Big Brother 18: Michelle & Bridgette’s Cold War Face Off

Michelle has been angling for Bridgette to go this week over Frank and we knew just what it was that has Michelle hard pressed to get Bridgette out the Big Brother 18 door. This morning the two Houseguests found themselves alone together and it all spilled out on the Feeds.

Michelle & Bridgette face off on BB18

Bridgette wanted to know what she had done so wrong to Michelle to make her hate her so much and Michelle was happy to oblige and reveal the source of her frustration.

Flashback to 10:04 AM BBT 7/25 to find Michelle and Bridgette in the bathroom.

We pick right up as Bridgette is apologizing for the alleged eyebrow comment (6/27 at 12:18 AM Cams 3/4 – Bridgette joked “we’d shave her eyebrow… I’m just kidding” & Paul says he’d shave off both and glue them back on). Bridgette doesn’t like hearing that Michelle has been saying mean things about her. Michelle admits to saying mean things because she’s a bitter person.

Michelle doesn’t like how Bridgette acted all sweet at first and then she hears she’s actually saying mean things which makes her think Bridgette is two-faced. She also doesn’t like how Bridgette’s voice inflection changes in conversations. I have no idea.

Bridgette points out Michelle is upset over allegedly said things while she’s upset over mean things Michelle fully admits to saying about her. Heh.

What’s really going on? Is the deep rooted issue here jealousy? At 10:13 AM BBT Michelle mentions that she was close with Frank then Bridgette “swooped in” and took him. Last night when Michelle was talking with Frank she told him if both he and Bridgette stayed then Michelle would be sidelined while those two were close. Frank had told her it didn’t have to be that way, but I guess she doesn’t believe him. Michelle admits “I definitely got jealous.”

Now if the eyebrow comment wasn’t enough, we’ve got another log to throw on that fire.

Bridgette tells Michelle that she has been very kind to her and even defended her along with Natalie when someone attacked her appearance. This is news to Michelle. She wants to know what was said, but Bridgette won’t elaborate. Well guess what Michelle doesn’t let go.

We know this was Paul’s comment that Michelle looked like Buzz Lightyear after he took off his helmet and thought he’d die. A bizarre comment, but he said it. Flashback to 6/27 at 12:17 AM BBT Cams 3/4 to watch it play out. We’ll discuss that again in a moment.

Michelle and Bridgette close out their talk with Bridgette saying Michelle doesn’t have to like her, but she shouldn’t say such mean things about her anymore.

Jump forward to 10:40 AM BBT and you’ll find Michelle retelling the conversation to Da’Vonne and James. The appearance comment comes up, but they don’t know who it was though Day says she did hear that Bridgette defended Michelle in that situation.

Natalie arrives outside where they’re talking so Michelle calls her over and asks what happened. Natalie confirmed that someone did mock Michelle’s appearance but she can’t remember who it was other than it was someone who hung out with Jozea. That narrows it down to Paul and Victor. Michelle is seriously stressed to figure this out.


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  1. Paul, and Paulie talked about Meen Meech like a dog while everyone laughed, but she hold a grudge against Bridgette. Michelle is just downright nasty and nutty!

  2. I kinda feel bad for Bridgette. Michelle has this vendetta against her for no reason. It seems to me that she forgives Paul because he’s a guy. But she hates Bridgette because she’s a girl lol! I never thought I would ever say this, but if Frank goes this week. I wanna see Bridgette win HOH. She might do some good with it or at least take out Michelle

    • I wished for more excitement in the house to the point of wanting Frank to stay(which he still could since production has began giving clues). As much as I am not fond of Michelle’s behavior, I still would not want to see Gigglette with any power whatsoever. She has had her own little snide way of being a mean girl.

      • I agree, but Bridgette’s back is against the wall anyways and she could make some moves like nominating Michelle, Day or James, or even nominating that jerk Paul! It may not be as good as nominating Paulie, but at least she can shoot down their ego for one more week.

  3. Like I said the other day, I bet it is over the fact that Michelle had a crush on Frank because she was a big Frank fan. Michelle said that on day 1 when she seen Frank come into the house. Called it.

    • I would also like to point out that Tiffany was very nice to Michelle, and tried to bolster her self-confidence several times, and then Michelle turned on her. Still not sure why?
      She is a small person, and I think she will find that her actions here in the house will follow her for a long time.

    • I thought the same thing Willie, jealousy over Frank probably started the rift between them.
      Frank was so mean to Michelle while favoring Bridgette so that didn’t help either.

    • You nailed it! This is all because of her liking Frank and Frank going with Bridge over her.

  4. God that picture makes this look like a soap opera. As if this whole situation wasn’t stupid enough…sheesh

    • Holy crow,don’t these poor fools make you (and myself) feel brilliant!! But they have squat to do. Spying,sneaking around,floating with the BB ducks.No wonder they’re all batty!

    • It certainly gets silly for odd reasons. At least nobody has made a shiv out of dried slop yet.

      If you see Cranges McBasketball, tell ’em Tony Gunk says ‘hey’.

  5. Does anyone know what James’s M.O.S was? (Military Occupational Specialty). In other words, civilian words, what did he do in the military?

  6. Michelle is just plain jealous and doesn’t like Bridge because Frank had his choice between her and Bridge and he went with Bridge — that is literally ALL this boils down to. Michelle is just a mean girl.

  7. Yeah go Bridgette! Kudos to her for being a grown woman about it, and confronting Michelle to squash this high school beef.

    • Have you ever had to work with women before? Let me tell you it’s DRAMA all day long. Somebody mad at so and so who said something or the other and on it goes…

    • Women have petty grudges all the time! Even slightly negative comments could result in adverse reactions! Petty jealousy among women is common if you work with them!

  8. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (GASP!)
    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (GASP!)
    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (GASP!)
    Oh you silly girls….that’s what being mean gets you. coughMICHELLEcough

  9. Damn if frank leaves this week there goes me watching big brother for this season. Was hoping to have Tiffany Frank, Bridgette and Natalie to go all the way! Da is a piece of work and I hope she gets eliminated very soon! She thinks she’s doing all the work and she hasn’t done crap!!

    • What happened? Did Frank get the clue? Go find that room Frank. This is your last chance!

    • Frank just farted on Paul while he was in the phone booth dialing numbers so he could get rid of him.

  10. Bahaha! Petty argument indeed! They are grown adults for crying out loud and should really start acting like it

  11. I haven’t read these live feed drama before haha it reminds me of high school drama really.

  12. These people are very young. It hasn’t been long since they left High School, so obviously the immaturity is still there.
    I do believe that Michelle is jealous of Brigitte’s relationship with Frank. I think she came into the game to align her self with a strong male player and Frank was her choice once she saw him work. Too bad Brigitte swooped him up.
    I dislike Brigitte for the same reasons Michelle doesn’t, other than the jealousy. The change of her voice and how babyish it is. I can’t stand how she is constantly being this fake mean girl just to impress Frank.

  13. I don’t like the fact James put Bridget up for nominations. She worked really hard in endurance comp and James promised her he won’t put her up. ?
    I don’t want Bridget to go home yet. She creates more drama. ?
    They are all high school this year. I can’t tell who is real person and who is an actor added by bb18. ???????????????????????????

  14. Ive been watching all season and one question haunts me. Who the hell is Michelle? Its like ive never seen her before. Then suddenly appears the queen of mean. Wish it were she going home.

  15. *sigh* Michelle is such a disappointment this season, she went from being all gung-ho about making big moves and playing a really strong game to basing her gameplay on petty garbage from week one. Come on Meech! Pull yourself together!

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