‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 8 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Paulie and Corey were sent to the Block by Victor’s big move to change up the game and clear his own path to the end of Big Brother 18. Now with the Veto comp there’s the chance for those nominees to change. Read on to find out what happened today at the PoV meeting.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 8:

  • Victor decided not to use the Veto
  • Paulie & Corey remain this week’s noms

No surprises at all here. Victor plainly and repeatedly told Paulie no, no, no. He was not going to use the Veto on him. Victor gave up a $5,000 prize at the comp to hold this power and he wasn’t going to give it away that easily. Now it’s up to Corey and Paulie to talk their way out of eviction but that’s going to be a steep hill for Paulie to climb as the target is set directly on him.

What do you think of Victor’s decision. Any advantage to Victor’s game by using it or was this a solid decision to keep things moving down the path he wants with Paulie’s planned eviction on Thursday?

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      • that is a true fear I have. I use to give the guy some credit just because I thought perhaps the game he clearly is very good I was getting to his head but after what he did to Natalie! I hope hope hope he goes and does not have the returning ticket

      • Just watched Sundays episode and I am finding it really hard to even watch Paulie on the show anymore. Even those who do not like Nat (I am a fan of hers) should not agree with the way he is treating her. At least she stands up for herself. I also noticed how Corey smiles whenever Paulie says something nasty to Nat. Another really nice guy.

      • sorry just saw this now LOL I totally like Natalie! She’s a good person and like you said, not afraid to stand up for herself. But what I also like is the way she stands up for herself. She’s not mean or aggressive!

  1. If they were smart, they would get rid of Corey. Paulie’s game is busted and his head is not in the game. Corey is the glue of keeping Nicole with Paulie. I don’t care for Paulie at all but game wise, I would get rid of Corey. Who just won both HoH and POV during the double eviction?

      • I wonder about this… Wouldn’t be hard to put all one way tickets out and switch it in the DR if they thought it would make for good viewing

      • good viewing? I don’t think America or Canada would be happy if Paulie got back in the house! He’s not entertaining, he’s a total f*cking jerk! Pardon my French ha ha

      • Not arguing that at all. I can’t wait for the door to smack him in the rear. Can’t believe what came out of his mouth my point was just that if production wanted to manulipulate the one way ticket twist they could do so very easily.

      • That’s a nice theory but no one knows for sure, they easily could have told someone which envelope to grab. A lot of past contestants have said that production interferes with game play.

      • How? Come on enough with production. Those envelopes were sealed and they all were gathered around trying to get in the room. Production said nothing. I watched on the feeds.

      • The diary rooms? Or all the envelopes could say “One Way” and then they slip the RT in the duffle bag of the evictee of their choosing? There’s so many ways for them to rig it.

      • I really don’t think they go that far. And do they put ideas in their heads in the DR yes but they don’t decide who goes and who stays. If that was the case everyone was praying Frank had the return ticket and he didn’t. But watch Julie closely she just may switch the envelope. Haha. Every year someone is on here talking about production when things don’t go their way.

      • I get what you are saying but remember @ end of the day it’s a tv show! CBS needs to make a great show. It’s a diff world over in TV land so nothing would surprise me. I’m not saying u r wrong but remember it’s a tv show. Nothing is real in HWood.

      • I agree. I’m sure they stir things up in the DR. And how they give certain people a better edit than others depending on how they want the direction of the show to go.

      • what would make great TV would be to get rid of Paulie. I will be cheering, just like I did when they evicted that glitter boy Frankie two years ago, but WAY too late anyhow for both. Many of the interesting people are gone now.

      • They could have all been one way too and production just does a little switch via the diary room.

      • Agree, no one outside of production knows for sure. There won’t be a Congressional investigation, it’s just BB.

      • why are people mad about this? it’s called BIG BROTHER. The term BB means that BB is in control. IMO, the houseguests have WAY too much control in the American version. In the UK they can’t even discuss who they are voting out, or they get penalized. They are very helpless in that version, which makes for better viewing and less manipulation.

      • Maybe. But they did number the envelopes, so they know (have known all along) who has the RT ticket. What we don’t know is when Friday’s show was scheduled. If production determined the RT is held by someone with no chance of being evicted this week – and they also know neither Paulie nor Corey has the RT, they would have quickly scheduled a Friday battle-back show. The fact that one has ben scheduled makes me believe neither Paulie nor Corey has the RT.

      • Maybe Friday’s show is an episode of the jury house and more of the feeds. Everyone is assuming and I think we’ll find out Wednesday because the show said at the end ZingBot had a big announcement.

      • Hopefully it isn’t a reset. I’d rather see another Battle Back. A reset would just add speculation about Production.

      • I’d like to see a battle back also. But regardless I think someone is coming back. Otherwise the show would have to end a week early.

      • It was schedule at least 2 1/2 wks ago because it’s been on my TV guide that long.

      • Could be the Co-Hoh care package show.. They need to do that before noms.

      • totally agree! Reality TV is not reality anymore that’s for sure! But I think America and Canada would be pissed if Paulie had the returning ticket

    • I would tend to agree with you, except Paulie is just too hard to beat in comps.

    • No, Paulie is SO annoying, for that reason alone he needs to go, and he could still make it to the end, without a doubt. He needs to go NOW !!!

    • You have valid points but Corey only has himself and Nicole. Paulie’s head may not be in the game but I’d rather see him leave. He can still win comps.

  2. Pssst Paulie, telling everyone you won’t campaign against your boy, while you’re campaigning is hilarious!

  3. Now just hoping production hasn’t given paulie Rt tickets. They have access to the house during lock down and could swap if they wanted

  4. So it’s his grandma uh I mean auntie with cancer. Cancer is no joke. Oh he’s claustrophobic in jury where he can watch movies and roam in and out freely. Bs. He doesn’t want to face Z

    • I think he doesn’t want to go to jury because all three women in there is there because of him in some sort of fashion. He wanted DAY gone and she went. He DIDN’T want Z there but he refused to take her off the block when he had the chance. Bridgette he had a say in her being there as well.

      • Sick puppy this kid. 5 year survivor here and my daughter is positive gene so she’s having to undergo radical mastectomy. He will stop at nothing. I liked his game until a point.

      • I’m sorry about your losses. I hope things go well for you and your daughter from here on out. I’m a 10 year survivor this year.

    • No, cancer is no joke (I’m a survivor). But using someone (real or fictional with the disease) for your own gain is abhorrent.

      • Me too Grace. I also lost my grandma and 2 aunts. Right now my daughter r has just tested positive for the gene and is getting ready to undergo dbl mastectomy to remove chances. Don’t use this for your plot to further the game you sick pri@$.

      • I think Paulie is either too immature to realize the impact of what he says – or he’s too sociopathic to care.

      • If Paulie’s card isn’t the return ticket then the 4 jurors will battle for a spot back in, what are the chances of him losing to Day, Zak, and Bridgette? Pretty much 0%.

      • Bridgette will be his biggest competitor but depends on the comp itself. If it his a mental comp (no pun intended) then DAY could very well be the winner.

      • Where did you hear that? Is it speculation? If it is, you should say so otherwise people take it as fact and run with it.
        If it’s not, then hot DAMN I hope Da’ comes back!

      • It’s just what people assume if the round trip ticket isn’t used. Otherwise it might be something related to this week’s care package.

      • Technically it’s speculation as Julie hasn’t stated it yet but there are tons of articles about it so it’s rather likely, production will need to fill a week if the return ticket isn’t redeemed.

      • The question is, what if Paulie DOES have the RT? If he does, then what’s Friday’s show for?

      • Not sure. Maybe they know giving him the RT would be too obvious? Idk but I’m guessing it’s either a jury battle back or a random episode of family/friends commenting on players since they haven’t done that much. Or maybe even them explaining how BB19 is going down online opposed to tv. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • Exactly. Unless they already know he doesn’t have it. I’ve always had a gut feeling that Victor has it.

      • Or Paul since he is the one who cracked the code and was the 1st 1 in the Paris room.

      • Here’s my speculation: Production DOES know who has the round trip ticket because they were numbered. I bet you that Victor has the Round Trip- so as soon as he became HOH this week they knew that nobody being evicted was going to have the round trip ticket in time for a houseguest to return within that 4 weeks. So now they have to make up for the extra houseguest they were hoping to come back from the Ticket Twist- which MIGHT happen in the form of the special episode on Friday where a jury member could come back. Mark my words….I’m feeling pretty Psychic ;)

      • I would assume that production would have a place for if the ticket was used. eg. if it was used we would add this extra comp, if not then we proceed as normal. I will be sooo mad if they bring back a juror after already bringin back Victor. Victor was out for 4 weeks and may very well win this thing and I am not sure how I feel about that. Once youre out, youre out imo

  5. Let’s just hope that Paulie doesn’t have the round trip ticket or win the jury buyback if there is one. He needs to go. BIG TIME.

  6. Can Paulie somehow flip the vote this wee? Nicole will vote to evict Paulie over Corey. Victor, Paulie and Corey can not vote. That leaves only four more votes to be used. James, Michelle, Natalie and Paul. James and Nat will vote together, most likely Paul and Michelle will vote together. It will take only three votes to secure a person going to jury. Even if Paulie can convince James and Natalie to evict Corey, Nicole could very well easily convince Paul and Michelle to evict Paulie. I doubt Paulie has a chance in staying this wek unless he has either the RT ticket or somehow can manage to get himself back into the game.

    • None of those four people are going to vote to save Paulie. His only hope is the RT ticket or, failing that, winning a jury battle-back.

      • So what if and again I mean IF he doesn’t have the RT ticket, maybe production knows that and figures he would do great if there happens to be some sort of returning juror.

    • He has zero shot.

      He could have had one, but he has played the last week all wrong, created personal hard feelings, and leaving no one to expect or even really want his loyalty.

    • Unless Corey loses his mind over something & starts attacking people, Paulie is a goner at the vote.

    • I have gotten the impression, more than once, that Paul is not particularly fond of Nic; just things he has said at different times. I don’t think she could convince him of anything.

      • I agree but that was a just in case scenario. I don’t think Paulie has a snowballs chance in Hell of staying this Thursday night.

      • But, honestly, WW, you never know, and that is why we all talk about it and put all of those scenarios out there. Many of them have happened, unexpectedly.

      • True that is why I always try to think outside the box. I know it gives people not only a laugh but also to make them think.

      • It absolutely does. I have learned that everything deserves to be questioned and speculation sometimes turns into fact.

      • Expect the unexpected!

        That being said, I think Paulie will be evicted this week. His drama is too hard to overlook.

      • And I think Paul tends to find the good in everyone. He just has that type of personality. But there’s something about Mary, I mean Nic, that rubs him the wrong way.

    • If Paulie somehow convinces Natalie to vote Corey out after all the crap he has said to her then she deserves to go next. Think she is smarter than to keep Paulie in the game with her vote.

  7. It pisses me off that Paulie is getting away with not doing his punishment. Dude is such a loser. This whole time he’s been running the house not caring about anyone then all of a sudden when he’s in danger everyone is supposed to feel bad for him? Also I feel like people are forgetting what a terrible person Michelle has been all summer.

      • I was just making a general reminder that just because Michelle is working against the most hated person right now, she shouldn’t get a pass on being such a nasty person in all the time leading up to this.

      • She recognized and admit she was an awful person. Not excusing her behavior but she acknowledged it unlike Paulie, he is a victim and cannot see his wrongdoings.

      • Yep, Michelle already said she’ll never make AFP because of how nasty she’s been.

      • I respect your perspective, but disagree that she truly feels bad for how she behaves. I think she started worrying about people’s opinions of her once she got left out of the Day vote.

      • Oh, I don’t know if she feels bad but “knowing/acknowledging is half the battle”. I give her credit for that much, also for talking with Bridgette.

    • I know last night production called paulie into DR a bunch and again this morning. Last night once he refused to go and they had to call him 3 times and have Corey bring him in. Its riducuous Paulie should be punished for his behavoiur.

  8. All this speculation that production is manipulating the RT, is just that speculation.
    But if we’re going to speculate … think of it this way. Paulie’s “cheese is falling off his cracker”, it would be in production’s best interest to get him out of the house before he freaks out.

      • Well, that’s true, but why would someone say that if it wasn’t true? Just for the shock value – maybe?

      • Hard to tell, speculation was that it was part of an effort by Paulie to maybe be removed from the game and still get his stipend. I think he would have been wrong about that, but nonetheless it was when he was saying he was going to leave.

      • Yeah, I think you are right and I also think he is still trying to rack what is left of his brain to find a way to get the full stipend AND go home to mommie and daddy.

      • Even if he is lying about that to gain sympathy it still makes him a liar. If he hasn’t seen one I think he needs to start.

      • I thought Paulie said he saw a psychairist and they told him they didn’t think he was fit to go into the BB house and he lied to production about that.

      • That’s what he says, but pathological liars pile lies on top of lies until they’re finally caught.

      • And he has been caught that,s why he is being voted off,and BB needs to look further into it just in case it was not a lie.

    • If Production was going to rig the RT it would have been for Frank or Day. No one else is worth the bother.

      Heck it is more likely that if Paulie randomly got it, they would take it away this week because he is such a mopey so and so these days. Think they’d much rather have Day back.

  9. Here’s my speculation: Production DOES know who has the round trip ticket because they were numbered. I bet you that Victor has the Round Trip- so as soon as he became HOH this week they knew that nobody being evicted was going to have the round trip ticket in time for a houseguest to return within that 4 weeks. So now they have to make up for the extra houseguest they were hoping to come back from the Ticket Twist- which MIGHT happen in the form of the special episode on Friday where a jury member could come back. Mark my words….I’m feeling pretty psychic ;)

    • Yes they know. But they didn’t know who would grab which envelope. So yes they know who has the round trip ticket. And they are sealed. And Friday’s episode was planned long before Victor won HOH. Its been listed on my TV guide for over two weeks. And it’s a taped episode. Paulie won’t be evicted until Thursday evening so unless they tape that part after he’s gone I don’t know about that. But like I said at the end of last nights show they said ZingBot will have an announcement. So I’m sure we’ll find out Wednesday what’s going to happen.

      • OK, well, that’s important to know, that Friday’s episode has been planned for a while. I thought there was also that possibility: that CBS simply had an open hour to fill and BB got good ratings during the previous Friday show.

      • The scheduling can be set up both ways, so they could book the friday in the advance.

        No RT ticket = Jury battle back episode with future DE

        RT ticket = fast forward episode.

      • In the past they have had a buy back competition after the 2nd DE,i think it might just happen again this yr, but not this week.

  10. Victor Suave did it! Paul may have helped coached him but he did the deed, win, nominated Paulie and Corey, won Veto, and kept the nominations the same. My, how he has grown from Victor of yesteryear, one of Jozea’s disciples.

    • Hahaha Jozea made us all hate Victor and Paul but now we’ve fallen in love with them!

      • Omg! That is true! ;)

        Jozea was just a Nasty hateful person! He also said some completely mean and racist stuff too!

    • Honestly Jozea brought out the worst of them, and I think realizing their errors brought out the best in them

      • Not trying to be stereotypical but if I would have had to guess I would have thought he was Greek.

      • I believe he did state his nationality. I know he speaks Spanish, did it with Natalie.

      • And Natalie’s Venezuelan, James is Asian, Paul has some sort of Arabian ancestry … and Zakiyah and Da’ – actually quite a few of the HGs this season aren’t “lily white”.

      • Who cares what color or nationality. I like the way Victor has handled himself since returning and I like the way Paul is handling his ‘punishment’

      • I agree with you. In fact I think most of this season’s HGs have handled themselves pretty well. Not necessarily played the game well, but have been just fine to be around.

      • Natalie is part Italian and may be white Hispanic, but Victor is Puerto Rican. There have also been two black people, and James has Asian ancestry.

      • Yes, couldn’t remember and didn’t want to guess; Puerto Rican from Louisiana.

      • If i remember right i do believe that Victor said he was of PUERTO RICAN descent,and they do speak spanish.

      • Ok, I’ll make it plain enough for u….Black people!!!!!!!…Wouldn’t waste my time on the petty, childish, immature, popularity contest. Groups of people, lying, plotting, oh, does not take a lot of wits in this game. Placating, flattery, and bulls—-.

      • “petty, childish, immature, popularity contest” would work the same for people of any color, don’t you think?

      • I think IMO only, people might be responding in order to make it plain enough for you … that color doesn’t make any difference and that lots of colors are represented and that’s a good thing.

      • I’m black and have been watching for years since first season and I’ve learned a lot about people’s Character.

      • The reason anyone goes on the show is because they are highly competitive. It comes from playing sports, or breng a high achiever. Yes, the end reward is $500,000, but for people who challenge themselves, it is a step towards achieving goals. One should have goals. Otherwise, life can be hum drum.

        If I were not handicapped, he’ll yes, I’d love to be a part of the show.

        I am one who does not set a standard based on the majority. I am free to be me. No one can take anything from me. Including my own people. Some of the worst times in my life have come, not only from SOME whites, but MANY blacks.

        Please go bark up another tree.

        Thank you.

      • Thank you for not being racist,i,m also disabled and have been called a lazy ass white boy from people of my own race(I,m not lazy i worked my ass off for over 45 yrs)and i have been called the usual racist names by many blacks too,(i refuse to say african american because there are many blacks who are not african my landlady is from so africa and she is white and despises that term).

      • You’re welcome. I too worked since I was 14. Thought I’d still be working for another four years but not happening. Hold your chin up and continue to enjoy what you can. I love developing friendships here, (in Paul’s words).

        Best to you. Smile

    • Way to play that Race Card, but I think you should have checked the ethnic background of this year’s cast before throwing your Ace.
      Why try to create problems when there are none.

    • Hiney, the United States is made up of all kinds of people. I’m not gonna explain anything else.

  11. Now that Veto is over, if I were someone in the house other than Paulie or Corey, I would open my ticket to see if I had the round trip ticket. They are void if opened, but they are no good after Thursday anyway.

    • Nah, they should wait till Paulie leaves. Seeing everyone else’s ticket – regardless of who has the RT – would give P and C too much information before the fact.

      • If everyone opened their ticket and they found out that Paulie or Corey had the round trip, the suspense Thursday would be heightened. If someone else has it, that takes the hope of the round trip away and the level of campaigning would go up. Not that I think that Paulie has a chance, but the scenarios that he makes up are fun.

      • The problem with that is, I don’t think any campaigning would work. Plus it makes for great TV when the ticket is opened.

      • Yes either way, opening the other round trip tickets would only make the game better at this point.

      • If no one had the RT after this Thursday, I hope they get to open the envelopes to see who DID have it.

  12. Production has their way. Paulie will have the Round Trip ticket. If you notice how they pull out the ticket from the envelope, it could be double printed. Also, Julie keeps the envelope. So they can select the winner at their discretion. Srg

    • Why does everyone think production would want Paulie to have the ticket anymore? He is damaged goods. And Day and Frank were more popular

    • Considering even productions annoyed by him, do you really think anyone would want this Robin Thicke clone around?

    • There’s no way they would risk that because if the remaining hamsters decided to open their envelopes and exposed that kind of fraud, then the integrity of Big Brother itself would be tanked.

    • if they did that the FCC would be all over it,they could lose their broadcasting license ,and could face jail time for fraud or cheating,it happened on a game show in the late 50,s someone in production was giving the answers to a contestant ,they almost lost their license but the perpetrator did go to jail and there were only 3 networks back then i dont think CBS would risk losing their broadcasting license

      • If that’s the case, why does the production keep rigging or interfering with the game play? Isn’t that legal? Plus why can’t we even see America’s votes? For example, last week’s ACP as delivered to Nicole while America was confident that Michelle might have won tthat Bridgette who had the majority of votes was evicted? The production doesn’t even reveal the numbers of votes to us so how do we know if its legit or not?

  13. Goodbye Paulie, you are quite literally one of the worst players of Big Brother that I have ever seen.

      • Just barely worse, yes, because of the combination of so many things, all adding up to it. Urinating in the hot tub right before everybody went in it, pretty much sealed the deal for me. keep in mind that we know that he did that but the houseguests don’t. That’s way beyond anything Devin did. and I’m still rather upset with production that they did nothing about it and let people actually get into that Hot tub without knowing that they were being exposed to bodily fluids potentially. That’s pretty low all around.

        Paulie is proving to me that slow and steady can also win the race to the basement. You don’t always need a big incident. Sometimes a little “piss and vinegar” is all it takes. ;)

  14. So if Paulie doesn’t have the Round trip ticket will there be another twist where the first four jurors get a second chance to get back in the game.

  15. sorry paulie. you over played and got caught. you signed up for the jury house. don’t be a sore loser

  16. Great move by Vic, and being straight up about it. If he gets to the end, other hamsters will give him big cred for punting Paulie.

  17. Mon 1:22 PM BBTnic tells Paulie she would be very unhappy with him if he did that. Paulie says you can’t keep telling me that. NT – spikewells
    Mon 1:21 PM BBTPaulie telling nic he has no problem punching one of them (vic/Paul/James) in face…he dosent care.

    That’s not his first threat….Please self evict! If production was smart, they would kick him out or not let him back with a win back or ticket!

    • Threats of violence inside a locked house are just as intimidating as the violence itself. Just the threats should be enough to expel him. I don’t know what production is waiting for. Are they really going to sit back and wait for somebody to get hurt?

      • Maybe this is the only way he thinks he can get a quick exit without penalty. He soon real looney to me and I don’t like watching a nut case.

      • Probably for the same reason they waited with Paul, Michelle, and Zakiyah when they all threatened to hit/hurt someone.

    • You have got to be kidding me. What’s wrong with production not dropping that guy like a hot potato? ???? Threats should be taken seriously.

    • He’s also not the first of this season to threaten that kind of physical violence. Michelle did it to Tiffany, Zakiyah did it to Michelle, Paul did it to the group who voted out Jozea.

  18. Since we have a friday episode, could there be a house reset again. Or will it be a someone coming back in if the return ticket isnt used.

  19. I kinda feel sorry for the house for putting up with his crap. Especially Vic who he’s constantly kissing ass to. Honestly if he wants to ditch jury, its his choice. That’s his loss not anyone else’s

  20. It would be great tv to see Paulie kicked out, win the battle back and kicked out again before being sent to the jury house to face the wrath of the 3 female jury members.

  21. What’s wrong with you people. Why is Meech way on top of the poll for the care package? Victor definitely deserves it or at least Paul after all they’ve done in the last couple weeks. I would never trust her, she is to unreliable.

      • LOL She’s a lot of things but good tv is not one of them unless you want to watch a competitive eating contest. I didn’t mention Cory so I don’t really know where that came from.

  22. This season started out with such promise. I really thought that Frank and Tiffany would be powerhouses well into the last few weeks. Instead, we have Paul and Paulie. How I would love to swap them two for Tiff and Frank. Every season we have one totally vile houseguest to watch (like Andy a few summers ago), and sometimes two.. and this season is one of those with two. I don’t know which is worse. I can’t stand both of PP equally! Even if Paulie leaves, Victor has also become so arrogant himself, and don’t like many of the girls left unless they were able to cut a couple more of those pompous boys out (starting with the remaining P!) That is if Paulie even leaves and doesn’t have the ‘return ticket’! I am barely watching at all. What a total waste of time. I have realized that BB is actually designed to be this frustrating. This is, without a doubt, my last summer tuning in to this crapfest of bullies and victims.

  23. If Paulie has the 2 way ticket, it’s rigged, he showed his ignorance this week talking trash about all of the girls this week. He needs to go!

    • If production has it rigged to Paulie coming back, then why did they go through all that trouble to get him to comply with the punishment?

  24. I hope he has the return ticket, I’ll be so Happy. Keep Paulie & Corey, the 2 best players of this season.

  25. hey, I haven’t been around for about two weeks now. I haven’t seen any spoilers but I’m back LOL I had to! After watching last nights episode and the way Paulie treated Natalie! I was begging and pleading in with the TV for Victor to have enough balls to put up Corey and Paulie & then I had to come here to see what happen with VETO!!!
    I was scared to death Paulie might have won it! I am so so so so happy!
    I knew he was arrogant but I didn’t think that poorly of him, I just figured his head was getting bigger because he really is good at the game but after what he said to Natalie, I am so over him! I am so so so so happy and I don’t know what the word is on the street but I can only assume he is the one going home??

  26. curious, when does the returning ticket end?
    Because here is my thought!

    First of all let me start off by saying I can’t STAND Paulie anymore! before the incident with Natalie yes I thought the guy was cocky but I just figured the game was getting to him because I know that does happen to people and I just figured his ego was getting inflated because he really is a good player when it comes to competitions. Anyway ……

    if this week is the last week to use the returning ticket??? Then my thought is maybe get rid of Cory only only only because if Pauleeeeee comes back he’ll be even worse!!!! BUT as I say all of this, no just get rid of him and hope he doesn’t have the return ticket. He’s too big of a threat in competitions to keep around. Forget everything I said LOL

  27. I admit I have NOT been seeing full episodes as of late. What in the world is Paulie doing that has everyone up in arms?? Anyone?

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