Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 ‘Roadkill’ Comp Results

We have the latest round of Big Brother Roadkill spoilers setting us up with results of who won and who could go up on the Block as the week’s third nominee.

Big Brother Roadkill twist

Once Feeds return from the competition we heard Houseguests discussing the results and soon discovered the winner. Find out who has this secret power and will be naming an extra nom this round.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 ‘Roadkill’ Comp Results:

  • Frank won the Roadkill comp

It took just over 5 hours for the competition and when Feeds returned we saw Paul and Tiffany in a panic in the Storage room. Tiffany was sure that Frank won it. Sure enough, he was soon confirming it to Nicole and Corey.

The competition was something about name recognition but we’ll have to keep listening for details.

Nicole and Corey promise they won’t retell. Frank says he’ll tell Day and Zakiyah so they tell better. Hah, yeah, that’ll make Day feel better!

Frank is telling all his “allies” (well he thinks they are at least) and the new plan is to put up Bronte then renom Natalie if Bronte escapes with the Veto.

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  1. If only somebody would clue Frank in on how much Day has been pushing for his eviction…

    • Oh how that would change everything. He should have kept that Roadkill win to himself this week but since he hasn’t a clue on how the rest of the alliance feels, he is doomed.

    • Oh they’ll hush now that they feel safe.
      Only chance is if Tiff doesn’t win POV and gets desperate and takes a long shot by telling him.

      • But I don’t really see what good that would do to her. Frank is only one vote. She could upset a lot of Hgs for that. Her best option is to convince them she’s on their side to Operation Evict Frank next week.

      • I agree. I was just responding as to who MIGHT spill the beans. I’d “wait & see” if I was her. Don’t blow your whole wad right away. :)

      • Tiff could lose her cool the closer it comes to eviction day if she feels she’s the one going home. If she has nothing to lose she could very well spill the beans to Frank.

    • But Day is not the only only gunning for Frank. Yes, she lied about Tiff wanting him out but all fatal 5 will be exposed once the secrets comes out, cos they all agreed to vote him out. So Technically, Tiff wants him out, just not the whole truth. She even made it known to the spy girls.

      • They would just deny it and say she is lying and if they stuck together he wouldn’t believe Tiffany anyway n they would vote her out so that would screw her for real

    • ha ha that’s exactly what I just said. I guess I should’ve read some comments first. Although Brontë would put him up if she was HOH, do you think mama day really would? I know she’s a lot of talk but have we ever really seen her in action?

  2. Tiffany is a terrible player, not even in the same league as Vanessa (who wasn’t that good either)

    • Agreed. Tiffany is just not up for it.

      But I’m intrigued by this Michelle person – just found out she existed – now THAT’s flying under the radar!!!

  3. Frank won?

    Mother F#€@ER!!! ?

    Please excuse my outburst…I’m just REALLY starting to loathe Frank.

  4. HOH Nic had a perfect week.
    HOH Paulie had a perfect week.
    Now Frank is setting up to have one now,
    even though he isn’t technically HOH.

    • He told Nicole earlier that in the DR asked him if he thought this was HIS HOH or if it’s Bridge’s lol

      • It’s a setup by the DR really. I bet there’s gonna be a segment about it on Sunday.

      • I agree… All the house guests were saying it’s really his HOH since she’s his puppet so I think we will absolutely see a segment highlighting that fact Sunday.

    • Edid Frank tell Bridgette he won roadkill. Now if Nat wins HOH next week, it’s going to be Frank’s again.

  5. If Tiffany were smart, she’d clue Frank in on the fact that Day has been plotting his eviction. It just might save her.

    • But would the HGs vote to evict Day? Frank is only one vote. It could backfire. Bronte is the best option.

    • I’d wait for RK before I burn that bridge. Someone else may be thinking the same thing. And then you haven’t burn all your bridges.

  6. Worst winner but possible result anyway if he puts Bronte up.
    Everyone there just needs to stay calm.

      • Until RK and PoV are done and dusted. Still have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights to go crazy at each other hahaha.

      • My money is on Day to slip up big time thereby unleashing a torrent of drama.
        Gurlfriend just doesn’t know how to be discrete longer than a coupke of hours.
        Hoo gurl – should be entertaining!

  7. Everybody knows Frank can win Comp when he wants to. I’m not a Tiff fan, but wouldn’t that be a great story line if she wins the Veto?…just saying…..wait a minute..ok changed my mind..evict that b**ch.

  8. Haha if I was his “allies” I would make sure no word gets out about targeting Frank and be all buddy buddy with him. Da take notes!

  9. House better hope loose lips don’t sink ships! With Frank basically in control of all the noms, everyone better be on their best behavior.

    • It seems that Frank better hope loose lips don’t sink ships also since his little buddy Bridgette won’t be so happy about Bronte … altho I don’t know if she would come out of her coma to address it.

  10. I so wished frank could go this week. Wonder if brigett will be upset that her man frank put her gal pal up?

  11. This guy seems to have all the luck this week. Hopefully the producers are not helping him along, but regardless, there is always next week.
    Tiffany or Bronte leaving will be wonderful, but I was kind of hoping for all the girls to align together and get rid of the guys.

    • Even though I love the third comp and roadkill concept. But I am becoming a little leery of it. I feel, since it is done behind closed doors, the outcome can be manipulated. I really do not want to go there

      • I know what you mean, there isn’t anyway we can verify the timed results I’m afraid. Frank always was a comp beast though.

      • I think so as well, but I think this year the producers are using Frank to do what they want.

  12. I said it yesterday, Frank is one of those people like every other season that everybody wants out but for some reason will make it to the end! Just like Vanessa last year!
    what Frank needs is a clue! LOL he needs to stop being so ignorant and realize Day is the one he should be getting out! But of course he will go after Brontë. Don’t go after the big threats! Although I guess in all fairness Brontë would be putting him up if she was HOH but mama day would be better to go after because she was really and still is or is she? The one turning the house against him! But he’s too blind and ignorant to see that. At least I think so LOL
    but I really don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t watch big brother after dark and I don’t watch the feeds LMFAO so I’m actually pretty ignorant myself when it comes to what’s really going on, on BB 18 ??????????

  13. my question/thought of the day! Mama day, which she really put up Frank if she was HOH? Or is she all talk? We’ve never actually seen her last year or this year do any aside from talk talk talk talk talk! So would she really have the “balls” ( for lack of better words??)

  14. I hate Davonne. She can say and do anything she wants but let someone else do the same and she gets all bent out of shape. You would think she was Vanessa’s sister!!!!

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