‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day in the Big Brother 18 house brought a lot of emotions for the Houseguests as they prepared to take on Paulie in another competition where his stats have them worried. By the end of the night the PoV was awarded and so were a stack of punishments that are definitely going to annoying their recipients.

Paulie and Corey are feeling down on BB18

Find out who won the Veto and who will be dressed up in some goofy costumes this week thanks to the Zingbot as the Houseguests prepare for the next eviction and their plans ahead.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 13, 2016:

8:00 AM BBT – Have-Nots revealed to be first three out of the HoH comp: Nicole and Michelle while Natalie is exempt with her ACP prize. Food is sunflower and corn.

8:05 AM BBT – Nicole is complaining that she should be safe from HN’s as well. Paulie comments that’d rather have safety.

8:10 AM BBT – Back in the London bedroom HGs are planning to call out Paulie before the competition in hopes of rattling his cage.

9:36 AM BBT – Call Out Paulie plan is underway as HGs dig in to him rehashing things he’s said and done in the game. It lasts for nearly an hour.

10:00 AM BBT – The attack session continues. Paulie repeatedly goes back to “Derrick & Cody did this…” when Michelle cuts him off and says he’ll never be Cody or Derrick.

10:25 AM BBT – Things wind down as Paulie asks Victor and Paul to not make things awkward if he’s still on the Block come Monday afternoon.

10:30 AM BBT – Michelle worries the confrontation wasn’t intense enough but Paul assures her they reached their goal of shaking him up to get his focus off the comp. Paul says Paulie now knows if he doesn’t win Veto then he’s going home.

10:35 AM BBT – Paulie working on James. He tries to convince James the idea to target him (James) belonged to other HGs, not him. He’s trying to worm out of his comments regarding Natalie’s chest. Paulie wants James to keep his “homie” if a girl goes up.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul reports to Victor that Paulie is trying to convince James to keep him but James told Paulie one of those two guys are going home. Paul and Victor discuss next evictions. Victor wants Paulie, Corey, and then James out but Paul says they need Nicole out before James because she’ll try to strike at them for getting out her team. Both guys agree that Michelle would be their ideal F3.

11:00 AM BBT – Paulie trying to convince Corey that if it’s Corey and Natalie up on the Block then James is more likely to evict Natalie than if it’s Paulie and Natalie. (He’s nuts.)

11:30 AM BBT – James and Paul compare notes on Paulie and realize he’s been telling both they could be the swing vote to keep him.

12:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Michelle having some light game talk. Nicole realized too late the guys were picking off the girls. Michelle explains how Paulie admitted he was trying to play Derrick’s game.

12:40 PM BBT – Nicole and Michelle still chatting and wondering about the Round Trip ticket.

1:00 PM BBT – HGs back to bed.

1:17 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto comp.

4:42 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs wearing Zingbot t-shirts.

4:45 PM BBT – Talk reveals Victor has won the Veto. It was the prize swap comp with a Zingbot theme. James won $5K.

4:45 PM BBT – Paulie tells Victor he won’t campaign against Corey and he knows he’s going to Jury. Makes a plea for Corey to come down so he can campaign against someone else.

4:50 PM BBT – James and Natalie discuss how Victor gave up the $5K to James so Victor could secure the Veto this week. It came down to the two of them.

5:40 PM BBT – Feeds return after an extended break. Punishments discussion. Corey has a unitard coming his way. Paul has the waypoints punishment. Paulie has to bake a pie.

5:45 PM BBT – Michelle camtalks and asks for viewers to send her, Victor, or Paul the next care package.

6:05 PM BBT – Nicole is relieved that Paulie didn’t win since that would have been the end of Corey’s game. Nicole was surprised when Paulie took the Veto away from Corey. She and Corey feel good that Corey will stay since they’ll have her vote along with Michelle and Natalie.

6:10 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie are hoping they can convince Victor to take Corey down so Paulie has a chance to stay.

6:15 PM BBT – Corey is confused why he and Nicole are considered such a big showmance (based on Zingbot’s comments) but Nicole is really excited about that news.

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  1. So Paulie has gotten mental help, he is a crying mess, people think he may depressed, and hes threatening to quit jury house. He is a mess and doesn’t deserve to be there. Please do not let him have a round trip…PLEASEEEE

    • Okay. Let us for the sake of discussion believe the psychiatric history of a houseguest is what they say it is (sought and received treatment) and is/are not lies to garner sympathy/empathy by cultivating pity. Lie on a job application, employment terminated, right? So, is it feasable, with HIPA (health privacy) law protections, and, fair, for production to remove that houseguest from the game, or, cancel the “round trip ticket” if they have it?

      • No because HIPA is about the patient and it’s their choice if they want to reveal their medical history or not.

      • HIPPA protects the individual who has health problems, not the person asking if they have health problems. It’s illegal to ask people about their health on job applications or any other type of application. Even a parent can’t ask questions without the persons authorization if they are over the age of 18.

    • -Crying like a big baby BooHoo woe is me!
      ~Then he walks back in (the bb house), arrogant, as if nothing happened, insulting everyone.
      What a character smh ?

      • IMO it is temper I don’t think BB would let him stay the way he is acting if he were Bipolar.

      • It’s the result of being made to believe you are the prettiest of the pretty boys, the best of the best athletes, and that you can do no wrong and should expect that women are there to serve you. I think it has a lot to do with the way he was raised. He needed help to get the way he is.

      • Paulie kind of reminds me of the AFFLUENZA teen from TX. Now he wants to run away (self evict) from the jury house.

      • I think you are totally right and I think he is disgusting in his current form and I guess somewhere in there he thinks so too or his ego wouldn’t need so much boosting. I really hope this guy is at some kind of point of no return and maybe, this experience will lead him to some realizations and healthy changes. As you pointed out, it would sure help if his family got off the Worship Paulie Train instead of helping him blame all things and other people.

      • That’s what hurts him the most….good reality check tho as someone said….but can’t teach an old dog new tricks as they say..when he gets back to his world…he will be the same old Paulie….no “reborn” possibility here.

      • He was never taught how to handle defeat in a healthy mental way, just physical. Since he doesn’t have access to a punching bag, it’s difficult to verbalize his anger.

      • He hasn’t gotten physical yet on the feeds. But there’s still a lot of time left, so stay tuned.

      • I don’t think it will happen. I’m hoping they have took measures to calm him down. I hope they haven’t let him speak to his family though, because that wouldn’t be fair to the others. We’ll never know.

      • I think he is just super arrogant and was knocked down a few pegs. He’s not used to being treated as less than. I’m no mental health pro but I do have a type of bipolar and I don’t think he has it.

      • Ha! Maybe I should have said “dumbass disease” either way he probably has issues with all refererenced: dick, head, dumb and ass. :}

      • He is arrogant and cocky. He definitely has some issues. Because I do not think everyone reacts the way he does. Maybe it is just temper issues. In the feeds today Paulie said his doctor advised him not to do the show but did it anyway. He might be lying but it could be true.

      • I thought the same. I think he’s bipolar. As much as I dislike him it’s sad watching his meltdown.

      • Today in the feeds I saw that Paulie said I will not be able to go to jury and that his doctor told him not to do the show. He definitely has some issues.

    • Agreed. He ran the house for a good while then he was called on it. Then his “bros” turned on him. Sorry bud, but that’s Big Brother. He fears who is waiting for him in the jury house. He also knows he made an ass of himself on national TV, not to mention in front in friends and family. Now the poor baby is “fragile”. The next thing will be a big lawsuit claiming that his Big Brother experience scarred him for life.

  2. I dont know who is dumber, Corey or Nicole.

    7:10pm – 7:20pm Nicole and Corey head into the safari room. Nicole says she wants to us the trip to go to hawaii. Corey asks what are you trying to take me on a honeymoon? What about Miami? Nicole gets mad that he wants to go somewhere to party and she wants to go some where to relax. She gets mad but calms down and they continue to talk about the vacation. They question whether Hawaii is part of the USA. (Really?!) With Nicole’s vacation its good for anywhere in the USA. Corey says I have a bad feeling I might go.

    • People like them do not need to procreate . . Then again Nicole found a companion who shares her very low IQ….

      • I was thinking. “Nicole if YOU want to go to HI then take a girlfriend and go. It’s your trip!” UGH.

      • Actually she has a very high IQ. She was the top of her class in nursing school which believe me is not easy. Just because she doesn’t know Geography doesn’t make her stupid. Now his IQ I don’t know. Don’t know a thing about his education.

      • Kinda makes her stupid in geography, tho, I mean really. Regarding IQ, not sure if I am remembering correctly, but isn’t that a compilation of scores in different subjects? Maybe (good chance) she does have a low IQ covering the area of geography???

      • Really tho who cares? So she sucks at Geography. What has that got to do with the game? Just saying.

      • Sorry. Disregard. Thought you were inviting responses. I know better now. Have a good day … really mean it for you.

      • You can respond anytime. I just responded back with my opinion which was what does that have to do with the game?

      • I wouldn’t trust her within an inch of my life in a hospital setting. You’ve heard the stories about people going in for L knee surgery and coming out with no gall bladder? Geography…x marks the spot

      • Actually she worked in ICU one of the most critical places to work. And they don’t just let anyone work in those units. Believe me I know.

      • I understand your adoration of Nic., but I don’t give an a rat’s a$$ where she worked. I’ve worked with MANY RN’s in many different settings. Some are stupid and lazy and scary. I wouldn’t trust her within an inch of my life after her ditzy behavior on BB.

      • There you go once again someone disagrees with you and you get nasty. I promise I’ll only comment in the future if I agree with you. And by the way I am an RN. I was a nurse manager for over 35yrs on a critical care unit in a major hospital. So I know a little bit about it.

      • You have done that with me and gave yourself an excuse and ended with “just saying”. So just say’n.

      • I have responded to your comments and have stated my opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. Tell me what I said directed at you that was nasty? And if I did I apologize.

      • Sometimes I think that you and I are the only ones on this site that actually like Nicole. lol

      • I know. Lol. But there are a few others. On some of the other sites (I don’t think I can mention them on here, a previous comment got deleted) anyway the majority love Nicole.

      • I like Nicole. I have gotten bashed for it. Found out fast to stay off the posts that are anti Nicole.

      • Live and learn, gal, live and learn. Don’t stop voicing your opinion. Be you. I love the person you are. :D

      • It is easy to tell that you have so much compassion and caring about you and I thank you for being so open with yourself – I love that in you and you are a great example — and you crack me up daily!

      • I get out of bounds sometimes and I know it. I’m more than happy to listen to other’s opinions, but don’t tell me mine is wrong just because you disagree.Some people are very aggressive with their opinions and try to ram them down your throat. I use to avoid even posting with them, but hey, don’t challenge me, right? Facts are facts, but an opinion is just an opinion. You and I try to make it as fun as possible, when possible. Some people have no sense of humor to begin with and when things don’t go their way, they sound like they might be kin to Paulie. lolol

      • To quote you, Lavendargirl: : “Who cares?” “What has that got to do with the game?” Also, I, too, know ICU nurses who are in jail right now for stealing prescription pads and writing illegal prescriptions for mood-altering and narcotic drugs for themselves. Says nothing about their IQ, but a lot about stupidity. I also heard Nicole say to Bridgette that no matter what she would never turn in or write up a fellow nurse for an error or misdeed. So much for putting the patient’s health and safety first. If she has a high IQ, it is not showing a lot, but her stupid is.

      • I was replying to the original comment about her IQ. Sorry but I didn’t start this conversation. Go complain to the person that did. And I’m a retired RN that managed a critical care unit for over 35yrs. I know what goes on in a hospital setting.

      • Thank You for your lifes work:) Being a heart patient and having to go to the ER is very scary. You really do wonder if you are going to die sometimes. The Nurses are the ones who take care of you, the doctors are just in & out. I love most of the nurses, they seem to be part shrink but mostly experts in the field. The level of care goes beyond stranger to stranger. Again Thank You:)

      • Awe thank you. Believe me there are a few bad apples but they don’t last long. I had an excellent crew.

    • If there is something positive about Nicole and Corey, it’s that atleast Hayden is being a good sport about it.

      • She said early on that they broke up in Jan? bc he wanted to go to bars and kiss random girls. It has been long distance since show ended.

      • As I recall Hayden was a pretty honest guy and Nicole has a hard time seeing through her romantic fantasies thus he probably had to put it in words she could picture easily in order for her to “get a clue”.

      • Good point. I dont know many girls over 21 that will say they cant think while looking at a boy. bc he is soooo Cute.

  3. Delusional Pauline
    -thinks America was confused about Nic being in danger, instead of him, and that’s why she got the CP.
    – asks Michelle not to blow up on him again(he’s fragile and vulnerable)
    -wants James to take him off the block and then he (Pauline) will get Vic to renom Nat to make it fair and give him a chance to campaign
    -can’t believe strong players were targeted
    -he’s tired of being ganged up on
    -threw the HOH comp as a test
    -might take penalty votes instead of making pies on demand (although DR will probably not demand too often because of Pauline’s fragile state…it’s all so beneath Paulie anyway, that’s a woman’s place)
    -he’s suddenly claustrophobic
    -he needs someone to sleep with him

    and the list goes on
    He will never be nom’d for an Emmy.

      • But I think KSJB is pretty near perfect when it comes to funny, funny sarcasm – she’s like a comedian to me and she seems table to make fun of everything so that everything is fun. I thank her almost every day because she makes me laugh. To each his own, of course! :)

      • I was being sarcastic…I was referencing a reply to one of my comments. K would have known exactly what I meant.

      • Ahhhhh, got ‘ya – sometimes it’s hard to tell – cool. I gave you a perspective you already had! Thanks for the reply. I get it.

      • It’s hard to tell if you can’t ‘hear’ me. When I’m NOT being sarcastic, people think I AM…when I AM, people think I’m NOT! LOL. I forget when people don’t ‘know’ me…sorry, Linda. K really is funny, isn’t she? Love that Lady!

      • You give me far too much credit, because I’m quit sure you are the real comedian, I’m just corny. Sharona is PO’d, for good reason(Paulie), and her anger is coming through her sarcasm loud and clear. I just got back to the thread a few minute ago or I would have blessed her out before now. lol

      • Miss Smarty pants, lol. I’d love to hear his family release a statement to that affect, that they realize their son isn’t perfect and that they don’t agree with his behavior. You and I are well aware that men with this mentality are “bred” and they will all eventually wind up being losers in life. They were taught that women have their place and so they try to keep them in it with differing tactics. Not all, but most have a family member they have learned this behavior from. My ex’s father was his example. Thankfully, that behavior stopped with my son.
        Now, are you gonna behave? hehe

      • LOL. Go far up the page to my rant about Paulie. I was chastised when I said I had no empathy for Paulie any longer. THAT was what that meant.
        But, yes Ma’am…I’ll behave!

      • I just read it and upvoted it. I must have just quit posting when you started. I had to go deadhead my rosebushes. Suppose to get some rain, thank goodness.
        You…behave….I’ll believe that when I see it. lol :D

      • Being “bred” suggests some type of thoughtful selection .. doubt Daddy Cauliflower’s prowess is any different than Paulies – genes don’t lie.

      • Genes don’t lie, Cody wasn’t that great either, just lucky he had Derrick. He did have a good social game though.

        But I was being sarcastic about the comment Paulie made to Tiffany about being “bred for this.” Right before choosing the POV players the week she went home.

      • Thanks for saying that .. I know exactly what you mean. Words are harder to interpret when you can’t hear the tone of voice. Kind of why texting is not my favorite form of communication unless it’s just an answer like yes or no or a meeting time or something like that. I probably should put a smile face or lol when I am being my usual smartass or sarcastic self! lol :)

    • Well said…thought he had more fight in him…definitely a loser…he could still play the game but he’s rolled over…if he wants to be remember as a BB game player…at this point he should start deflecting the HG attention to Vic and Paul by saying they will be the F2 if they don’t break them up and none of them have a chance on winning the big prize. He can campaign by saying if they keep them in he will compete hard…and he can backed it up by his record…to help break up the strong 2some…so everyone else has a fighting chance. He is only one, they are 2 and he can put himself up as a sacrificial lamb and say that they can vote him out after they have accomplished the mission. He has to convince them they will not win BB if Vic and Paul are together….and you doesn’t lie in BB…reminding them that “you can bounce cheques in BB”….this would be my strategy if I were Paulie….better than rolling over…play the game bro.

      • That’s about all the strategy he has at this point, and if he hadn’t have been such an arrogant, aggressive jerk for so long, someone might pay attention to that ploy. But, now, I think almost anything he says falls on deaf ears.

      • Your probably right….he’s to far gone in everyone’s eyes…and when V&P start talking who they need to target next week….it’s a done deal….but he would be the only one that could match comp beast Vic if he were to stay….the others don’t have a chance…he’s has proven it in the last few weeks he can win.

      • Neither of Paulie’s heads are in the game at this point. His family isn’t here to tell him he is perfect and does no wrong. Z isn’t there for him to take his aggression out on and the other HGs have stood up to him. He isn’t use to that. He’s use to things being easy and being made to think he is special and entitled. If he sees he’s not winning, it’s someone else’s fault, they didn’t play fair or were not loyal….blah, blah, blah. He’s a loser and will be in trouble somewhere down the road in real life.

      • Well diagnosed…he’ll probably be ok in life though…cause he will continue to be spoiled by the family…and he’ll surround himself with his “bro’s”….and probably marry a “jersey girl”….lol.

      • In my book, even Paulie’s entertainment value has long been exhausted. He’s too pathetic to be fun. Come to think of it, that’s kind of how I feel about Nicole, too. I hope they are both gone sooner than later.

      • Any Jersey girl or any other female that would date the jerk after seeing this show, would have to be one dumb gal.

      • Lol..That one I give credit to Elaine for. That’s what she called him yesterday. I just used it at an opportune time.

      • Jersey girls don’t want his ass no more after what he has said about them lol

      • You act like you know Paulie personally. Your remarks are pretty nasty. If you’re not happy with things he’s said you can’t be too happy with your own words. I never saw him acting like he was perfect or special or entitled. No more then Vic or Paul anyway. You guys seem to forget that he’s playing a game and though it’s not the way you want him to play it or the way you think you would play it, it doesn’t make him a bad person. Until your in his shoes you don’t know what you would do. I hope he wins the round trip ticket and comes back and plays the game his way and not try to play someone else’s game and everyone can see his best side.

      • IMO Paulies game is over..even if he has the RT…too many proven lies and to many proven backstabs…He has no power he has no way to take control again…Not that I can see or think of anyway..Paulie is doomed and RT won’t matter If I were to be in his shoes/position I would not want to have the RT…

      • Since they do seem to be blind to the threat of Paul/Victor your strategy for paulie is a sound one – especially for the remaining women.

      • Not only that but I’d be thinking of taking him to the end….. I would think whoever would take Paulie to the end would win. Imo.

      • I am surprised that nobody has thought of doing that too. Paulie would make a perfect F2.

    • is apartment came fully equipped with Paul thought Pauline was well off because of how he bragged about his NYC apartment. I got news for you Paul, unless he had a downtown Manhatten apartment, his apartment came fully equipped with both cockroaches and rats. Yeah, that is something to brag about for real.

    • Well Said.. Paulie is nothing but a raging narcissist and misogynist. Right now, he is trying to manipulate the other hg because his game got blown up. He is playing the blame game and now trying every tactic to gain sympathy.. crying, saying his claustrophobic , saying he will quit jury house etc. Never mind copying Paul! LOL
      My ex is a narcissist and it took me years to figure out and his mind games which he still tries every now and then. (His own 16 yr old son doesn’t want anything to do w/him)

      • Much Applause!! You managed to raise a real man while dealing with a situation like that.:) I Thank You, his wife to be thanks you and hopefully american women everywhere thank you!

      • Thank you, it hasn’t been easy and right now going thru the dreaded teen years lol I am trying and I have a great husband (stepdad to my son) that has been helping :)

      • The difference is that this is a game…. Your experience was real life!

        Trying to manipulate other H/Gs & gain sympathy would be in his best interest if nothing else is working to keep himself in the game!

        I’d take it to the end if I thought there was a chance to turn things around.

  4. Paulie’s punishment should have been to make him wear a diaper for the rest of his time in the house since he’s acting like such a baby…

  5. How much more pathetic can he get? Threatening to leave the show? Just go then, no one even likes you, do us all a favor and gtfo.

  6. This is for the ones that Nat is being true to James! Sun 4:13 AM BBT Natalie: I learned to trust a guy in this house & has changed my life. in the BB HOUSE the HOUSE of LIES! But I wont marry him

    • And that’s not a bad thing. She wants to wait to see what James is like as a person outside these doors

      • LOL…if she wanted to see how things would be outside the doors of BB, she would NOT have flat out said she will not marry him.

      • My argument would be..why did Nat even bring it up to Paul that she would not marry James? Sounds like she already knows he isn’t her type at all. JMHO

  7. James was asking if he could get Nat’s address to send her things and she deflected over and over when he did. When is James going to get a clue?

    • She’s cautious, as well she should be. I like that. It’s smart. She said she didn’t want to date someone who was out partying all the time while she is working two jobs. She wants to see what James is like on the outside before she commits to anything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      • The post I put up before was after this and she was talking to Paul. She flat out told Paul she would not marry James. There was nothing about being cautious there. Paul will use this against Nat. Since Paul and Vic’s plans are to take Michelle to final 3 with them.

      • Who knows if she meant not at all, ever, or not until she has seen his life on the outside and has spent time with him. If Paul uses it against her, and it helps him in the game good for him. He’s playing to win. I think Nat is happy and surprised that she is still there anyway. I was aggravated with her at first because she only cared about making it to jury, and I began referring to her as Gnat, but I stopped because she listened and learned more about the game and started playing. I’m happy she made it this far.

      • I respect your opinion..but I am going to have to agree to disagree about Nat. I have not ever liked her and still don’t. She is a jealous insecure girl that brings up things that happened nearly from the beginning of the season with Nicole. All involving Victor. She should let it go but she can’t. No respect given for non-game play jealousy.

      • That’s what the site is for, expressing opinions about the game. Your’s and mine are equal in value and neither is right or wrong.

      • Relationships don’t work out on dating shows. They have even less chance of workng on BB.

        Agreeing to disagree is good :)

      • Did you hear what Nat said to Nicole after Nicole won the care package?
        Nat: “I thought that you would have won the first package”.
        Catty much?

      • If you listened to what Nat said the other night, she said she had some goals as to where she wanted to be and do in the BB House. Make it jury, which she did. Make friends, which she did. She wasn’t expecting a care package but glad she got one. There was a couple of more but the one thing she wants more than anything right now is the one thing she hasn’t gotten yet. A HOH win.

      • Yes…and there comes a time in BB that you have to win comps to stay in the game…or keep yourself safe….in recent memory the Derrick season is where the strong social game won him the prize with a smidgen of luck..at the end…this is the exception to rule…IMO

      • What is the big deal about Natalie saying that she does not want to marry James??? I have not heard James say that he wants to marry Natalie. (other than joking).. People read toooo much into the HGs conversations ..Its done all over the house by all HGs “DISTORTING CONVERSATIONS” Its like .”This morning I tell Joe Sam farted all nite..By the end of the day its being said Sam crapped his drawers”….Innocent comments made in general are constantly taken out of context in the BB house…That is why u chose ur words carefully…

      • If Nicole would had said something like that..you would have been all down on how fake Nicole is. You don’t like Nic..I don’t like Nat. I see things differently than you. The whole point in my posts were that Nat is totally leading James on. She has no plans outside of BB house to be with James. Not even to see how things go. She is using and has been using James the entire time to get her further in the game. My blinders are off!

      • Yes I agree…nothing new that we already know…that happens in BB….but we know “love is blind” and James doesn’t have 20/20 at this point.

      • THANK YOU…Your post just made my post and what I said about “distorting conversations” ‘twisting a persons words” and taking comments out of context” very valid….Thank You again…

      • So true! Also, James was like her third or fourth choice, after Corey, Victor & ? rejected her!! NO
        offense to James or any of his fans but Gnat would never of given James the time of day, if she would of met him outside of the BB house! She is a pageant/cheerleader girl & as fake as they come. I think that Paulie may have more “dirt” on her too. Also, in one of Days exit interviews, when she was asked for her take on the showmances…she said something along the lines of J & Gnat having a good emotional connection but Day thinks that Nicole & Corey have the best chance of making it after BB!

      • I’d me more concerned if she said she did want to marry him after knowing him two months in a controlled atmosphere.

      • Not gonna lie James is overdoing this relationship like Caleb did with Amber (except Amber never liked Caleb). He’s a nice guy but at the same time dumb as rocks. Natalie is right into having to wait to see how things play out.

      • Caleb was given a creep edit. I don’t know if he was actually that bad, though. James is for sure looking for love, but he needs to find it somewhere besides the BB house, imo.

      • Caleb actually seemed a lot more mature during Survivor…but I can never get the image out of my mind, when Caleb was watching ‘his Queen’, while playing with a knife, hoodie over his head…when she was talking to some other guy. Gave me chills!

      • Me too. I forgot how cute he was. But also, he truly WAS a Beast Mode Cowboy, and it was fun to watch.

      • One thing about Caleb was that the other guys were telling him that Amber said she liked him – just kidding him of course but he believed them and kept thinking Amber was playing hard to get instead of not being interested in him.

      • Now there is an example of where it is appropriate to say boys will be boys, dang ’em. Poor Caleb.

      • I really can’t see nat wanting to be a stepmother either. Doesn’t James realize that he brings nothing to the table except that he’s a nice guy. He must be living in a fantasy world.

      • I think she has strict rules for herself and she actually puts them before her emotions and sticks with them. Yep, she is cautious and smart.

      • Actually, James mentioned that she could get a PO box and he would send her cards etc. there after she didn’t want to give him her address. James already has a PO box.

  8. Paulie is nothing more than a wannabe. He wants to be Derrick – yet Derrick guided people to what he wanted, Paulie dictated. Paulie wants to be Cody – Cody would never have made it as far as he did without riding Derrick’s coattails yet Cody did have a certain charm about him while Paulie is coarse and crass. Paulie tried to do a ‘funeral ‘ like Dan but instead came across as desperate and pathetic. Face it Paulie, you’re don’t come anywhere close to any of them.

      • I love the fuzzy handcuffs. You said you will find something else. I thought by the time Paulie is gone we might be wishing for a reprieve from Paul, especially with this penalty he was given. He’s funny, though.

      • I bet Paul would just use his ventriloquist skills and continue talking amidst the drilling hehehe.

      • So can I – I can almost picture him talking out the side of his mouth like Greta Van Susteren.

      • She had surgery a few years ago. To me, the before and after was obvious, but I don’t see enough of her now to know if she has has any further work. When I use to watch her, I thought that she pronounces a lot of words weirdly, imo, to be such a prominent figure on TV. idk…not my fav, but I’ve seen worse.

      • She was cute before surgery but afterwards she didn’t even look like herself anymore I agree – kinda like Kenny Rogers. Have you seen him lately?
        My husband watches Greta but I find her voice grating to listen too. When I look at her she’s only talking out of one side of her mouth. Maybe something went wrong in surgery and a nerve was damaged.

      • Poor Kenny, he should have aged gracefully. Those squinty eyes…is it that they don’t close or what. It definitely did not turn out well.

      • I wondered if Kenny’s squinty eyes were covering his eyes as he grew older being the reason he opted for the operation. I also have a problem with heavy lids and deep set eyes and it’s very annoying.
        In Kenny’s case being able to see trumped vanity.
        too bad the way it turned out though.

    • Cody played a much better game. He did not insult anyone or fight with anyone. Paulie is nothing like Cody.

  9. I agree with Natalie…they should have kept Bridgette over Michelle. Bridgette would have been much more trustworthy with James and Natalie. I don’t see Michelle as being trustworthy.

    • True….but Bridgette is a smarter/stronger player and you don’t want to take smart players too far…as they will take you out.

      • But..she would have stayed true with James and Natalie. I can see Michelle being easily swayed.

      • I’m going with Vic or Paul for this week’s package. Sorry but I’d never give Meech anything.

      • I’m going with Paul .. mostly because I am still a James fan and I think Paul will more likely take James to end and I want to give Paul some traction and I think Paul can be counted on for the best move for the situation at hand. No to Meech, just too emotional and she is talking way too much to Paulie,

      • I think if it’s Paul’s choice, he will take Victor to the finale with him, just like Cody took Derrick. Bro loyalty. I think he has a good chance to beat Victor with the jury too. Paul swayed the game to have Vic put Paulie and Corey on the block. Together, they’re a good alliance.

      • Going with Victor to get package….he can’t play for Hoh and I don’t think anyone but Nicole and Corey would mind that he does get it…A matter of fact I saw on BB after dark that Natalie and Michelle were asking America to give him a package as a reward for jeopardising his own game by putting Paulie on block!

      • Agree. Don’t understand Michelle’s strategy. She claims to be a superfan, yet she seems to always be lying in bed and/or eating. Am I missing something?
        She has rated fairly high in popularity polls but given her lack of play and her constant crying, what gives?

      • Was gonna say I hope Nat gets it, but she can’t because she got the first Care Package.

      • Bridgette was a much more capable person than Michelle and that’s the only reason she was voted out.
        Michelle is the least capable of Natalie and Nicole too so I expect to see her in the finale.

      • This is the biggest gripe I have with reality shows, the Michelle types always win instead of the Frank and Day types. The weakest vote out the strongest .

  10. Paulie”s actions are reminding me of Dan”s “funeral”. I think Paulie knows exactly what he is doing with the poor me routine. It’s convenient that these mental health issues are just coming up. Remember how bold and direct he was to Frank when they had the house meeting before the eviction? Remember how cruel he has been to other evicted house guest when he sat up on his throne.? Remember how he told the house about he and Z”s sex life? Don’t feel sorry for this kid, because we are all being played. He lost power and doesn’t know how to handle it. Welcome to the real world, he’s scrambling.

    • Paulie does not have any mental issues..other than he is a domineering control freak jerk and woman hater…He is playing the sympathy card right now. Fake tears and all. Now, he claims to be claustrophobic? Give me a break! He actually has more freedom in the jury house than the BB house.

      • I feel it’s good to not let it build up. That might be what is wrong with Paulie right now. He has asked the boys to sleep with him the past two nights, but it obviously isn’t working out as well as it did when Z was there. That “frustration” just keeps building up, bless his heart, he could blow a gasket any minute.

      • He probably would…but he’s got the “Cauliflower” reputation to thing about….the family won’t be proud of a sore loser…so he’s got to restraint himself.

      • He is trying to pull of a “Dan’s funeral moment.” Thankfully, these HG’s won’t take the bait like Frank and Jen did in season 15…dummies!!

      • That’s what Philly Cat said last night on a thread. I never saw 15. It must have been a doozy.

      • I guarantee you if he stayed and won HoH he would be as bad if not worse than he has been in the past.

    • Difference being Dan has charisma and Paulie is just a grade A d-hey (whatever the heck that means)

      • My hand is up waving furiously!!!!!! I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS….LOL.. I have actually used the English term a few times in here and so have others…

  11. Justt when did production come up with this Jury buy back thing? Something is fishy. Victo made it back, there is a RT ticket and now jury buy back? Just get the people out, let them stay gone, and move on with the damn game! I don’t think for one minute Paulie will be gone for good.m

  12. Answer me this… If Paulie is pleading with Victor to take Corey off the block so he can campaign against someone else?… Then WHY did he take the POV AWAY from Corey??? If I were Victor I’d play with Paulie’s head and say that if he (Paulie) let Corey keep POV that James & he were going to let Corey keep it. Lol

    • IMO I think Paulie took the veto from Corey because he absolutely would have found a way to conveniently use it on himself instead of “protecting my boy”. I am surprised that thus far I don’t think he has been challenged on that, but he would probably defend it now by saying that he was again protecting Corey, because Corey would have used the veto on Paulie and sacrificed himself, so Paulie took it from him to “save him”. Typical Paulie. Oh, I think I just heard that Paulie said he took it because he was going to take Corey off so that someone else would be put up who he could then campaign against. Yeah, right.

  13. Maybe Meech is going to vote for Paulie to stay and is working for him. This way if he stays he is indebted to her and it’s an interesting strategy if she is trying it. it won’t work, Paulie hates women and will never respect her gameplay but I do wonder what’s going on in her head.

    • I’m hoping Meech comes to the realization that Natalie has James, Paul has Victor, Nicole has Corey for now, and Meech has nobody and is at the bottom of her new alliance.
      I want to see Meech fight to the end and blindside more people on the way.

  14. I made a comment about how I couldn’t watch Paulie ‘get his’ because “I have empathy.” WELL, after watching that spoiled Paulie (that I know and despise) on BBAD last night, all bets are off. He gets what he deserves. I hope production makes him bake a pie every two hours. I hope he quits. I hope it’s true that his shrink told him not to play. I hope it’s true that he lied about that on his application. And if that IS true—I hope every single woman he intimidated sues the s**t out of him. I hope production is held responsible for a change. That guy needs to go, YESTERDAY.

    • my my…sense a little anger…as a remind this is the whole point of this game…a social experiment that sometimes mimics real outside situations and we are humans with each our own idiocentrics learned or inherited….the world isn’t perfect….because of us!

      • Exactly. The world isn’t perfect…because of misogynistic, narcissistic boys like Paulie. And the thing that makes this site great, is that we’re all entitled to our opinion!

  15. Paulie doesn’t even want to go to jury and give his team a vote…Such a loser…He is playing too personal and emotional…Not a good player at all…I thinks he’s afraid Day and Z will beat the crap out of him when he does go to the jury house….Now Big Brother…thats good t.v.

      • I hope they don’t go in the house while houseguest are locked out and switch plane tickets so that he does get back in? not suggesting they will but….

      • Hehehe, I see we think alike. I can even imagine that both tickets are in that envelope and Julie can choose which one to pull out of the envelope :D

  16. I don’t think there will be another buy back. I think they will just have a rewind week.

  17. I really hope he doesn’t have the RT ticket or win the buy back…I think, in my opinion they need to keep him out of the house for his own sanity/mental health and the safety and well being of everyone else…seriously, not trying to put him down, but this game obviously takes a toll on people…whether it’s the “real Paulie” or not!

  18. Awwww Paulie did you? Did you think we were confused? Did you REALLY?

    foh… ???

  19. Wow I’m sitting here reading all the hateful, personal comments about the houseguests and even their families. This is a game, a reality show. It’s not their real life. You want to make comments about game play, they suck at the game, they’re floaters, or even how awful Paulie is by the things he says and does. How Michelle cries all the time, Day was a snake, etc. Even if you’re name calling by saying there fake or dirty players I get that because it’s game not personal. But bringing people’s families in, talking how they’ll never have a life outside the house and on and on. I know people get get wrapped up in the game but come on guys keep the personal attacks about them and their families out of it. So now you can go ahead and attack me too with your personal comments.

    • No, wont attack you. This isnt a fight site. You are right I have been blaming his parents for making him this way. We can make easy mistakes like that while disliking a terrible person like him. He is way too full of himself. So maybe I can take this route, I’m thrilled for his enemies! They must be having a hey day.

      • Sara, I was thinking the same thing about Paulie’s parents and I’m even tempted to say to other parents out there that this is what happens when you spoil your children.
        No, I don’t blame his parents for him acting like a big baby on BB with his threats to production, but it doesn’t seem to me that paulie was ever instructed on basic good manners and how to conduct himself as a man. He’s 27 years old for heavens sake and has the mentality of a 13 year old.
        Take it like a man Paulie.

      • I knew a person like him once, the parents made them that way. They were in their thirties and still the parents blamed any downfalls this person had on any and every thing they could. The girl was a wretch because of them, I doubt she will ever be normal. I was glad to move away from these people because I thought they were sickening. It was easy to see that same behavior coming from him. But I understand her post. I like to hear game, the hate and the bashing was taking up too much space. I want to walk away happy from my reads not troubled. Lets all have a nice day please:)

      • I’ve just arrived here so I haven’t seen the questionable comments yet so I’m in the dark here considering that.
        But since Paulie’s behavior is something rarely seen on BB I imagine everyone has thoughts they want to express concerning his behavior.
        No need to get nasty or argue about it I agree.

      • Oh my god, its every day he’s this, he’s that, the family this the family that. It’s been terrible to have to read so much of it. And I’m guilty too, I blame the whole bunch. I really should not since his brother was a totally different guy, player, etc. I even wondered if he handed the game to Derrick because he had a child. Now those are parents you can praise in an off center kind of way. He handed a half million to a man who was married with a child.

      • The ‘parents’ made him that way??? …………….?????

        Really? It was the ‘parents’ fault so & so killed someone?

        It was the ‘parents’ fault he became an addict?

        It was his ‘parents’ that made Paulie that way???

        Interesting comment??!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!
        I’m going to go float on that one!

        Holy fffffffff******!! The ‘parents’ MADE him that way!! Just the parents…

    • I was trying to say the same thing on something I just posted.

      I COULD’NT AGREE MORE!!! Or could I???? Muah ha ha! ??

  20. Paulie is one controlling guy even though he’s on the block and on his way out the door as he continues his threats of quitting if he has to go to the jury house and is willing to receive penalty votes instead of baking the pie when it doesn’t suit him.
    That’s right Paulie, you’re still in control and running the house and production as well.
    If he doesn’t have the winning ticket on Thursday be prepared for an epic meltdown and tantrum.

  21. Paulie is such a baby, can’t take what he has been dishing out to others! I have believed in the past and still to a degree that all reality shows are rigged to a point. I believe the producers gave Paulie the round trip ticket. Hope not but they want as much conflict as possible.

    • Yeah, but we all knew it was going to be rigged for Frank to come back and so on, so lets all hope not!

  22. Sun 1:28 AM BBTMichelle tells Paulie that she couldn’t vote against Natalie.

    Sun 1:30 AM BBTMichelle says she doesn’t want the girls to be picked off.

    Sun 1:37 AM BBTPaulie begs Michelle to not “blow up” this conversation like the conversation last night.

    Sun 11:38 AM BBT11:29
    Inside house…Paulie to Corey: Michelle said we should vote her
    (Natalie?) out, keep it to yourself cause its a conversation – onegal
    between me & Michelle Corey: one
    on one. Paulie asks Corey to think of some things that he could say to
    Victor like tell him that shes a pawn & nobody would vote her out.
    Corey agrees that he will think of something else to tell Victor Paulie
    didnt think that James would be that kind of person.

    Seriously, doesn’t he learn anything…I didn’t read anything about Michelle saying that..unless the viewers saw it on feeds….anyone???

  23. Paulie is annoying now. Stop talking. Victor is not buying it. I hope he sticks to his guns….. P wants pity and blasted Bridge and Nat in front of everyone. It’s like he thinks if he keeps talking he can brain wash or get his way by someone saying Fine I’ll do it. The last person he needs to annoy is Victor. V is not Corey , Paul or James.

    • As I mentioned earlier, they should tell him what he told Frank. Stop campaigning dude, you’re going home and you’re looking like an idiot.:-)

  24. It’s sorta sad that he blames Cody being on BB for ruining his relationship. It’s been all over Twitter that his fiance caught him cheating on her with 5 other women but somehow it’s not his fault. Typical Paulie excuse.

    • Yes, it’s been all over the place….. But who was the source ??

      When the extra-girlfriend says it is so…. Then I will believe!

      • The family and friends are usually always the ones to speak out about this like this. I believe if it wasn’t true she would of already spoken up about it not being true. I’m not trying to make you believe it because I really don’t care if you do or not. Now you have a great day! :-)

      • Yes! The only one that has spoken up is an ex that says he’s like this in real life too.

      • I wouldn’t expect my family & friends to speak about my private life!
        And maybe she’d prefer to keep the reasons to herself…..
        And, thank you! I had a great day!
        Did too much & hurt my back tho! Yikes! Lol

  25. Sun 12:14 PM BBTPaulie
    again reiterates that he has checked out. Victor said it is not the
    same situation, I had to fight my way to get a paycheck – onegal

    Paulie now saying wants money to pay
    off a relatives cancer. Paulie just wants to sit next to a pawn and not
    his best friend in the house.

    I feel bad if is relative really has cancer…but seriously, don’t use that as your game…not cool!

    • For heaven’s sake AG, medicate this guy and save him from himself!
      Cancer/relative has to be the lowest level you can stoop to when trying to use them to your advantage.

    • He’s grasping at anything he can use to gain sympathy. It’s a classic reality move.

  26. Mitch is now doing what you all seemed to have disliked in him.

    How does that make it right?

    It’s seems that there’s almost a bashing of Paulie on this site…. Now I agree, his behaviour wasn’t something I could put up with & in social circles it would be very questionable as it appears to be now…..(It’s weird cuz he started off ok……)

    But some of you seem to be throwing rocks, raising pitch forks & tossing rotten food his way!

    He’s seems nasty that’s for sure…. He also appears or admitted to have mental health issues. Admitted he’d seen a phyc for this.

    Ok he lied..Have any of you lied on an application? I have! Hasn’t come back to haunt me tho, whew!

    But, ya, I have had mental health issues before too! So let’s give him a slight bit of slack. Yes he’s prob an ASS even a very BIG ass!! But there’s millions of ppl out there with mental health issues! Some of them are AsSeS!

    You might think he’s crying WOLF, and maybe he is…… He got caught & maybe… Just maybe that stress triggered the issues he has. Personally, I hope he apologizes to Z then goes to get the mental health help he needs! It’s hard to fight it!! Trust me I know!

    Again, my point was 2 wrongs don’t make a right!
    And we are all judging him based on his asshole personality in the house! Him saying crappy things might be his defense mechanism. ???

    I don’t think I’m being to forgiving… ?

    • He’ll keep on being bashed until he’s gone. It was Tiffany then Frank and Day and now it’s his turn. It’s no one’s fault but his on that we have so much to work with.

    • He’s lied about seeing a psychiatrist, for sure. Psychiatrists pretty much just prescribe meds and refer out for counseling. If he was on meds the producers would know it. It’s all a bunch of BS designed to gain sympathy. This site is not doing anything to Paulie because Paulie and the others cannot see or hear us. If Paulie’s in trouble, it’s because he has misjudged his fellow players and misjudged the public. He actually keeps telling people how much America likes him but since he hasn’t gotten a package yet, we “must be confused”.

  27. Paulie REALLY you crying like a little Bitch, You the so called Big man of the house, “I’m gonna win this I’m gonna win that” running to Corey crying YOU BIG BABY BITCH. You can dish it out but you TRUELY can not take it…..Girl Bye..Ha Ha Ha

  28. 6:15 PM BBT – Corey is confused why he and Nicole are considered such a big showmance (based on Zingbot’s comments) but Nicole is really excited about that news.

    7:20 PM BBT – Corey tells Nicole she doesn’t have to take him on her trip.

    LOL, girlfriend get a clue…

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