‘Big Brother 18’: Voting Open – America’s Care Package Round 4

A new week of Big Brother 18 brings a new round of voting for the next America’s Care Package and this time the power is once again even more powerful and looks to peak in its second to last round of viewer voting.

America's Vote on Big Brother 18

“Co-HoH” gives the winner “all perks and responsibilities” next week including “choosing one of the two nominees.” Wow! That’s huge and could really balance out the game next week depending on which pairing of HoH and Co-HoH we’ll be seeing in the following round.

While there’s definitely an upside for the recipient there’s also a huge downside for the next HoH if they’re on opposite sides of the game. The incoming HoH is about to lose one of his or her picks which means say Nicole gets the HoH win then she could still see Corey up on the Block if Victor wins the power or vice versa but with Corey winning the package instead of Nicole.

We could definitely see some drama come out of this next power’s reveal depending on how this balances out. Only Victor won’t be eligible for the upcoming HoH competition so his fans may want to rally around him for a chance at safety.

You’ll have 20 votes each day, resetting at midnight, and the voting lasts until Friday at 10AM PT (1PM PT). If the top vote recipient is either evicted then the power drops to the next person. I don’t know what happens if the new HoH also gets the package though. If Michelle wins HoH and gets the most votes then I guess it’s possible for them to still give it to her and it’d basically be nullified. Hmm. CBS doesn’t indicate on the voting page how that would be handled. It’d be dull for it to be wiped out, but logically it still works. Maybe we’ll find out.

Who do you want to win the power to be Co-HoH for next week? Vote now at cbs.com and make your decision wisely. The poll below does not count toward the official results & is only for our discussions:


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    • I’ve been voting Victor as he’s the only one we can be sure it would help as he can’t play next HOH. And if Paulie does have the RT ticket or gets a buy back (Please no) they will need some help. I don’t want a repeat of last week like if we voted Paul and he won HOH so care package went to Corey or something.

      • I agree Victor is the only one who has a pair no one else did anything until he became hoh if Paulie gets ck in the game will take over hs sheep

      • If we don’t vote for Corey he won’t get the care package. There is a 50/50 chance he will be evicted so why even bother voting for him?

    • I thought about voting Michelle, but decided Victor is the more stable one out of the 2. I like Michelle, she’s just too unpredictable and easily influenced. I can see her letting Nicole talk her into putting up Natalie or Victor instead of Corey.

      • I agree about Michelle. She has always been the one that I was afraid would be swayed by someone enough to go to the “dark” side. She’ll be easier to manage if she doesn’t have power. I think she will always be susceptible to being influenced easily by others.

  1. I’ve been voting for Victor, since he’s the current HOH and can’t win it next week, so he’s the one it would theoretically help the most.

    • I gave my votes to Paul. Say Paulie does have the RT ticket and say he wins HOH he would put James and Vic up to get back at them that he is americas biggest loser. If little Paul has a vote he can put up who the house would really want out, and keep the game going in the right direction

      • I don’t think Paulie would put up Victor. It would be some combination of James, Natalie, and Michelle.

        The line he has been trying to sell all week is he is all about the boys’ alliance. If he puts up two boys as HoH, he just writes his ticket back out of the game.

        And Ricks reasoning is sound. Paul gets to compete for HoH. Victor does not. And if Michelle and James/Natalie decide to turn on Victor, Paul being co HoH actually puts Victor in more danger (one less person who would vote to keep him).

        I don’t really want Victor to win the show, but I think the final weeks will be more exciting if he is around awhile longer and one of the showmances (preferably NiCorey) breaks up next week.

      • I see your point, my first choice was Vic then I thought about it and jumped to Paul. Maybe I’ll hop back on the VICtory train:)

      • I still see Paulie as a bad sport who would want to take down his victors on his way out. I guess thats how they positioned this whole co HOH thing where they did

      • If Paulie had the return ticket and won HOH next, the obvious ones to put on the block is both Paul and Victor who are good in competitions! Put them both on the block and one goes home. If one gets off, put James in. I would not bother with Natalie, Nicole and Michelle as Paul and Victor are the stronger threats. You remove one and you have a better chance on future HOHs and VETOs. Probably, a long shot at this point but, would make for an interesting scenario!

  2. Part of me really wants to vote for Meech because I’ve been a Meech fan all season and it bums me out when she thinks America hates her. However, I think Victor is the smartest move since he is ineligible for HoH next week, and is therefore guaranteed to put it to use if he wins.

    • This is going to put an even bigger target on Victor’s back. He’s standing with the most comp wins in the house right now, so for strategic purposes I’m voting Michelle.

  3. Michelle is a terrible person, all she does is talk $#!+ about people, the girl needs to get some help.

  4. If someone like Victor wins the Co-HOH, it’ll be the first time in Big Brother history that someone has managed to be HOH 3 weeks in a row. I am honestly voting for him to be Co-HOH only because he is playing the most honest game as of right now. Meech could easily go back with Corey and Nicole and nominate the other side of the house. You never know what she would do.

    • Agree, Michelle is too unpredictable, and Paul is only bold when he can get someone else to make the big moves so my vote is for Victor.

      • Michelle is a whiny baby and can be very easily swayed. I don’t trust her to stay with her alliance if she gets in the HOH room. All she does on the feeds is complain about how much America probably hates her. I don’t trust her at all to give this CP too…I am splitting votes between Vic and Paul.

  5. No more flag waving while waiting for the pies to bake? Apparently Paulie stomped long enough and got his way….How fair is that for the players that are following what they have to do? (Paul, Cory, Nicole)

  6. JMO… The more I think about it the person I would like to win is James. I know, I know people don’t like him I get it! Of all the HGs James has been the most real. Not taking things to a personal level or being a d-bag ect. He is a laid back person and generally a stand up guy. OK OK let me have it I can take it.

    • Are you saying James should be Co-HOH? He is not eligible to win this care package or any other care packages moving forward.

    • I think any of the HG’s are still viable options except Cory and Nicole. They have only floated thru imo. Although Cory did pull out a couple of wins during DE.

    • That is why I voted him as AFP previously. I’m not sure about this year, yet. I’ve been flip-flopping on that. But it would make me happy if James won. I actually would be ok for a few of them to win this season unlike last season when I was miserable with the choice of HG’s left in the final 4/5.

    • I’m glad to see that there is someone else out there that sees James the way I do. Wish he would open up his eyes to Nat, that little “cuddle with James while she waits for ANY other man in the house to want her sl*t mentality” I dont have to wonder how fast she’ll want him if he wins it.

      • I might not agree about how a James sees Nat but it does prove to me that he is a very loyal person.

      • Thats what I see. You look for a man like that then see a girl like her play him then slay him, pee’s me off

      • Is it amazing race that has a second place of $250,000. ? I thought it was BB then someone said it was $50,000. and it is $50,000. for BB isnt it?

      • 2nd place finishers in AR get no money…only 1st. I guess that is why 1st gets a million..they can’t afford to give the team that finished 2nd anything..just a trip around the world..which would be fun!

      • It is $50,000 for 2nd in Big Brother. Still a good sum for 2nd place. Of course, if you are playing to win, you want that $500,000.

    • Sorry, James is a lousy player and just follows the majority. I would rather Victor or Paul win over James, Natalie, Michelle, Nicole, Corey, Paulie. For drama, I would like Corey and Nicole to last longer to help evict James, Natalie or Michelle not necessarily in any order! Victor has played the best game so far, Paul is 2nd.

      • Awesome. Vic needs this more than anyone. Paulie could very easily come back Friday and even though he says he’d nominate James and Natalie I don’t believe it. Vic will be his target.

      • It’s BS they’re not able to play for HOH the next week though. That shouldn’t be a stipulation.

    • I wondered as well? How will that work and What about if the care package winner is also the HOH for the week.

    • Me too. What has she done except cry, eat and lie around. Oh year, one veto win. Give it to Victor. He will have gotten Paulie the weenie out and needs to be protected this week as he can’t play for HoH

  7. I’m very happy that Nicole got the CP this week. It keeps her out of contention for the next two and she will really have to work it to stay in the game. I wish her a few nice, calm, happy, relaxing weeks in the jury house with her boo, Corey.

  8. With all the Bullying that Michelle has taken the last several weeks, and being on the nomination hot seat, and likely to win on her own, think it would be an interesting test to see what she would do, considering they have said that she is/has been a very emotional and unstable person in the House ? Ha !!!
    Think someone once said in BB History that everyone should have the experience to play all aspects of BB, both HOH and Being Nominated, and of course, everything else, albeit on the Jury and/or in F2 ??
    Loved the way how she through Nicole, in particularly under the bus during the double-eviction with her speech, but, then afterwards sobbing away and asking for forgiveness, however ??
    A Paul, Victor co-HOH would be another boring week, imo … someone like a Michelle and Natalie would be fun to watch, however ? Ha !!

  9. If I read the above correctly the Co-HOH cannot play in HOH comp the following week…hmmmm that is very interesting

    • That would be putting Vic at risk if he wins it like every one wants. I think I’ll stick with wanting Paul to get it.

    • I’m not reading it the same way. “Not being able to compete in the following HoH is not a perk or responsilbity.” It’s the opposite of those.

      • I meant to put the quote earlier: “Not being able to compete in the following HoH,” is not a per or responsibility…

    • Since Victor is HOH this week, it will be great if he won it. He will be in control for two weeks and could take the next one off.

  10. The bribery CP seems kind of pointless since more often than not everyone votes with the house. Would bribing Natalie to vote out Nicole be a legit bribe?

    • Because it states “America’s Care Package” I would assume so. However, as far as I know, you just have to be registered with CBS to be able to vote. So, your guess is as good as mine. Sorry I can’t be of help. Maybe someone else has an answer to that question.


  11. I checked the CBS schedule …The Friday show will not be an “episode” I don’t believe cause its not numbered “episode 28”. That means (I believe) whatever we watch will be pre-recorded…I am guessing and speculating at this point ….

  12. I’m voting for Victor since he would use the HOH wisely. However, I’m worried that all of us are splitting votes between Vic, Paul, and Meech, and somehow Corey will end up winning. Ugh.

  13. This is going to be a great week, because it won’t matter if Nicole or Corey wins HOH. Hopefully Corey won’t get the Care package and wins HOH. Whomever Paul, Michelle or Victor put up will be going home.

  14. I do not believe that the CO-HOH will be able to play for HOH
    the following week ..according to what I read..

  15. So it seems (example) that if Paul is HOH and Victor is CO-HOH then neither are eligible to become HOH the following week…If that happens then one or both could be nominated and placed OTB…That is what I would call a “Major Game Changer” James Michelle Natalie and whoever is not voted out get to play for HOH…again very interesting…

    • You leave out Nicole and Corey who will still be in the Big Brother House. If they win HOH next and use their heads, they would target Victor and Paul with James as the re-nominee if one gets off thru VETO! If either of the 5 wins HOH then, you know it will be Corey and Nicole on the block! Expect Paul and Victor to use Nicole if Corey is evicted next after Paulie! They will go after Natalie, Michelle and James and will be stupid to take a chance on taking out Nicole who is alone when James, Natalie and Michelle can put both Victor and Paul on the block then! They will break up that threesome when Corey or Nicole is evicted next! Then, it becomes easier to Final 2!

      • naw….said whoever was left with J/N/M just did not name em just not sure who is gonna there

      • lol This vote up comming has me paying closer attention to what plans might be in the works…For some reason the BY has been closed Just waiting for it…lol

      • since veto meeting I think but Nicole & Corey got swimsuits to match their costumes so everybody is a little puzzled about the lockout

  16. I really hope Paulie is voted out I’d like to see one of these three win as of now it could change depends on their play.. I’d James number 1 Paul or Victor to win They have been playing the best game…

  17. I was originally going to select Michelle, but changed my mind to Victor. For some reason I think Michelle can be turned by Nicole and Cory, and is not 100% reliable, but Victor has proven himself to be on point. Plus, can you imagine how much Michelle would cry if she had to actually nominate someone, omg?!! Plus, since he can’t compete for HOH this week, this is a good one for hm to have. Saving the next one for Paul, friendship rules!! Lol ??

    • Maybe, although Nicole was supposed to be given complete safety and she’s still a Have Not.

      • She is not getting complete safety. It was a joke because she got “super safety”. She is only safe from being nominated. At least that’s what I understood.

  18. Wow Cry baby Michelle in the lead and would do what everyone else tells her to do. And racist Paul in second. Can’t take him walking around like he owns the house again like he did for Victors HOH. Victor and Paul need to sit on the block together.

      • I don’t have feeds. I sometimes go to jokers and read what’s happening.
        What did he say?

      • I won’t say the words but he was making fun of James and Z. I think you know what. Talking about shooting them and a lot of other remarks about violence. It was when it was Paul, Victor, Jozea and Bronte. They were awful.

  19. I have voted for Victor the last two weeks because he really deserves it. If he doesnt get it this week then I’ll vote again for him next week. Maybe it would be better he get the last one, it has to be a great one! Just Nicory dont get it!

  20. The main reason I am voting Meech is because I feel like there will be drama between her and Nicole lol especially if Meech nominates her!

  21. I want Michelle to win the Care Package. I give her all the votes so please help. Big Meech needs your help.

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