and has acted accordingly.

      • I agree. These people forget that Paulie is very manipulative and he will go to the jury and talk with the stick up his hole and Da’vonne who trusted him before she left the house. James said that they are not allowed to talk game in the Jury House so Brigitte may not be able to tell them what has happened, not that Z will care anyway.

      • I hate to think of Paulie being close to Zak again in the jury house, I wanted her to have a few weeks to forget him and his abuse.

    • Nic is not a major threat. Once her boys are gone she’s back with the girls. Not a threat at all.

      • I can see Nicole becoming a useful number to one of the guys when it comes to voting. I suspect Victor already has this in mind by stalling her eviction.

      • She is not, but the girls should not allow her to slip her way in. She should be the first of the three girls to go.
        She is a snitch and a floater.

      • Exactly. Take away her reinforcements and she’ll feel like she’s naked and exposed and wanting to hide.

    • Of course after Paulie and Corey are out, I thought it was Paul who said Nic was more dangerous and should go before James and Vic wants James to go before Nic. I say if Paul is telling me that Nic is more dangerous and wants her to go before James – red flag – Paul wants James to be with him against Vic.

      • Something “shady” going on with that…Paul told Victor today ‘his” plan for order of eviction.. Paul left 2 names off the list…What I did catch was that James was on the eviction list.. In an earlier meeting with James Paul told James about wanting him and Natalie to join Paul & Victor in a final 4 alliance BUT Paul did not mention that conversation to Victor I could be wrong but I was paying close attention to conversations cause Paulie was not done with his rants..

      • Yep. Paul, Victor and James – too much machismo and bravado among them for that trio to last happily together too long. If we were closer to the end – maybe, but this early, it seems risky to assume there’s a happily ever after.

      • I agree. He did not mention it to Victor, where I thought that was both of their plan. Paul is going to use Natalie and James as a final 3.

    • I guess Paul convinced him. I do hope he goes with that. I can’t stand Nicole and is not just because of her whiny voice.

    • Better not happen. With Corey down (and Michelle? up) Paulie would turn the mean on against her so easily – and try to shore up the guys’ alliance in his favor again. Taking Corey down would be a very stupid move.

  15. Paulie is NOT wearing the veto medallion!!!!! Victor is!!! Thank you, Jesus…now Paulie gets to go off to the jury house with three angry women..one of whom just happens to be a God Forbid…Feminist!!!!! Hey..Paulie…you can forget that apology you are expecting from Bridgette!!

      • We just have to pray now that he does not have that RT ticket! If he does..I will lose it!!

      • I thought the same thing about Frankie a few times and if he had won, I’m honestly not sure if I would have watched again. I think production only goes so far with influencing the game and I would hope they realize that would be over the limit. I will maintain reserved optimism.

      • When Frankie won the game after Caleb refused to play. I believe that was set up so he could win.

  16. It looks like Victor won veto…..Thank you Jesus. Now I just hope that Paulie DOES HAVE THE ROUND TRIP TICKET. Let us bow our heads and pray……………

    • Even if that should happen (I shudder to think) there will be a co-HOH next week which, if voting is as expected, I would see be either Victor or Paul. With V/P and a co-HOH ally, Paulie has a bit of a chance, although not a very good one (I mean he could win competitions, etc.). If the other HOH is Paulie, P would be safe, but they’re in a stalemate, with the numbers against the P/C/N side. So there’s a risk, but not a huge one.

    • Let me bow my head and hope the producers are not picking favorites. If Paulie goes back in and he wins HOH, the rest of the HGs should sue BB and CBS for making them play a fake game where they never had a chance to win.

      • Once Paulie is out, he still has two chances to get back in – the RT ticket and the jury house battle back next Friday, He is very good at winning comps, so a return is certainly not out the question. Poop.

  17. Paulie goes to Jury House on Thursday unless he has RT.

    Then there is talk of juror returning; originally meant for Da’Vonne but the producers really want to keep Paulie on the show.

    Live feeds are down again.

  18. Victor winning the $500k will be fine by America. He seems to come from very humble beginnings. The other HG seem to come from wealthy families. What do you all think?

    • I don’t like Paulie and even though Paul’s family, not him seems to have money, he is playing a good game and is not a horrible human being like Paulie. Victor getting rid of the best player this season gets my vote.
      I believe the rest are not wealthy either. They all have regular jobs. Nurse, event planner, Gym manager, DJ, and corrections officer. Michelle is supposedly a nutritionist and Corey Baseball coach. None sound rich to me.

      • Corey’s family is he talked about his mom dropping him off at private school then she would go to their country club. Lol

      • Paul comes from wealthy family but he is clothing designer so not sure his $$$ status? Corey developed an app which I heard is making decent $$$ but do not know any specifics. It is an app where fans can communicate with their star athletes. These HG’s are like me regular people and some are dirt poor like Natalie! She shares a tiny apartment or room with her mom and sis. Really sad for a event planner for the Knicks and former NFL Jet number 1 cheerleader just a few seasons ago. James is hurting too most likely. Atleast the 2 nurses have good paying jobs. I think Victor is struggling too. Go Jatalie! M and Nat and B then Paul flipped the house or everyone would still be complaining Paulie is going to win! Once he leaves Corey or Nic will be gone next unless they win HOH! Since it will be ACP for CO HOH Paul and M should get it and Corey and Nicole will have no chance and go on the block together. One will go. I do not think anybody making good $$$ should be able to be on show! It should be for poor or middle class people only. Especially those hurting in today’s economics.

      • Victor is a gym manager and being an event planner is not dirt poor. is a decent job.
        James is a corrections officer which is also a decent job. They are not rich, but it doesn’t sound like they are hurting. I’m sure Paul wouldn’t mind using the money to go towards his business. He still lives with his parents.
        James doesn’t seem to need the money. He said he doesn’t really care about getting voted out.
        After taxes, they will get a little over half what they win anyway.

      • Everyone can use the money. Nat is hurting the most I think. She has said she has less than $100 to her name! Also she has been screwed over in her job many times not giving her a raise even though the clients all seem to love her. Her boss gave her lots of praise for some of her creative ways at making the kids parents enjoy themselves more and saving the company money with her decorating and saving abilities. She has said these things on the after dark feeds and also her interview if I recall. James just has a good attitude about things and so if he does get voted off it would suck but he will deal as he is a man as he puts it. Remember depends on what state you live and certain jobs are like roller coasters so things are tough for most of us. Good point not sure what they actually get but probably half or even less than that. Go Jatalie for the win.

  19. I’ve loved Paul from the start! He’s so much fun. Plus, he has a good head on his shoulders. He knows what he’s doing and he’s playing hard. Love it! America’s favorite player ftw!

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