Big Brother 18: Paulie’s Plan Continues & Backdoor Target Remains Unaware

Veto is over and Paulie’s plan looks ready to steamroll its way through the week and on to Thursday night as his Backdoor target remains blissfully unaware.

Paulie talks with James on BB18

Soon after the Veto competition end the talks resumed for what was going to happen this week and it seems like most Houseguests are aware of the plan, but not the most important player in this scene.

Flashback to 2:39 PM BBT Cams 3/4 for James and Paulie alone in the HN room.

Paulie tells James “this week seems to be in the bag” with the Veto over his plan ready to roll so it’s time to look on to the next round. Paulie asks James who he wants to go in the case of a DE but James doesn’t have an answer, “I don’t know man.”

Paulie says they can talk to Corey for his ideas and offers that they have both Paul Victor (Paulie calls him “exec” which sounded like Victor then later sounded like he meant Paul, but I think it’s the former.) and Bridgette to choose from for eviction picks later. Though Paulie adds that if they get rid of Bridgette “the girls will appreciate it.” I imagine James would too since he wasn’t happy to find out she would get a pass this week.

Getting back to the heart of the matter and what’s going on now James asks “so who is going this week?” Paulie tells him that’ll be Da’Vonne. James says, “She has no idea. None.” And really she doesn’t.

Earlier Da’Vonne was coaching Bridgette on making sure she didn’t give up this week and to work on some sort of plan. Come Monday afternoon Da’Vonne will need to be working on one of her own too.

James and Paulie continue talking a bit more as Paulie says he was “down to work with her but she mentioned my name.” Paulie says he could have teamed up with Da’Vonne but if she’s against him then she needs to go because she “knows the game” and is a strategist.

Talk swings back to the other week when Da’Vonne told James she wanted to target the showmances. I said that was a bad move for her even if she was saying she meant the other two couples and not James & Natalie. Even still now James says he doesn’t know why she told him that since “I’m a couple myself. I might be the last couple on your list…”

Michelle walks in at this point (2:42 PM BBT) and the talk breaks but things continue to look bad for Da’Vonne. She’s out of safety chances this week with another missed HoH comp and a shut out from playing in the Veto. Unless Paul decides not to put her on the Block, since it is still his choice, then this could be the end for Da’Vonne.

Do you think Paulie will change his mind? Obviously he’s going to use the Veto so Paul will have to renom someone, but since Paul is pretty much doing whatever Paulie wants this week then if Paulie changes his mind on Backdooring Day we could find a different target.

Another big question is whether or not they can keep this plan a secret. You know Day will be asking Paul who will be the renom and we already saw what a terrible liar he can be under pressure (the secret Paris room explanation was a disaster for him). If she catches wind of the plan ahead it could fall apart. Two more days to go until that Veto meeting.

Do you think going after Da’Vonne this week is the best move for the house. If she ends up on the Block next to Bridgette then who should be voted out? Bridgette has more wins, but Da’Vonne has more allies. The Houseguests will soon have to decide.



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  1. I think they need to get Derrick the second out and his name is Paulie. They are all literally handing him the game. Da is not a threat right now or a big target. Pauls just playing it safe. Getting rid of Bridgette is stupid too. I would definitely put up big threats like Victor or Corey. Paulie needs to go. Why are these people so scared of big moves or getting blood on their hands? Big Brother Canada was so much better. People didn’t care about big moves, being a b*tch or getting bloody hands. They came to win!!!

    • I agree, bbcanada is legit! Those people play to win. This season is full of bullies. If you are not liked you are the target. Imo.

      • This is my least favorite season, and I’ve watched since season 1. I hate when BB brings back players – I haven’t missed them. They were on last season, except Frank. BB put together a bad mix this season

    • Paulie is far and away from Derrick the second. Derrick was a brilliant manipulator, and could make anybody do what he wanted while making them think it was their idea. He ran the house from the beginning of the game to the end, with nobody realising it. Everybody knows Paulie is running the house, they just don’t seem to really care.

    • He’s no Derrick. Derrick was so stealth/covert, he pulled the strings but people were unaware.

    • Yes! You are so right! Paulie needs to go! He is after all the only player actually playing the game and winning comps and doing whatever it takes to win the $500,000! Let’s keep all the floaters in the game, since being lazy and not trying is what wins Big Brother 90% of the time! Paulie must go, just like Frank! The other guy that was actually playing the game!

      • Vote to evict all the floaters out, one by one so that, we can get to the
        actual gameplay which is why most people watch Big Brother.

  2. Someone is always at the bottom, so when will james, michelle, and nat realize they are at the bottom and not being able to win will get then evicted one after the other

    • They are all content to float. James just wasted his HoH on Frank. He was not that big of a threat if you consider the fact that he only has Bridgette as an ally. You need votes to evict someone! Would not care if the stragglers all get
      evicted one after the other.

  3. I’d, of course, would laugh myself sick if they got Paulie and Paul out in the DE. But knowing “the house” it’ll probably be Meesh and Bridge

    • Next care package won’t arrive until after next Thursday’s HoH comp. So it will apply to the following eviction.

    • I hope it goes to Day since it won’t be awarded until after she’s gone, unless she has the round trip. :-) But then they may give it to whoever has the second most votes.

  4. I do hope that Michelle and James don’t get any thing special and get evicted. They could have told Da’vonne and if she has the golden ticket, I hope she goes right after them.

  5. Matthew, “Exec” is a name they’ve given Victor. Likely because of his business degree.

    • It’s because he “thinks” he knows everything. That’s why he’s the exec

      • That could be too. I just remember a few weeks ago a number of HGs had theorized that Victor might be a CEO or CFO of a major company (that was his “secret”).

      • They are going to make up a riddle so he can run thru the house looking for clues. He has to vindicate himself since Paul solved the first one. It’ll be over night so I will have to watch that tomorrow on the rewind. The thought of him running thru the house will be hilarious. Watching Paul was hilarious but at least he was looking for something real

    • The Paul’s are now giving each other a title. So far, Paulie’s name is the “General” and Victor is “Exec”. I don’t know Paul’s as of yet.

  6. After the way she double crossed, backstabbed, blindsided And betrayed both Frank & Tiffany, I can’t wait to see the look on Day’s face when it happens to her. Please, oh please, let it happen to her, no one deserves eviction more this season than her. She can’t win anything on her own, and anyone who thinks they’re allies with her needs to wear a kevlar vest on their back.

    And if it can’t be Day, please let it be that sniveling, spineless little hick James. He’s another one who has proven time and again that his word is worth about as much as a $3 bill – i.e. Nothing at all. Let him go be a lazy turd in the jury house, since that has seemed to be his greatest ambition both seasons…

    • James and Day are the only people I hope win this season. Everybody else is just handing the 500k over to Paulie. I wish James would smarten up and stop running back to Paulie like hes the god of bb. Since paulie cant go this week I hope paul puts up Nicole and vote her butt home.

      • I agree. We may not like the way Day is playing but at least she is playing. I’m hoping for the Golden ticket but if it’s DE they will walk her back out the door. I’m praying someone slips up and tell her she is the BD. If she does not blow up Paulie before eviction, game over

      • I want DAY to win…I dont know why people hate her….she plays the game and shes funny…..

        I would prefer Paulie or Victor to win over James….James was funny last season….this time he is lame and dumb….hes just a floater

      • Yeah she was really funny when she lied about Tiffany and Frank then laughed in her face while she was crying

    • Day wont be surprise.She knows she cant trust any of those people. Not ever. Her face will remain the same. While Z’s thinking she’s one of them, she will be next. Then James. Then the mayo crew will turn on each other.

      • James and Day both deserve to go. Day can’t win anything, and James is just there for food and a girl. Same ole James, but everybody will vote to send him a care package. I will never understand it

      • He keep referring to the feeds about him being AFP and wanting a care package. I wouldn’t send him one red cent. Then someone mentioned to send him the Co-HOH package. I don’t know why they would do that and he had a full HOH and let Paulie take over, so why would someone think of giving him Co-HOH??? James deserves nothing, he is a waste of time!

      • If Davonne goes on the block, she is going to go home. Pauli, Victor, Corey, Nicole, Michelle and James will vote her out. As of tonight, she is unaware.

    • Oh I agree! I want her to not know its coming, and slaps her into action. She will be busy busy throwing everyone else under the bus

  7. PAULIE GTFO… he’s my least favorite houseguest since Amanda. Hearing him talk about humility and not giving a fck about what people think of him in the same breath is ludicrous.

      • I hope Z is the one that puts him up and gets him out. She’s so over him after last night.

      • I would love to see that as well Andrew. Crappy thing is she seems to be right back under his spell again today…smh.

      • She said when he was hollering at her she just wanted to jump over and kiss him or something to that affect!. I can’t w/dumb females!

      • Are you kidding? She’s totally obsessed with him. He’s the one who’s over her.

      • You didn’t see their argument last night? She was completely dead in the eyes when he was talking to her, and she made the realization that they don’t communicate well. I think she’s playing him from this point on.

      • I agree.. She also said today to michelle that after their argument she wanted to jump over and kiss him. Its sad to see her do exactly what she said she wouldn’t do in the beginning when they formed the fatal 5. A guy is definitely running her.

      • Wow! Paulie was smart to pair up with the most oblivious girl in the house.

      • Z is not thinking straight. This is bb not the bachelor. I cant stand how paulie is treating her.

      • noooo!!!!! she learned nothing from what he said to her….Zak told Michelle earlier today that after the conversation and despite all Paulie said to her She wanted to jump on him and kiss him….some people never learn…

      • Exactly. And she’s happy that he kissed her on the forehead. It’s like WTF? Her family must be so embarrassed for her. No dignity what so ever.

    • I couldnt agree more. Paulie has turned into a jerk and manipulator. He is playing the game, but everything has to go his way and only if it benefits him. And everybody just goes along with it.

      • Exactly. Like when he and James were talking about backdooring Day, he kept saying she mentioned me, she’s targeting me. James is finally playing the game, but just like last season, it might be too late.

      • You see how he was with Paul’s HOH! He took over and didn’t care what Paul said. Well, if they let them they are the fools.

    • It’s interesting, so I went back last night and watched a few minutes of the first weekend the feeds were on this season (this was when Nic was HoH). The change in Paulie’s attitude from then to now was shocking.

  8. Again, if Paulie can pull this off, then he gets my vote for AVP no matter what. I can’t take Da’Vonne being in that house anymore. I stop watching the feeds when she’s featured. I’m ready for her to go.

  9. Paulie it’s smartest for your game play to stay up on the block so Bridget can go ;) please pull a marcellas and Day can flip the house. I can dream big right?

  10. Dayvonne’s fat lying mouth is FINALLY catching up to her. I hate that she’s even in jury. She can’t even win a single challenge but somehow thinks she’s the best of the best. Cannot wait to see her leave Thursday.

    • I never heard her saying “she’s the best of the best” as a matter of fact, in DR, she was surprised that they think her a threat. As for being a liar….aren’t they all are?? I thought BB was about lying and backstabbing, correct me if I’m wrong. All the past winners lied and back-stabbed their way through the game.

      • You’ve expressed your dislike so many times now I’m starting to get worried. LOL. It’s OK, she’s leaving. ?

      • OMG! That was just awful. Such a good example for her daughter! That’s all she ever talks about…being a good example to her daughter—what, exactly, is the example she’s trying to be?

      • It is not the lies she say’s but rather the concept of how she goes about it. Everyone lies in the house true but most are lying to save their butt’s. DAY lies about things that never happened or never was said. She lies to pit people against each other and it caught up with her when Frank and Tiffany compared notes.

      • You’re right, but Paulie does the same thing but he’s not getting any flack on here for it.

      • Paulie has a cocky attitude towards the other house guest’s and nnot so much lying to blow their game up. DAY flat out lied and blew other’s game up to further her own agenda.

      • Yes he seems to have Charisma but he also is a cocky little turd too. He needs to be brought down to Earth and enjoy the same good air we all enjoy.

      • Oh yes, the other HG’s need to do something but it seems they’re blinded by Paulie’s charm and charisma. After Day goes up on the block maybe she can lead a revolt against him. No one else seems interested in doing so.

      • But Day is an habitual liar and it didn’t take very long for the other HG’s to become aware of that. She has no loyalty to any alliance she’s in either so why would anyone want to align with her?
        Her gameplay is really terrible.

      • Day plays too dirty for my liking too. I just can not root for such a mean spirited person to win.

    • they don’t know the # of jurors yet…. can be 9 or 7…and Julie has not said next person out is 1st jury member…so it’s evidently still up in the air..

      • Oh yeah, that makes sense now! She never said it and it’s not a double elim. You just made my night!!!!!

    • I hate she will get to go to jury! She’s a busybody, and I can’t wait to see her go

  11. Backdooring Day sounds like a good plan since she is lying her mouth off. Though if Paulie keeps himself on the block, it sounds like a suicide mission.

  12. I don’t understand why everyone wants Paulie out…? He’s one of the few people ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. Nicole and Corey are too busy making out. Z has no idea how to play Big Brother. Natalie is sweet, but hasn’t done anything this season. James is content just making it to jury. I could go on…

    Do ya’ll really want Michelle, Corey, Z, and Paul in the Final Four? That would be awful. Ya’ll complain that nobody plays the game and they’re only there to hook up with people and have fun, but when someone like Paulie comes along and plays the game, and plays hard, everyone wants him out. You can’t have it both ways.

    Not everyone can be Derrick or Dan — Great at the game, there for the right reasons, and likeable.

    • I think it’s because Paulie comes off as a douche. But then again the same can apply to Frank.

      • True… but I’d rather have a “douchey” player late in the game who’s ACTUALLY PLAYING than someone like Z or Natalie who don’t do crap.

    • I’m sure BB fans recognized he’s playing the game, and probably the best player in the house right now, but if you’re not connecting with the fans for whatever reason, maybe his demeanor, idk. They’re not gonna root for him. That’s just the way it is. Derrick is one of the best player in BB. I wasn’t a fan of his game. As a viewer I wanted him to lose, but if I was in the Jury, I wont have a problem giving him my vote, because he played the best game……

      • I couldn’t stand Derrick. I didn’t respect his game. He had an unfair advantage due to his occupation. It’s like taking one of the guys from production and throwing them in the game. Whoever put this group together, needs to be fired

      • How come you didn’t like Derrick? I totally get not liking Dan…but Derrick? I’m just curious. I’m not saying he was my fav, either, but he really was great at manipulating everyone in the house, without being a total d***.

      • To me he just came off as creepy smooth. It was as if he was in constant manipulation mode…was he good at it, eff yes. But it just made me wonder just how he got so good at it.

      • Gotcha! He WAS eerily good at it. It was like he was a puppet-master, right? It was spooky. Do you think it had anything to do with him being a cop?

      • I tend to think so Sharona. If my memory is correct he was more than your typical street cop…believe he was an undercover narcotics officer.

      • Vanessa was a bully. She brow-beat the HG’s. She figured out their weaknesses and picked away at them like a vulture on a corpse. I didn’t like her game play. Just not my preference.

      • Mickey, where have you been lately?!
        Oh Mickey, you’re so fine–
        you’re so fine, you blow my mind,
        Hey Mickey!
        Hey Mickey!

      • Mickey, please come back and post!
        I miss reading your comments. Please come back. I’m serious. I haven’t seen you. I noticed that people were mean to you. Is that why you haven’t been back? PLEASE don’t pay any attention to them. I’ll be looking for you and I hope to see you soon. OK? You’re a really nice guy. Please come back.
        Sharona :)

  13. You guys can say what you want, but at this point I easily see Paulie winning this thing. And honestly, he kind of deserves it. He’s the only one that’s actually playing the game and being successful. If the others are too dumb or scared to do anything about it then he deserves it more than they do.

    • Like Paulie or not he’s playing the game. And a lot of people applaud Evel Dick, and Dick has stirred up controversy in his season.

      • I wasn’t a big fan of Dick during his season. But he did play a great game and made a great duo with Dani. He also faced a lot of adversity on his season and prevailed.

        It goes without saying that Paulie is facing very little adversity (blame that largely on BB casting) and if he was he’d likely be out the door already.

      • He did not prevail…..America had a hand in him winning. Without America’s interference, Dick would have been evicted from the game. I was glad he won though, but I have to call it as it is.

      • Fair enough. But it could be said that Dick earned enough support via his gameplay for America to choose to evict Dustin over him in that eviction.

        Either way, Dick won and the same interference argument could be used for a number of BB winners. I suppose that’s part of “expect the unexpected.”

      • Love ED! He was right out there telling you what he didn’t like about you. It was no running around the house telling this and that one. He didn’t lie in bed and talk crap about everybody, and never say it to their face.

      • I respect ED for that. But his abrasiveness was a bit much for me at times. But that season was very entertaining because of his personality.

        I’ve become more of a fan of Dick since he’s been away from the game. He still provides a unique look at this game and his online show is a good companion to it as well.

    • Well yeah he probably will, because the rest are idiots. He is one guy – they act like he has all the answers

  14. Wow. Taking Paulie to task for being matter-of-fact to Z overnight? Seems obvious to me her plan was to deprive him of good restful sleep and mess with his concentration only a few short hours before a major veto comp.. He may have volunteered to be otb, but he has to win to ensure his safety. Her actions are at worst disloyal and scheming, and at best a flashing neon sign that says “drama 24/7”.

  15. It would be a bad move at this point because they need the numbers to take on The four running the show.

  16. Vote Bridgette to get tge 2nd care package. It will send a msg to the house that America is tired of arrogant boys and mean girls!!

    WEEK 2 – July 31 to August 5th
    The winner of this care package could single handedly flip the house by preventing two house guests of their choosing from voting in next weeks eviction.

    • I would LOVE for Bridgette to get a care package, poor girl feels so isolated and disliked. I think she seems super sweet and the only one there I would actually want to hang with.

  17. Although a Day keeps the game entertaining and therefore I really don’t want her to leave, I like me a good Blindside! And especially someone like her getting blindsided it would make it that much more fun to watch! & the aftermath will be even more entertaining! So I hope if they do nom Day, I truly truly hope she has no idea it’s coming! :-) hehehe

  18. My only question is why wasn’t this plan of back dooring Day done when Tiff was on the block? Two players who are playing the game, not floating, would still be in the game. Two players who were playing the game, only have “sent home” instead of sent to jury. I am not excited to see Day and her bitterness sitting in jury. Even though I was not a fan of Frank’s he grew on me. It’s ironic how Day the first night led the charge of the vets the need to stay together. She was the initial instigator for 8 pack falling apart. Pitting Frank against Tiff due to the lies she told.

    • That was my reason for not liking Day at first. Now her syirring is biting her in the butt! What I don’t understand is the following : that group that was against the vets started to get dismantled one by one then with Day stirring the pot the group turned on Frank and Tiffany and now it’s caught up to Day. How did Paul get to golden boy status while poor Bridgette ends up the black sheep of the group. What was Bridgette’s crime? Waa it mainly being Frank’s sidekick? I hate how the girls are being cold with her.

  19. Why is Paulie allowd to shave his head and grow a beard. When that kid with the long hair wanted it cut off I think it was last season production said he had to stay looking like his picture. Am I the only one who remembers that?

  20. If Paulie The House doesn’t take this opportunity to get Da’ out, I think he’ll regret it. I’m not a huge fan of Paulie’s, but if he can get Da’ out, it will get me excited about the game again. This is Paulie’s chance and I hope he takes it. Cody and the house of BB 16 waited way too long to get rid of Glitter Boy…I hope Paulie doesn’t follow suit with Da’. Plus, I’m in a lot of pain—so having that wench kicked out would boost my serotonin level greatly! She’s just plain MEAN for the sake of being MEAN. But, she’s a great role model for her daughter. UGH.

  21. alliance go like this coco aka nicole corey,jatlie aka james-natalie,bro alliances james paulie and corey,paurey aka corey-pauilie,pactor paulie-paul

  22. Paulie went around and told almost everyone his plan to backdoor Day, many before he volunteered to be a nom and others before POV was played. Who doesn’t know it already? Is every single one of them keeping it from Da’Vonne? He told Michelle, who has a hard time keeping quiet. James & Natale know, and James always has told Da’Vonne that he has her back. It’s already incredible that Da’Vonne could be clueless about at least the likelihood of being nominated. If she isn’t clued in by somebody, then it looks like nobody really wants her to stay. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee and work to dethrone Paulie , or they’ll all get shot down one after another like sitting ducks. How can vets like James and Nicole lie around in their showmance stupor and lose so passively? Nothing really against Paulie, but let’s see some fighting spirit from somewhere. Come on!

      • I can’t think of a single player who doesn’t know that Paulie wants to backdoor Da’Vonne. Only Paul could stop it, but he knows what Paulie wants. I’ve watched Paulie tell everybody, some individually, as he did with Michelle and also his new pal, Bridgette. With the guys he talks to the group en masse. They all knew Da’Vonne was next on his list before Paulie made sure that James got Frank on the block. Paulie has a list in his mind of who’s going when, with slight flexibility according to who becomes more troublesome or who becomes more useful. His major variables are who he wants with him as F3.

      • Oh brother! Whatever. I just hope she goes. She’s playing the game, but she’s just MEAN about it. You can lie and manipulate without being as vicious as she’s being.

      • Well, she just may…if she’s not voted out this week, I don’t think there will be another chance. I’d guess I’d rather see her win than Paulie or Paul!

      • I’m pretty sure she’ll be leaving this week. I actually don’t like any of the houseguests much so it really doesn’t matter who wins.

      • Yes thank you, I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought that. I really don’t see what everyone else sees in her or Natalie

      • Are you sure Day is clueless? She has been anti social and I think this is when she is doing all her thinking.

      • Who do you think he wants with him in Final 3? Zakiyah and Paul? Corey and Paul?

      • I think Day knows that something is up, she has very good insight to the Game, and knows whats going down before hand! Since Paulie has won the POV, Day has asked Bridgette, & Paulie/Paul, “what is plan B?”

        I kind of think her has the return Envelope, if Day does get evicted, remember Meech said that Envelope 8 was the round trip to return. I hope it is & Day Blows up everybody’s game when she returns.

    • She will pick up on it eventually. Bridgette is happy go lucky without a care on the world- dead give away.
      Everyone runs to Paulie for consultation and approval. Tiffany had it all wrong. Frank was not the “said dictator ” it’s Paulie. And he has a patch of cabbage patch kids. After Day it will be a free for all. Paulie will flip a coin to decide his next target. It will be all his decision no matter who is HOH.

    • This is why I wanted Frank and Tiff to stay. Two people who were playing the game. And no I don’t consider someone who runs from one player to another making up lies, playing the game. Are you listening you obnoxious punk Paul

  23. Hey yall, I want Vic to stay because he’s “al Caliente ” with that bod and hair! Whew, it’s getting hot in here!

  24. I was watching ‘all the fights” from season 15 on youtube….they had the strongest female cast ever…..Helen,Amanda,Candice,Elisa,Jessia,Aryan,Gina Marie, Katilhen….those girls were all bad ass….too bad in end Andy won…

  25. Random question. Is anyone else here trying so darn hard to ignore a specific person in these comments but it’s getting harder and harder every day? Im ok with discussion. Not every one has to agree. But The jibberish posted by said person is driving me insane in the membrane. Maybe i am the only one noticing and need to work on my patience. Lol! Sorry, rant over. Haha. I couldn’t help it. Lol.

  26. Not sure it’s mentioned already here but Exec is Victor (coz he calls himself executive somehow).
    They have ugly nicknames for other HGs since Nat is Short Stuff. Yeah nice people.

  27. I can’t believe Paulie is telling the HoH who to nominate and go with it. I like day and would like her to go far. She see s the only one to try and okay while all the others just follow! Where are all the Dr.Will type players!? Manipulate and run the house all behind the scenes!

    • Zakiyah is trying to sweet talk Paulie into putting Victor up as the Renom. Because all of the Girls don’t like him, & “he eats up all of their Food.”

  28. Michelle and James are still hush hush about Da’vonne’s nomination, but she will get them first for not telling her. I do hope Paulie changes his mind and gives her an extra week because she was telling Michelle that it was an easy week and no one will get blood in their hands. Nicole is kissing Paul’s behind like there is no tomorrow. I have never seen her this close with him before.

  29. I love Paulie. Two POV’s. Two HoH’s. Was safe FIVE consecutive weeks. And now he’s controlling this HoH! He is playing the game so well. He really reminds me of past winners like Dan Gheesling, Will Kirby, Derrick Levasseur, etc. and he deserves to win BB18! The way he can win comp after comp after comp, control an HoH, and still, after all of that, not be a huge target. He will win BB18, whic he deserves!

  30. I love Paulie. Two POV’s. Two HoH’s. Was safe FIVE consecutive weeks. And now he’s controlling this HoH! He is playing the game so well. He really reminds me of past winners like Dan Gheesling, Will Kirby, Derrick Levasseur, etc. and he deserves to win BB18! The way he can win comp after comp after comp, control an HoH, and still, after all of that, not be a huge target. He will win BB18, which he deserves!

    • None of those BB greats acumen resembles Paulie imo. I thought his strategy is a little messy and loud. Right now he’s doing well, and he’s gonna have to start making big moves….with the twists coming, too early to bet on him.

      • What I meant is that he’s winning a bunch of comps, controlling HoH’s, but still flying under the radar. That’s why he reminds me of the past winners I mentioned. Compared to them, his game is a bit messy, but he’s definitely in my Top 5. He’ll win the game, which he deserves.

      • He’s a comp beast, that’s a plus and If he pulls it off..he deserves it…

      • Him and Frank were the only ones actually playing the game. They have more combined comp wins than everyone else in the house. I’m still pissed that Frank was evicted when he deserved to stay. Final 2 should be Frank and Paulie. Honestly, I can’t think of one person in the house right now that is actually playing the game. Everyone else has either a POV win or an HoH win. Paulie is the only one in the house, currently, with more than one comp win. Lol.

      • I know..Red flag right?..not for the zombies…Horrible players. Vets are acting like newbies.

      • Winning comps is not the only was to play the game. Derrick won very few comps.

      • “Him and Frank were the only ones actually playing the game”. That’s why it is so hard to compare Paulie to a “winner” … out strategizing these lumps is not saying much at all.

      • Because when the other house guests start realizing that they are mortal and start actually playing the game as well, the weaknesses in Paulie’s game will really start to show.

  31. I know its a part of the game but I just hate it when they do that. I would be so awful at this game. When they say its not personal its the game, I would still take it sort of personally if they went through all that secrecy to put me up.

    • Maybe she would get clue as to how mean and nasty she is. Oh wait she is the most sincere person (so she thinks). Good bye Da.

  32. Until now Mama Day is still not aware of the plan to backdoor her. She thinks Paulie won’t use the veto on himself (seriously? You are a vet and think that?).
    It’s bittersweet really, seems a bit cruel … but nahhhh who am I kidding … It’s great!!! Flip the hair, mama! Throw the shade 2.0 or read them to pieces! Get them asses like you got Frank’s ass!!!

  33. This BB is so boring, I go to youtube and watch DRs from JohnnieMac just to revive myself.

  34. Get out Natalie or Michelle. They are useless in the game. Bridgette is probably going this week. Next week, they have to send one of the floaters out which is a good thing.

  35. Why do everyone want Paulie to go? He’s obviously the best competitor this season, and he is actually playing to win it all. Everyone else is there to be in a showmance, jury, or just for a summer vacation.

    • I respectfully disagree. He might be one of the only ones in the house playing right now but he is absolutely over-playing. When he said that he was bred for this it was quite clear that his ego won’t survive a situation where someone else is also playing the game. Just because he’s the only one playing right now does not make him powerful. When the other houseguests realize that they are mortal and start playing the game also his game is going to fall apart at the seams.

      • I completely understand what you mean. Yeah his ego is way too much for him, but I respect the fact he backs up whatever he says. I do agree he will fall eventually because everyone will team up just to get rid of him.

  36. I agree. Paulie is the only one really playing the game. He took charge. Improvised, adapted and overcome the situations as they came about. At this point, he’s the only one deserving the win.

  37. It’s almost as if Day can’t help herself from lying.
    Day lacks character as well as her actions have shown this season.

  38. Out of all the player’s this season, the one and only one that should be aware of her game play is none other than JAMES. He should have been on the Frank bandwagon and convinced Paulie early on that DAY needs to go based on her game play from last year alone.

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