‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Paulie Threatens To Quit Jury & Dodge Pie Punishments

Over the past several days of the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds we’ve listened as Paulie Calafiore has threatened to abandon his obligations in the game when it comes to Jury and his recent competition punishments. Will Paulie bail on Big Brother or are these just empty threats?

Paulie gets teary on Big Brother 18

It’s never fun when something doesn’t go your way, especially when a half million dollars is on the line, but is it ever okay to pick up your toys and go home because you didn’t get your way?

On Saturday night (Flashback to 7PM BBT 8/13) Paulie began telling Nicole how he wasn’t planning to stay in the Jury house if he was evicted this week and there didn’t appear to be a way for him to get back in the game. She tells him that’s a bad idea and isn’t what Cody would want him to do.

Soon Paulie escalates his threat saying he has severe claustrophobia and can’t face the mental challenges of being locked in the Jury house for five weeks. (It’s currently Week 8 for these HGs being in the Big Brother house.) A little while later Paulie suggested his former therapist advised him against being on the show as though he’s suggesting he’s again unable to fulfill his Jury obligations for this reason which hadn’t been an issue before this turn of events.

A few hours later (10:15 PM BBT 8/13) Paulie is now claiming he won’t complete the punishment “prize” he received during Saturday’s Veto comp. Paulie ended up with the “prize” of making an apple pie every time the Zingbot sings on the PA, “oh say can you Zing.” Then Paulie has to wave a Zingbot flag (a small one) for 40 mins while the pie bakes. This punishment was supposed to last all summer, but he’ll likely get a short tenure with it since he’s slated to be evicted on Thursday.

Well guess what. Paulie doesn’t want to bake any pies. He says he’ll take a penalty vote instead, a past punishment reaction from production for breaking the rules.

Jump forward to Sunday at noon as Paulie is talking with Victor trying to convince him to use the Veto on Corey (so Paulie can campaign). In the midst of their discussion Paulie again claims he won’t stay in the Jury house if he’s evicted.

There have been numerous discussions between Paulie and the other HGs about his threats here to quit Jury. James assured him the house was bigger than the Big Brother house and it’d be okay. Another time Paulie told Corey maybe he’d see him there at the house if he’s evicted soon after him, suggesting he’ll only stay for a bit. Paulie is being a very poor sport here as he’s effectively defeated and feels the rules don’t apply to him. Think Big Brother will let him get away with that?

Finally last night Big Brother forced the issue on the pies after going an entire day without a single request for Paulie to, gasp, bake. Both Paul and Corey got their punishment costumes on Saturday night, but it was Sunday evening before Big Brother introduced Paulie’s punishment.

Big Brother finally loaded up the storage room with a stack of pie dishes, apples, crusts, and pie filling. Oh, there was a costume too. Just after 7PM BBT last night we finally found Paulie in the kitchen preparing a pie. Earlier in the day Paulie said he would make just one pie and no more. I didn’t think these punishments were open to negotiations. Paulie must think so though after what happens next…


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    • Well look who’s a big baby! He sure thought it was funny when others were on the block and evicted. Go home – quit, nobody cares. What a big baby

  1. So many people want to play this game. And he wants to throw a Chima-level tantrum because things don’t go his way. It’s Big Brother! This is how the game works! He was cool with insulting everyone and sending them to jury but when it’s flipped, suddenly he can’t handle it. I’m so disappointed in his game.

    • Ooh I hope they call Grodner in like with Chima, and she says “come this way. No, don’t sit down in DR, just come right on out…”

    • If nothing else show some respect for his brother and family , and himself. His brother told him “no ladies!”. I don’t think he heard!

    • I wish they would screen these contestants a little more carefully to make sure their mental health is decent. Chima is a great example of a psycho who should have never been allowed on. Paulie is clearly messed up, Tiffany is somehow even more of a wreck than her sister, Michelle has the emotional maturity of a 5 year old and even Bridgette seems off to me Her obsession with Frank is definitely not a healthy one.

      Too many whack jobs on reality television these days.

      • China is actually a poor example, Willie Hantz, Justin Seiber, and Scott ? , are actually better examples, because they were violent and a threat to the safety of other houseguest, Chima simply disobeyed Big Brother, she was never a threat to the other houseguest.

  2. Production: Swap me out with Paulie, I’ll chill in the Jury house and pick the winner for him!

    • DITTO!!!! I will go stay in the big wide open claustrophobic jury house LOL LOL what an idiot! What a stupid thing to say! The big brother house would be way way way more claustrophobic. My mind is spinning !!! how did no one call him out on that?? Or did I miss something? The jury house is just like any other house aside from you can’t leave and there’s no technology! It’s way less claustrophobic than the big brother house LOL Cody must be so embarrassed for his brother right now!

  3. He’s just a sore loser. If he keeps threatening to walk out from the Jury house big brother should just show him the door now and tell him not to let it hit him in the Ass as he leaves

    • I really wish they would. I dont trust him to show us all what a really sore loser he is by hurting somebody, so he can walk away the winner in his oun mind. I dont think its right that BB is taking that chance just for the ratings and tons of people that will sign up for the live feeds to watch it afterwards. I think James or Vic would have it in them to beat him in a fight, but its not worth the chance to me. I want to watch a game not a scum like him get away with something like that. Sure he will end up in court but then what, daddy paying the fine to help him get away with it. JMO and fear

      • LA is a long way from Jersey and the courts in LA County will not partake in a Jersey attitude.

      • Yep, at this point, Paulie is self destructing…they need to get him out of there before he really hurts someone! BB should be worried about his mental state!

    • I agree, if he’s straight up defying Big Brothers requests, he should be removed. We don’t know what’s happening in the DR though. For now, I hope it’s all strategy, trying to get other HG’s to feel bad for him. But knowing Paulie he’s just being a total baby right now.

  4. We’ve seen numerous houseguests make empty threats about not fulfilling jury obligations in the past. It’s a last ditch effort to retain some semblance of control over the situation. It’s a hissy fit. Lots of houseguests do it. Too many to count. None of them have gotten their own article about it, though.

    Man, what are you guys going to write about once Paulie is out of the house?

    • Plenty of HGs have said they’ll quit. Paulie has been repeatedly doing it for days now combined with threatening to refuse to comply with his punishment of, gasp, tossing things in a dish and putting it in the oven.

      When are the numerous times that’s happened? Let me know.

      When Paulie is evicted this week we’ll keep on writing about what’s going on in the game & house. Just as we’re doing now.

      • Hey Matthew, thanks for clarifying a few things. I really appreciate it.

        I think I’m just going to take my post down, rather than get into it. You guys do a great job and it’s just my opinion anyway. Thanks for responding politely, though. You always keep your cool and it’s refreshing to see. It’s easy for me to sit back and nitpick but meanwhile you guys have a site to run. Are there some things I disagree with you about? Sure. But I think I did a bad job in saying what I wanted to say and you didn’t deserve it. Sorry, man.

      • Matthew, as a fan, I appreciate the fact that this bugs you too. I’m not saying I’m happy you’re bugged!—but it helps knowing it’s not just us. Know what I mean?

      • I much prefer Audrey’s act of being a poor sport over Paulie. Maybe it is because he’s more vocal about it? I just know that how he’s acting greatly diminishes all his comp wins and gameplay moves.

        It’s easy for anyone to be on top in the BB House. It shows how good of a player they are to not give up, keep campaigning and be a good sport about possible eviction.

        It’s a shame. It’s not entertaining TV. I only want to see it as for BB producers to put him on blast.

  5. He is a whiney ass lil punk. Every thing was fine when he was the one making the moves. NOW he wants to change the rules. CBS needs to make an example of him and show him this won’t work. He SIGNED up for this. Be a man.

  6. Don’t think Polly will be hearing from the Bold and Beautiful any time soon like his brother Cody.

  7. Of course he should be allowed to leave if he wants… It’s a free country after all.
    That said, I wouldn’t expect him to get paid a dime if he doesn’t hold up his end of the contractual agreement.

    • Of course he’s technically allowed to leave. No one will bar him from going. That’s why there’s a DOR process. The discussion is whether or not it’s acceptable to bail on a contract and obligation because he didn’t get his way.

      • Simply put – NO! Unless, of course, it says in his contract that he gets to have his way … which maybe it does, the way he gets away with things.

    • He won’t get paid.. He did not fulfill his contract. However I will say that if Paulie does not comply with the rules that he should be penalized with extra votes but if hes going anyway it won’t matter.. Now if Paulie stays in the house cause he has the RT then CBS/production better come up with something to cover their asses cause it will matter to the viewers if Paulie gets special treatment and its obvious….

  8. Paulie seems mentally unstable and has issues with women. That is why he wants to vote out all the women and have the final five be all men (Paulie, Corey, Victor, Paul, and James).

  9. Paulie reminds me of a spoiled, rotten, child that always gets his way and when he doesn’t, he aggravates people until he does. What does this say about the way he was raised. He is 27 years old! I bet he still lives at home and Mommy and Daddy do every thing for him. If BB gives in to him and does not make him go to jury house, then why should future players have to go. One thing, IF he does not go to jury house, I want to see the expression on Zakiyah’s face when she finds out. What a pathetic example of a human being!!! I could say sooo much more, but I won’t……

    • For sure Meryl! I don’t think it is even fair for him to have that chance with the way he has been acting lately and all the mean and misogynistic things he has been saying all along.

  10. It blows my mind that, at least during the first couple of weeks, Paulie seemed like a well-put-together guy. Nice, fairly bright, engaging, etc. Then he “became” this awful person. I’m inclined to think (which is kinda sad) that Paulie put up a great front and was his “best self” for a while, but that wasn’t who he actually is as a person. This, now, is who he is, truly. You have to be a really good actor to fake who you are for weeks while being confined and filmed 24/7. He was a decent actor for a while, but then he broke down and could no longer hide his true self. He’s like the Ted Bundy of “Big Brother,” except I don’t think he has killed anyone.

      • Exactly Matt! I thought he was Cody 2.0 until that comment. Paulie’s a legend in his own mind. Have some respect for the game you signed on to play, put on your big boy under roo’s and play the damn game.

      • So has Paulie refused to comply with the punishment all together??? I don’t think I’ve heard Zingbot sing since they returned from veto meeting…

      • I enjoyed him too. Then he decided he’s the best thing since sliced bread, I knew he’s a nutter

    • He goes around killing the self esteem of women. When girls get together and put some one down we are mean girls, but what name do he and “his boys” get when they do it? I’ll just call him an a$$ and ask America to send him a box of tissues for his tears and a roll for his a$$.

    • Come on guys, it has been 28 days since Paulies last nose bleed. Give him a break LOL.

  11. Paulie just wants to do whatever he can so he doesn’t have to face Zakiyah. Notice that not once since she has been gone has he talked about seeing her after the show? He said he will hang with Corey and Nicole, but no one else. He wants to do anything he possibly can to avoid owning up to her for all of what he told her.

    • I agree with you that who is in the jury house is at least part of how come he doesn’t want to handle being a jury member. His fear and anger about it also looks like simple bad sportsmanship and wanting his own way. It’s way out of proportion and overblown, though. Often he just seems to be unstable, like he should never have been cast in the first place. Someone lying on a gameshow application slipped through the cracks.

  12. Paulie is such a big baby, I hope they get rid of him and he doesn’t have the card to come back in house. It was alright for him to get rid of people and now the shoe is own the other foot. Just leave Paulie and stop being a baby. I loved when Victor put you on the block.

  13. Maybe Paulie is getting penalties already (?) Not once has he completed a pie without messing with the task’s requirements. Maybe it’s not a big deal when he starts making a pie long after getting the signal or that he has screwed up the flag waving. Rules are rules, but widdle Paulie is so damn precious and special. If poor widdle Paulie self-evicts or bails from jury, he’ll probably expect an air-conditioned limousine ride back to ‘Jersey, plus overtime and an aggravation settlement bonus. ‘Cause he’s been aggravated!

  14. What would be great is if Paulie DOES have the round trip ticket, but Julie tells him “hey you wanted out, so you’re not allowed back in. It’s what you wanted.”

    • Maybe that would be part of the punishment.. If he does have the RT due to his failure to comply with the rules it isn’t valid.. That would be good TV..

  15. So has he now completely refused refused to comply? It’s an easy task. I remember Brittany had many rules she had to follow when she kicked all of those 2400 penalty kicks and she knew she was going to be evicted. She followed the rules, stayed up all night, and completed the task with class, dignity, and character.

      • It was a brutal punishment. She was bleeding and her feet were swollen afterwards. But she had a great attitude, never whined, and never expected any special treatment. Look at the difference.

      • Now you are scaring me! We need to find a way to keep in touch when the season is over. I’ve enjoyed “chatting” with you.

      • Lisa, at the end of the season, if you want it, I’ll give you my email address. But, only if you want it. You don’t have to say yes, just to be nice. :)

      • Of course I want your e-mail address. I don’t say anything to be nice. Lol. How did Corey win the last care package???!!! I go away for a few days and I come back to that news. I am no longer rooting for Gnat and James. Don’t like the way they play the game. Glad Victor won his way back in. Paulie seems to have gotten worse, if that’s even possible. Is the deal between Nic/Corey and Vic/Paul real? It’s amazing the things you miss when you are away.

      • OK, COOL! We’ll be able to stay in contact then…YAY! Yes, it’s true, Nic/Corey and Vic/Paul are really playing together. I was screaming when I found out Paulie had fallen off the wall and didn’t make it back, but Vic did!! Did you see Paulie when he got to Jury? What a d***. I really can’t stand him.
        I have NO idea how Corey got the care package. No one I know voted for him. At least no one here…
        Where did you go? Vacation? Did you have fun?! Glad you’re back. I was worried something had happened to you. Lol…I sound like some creepy stalker. I promise you, I’m not. :)

      • I live in New Jersey and was in Wildwood from last Tuesday and came home Saturday. I was able to catch the weekday eps of BB but you miss quite a bit just watching CBS and not being on this site.

    • And who was it (Shelly?) who had a sword and had to walk around some objects and then touch something with the sword like a gazillion times and had to do it within a certain time, too, I think, and it was hot out there, etc. She did it with grace and dignity. A woman – imagine that!

  16. He is worse than any female who cried a lot in the house, put your big girl panties on and take it like a bitch!!!!!!

  17. He should leave and let the last evictee back, then america will be able to vote for who wins bb18.

  18. Kick him out. Period. Seriously, Matthew? Is this something you would do? Why is Production letting him get away with this? It’s NOT entertaining. He’s dissing the entire fan base. He’s giving CBS and US, the viewers (and their revenue, BTW) the middle finger. Why are they letting him get away with this?! Look, forget everything else about this bully. Let’s focus on this one thing: His poor sportsmanship. His performance this whole season hasn’t amused me, but this is really going beyond the bounds of fair play. He should be GONE!

    • He’s behaved on both sides of the eviction chair to the extreme. When he was running the house, everything had to be his way or the highway. Now that he’s heading out the door, everything has to be his way or the highway. It’s a personality disorder flirting with bi-polarism, it seems.

    • I’m hoping they’re keeping him until his sorry a** gets evicted on Thursday for ratings. I’m sure looking forward to see him walk out the door. Don’t believe that they want him there beyond that. If they had ‘given’ him the RT before its definitely getting yanked now.

  19. Send him on his merry punk way….and replace him with Glenn….I bet Glenn would be happy to make apple pies!!

  20. Sore loser doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. Instead of owning up to what he’s done and accepting his poor gameplay, he decides to pout and throw a tantrum like a toddler because he can’t have his way smh… honestly, Paulie, if you want to just quit now and avoid being a damn adult about this, then I don’t give two f*cks. Go pout on your plane ride home. I couldn’t care any less about you at this point.

  21. My mom pointed out that it’s sort of funny that he’s been abusive to women and is now being told to complete a task many would consider domestic.
    What do you want to bet that he’d be making comments about women in the kitchen if someone female had gotten that punishment?

    • Absolutely, had to be a coincidence because no one could know who would end up with that punishment – I also think it’s kind of funny that it’s pie — although it’s apple, he could use a big ‘ol humble pie or two or ten. Of course, Paulie had to overcome the apron stigma by telling everyone that he always wears an apron in the kitchen, but he is naked underneath and that it makes for interesting things to happen. Yeah, like maybe fecal matter in the dough, Paulie? Wash your hands once in a while, maybe.

  22. I think instead of a penalty vote they should threaten to invalidate his ticket if he doesn’t start cooperating.

    • I thought about that earlier and almost posted the same thing. But that would be giving him an easy out. Someone else posted that he is trying to get thrown out instead of quitting. In his jock mind, it would be more manly to disobey the rules and get thrown out than to quit. I guarantee you he would be bragging how he “showed them”. Nobody tells Paulie what to do and when to do it. He’s just that delusional.

      • He is pathetic. What a fool he now looks like to everyone. It’s kind of sad really, but after the past couple days of watching and hearing him whine and carry on, he deserves everything he gets. No holds barred!!!!!!!

      • Hopefully, he will reap some consequences in real life for his behavior. His peeps can only protect him from so much. I don’t mean harm, I mean public scrutiny.

      • What a complete idiot to come off all entitled on national TV.. I don’t even think he’s embarrassed by his behavior. Probably has always been this way. Maybe even though he’s older than Cody, he has been in competition with him all his life, and set out to prove he can win it all, and one up his brother.sort of like a Donald Trump!!!

  23. I can’t wait until he is gone now. He has ceased to be entertaining. Now, he’s just sad.

  24. So since everyone’s focused on Paulie, how about Paul’s hilarious response to his punishment? I was screaming laughing watching him on BBAD last night, leaping over couches, sliding over the table top, chasing everyone around the house and finding baggies of stuff in their pockets. He had an alarm go off, and then when he finished, not a minute later it went off again but he just did it.

    • Yes! Paul has been absolutely fantastic with his punishment. A real sport about it. He’s embraced it completely and is having fun even though it’s gotta be a touch annoying. Heck, he’s even getting the other HGs to enjoy his punishment.

    • I have read quite a few comments about Paul and his hilarious antics and had the pleasure of watching him on BBAD. What a breath of fresh air – yes, thoroughly enjoyed him and his routine – nice to be reminded of a good sport and some fun!

      • But then isnt that the real reason why so many of us watch a show like this. Break away from real life and have a chance to laugh and smile

      • It was so refreshing to hear the HGs laughing so hard both with and at Paul last night. Seems like a long time since we’ve heard them laugh.

    • The funniest thing I ever saw. What a perfect punishment for him. Subject Number 1 Clear!!!!!!

      • LOL…that only applies in the song that that line comes from: “Sisters.” from the movie “White Christmas.” But, I’ll let you keep him. ;)

      • One of my favs of all times. I watch it every year at Christmas. I can hear them singing it right now. Then Danny Kaye & Bing come in mocking them. Classic!

      • I was actually thinking of Rachel when she said that about her and Brandon but love White Christmas too. A fave in our house

      • Isn’t that a great movie? I fell in love with Rosemary Clooney…NOT that way. She was so under-rated as a singer. My SD was in a movie with Danny Kaye. “The Court Jester.” Ugh. Who cares.

      • You’re just hateful! LMBO!! K! OMGOSH! Quit it! I can’t breathe!
        Yes. Yes, K. My SYPHILIS DOCTOR. MY SYPHILIS DOCTOR was in “The Court Jester” with Danny Kaye. That’s exactly what I meant. My SYPHILIS DOCTOR.

      • Who? My SYPHILIS DOCTOR? Oh my WORD! Did you read all of my transactions with Mrs. Calafiore? I want to jump down her stupid troll throat. Especially when they say things like, “I don’t see him do no disrespectful things…” Oh, you don’t see him do NO disrespectful..” Ignorance bugs the frick out of me.

      • I left that thread. I figured it was probably a man who had the same tendencies as P and was baiting women into responding. That was just my take. Fake picture…troll. I just didn’t want to go there.

      • I had to. I was having too much fun. Childish of me? Sure. Satisfying? Absolutely. Frankly, I didn’t give a damn. ..even if it made me look stupid AND like a mean girl, which, as you know, I DETEST. I just couldn’t keep my yap shut. especially when ‘it’ came back as a different person a little while later, agreeing with everything the original ‘it’ said.

      • I’ve seen trolls do that…come back as a different user to support the original. Desperate person who needs to be acknowledged. Remind you of say, Paulie? I have to be in the right (or wrong?) mood to interact with posters like that.

      • The Man in Black. He looked great in a suit! I laughed so hard I was crying. Security!!!!!

      • Right? I was crying too! When he pulled that baggie out , I thought I pee’d a little. OMG—he was fabulous!

      • Seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Good to see everyone having fun with it. Paulie tried but looked stupid once again when he made Paul chase him into a room only to stop his routine to talk game. Warn him about the deal he put out to Victor. Still looking like the big baby Paulie!!!! Pathetic!!!!

      • YES—GREAT to see fun in the house! I really didn’t like Paul at first. I didn’t ‘get’ him. But what he’s doing with this punishment is such a great diversion from that stupid pathetic Paulie crap, it’s absolutely refreshing. I can’t wait to watch BBAD tonight. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It started at the end of last night’s show…did you see his dance?

      • No I guess I didn’t! I do think it’s great that they showed on the show last night the big show down with Paulie and Natalie! That showed his true colors of being a real jerk. At that point he hadn’t been nominated yet, nor Bridgette being set home, so to see him first act so entitled to being a huge baby was great. He said awful things about Z and too bad he got called out on it, but Z was a pretty awful person too. She was the main person who was so mean and nasty to Bridgette over the jealousy thing between Michelle and Bridgette. So glad Bridgette was redeemed before she left. And good for her for standing up for Nat. Z just sat there and let Paulie belittle Nat when she knew what he’s been saying about her . Then she tells Julie that she hoped her and Paulie would see each other when this was over. What a nice girl.Not !!!!!!

      • Oh, don’t even get me started on Z. I hated the way Paulie treated her; but she was the epitome of a ‘mean girl’ and I DETEST ‘mean girls.’ Ugh. Michelle is not on my nice girl list either. In fact, Bridgette is the only one who seemed nice. But I missed a lot of BBAD early in the season, so I didn’t see a lot of what went on. I felt Z, Nat and Michelle were pretty mean. I hope Bridgette comes back–IF someone comes back.

      • Please don’t put Nat in that category with Z. I like her. Michelle has also been growing on me since Frank left.

      • Oh, I totally love Nat NOW! I didn’t at first. But like I said, I didn’t see a lot of BBAD at first, so all I knew was what I saw was on the show. I like Nat and Bridgette. I felt so bad for Nat last night when she was crying. I totally felt where she was coming from…when she said she felt fat and ugly. I mean, what woman hasn’t felt that way? BUT, she’s also in High Def AND on Nat’l TV! Can you even imagine? I was seriously bumming for her.

      • I hope so. My opinion of him has changed a LOT in the last week. I still think he’s a rat (lol), but the way he’s embraced this whole Security Guy…he’s hysterical. I was crying…just like I did when you scared Cyril off yesterday! I really needed that laugh…with you and Cy and then last night with Paul.

      • Me? What do you mean, I scared him off? lol I was imagining him sitting there thinking, f*g women and not knowing what to say. I always know when he is flustered. He always posts “crazy..lol” or something similar. I laughed so hard and then the 2nd time when you came in right on cue(great timing, by the way) I lost it. Fun times. :D

  25. Ok since you asked, no, it is obviously NOT ok that they have allowed this to go on. At this point BB should try to make it right with ALL BB18 HG past and present, starting with:
    1. Kicking Polly’s sorry butt out never to a allowed on BB premises again;
    2. Giving his vote to the viewers;
    3. Dividing his stipend among all of the other HG with extra ‘0’ s for Nat and Z- like them or not, they have had to tolerate the worst of his disgraceful behavior;
    4. Allowing all female HG MINUS Nicole the chance to play again;
    5. Most important, give all viewers, especially us, free access to BB19 in exchange for having to watch Polly’s garbage all this time;

  26. Upon reading this, Paulie should have penalty, period. This half a $$ he is purposely doing is wrong. Also, upon eviction, since he didn’t comply with the punishment and rules of the game, the round trip ticket back into the house should be negate. He said get won’t do jury right?back in the house, nope. So, now we have a jury spot open, Frank should have it.

    • If there is a jury battle back on friday then Paulie should be banned from competiting for his behaviour. It should be the 3 girls or they should bring back the person evicted before Day. After the way Paulie has been bahaviour lately he should not be allowed to return to the house.

      • They can’t bring back someone who has gone home and been able to watch the feeds. Not fair to those still in the house. Isn’t that what cost Danielle the win, wasn’t that before they started to sequester the jury?

      • Yes. Danielle Reyes was ROBBED that season and lost because the jury were all bitter little bitches. She lost to a pretty mediocre player in Lisa Donahue, too.

      • Ya if they went home and saw the feeds then they shouldn’t come back so just the 3 girls should compete.

  27. Move over #crybabyMeech, there’s a new brat in town! And now that the shoe’s on the other foot, he isn’t so happy!

  28. And Paulie thinks “Jersey girls” are the reason he’s not married. Heh. What girl (from any state) would want a guy who’s more immature than any child they might have? He’s Audrey redux without the hoodie. Somebody, please give him one.

  29. Y’know Paulie if you wanna quit, then freaking quit! (dunno if I can swear on this site) Don’t waste anybody’s time and just leave already! Nobody wants to deal with your crap anymore and it’s getting really old!

    Message to you Paulie: Grow up you freaking bitch!

  30. Puh-puh-Paulie’s a douchebag. Puh-puh-Paulie’s a douchebag. DOUCHEBAAAYAAAYAAAGG!

    Like if you get the reference ;)


  31. I would LOVE to hear what his family has to say about all this now. I would be so disappointed in my son if he behaved in this manner. But, then again, that’s our society today. No respect for anyone anymore. No one is held accountable for their actions or words.

    • And too many seem to think that equal opportunity and freedom means some equal entitlement and total freedom to do WTF you want.

      • Maybe when he gets home, his family will tell how how badly he got shafted. That is just the sort of thing that creates this sort of person in the first place.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. That’s why I said earlier, that I think he’s gotten I too many ‘Atta Boys.’ They love and adore him for who he is (as they should) but do so with blinders on. And maybe, just maybe, they’re afraid of telling him the truth too.

      • Oh yes. He was the kid who never “lost” at anything, but got medals just for trying. Nothing was ever his fault, blah blah blah. You know the rest. We’ve all seen a million of these entitled a**wipes. They make for the worst human beings on earth. Worst thing you can do to a kid is raise them to think they are beyond failure or consequence. Paulie is the perfect example.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Parents haven’t done their job if their child/children can not handle failure and think consequences are for everyone else except them.

  32. Congratulations Paulie You are one of the worst players, if not the worst player, in Big Brother history. Not only have you set the game back, gender relations back, and even New Jersey relations with the rest of the planet back, but you did it without any style whatsoever.

    You have embarrassed yourself and your family and your legacy and even your future children (if some woman, most likely a Jersey girl, is dumb enough to ever become impregnated by you. One can only hope it isn’t Z).

    You have showed us all again what poor sportsmanship looks like and you did it with no class whatsoever.

    You, sir, are a fruit loop dingus.

  33. There’s nothing that says the eviction vote has to be live, or must wait until Thursday. So — BB should just take the vote now and be done with it. Before the vote, as a penalty for his antics, they can void Paulie’s possible RT ticket (if necessary; Production already knows which envelope it is in), and disqualify him from Jury. An early eviction would be wiser than having him come out the front door on a live telecast, anyway.
    Then, with no one on the block for a few days, it might be interesting to see how it might affect dynamics in the house.

    • I would assume it’s all about $$, precedence, legal ramifications and more $$. They’re probably all in a room trying to figure it out and hoping just like we are that the punk will just leave.

    • Prev season the HOH had to nom a replacement (so 2 gone this week). AND then there is an issue of a jury vote. It cant be Frank bc he wasnt sequestered so maybe it would be an America’s vote.

      Right now he is throwing a 27 yr olds temper tantrum. If he doesnt get his way and he gets attention for his bad behavior he will prob still go to jury. If CBS makes him leave, he will forecer say the ‘game’ wasnt fair to him vs taking any responsibility. I’ll bet that CBS makes sure the audience doesnt boo him either….. SIGH

    • How could you want to disappoint the viewers by not allowing us to watch Paulie kicked out the front door? Lol.

  34. He’s being a total prima donna. Using a family member dying of cancer as a negotiation tacit is disgusting. First we’ve heard of that Aunt and it’ll be worse if we come to find out he’s lying about it. As punishments goes, the pie one is pretty tame. Paul is being a phenomenal sport about being a secret service agent, is having fun with it and is very enthusiastic about it.

    You’d think for someone that played so hard to evict some people outta the house he’d have the self-respect to play just as hard to save himself. He takes everything so fricken personal too. It’s just a game but he acts like he was mafasua to the other house guests scar.

    If he gets that ticket, returns and acts all fired up with a new tune of “I’ll stay in the house cause I have a chance to win again” because I do not want him to return just to see another week of him being a pathetic poor sport.

  35. At this point, production shouldn’t even give Paulie the option to quit, he should be removed from the game, just in case he has the return ticket. He shouldn’t be allowed to possibly be rewarded and allowed to stay in the game after displaying such poor sportsmanship.

  36. Here’s the thing. Those poor women in the jury house should not have to put up with this wanker, and production has to be a little bit concerned about that if he actually does decide to do his jury time. What are the liabilities for the network if they stick this mentally unstable wanker in a house that no one is allowed to leave?

    • Hopefully he would stay in his room and not come out. Bring his mom there to send him his meals.

  37. I think Paulie is being a little bitch, and if Corey doesn’t wise up, he’s gonna be out soon too. Play the game, don’t bitch about it, but hey this wouldn’t be big brother if there wasn’t drama in the house.

    • But the drama could have been so much better. One break down might serve as entertaining, but ongoing crap like this gets old really fast. Paulie could have created the drama by fighting really hard to stay instead of sinking what was left of his game. At the first sign of trouble, he bailed. Remember when Dan was all but sunk? It ate over till the fat lady sings …..

      • Absolutely! Dan never gave up. He lives by those words: “It ATE over till the fat lady sings.” Lol…sorry, Soph! Don’t go bad a** on me.

      • I would make the most impatient therapist on earth. I’d be a little too “get your sh!t together”

      • HA! I used to work with abused children—not in a conventional way; and I am an advocate of adult women who were abused children…not as much as I once was—due to disability—but still online. Anyway…

      • It’s a tough gig. I couldn’t do it. You have my admiration for doing that sort of work. I would find it so hard to see what these people have been through. And you know, seeing these kids who have really had to struggle through life and then seeing a guy like Paulie. I’m just, no!

      • That’s why he pisses me off so much. Especially when he was so menacing to Z. I don’t care if it was with his words. Words can be more traumatizing than broken bones. I have nothing but utter disdain for this child. Disdain. He’s not a man. And whoever is enabling his behavior (Mom?) needs to nip it.

      • He totally spotted Z as someone he could abuse and went for it. Makes me wonder what her story is, because we’ve all seen women fall victim to that cycle of abuse and she really made me think that’s where she was coming from in the way she responded to Paulie’s treatment of her. Really sad.

      • At his age, he is responsible for his behaviour. He should know better and won’t change until its to his benefit. Not so sure about blaming his mother, Cody behaved much differently. Paulie’s the Bad Seed! :)

      • WHY doesn’t anyone blame Dad???? It’s infuriating! If he has a role model, it would be his father, no?

      • OK…I remember when you came to bat for me when Mr. PhD was attacking me (Isaiah), you told him what your PhD was in….and I only asked because you have such a great grasp on Paulie’s state of mind.

      • I see people like Paulie every day. Yikes. Drives me nuts. Forgot about our friend from last year!!!! Haven’t seen him at all, unless he’s the new troll in disguise.

      • NO, he’s definitely not Mickey. I haven’t seen Mickey…what thread are you seeing him on?

  38. the best Karma would be Big Brother not honoring his round trip ticket, because he didn’t fulfill his punishment

  39. This pie punishment was wasteful and stupid. Last night a few minutes after he baked one pie he had to do another and nobody is eating any so he threw the first one away. Just a waste throwing food away. They waste enough as it is.

    • I saw that. It drives me crazy watching them wash dishes. California has one of the highest drought rates in the USA, and they let the water run the whole time they wash and rinse!

    • You’re right..scrubbing the hot tub and the toilet would have been more appropriate and productive.

      • Paulie said there were 5 pans but multiple crusts and filling. He seemed stuck on what to do when 5 pies were made. Ie washing the pie pans isnt something that occurred to him. Contrast how Paul/Cory handled their punishments with Paulie.

    • I read on another site that he had to make it so many times because he kept talking about his ex and it couldn’t be recorded. They had to get a clean recording of him making the pies.

  40. Problem of it is, Paulie probably has the round trip ticket to return immediately to the household once evicted.

  41. Paulie’s behavior is another example of his generation feeling entitled and a willful unacceptance to claim responsibility for himself. Plus, he isn’t a man because MEN don’t act like him.

    • Cody didn’t actually like this, and he is the younger brother. So that theory is going right out the window of your stereotypical “this generation” BS

  42. Corey is absolutely right. I’m sure Paulie watched Cody”s season and knew to expect some craziness. At his size, I doubt Corey was comfortable sleeping in a bumper car or wearing a tight unitard, but he did it. It’s all part of the experience. So is the jury. So you are getting evicted like 13 other houseguests. It may have been a little tense at times, but we live and learn. Enjoy the rest on the time and roll with it.

  43. Well apparently the rules don’t apply to him, since they’re not enforcing his punishment. Lame on the part of production not to hold him to it. If he quits, so be it. I don’t know why they’re holding his hand. Look at the contrast with someone like Bridgette — for weeks people shunned her, said terrible and untrue things about her, made it clear they wanted her gone. And still she treated everyone nicely, and even had the conviction to stand up for what she thought was right, then she went out the door with her head held high. That’s a real life winner.

  44. Apparently, he attempted to make them feel guilty again on his Veto ceremony speech, using his aunt with cancer…smh.

    • I want him to have to quit. I don’t want them to throw his worthless self out. But I also are very frustrated with this ignorant pie punishment. Seriously, who’s getting paid to think up this crap. And why isn’t he being forced to comply. Castrate him if he doesn’t .

      • He will not quit..to save even a little bit of face he would prefer to get booted.. In his mind Better to get booted than be called a quitter. .unless he has no other option if he really wants to leave..

      • I agree and you know I do because of other posts we’ve shared today. And although everyone knows I was joking with castration part, the integrity of the game is in question if he is allowed to dismiss this at will. I thought Gottifiore was dead but obviously his peeps threatened retaliation and production had to take a step back from enforcing the punishment. It’s like playing a get out of jail free card. I wonder who passed GO and collected?

      • I said CBS/Production better come up with some really good explanation if he does not receive some sort of punishment.. Its a very unfair situation for the other HGs not to mention the viewers..

      • Looks like they are having a concert with a little country fair or something. “Perks” was mentioned. I hope to high heavens that doesn’t mean anything game wise, maybe winning the chance to see a movie or something. I’m always so skeptical. Wonder why? Expect the…….

      • Guess it’s another chance for our Paulie to win something?? How nice, he so deserves it .. NOT.

      • It’s a country fair from my understanding. Shouldn’t he have been making some pies to auction off?

      • I doubt game wise prizes this is probably something to give them a break from the boredom in the house..

      • HGs have very little leverage at this point unless it was a full-blown strike of some kind. Wish a few famous and/or influential fans would say something LOUD.

      • Matured players when they know there’s no chance of them staying, usually take the opportunity to make a decent, respectable speech, in an attempt to improve their image to the Hg’s and specially America. ..this guy has zero sophistication…He has one more speech on Thursday..Will he snap out of it?

      • IMO there are a bunch of words with a zero in front of them that could be used to describe him and his behavior.

      • I think he’s pretty much in character; he’s Paulie Califiore, so I doubt it. To snap out of it would mean he would have to put his big boy undies on and I think he is fresh out of those.

      • Who would even vote for him to win after this behavior.

        I think it would be good for Zakiyah not to have to deal with him in the jury house because if she tells him no, I do not think he’ll be able to take more rejection.

      • I actually think she’s why he’s avoiding the jury house. He doesn’t really care for her, wants nothing to do with her and wants to avoid her at all cost. He knows she’ll want to be around him. Add on top of that Day and Bridgette being there. Yeah he definitely doesn’t want to be in that house.

      • He is just having a hissy fit right now. By Thursday he will get evicted like a man. Audrey did the same thing last year.

    • Wow that is pathetic! Just when I think he can’t get any worse, he surprises me again with a new low!

  45. For not complying with his pie making if he has the round trip ticket it should be void

      • She threw her mic in the pool, and was evicted almost immediately. I wished he would do the same thing, and get it over with, than to watch this miserable punk until Thursday, and could possibly have the RT.

      • I wonder if Baby Gordon use to be Devin has a Daughter? I blocked DHAD because I couldn’t stand looking at the avatar of Devin, lol, but I haven’t blocked Baby Gordon. I see that name beside your name so I know who wrote the post you replied to. On my screen, it always says, the user is blocked. idk???

      • Ha! interesting. How do they do that? You can change your user name right? Can you have multiple accounts? I wanna have another name/account and be really obnoxious like Mr. Jew..You know..like really nasty Cyril..haha..Can you find that out for me K? lol

      • Yeah, right…It’s taken me 3 years to figure out how to indent for a new paragraph.I’ll get right on that. lol

  46. He also said he wants everyone to open their tickets to end the suspense. If one of the others have the RT he’ll accept it and not campaign anymore. Paul told him no one is going to do that.

    • He’s embarrassed. I know I would be. It’s like Aaron Rodgers and his brother on the Bachelor.

    • Nah…his family (IMHO) will be behind him 1,000%. They’ll think he was treated and portrayed unfairly; and even if they are embarrassed by his behavior, I doubt any family member would risk his wrath by criticizing him. He might threaten to get his cousins to beat THEM up too!

  47. Maybe they told Paulie if he didn’t comply, he’d be in breach of the contract and not get whatever stipend $ that would be coming his way.

    He’s a douche – the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen. Suck it up, be a freaking man, and accept that you’ve been beaten.

  48. He needs to be cut. Send him home not to jury. Don’t even let him open his envelope for a chance at a round trip

  49. cbs/bb needs to get rid of paulie. No way should he be allowed in the jury house with those 3 women. With just the limited behavior we have seen on tv , it is obvious that he has mental issues. I’m not just talking about his anger issues or his spoiled brat behavior. I am talking about his pacing, his rambling conversations, talking in circles, his defiance to the rules… He deff. needs an immediate psych eval.
    I think his family does need to intervene, esp if they are aware (and I am sure they are) that he has a past psych history… BB needs to understand they will be responsible if they leave him in this game since there is suspicion that he lied on his app…
    And what about the mental abuse to other houseguests? I am sure more than 1 of them are afraid of him. Corey mentioned something about the “red button”. Probably a panic button, I would guess, so you know his behavior is causing others unnecessary stress.
    He should be taken to the hospital because he is deff a threat to himself and others. it is also documented when he was pretending to cut his wrist while making the pies oh well, I’ve said my peace.
    One more thing, about the FTs. How do any one of us know if Nat had the pos Ca gene and chose to have a bilateral mastectomy?

    • That’s a good point. Based on his past history and his current behavior, it would be in the best interest of the production to really send him home. He needs to get his mental issues resolved appropriately.

  50. WTF…..,… I haven’t finished reading this post however, he has severe claustrophobia! Correct me if I’m wrong but the jury house is wide open, you can go outside and pretty much live life normally aside from going anywhere or having any use of technology whereas in the big brother house there are times you are locked in specific rooms or just locked inside the big brother house! What a total idiot! He is totally losing his mind! Poor Cody must be mortified! Anyways I will go finish reading LOL

    • Gee, how did he ever stand in the phone booth, and then crawl through the tunnel to get his RT card?

      • better late than never! Just reading my replies now LOL but yeah exactly standing in the phone booth and crawling through the tunnel! What an idiot!

  51. Don’t let Paulie wear the Rutgers logo any longer on TV. He doesn’t represent the University at all…, waa, waa

  52. Big brother should set precedents and just send Paulie out the door! No live studio audience, no jury, no voting for the winner! Just send him home! He could have left a good legacy just like his brother dif. He is clearly really good at comps and left a good impression in that sense but now it’s all squashed! Because he is a sore loser! He should just be sent home. No Julie or anything! Just send the loser home!

  53. how could someone with claustrophobia survive in the big brother house esp with that many other people. The jury houses they have shown in past seasons are larger than that set. SO….. what does Paulie ever say that is true? And I’m getting tired of him acting like he has issues that real people dead with when all he appears to be is a foul-mouthed, narcissistic crybaby.

  54. I wish Donny came back. He was one of the nicest and most righteous people on this show ever. He didn’t have one bad bone in his body and never threw anyone under the bus. Unlike many people in real life and in especially in this show, he had decency and morals. He’s a saint in my book and I wish CBS would have considered him as a returning contestan. But no, we are stuck with mentally unstable and unfaithful individuals.

    • It often takes a certain kind of individual to want to play this game. Not in every case but a lot of the time, it is super narcissistic people or people who come off as mentally unstable. When we get a normal, down to earth person like Donny, I think we all take notice.

  55. Giving Michelle this week’s care package will be a big mistake, she can’t be trusted! It’s Victor for me since he can’t play for the HOH. If anyone’s earned it he has.

  56. They each sign contracts making them liable for incredibly high amounts of production costs if they break rules or do anything to purposefully affect the game negatively. I guarantee if Paulie decided to do that CBS would use it for all it was worth. They’d shoot him being angry and threatening to quit in the Jury House then would have him speak with one of the BB casting producers and a lawyer (off camera) who’d show him the contract he signed and suddenly we’d see Paulie with a much different attitude blaming it on “just being hot about the issue.” He’s acting like a spoiled baby. If I were him I’d be more afraid of having contracted whatever pitiful crying/feeling sorry for myself disease Michelle has rather than being evicted.

  57. No joking, this is one of Paulie’s Instagram posts:

    “pr_calafioreYou wander life selfishly. Not caring what you say or do. Until that day comes when you realize that your words and your actions no longer only pertain to you. You go from being selfish, to selfless with your purpose. You drop a rock into a lake, all you can see are the ripples on the surface. You can never know the consequences of your actions beneath the surface.”

    Hey Paulie, you’re stuck in sentences 1 and 2.

  58. Poor poor Paulie. Maybe he would be more settled if BB provided him with a safe space. Time to pack your bags punk.

  59. if Paulie thinks that his action is going to get himself in the entertainment field, he’s going to have a hard time with that.

  60. I think he’s just immature and selfish. He showed it with his treatment of the women and his behavior. Like a pouty child who wants his way. So no I don’t think he should get away with it. Make the punishment fit the crime and be swift about it. Fans are watching after all. Why does it seem like every year they bend over backwards for someone. Like when Frankie was on for instance.

  61. Paulie was truly scary when he was angry at Natalie. He was puffed like a rooster ready to fight. He was so angry none of the other HG wanted to speak. I ams surprised production did not ask him to leave that evening. then how cocky he was before the nominees were announced. OMG! He rambles, repeats, talks circles, Lies (not even good lies) unbelievable crazy insane lies. He didn’t even get as heated with the boys around the table as he did with Natalie in the HOH room. He thinks he’s justified, his apologies were nothing but blaming someone else for his behavior. It was James fault, it was Z’s fault it was Natalie’s fault oh yeah don’t forget Michelle’s fault. He has treated Tiffany horrible telling everyone to make her feel uncomfortable by not talking to her. Laughing and belittling people if they show any emotions or weakness, when they are on the block. ” Ya know what I mean” Funny thing about being so vocal, It will sometimes bite you in the rear. Paulie was throwing a tantrum that a 2 year old would throw when they don’t get their way. He showed us that he can not control his emotions, he is very scary when he is angry, he denies EVERYTHING! even if it is staring him in the face. He should be sent home.. not to jury.. he needs anger management, and professional help. I loved Paulie at first he was one of my favorite players. I thought he was smart, treated woman with dignity. like when he spoke to frank… Boy I was so wrong.

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