‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 7 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds as we’ve discovered confirmation for who the new Head of Household has sent to the Block this week.

Nominations on Big Brother

It didn’t take long for us to figure where these noms were headed and sure enough we have the results that set us up for this weekend’s Veto competition the week’s overall target plans for the Big Brother Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Victor nominated: Michelle & Zakiyah

And before you ask, yes, Paulie was in on this plan to get Z up on the Block and although he initially said she should be a target he’s now reversed course and has convinced James they need to flip that target to Michelle instead. Of course James was on board because he’d do whatever you told him apparently.

Feeds came back to Michelle SOBBING in the Lounge and surrounded by the other ladies. Michelle was terribly hurt and crying uncontrollably while Zakiyah was actually laughing about what Victor said to her. Michelle is a basket case and says she’s going to vomit again (like she did last night at the comp).

Veto is coming up on Saturday and this could be Michelle’s big chance to save her game. She’s won a PoV before so we know she can do it in the right situation, but is this that time again?

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  1. Remember when Frank told Michelle that she was on the outs with her alliance and how she’d be going soon if she didn’t do something drastic? Yeah… this is what happens when you “go with the house”. Play your own game, not someone else’s.

    • And Vic will realize that next week since he has moved up on Paulie’s hit list

      • Vic is such a little b*tch…what a disappointing waste of a return evictee…

      • Oh, absolutely. Paulie won’t waste a heartbeat trying to get Victor out. Victor should have struck when the iron was hot. Now he’ll just get evicted by Paulie again, and it will be his own fault.

    • She should have gotten over her irrational hate for Bridgette and stuck with them. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I bet frank is at home saying, “see, told ya so.” What a dum-dum!

      • that’s why she’s sobbing and barfing. she betrayed her superfan crush because shes a coward and a despicable piece of trash filled with irrational hate for brigitte because she was jealous and bridgette was closer to frank then she was. she was scorned and so like judas she betrayed frank.

        cry retard cry.

      • She definitely was jealous and admitted it to him several times. He tried to pull her in, but her jealousy made her into a bitter crybaby full of injustified pride. Shes one vengeful woman.. Look where it got her, though. She’s a moron.

    • Michelle and James could have joined forces with Frank and Bridgette and gone after Paulie’s alliance but, these guys are too dumb to figure out that stragglers will be targeted for eviction!

      • I don’t understand how it’s so difficult to recognize when you’re a straggler. Are you in every strategic conversation with Paulie and Paul (who are clearly working together)? No? Then you’re a straggler.

        At that point, get together with the others, put your personal nonsense aside and work for a common cause to get the big fish out. Idiots.

      • For a superfan, she should have recognized right away what was going on but because of her dislike of Bridget, she let the opportunity slip by her.

    • I agree these dumb asses voted out Davonne n now they will be picked off one by one n hand PP the money! Just like Frank they didn’t listen and know they will all be in jury and forced to vote for one of the 2 ignorant pricks in the end!! I hate when they do the house thing n are afraid to play their own game so they don’t ruin their game and become a target knowing that they already are damn shame they get what they deserve!!!

      • Just sit back relax, have a cocktail and watch just for entertainment. I know that’s hard to do though. I keep telling myself to do that. Lol.

      • What’s your cocktail go choice?
        We should start re-naming them to suit the HGs.
        Win & tonic
        Dumb & coke!! Lol
        NOM Perignon…..

      • LemonDrop Martini or a really good Caesar! (Canadian style… Non of that tomatoe juice.. Clamato for me)

      • 3 weeks in a row it’s a majority house vote that was cleverly crafted by who other than James. He and therefore Natalie were swing votes for Tiffany, Frank and Da’Vonne. Just like last year, James was potentially capable of being Vanessa’s greatest adversary and could’ve taken her out. But once again he decides to not play the game, but let his own alliance get picked off and only get as far as 7th or 8th place.

      • He thinks he’s in a 5 person alliance with the boys. He needs to grow a pair. I’d like him and Natalie on the block together.

      • He’s playing the same game… A waste but I’d still like to see those 2 at the end!! Dang it!

      • I believe Nat will survive to the end and take it all. Everyone likes her. Except maybe Paulie

      • Well not everyone. Victor can’t stand her. Nicole doesn’t like her. Corey doesn’t like her. And Paulie wants her gone. So whatever Paulie wants he gets. He already said if Meech or Z win veto Natalie needs to go up. She’ll be gone sooner rather then later I think.

      • Oh James…… You wanted to win money to ‘open’ your own bar……. But I guess I will see you in ‘a’ bar! Won’t be yours tho…. ????

      • That drama btch needed to go!! I don’t care who wins now, I’m just glad that dumb btch is gone!!

      • Mean girls have to go!!! M and Z!!!!! I used to like them until the past 2 weeks! They are so catty petty jealous mean it is ridiculous! Nat and Nic will go after each other. B will go after Z or Nic since M should be gone! James should team up with Vic to take out Paulie! James does not have good enough strategy to win or the guts usually to win either! Still want Jatalie for final 2.

    • Paulie could’ve been evicted the first week, he wasn’t even in the 8-pack. The fatal five was supposedly the strongest alliance in the house yet, it’s ringleader Da’Vonne decided to instead of evicting Paul decide to evict the all-threatening Bronte. This game could’ve been 8-4 for the women at that time and PP would’ve been no more. There are way too many gullible people in there and there all so clueless.

    • I agree 100%…the shot was during James hoh. James was a bitch and “went with house”….the move was Paulie. You would have had the numbers. But instead you get frank out…doing Paulies dirty work. At that point, James could have spoke with Nicole, Frank and Da and put together the votes to evict Paulie. No big moves this summer. Three straight weeks, threats to Paulie evicted. From now until there are 5 left, it will be low man on pole every week.

  2. This is going to be a long week. Good luck Day being trapped in jury with Whining Meech once she’s evicted. She wasn’t crying in the beginning when she was being a mean girl.

    • Haha exactly!! Funny how girls can be mean to other girls but when it’s on them they wanna play victim

  3. ACP3 Super Safety: Victor- may need it for DBL eviction based on what heppens this wk)
    ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette- after DE
    ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey or Paul. (TBD too far away yet).

    * you can vote 20 times a day
    ** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically

  4. Victor is the biggest wuss..he got bd by Paulies and now he’s kissing paulies butt..shows what kinda loser he is..james keeps talking about “his” game..what f*ck1n game he talking about all he does is listen to paulie..james is such a piece of crap just worried bout chasing Natalie’s tail tryin to be a big shot trying to say he’s saving her when we know he ain’t nothing but paulies bitch!!

    • If James can float by this DE and win a few comps he has a chance to win it all. I get that he appears to be under Paulie’s sway but why not let Paulie take the heat for getting everybody out now while James isn’t a big target. I just hope he isn’t as clueless as Day was when it was her time to go.

  5. This season is riducous. Paulie is HOH every week, every HOH does exactly what Paulie says. I wish someone would grow a brain and make their own decision. None of the women are threats, except maybe Bridgette.

      • Well I didn’t watch BB16 so this is new to me hehe.
        I am torn … on one hand I don’t want him to win so he can finally calm his lil nipples, on the other hand I am rooting for him to win to piss off most people haha.

      • Looks like Z is going to last another week in the house humpin on Paulie and he’s not going to shew her away or react either…geesh, what a scumbag for leading her on like that.

      • Paulie is nothing like his brother. He even points out the differences between him and Paulie on his twitter and not in a favorable light I might add.

      • Oh, there was a lot of inappropriate behavior between him and Christine and he knew she was married. Obviously, morals are not high on this families list.

      • He had “sexual relations” with a married woman even if it didn’t include “intercourse”!

      • And Zingbot even called them on it. LOL. Odd thing, though, Christine’s husband didn’t even seem to mind.

      • Nope…saw a whole blog session with her husband answering questions…said they’d been through a lot worse problems than what she did on BB and they got even closer afterwards.

      • Paulie looks like the type that would praise Ted Bundy and most likely have TB as his hero,women need to run as far away from him as they can as fast as they can.

      • Do you mean ‘shirtless’ or is Paulie actually going around the house without pants now?!

      • I read that too, I dont know, god I hope not, I was talking about Z being a small dog in her last life to jonigab because of what she said about Z humping P

      • Yeah it’s always the little guys that have a compulsion to dominate and control.

      • He’s 5’9″ not super short for TV standards. But only weighs 154lbs….. Going in…. Prob close to same now!

      • So glad Paul pointed out to Vic why Z needs to go instead of Meech…she really is way too comfortable and doesn’t think she will go home because Paulie will “see to it” that she stays. I will get out my grooming comb when Julie says, “Z you have been evicted from the Big Brother house, take a few moments to say your goodbyes, collect your belongings and leave!”

      • So she’ll try to strap Paulie on her back. She obsessively thinks she owns him! Heh…heh!

      • Because he’s just a guy? 999 guys out of 1000 guys will not say no to that. Probably, since I am not good with numbers.

      • Except Derrick wasn’t the POS Paulie is. At least Derrick showed the women HGs some respect.

      • He may have “used” her, but in different ways. At least he didn’t jump in the sack with her just to keep her under his control like Paulie is doing with Zakiyah.

      • Well, there was a lot of “sisterly” affection between them. I never cuddled with my brother like that.

      • We are talking about Derrick and Victoria, right? She was like his mascot. They weren’t related …

      • Oh I agree with you on that…Paulie is a bonafide a-hole that will never hold a candle to Derrick!

      • Derrick laid low and only interferred when things weren’t going his way. Even then it was low key hints and manipulating people so they didn’t know they were being manipulated. Paulie is just out right tellin people who to nominate. Paulie has been obviously controlling people since week 2 or 3. Its different.

      • As a police officer, Derrick was trained in manipulation. The hgs are unskilled nimcumpoops!

      • So Paulie is playing better than Derrick if he is able to tell them outright to their face and they never challenge him

      • Is paulie really controlling these grown ass people?….. Or are they trying to remain in the house by somehow doing what he wants?
        Many weeks it also seems what the ‘house’ wants. PP are only 2 votes.
        These HGs are ‘allowing’ Paulie to high jack their HOH…. Allowing!!

      • Well the twists are different and Paulie has been on the block twice so he is playing a new different version of Derrick as no one will ever to be that good again! Never being on the block at all should never happen again. But if you have lots of new players who really do not understand the game well or have decent strategy or can win comps it can happen but it should not ever in all seriousness! Paulie was coached well! What specifically do you mean Joni?

      • The predictability of it all. Expect the unexpected is not present as much as I was anticipating with all the twists that were added into this season.

      • Yes there has been good twists this season but the unexpected can’t happen as much as people fans want as remember how fans were upset with Steve for most of the game last season! He made big moves when he had to. You have to sometimes make the smart easy move 1st like with Victor as you need to get people out anyway and Michele is alone besides Z and Zak only has Paulie and that is not saying much at this point. Vic only has Paul at this point. So I do not blame him for waiting even though it would be nice to see him put up Paulie and Z! Seeing M go home will be good enough for me! The past 2 weeks she has become too much so she needs to go! Besides atleast Paulie is playing the game. What really has he said bad about Z except because of her jealousy drama pettiness she needs to go. He has not called her any bad names or anything. Zaulie fans are such haters now but Z brought most of it on herself! Would you want to be trapped in a house Z stalking you?

    • They’ve probably already told him they were throwing it to him.? the way they’re playing, would make you think that.

  6. Oh, Victor, we had such high hopes for you; I guess we shouldn’t expect any big moves from these house guests, so we won’t be disappointed. Victor and James could have really shaken up the game this week, but heck, why interrupt the boredom and predictability?

    • Victor – and almost every other HG left – is just acting like Paulie’s little b*tch…
      Truly hoping and praying that Paulie goes down in ignominious defeat within sniffing distance of F2.

    • Well I’m a dreamer, and I’m dreamin that James, Mich, or Vic will win VETO and pull Mich off and put Paulie up

  7. Michelle may be a little unstable. This doesn’t seem like manipulation crying the way Vanessa did.

    Anyway, was hoping Victor would shake things up. Natalie might have put up Paul and Corey, which would be a little different at least.

  8. Just throwing this out there… Michelle, Bridgette and Zakiyah are all talking about how they wish Frank was still there… huh.

  9. I do not feel sorry for Michelle at all. It was ok for her to be mean and nasty to others. Laugh when Tiff and Bridgette was put up but cry like a f’n baby when she is. No sympathy from me.

  10. … and Michelle just said, “I wish Frank was still here, honestly. He’d go after Nicole and Pauli”… No kidding, Big Meech? I mean, as a super fan you probably should have realized that appealing to power only gets you so far in the game.

  11. At what point will this site stop trying so hard to get us to hate Paulie and just start admitting the guy’s playing a pretty good game? Final 6? Final 3? Final 2? Never?

    Apparently if you’re not Donny rom season 16, you’re literally worse than scum.

    • Paulie is honestly not playing a “good” game, he’s playing better than the majority in the house, but let’s not go overboard here. His game is janky and transparent, it’s incredibly obvious that he’s running things and everyone is either too stupid, or too cowardly to do anything about it.

      That’s what happens when you cast a bunch of people who are looking for tv time over anything else.

      • It is incredibly obvious to US that he’s running the house. You realize that we get to see EVERYTHING. The houseguests are oblivious to everything Paulie is doing. He’s most definitely playing a good game up to this point. Just because you hate him doesn’t mean he’s not playing well.

      • The house guest aren’t oblivious they all go around asking Paulie whose going up and whose going home. Paulie always says who to put up and target. All the guys and Nicole differently know Paulie to their boss.

      • That’s because he’s gained their trust and they respect his opinion. Hense, he is playing a great game.

      • You’re letting your personal feelings cloud your judgment. I’m not a huge fan of his personality but denying that he’s playing a great game is simply sticking your head in the sand at this point.

        If not Paulie, who is playing the best game to WIN and not just be brought to the finals and lose?

      • Let’s say you’re Paul, and you manage to come up for air (from kissing Paulie’s butt) and think this through: “if Paulie’s Derrick, and I’m Cody, that would make Zakiyah Victoria. Now if Cody had evicted Derrick, he would have won the big prize. So for me to win the big prize, I have to ditch Paulie somewhere along the line.” If Paul were to venture into that territory, he’d be playing the best game (at that moment). But I have to agree with you, because I don’t see that happening – at least not yet.

      • They seem to cast pretty people and throw in a couple of uglie’s to see the response, i.e. if they’re voted out first. Remember it’s a social science test.

    • I don’t hate Paulie. He’s playing a good game. What makes this show so painful though is that he seems to be the only one actually trying to win.

      • It’s not that Paulie’s game is so good, it’s that the others are “playing” so incredibly badly and Paulie’s just taking advantage of it. I guess you really can’t fault him for that.

      • Even if your premise was true, it wouldn’t justify the fact that arguably the only person playing the game is getting 90% of the hate on these message boards.

      • I don’t hate Paulie…I just despise his treatment of Z behind her back and then how he allows her to cozy up to him later. I don’t like her actions either, she confronts him, he lies, and she goes back for more of the same. I also just wish others would play their own game instead of Paulie’s and quit going to him and ask for advice all the time on what they should do. They’re adults for crying out loud.

      • Again, personal feelings toward Paulie have nothing to do with his gameplay. It’s possible to dislike him and still acknowledge he’s playing a good game. People don’t seem to understand this concept.

      • I do understand this concept. I’ve not questioned his game play at all, just everyone else’s against him and why they’re all brainwashed by him.

      • Obviously, they seem to me, to lack courage, or they’re afraid of putting targets on their backs.

      • I agree 100%. I understand wanting the action, drama and excitement of a season. But personally I always look for that one stand out player that gets the strategic maneuvering of the game. I’d rather see that than a floater end up sitting in f2 and winning. I know many people dispised Dan in season 14, but I thought he was his best that season and the bitter jury robbed him of a deserved win( no offense Ian)

      • Right? I didn’t check this site all during season 17 because of how annoying the comments were about Derrick. This site HATED Derrick and wanted Victoria to win in the end after their patron saint Donny was evicted.

      • I thought popularity contests were for high school lol. Anyway, if that’s what people want, it’s their perogative. But they should be watching Big Brother UK, because that’s basically what it’s about.

      • I hated Derrick, but didn’t think Donny should have won, just like I don’t think James should win with his stupid follower game just because he is likable. I do understand it is a game and the best should win, but I always choose the underdog. Da’vonne was the one for me this season and unfortunately her too trusting game play got her booted. Paulie is a horrible person and he doesn’t even come close to Derrick. I hated Dr. will, Boogie and Evil Dick. I’m just not fond of mean players.

      • But it’s funny that everyone said that about Derrick during his season. Yet now Derricks game play is revered and, along with Dan and Dr Will, is the game player people aspire to be. It just amuses me that people don’t want to give credit where credit is due.

    • It’s okay to accept Paulie is playing the best game and also dislike him. That’s where I am right now.

      • Exactly! I wish the rest of the commenters on this site understood this concept. I mean what are we watching, Big Brother or a Miss America Pageant?

    • The sad part is even if Paulie is on the block come eviction night, he has too many friends who won’t vote against him. Paul’s character is usually the one who is rivalled against by the other side, usually a good player, someone you root for or someone who isn;t blind. But there is no other side. There are only Paulie’s minions and a few hungover floaters. Either way, nobody is playing well. Paulie and Paul are the only ones playing the game, that doesn’t make them good. Jeff and Brendan would look like masterminds with this cast.

    • I don’t like him much, but I would give him the money over all these slugs because even tho most are not good players or even not playing at all and really weren’t much competition for him, he had to work hard to direct all that chaos. Kind of like putting kittens into a bag, as they say.

  12. If one of the guys don’t get their heads out of Paulie’s ass soon they’ll be joining Da’ in jury. I feel like it just takes one of them to say “You know what? Paulie gotta go!” Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will do that. Victor might want to, but Paulie obviously has more people on his side. I can see James somehow convincing Nicole and Corey to go after Paulie. Do he have the guts to attempt something like that though?

    • Unfortunately, with Victor’s HOH and James’s power to withhold 2 eviction votes, this would have been the perfect opportunity to get Paulie out. Just like last season when the HGs let opportunities to evict Vanessa pass time after time, the same is happening this season with Paulie. Maybe it can happen either with Veto/BD (if Victor can summon up the courage) or with the DE, but who knows.

      • If Victor and James got together before noms Paulie would have been suspicious. So let’s hope they are smart enough to do something. Please.

      • The problem is James isn’t smart enough. When BBAD started I thought I heard him wanting to target Nicole now because she mentioned something about how many girls have won BB. Dumb. And I think Natalie was even telling James that she was telling Nicole I want to gain your trust but yet there she is telling James everything her and Nicole were talking about. Dumber.

    • James would like to be F2 with Paulie. Who wouldn’t. The jury hates Paulie. James would like to take his chances but he won’t make it to F2. Paulie knows James would win over him.

      • Of course! They’re like 2 complete opposites. No one would want to be in F2 with James because they know James will win. Everyone loves James!

      • Anybody who even entertains the thought of taking Paulie to final 2 is clueless. The houseguests are so dumb this year the jury will give him the money out of pity of Cody losing a few years ago. Paulie is someone you take out at final 4 or 5 when he slips on his ass and loses a POV.

  13. I feel so frustrated that BB gave them all these cool tools to use with the care packages and they are all just gonna be wasted because none of these people want to win. How INFURIATING.

  14. I may be dreaming but James and Victor still have time to backdoor Paulie. They just have to get together over the next few days. Please please

    • Right now the only hope of backdooring/ hurting Paulie is to pull Michelle off the block and put Paulie up. THen either Paulie or Z goes.

      • Mech needs to win pov, but maybe z can win and sacrifice paulie. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!

      • Yup…let’s see what happens if that happens! Probably hasn’t even thought of Plan B yet! Was too focused on that stupid poetry over two girls instead of making a BIG move! :-)

      • He already said that he would put Natalie up as a pawn. Let’s just hope he does something bigger though.

      • If only Meech & Zaki could get Victor to put Paulie, or at least Corey up?! But Victor is under the vale that he is in a All Boy Alliance, aka “Get rid of the Girls.”

      • Bittersweet is Bridge is chosen to play in the PoV, wins it and decides to not use it. Cue more waterworks from Big Meech!

      • Paulie will somehow get chosen to play PoV, wins it and takes off Z (her clothes probably).

      • Idk about that…The other half of the Pee, as in P&P, wants Zakiyah gone…

        But I read this on Jokers today, Zee was talking to Meech, and She told Meech that she wanted to put the person on the Block who put her up. Zaki “knows” its Paulie

      • Zak can’t think that deep, I think she was talking about Vic. She also told Paulie the same thing she wanted to return the favor to Vic.

  15. Totally saw paulie flipping and trying to save z which is why I voted for meech to get the care package this week hopefully she can flip it back to z cuz that crazy girl needs to go.. I mean so does meech but z first

  16. All James needs to do is go to Victor, tell him that Corey and Paulie are targeting him (Victor) during the double eviction/next opportunity they have (which they are, they discussed it the morning) and Victor could backdoor one of those two. And with James two void votes advantage, Paulie or Corey would be toast.

    But James is a follower, and will sit back and do nothing with this information.

    • Vic should have put up James and Z. I would have put up James even before he won the care package because he’s one of the few HG’s who could compete and win the veto. Then win the veto and pull off James, after making him promise to void Paul and Corey’s votes and making him promise to vote out Paulie and convince Nat to do the same. Or James could win and pull himself off and Vic could still ally with him because that would be a good game move for James. Z is good to put up next to Paulie because she’s a vote for him to stay that he wouldn’t have and it forces Meech to vote Paulie out because she definitely won’t vote Z out. The vote would then be 3-2 with James, Nat, and Meech voting Paulie out.

    • James is so under the radar he is missing opportunities to take shots that could take him to the end. His HOH sealed it. Victor is even worse. But James could’ve saved Da’Vonne or Frank last week and made the house divide once the votes come out. I’v been waiting for someone to take a stand. Da’Vonne said last week ‘I’ve barely been able to play the game yet’ when she was on the block. Like what have you been doing then if you haven’t been playing the game. Michelle and Zakiyah, seeing them both nominated is so confusing. Another non-threat leaving and Paulie’s fear of women and dealing with drama continues.

  17. Also, Adam Poch needs to watch feeds before he posts again on this website. Dude said Michelle was on no one’s radar. LOL so much for that.

    • The only reason paulie wants her out now is because he can still use Zakhya as much as he likes and treat her badly if he wants. Michelle became really angry when Da’vonne was nominated and when she was voted out and Paulie didn’t care for that. Before that he thought he was using Michelle.

  18. If I was Victor, I would try to get the POV, then renom Paulie to get rid of Zaulie. That might shift the focus onto Nicole and Corey, as Nicole is a threat shown by BB16, and Corey is a threat too because he is an athletic guy, and is involved with the Bros alliance, as well as the 8-Pack. The other showmance is Natalie and James, and they are also threats. James made it far last season (but is playing it very dumb so far), and Natalie is A) likable, and B) okay at challenges, not to mention the fact that she’s in a showmance. Assuming these evictions happen, that would leave Victor, Bridgette, Paul, and Michelle. Victor and Paul would probably be allied, and should evict Michelle due to more people disliking Bridgette, making her a good person to bring to the Final Two as someone who would most likely get less votes that the other nominee. Then, assuming Victor wins HOH in F3, he’d probably knock out Paul, knowing he’d win as it seems everyone in the house right now hates Bridgette. Therefore, going off info right now, Victor could win using this strategy. But, this won’t happen as Victor is not this strategic, the round trip ticket is still in play, there are other forces inside and outside the house besides Victor, and the fact that everyone in this house are sheep being led by Team PP. Unless someone does something to get rid of them, their huge alliance will crush everyone who opposes them.

    • I agree with you, only thing is would they have the numbers to get Paulie out??? James could use his 2 removes votes for whomever is sitting next to him…But in my humble opinion, they are all too Chicken to make a Big Move like that!

  19. I swear Zak can not keep her fingers away from her eye. I personally wouldn’t want either one of them to think they’re safe this week. I would tell them both to get off their asses and play the game because one of them is going home. Do freakin something geez!

    • That’s a sign of nervousness. When she is talking to people she always pulls her eyelashes. Some people twirl their hair or bite their lips.

      • I think it’s a sign that her mascara or fake eyelashes are, shall I say, “past their expiration date”.

  20. This HOH is a pure laugh. Strategic move by putting up 2 girls that hasn’t won anything. He talked all that big talk about getting revenge on Paulie when he comes back and how he was going to get revenge on Natalie! Da told him they was coming for him in the DE, but he still did a weak move! Another sheep of Paulie’s! Victor is gullible and just plain stupid!!

    • The only way Victor could really go for a big move would be, of course, to backdoor Paulie, so “it ain’t over til it’s over”, but I am not holding my breath and Victor would have to win the veto himself in order to take Z or M off because there is no way he could tell anyone beforehand. Quite honestly, I think Victor would then be the next one to join Paulie in the jury. Of course, then there’s the return ticket.

  21. Well no surprise. Another Paulie HOH. I would of liked to see James and Natalie on the block. James is a disappointment. All they do is lay in bed. Would of been funny to see what James would of done with control of 2 votes with him and Natalie on the block together. She’s getting on my nerves on the feeds. Biggest hypocrite.

  22. And are we surprised? Now let the crying began….lol! Victor unless you are going to backdoor Paulie (who evicted you btw) you wasted you HOH!! No guts no glory! ?

    • These care packages are actually a good twist but the houseguest are useless idiots. With such horrible houseguest the only thing production/the show can really do to make this season interesting is add the twist of a whole new cast midway through the season.

  23. Paulie tells them to put Zak on the block and then he wants to take her off with the POV! This child is bipolar!!

  24. Who’s dumb idea was it to give James this care package? He hasn’t done anything as of yet! Paulie used his HOH and now Paulie is about to use his 2 eviction votes! James is a waste and I wish BB would never ask him to come back on this show anytime soon!!

  25. This is why I’m very, very slowly starting to hate Big Brother. You kept this thing in the house over Frank? You kept Zakiyah and Natalie, huge floaters, in the house over Frank? Lol. Let’s make a new rule for next season. If you don’t win some type of competition within the first 4 weeks, you’re automatically on the block and a have not!

  26. This is why I’m very, very slowly starting to hate Big Brother. You kept this thing in the house over Frank? You kept Zakiyah and Natalie, huge floaters, in the house over Frank? Lol. Let’s make a new rule for next season. If you don’t win some type of competition within the first 4 weeks, you’re automatically on the block and a have not! I can’t stand floaters, man! Frank and Paulie have 6 combined comp wins, and if you add in Victor, it’s 8 combined comp wins! That’s more than every other houseguest combined! The 3 of them deserve to be F3! Just, ugh, get rid of floaters! Grow a pair of balls, men AND women, and get rid of the floaters! It’s not easier said than done. I’d do it every chance I get. If that makes me a huge target and evicted, then so what? I’ll leave the house the way I entered it: no $500,000. Lol.

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