‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Care Package Round 2 Winner Revealed

New spoilers today on the Big Brother 18 Feeds as the latest America’s Care Package winner was revealed to the Houseguests in the backyard.

America's Care Package twist on BB18

Nearly all of the Big Brother Houseguests were fast asleep when the alert was sounded and they raced outside for the latest airdrop prize. Ready to find out who will be cancelling out two votes at the next eviction on Thursday?

Big Brother 18 Round 2 Care Package:

  • James Huling was awarded this week’s prize: Eliminate Two Eviction Votes

Flashback to 2:22 PM BBT 8/5 to see the package arrive and be revealed to the Houseguests as they anxiously awaited to see which of them would get the new power.

James is already getting suspicious because he thinks the vote was held after viewers found out Victor won, but the vote has been running all week and since it was an endurance comp the regular views probably don’t know who won HoH.

James will be able to nullify two votes at the next eviction on Thursday, which we know will be the first of two evictions that night. Unfortunately I doubt this will make anything happen this week since James will fold to the Paulie’s instructions and he doesn’t really have much of an interest in saving either Zakiyah or Michelle, this week’s anticipated nominees.

Neither James nor Natalie will be eligible for any future America’s Care Package prizes and there are still three more to go. What do you think of this week’s prize and recipient? Are you glad James got the power? Think he’ll do anything with it?

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  1. I was right that if James got the care package, he’d be forced to do something he ordinarily wouldn’t have. But why the care package arrived before noms, I have no clue. If James goes on the block, could his chances of staying now be at risk?

      • No, it wouldn’t…but it wouldn’t increase his chances to stay either. But I think Vic is going to make a big move, something Paulie and Paul isn’t expecting him to do. He wanted to be alone in the HoH room last night and he’s been going over the statistics of the 9-1 votes that sent him out of the house the first time. So maybe, just maybe he may nominate Paulie and Z to go on the block. I soooo am hoping for this than what he heard Paulie telling him who it should be…Michelle and Z! hahaha James’ power will definitely be useful for that kind of move! But then Vic will have to win Veto to keep noms the same too! :-) I’d like it to go this way this week for sure…will make for a great week in the BB house.

      • Yeah, this is my choice as well although I wish it would be PP’S together up there if Z can pull herself off of the block.

        Can you believe Nicole saying that she wants Natalie out because she has a crush on Vorey. What a dough – dough brain, dingus.

      • Corey told her she overthinks things and that Nat only has a crush on James. So he shot that down for her real quick. She says weird things more often right before nominations than any other time.

      • Girlfriend is nutty as a bat and I would hate working with her. She’s such a snake.

      • I don’t do well with whiners, so yeh, it would definitely be difficult for me to work with that! LOL So glad my daughter was not a whiner, and neither was my son! I’d have gone batsh** crazy if they had been.

      • Same here, no whiners. I remember when being in the grocery store, my son wanted something and I told him no. On with the tantrum. I walked away like I didn’t know him. Never happened again.

      • I did that with my little deaf brother. One time I walked out of the store, but of course I waited for him to come out as usual, but this particular time he hadn’t. So I went back in the store and saw him helping the manager put up all the cans he’d knocked down back up. Yep, that’s what ensued that made me walk out and not claim him – he’d knocked down a whole shelf of cans when I’d told him “no”! hahaha

      • LOL At least she is “thinking”. When Cory gets that vacant look on his face…

      • Corey has repeatedly told her this, but the elevator is not going to the top floor.

        Corey, where are you when you give us that blank stare?????

      • Likewise, we’re in shock by what’s been happening in da hawse. …lol

        Lies, backstabbing, porn, excuse me — showmancing to the fifth degree. Never have I ever seen anyone forget that they are on National/world television.

      • They just wiped my original response. WtH……..

        I’ll try again…

        That’s because we’re shocked by the things happening in the house, lies, backstabbing, porn, I mean showmances, etc.

      • I think this care package was wasted on james. I would rather have seen one of the girls set to go up on the block to get it.

        James is only doing what the guys want, not playing a good game.

      • Even if the noms didn’t stay the same, he could BD Paul, unless Paul wins the POV and takes Paulie off. But then James could nullify their votes …

      • What a waste of 2 extra votes! Especially if it is Z and M on the block! It would not matter who got these 2 extra votes even them. Sucks as I wanted HOH care package for James! No one else should even get a care package! Paul if anyone else. The rest of the house are all undeserving! If Paulie gets nominated then it could get interesting but I doubt it.

      • I think with this group of hgs, I’m glad it has. Gets the HoH to rethink the noms he wants up there now than what he was initially contemplating on doing…which is exactly what it did for Vic.

      • Oh, please, could James and Vic have the cojones to put up Paulie and Paul together?

      • It’s a dream of mine. But if you watched Vic on the feeds while Paulie and Paul were conversing back and forth but not really including Vic, you’d see Vic isn’t intervening like he usually does and he’s not relaying to Paul or even Paulie what his great surprise is going to be either. He’s got something up his sleeve and it’s driving me nuts to find out what that is. Call it a hunch. I’ve been wrong before, but my hunch is solid…and only Vic is the one that can change that for me by chickening out at the last possible second. I think with the elimination of two votes is at stake that Vic will make a big move and go after who he’s wanted to before he got back into the house.

      • I hope so … fingers crossed for your hunch to be right. Vic said he’d go after Paulie if he got back in the house and got the chance … let’s all hope together.

      • Maybe put up Paulie & Natalie….That way James can use the power to try to save Natalie…..

      • I hope you are right, but I’m not getting my hopes up with these houseguests.

      • You wouldn’t if you saw Vic in HoH room after James got his package on the feeds. This could be what Vic was needing to happen to make a bigger move than without it, which he would have gone back to doing – Meech and Z up. Now he can do something more to help his game by putting up Paulie and Z instead. I can’t wait to see what he does now.

      • If James goes with Vic against Paulie he could block out Bridges and Pauls votes, and with paulie gone Paul would be right behind him, one could dream

      • I hate to seem bias but I worked for everything I ever got out of life, and Pauls mansion made me look at him in a whole new light. Am I wrong?

      • Nope, not wrong at all. That’s why he doesn’t much care what happens to these people in the house…because he has a nice cushion to fall back on. Corey does too. I, too, had to work for everything I got as well.

      • I saw the homes of the HG’s who went home first and they were all very nice too. I think BB went for the rich kids this season.

      • Not wrong, but I think that mansion belonged to Paul’s parents, not Paul himself. If I’m right, that could mean Paul is just waiting – with his siblings – to collect whatever he gets in their will.

      • Yes, it could be done. He has to work on it though. Get out of that stupid bumper car.. He’s been a slack-ass this season…so disappointed with him

      • I want him to put up Paulie and paul- one of hose two turd balls will win POV- and the other can get to steppin.

      • Those two “turd balls”(nice), are currently in the HOH trying to convince V to do their bidding. But the pps aren’t in agreement. Gottifiore wants Michelle gone and Paul wants Z gone. What happened with Paulie being ok to get rid of Z? Instead of her going to him this AM for their light porn show, he went to her, so maybe his turd balls are getting some feel good pop pop fizz fizz kind of relief. Good ball handlers are hard to come by.

    • See the twitter feed to the right? Now James is paranoid that America sent it to him knowing Vic was hoh.

      They don’t realize folks been voting since Sunday – before Hoh.
      Whew boy. Paranoia Game Destroyah.

      It prolly lit a fire under his hind end. But Paulie will “PP” on it and put it out. Lol

    • We’ve known this for a week people. This is when Natalie got it, and why you vote a week in advance.

      Does it make the twists weaker? Sure. But nothing f’s up a game more that a strong america vote twist

  2. What a waste? It would have been nice if James was HOH, then he probably would have went for a big move.

    • I totally agree. Waste of a good care package. I was hoping Michelle would have won because I believe she’d go after PP.

  3. Really crappy week for this care package with Paulie in charge of Exec’s HoH.

    Only hope is that Vic get’s a mind of his own now and him and James team up for the week. Veto would need to be used, Paulie put up, and then James, Nat and Bridge vote to evict that dictator.

    A fella can dream right…

  4. So he received the package before the noms. Perfect timing BB smh. It would have been more intense after the noms and VETO

    • I agree and after she tells them this is DE. my favorite show every year by the way, everyone is in shock afterwards:)

  5. Lol, Nicole is literally freaking out about James winning the care package and that Natalie is the most popular ans she is speculating that she’s a “secret fan”. America really doesn’t know how to use this twist as they are only putting the most popular house guests in danger.

  6. I truly don’t understand America’s love affair with James. He’s going to do absolutely nothing with this power. It’s going to be a waste. At least he can’t win another Care Package.

    Although Nicole will probably win the next Care Package… another fan favorite that makes no sense.

  7. I voted for Nicole to win the package To bad jAmes won it could he. Stil use it he is in the. Two to go home. Hope. He dosent. Use them on Nicole. Or any body but Hopes he uses them on Bridget. If she is one to to go home. Bridget needs to go.

    • Bridget’s not going anywhere for awhile. She’ll get next week’s care packages and be safe for that week.

  8. Dang, I wanted to give James the co HoH one later on. He’s still trying to fly under the radar, so I doubt anything will come of this.

  9. It took Nic all of about 10 secs. to congratulate and start sucking up to James. (And feeling sorry for herself that ‘America’ doesn’t like her.

      • No because she’s a whiny little do-nothing 2-face straggler who is beyond annoying.

        BTW if her game qualifies as ‘best’ amongst the female HGs this truly qualifies as the worst season EVER for female HG game play.

      • Haha so what are the other girls doing? Zip! Oh no wait Z is giving Paulie hand jobs after he yells at her, Michelle cries and throws tantrums, Bridgette just says yes to all the guys. And Natalie she knows how to kick her leg up. At least Nicole is in a strong alliance. She’s telling Corey how to play the game. She adds her opinion when they talk game play. She got one of the most annoying game players (if you could call him that) out of the house. She wanted Day gone and she’s gone. And she’s also planning right now how to get Michelle out. I’d say that’s playing the game. So if you call that do nothing then I guess we’re not watching the same show. And talk about annoying….Pauls big mouth, Natalie’s squealing and Victors laugh now that’s annoying.

    • Eh? Why does she think that they don’t like her? She got the first care package and she’s not eligible to receive any more.

      • Yes they do. Speak for yourself. Really what is she doing that you don’t like her? Because she’s playing the game. Unlike all the other girls that cry and whine.

      • With all due respect, that is all Nic does, whine-uh. She is almost worst than twins last year with that annoying uh added onto every single word and sentence. And her inability to actually play the game and instead play house with Christmas Corey and her continual boy talk with Z is beyond annoying. She is making the exact same mistake she made last year being occupied with a guy but even worse this year. JMO We can agree to disagree. :)

      • Yep I completely disagree. At least she’s not constantly crying like the other girls. And who cares if she’s playing the game with Corey? What is the big deal? She’s in a good place right now and believe me watching her on the feeds she plans out every move and thinks weeks ahead. She’s playing a very strategic game. Unlike Z that just climbs all over Paulie that treats her like crap, Natalie that runs around kicking her leg up and squealing, Meech that cries all the time. James that lays in bed all the time and throws comps. And funny I don’t see her whining hardly at all.

    • That’s about the first thing she’s been right about all season! She needs to apply for the Bachelorette and take Z with her.

  10. Does the care package have to be used this week? Or can it be used any time up until the end?

  11. I’m glad James got it, if only because it likely doesn’t really help him in any way this week, so now a more worthy player will be able to get an even better care package later on when it might actually help them.

    And I know he’s popular, but to me, James is just the worst. I don’t know why any player would trust or depend on him, since over two seasons now he’s repeatedly shown that he’s not brave or loyal enough to help anyone or willing to risk his neck to save his “allies” when they really need it, and also that his word is worthless, and anyone who would trust him to keep a promise is a fool.

    All he does is sit around, bend to the “will of the house” and chase after girls that are out of his league. I really wish they’d brought back a different vet instead of him, someone that would actually make bold moves and play the game harder instead of just being the ultimate floater…

  12. Gee I hope James and Vic get up the nerve to BD Paulie, then Z can just happily float over to the other house and spend the rest of the summer driving him nuts yuk yuk and I do mean yuk

  13. He’ll give it to Paulie and Paul that way they don’t have to vote out their female allies. If one of those girls wins veto then he’ll give it to her and Bridgette. James doesn’t play for him he plays for pleasing others.

    • He’s a people pleaser and those are the most pathetic of humans. I honestly don’t care for James anymore and I want Natalie to make a big move on her own if she is able to. Winning something. She is capable now that we saw her last a long time on that comp.

      • Natalie lasted over 4 hours on the endurance comp James won! She beat all the guys except her man James and came in 4th! She is the most physically fit girl in the house by far! She is smarter than people think and is playing dumb as part of her strategy. Natalie would put up Vic and Paulie or Nicole since James found out Nicole was after Nat!

  14. I *REALLY* wish that they would keep these care packages a secret from the rest of the house. Now people, I mean PP, can pressure James to nullify the votes THEY want him to. Balls.

    • Yes, I agree. Anything given to an individual HG should be kept a secret, unless they are stupid enough to want to reveal it. Just like the Roadkill.

  15. WHY James?! Why not give it to the current head of household so that the house gets blown up by giving the HOH of the week extra power? Giving it to an inconsequential player like James is really really dumb. I’m sorry, but I see that as a move just as dumb as the current houseguests themselves. Maybe the houseguests really are a portrait of America?

    What a waste. :(

    • Because voting started Sunday night before anyone knew who the new HOH was going to be. The voting shouldn’t of started until last night.

    • I agree. He will do what Paulie tells him to do. Paulie already said to Paul I’ll tell James what to do. And James is a big disappointment. He told Natalie on the feeds tonight if you win HOH do what the house wants. SMH. Then him and Natalie talking about Nicole playing a dirty game. WTF. Why because she’s playing. Because she knew Day was after her and she voted her out. Then Natalie saying Nicole hooked up with Corey and is being dragged along. Hahaha what a friggin hypocrite. She’s so far up James butt and she talks about Nicole. What a joke.

    • They just give them to the person they like the best. If they didn’t make it so they can only win once, natalie would’ve won every single care package.

  16. James problem is he has backed himself into a corner. He’s just not a mean guy by his nature. He wanted to play under the radar, but it backfired once Paulie started running the house.I believe if he won Hoh he would make a big move because the house is dwindling. He doesn’t know how to fight Paulie, but he better wake up and figure it out quick. He has nothing to lose. If he sticks with this guy thing, where does he think he lands in the pecking order? Paul doesn’t appear to need the money, so he is having the most fun. Paulie is drunk with power, but he also wants to win cause his brother couldn’t. Can’t hate him too much for playing the game, even if he is a douche. Don’t know what Corey is doing. I think Michelle is capable of making a big move.PP was just on Jokers talking about getting Victor out sooner than later. I hope James wakes up soon and is not there just to get a check. He has out right lied just like everyone else, but he just isn’t cut throat enough. Hope he wakes up soon. Nicole is still to me the most annoying player in the game. Hard to root for anyone so far.

    • Maybe together Victor and James can summon up the courage to put P & P (in my world that’s pickle & pimento, but whatever) on the block together. If one comes down James’s care package can come into play to make sure the other one goes.

    • You’re right Shelly, James really is in a tough spot. He’s on the right side of the house, power wise this season. But, his romantic interest is not. So, he’s trying to please both and it’s just not going to work out well in the end. I really wish he would spend some time cam-talking so we would have a better idea where his true allegiance is and what his ideal endgame would be. I really don’t see him going along with the plan to cut Nat when the guys say it’s time. But I also don’t see him making a move against the guys anytime soon because he knows he’ll become the biggest target to them even if he succeeds in getting one of them out (unless it’s Vic).

      Victor coming back in the house, along with Paul bro-ing it up with Paulie is looking like his biggest problem. Prior to this, James was in a really good spot with himself, Paulie, and Corey as the main power center. That’s shifted and Victor and Paul both have talked about getting James out. He’s likely sliding down the pecking order with the guys.

      As far as his relationship with Nat, anyone who’s spent serious time on the feeds knows that their emotions are real. She not playing him at all, in fact she’s honestly worried that he’s playing her.

    • Ahhh, Cy! You need a big boost of self confidence.
      You is smart, you is kind, you is important. :D

      • My baby girl came home Wednesday from NICU… She came home on a sleep apnea monitor but she’s doing great!! :)

      • That was good news to wake up to, Nicole. She is in good hands. I’m sure that you are looking forward to more normalcy since she is home. Thanks for update. :D

  17. I’m sure James will get an intensified DR session, just because he got awarded with something that can affect the game. I hope they guide him to the direction I want. He is also uneasy, and has to be thinking what his fans want. (Mr. AFP) Vic will also get a lot of DR’s simply because he’s HoH….DR’s can do magic..we’ve seen it…..so there’s hope. lol

  18. So is the next super safety care package in affect for the double eviction or will it be delivered after?

  19. If Bridgette can survive the DE this next week, Care Package 3 has to go to her! Please, let’s make this happen. She needs the Safety care package the most.

    • I can’t stand her. She has one of the most obnoxious personalities. Her baby talk makes me cringe.

    • But she needs to survive the second eviction during DE first to be able to receive the safety next week.

    • I betting she’ll get it! No one else in that house is worth saving that’s for sure.

  20. Care package was wasted because Zakiyeh and Michelle will be the nominees unless, one gets off and James is put on the hot seat! In any case, getting 2 votes nullified will not help you if the whole house wanted to evict you!

  21. Wasted! Wasted! CP2 wasted on James!!!! Jamesuh!!!

    Going to let the house decide!!!!! *%#&$@!?/#*

    They gave it to YOU!!!!!!!

    What the hay, James???
    What the ever loving, flipping, freaking, spineless, lazy, stinking, jive hay????

  22. James is the wrong person to get this care package. I think the care package should be shown after nominations. Now Paulie knows not to put up James, even though the house will hate him because America loves him still.

  23. What a waste. However, they all fold to Paulie so this prize was a dud. Could have been a good one if there were people in the house who wanted to play.

    • Mich would be sobbing anyway regardless what Victor said. Just a look at her face appearing on the nomination wall she would be bawling her eyes out already screaming I look so fattttttttttt. Hehehe, sorry I just can’t help it.

    • This is soooooooo stupid … now there’s going to be a whole bunch more fake sympathy crap.

    • No one in the house deserves it more than those two. Crap just got real for them and it’s about damn time.

      • Totally agree … funny how they can turn on people and say nasty things, but they sure can’t take it.

      • Well, only Mich apparently, Z doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Good for her, I guess?

      • Well, then, Z must be convinced that Michelle is going home and that could be … at least for today.

      • Neither one has been on the block until now. Maybe they will figure out how Tiff and Bridgette felt. not! Bridgette will not be as mean to them as they were to her.

    • I understand they’re mean girls, but nasty speeches, insults to the nominees are unnecessary since they could be your Jury. Serves no purpose to your game..rookies don’t understand Jury management.

      • If they are gonna be bitter jury, they are gonna be bitter jury.
        But I agree with you tho.

      • They evicted him, and Victor had to fight and claw his way back into the house. I would be Nasty too.

      • It’s called “fools”! Lol. They’re handing paulie the game unless someone grows some balls and votes him out.

      • I wonder if there is such a thing as ball transplants? Can people leave their balls to someone? Can you imagine, in a will, I leave my balls to you, Bruce. Please take my balls and for once in your life know what it is like to be a real man. I left money for the transplants. My balls are use to a lot of action, so nurture them, play with them, hug them, USE them.
        I’m going to google that.

  24. I knew James would get the care package. I was surprised that Nat Nat got it last week. James is a fan favorite. He knows exactly what he is doing & that will get him evicted. He will become a huge threat. I was hoping he would win this season. I soooooo want to see grumpy, fake hit the door with a one way ticket. I was soooooo happy Da was sent packing last night. Paul is creepy, but he could make it to the end. I am a super fan & I have never missed a season….

  25. I really hate that the whole house knows the details of each care package, especially this one. Not that it would matter this week (or ever, since the whole house usually votes the same), but it nullifies the advantages of the care package if the house is able to plan around it. Plus, how much more fun would it be to see the look on Paulie’s (or one of his minion’s) face if his wannabe target for the week joined him as HOH? Or, if a target was granted safety at the nomination ceremony without anyone having any prior knowledge of what was going to happen. (How awesome would it be if the safety winner got to pick the person to go up in their place?) I just think it makes it hard to get the full advantage of a care package if everyone knows about it.

  26. Who’s dumb idea was it to give James a care package. This care package is really Paulie’s!

  27. Poor James. He got the most useless care package. And I knew he was gonna get it, since he is the 2nd most loved behind Natalie.

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