Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Saturday Highlights

After a slow start to Veto day things picked up for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests on the Feeds as backs were against the wall with nothing to lose. Those are our favorite kind of Houseguests! Read on to find out how the Veto comp went and what made it messy for the winner.

Paul plots his next evil plan

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 16, 2016:

8:15 AM BBT – Houseguests got an early wake up call this morning, but no one is stirring.

9:15 AM BBT – Have-Nots revealed. Team James (James and Natalie) will be eating Slop with beans, bread, and basil.

9:50 AM BBT – James and Natalie cuddling in a HN bed. Natalie makes her daily mention of Victor.

11:00 AM BBT – HGs lounging around waiting around for Veto events.

11:55 AM BBT – Frank says Nicole and Corey are reminding him of Shane and Danielle from BB14 and how they lied to him all the time.

12:00 PM BBT – Frank thinks Michelle will join their vote on Thursday. He still doesn’t get that she’s against him.

12:20 PM BBT – Feeds return from picking the extra players. Da’Vonne and Paul will be joining the fun.

12:25 PM BBT – HGs preparing for how to play the dice game (which it didn’t end up being).

12:50 PM BBT – Zakiyah is annoyed that Paul was helping Natalie prepare for the dice comp. He’s sure she wouldn’t use it if she won.

1:05 PM BBT – James tells Michelle they’re low in the priority list for their group since the showmances will go against them first.

1:15 PM BBT – Michelle tells James they should get Bridgette out before Frank to isolate him even more.

2:35 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey worrying about Frank and needing him not going after them.

2:41 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto comp.

5:21 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Corey won the Veto.

5:25 PM BBT – Corey is frustrated because people seem upset at him for winning since he’ll use the Veto on himself and no one feels safe from being the next RK renom.

5:30 PM BBT – Paul starts detailing how safe Corey would be if he didn’t use the Veto on himself. He suggests it’d confuse the other side. (I think Paul doesn’t want to be a renom.)

5:35 PM BBT – Da’Vonne arrives in the HoH room. She says she trusts the group and expects to go up so her game is in their hands.

5:40 PM BBT – Paulie thinks he can coerce information out of Tiffany by telling her her game is over already, then he decides he’ll do it by saying they’ll save her. Natalie mentions the comp was hard for her since they were moving things that were big and she’s small.

5:45 PM BBT – Zakiyah apologizing to Corey for being upset that he won the Veto. She admits she was just worried about being the renom.

5:45 PM BBT – Upstairs Paulie shares his Blue Moon beers with the group.

5:46 PM BBT – Natalie mentions “they” gave her “new meds” and she hopes they don’t… Feeds cut to a diff room.

5:50 PM BBT – Da’Vonne checks in with Tiffany and asks who will go up if Corey comes down. Tiffany declines to answer. Day leaves. Tiffany says that was shady and tells James that Day is playing all sides.

6:00 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Frank she’ll put up Day and wants to reveal the Fatal Five alliance and everything else that has been going on.

6:10 PM BBT – Paul is now downstairs talking with Frank and Tiffany. Tiffany telling Paul how someone screwed her over in the game. Frank is trying to flip Paul by saying he’s not part of the core group with his alliance. Frank explains the Eight Pack and Fatal Five alliances.

6:25 PM BBT – Paul goes back to Corey and James and tells them he’ll be a spy with Frank and Tiffany. He says they’re telling him lots of information.

6:35 PM BBT – Frank is now upstairs with Paulie and Zakiyah. He is advocating targeting Da’Vonne without directly naming her. Paulie is much more concerned about Tiffany and says she’s too much like her sister.

6:50 PM BBT – Tiffany working on Corey. She says it’s Day that wants Corey out, not Frank. Tiffany says Da’Vonne suggested that Corey be the RK nom. Corey wants Tiffany to smooth things over between him and Frank.

6:55 PM BBT – Paulie is adamant that Tiffany must go this week. Frank continues to push back.

7:10 PM BBT – Day returns to the HoH room. Paulie updates her on what Frank was saying.

7:30 PM BBT – Corey asks Da’Vonne and Zakiyah about the Fatal Five alliance that Tiffany revealed to him. Both ladies deny the FF.

7:40 PM BBT – Paulie and Zakiyah trying to figure out the numbers since Tiffany continues to suggest she can flip the vote when five are needed this week.

8:30 PM BBT – Nicole is crying because she thinks Corey is mad at her because she doesn’t want to be the renom when he uses the Veto.

8:35 PM BBT – Paulie says he wants to go up on the Block against Frank next week so they can fight it out.

9:00 PM BBT – Corey retells Paulie what Tiffany was telling him. Paulie outright dismisses all of it because it came from Tiffany. Corey warns Paulie that Da’Vonne will be the renom. Corey tells him about the FF, but Paulie denies it. Corey again insists and says even Nicole confirmed the FF to him.

9:05 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie say they can’t trust Paul anymore because he’s running info back.

9:15 PM BBT – Paulie understands now that they can’t trust Day. He wants to use Frank to get her out.

9:20 PM BBT – Paulie discusses with Corey and Paul that they can be the Final 3 together.

9:35 PM BBT – HGs have the backyard again.

9:50 PM BBT – Nicole is still upset. Corey says he knows about her F2 with Frank. Nicole denies it.

9:55 PM BBT – Corey tells Nicole what he learned from Tiffany and they agree that she’s telling the truth about Da’Vonne.

10:10 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are happy again chatting about other things.

11:00 PM BBT – James mentions he doesn’t really talk with Meg anymore because of a falling out.

11:10 PM BBT – James warns Natalie to be careful around Paul and he’s not to be trusted.

11:20 PM BBT – Michelle thinks Tiffany has given up hope to stay this week.

11:30 PM BBT – Natalie again having her daily Victor discussion about him dumping her at the start of the show.

11:35 PM BBT – Nicole is worried there could be a Pandora’s Box and Zach will be in there.

11:55 PM BBT – Paul is trying to decide what people think of his use of “friendship” over and over. (He has no concept of BB6.)

1:00 AM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Natalie and James that Tiffany is planning to put her (Day) up on the Block. Day tries to undermine Tiffany’s info sharing by denying in advance that she was in alliances with different groups. James mentions the Fatal Five alliance.

1:05 AM BBT – Day tells Natalie that Bridgette said Nat and Bronte were a mess and had to be calmed all the time. Now Natalie feels less trusting of Bridgette.

3:15 AM BBT – Corey was somewhat sleepwalking. He came in to the HN room and asked if Natalie was yelling. HGs try to calm him and send him back to bed. It was pretty mild.

Corey has got to use the Veto. I don’t see him not getting off the Block. Day will go up and Tiffany’s under the gun to get the votes flipped against her instead. Seems like a very tall order but she’s got several days to make it happen.

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  1. I want Day on the block with Tiffany. Don’t really care who goes, I just want to see Day scamper. She needs to come out of her hidey hole. I think those braids are so heavy she doesn’t want to get out of bed. Or maybe she’s exhausted from staying up all night rebraiding. She was such a scrappy salty girl last year, now she’s just a day bed.

    • Which season have you been watching… Day is still her old feisty self that we saw on BB17.

      • Couldn’t stand her then, can’t stand her now. Only thing that’s changed, she’s stayed a little longer

    • The way she was sucking up to Paulie and his group last night was pathetic. She is such a liar in this game and she has basically lied since Day 1. I don’t think Tiffany can survive this week but I hope Day goes out right after her..which mean she would be the 1st member of the jury, I think.

      • They all lie but the difference is what are they lying about. Nicole is lying to save her butt, she’s denying stuff, Day is making up lies to stir things up and get people out which always backfires and has on her. It’s the exact same thing she called Audrey out for last season. So of course people are over her, only makes sense. She just can’t seem to keep her big mouth shut.

      • Calm down…you may not like what we say here..but it’s our opinions and we are allowed to comment on what we are seeing on a daily basis with the feeds.

      • Who is he/she stopping from commenting? They’re right tho. Day’s not the only liar.

      • I didn’t say she was. Man, you type one thing on here that people disagree with and you are jumped on for it. I didn’t say anyone wasn’t allowed to comment.

      • They’re ALL liars to some extent. At least the ones who are playing the game :)

      • They all lie at one point! That’s the nature of the game….some try not to but when pressed against the wall & if it’s btwn you & someone else to go up…. I’m pretty sure anyone would ‘bend the truth,’ which is actually lying.
        Yep! You heard it here! Lololo

      • Everyone lies you idiot. It’s how you win the game, unless you are just dumb. Geeeezzz

    • Why does everyone give Day such a hard time. In your eyes Day can’t do anything right . The house guests treat her the same way so judgemebyal Gosh!,,,,,,,

      • It’s not just me….it’s the house guests too, you said it yourself. Yes we are judgemental…..are you new? Don’t take any of this personal, it’s just a game & we talk about the players. I don’t think Daybed is talked about more or less than any other player.

      • It’s because she has a known history for being a hothead. And, she tried to blow up Audrey’s game so HGs are understandably weary of her.

      • She’s been really trying not to be a hot head. She hasn’t blown up at anyone except for last night with Frank. My opinion is that everyone is judging DaVonne from her past mistakes and this time she didn’t blow up on anyone. I think she trusts Nicole and use to trust Tiffany. Now Nicole and Tiffany are telling other people what she’s saying and blaming it on her giving her a bad wrap. That’s why the both want her out.

      • It’s because she is black. She needs to be voted off that show due to her mental instability and feeble attempts to get the best player in the game out. Frank needs to exert his white dominance and get that colored off this show.

      • I’m starting to think Day is more dangerous than Tiff and should go next. I’m so glad Tiff finally realized how much Day had hurt her game.

      • Yeah Day Day not only Tiff’s game but Frank’s and possibly another one or two’s game as well. Time to send DAY home so the rest can pick up what is left in their game and salvage what they can.

      • For some reason I can’t respect Day’s style of playing BB – too sneaky by far and anybody can tell lies all day long.

  2. I’m probably in the minority but I think Natalie deserves better. James’s stupidity in this game and his fallout with Meg is why I can’t get myself to like James. I do like Natalie though.

    • James is way too complacent in this game…he needs to pick a side right now and stick with it…I am not so sure that James is in this “Strength and Honor,” alliance with Paulie..I don’t think it’s a real alliance. I think Corey is Paulie’s ride or die. James is way too involved with Natalie right now.

      • Paulie was going on about how he, Corey, Paul, and James were going to be impossible to beat after they get rid of Tiffy, Frank, and Da. That I have seen, there hasn’t been a whole lot of talking from Paulie & Corey with James. It feels like something is off with James. Maybe he is seeing a side of Paulie that he doesn’t like. I’m not sure.

      • I think he is very pissed about Paulie putting Natalie up. He may be missing a golden opportunity to align with Frank, who is looking for somebody to make a deal right now, Too bad James is more interested in jury house with Natalie, who will drop him like a hot potato.

      • Agreed. I don’t understand why he is still trying to get in with Paulie now that he knows about the showmance alliance. Why would you ever want to get into an alliance with two (one is kind of understandable, I think)?

      • From what I’ve seen Day has made James very suspicious of everyone; I wish he’d wake up and stop trusting Day so much.

      • I recall James being very stubborn last year so it won’t be easy for him to see the light about Day – if he ever does.

      • James pretty much knows about DAY’s game, he was in the house with her last year. I agree that he needs to pick a side and stick with it and I don’t think Paulie’s side is the side he should pick. Frank would have way more to offer him than Paulie ever could.

      • True, James could help Frank take out the other alpha males; but then he might have trouble getting rid of Frank.
        Mainly, I didn’t want to see James played by Day so I’m glad he’s aware of her style of game play now.
        everyone is so entertaining to watch I’d rather the boring ones go first.

      • I don’t think he does trust her that much. He’s told Michelle that they are at the bottom of their alliance. So he’s at least realized that and he knows Tiffany isn’t lying about what she’s been saying about Day. I honestly believe he’s on his own and just trying to lay low. That’s what he keeps telling Natalie to do.

      • I hope you’re right Valerie. I just don’t see James’s low key game play as a bad one right now. He needs to sit back and let the others self destruct then he can battle it out with the remaining players.
        I don’t blame James for being angry that his good friend (?) Natalie is on the block either, he probably feels disrespected in that sense. Everyone else is allowed to have ‘a person’ but he isn’t?

      • Yeah exactly. Which is why he knows something’s up. As much as I hate saying this, I think his only hope is to join Frank for right now and vote out Day and convince Natalie to do the same.

      • Right, I get the impression that James is very resentful about this but has decided to keep his cool for now.

      • It’s about the “strength and honor” that Paulie is very good at selling his bros. So that’s why Z is on the block. No wait…..

      • LOL! Paulie is speaking with a forked tongue when it comes to James it would seem.

      • I think James is really just trying to sit back, observe and figure out which side of the house he wants to go with

      • He is doing the same thing he did with Meg last year. Laying around in a bedroom with her all the time, not socializing much with the others and putting Natalie’s feeling above his game play. Does he even have an idea what the heck is going on?

    • Do we know what the falling out with Meg was over? Anyone care to share?

      • What I heard was that two things led to the fallout between them.

        1. Meg organized an event of some sort and invited James. James couldn’t go but decided not to inform Meg until the very last minute. They had an argument over this where I presume neither was very respectful with the other.
        2. Meg is dating a previous Survivor player (sorry, don’t know who cuz I don’t watch Survivor) and wanted the relationship to stay private. James blabbed it out to the public. And the reason why I think he might do this is because he was previously friend zoned by Meg, causing him to be jealous.

        A lot of unreliable information and personal assumptions going on here so take everything with a grain of salt and don’t be offended if you happen to be a diehard fan of James.

      • Oh, wow- thanks for the info! Quick FYI-no offense taken! Even if I was a diehard James Fan I still wouldn’t get offended- I did ask for the story, and I know that info goes through 6 pairs of eyeballs before I see it ? People these days are too damn sensitive, and I’m not one of them. Thanks again for taking the time to reply! ♡ You’re the best.

      • The gist of the matter seems to be that James got his feelings hurt really badly.

    • I’ve never cared for James but this season I can tolerate him a little more than last year. His game hasn’t changed but he’s at least trying to be more aware of what’s going on in the house. I think he’s doing what he can right now which is laying low. He knows Michelle, Day and himself are at the bottom of that alliance. He knows Day has been lying. He also knows they aren’t that worried about him and Natalie because they’re too busy trying to get Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany out. If he wants to make a big move, like he seems to think he does, then he is gonna have to end up working with Frank unfortunately like Tiff had to.

    • If it’s James’s stupidity you’re worried about, I’d def. say that he and Natalie deserve one another, as she hasn’t exactly proved herself to be an intellectual asset. And she’s usually out the first round of every competition as well. At least James intentionally throws things lol (a poor strategy imo, but still). Natalie tries hard to win and fails every time.

  3. I cannot believe that Frank and Tiffany are that naive to think that they have Paul…Paul is a little weasel…can they not see that he is jumping from room to room telling everyone everything they have told him..Frank said last night “I think we have Paul.” C’mon…you two are the smartest players in the house…you should have caught on to that a long time ago.”

    • “you two are the smartest players in the house”??


      not hardly…

      • Yeah… Frank is never who you would call a smart player. Tiffany is definitely a rather emotional person (though I really wouldn’t blame her based on the how her allies treated her), and unlike Vanessa, her emotions didn’t work to her advantage.

      • Ok not the smartest but way smarter than the rest of the HG’s this year:)

    • Well, I don’t think it matters whether they believe Paul is with them or not. Tiffany’s about to get picked off and Frank knows he will likely follow her. They need people to not target them. So might as well just try making friends and hope for the best.

    • Could you please stop throwing around that word so easily. Frank and Tiffy smart?? Come on!!!

  4. I went from not connecting with Paul, to warming up to him, to liking him, to thinking I might not like him so much, to thinking he is a little weird, to realizing he might just be trouble. Except for vote procurement aspect of it, I think Paul is going to wind up being a thorn in the side of a lot of people.

    • Paul is doing what he has to survive for not knowing much about bb he is coming around. All these people are untrustworthy after all it’s bb you gotta do what you gotta do!! I dislike Nicole at this point! I still don’t have a favorite to win although I really do like day!

      • People are already getting suspicious of him. He’s in a fairly good spot, he just needs to chill.

    • I’m so confused about Paul right now – I need to see more of him before I can decide.
      His attempts to convince Corey NOT to use the POV on himself was a little ridiculous though, nobody is that dumb I hope lol.

    • That is a good assumption. I haven’t trusted him since day 1. He was the one of the main one’s if not the main one who wanted all the vets to go.

  5. Was it Corey’s first sleepwalking in the house? Right after his first win. So no naked and under a truck, huh? I am disappointed, hehehe.

  6. If Tiffany gets evicted on Thursday and wins the Battle Back and comes right back into the house all of Paulie’s HOH this week was all for nothing. I would love to see him freak out lol.

  7. From the looks of it, James would rather win the woman than the money. I don’t think he will win either. Come on James, get the right head in the game.

    • Yeah very disappointed with him. But I guess he knows that he’s not cutthroat enough to win, that’s why he keeps on pranking to win the AFP again.

      • I voted for him the last time. His pranking doesn’t bother me, but his wishy washy game play and protection of Gnat has irritated me this season. It isn’t that much different than his first season, but maybe it’s just that I liked Meg a little more than I do Gnat.

      • I understand that floating is a strategy. But for a HG to admit that the purpose coming in was to float just to make jury with absolutely no intention of winning or actually playing the game, irritates me. She isn’t the first and won’t be the last. Those type of people make for boring HGs. Plus, she was a giggleganger. When those gals got together they were very annoying. I hope she isn’t playing with James and used him just to get to jury. We’ll see.

      • Would rather watch someone like Nat then someone like Frank who takes over everyones HOH and thinks he knows everything.

      • If everyone played liked Gnat, BB would have been off the air long ago. I can’t even imagine the outcome, if everyone played like Frank. Do I like Frank this year, not particularly, but when it comes down to it, it is players like him that have kept this game interesting and entertaining for so many seasons.

      • OMGosh, Lisa, your opinion is nothing to be sorry about, ever. I completely understand what you are saying, completely. If all of the HG’s were like Frank, it would be way too obnoxious to even enjoy the season. Frank doesn’t entertain me either, but I can’t deny that he has made this season much more interesting than Gnat has, imo. :)

      • I have to agree with you on that. Nat is not making this an enjoyable season. I just think she’s cute with James and she could be a vote against Frank.

      • I know she and Bridg are big pals and B seems to idolize Frank. There has never really been any pressure put on Gnat as far as voting goes. So I’m not sure what she would do if put in the position of choosing between Bridg and James, especially if one or the other involved conscience, too. Maybe we’ll get to see.

      • If I were Nat I would vote with James. Bridget had no problem having Bronte on the block. I would not mind seeing Bridget leave since she has turned out to be a mini Frank.

    • Two seasons in a row chasing after girls instead of the cash. It seems like most of them are doing that this season.

    • For some reason, I think James believes he is safe and that’s why he is not playing the game yet.

    • While I think his puppy dog eyes for the women of Big Brother is comical, it’s probably playing to his advantage right now. It’s keeping him out of the current hot mess. It’s still very early in the game and everyone else is playing hard. There’s plenty of time to play, now is a good time to lay low. If he can get his eyes back on the game prize in a few weeks, he might find himself in a good position. That’s a big IF, though, haha

      • James infatuation with Natalie might even be helping his game since nobody sees him as a threat. Most of them are so threatened by the showmances and are wanting to break them up but they seem to be blind to the James and Nat showmance.

  8. I’d be really happy if whoever went home this week wins battle back then the HOH, cuz drama

    • I would really like to see Glenn win the battleback, but chances probably are not good.

    • If Da’vonne or James goes, then I do hope either comes back, otherwise I hope everyone else goes home.
      I would like Glenn to come back for now because he wasn’t involve in all of the drama and each HG will try to recruit him.

  9. I remember on day one, Paul was so clueless of this game. Now he may have a F3 with Paulie/Corey. The rat is growing by leaps and bounds.

  10. Last week I was confident Tiff could escape but this week I am not so sure. Even if Day is the renom, the most votes Tiff can have is 4 against Day (Frank, Bridge, Corey, Nicole), and then Paulie will vote to evict her.
    No worries tho, hopefully she comes back as Van after she wins Battle Back and the look in Paulie’s face? Priceless! A Kodak moment!

    • I’m not sure Nicorey will vote Day out. Last night on AD I thought I heard them going back and forth and then just say Tiffany has to go this week. But that just means they could be swayed either way. And if Frank & Tiffany can keep talking to James then I think they can definitely get the votes to keep Tiff. Hopefully even convince Natalie to vote out Day regardless of “her word” especially if they convince her it’s best for her game.

      • Natalie is OTB, she can’t vote. James is more loyal to Day, so it’s a hard sell.
        Actually just now cocky Paulie said Paul could vote to evict Day to maintain his “spy” cover with Frank. Hahaha.

      • Crap I knew that! I kept thinking about her being off the block for some reason lol! I don’t think he’s that loyal to her especially since he knows she’s been lying.
        Seriously!?!?!!!! Omg what is he thinking?!?!!! LOL!!! Oh please do it Paul!!!!

  11. With all the shenanigans happening, If you really think about it, some of us may or may not like these people, but from the very beginning of the season, Frank and Day were the only two playing the game. Frank was on a course of getting rid of all the people standing in his way (people he couldn’t control) and Day was trying to do what she could to get further in the game since she can’t win comps ( getting rid of stronger people) The rest of the house guests were just hanging around. The ones who do win comps were there to help Frank go further in the game….since they were playing his game and not theirs. A light bulb finally went off in Paulie’s head… get rid of Frank and all the other little pests he can’t control and become the new king of the kingdom!! While one ruled by cajoling, manipulating and bribing, the other now rules by intimidation and threats. Both dictators in their truest forms.

  12. So it seems like Tiffany will need Corey, Nicole and James to flip to get Day out and stay in the house…That’s a tall order, I’m not optimistic that she can do it.

    I think Paulie’s in a pretty good spot for the moment. At first I was frustrated with his reaction to Tiffany’s info dump, etc…but the more I think about it, the more I think he’s playing a decent game. He might be able to make a deep run or even win this thing if someone doesn’t make the moves they need to to take him out. Maybe one of the vets will be up to it…we’ll see!

    • He is playing a decent game, that’s why he’s in a good position. He just needs to take a back seat. and not talk too much. He’s too revealing. With his winning streak, everyone knows who’s the biggest threat in the house.

  13. “Paulie wants to go up on the block next week against Frank so that they can battle it out”.
    How many bottles of Blue Moon beer has Paulie been drinking?

    • Macho stuff…Paulie needs to grow up. It would serve them both right to go out during DE week.

      • Paulie is a very intense player that’s for sure. Don’t know if I’m ready to see him go so early though.
        I hate the DE – seems like my faves always gohome with a knife in their back…remember Judd *sniff* ?

      • That’s the only season I never watched due to a family sickness and responsibilities. I was advised by many on BBN that I’d probably be better off not to bother so I didn’t.

      • You would’ve loved Judd but that’s about the only one. Don’t watch it by any means, absolutely disgusting and frustrating to watch.

      • I advised you to watch it. …please. I think you will fall in love with Amanda and Gina Marie.

      • While there’s a lot to dislike about BB15, it was quite heavy with gameplay.

        The dominant alliance was led by two players waiting to take each other out and only one managed to do the deed right under the other’s nose.

        Before she could even had the chance to react, she was already well on her way to the door.

      • Did you or are you joking? I don’t remember. That next season was my first on BBN. Everyone was bringing up things and names from that season and I was in the dark. When I posted that I didn’t get to watch that season, LOTS of posters told me not to waste my time. If it was anything similar to Skanky Frankie, I’d rather not get that irritated.

      • I wasn’t happy with the winner. (Andy) He’s good, but unlikable strategy. The biggest rat in BB history. ..I still think you should watch it.

      • I did like Amanda’s “flight attendant” monologues. I wish they had shown more of them.

    • Yeah I read that. I hope he’s joking. I’m actually rooting for Paulie, but he’s honestly getting way too cocky….just calm down bro.

      • I’m still a Paulie fan too, even though he’s talking way too much. He’s young though and I can overlook his cockiness.
        I wonder if Blue Moon beer is good? never heard of it.

      • Yeah, I’m not counting his cockiness against him. I’m just afraid that the HG might turn on him because of it.

      • True, it might bother the other guys in the house if he starts bossing them around too much. He’s certainly in a very exposed position since he believes he’s running the house.
        How long can he stay on top though? Frank didn’t last very long in that spot.

      • I think maybe it’s Belgian and has a little bit of an orange flavor to it. Overly sweet to me but some people like it.

      • I have not had it in many years. The last time it really messed with my sugars. I didn’t even drink half before it hit me.

      • That’s pretty much the only beer that I like. I’m from New Jersey. I put an orange slice in the bottle. Not much of a beer drinker so it gives the beer a better taste for me.

  14. People surprised there’s still 2 black ppl in there.. usually u see them gone already.. this season seems less racist than most..

    • Da’ may go home soon, if not this eviction then maybe next eviction. She just gossip too much and it’s killing her credibility. Z will probably stay around for a while just because she’s not a threat and there are much bigger targets.

      • Day’s one note strategy of habitually lying to everyone hasn’t done her any favors, that’s for sure.

    • Actually it’s a quite diverse cast:
      2 Asians (James, Bridgette), 2 African Americans (Day, Z), 2 Latinos (Nat, Victor) and 2 gays (Jozea, Tiff) and Paul is Armenian/Russian.

      • I thought Tiff was bi.

        Whenever I hear someone say “African American” I think of a clip of a British live/reality-type show I once saw where an American called a black Brit “African American”.

        Think about it.

      • nonononono, absolutely not, sorry…

        I meant think about the American calling a black Brit “African American”. Actually, unless you’re American you probably wouldn’t know what to think about it.

        The term has been so ingrained in this country that many Americans think all black people want to be called “African American”. What non-American black person wants to be called “African American”?


      • The other day I said black people and some got upset coz it’s not the right term. Now I am using the right term African American and still people get upset.
        Guess I give up and say nothing.

      • I’m not upset. I laugh a little when I think of the reaction of non-US black people when the term “African American” is used on them, and thought I’d share a funny story.

      • Correct me If I am wrong but black people originated from Africa, and both Day and Zakiyah are American.
        So I use the right term.
        I know what you are trying to say, but at this instance, I only mentioned about Day and Zakiyah so I don’t understand what the fuss is about.
        Jozea on the other hand, I am not sure that’s why I didn’t say he’s African American but gay.

      • You’re not wrong. The entire human race originated in Africa. Too bad all some people can see is differences.

      • Ok. I feel like you are passive aggressive trying to provoke me in some way. Am I rubbing you the wrong way somehow?
        Then I am sorry mate. Have a good day.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come off that way.

        I should have made it two posts; the one about Tiff was IRT to your post, the rest was supposed to be separate.

      • And those colors and ethnicities have no bearing whatsoever on the game of BB.

      • Very true.

        Also true is the fact that ignoring race in an attempt show oneself as morally superior is racism in itself.

      • You mean, for instance, if someone were to say: “I see only one racist here, and it’s you buddy, for posting a race baiting post. I’m flagging your post as inappropriate.”


      • No, this is one was flagrant and needed to be called. But I can see that this subject is probably way over head, and you’re just trying to have the last word instead of taking the comment in the spirit it was intended. So I will not answer you anymore.

      • Ah, thank you so much for a wonderfully condescending and ignorant good-bye.


      • Apparently it’s “race baiting” if you bring up ethnicity. Sure, lets pretend that all humans are the same race, that’ll solve everything! *eyes rolling down the street*

        Perhaps Joe Blow should recognize that “race baiting” is done when there are groundless accusations made. OP was simply making an observation, and there were certainly racist HGs in previous seasons of BB, which could have affected their voting decisions, so that observation was not baseless.

    • I see only one racist here, and it’s you buddy, for posting a race baiting post. I’m flagging your post as inappropriate.

      • It’s inappropriate to talk about race? Just because it makes you uncomfortable does not mean that it’s inappropriate to discuss. Racism has occurred during many seasons of BB, and it occurs nationwide, so I see no problem with people voicing their opinions about it.

        I will say that I love seeing the diversity in the house, and I don’t get the notion that any of the HGs are racist.

      • Just because no one has ever directly said “oh, I can’t wait to evict the black girl” or said in a goodbye message “sorry buddy, you’re not white” doesn’t mean no vote has ever been influenced by race.

        For the record, I’m not saying it happened. I’m just arguing that it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious. With people like Aaryn in the past, it’s not that farfetched.

  15. I really wanted to support Day in the beginning and I really thought she had improved as a player. She will get further in the game, but she still has let the house paranoia get to her. This game is a marathon, not a spring. Now that she is outed as a pot stirrer, people are not going to want to keep her around. She only has one close ally, Z. Honestly, Z has a great chance of going far now by having Day as a shield.

  16. Why was Day one of the returnees? She wasn’t even good last season, and she still isn’t good this season. All she does is blabb her mouth acting like she is doing damage control. She can’t even win a single competition yet.

    • I imagine they asked a bunch of former houseguests and she was one of the first 4 to say yes.

      • I think they brought Day back for the entertainment value…and I don’t mean that in a negative way AT ALL. I love watching her in the DR and interacting with the other house guests. Like last year at this time, she started doing what she’s doing now…nothing—except stirring the pot. That’s a shame, because that’s going to lose the game for her again. But she is great fun to watch!
        I agree with you Dan, JMac should have been brought back..but maybe his Dental practice was so strong now, he couldn’t make time.

      • Considering dentistry has a lot to work with, I don’t blame the guy. But it would be interesting to see JMac return. Other than Vanessa, he had pretty good gameplay.

      • He really was. It took me a while to warm up to him (don’t know why), but it would have been great to see him again. Who knows? Maybe in another 2 years, they’ll bring him back!

    • If I remember correctly, people expected Day to do really well last year. It could be they thought she learned her lesson and wanted to give her a second chance to play the game how everyone expected her to.

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